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  • Jan 31, 2018

Tracy thomas ebay seller name acgsvet miss tracy thomas who goes by the user name on ebay "acgsvet" tried very hard to scam me but failed miserably. She sells high price items that she doesn't own or even have and sells them on ebay at to good to be true prices. She steals the pics of the items off the internet and sells them with a buy it now or best offer. She accepts any offer and takes the money to fund her business. She proceeds to print a shipping label for the item you purchased but never takes it to the p.O. But will give you a tracking number. The package never makes it to the po and tracking shows it never gets there also with the tracking. She then proceeds with that she needs to go to the po to check on it. Days go by and the package still is in pre-shipment and never is received at the po. She will try to drag you on and on. Not me! i closed her paypal account down and filed a claim with paypal days before they usually allow because they smelt a rat. She is all over the internet as a scammer. Just check out Yscam. She has been doing this for years. I wasn't to concerned about being scammed because i knew i was protected by ebay, paypal and my credit card. At first i felt sorry for her and those 11 seconds went by and now i am in the process of filing a lawsuit against her. I love this kind of stuff. My warning to anyone who crosses paths with her is to turn around and run

  • Jan 15, 2018













  • Jan 15, 2018

On 12/18/2017 I had purchased $1300.00 worth of ebay gift cards to purchase a 825i John Deere Gator (ATV) that had been posted on craiglist. I filled out the requested information on ebay motors to purchase the unit. Aday later they requested an additonal $1000.00 for insurance. This is when I conctacted ebay and told them I exspected scam and the lady from ebay told me she had frozen the cards so they couldn't be cashed. She also told me that they had not been cashed yet, I assume thet were waiting on me to purchase the $1000.00 on insurance and I did not. I reported the account to ebay and no help from them and the people cashed my cards even after ebay tod me that they were frozen. Makes me think ebay was in on the scam!!

  • Jan 11, 2018

For a couple of years, when an eBay seller uses the eBay app to prepare a shipping label for a purchased item, eBay automatically and immediately sends the buyer an email notice by interstate wire communications facilities informing the buyer that the item "has shipped" and is "on its way." In fact, there is no necessary connection between preparing a shipping label and the delivery of the item to the carrier. In the latest instance, eBay informed me by wire communication on 1/5/2018 that an item had been shipped. The carrier says, as of 9:00 pm on 01/10/2018 that it has not received custody of the item. This last fact is conformed by eBay. On checking delivery status on line at eBay, eBay states that shipping status of the item in question will be updated once the item reaches the carrier. In reliance on eBay's knowingly false statement as to shipping date, I failed to find an alternative source for the item and will probably not be able to do so in time for when I need it. eBay Customer Service has informed me repeatedly that they can neither address this issue nor even suggest which "department at eBay" can address the issue. eBay's on-line "help" is restricted to a few issues, none of which relate to issues with eBay's behavior. eBay customer service on "technical issues" consists solely of recorded messages delivered by robot and unrelated to any failures by eBay. I am studying how I can get the attention of anyone at eBay with the power to change its behavior. BBB has proved worthless, as one could predict. What puzzles me is how this puts a single penny in eBay's pocket. Seems like entirely gratuitous misbehavior.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I purchased an item that was poorly and inaccurately described. Seller listed a model number but since the item is no longer in production that model number did not yield any information. I did voluminous research to understand the item I was buying and based on the descritpion and pictures thought I was buying something very different than what was delivered. I immediately contacted the seller. He refused to take back the item and refund the hefty pruchase price of $250. I filed a Paypal claim, which was denied. I know that does not look good for me but the item was a specialty item and I don't believe the Paypal staff have any idea of what it is and therefore of why it was inaccurately described. I filed 2 appeals, which were also denied. I provided rheams of evidence, which was ignored. I could then not file an eBay claim because I had filed a Paypal claim, something no one told me. My only remaining recourse was to leave negative feedback for this dishonest seller, which eBay removed. eBay gives no recourse to buyers who were burned by dishonest sellers if a claim is denied, even if it was denied in error. Read feedback from buyers who burned in the same way I was. In fact eBay censors feedback from buyers and calls that a policy. I have been an eBay buyer and seller for 17.5 years. I will never purchase or sell another item on eBay. Shame on eBay for throwing buyers under the bus. I'll do my buying on Amazon from now on. Amazon knows what buyer protection means and they stand behind their promise.

