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  • Jul 28, 2016

On July 20th, 2016, an Ebay bidder who goes by the username of "Sashabear3kids" has won my perfect condition Michael Kors purse that I had up for Auction for an entire week. It was in loving condition, a large, bright hot pink LEATHER Michael Kors Handbag Purse that I went through so much to earn and trying to make a satisfaftory profit off as an honest and purhearted person and seller. I also have photos of the purse knowingly and obviously in perfect condition.

The very same day, I had gone to the store, wasted my own time, precious gas and own money to buy mailing supplies and mail it out to her. I shipped it to her lovingly and was expecting my online business to go as usual as it always did. Honesty, Kindness and Patience always goes a long way right? About 4 days later she received the item and files a fraudelent "item not as described/damaged" case with Ebay and Ebay comes to me giving me arange of options of things I may choose to offer her.

She uploaded photos of the purse being burned with lighters on the metal, she ripped the bottom where the golden buttons where, cut the straps off with scizzors, marked them with markers, yanked the zipper off and many other things. She sent me arude message and with respect I offered her a partial refund and she declined. She disrepected me, was very manipulative and very threatning also.

I issued her a full refund plus other fees I had to pay Paypal and Ebay. I am better than that and will not let her take my inner peace so I might as well gotten it out the way of my life. I scanned through her profile and realized that she leaves almost every seller a negative feedback and loved giving hardworking, honest Ebay sellers like me a hard time. I feel so unfortunate to have suffered finanacially, emotionally. I lost out of my precious and expensive purse, she got a full refund plus shipping and kept the item. I reported her to EBAY for abusing the Buyer Protection Proram. Even then I gave her a piece of my mind with respect, told her she was NOT welcomed to my store no more and blocked her from ever bidding on my items again.

PLEASE DO NOT do business with this woman. Just go to your blocked bidders and don't let her near your store. She can't wait to give your problems, take your money, risk your seller account, leave a negative rating, hurt your feelings and receive free things. She is known to do this all the time. She also takes advantage of the Ebay Buyer Protection Program, make sure to report her and get this vile liar out of our Ebay community,she makes Ebay look bad and feel untrustworthy.

Ebay sellers ALWAYS make sure to take photos and videos of your items before and after shipping them out, even then it's best to stay away fromEbay until Ebay showsrespect to the sellers. Even then NEVER let a person take your inner peace, but please warn everyone else so they don't get messsed over the way one did. BE VERY CAREFUL!

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  • Apr 18, 2016

I purchased a computer battery from the Kqin-store on eBay. After a few days the battery stopped working. I contacted the seller who said he would send another battery but never did. Now he refuses to respond to my emails.

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  • Sep 23, 2015

I am here to inform all of you of a scam seller on ebay and here named:

Angeliq Herrod

that lives in Killeen, Texas.

Her email is: gigi_hrrd08

her ebay username is: msblingtexas

her Facebook is:

her instagram is:

her Ebay seller store

She scammed me out of a pair of Christian Louboutins via paypal gift in ebay messenger service. I have all of our corresponding ebay messages and can post them as well.

the item was:

It was paid for on september 3rd, afterwards she replied every few days, then disappeared. I wrote her on Facebook, Dm'd her on Instagram, wrote her on her email and thru ebay all with no response.

On her posts she claimed to be a TPF member, so i figured id come here and warn you guys as well.

Im going to post all of her scamming info all over the web for this. Im out 325$ because of her.

And its OBVIOUS that she knows whats going on because when i sent the payment to: [email protected] and went into ebay to file a dispute which i wasn't allowed to she changed her pp email to "[email protected]" just to rub in the fact that she scammed me on a gift and I'm not getting my money back.

Im just here to let the world know. Be careful gals and guys. P.

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  • Feb 13, 2024

On July 2023 I found I was in a random violation which led to permanent suspension of my good standing eBay account. I transacted with eBay for 15 years and more to see one day the whole account get shuttered. I want my account back or i will consider a lawsuit due to getting the items that are meant to sell on eBay. Since I cannot transact currently, i cannot sell the said items and I want the money or account back. All the proof of merchandise is available and the store is operated very honestly.

  • Nov 6, 2023

After 12 years of using eBay, I find today that my account had been suspended. My account is now closed without offering any sort of resolution, allegedly because I broke a return policy, incorrectly audit by a person or an automated system. I've bought a lot of stuff and sold a lot of stuff on eBay in all those years. I never had an issue with purchasing, selling and returns. For returns anytime I bought something and it turned out to be either broken or not what was described. I would return it to the reputable sources from whom it originated, selecting the correct reason why it was returned. It was always a possibility that the sellers could falsely report the buyer just because they received the item back, that they didn’t want back just for the correct reason the buyer initiated the return for. I have all the evidence to back up my claims for any problem associated with my account. I been in contact with eBay daily multiple times via emails, phone calls, live chat for this presumably unresolvable issue. I always get the same automatic response. Essentially Saying: We decided to close your account and there is nothing you or we can do. I may have to see if I can take this to small claims court. This company is completly unwilling to resolve the situation, or check into the buyer/seller evidence that he didn't violate any terms and condition. Are decision is final even if we made a mistake. The practice from this eBay business are completely unprofessional and unethical saying we shut down your account and we don't care to help you resolve your situation even if we find all your evidence to be valid.

My eBay email: [email protected]

  • Sep 24, 2023

EBay suspended my account for a low bid on a item Xcesslimited2013 was selling that looked open, box was torn, it was a Hot Pepper brand Serrano phone that the seller did not show any pictures of the phone itself. EBay suspended my account in favor of scam seller that priced their phone for $20-$30 for what appeared to be a junk or defective phone in a box that looked damaged or stolen.

