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Ebay Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 2145 Hamilton Avenue
Phone 1-408-376-7400

Ebay Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2015

I've been a eBay customer for years and I'm shocked to find out how they penalize sellers and inadvertently promote dishonest buyers. When I recently purchased an item for $10.99 and didn't receive it after 12 days I requested an update on the shipping status or reshipment of item.

The response I got was a refund (which I didn't request) and then I actually received the item from the U.S. postal service the next day. I contacted eBay customer service to inform them that i received the item and I needed to pay for it. The eBay customer service representative told me they could not do anything and I needed to contact the seller directly.

After I contacted the seller I was shocked to learn that he was being penalized for 90 days with increased ebay fees for a purchase inquirey due to the United States Postal Service delay in delivery. The seller passed on the follwoing information:

1) Don't blame yourself -- this problem here is neither you or me -- it is ebay policy INTENTIONALLY designed to penalize sellers for things that could easily be resolved "the old fashioned way" -- simple communication. They have been assaulting sellers since John Donahue became CEO in 2008, ratcheting up the heat every year since then. You can't even recognize that marketplace anymore, it has fallen so badly.

As it stands, they now URGE buyers to open disputes (even when the issue is not really a DISPUTE but rather some small issue that needs to be worked out), then they penalize a seller simply because the dispute was filed -- regardless of WHY or HOW it was handled. 2) This seems to happen somewhat regularly in July & August, which is when the Post Office is doing vacations for employees and "cheap" mail is either routinely delayed or handled by "temps" who CARE LESS about how they handle mail. 3) Having dealt with ebay for 17 years now (since 1998), there is honestly no way for me to reverse this situation as far as the DISPUTE being opened. Trying to contact anyone "competent" is fruitless. Myself (and other full-time sellers) have come to realize that this is a "cost of doing business with ebay". Until it changes -- IF it ever changes -- it will be a poor place to sell. I do not sell ANY "high end" items on there anymore (haven't done so for SEVERAL YEARS), because quite honestly, it is open hunting season for dishonest buyers to steal the items (either for free or via shaking-down a big price adjustment after they receive it). So, I sell cheap stuff on there, and hope that new management will someday realize that a one-sided system is why their stock has performed so poorly over the past 6 years when compared to other tech giants.

  • Aug 22, 2015

I purchased a two-pack of ink cartridges from bigdrop423 on eBay. I didn't need to use the second ink cartridge until the first one ran out, which took about 15 months. Upon opening and installing the second ink cartridge in my printer I discovered that it was totally empty.

When I contacted bigdrop423 and asked for a credit on a future purchace they told me that they don't issue refunds after sixty days, even though their listing claimed that the cartridge had a "shelf life" of two years. Beware of this ebay seller.

  • Aug 20, 2015

I ordered dip it in the BLUE box to clean my percolator through e-bay. the seller Forrest Robbins sent the wrong item. He sent Lime away iin the green box. I emailed him and told him he sent the wrong item. He instructed me to sent it back to him. I did not want to pay return postaage and requested a shipping lablel from him. He did not respond. The next day I attempted to email him again and his email is shut down.

I contacted e-bay . they said because i was a "guest" on their site, they could not help with the technical errors i encountered when i attempted three times to print a reutrn label from them. I asked they cuold mail Ame a labela and ebay said no.

  • Aug 13, 2015

I have done several dollars business on Ebay, but, apparently,

now, EBAY has chosen to to abandon this buyer, me, because

it suits their agenda, somehow.

I purchased a software product from their registered seller,

"littlecomputerhelper", who, in reality, is a scam thief named

DERRICK LITTLE, who, accordng to eBAY's own records,

has an apparent fake, fraud, and phony business that Little

calls, "AndroidNu ", whoever that is, where ever in Saint Louis,

Missouri, this man is located.

This man wants to steal my money, by embezzlement, and I am

just not going to allow it to happen.

EBAY will not get involved in this theft of my funds, even

though they have provided the platform for this phony

transaction. WHY ?????? WHY ???

EBAY has the entire history of this transaction and theft. They can

plainly see, that DERRICK LITTLE intended to scam me.

I purchased a Linux software disk on EBAY form this DERRICK LITTLE

individual under the username "littlecomputerhelper", and he

refused, thus far, to deliver my purchase, and equally important,


about his keeping my money, and his refusal to send my the

merchdise that I paid for !!!!!

It's one thing to be's wnother thing to have a


with the rape of my money, through embezzlenent.

EBAY should be corecting this situation.

Not enouraging these embezzlers, through inaction.

  • Aug 12, 2015

Made a purchase on E Bay for $39.95, thought it was aproduct but was just a "coupon" for a product. This was a Saturday night after E Bay was closed. First thing Monday A.M. (first business day) I sent the following E Bay seller- drn8dwg " Hello, I don't want a coupon I wanted a generator. I thought I was dealing directly with Harbor Frieght as well. This was saturday night and E Bay and PayPal were already closed so I was not able to just cancel the transaction.

I'll gladly send your coupon back as soon as it arrives. Please send via E Mail your mailing address and start a refund request from your end. If not I will cancel payment through my bank to Pay Pal.

The seller refused to refund and E Bay upheld his refusal. This is not only contra E Bay policy but illegal in Illinois as the State of Illinois grants 3 business days to recind a transaction. I did this in writing on the morning of the first day.

So, if you are a lawyer and want to get my $39.95 back, I will redirect it to you or your favorite charity.

  • Aug 11, 2015

They stole my jewelry, they them sold my jewelry under high end names. They lied when I called them out on text, then changed one of my rings back to genetic, after already selling one as TIFFANY. It's even more appalling because Btenda Deshsises is my sister. I thought that after many years of drug and alcohol abuse that she had changed, no, she just has a new partner in crime.

  • Aug 3, 2015

Anime_artist21 uses devious methods to conduct business on ebay by contacting buyers from other sellers, using false names to persuade the buyer to no longer buy from a particular seller. I was contacted twice by anime_artist21. He sells photos he does not have and only after 3 weeks of not receiving my photo and unable to get a response back, had to contract ebay to get a refund. BUYERS BEWARE!

  • Jul 30, 2015

I am surprized,

This company is giving false information when it comes to buyer protection policy. I purchased a phone from a seller a Big Scam which i did not know, I got the phone and it had bad quality when you call someone else, so I decided to return it, unrfortunately I lost the shipping label so I went back to print it and I was not able to print another one, So I contacted

"eBay" to ask what to do.

They told me to contact the seller and ask for a shipping lable, which i Did and shockingly they closed my case without even giving me an answer why. So I called back and talked to a representative and she said she has no idea of what is going on so needs to investigate, To cut it short i got another message in my inbox saying the file is closed and they will not return my money!

So i tried to leave a negative feedback for this Big Scam "


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