  • Jan 1, 2018

Ablume007 on ebay is selling a fake Rolex Daytona on ebay. This is a Federal Felony.

Selling replica watches is a Federal Crime and is also a State level Crime in most states.

People like ablume007 are stealing sales from reputable watch brands that sell items at similar price points. They are also stealing sales from higher end brands that a buyer could afford if the buyer only had the option of purchasing a more expensive genuine product. Also, many watch stores offer financing programs that could allow a buyer without enough cash to spread the payments out over terms that are acceptable.

These fake watches also hurt reputable brands. When someone is wearing a low quality fake p.o.s., others who look at that watch are likely to believe that the genuine article being emulated is nothing special and not worth the high dollar amount (relatively speaking) that is commanded by the genuine version of the watch.


1. Brands like Seiko, Citizen, and Bulova are being damaged.

2. Brands like Movado, TAG Heuer, and Omega are being damaged.

3. Rolex is definitely being damaged.

People like ablume007 need to be exposed and prosecuted by Federal and State governments. Sales of fake watches is an epidemic, and it has been proven that many counterfeiters of watches are taking part in other Criminal activities.

Trademark Counterfeiting is illegal. Even if you sell the watch as a replica or a fake, it is still illegal.

Run far away from ablume007. Who knows what other illegal activities this seller is engaged in.

Here is the Law in South Carolina which shows that ablume007 is committing a serious Felony:

2012 South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 39 - Trade and Commerce


Section 39-15-1190 - Sale of goods or services with counterfeit mark; production or reproduction of counterfeit mark; penalties.

Universal Citation: SC Code § 39-15-1190 (2012)

(A) For purposes of this section:

(1) "Counterfeit mark" means a mark that is:

(a) identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, a registered mark or unregistered mark;

(b) used in connection with the sale or offering for sale of goods or services that are identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, the goods or services with which the registered or unregistered mark is identified;

(c) likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception if used; and

(d) not authorized by the owner of the registered or unregistered mark.

(2) "Registered mark" means a mark that is registered on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office or with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

(3) "Retail sales value" means the value computed by multiplying the number of items having a counterfeit mark used on them or in connection with them by the retail price at which a similar item having a mark used on it or in connection with it, the use of which is authorized by the owner, is offered for sale to the public.

(4) "Unregistered mark" means a symbol, sign, emblem, insignia, trademark, trade name, or word protected by the federal Amateur Sports Act of 1978, Title 36 U.S.C. Section 380.

(B)(1) It is unlawful for a person knowingly and wilfully to transport, transfer, distribute, sell, or otherwise dispose of, or to possess with intent to transfer, transport, distribute, sell, or otherwise dispose of, an item having a counterfeit mark on it or in connection with it.

(a) A person who knowingly and wilfully violates this subsection with respect to goods or services having a retail sales value of less than fifty thousand dollars is guilty of the offense of distribution of counterfeit marks and, upon conviction, must be punished as follows:

(i) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of two thousand dollars or less, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and must be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

(ii) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of more than two thousand dollars but less than ten thousand dollars, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than three years, or both;

(iii) if the goods or services have a retail sales value of ten thousand dollars or more, but less than fifty thousand dollars, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not more than twenty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both;

(iv) for a second or subsequent conviction of the offenses described in subitem (a), without regard to the retail sales value of the goods or services, the person is guilty of a felony and must be fined not less than one thousand dollars or more than fifty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(b) A person who knowingly and wilfully violates the provisions of this subsection with respect to goods or services having a retail sales value of fifty thousand dollars or more is guilty of the offense of trafficking in counterfeit marks. A person who knowingly and wilfully commits the offense of trafficking as described in this subitem is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be punished as follows:

(i) for a first offense, fined not less than ten thousand dollars or more than twenty-five thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both;

(ii) for a second or subsequent offense, fined not less than twenty thousand dollars or more than fifty thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

(2) The possession, custody, or control of more than twenty-five items having a counterfeit mark used on them or in connection with them is prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

(C) A person who knowingly and wilfully uses any object, tool, machine, or other device to produce or reproduce a counterfeit mark or knowingly and wilfully has possession, custody, or control of any object, tool, machine, or device with intent to produce or reproduce a counterfeit mark is guilty of producing or reproducing counterfeit marks and, upon conviction, must be punished as provided in subsection (B).

(D) Personal property, including any item, object, tool, machine, or device of any kind, employed as an instrumentality in the commission of or in aiding or abetting in the commission of a violation of subsection (B) or (C), is considered contraband and is subject to seizure and forfeiture in the same manner as other property used in the commission of specified criminal offenses as provided by law.

(E) For purposes of enforcing this section, investigators in the office of the Secretary of State have statewide jurisdiction. These investigators may conduct investigations independently or may assist local law enforcement agencies in their investigations and may initiate and carry out, in coordination with local law enforcement agencies, investigations of violations of this section.

(F) The Secretary of State may refer available evidence concerning violations of this section to the appropriate solicitor who may, with or without the reference, institute the appropriate criminal proceedings.

(G) The Secretary of State also may refer available evidence concerning violations of this section to the Department of Revenue for purposes of determining the obligations of the violators of this section pursuant to state income and other taxation laws.

(H) The provisions of this section do not apply to persons who own, rent, or manage premises occupied by retailers unless that person had actual knowledge or actively participated in a violation of this section.

HISTORY: 1994 Act No. 486, Section 1, eff 3 months after July 13, 1994; 2006 Act No. 348, Section 1, eff June 12, 2006.

  • Dec 30, 2017


  • Dec 28, 2017

This vendor refused my refund after imposing a deadline date from EBAY. However, EBAY doesn't take into account those that are suffering from a severe illness. I had sent them proof from the medical office and I requested a few days extension to get to a better state health wise. After their deadline date they closed the case and the seller will not accept my return for a full refund. This is a discriminatory and unfair business practice on behalf of this seller and ebay inc. I am due the right to return the defective item for a full refund.

  • Dec 19, 2017

EBAY THIEVES!!! They make up rules as they go along, and indisciminantly target sellers that don't "line" their pockets. We tried to make sure our account was updated and all information was clear. Then we signed a contract to be a seller rep for a third party company. BUT, because we took the bedfellows of Paypal out of the equation, we got targeted!!!

First Ebay removed listings, and not one, ALL less than competent, Customer Screwing Rep could explain why! Then I was told by an Customer screwing Manager the case would be expedited. Ebays version of expedited went on for 5.5 DAYS... yes, tht is right. They tout 24 to 72 hour turn around, and 125 hours later.... INDEFINITE revocation. Reason: Because they don't "know" the company we signed on with. Not that they can't research them, not that they can't call them, and not that we ot the company did ANYTHING wrong... but because they don't know them!!!

All the CHEAP TRASH they sell from China, but a REGISTERED U.S. company gets cut off!!!! Look anywhere on the web, including and see all of the seller rippoffs Ebay scams consistantly. Their OWN home office site has 1/2 star rating!!!!! Ebay is trash for selling and has continually scammed the sellers out of their funds AND fees.

Now, through their arbitrary attack of yet another 100% rated, multi-year member of Ebay they have cost us our contract!