EBay I had thought was over being corrupt and favoring sellers that sell stolen and or broken items for parts. It's sad to see EBay has not changed much. It's still corrupt and two faced. They allow scammers and price gouging especially on used items that shipping is beyond reasonable.

EBay is a criminal enterprise. They need to be shut down and replaced by local reasonable businesses.

  • Apr 23, 2023

I donated and sold many things to raise money for the 501(c)3 public charity. For the latest item sold, Ebay again deposited the proceeds into the charity bank account. Now Ebay is demanding that I make a personal payment to paypal equal to 100% of the amount of the sale that was deposited in the charity bank account. They will not take a bank check from the charity account. It has to be a personal payment. There was no mention, after an hour or so chat, of the charity ever receiving the money that has to be returned. I asked many times why they wanted to have the sale deposit returned and whether they were going to reseposit it. Never got an answer. Just more demands that I personally return the money.

  • Feb 24, 2023

I was high bider on a car that he had for sale on Ebay. I requested a copy of his ID before sending money, he refused. I dont just send money into the Internet without some assurance that it isnt going to Russia or Nairobi, or India. Once the money is gone, its gone without recourse. Also refused to provide picture of title.

  • Jan 21, 2023

Ebay Item number: 125414007252 Order number: 04-09251-04116 Date: 10-22-2022

Price: $160.00 without shipping/tax/etc >> (total paid $208.22)

= = =

I've shopped Ebay for a long time. They have many good/honest sellers, and unfortunately, an abundance of bad actors as well - which "somehow" are allowed to stay on the site. (why?) I've never had an issue with Ebay "proper" per se, but having the Ebay "team" stab me in the back as it were October 2022, I'm now substantially less trusting of the company. In capsulized form, here's what happened: I was looking for a specific size retractable cargo cover when I found "sealboy04" and subsequently had multiple communications with him.

= = =

Based on his input, I purchased his cover and later found it was not as he told me - it didn't fit my yukon because it is too long. The seller apparently feigned length information to "fit" my needs and therewith sold me a product that when I received it was not as described. His description/single picture didn't fit the actual item length, it's actually several inches longer. In fact, measuring across the item as I shared should be done early on (across the bosses when the shade is collapsed)(as it would be installing it), it is physically *impossible* to get the measurement he shared with me via his 1 picture - (when reviewed in depth later it remains incomplete with regard to end-to-end-point measurement evidence, and upon which I initially relied upon as being correct to purchase the item. I assumed the seller measured as I several times shared, but he didn't - - AND, he never once asked for more instructions or said he didn't understand or give ANY iota of a notion he didn't know how to make the measurement. I sort of feel it was a situation of purposeful manipulation in the favor of the seller. After I advised him of the issue when I got the cover he made various excuses, over several communiques. He did however allow a return pathway via Ebay (10-30-2022, the day I got the cover, to which I immediately notified the seller) but then the seller soon got greedy I guess.

= = =

He tried to **extort** extra money out of me... holding the return of the cover essentially hostage to my paying more money (for a "claimed" shipping mistake by himself). !!Totally illegal!! {{ In Nevada it's criminal (NRS 200.5091) to take advantage of, or extort, etc, a person over 60 (I'm 70) }} Even as I had previously offered to give him 50% of his "claimed shipping loss", and after several unnecessary insults to me, he cancelled my ability to return the item for a refund (11-2-2022) when I rejected his demands.

= = =

PLEASE NOTE: I would be interested if anyone wants to consider a class-action lawsuit against Ebay... for (in my case) turning a blind eye and KNOWINGLY allowing a seller to get away with an attempted act of extortion against a long time buyer - via ignoring my filing of a complaint directly with Ebay (their site: 11-2-2022) based on product description falsification and a follow-on extortion attempt by sealboy04, and, post-event telephone communications with Ebay agents.

= = =

If interested as a legal advocate for people hurt by EBAY and/or Sellers thereon, please contact me for a fuller report with *all* ebay communications as well as pictures. Please let me know what you need.

= = =

In closing, the lack of consideration/care/concern/contact by Ebay has forced me into the position having to try to protect other people now. Yes, I would like my money returned... However, I also feel EBAY should have it's licenses revoked until they enact **far better consumer protection** measures. Thanks for listening.

  • Nov 25, 2022

We sold a product on eBay to a private party (eBay customer).

We paid for signature and full coverage insurance. We delivered the order to the Post Office. We

bought the shipping label through eBay services. We delivered the package to the Post Office. The

Post Office does not give receipts on shipping packages that have labels not printed in their

location. The package has been lost in shipping. The buyer wants a refund since they did not get

their order. eBay is insisting we give the buyer a refund BUT eBay has denied our claim for the

insurance for the lost package. This is not the first time eBay has done such wrong things to us as

sellers . They still are profiting from the order, but we are being defrauded by eBay in this

action. They are destroying our incentive to even sell on their site. We paid for the service, the

insurance, delivered the item to the Post Office, and did our part in tracking, following up on the

order and everything. eBay is literally stealing from us, defrauding us, and engaging in deceptive

business practices. This is not the first time eBay has made erroneous decisions regarding our sales and customer relations. We are not the only sellers suffering from eBay's deceptive business practices.

  • Nov 19, 2022

eBay did not pay & does not talk to me.

eBay closed my shop with no explanation although I had 100% customer satisfaction. They proceeded to keep the money that a client paid for the last item that I sold. When I tried to get in touch with them about the funds not being transferred, they did not answer to that specific question and closed further channels of communication. I have tried to get in touch with them via eBay, Twitter & Instagram.

I highly recommend that if you are thinking about opening an eBay shop, look for alternatives. They will close your shop, keep your money & then close all channels of communication. I have a document that proves that they kept my money.

