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Ebay Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2020

An item was purchase on Ebay and was paid through PayPal on a debit account. When nothing was heard from the seller a refund was requested. Seller responded after expected delivery date with a delivery confirmation number. Notice was received from FedEx the package was delivered.

I called FedEx and was given the address of delivery. Went to the addressee's house to retreive the package. The package had the matching confirmation number but that is all. It was not our address (intentionally close), the name was unknown to us or the addressee, and it was obvious by size and shape it did not contain the ordered item. It was also sent by a major retail store, not the seller. Since the package had our name or address I left the package and said I'd be in touch.

I immediately called Ebay and told them I didn't the package and tried to explain the situation. I was told there was nothing they could do since the delivery confirmation showed "Delivered". I requested a claim be opened. and I sent pictures of the package I took when I was at the addressee's home. Within a day I received notice the claim was denied since it was "Delivered". I had quickly realized this was a fraudulent transaction and the seller had pulled a scam. I had the local police file a report and they retrieved the package. I called Ebay back and was told I had to call PayPal. Let the games begin --.

PayPal said there is nothing they could do since they Ebay denied the claim. After some discussion I was told to send pictures supporting my contention to [email protected] with police report case number. I received an email stating records show "Delivered" so nothing would be done. I sent numerous requests to [email protected] for an explaination - nothing.

I've called back twice asking to speak to a supervisor I have been told "they are busy but I will tell them your waiting". I've waited 28 minutes and 35 minutes respectively before being disconnected. During one call I asked if they could see the picture I sent of the package label? The response was "yes". Do you see the address? - "Yes. Do you see my address listed on my account and on the purchase transaction number - response, "Yes"; does it match - response, "No. Is the name on the package the name on my account and transaction - response, "No". My next question, "do you see the confirmation number on the package and is it consistent with the number supplied by the seller?" The PayPal service representative stated there is nothing I can do. More emails to [email protected] for an explanation gets nothing.

So last week I call Ebay back and am told there is nothing they can do since it's been over 30 days. I state "Ebay is the one that passed me off". "Sorry, can't help you, it's been over 30 days."

I've been reluctant to provide the specific details of this Ebay scam transaction to protect future victims. It seems very effective for ripping off buyers.

However, at this point I'm not certain whom has a bigger deception, the seller, or Ebay and PayPal with their "Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee".

Side note: When authorities opened the package it contained a $3.00 item instead of the $519.00 item ordered. The cheap product was ordered through a 3rd party in order to provide buyer (us) a confirmation number that would be scanned as delivered. Once scanned as delivered at a valid address close to buyer Ebay then turned their head. I can't file a "not as described" claim with Ebay because they say it's over 30 days, and I don't have the package, it's in the possession of the police.

This is becoming ridiculously insane.

  • Jan 15, 2020

I created my first account with eBay two days ago. Yesterday, I was informed my account was suspended indefinitely. I first thought it was a phishing email cuz I've done nothing with my eBay account other than posting one single post to sell a pair of speakers (for $10). I called the customer service, and they said my account was suspended permanently because:

1) My business model is different from theirs. They refused to elaborate on how they define a business model, how they evaluate one, and what the differences are, etc., stating it's proprietary information (which excuses their violation of PIPEDA 4.8.1). Also avoided to explain why difference in business model is a valid reason for banning accounts.

2) My account activity poses security risk to the eBay comminity. The previous reason might make slight sense to some, but this one is simply absurd. my only account activity is to create one single post selling $10 item, and somehow they see a security risk in this account. Again they refused to tell what the security risks are and how they evaluate accounts, saying this is to prevent future accounts being opened with newly aquired tricks (which I have zero interest in).

Although those reasons seem to come from nowhere, I'm 100% fine with them since I have no desire to do business with a company that has such level of arrogance. What comes next shocks me however: they outright refused to close my account, or delete my personal information from their database!

"That can't be legal!", I thought, personal informations are protected under PIPEDA, user can withdraw consent of giving their information at any time, and any data that are no longer relevant to business should be destroyed (PIPEDA 4.3.8 and 4.5.3). eBay, who I thought to be a distinguished enterprise but turned out to be the biggest scam, explained that because my account is suspended (implying bad intention behind the account), obviously they need to retain it for security reason (again excused from violating PIPEDA).

Now my personal information will be, permanently, retained on eBay and any third party they work with, forever exposed to hacker attacks and security risks (which happens a lot with eBay). For all I know eBay could randomly have new users banned, and considering the amount of new accounts created every year, they can collect considerable amount of information for free, without providing any service in return. Please think twice before you register as eBay user, EBAY CAN PERMANENTLY RETAIN YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION without suffering any legal consequences.

  • Jan 14, 2020

I ordered an item from a seller on eBay on 6-Jan. The shipping was advertised as expedited and the cost was $9.95. I didn't receive the item until 15-Jan. Expedited shipping takes a maximum of 3 days. I left a negative review for the seller stating it was due to shipping time.

The seller contacted me and stated it was the post office's error, offered to refund my shipping, but made it contingent upon me changing my review to a positive one. That isn't how ratings work. If the seller didn't agree with the rating, he or she could have replied to the negative review through eBay's system, could have explained it was the post office's fault, and then stated he or she would refund my shipping.