  • Oct 1, 2022

I have been Selling on Ebay quite recently. Initially I was using my account which I opened in 2017 for only buying purposes and I recently started selling on the platform on April 2022 I was accepted to start selling and I started selling quite well I made my first purchase on May which went on qite well with positive a feedback from the buyer I continued and I realized my listing has been taken down by eBay with a warning stating they do not want anyone to share contact information on their site (Platform).

I moved on to sell sneakers and It was taken down too with a verified right owner warning I then moved on to sell T shirts which at the time I noticed many sellers was selling without any problems of warnings. I started and I was fine I sold a lot almost 60 peices a month and there wasn't any warning on that particular T shirts.

And on August 1st of 2022 I received a message saying my account has been permanently suspended so I will not be able to use my account to buy or sell again. This was quite scary in the first place so I contacted the customer service about the information as to why I was suspended and It seems I no one ie their reps was able to tell me the reason why I was suspended at the time.

  • Aug 13, 2022

Ordered a pole saw. received tracking number. When item with attached tracking number arrived, it was a small, flat package with a post card inside. I reported to ebay, that I did not receive my pole saw (which is about 3 feet long).

Ebay replied that according to tracking, the item was received and denied my request for a refund. Clearly a pole saw will not fit in a flat 6" x 8" envelope. I have tried a number of times to explain to ebay customer service reps to no avil. At this point in time I have paid $95.00 for a post card.

  • Aug 2, 2022

Ebay buy with confidence " we have you covered " purchase protection for hidden damage. I purchased a trailer for 33,000 the seller covered up the wrecked side by riveting metal plate over all of it and advertising like new , cost of damage 18,000.

When I found the hidden damage and filed the claim with ebay's purchase protection I met every condition, ebay refused to pay any , reasons - they changed reasons multiple times. I filed with BBB , EBAY lied to them also.

I am currently following through with federal consumer protection and state attorney general. User's recommendation: Don't buy on EBAY Don't rely on EBAY.

  • Jun 26, 2022

Recently purchased a paitr of Vercase sunglesses from an Ebay seller claiming authentic product and thousands of sales.

When they turned up they did not fit. Started a return and realised they were actually a fake. Code numbers were in the wrong place on the arms. The bridge was too big and the frame was slightly off so did not sit flat on the counter.

We had another exact same pair on black to compare with but to make sure I went down and checked with Sun Glasses Hut. Yes, fakes for sure was the managers answer.

1. EBay condones the supply of fake products as it is clearly not prepared to enforce its own policy. I did file a fraud report against seller no avail.

2. EBay does not stand behind its money back guarantee so its worthless despite absolute prood of fraud.

EBay is in breach of contract with it's customers and shows no inclination to follow through against sellers , particularly those with some volume.

Thats the end of EBay for me. At least Amazon is fairly honest when it comes to returns

We purchased a real pair from them and contacted EBay with photo's showing the diference in marking between the fake and real pairs.

After uploading photo's and a reciept authenticating our glasses , initially EBay was helpful and said they would cover under the money back guarantee. Next email I get from Ebay is that we have to send back to London at our own cost as seller refusing to supply a return label.

So after another useless attempt it seems that

  • Jun 22, 2022

I order the Mini 1080 spy pen that is advertise on eBay instead they sent me TF Card which calculated mistake on ebay behalf.

  • May 27, 2022

Second occurance. Sold item for $150. Buyer paid. Ebay is witholding the $150 from me until I ship item and they verify receipt via track number. I went through this begore when a buyer claimed the never recieved the item yet usps maps and documents prove it was delivered to their box 10 foot from their front door.

Effectively Ebay is interfering in the transaction by holding the buyer's money and not releasing to the seller because I dont ship thing "I" have notbeenpaid for. I called ebay and the representative told me it was policy. I never recieved any notice of this until this has transpired.

After 20 years on ebay I am not shipping items out for free and i'm donewithebay. No other business allowsyou to take merchandise home then pay for it.

  • May 25, 2022

Account Suspended, Blocked, Restricted from Buying or Selling Indefinitely Forever! Nothing done Wrong.

In The Following Report I will Attempt to make Sense of this Horrendous Experience that I Recently had with said Business.

What is this Company thinking by doing this? The Allegations made against Me for an Account Closure are Erroneous and lack Sustenance of Truth. "What did I do Wrong", was My main Question for this Business. The Answers that I Recieved were Various and Incoherent.

This is Total and Complete Fallacy. The Site itself really ain't that Great; and The Way I am Treated on this Marketplace Platform is Unacceptable.

Thanks but NO Thanks. I have Lost a Great Deal of Respect for this Company. Online Shopping is a Pleasure not a Pain; Consumer Pain is what this Company Produce's.

This Business has a Half-Baked Understanding of The Good Customer Experience and does not Value Me as a Customer; in Fact The Business itself does not have The Ability to Value a Customer at all. This is a Misunderstood Marketplace acting on The Seller's behalf not The Paying Consumer.

I am a Customer not Your Play Toy. Thank You very much.

  • May 5, 2022

I listed an item for sale on e bay, as I have done many times before, This was an item similar to 20 or 30 already listed, but a different manufacturer. I provided an accurate description, what I believe is a fair price, and accurate contact information.

I was notified the following day that my ad had been removed, and I was suspended permanently. No reason was provided. Later, I was told I had "endangered the e bay community." I have no idea what they're talking about, and they refuse to provide further information, claiming I could use it "to skirt around their policies and rules."

  • Mar 29, 2022

I ordered an item that they were selling on ebay. I frequently order on ebay and haven't had a problem receiveing my items that i purchase. However, this particular item i never received and the seller treneleg11 company based in china says that i did. I am not a person to make up a lie that i did not receive an item when i do receive the item and in this case, i did not.

I also contacted the local post office and they told me they didn't want anything more to do with this issue and that the item was supposedly delivered on march 5, 2022. It was not delivered at all. I am very upset with the seller on ebay and the local post office. I am not one to make things up. Very dissappointed on this ebay transaction.

Even though it is not a lot of money, $8.88, i'm still out the money on an item i never received and they said that the case is closed and i won't be receiving a refund. Why are they choosing to be so mean to me? I didn't do anything except buy an item on ebay that i never received.

  • Mar 22, 2022

Spoke to Tim from eBay authenticity guarantee on 3/10/22 describing two graded/slabbed baseball cards I had (1926 Babe Ruth and 1938 Joe Dimaggio) and whether eBay could authenticate them in their holders. Tim told me eBay could and then advised me to change my listing category from "graded" to "not graded," which would generate the "authenticity guarantee" logo on my listing

After selling the cards, I mailed my Babe Ruth card to eBay authenticity department. I first received notification that it "failed inspection." After a very contentious and snarky call with eBay Rep "Michael" I called back and spoke to eBay Rep David, who told me the problem was that Tim gave me wrong information; that eBay could not even authenticate cards that were graded and in a third party holder.

Later, I received an email from Mackenzie from authenticity guarantee (hereinafter AG) stating that the reason my card could not be graded was because it shifted in the holder. I then spoke with Melissa from AG and addressed the conflicting information.

The next day I received an email from eBay stating that my Babe Ruth card had been damaged and was being returned to me.

eBay's incompetence and misleading communication has cost me $1450 with the Babe Ruth transaction and $3100 in the Joe Dimaggio card sale. I made several attempts to mitigate my damages with eBay, all of which were rejected by eBay, telling me to cancel the transactions and file whatever claim for the damage to the Babe Ruth card with the post office.

  • Feb 24, 2022

Ebay has decided it is okay to bill the seller the full amount of the transaction, if the order is cancelled. They literally want you to pay the seller back, while they hold the funds from the transaction, instead of just releasing the funds back to the seller. This has created an issue where I cannot refund the money and they refuse to address it.

On top of that, they held the money paid to me for 2 weeks, even though I have been with the company for 21 years and never missed shipping a single item. My feedback is 100% and there is a history of 100 transactions that have all been shipped successfully.

If I try to cancel my account, they refuse to refund the guys money from the transaction and thus won't cancel my account. This is no doubt a way for the company to generate extra income on the interest from the money that was paid to them from both the buyer and the seller. This is a scam and I'm pretty sure it isn't legal.

  • Jan 12, 2022

EBAY BUYER BEWARE... Ebay Seller "LoveFit" Ripped me off. Robbed Me, Sold me a computer part part which was no good, Junk. Ebay reported that the return was delivered to the seller but the seller denied this. Ebay had provided a rprepaid return shipping label using USPS , which doesn't provide any tracking information unless you're the one who is paying the postage.

Neither Ebay, Nor Paypal, Nor Bank of America (the Paypal Linked Credit Card) would help me to recover the payment to the seller $175.44. At this point the only recourse I have is to Cancel my Ebay account, Cancel My Paypal Account, Cancel my Bank of America Account and do anything I csn think of to make LoveFit's life a living nightmare.

  • Jan 1, 2022

Ebay I sold some shoes off of ebay. The buyer received the product via notification from the USPS. So i had confirmation they had there product. I logged into my account only to find out it was suspended. Then it took me forever to reach an online agent because you cant reach an actual agent. I was told to submit documwnts for id verfication. I did so several times i have yet to receive my money or any other notifications. I think that this is totally horrible. is extremely difficult to deal with and they will take your money and product. 12/20/21 incident.

  • Dec 8, 2021

eBay has had more than most experienced difficulty in customer relations and the consumers using the online retailer. Ebay is inconsistent in it's resolve seller false advertising, misrepresentation of products and marketing towards consumers promising in policy and rules that it often fails to adhere to or uphold. There is several complaints of which I have had to lodge because of violations of FTC internet marketing or our State Consumer Protection laws.

Ebay has a tendency to placate and patronize customers when lodging consumer complaints. Ebay tends to use generalized prescripted response when complaining to consumer protection entitle, case in point Better Business Bureau. Ebay offers consumer coupons credits and then when the very issue for which credit was initiated such as false marketing or inaccurate description once items are received by consumer, the consumer uses that credit to order simulacra item from different seller and again runs into the same false advertising when items is relieved, drastically different from what the seller claims in marketing.

If the consumer returns the items having used a coupon, that coupon is forever lost and never credited back to use towards a replacement, therefore consumers having received actually "NOTHING" for being disadvantaged and out of the product initiated in the transaction and this all being time consuming. ebay has a A+ rating with BBB not because they are such a good company, but ratings are based on several factors such as how company responses, timely responses, effort made in resolving issues complained...Not because that are good.

  • Nov 23, 2021

I ordered a wrong product; I told the company and I apologized. They offered me a 20% discount if I would keep the product. I told them I had no use for it, and took it to UPS and returned it within the allotted time. I have the receipt and delivery receipt to where I shipped it back. They said they never received it back and they refuse to refund my money; UPS says otherwise. Again, I have receipts to prove it.

$76 might not mean all that much to most people, but it does to me, because I'm on Social Security. The company will not even talk to me; they closed the account; I can't call, or email, or chat with them.

  • Nov 22, 2021

Oct 3, 2021: I initiate a purchase on ebay and receive an error message stating that my account is suspended for violating ebay's community policies. I am immediately alarmed, because I didn't receive any communication from ebay regarding fraudulent activity, and worry for my personal/payment information being compromised. I change my account password and begin attempting to contact ebay. Live chat is repeatedly unavailable, so I send an email asking for help in this matter, which goes unanswered.