Instead, the seller called eBay, demanded they remove my feedback; they did without consulting me and have left no option to leave new feedback. Then, the seller contacted me again and stated they removed my feedback, complained my feedback was unfair and I knew it, and stated I was going to be paid back through "karma". I told the seller I would be disputing the shipping charge with my credit card company and that the reply was unprofessional. It was advertised as expedited when it wasn't received within 3 days.

I called eBay to complain to their feedback department about gratuitous e-mails from the seller and for removing my feedback. I spoke to Victor. He stated their eBay employee removed it because the item had been delivered. I don't think they bothered to read the contents of my feedback before removing the review.

The review was accurate and eBay should have never removed the feedback. Instead, they should have advised the seller to reply to the feedback (so new buyers could read it) and explain the reason for the delay and the refund of shipping.

I asked Victor to reinstate the feedback option so I could leave new feedback considering the unprofessionalism of the seller. He stated once removed, the buyer can no longer leave new feedback. He stated eBay would address the seller's e-mails with the seller and that is all.

Buyers and sellers on eBay rely on accurate feedback when making purchases. It is part of the seller's advertising as well as eBay's. Buyers and sellers expect reliability, integrity, and trustworthiness from eBay. If eBay is removing accurate feedback at a seller's request, obviously eBay cannot be trusted. I'll further say that I believe it is a form of false advertising.

I've gone as far to report eBay to the California Attorney's General and the BBB.

  • Nov 15, 2019

I bought a $500 gift card at a store and sent it to a friend he was there when the card arrived but it had no balance on it. i went back to the store and they called ebay ebay said it had been used but no one had used it. i came home and called ebay myself they told me it had no balance on it but not who used it.

apparently they dont keep track of that they said there was nothing they could or would do about it so i am out $500

  • Nov 14, 2019

I ordered a lenofocus led grow light from d-marantz on e bay


seller had tracking info but wanted me to ask neighbors if they got it, so he is aware that items get mis delivered even with tracking information, i wrote him 5 times that it didnt come here, he used the tracking info to get the case closed and stuck with the bill, so e bay themselves reimbursed me and will look for patterns of this to close his account.

  • Oct 25, 2019

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  • Oct 20, 2019

Customer had buyer remorse as they didn't realize All in One Computer they purchased didn't come with touscreen and internal speakers which were not advertised on listing. We offered to buy them speakers and also provide them courtesy credit but they declined. We urged them to package it up properly before sending it back. Our return policy allowed for buyer remorse returns with refund being less shipping cost and any damage found. eBay allowed customer to return All in One desktop computer with pre-paid label we were charged for. All in One desktop came back completely shattered to pieces as customer did not package it back up properly at all as they left hard objects pressed against the screen and didn't bother to make sure packaging fit around product like it came to them with. Customer did not wish to be assessed restocking fee and case was escalated and eBay provided full refund. For buyer remorse returns, seller should have option to enforce their return policy. Company loss was $120 shipping each way plus AIO desktops is destroyed and only internal parts might be recoverable so total losses are approaching $1,000. Amazon is very bad about allowing customers to return anything and everything at loss to seller but at least they will allow sellers to enforce their return policy for orders seller fulfills when it is buyer remorse not not as described for the return reason. I would warn and advise new and existing sellers alike to be very careful when selling expensive merchandise on eBay as their return policies are becoming very reseller unfriendly - much more so than any other platform we have witnessed including even Amazon. It is impossible to pay bills and salaries when subjected to such huge losses. UPS won't even accept the damage claim since the negligence in packaging was so obvious. This should not be cost of business for sellers to endure. eBay as all marketplaces should arbitrate fairly.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I made an offer on an item. The seller made a counter offer the next day. About the day after that, I paid. Apparently eBay or PayPal glitches caused a problem and the transaction didn't register, but I didn't know it. eBay sign in and transaction glitches are uniquely hurtful to an online marketplace.

Cui bono?

About a day later apparently the seller? who is unusual, started an "unpaid item" case against me, a first in over 20 years. I replied to the email but did not notice it that it wasn't monitored. Due to a possible glitch I could not send a message on the site. Somehow, it asked me to re-sign in to send a message but wouldn't accept the sign in. Hmmm.

  • Aug 30, 2019

This buyer first attempts to get a full refund without returning the purchased on Ebay item. If it does not work, then she damages the item and returns the broken item for a refund at the seller's expense.

The returned item that we sold to her showed the signs of being broken by a hammer. She tried to get a full refund for that item without returning it, when it failed, she destroyed the merchandize and falsely claimed that the USPS delivered it broken.

  • Aug 25, 2019

I used ebay Australia on the internet to purchase an Adult cologne for $54.99 AUD from seller

"myfavouritedeals". I never received the item.

  • Aug 23, 2019

Do not use Ebay for anything. Sellers can advertise whatever they want and any shipping terms but don't have to live up to them. If you choose to get Ebay envolved they will put your dispute on hold for several weeks and then never get back to you so you have to stop the claim and deal with the seller yourself.

Normally I would prefer that but I have a hard time negotiating with a foreign company through "Google Translate". Ebay should make it madatory that these sellers prove their address and have to be shipping from the US or state they don't. I didn't know you could have an Ebay account with a bogus US address and ship from overseas with no obligation backed by Ebay.

WRONG business structure in the US. Ebay needs to come back to reality...... The buyers got you as big as you are not the sellers......