Oct 26, 2021: I finally get in touch with live agents via ebay's online chat. The first one gives me the runaround and manages to get my account changed from "suspended" to "blocked", so I ask for a supervisor next. The supervisor informs me that I am not entitled to information regarding the suspension of my account, and that I cannot appeal the decision, and continuously tries to get rid of me. This goes nowhere, so I thank the agent for their time and end the chat, then submit feedback about my experience.

  • Nov 8, 2021

I ordered a wrong product; I told the company and I apologized. They offered me a 20% discount if I would keep the product. I told them I had no use for it, and took it to UPS and returned it within the allotted time. I have the receipt and delivery receipt to where I shipped it back. They said they never received it back and they refuse to refund my money; UPS says otherwise. Again, I have receipts to prove it.

$76 might not mean all that much to most people, but it does to me, because I'm on Social Security. The company will not even talk to me; they closed the account; I can't call, or email, or chat with them.

  • Sep 21, 2021

eBay commits copyright and trademark infringement through their VERO program. This is done in partnership with Patrade, etc.

The Vero complaint falsely accuses the seller of copyright infringement with counterfeit product(s), and eBay backs them up in order by taking down tge listing to avoid a lawsuit; however, when the seller tries to resolve it, eBay and the vero rights owner don't want to by means of gaslighting, not sending the counter notice as per eBay's policy and ignoring emails beyond their standard promised 48 hours.

In turn, eBay and possibly the other company loses business for their fraud and abuse because the seller goes elsewhere. The seller cannot sue because of how much eBay lies to their buyers and sellers, and how expensive it is to get accomplished.

If you dig deeper, you will see how common these tactics are for eBay, and this behavior must stop immediately.

  • Sep 16, 2021

I purchased a set of HP ink cartridges July 26,2021. On Sept 11, 2021: 11 days after the buyers protection ran out, I requested a refund from seller for defective cartridges. Seller declined to refund. I contacted ebay and was told it was 11 days out of buy protection BUT because they were defective the seller was not supposed to decline refund. Also that he would investigate my claim and see what could be done to refund my money.

On Sept 16 I had not heard back from ebay. I got the run around. Passed to 4 different departments before I got to the last one who told me wrong info from the start. Note that I had to correct events and issues numerous times because they were not getting information entered correctly. I finally get an email saying they can't do anything because it's past the 30 days. It's still defective and I'm still out the money for cartridges I can't use. Ebay is refusing to help me resolve an issue with a deceptive seller.

  • Sep 13, 2021

I listed some items for sale on ebay. I got some offers and then I received a warning email from eBay that the offer I received was from a fake or hacked account. So, I started closing when listings and deleting my account with fear of hackers. At this time eBay relisted my items for sale and did not allow me to close my account. Instead they harassed me with an email saying I owed them $13.55 for closing the auction style listing.

I denied those charges by saying that ebay sent me frightening email that my account was about to be hacked and that was why I closed the listings to be on the safe side. This company does NOT allow to contact them or speak to any person. So, I am sure eBay is involved in such hacks and frauds. Now ebay aggressively charged my bank account without getting my approval. So, I am holding eBay for being involved in fraud, hacking, and stealing my money by using my account number that I gave them with a trust. It is a breach of trust.

  • Jul 19, 2021

seller sent me wrong item. ebay s website will not let me file a report. returned wrong item to seller. he has refused refund and will not send correct item

  • Jul 11, 2021

Ruby from Primitivestuffgallery on ebay is selling all fake Mayan artifacts. I found the artist who is currently making these in Yukatan. I bought over $10,000 in fake mayan artifacts from this lady. When I showed her I contacted the artist who is currently making these she at first refused a refund. After talking to my attorney and posting negitive feedback she agreed to return the items as long as I removed the negitive feed back.

She is commiting FRAUD and she is aware of it. She has relisted the items as being authentic. Buyers beware these are all fakes! DO YOUR RESEARCH! She needs to be stopped by Ebay. Selling FAKE Mayan artifacts on Ebay claiming they are authentic. Ruby knows these are currently being made by an artist in Yucatan.


  • Jul 5, 2021

I made a purchase of 12 oil & gas signs for my collection. I have purchased from this seller prior to COVID without a hitch. I spent $424.55 on 12 signs and received a message from the seller that he could not ship from India because they were on lock down. I completely understood because was the cause of a world-wide pandemic and especially in India.

So I waited and waited, until July when I was told by eBay to make an attempt to contact the seller, and so I did. However, due to a stroke I had 7 years ago when I was 60 yrs old I'm left with no short term memory, therefore I forgot to follow up. I did however remember among all the commotion of COVID in October and tried to message them again through eBay, but there was never a reply. I finally left my home in Florida in June of 2021 to fly back to my home in NJ and saw a note on my monitor to contact eBay - my wife had recalled that I never received the signs, so the post it was my reminder.

Much to my dismay, after ciontacting eBay, they stated to try and message the seller again and this time to contact them back if I hadn't heard back from the seller - well, no contact, therefore I called I messaged eBay to call me back and they did. I spent 1 hour & 56 minutes (nearly 2 hours) explaining my case. They claimed that they could see that the seller did get paid and that there was no tracking provided, which meant that the seller never shipped the items. eBay went on to tell me that it was eBay's policy to NOT communicate on behalf of their buyers if a case wasn't opened up within the 30 days of the purchase.

How bogus is it, that eBay makes a buyer and seller register for an account and eBay will only communicate with the seller *ONLY IF* the buyer opens a case within 30 days of the purchase. Remember, it was MARCH 16, 2020 when COVID was striking the globe hard -- no one was in their offices, communication was scarce, nor would any reasonable person file a claim, even if I knew you had to based on the seller explaining to me they were on lock down and could ship. I verified it and it was true, so as a responible person I accepted it.