  • Aug 22, 2019

Ebay has been compromising my account for the FBI since 2013 until present. Giving them direct access to their server so they can contact sellers and have them send me defective products. They prevented me from buying surveillance cameras while the FBI was having people vandelize my property. I ordered 4 security cameras and they all arrived defective.

One of the sellers even stripped out the screws. I ordered parts for a compter and all of the parts came defective. The FBI tampers with my cars installing illegal Gps tracking systems and maliciously do things to short out my body control module in order to force me to go to a dealership for malicious reasons . Every car I have bought since 2009 has had electrical problems either because of the gps device or them putting something on the wiring to cause electrical shorts.

For the past two weeks the FBI blocks me from obtaining the electrical diagrams from companies online. Today I ordered a Chilton repair guide which was scheduled to arrive on the 28 th. After I placed the order the arrival date was changed until September 6 th. I called ebay within 2 minutes of placing the order and they refused to cancel the order lying about their one hour policy which allows you to cancel immediately before them sending the Funds to the seller.

Fortunately for Ebay like every corrupt corporation in this nation suing them is probably the most difficult thing to do because the United States Judicial system is even more corrupted covering up civil criminal right violations against citizens. Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy, thats all these Fanatics know.

  • Aug 15, 2019

This is not the way to do business no amount $58 in shipping fees don't have the right part and all they're going to do is reimburse me less than what I paid for it I haven't got that yet either so we will see if anything eBay should get rid of Widowmaker Boneyard and they should pay my shipping cost to return item they are bad for business I will not recommend him to anybody anymore hope nobody else gets ripped off

  • Jul 26, 2019

SCAMMER !!! I lost 146 CAD !

I got a defected Item, GPS doesn't work, seller told me to return it, I did, and he didn't issue a refund, he stopped answering my messages. I contacted paypal, they denied my request!

The phone is not original and LOCKED !

Ebay Chat History showing:

1- Seller offered return for refund

2- buyer shipped the item following the instructions stated by the seller

3- seller received the parcel and saying: "we have refunded,you can check it later", and Paypal confirming no refund was issued

4- seller no longer responding to buyer inquiries

  • Jul 16, 2019

Newworld Channel sells AAAAA Rémy hair, i was looking for new manufacturer. I bought after I asked grade they said 7, so this should has no silicon, one donar, etc. But what I got was silicon so thick one scrape down it was all white. Sure it would feel soft, silky to the average person. One it would Matt and tangle. Then turning or twisting it you can see hundreds and hundreds of broken hairs or really the mix of hundreds of mix of donar hair.

Problem is that they mostly are 3in to 8in long, not the 18 I bought. So at end there are about 20 hairs that actually are 18 long. THEN....THE WORST YET...seller scams me!!! On eBay tells me don’t you worry, return it all!, I will give all your money back!,, even return shipping she promised....then SHE LIED!!! I filed claim eBay closed it on behalf of seller because she was supposed to send my 2 orders separately, she kept my 2 shipping and put them together.

So when I did not get second order the following week, I filed claim I did not get. She is just a lier. Do not trust this seller. She told me right away don’t file claim, don’t do this.....EBAY closed without actually reading my emails of her promises, or looking a pictures. Now she has hair to resell again, and my money plus more for shipping! eBay why protect her?

Read my emails she is lier. I am calling you with permission to read my files and give pictures and video of hair still sealed. She promised every single cent back plus return shipping. Do no5 ever buy this crap hair, then...never ever trust anything this person says. My attorney is getting involved he is in Cali. He is angry.

  • Jul 4, 2019

I bought a wireless guitar transmitter/receiver from this person on ebay that advertised it as new condition open box on on 3 Apr 19 and only used it twice, now the transmitter part want hold a charge. I contaced the seller and immedately she got an attitude and told me she only covered her sells for thirty days and there was nothing she could do for me.

After digging deeper in her listing I found her thirty day claim listed in her shippments and payment section of her ad. I told her she was selling junk and I was going to elevate this thru PayPal as it was past the time limit for ebay to do anything. After I elevated it to PayPal resulution I lost and she gets to keep my money and I get to keep junk (so much for PayPal buyer protection).

So buyer beware do buy from Miss opksprincess on ebay if you value your money.

  • Jun 22, 2019

I purchased a new air conditioner. I applied and received a loan from Wells Fargo for a Home Loan. My payments according to the contract I signed was $114.00 per month which I made on time. I signed up for Wells Fargo to take out automatic payments of $114.00 each month.

I happen to notice another payment being taken out of my bank account to Wells Fargo for $36.00. I called the bank and because I started making automatic payments they charged me $36.00 each month, without my authorization. Removed the surplus funds from my account without my permission.

  • Apr 1, 2019

I ordered from a Columbus Ohio company, per the listing- the first lie. The item was shipped from Shanghai. They gave me a tracking number, which I checked on frequently. When the tracking said it was delivered to my house, I went to the door, surprised that the postman didn't ring the bell as he usually does - nothing there. I called the post office and was told the tracking number was for another address in the same town, but not to me. I called the 800 P.O. number and again the local P.O. they both said it was not addressed to me and my street address. I had already figured that out, as it was not delivered to me. I gave Ebay the claim reference number given by the P.O., all they would provide legally.

The vender said it was delivered to me, so in spite of the evidence from the P.O., Ebay decided the vender must be right, not me and the US Post Office, so I am out $220 and the vender has a tidy little profit over something not sent.

  • Mar 29, 2019

eBay said that I would need to provide a police report filed locally for them to consider refunding my money.

I pointed out to them that the package was never shipped to me so it would not make sense for me to file a police report.

eBay employees, on the phone, told me that unless I provided the police report they would deny my warranty claim.

Don't believe that ebay will refund your money in the event you are ripped off by an unscrupulous seller - they simply don't want to incur the loss.

I spent hours on the phone with eBay and also UPS trying to get my money refunded with no luck. I disputed the charge with my credit card company. I expect they will refund the money

  • Mar 28, 2019

Ebay is so stupid, I always get away by telling them I didn't get items when I did, they are the dumbest company in the world. If you want to know how to get away with leaving people negative feedbacks and opening cases, please contact me! My user id name on ebay is thaipham2007

I have been on ebay for years doing this. I even have multiple accounts, they are so stupid. I can help you get the seller kick off ebay, here is my contact info

  • Mar 19, 2019

I purchased what was described as Vintage Candies heels but what Ibrecieved was garbage. I am embarrassed to have paid so much money for them to fall apart as soon as I tried them on. Ripoff!!!

Their profile has no negative feedback but that’s because the ability to leave a feedback must be disabled as I tried several times to leave a comment as well as contact the seller only to receive an error message. I hope this helps someone.

  • Dec 19, 2018

I bought APPLE IPHONE 7 on ebay on 9/23/2018 for $389.78. The product description said it's brand new. I have no service problem since 12/08/2018. It's an known issue for IPHONE 7. I sent it to an APPLE repair shop, they confirmed it, and later they informed me it's a sold as it phone, not a brand new phone. Apple's warranty does not cover it. The seller would not refund it. Then I contact ebay for their customer protection. eBay's paypal service is supposed to protect me for 6 month. So I contact eBay and Paypal, they could not find my transcation. I did pay the full amount on eBay site, at that time ebay website had a glitch, so the ebay seller sent me an email said he manually processed my payment, it was successful, then shipped the product to me.

Seller would not return or refund for me. Ebay or Paypal would not protect me at all. They kicked back and forth, said they could not find the transcation ID, even it clearly shows on my purchase history. [continued below]....

  • Dec 6, 2018

I ordered a health product from E-Bay and my credit card was charged. I received a notice from PayPal that the seller cancelled my order (for some unknown reason) and e-bay told me they would refund the $11.77 through PayPal. When you go to PayPal, they tell you that they can credit your credit card (which it refused to do in stating that my credit card would not take the credit, which they do on anything else), so I would have to get a mailed check to me, or I would have to send them a copy of my check from my bank account. Because I do not need a partner to my money, I told them to send a check, and PayPal said it would cost me $1.50 to get the check!

I never cancelled anything, and my credit card will take credits. This is a scam between E-Bay and PayPal, and I will not purchase anything from either one again. There is no way that I should not get the full amount charged to my card in a sale that I never cancelled, the seller did.

  • Nov 28, 2018

I wanted to buy a watch they advertised for $199.00, and they hemed and hawed for over 45 minutes, I kept waiting and waiting, and they said they said they'ed call me back at 4:30 PM, and they never did.

I called them back the nexr day and they gave me the run around some more, and told me they'd show me some cheaper watches, but not the one I wanted to buy, and this was eBay, not the seller. What crooks!

I was never able to buy the watch they advertised for that amount, a complete ripoff and waste of time. Never deal with them again, sice they believe fraud is alright.

  • Oct 22, 2018

Need their help to return an item

  • Oct 15, 2018

I bought a samsung chromebook 3 well when i received it it had no manua,l no information on it, so to understand the laptop. I went to n tried to register my laptop well they said my serial number was invalid which means its a stolen laptop.

They said thats its older then it says it is n it was purchased outside the US well i cant sync my email with the laptop cuz my ip address changes every 10 seconds.

It says i was in ireland germany it wont let me change it n as of right now it says i have 147 active threats on it, come to find out its an accounting laptop.

It deletes important things on it i have had it was almost a year n havent been able to enjoy it its been a night mare n i paid $117 for it im really upset about this.

  • Oct 11, 2018

Ebay and or paypal have continuously compromised my accounts to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for purposes that are abusive and unconstitutional. Since 2012 almost every electronic device i order is send to me defective. I bought 4 security cameras from top rated sellers and all arrived defective. One seller even stripped out the screws from the camera. They did the same thing when I ordered computer parts and key fobs for my car. I have four federal complaints pending in federal court , for which they terrorize me with death threats , the most serious of complaints is judges framing me in court for criminal offenses and stripping me of all parenting rights since 2012.

  • Oct 3, 2018

Buyer beware! This eBay store will scam you. Don't buy any of their items.

  • Jul 5, 2018

So this scam CAN in fact be prevented by EBAY, as demonstrated by the fact they did notify me after 3 days (long after I had shipped off my item to scam buyer).

I was contacted by ebay user jahman4us and then several convincing ebay emails were sent to me after I agreed to sell my phone to him at the price buyer claimed to want to pay.

The emails were so convincing I shipped the cell phone over night, $85.

The seller was scamming me but I had no idea, and when I asked ebay for help they denied me any help whatsoever.

This is a shame, because as a ebay seller for over 12 years, I expected them to at least help me on the deductible for my replacement phone )$250, and they refuse to help me at all.

HOWEVER, ebay user who scammed me received NO sanctions, despite me having forwarded ebay help all of the messages and faked information.