Now eBay tells me that I am basically out of luck, out of my money, and out of signs - despite all of the overwhelming evidence that eBay has.


eBay does NOT stand up for their buyers, however they shield their sellers. After reviewing the sellers profile, eBay learned that the seller turned off the ability to leave a review. How does eBay leave this in the hands of their precious sellers?

eBay stands behind their B.S. policy of no case opened within 30 days of the purchase and the seller is S.O.L. Again I ask you - WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? Mind you, the seller now has 52 complaints within the last 12 months - hmmmm - they were COVID months. Prior to that had 1 or 2, which gave me the confidence of placing the first order which I received and then second order which I didn't.


AND BUYER BEWARE: File a case within the first 30 days and they will contact the seller - if NOT it's a lost cause, dispite the overwhelming proof eBay has onfile.

  • Jun 21, 2021

ebay suspended my account before I could pay, And then blocked my account to pay. Ive contacted customer service text thru , They gave me the run around and had me call a 800 number, Global collections 800-830-0285. I called and they did not find my account.

Contacted customer live chat and requested to speak to a supervisor. They denied my supervisor request on why you blocked my account to make payment. And text chat also stop messaging me and totally ignored my supervisor request. All I owe is $15.30 and treats up buyers and sellers like crap.

Ebay is now a disgusting dirty website who abuses us users. Ebay needs to be under federal investigation. San Jose California

  • Jun 14, 2021

I purchased a vacume food processor from a seller with the name Swalt41 on eBay. It cost $17.99. It was different than the one pictured on the ad. The thin bag that was sent in was crushed on both ends and had something that rattled on the inside of the item. Plus it didn't vacume or seal. I was promised fast satisfaction, but was stalled and ignored until it was to late to file for help with eBay. I never recieved a replacement as promised.

  • May 4, 2021

I purchased a Canon EF telephoto lens on Ebay. The day after the funds were taken from my bank account, Ebay removed the Item, stating that the seller's account was in question.

I followed Ebay's proceedure towards getting a refund, But because Ebay removed the item there was no longer a record of my purchase, And I can'tcontact the seller because Ebay removed the item.

Ebay will Not respond to emails, Online complaints and their toll free number is a joke with two options. Option 1: "If you need help, Go to the Help section on our website." Option 2: "Send legal documents to our FAX number...."

I have screenshots of every step I have tried to get a refund But Ebay is uncooperative.

  • Apr 17, 2021

Bought item from ebay user carlabshop which was sent 2 weeks after payment. Supposedly, my package got half way accross the world, and through customs, in only 2 days. Tracking information that was provided is fake but shows as delivered. And guess what? That’s all ebay needs to rule in favor of the seller. No signature, no proof of delivery, nothing. Seller won’t answer to your calls either. I’ve had problems with packages before, but at least the sellers were cooperating and helping with providing the necessary information to the delivery services in order to help locate the packages. My advice: stay away from this one.

  • Jan 31, 2021

I was looking through some ebay listings the other day and noticed a seller in the Bay area who was selling a LOT of items that were recently reported missing/stolen and it COULD just be a coincidence, but then I saw that someone I knew had purchased something from the seller: onlygoodstuff1 and had a bad experience.

I reached out to them and they told me that the seller had shipped out an item that was packaged badly and ended up being damaged and I guess one thing led to another while they were messaging back and forth and long-story short the seller (listed as Adriano Toni, but my friend said he was signed one of his messages "Ken" and not sure how/why it came up, but I guess the guy speaks 3 languages and English is his third, which he doesn't speak well.

Anyway, a little digging and it turns out that the name on the ebay account does not match the name(s) of people living at the address where the merchandise ships from, so we started wondering if this guy was even a legal U.S. citizen, but regardless of his citizenship status, the goods on his ebay store definitely look EXACTLY like some items that I recently saw reported as "stolen/missing" from a business that I won't name on here because I don't want to drag their name through the mud, but it rhymes with "Bowls"...

Keep in mind this is just a theory, but the evidence is very incriminating.

  • Jan 27, 2021

I have had my Ebay account since 1998, with 277 ratings and 100% positive. I’m not a store or a merchant, just a person who sometimes buys, and rarely sells anything there anymore. However, recently I have purchased a camera, and a jigsaw. No problems – great transactions, and I left the sellers positive feedback.

In early January I was seeking another lens for the Nikon 1 J5 camera I’d just bought on Ebay recently. The lens I wanted is now discontinued, so I looked on Ebay for a replacement, and found dozens of copies of this item. One listing caught my eye – a seller in Hong Kong, "jan1226" (the PayPal invoice says “fres creative - jan1226”) had 3 units NEW (unsold, unopened, in factory packaging) and the price was reasonable for a new lens. While used copies vary in price from $65 to about $100, this one was listed for a Buy it Now price $135.99, with a “best offer” option.

After placing an offer for $120 which was auto-rejected, I tried offering $125 – again, auto-rejected. I tried $129, and $130, again, auto-rejected. This should have been the red flag telling me to move on from this buyer, but I still figured that the $136 price for a new lens was still fair, so I went ahead and hit “buy it now" and paid right away with PayPal.

  • Jan 22, 2021

EBay after I ordered something switched my mailing address without my authorization and my package was mailed to an unknown address after I paid for it. I called eBay and my credit card and it's all foreign countries I believe India? that's asking personal information and my social security number? For real? nobody gives their social security number out especially to a foreign country? Especially when you do not know who's on the other line? EBay is not worth ordering from they scam you this world is full of nothing but scammers. Which EBay is scammer Central and they scammed me.