I'm upset that ebay left me and my business to collapse, I will never use them again and I urge every other seller out there not to use ebay either.

A CORPoration that huge deserves what it gets for not helping good standing sellers and buyers.

NO help was provided, none. My business is closing - thanks allot, GIANT EBAY!

  • Jun 26, 2018

eBay and PayPal charged me 300.00 in sellers fees on eBay after I sold 500.00 worth of merchandise .

  • Jun 20, 2018

I purchesed a amplifier for my daughters car on ebay 8 months ago. the seller has it listed as having a 3 year warrenty. I just ripped out my daughters stereo and installed new amps. the one I am complaining about did not work. seller would not resopond to my messages through ebay so i had to call ebay and they sent a courtisey message to the seller. the seller asked me to message her when I mailed the amp back and I did with tracking information. once again no response from seller. the amplifier was delivered back to the seller 6 days ago and I have recieved no messages from her so once again I had to call ebay. They will send her a courtisy message again.

I also purchesed a Iphone battery from a differant seller 5 monts ago. It was listed as having a 2 year warrenty. The battery swlled up and poped the screen out of the frame and guess what? Another Ebay sell that wont respond to my messages.

Ebay wont punish these sellers or allow me to change my feedback because to much time has passed. There is no way on Ebay for me to warn other shoppers of these bad sellers. The Ebay lady that I talked to today said that is what feedback is for. How does that work when u cant change it 6-12 month out?

  • May 22, 2018

Lakkar-haveli, Jaipur India 302002 business on ebay: Do not buy from this company, because they are lying and misleading eBay patrons. lakkar-haveli is sending incorrect clothing to U.S. customers, when you file a complaint or ask for a return, the buyer is aggressively INTERROGATED. The clothing have no tags, no original packaging, no purchase orders and the excuses (for fraud) range from (1) the tailor needs your exact measurements (2) if we made a mistake, you need to order another item. Also, when you complain to eBay, suddenly the item Description changes. Do not waste your money at lakkar-haveli, this is a scam. This business is in Rajasthan INDIA, city is Jaipur.

  • May 19, 2018


E-Bay seller "rarewaves" claims to have a new, unopened and shrink-wrapped copy of a new artist CD for sell. Seller identification is unknown and it is very unlikely the seller has a copy of the CD since it was recently released and has had a limited, regional sales distribution and a nationwide radio distribution.

The author of this report is the sole publisher and primary distributor of the physical CDs. This is an illegal, unathorized solicitation for commerce and a complete copyright infringement upon the works owner.

  • May 15, 2018

User name: autographplus0 Internet site: eBay This autograph seller is a complete fraud & they sell FAKE autographs that they send to you with FAKE certificates of authenticity.

  • Feb 2, 2018

Everyone watch out for Ebay. Do not attach your personal bank account to paypal, Warning! Ebay will steal money from your account

and deny it over and over. If you buy clothing make sure the seller is a real american first. check their feed back, not the score but

the comments, If they have over 400 negative comments they are one of the chinese scammers. I turned them into the federal trade

commission, next is consumer protection bureau. They also commit wire fraud, taking money with no purchase, no authorization.

  • Jan 31, 2018

Tracy thomas ebay seller name acgsvet miss tracy thomas who goes by the user name on ebay "acgsvet" tried very hard to scam me but failed miserably. She sells high price items that she doesn't own or even have and sells them on ebay at to good to be true prices. She steals the pics of the items off the internet and sells them with a buy it now or best offer. She accepts any offer and takes the money to fund her business. She proceeds to print a shipping label for the item you purchased but never takes it to the p.O. But will give you a tracking number. The package never makes it to the po and tracking shows it never gets there also with the tracking. She then proceeds with that she needs to go to the po to check on it. Days go by and the package still is in pre-shipment and never is received at the po. She will try to drag you on and on. Not me! i closed her paypal account down and filed a claim with paypal days before they usually allow because they smelt a rat. She is all over the internet as a scammer. Just check out Yscam. She has been doing this for years. I wasn't to concerned about being scammed because i knew i was protected by ebay, paypal and my credit card. At first i felt sorry for her and those 11 seconds went by and now i am in the process of filing a lawsuit against her. I love this kind of stuff. My warning to anyone who crosses paths with her is to turn around and run

  • Jan 15, 2018













  • Jan 15, 2018

On 12/18/2017 I had purchased $1300.00 worth of ebay gift cards to purchase a 825i John Deere Gator (ATV) that had been posted on craiglist. I filled out the requested information on ebay motors to purchase the unit. Aday later they requested an additonal $1000.00 for insurance. This is when I conctacted ebay and told them I exspected scam and the lady from ebay told me she had frozen the cards so they couldn't be cashed. She also told me that they had not been cashed yet, I assume thet were waiting on me to purchase the $1000.00 on insurance and I did not. I reported the account to ebay and no help from them and the people cashed my cards even after ebay tod me that they were frozen. Makes me think ebay was in on the scam!!