  • Jan 7, 2021

I purchased five 4-packs of 2 way radios totalling $304.75. The seller, ambetown-23, was late in shipping purchase without explanation, also was a very poor cominicator. Because the order was now 2 weeks late, I tried to cancel the order. The seller sent it late anyway but it did not arrive at our address. According to shipper UPS it went to a nearby address, but those residents say it never arrived there either. I contacted eBay multiple times to find out seller info & submit a refund. eBay wanted a police report which took some time to recieve, eventually uploaded outside their 30 day requirement.

I was informed in a message that eBay would accept a report number which I submitted in a timely fashion. eBay eventually refused to honor my refund request after numerous cycles of denial, approval, denial, refund forthcoming, denial, etc. eBay insisted on hiding seller contact information from submission in my police report. Seller refuses to be contacted through the eBay messaging sytem.

I have filed a complaint with the Office of Attorney General - Consumer Complaint Division in our state for investigation of fradulent business practice by eBay & the seller. eBay customer service is non-existant, do business elsewhere. eBay hides behind the shield of call centers where you can't get a straight answer, only lies & deception. There are litterally thousands of examples of this type of business practice on the internet.

  • Nov 20, 2020

Ebay affiliate program is where they hide and you find all the online gangsters hiding and robbing you in eBay shoplift amazon all the big names and they send you real respectful emails to while robbing you big PHONEYS hiding behind there computers they act like they are doing you a favor definitely not.

The developers are building programs around covic 19 using it to make themselves money and take from the inisent All they have to do is sign up for an affiliate account and they sell you items that are cheap for more money they have been doing it for years amazon ill keep them out of it and the general public dont know this godaddy and shopify a team and now paypal and are the 3 greediest companys online you get big ad lines here is one Create your eCommerce store with Shopify

One the supervisors to paypal that is a conflict of interest controversy 2 when they dont what someone in there system they treate people like garbage hide behind a computer and do it and they will spit on you and treat you like dirt and the consumer just sits there and takes it godaddy is called the devil and there support staff spyes on all there customers WHM is part of cpanel and they dont tell you and its how you get your search results better.

They are in your whm that you are spending a mothly charge on and they are using your seach results why do you think they are so big. And they act and give you free things to and they keep that the normal profile like its all on the up and up consumer does not know this that is an invasion of privacy you go to cpanel and check for your self the whm is not their and when they say they have no access to your things they absolutly a lie they do have passwords everything they keep that from you there is a master whm panel godaddy has been doing it for years you can support your own website all the hosting accounts that use cpanel have it you dont need them and you trust them

They Destroyed me and my reputation the only way this is done if people are sharing information and that is exactly what they are doing im helping you fight spam and hackers the hackers are your own host and they do have access to your desktop go read about it true i would not lie to you. This affiliate network is a great thing to make big money and act like children all the people online have no personality in real life watch TV there are a couple shows they are trying to tell you something. These are your BILLIONAIRE GANGSTERS the internet IT CHANGED ALOT SINCE MY FATHER WAS A BOSS THEY WERE TOTALLY NOT LIKE THIS THEY WOULD BRAKE YOUR LEGS IF YOU DID THIS TO A PERSON BEHIND THERE BACK EVEN IF THEY DID NOT KNOW YOU THEY HATED COWARDS THAT WAS ONE GOOD PART OF THEM THE INSISTENT WAS ALWAYS PROTECTED NOT LIKE NOW.

That is what these people are and they love it because your government UNITED STATES dont help you go read the reviews go read it then you would understand that they dont know rite from wrong and they got rich doing it. NOW YOU KNOW. Please Help scamion if you need them they are right here to help the consummer LOOK LIVE PROOF. And if its not real i guess they take this down THIS IS REAL AND GOING ON RITE NOW.

  • Nov 19, 2020

Affiliateprogramebay First the way this payment is with ebay is wrong and us the consumer is getting ripped off.

Master Reseller Hosting WHMCS FREE SSL Site BUILDER START Your Own Business ebay affiliate these are criminals all of them they have problems understanding plain simple english when you need help. What i truly be leave the reps are stealing your purchase building a small partition for you and making money doing nothing. I know this is an accusation i be leave its true because in the support tickets i asked questions that i asked the ebay rep and they both did not awnser question. Its not hard for them to steal your purchase and hide themselves becaue you never talk to anybody only tickets.

Ebay is getting robbed and they dont do anything about it that means they are involved. Ebay makes there money when they sell whell all of them for the past 10 years give you a discount 1.00 for the first month then 15.00 after that ebay just lost how much. This is how the reps are taking your service when you buy it your buying from them an affiliate link not the true hosting. And the us dont own ebay because any business that puts there business in the hands of off shore people and dont follow what is going on and lket them make all the desitions they dont own the business. And i proved it. The reps told me them selves the supervisors are in there country's. I did not know this until recently.

Now I do not want to use ebay no more. The ebay reps act like they don't know whats going on they do. All foreigners that are taking care of you are in your accounts and they do it all the time. I purchased hosting and i be leave my hosting was intercepted buy an ebay rep and they destroyed my reputation buy not giving my money back. Ebay is loosing so much money and the reps dont understand simple english they were told and its still happening.

Someone stole my purchases out of my account and its ebay reps they have access to all your records. I reported a seller steeling commotions from ebay and the guy is still selling. Ebay US has nothing to do with anything in there business i dont think they own there business other country do. The offshore community are crooks and they are the ones that ruin the internet especially EBAY. I thought stores were not aloud in ebay.

  • Nov 13, 2020

Ebay and thier support staff are no good we are giving hard erned money to a company thet does nothing to get the scammers out of ebay. Ebay does not close accounts that dont obey there rules and follow their terms of service. For the money they slap them on the hand and let them go. That is not punishment canceling there account is. Ebay is the crook and the people selling they are acoplesses if nothing is done to set an example then ebay and every other company online will do the same thing.. Why dont we all stick together and not use ebay for 2 months and see how they like it. Ebay does not accepte anyone that has a service sell in ebay they do nothing about it.

Help us fight online Business that does wrong.

nobody will just like the presedental election the country was told Biden had Dementia what does the county do

vote for a dummy what does that make this beatiful county's people STUPID

Money Overpowers HONEST and nere is proof i contacted ebay 14 times about companys that are misusing there platform they did nothing you think thats good business practice deffenetly NOT.

  • Nov 13, 2020

Ebay and thier support staff are no good we are giving hard erned money to a company thet does nothing to get the scammers out of ebay. Ebay does not close accounts that dont obey there rules and follow their terms of service. For the money they slap them on the hand and let them go. That is not punishment canceling there account is. Ebay is the crook and the people selling they are acoplesses if nothing is done to set an example then ebay and every other company online will do the same thing.. Why dont we all stick together and not use ebay for 2 months and see how they like it. Ebay does not accepte anyone that has a service sell in ebay they do nothing about it.

Help us fight online Business that does wrong.

nobody will just like the presedental election the country was told Biden had Dementia what does the county do

vote for a dummy what does that make this beatiful county's people STUPID

Money Overpowers HONEST and nere is proof i contacted ebay 14 times about companys that are misusing there platform they did nothing you think thats good business practice deffenetly NOT.

  • Oct 23, 2020

I am a seller on eBay. I sell things around my house that we no longer need or want, or can't return. Obviously not a big time seller there, but I am honest, and believe you do unto others as you would have done unto you. I would never sell anything damaged or broken. I take lots of photos and disclose any issues with anything. I ship using LOTS of padding and have never had an item broken in shipping for that reason. I have a 100% feedback rating. Never received any negative feedback and all my buyers are happy. I do not offer refunds or allow returns because I can't afford the added expense of that being a very small seller. There's the background.

eBay has a policy in place that allows for buyers to return items that are not as described, or defective. Which they should because there are bad sellers on that site. However, their policy never takes into account that some buyers lie about an item being defective just so they can get all their money back and also not have to pay any return shipping costs. All the buyer must do is hit this magic button and they are ALWAYS believed to be telling the truth and the seller MUST give them a full refund and pay the return shipping, no exceptions. If you don't agree, eBay will just get into your bank account and take it from you. The burden of proof is completely ignored! For sellers that don't offer returns, that's the only way the dishonest buyers can return it.

I sold an item that I personally verified worked perfectly and shipped it out immediately after receiving payment. The buyer receives it and after a couple days decides they don't want it. They indicate the item is defective, which I know for certain it wasn't because I used it prior to listing it. eBay allows and even encourages buyers to lie, not have to prove their fraudulent claim, and then makes sellers pay for all of it, plus eBay takes their share of the transaction fees! I am now out the cost of both shipping it to the cutstomer, and the return shipping and all associated fees, and at no point is anything asked of the buyer to prove the item is defective. This policy of eBays to "always believe the buyer" is completely unfair to sellers. Without sellers, eBay has no business. They are stabbing the people that keep their company going right in the back.

I have seen class action lawsuits against eBay in the past for this type practice (and other fraudulent things they do), but can't find any currently. If you know of one I can join please let me know.

There is a saying, "buyer beware". When it comes to eBay, it should be "seller beware"!

  • Sep 19, 2020

Saturday September 19th,2020 I posted on Ebay my two manuscripts that I created, and wrote. The first one is Sean Combs The Paper Boy, and Blue Ivy Blue Lagoon. Only I and I alone created these film screenplays, I am the only one to put work in on this. This is my intellectual property, and if I see fit to sell it, that is my right.

Ebay seems to be confused as to what year it is, and sent me an email telling me that I am in violation of their company policies by posting my own intellectual property to sell. They said that I had no right to an appeal and I couldn't discuss it further with anyone. How asinine. Someone is crazy and needs to be on medication for delusional thoughts. This is outright harassment and I want the world to know it.

  • Sep 16, 2020

Items # 94490082054767968401 ''Tom Jones LP records'' $ 17.25 and

Item # 9449008205496319967221 ''Rutherford Chang Beatles Rare Record'' $156.66 AKA

Order # 03 05055 02874 ,were NOT delivered to My Address. Postal Supervisor Selena Nelson was contacted By Email and a paper copy of this conversation Wherein She states that the packages ''were Irretrivably lost'' was sent to Ebay's San Jose Address ,Arrived at Ebay on June 9th at 953 am Tracking # EJ 097187337US.

Ebay refunded the $17.25 on June 13th 2020,but Not the $156.66. I have made several attempts via email pointing this out to ebay on the internal Complaint Communicatrion, The latest response claims thgat the 30 day resolution time is up.

I want My Remaing Balance Due Refunded.

Your Help at this point is needed.

Thank You,

Walter Gallo

  • Aug 31, 2020

As people all over the world continue to mourn the passing of Chadwick Boseman, scammers are trying to capitalize on his death.

Counterfeit Chadwick signatures are popping up all over the internet as emotional fans try to get a piece of memorabilia.

The volume of stuff we've seen has obviously increased and the stuff that I'm seeing in online auctions, specifically eBay has really kind of blown me away the last few days in terms of just straight up fakes.

You know his signatures is limited in volume since he didn't sign many in his short career.

Since Chadwick's death, there's hundreds of fakes on eBay more than just a week ago. Right now, authentic signatures on eBay are rare exceptions.

And it seems like people are getting caught up too much in this euphoria and there's only one other time in my life that I saw something like this happen and it was a few months ago when Kobe Bryant passed away. And people just kind of lose their inhibition for spending money, they all just buy anything.


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