  • Jan 11, 2018

For a couple of years, when an eBay seller uses the eBay app to prepare a shipping label for a purchased item, eBay automatically and immediately sends the buyer an email notice by interstate wire communications facilities informing the buyer that the item "has shipped" and is "on its way." In fact, there is no necessary connection between preparing a shipping label and the delivery of the item to the carrier. In the latest instance, eBay informed me by wire communication on 1/5/2018 that an item had been shipped. The carrier says, as of 9:00 pm on 01/10/2018 that it has not received custody of the item. This last fact is conformed by eBay. On checking delivery status on line at eBay, eBay states that shipping status of the item in question will be updated once the item reaches the carrier. In reliance on eBay's knowingly false statement as to shipping date, I failed to find an alternative source for the item and will probably not be able to do so in time for when I need it. eBay Customer Service has informed me repeatedly that they can neither address this issue nor even suggest which "department at eBay" can address the issue. eBay's on-line "help" is restricted to a few issues, none of which relate to issues with eBay's behavior. eBay customer service on "technical issues" consists solely of recorded messages delivered by robot and unrelated to any failures by eBay. I am studying how I can get the attention of anyone at eBay with the power to change its behavior. BBB has proved worthless, as one could predict. What puzzles me is how this puts a single penny in eBay's pocket. Seems like entirely gratuitous misbehavior.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I purchased an item that was poorly and inaccurately described. Seller listed a model number but since the item is no longer in production that model number did not yield any information. I did voluminous research to understand the item I was buying and based on the descritpion and pictures thought I was buying something very different than what was delivered. I immediately contacted the seller. He refused to take back the item and refund the hefty pruchase price of $250. I filed a Paypal claim, which was denied. I know that does not look good for me but the item was a specialty item and I don't believe the Paypal staff have any idea of what it is and therefore of why it was inaccurately described. I filed 2 appeals, which were also denied. I provided rheams of evidence, which was ignored. I could then not file an eBay claim because I had filed a Paypal claim, something no one told me. My only remaining recourse was to leave negative feedback for this dishonest seller, which eBay removed. eBay gives no recourse to buyers who were burned by dishonest sellers if a claim is denied, even if it was denied in error. Read feedback from buyers who burned in the same way I was. In fact eBay censors feedback from buyers and calls that a policy. I have been an eBay buyer and seller for 17.5 years. I will never purchase or sell another item on eBay. Shame on eBay for throwing buyers under the bus. I'll do my buying on Amazon from now on. Amazon knows what buyer protection means and they stand behind their promise.

  • Jan 1, 2018

Ablume007 on ebay is selling a fake Rolex Daytona on ebay. This is a Federal Felony.

Selling replica watches is a Federal Crime and is also a State level Crime in most states.

People like ablume007 are stealing sales from reputable watch brands that sell items at similar price points. They are also stealing sales from higher end brands that a buyer could afford if the buyer only had the option of purchasing a more expensive genuine product. Also, many watch stores offer financing programs that could allow a buyer without enough cash to spread the payments out over terms that are acceptable.

These fake watches also hurt reputable brands. When someone is wearing a low quality fake p.o.s., others who look at that watch are likely to believe that the genuine article being emulated is nothing special and not worth the high dollar amount (relatively speaking) that is commanded by the genuine version of the watch.


1. Brands like Seiko, Citizen, and Bulova are being damaged.

2. Brands like Movado, TAG Heuer, and Omega are being damaged.

3. Rolex is definitely being damaged.

People like ablume007 need to be exposed and prosecuted by Federal and State governments. Sales of fake watches is an epidemic, and it has been proven that many counterfeiters of watches are taking part in other Criminal activities.

Trademark Counterfeiting is illegal. Even if you sell the watch as a replica or a fake, it is still illegal.

Run far away from ablume007. Who knows what other illegal activities this seller is engaged in.

Here is the Law in South Carolina which shows that ablume007 is committing a serious Felony:

2012 South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 39 - Trade and Commerce


Section 39-15-1190 - Sale of goods or services with counterfeit mark; production or reproduction of counterfeit mark; penalties.

Universal Citation: SC Code § 39-15-1190 (2012)

(A) For purposes of this section:

(1) "Counterfeit mark" means a mark that is:

(a) identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, a registered mark or unregistered mark;

(b) used in connection with the sale or offering for sale of goods or services that are identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, the goods or services with which the registered or unregistered mark is identified;

(c) likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception if used; and

(d) not authorized by the owner of the registered or unregistered mark.

(2) "Registered mark" means a mark that is registered on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office or with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

(3) "Retail sales value" means the value computed by multiplying the number of items having a counterfeit mark used on them or in connection with them by the retail price at which a similar item having a mark used on it or in connection with it, the use of which is authorized by the owner, is offered for sale to the public.

(4) "Unregistered mark" means a symbol, sign, emblem, insignia, trademark, trade name, or word protected by the federal Amateur Sports Act of 1978, Title 36 U.S.C. Section 380.

(B)(1) It is unlawful for a person knowingly and wilfully to transport, transfer, distribute, sell, or otherwise dispose of, or to possess with intent to transfer, transport, distribute, sell, or otherwise dispose of, an item having a counterfeit mark on it or in connection with it.

(a) A person who knowingly and wilfully violates this subsection with respect to goods or services having a retail sales value of less than fifty thousand dollars is guilty of the offense of distribution of counterfeit marks and, upon conviction, must be punished as follows:

(i) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of two thousand dollars or less, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and must be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

(ii) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of more than two thousand dollars but less than ten thousand dollars, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than three years, or both;

(iii) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of ten thousand dollars or more, but less than fifty thousand dollars, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not more than twenty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both;

(iv) for a second or subsequent conviction of the offenses described in subitem (a), without regard to the retail sales value of the goods or services, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not less than one thousand dollars or more than fifty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(b) A person who knowingly and wilfully violates the provisions of this subsection with respect to goods or services having a retail sales value of fifty thousand dollars or more is guilty of the offense of trafficking in counterfeit marks. A person who knowingly and wilfully commits the offense of trafficking as described in this subitem is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be punished as follows:

(i) for a first offense, fined not less than ten thousand dollars or more than twenty-five thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both;

(ii) for a second or subsequent offense, fined not less than twenty thousand dollars or more than fifty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(2) The possession, custody, or control of more than twenty-five items having a counterfeit mark used on them or in connection with them is prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

(C) A person who knowingly and wilfully uses any object, tool, machine, or other device to produce or reproduce a counterfeit mark or knowingly and wilfully has possession, custody, or control of any object, tool, machine, or device with intent to produce or reproduce a counterfeit mark is guilty of producing or reproducing counterfeit marks and, upon conviction, must be punished as provided in subsection (B).

(D) Personal property, including any item, object, tool, machine, or device of any kind, employed as an instrumentality in the commission of or in aiding or abetting in the commission of a violation of subsection (B) or (C), is considered contraband and is subject to seizure and forfeiture in the same manner as other property used in the commission of specified criminal offenses as provided by law.

(E) For purposes of enforcing this section, investigators in the office of the Secretary of State have statewide jurisdiction. These investigators may conduct investigations independently or may assist local law enforcement agencies in their investigations and may initiate and carry out, in coordination with local law enforcement agencies, investigations of violations of this section.

(F) The Secretary of State may refer available evidence concerning violations of this section to the appropriate solicitor who may, with or without the reference, institute the appropriate criminal proceedings.

(G) The Secretary of State also may refer available evidence concerning violations of this section to the Department of Revenue for purposes of determining the obligations of the violators of this section pursuant to state income and other taxation laws.

(H) The provisions of this section do not apply to persons who own, rent, or manage premises occupied by retailers unless that person had actual knowledge or actively participated in a violation of this section.

HISTORY: 1994 Act No. 486, Section 1, eff 3 months after July 13, 1994; 2006 Act No. 348, Section 1, eff June 12, 2006.

  • Dec 30, 2017


  • Dec 28, 2017

This vendor refused my refund after imposing a deadline date from EBAY. However, EBAY doesn't take into account those that are suffering from a severe illness. I had sent them proof from the medical office and I requested a few days extension to get to a better state health wise. After their deadline date they closed the case and the seller will not accept my return for a full refund. This is a discriminatory and unfair business practice on behalf of this seller and ebay inc. I am due the right to return the defective item for a full refund.

  • Dec 19, 2017

EBAY THIEVES!!! They make up rules as they go along, and indisciminantly target sellers that don't "line" their pockets. We tried to make sure our account was updated and all information was clear. Then we signed a contract to be a seller rep for a third party company. BUT, because we took the bedfellows of Paypal out of the equation, we got targeted!!!

First Ebay removed listings, and not one, ALL less than competent, Customer Screwing Rep could explain why! Then I was told by an Customer screwing Manager the case would be expedited. Ebays version of expedited went on for 5.5 DAYS... yes, tht is right. They tout 24 to 72 hour turn around, and 125 hours later.... INDEFINITE revocation. Reason: Because they don't "know" the company we signed on with. Not that they can't research them, not that they can't call them, and not that we ot the company did ANYTHING wrong... but because they don't know them!!!

All the CHEAP TRASH they sell from China, but a REGISTERED U.S. company gets cut off!!!! Look anywhere on the web, including and see all of the seller rippoffs Ebay scams consistantly. Their OWN home office site has 1/2 star rating!!!!! Ebay is trash for selling and has continually scammed the sellers out of their funds AND fees.

Now, through their arbitrary attack of yet another 100% rated, multi-year member of Ebay they have cost us our contract!

  • Dec 15, 2017

I sold my cellphone in eBay and when i received an email from eBay and PayPal to confirm paid by PayPal, I shipped items for buyer. After few days when the items deliverd to buyer i got an email from PayPal that wrote they charged customer two times and asked man to refund $360 by MoneyGram. I called PayPal and asked them about it but they said we didn't send any email.

then i underestand that buyer is scamer. all email from ebay and PayPal that i got before was fake and I don't know who the buyer could find my email and phone number to send me fake emails and text because when i sold items , the buyer text me to my phone number and aksed for ship items by express service mail. I

I don't know how can I forward fake emails for you.

  • Dec 14, 2017

I've used ebay since 2002. I recently sold four iphones on there. I was initially surprised that Paypal charged $33 for a $1125 transaction on one of the phones. Today I received the invoice from Ebay. They charged another 10% plus an additional 10% of the shipping cost. That one phone cost me $147.90 in fees. What a bunch of crooks!

  • Dec 13, 2017

PayPal took my money instantly from my debit card on 11/3/2017 for two items on eBay, but the two vendors sold me two items that they did not have to sell, so I am supposed to get a refund, but eBay sent the refund to PayPal, and though eBay claims a refund was issued, the banking experts tell me there has not been one penny in the works that they can find. Now eBay tells me to take it up with PayPal. I refuse to do so, since PayPal is eBay's bank/money manager, and since when do you go to a business' bank for any go to the business. There is no way to contact PayPal anyway without having a PayPal account, especially since I have no phone and am unable to do phones...I am disabled from a head on I live in an area that has zero cellular service, so no texting. Ebay simply washes its' hands of the situation, and tells me to contact PayPal...then does absolutely nothing. They even got haughty with me, when I told them the refund they claim I have is a lie...but the regulators and the administrator for both the bank and the card administrator tell me that were it there, they could see it, and there is nothing in the pipeline. If there would transfer in minutes...not a month or more. Basically PayPal is getting a month long loan for free, and eBay is scamming me...lying through their teeth.

Ebay supposedly issued these two refunds for the cancelled transactions: ·Transaction Id 2DF60264V1947613L ·CounterParty Transaction Id 6S3307398N6381827 ·Invoice Id - - ·Parent Trx Id 83872098438542642 ·Transaction Type REFUND ·Status COMPLETED (DEBIT) ·Gross Amount USD 70.38 ·Fee Amount USD 2.04 ·Net Amount USD 68.34 ·Created Nov 16, 2017 ·Updated Nov 16, 2017 ·Transaction Id 2H552399MH730452S ·CounterParty Transaction Id 0X8286960C610712C ·Invoice Id - - ·Parent Trx Id 7E539436S11678116 ·Transaction Type REFUND ·Status COMPLETED (DEBIT) ·Gross Amount USD 252.12 ·Fee Amount USD 11.09 ·Net Amount USD 241.03 ·Created Nov 23, 2017 ·Updated Nov 23, 2017 Both above receipts are entirely bogus...there never was any refunds made to my account as they claim. Neither company has ever been the paragon of ethics...just like they now say PayPal is a completely separate entity...even though eBay's north campus and PayPal share the same address. They are two serpents intertwined inextricably, and both are totally dishonest. Item # 182321967047 - Shelter Logic sold by Róbert Kapás - Order Cancelled 11/23/2017 Item # 111873111639 - Great Stuff Pro sold by theenergyconscious - Order Cancelled 11/16/2017 These receipts claim the money was refunded, but the alleged refund never actually happened. Now my money still sits at PayPal, and truthfully I doubt that I will ever see that money again. You simply cannot trust PayPal...but truthfully, I won't be using eBay again either...they simply are just as dishonest and certainly not at all helpful...with virtually no customer service that actually functions. Ebay enables PayPal, and it is impossible to do eBay without involving PayPal...but eBay refuses to intercede on your behalf with PayPal. Customers trying to contact PayPal will find it to be a daunting task...difficult if not impossible. Though the deal took place on eBay, eBay does absolutely nothing to get me back my money.

Both companies should be ashamed, and both need to be prosecuted for abusing their customers. If like me, you think eBay has changed...think again. Never give them any money you cannot afford to lose, as you quite possibly will be ripped off...usually by the evil twin PayPal...with eBay being entirely complicit. Some things never change...I made a mistake even going back on eBay...they cannot be trusted. People tolerate eBay, but they have very few friends among the people who use them...vendors as well as buyers.

  • Nov 30, 2017

Sugarandspice0711 sold an item to me for a specified price. Instead of sending the item after I paid them, sugarandspice0711 decided to keep it and sent me a message to say their water heater exploded and ruined all of their merchandise. However, none of their other merchandise for sale was taken down.

I aksed them to send a picture of the ruined item and they refused. Intead, sugarandspice0711 feigned offense and indignation saying that I called them a 'liar'. I explained that it would be easy for them to just send a photo of the ruined item and was met with the same type of deflection/refusal. Gosh, they even said their neighbors things were ruined by the water heater explosion. Hm...that mey be but why not send a picture of my damaged item?

Sugarandspice0711 said all of their items were ruined, yet the other items were still for sale.

Sugarandspice also told me to go ahead and complain because it will not hurt their business one bit. So, here I am...letting the online world know that sugarandspice0711 doesn't care about wasting your time or money as they believe their reputation, and business, to be untouchable by meaningless customers...

I'm sure I will get a refund eventually, but if they spend so much time and effort to so adamantly deflect instead of being honest, what else will they lie about? It's a waste of a customer's time and money to deal with this type of seller. Other purchasing opportunities will pass you by while you think your item is being sent, and they are holding your money.

  • Nov 24, 2017

I called ebay about an auction that; i had won with a bid of $1825.00 (.025 btc instant delivery). A couple of minuets later, received a notification that my winning bid was $1925.01. Ebay was supposed to check for the correct bid. Instead of doing what i asked; ebay cancelled the auction and accused ahmed of being a con artist. I hope you do not have a weasel in your organization; taking advantage of me and ahmed. Because i am about to start my own investigation of ebay.

Starting with yscam and down to your core. I hold a b. S. In mathematics and have worked as a software and hardware engineer with u s navy. So, if you think, i can't find information; you are making a serious error in judgement. Ebay has been in trouble before for bidding up auctions and probably numerous other issues. Do you really want this to get started again ? Because, i will send my findings to the local tv station. From there it will likely go national. So, bottom line, i want full disclosure on your contact with ahmed and what led to the cancellation of the auction.

  • Nov 23, 2017

Buyer didn't pay, followed ebay's instructions 100% corretly, and they're still trying to charge me for something that never sold, what a joke these guys are! Stay away, they don't even have an e-mail or online support, is that a complete joke or what? So if you get scammed by Ebay you can't even contact them...


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