  • Dec 15, 2017

I sold my cellphone in eBay and when i received an email from eBay and PayPal to confirm paid by PayPal, I shipped items for buyer. After few days when the items deliverd to buyer i got an email from PayPal that wrote they charged customer two times and asked man to refund $360 by MoneyGram. I called PayPal and asked them about it but they said we didn't send any email.

then i underestand that buyer is scamer. all email from ebay and PayPal that i got before was fake and I don't know who the buyer could find my email and phone number to send me fake emails and text because when i sold items , the buyer text me to my phone number and aksed for ship items by express service mail. I

I don't know how can I forward fake emails for you.

  • Dec 14, 2017

I've used ebay since 2002. I recently sold four iphones on there. I was initially surprised that Paypal charged $33 for a $1125 transaction on one of the phones. Today I received the invoice from Ebay. They charged another 10% plus an additional 10% of the shipping cost. That one phone cost me $147.90 in fees. What a bunch of crooks!

  • Dec 13, 2017

PayPal took my money instantly from my debit card on 11/3/2017 for two items on eBay, but the two vendors sold me two items that they did not have to sell, so I am supposed to get a refund, but eBay sent the refund to PayPal, and though eBay claims a refund was issued, the banking experts tell me there has not been one penny in the works that they can find. Now eBay tells me to take it up with PayPal. I refuse to do so, since PayPal is eBay's bank/money manager, and since when do you go to a business' bank for any go to the business. There is no way to contact PayPal anyway without having a PayPal account, especially since I have no phone and am unable to do phones...I am disabled from a head on I live in an area that has zero cellular service, so no texting. Ebay simply washes its' hands of the situation, and tells me to contact PayPal...then does absolutely nothing. They even got haughty with me, when I told them the refund they claim I have is a lie...but the regulators and the administrator for both the bank and the card administrator tell me that were it there, they could see it, and there is nothing in the pipeline. If there would transfer in minutes...not a month or more. Basically PayPal is getting a month long loan for free, and eBay is scamming me...lying through their teeth.

Ebay supposedly issued these two refunds for the cancelled transactions: ·Transaction Id 2DF60264V1947613L ·CounterParty Transaction Id 6S3307398N6381827 ·Invoice Id - - ·Parent Trx Id 83872098438542642 ·Transaction Type REFUND ·Status COMPLETED (DEBIT) ·Gross Amount USD 70.38 ·Fee Amount USD 2.04 ·Net Amount USD 68.34 ·Created Nov 16, 2017 ·Updated Nov 16, 2017 ·Transaction Id 2H552399MH730452S ·CounterParty Transaction Id 0X8286960C610712C ·Invoice Id - - ·Parent Trx Id 7E539436S11678116 ·Transaction Type REFUND ·Status COMPLETED (DEBIT) ·Gross Amount USD 252.12 ·Fee Amount USD 11.09 ·Net Amount USD 241.03 ·Created Nov 23, 2017 ·Updated Nov 23, 2017 Both above receipts are entirely bogus...there never was any refunds made to my account as they claim. Neither company has ever been the paragon of ethics...just like they now say PayPal is a completely separate entity...even though eBay's north campus and PayPal share the same address. They are two serpents intertwined inextricably, and both are totally dishonest. Item # 182321967047 - Shelter Logic sold by Róbert Kapás - Order Cancelled 11/23/2017 Item # 111873111639 - Great Stuff Pro sold by theenergyconscious - Order Cancelled 11/16/2017 These receipts claim the money was refunded, but the alleged refund never actually happened. Now my money still sits at PayPal, and truthfully I doubt that I will ever see that money again. You simply cannot trust PayPal...but truthfully, I won't be using eBay again either...they simply are just as dishonest and certainly not at all helpful...with virtually no customer service that actually functions. Ebay enables PayPal, and it is impossible to do eBay without involving PayPal...but eBay refuses to intercede on your behalf with PayPal. Customers trying to contact PayPal will find it to be a daunting task...difficult if not impossible. Though the deal took place on eBay, eBay does absolutely nothing to get me back my money.

Both companies should be ashamed, and both need to be prosecuted for abusing their customers. If like me, you think eBay has changed...think again. Never give them any money you cannot afford to lose, as you quite possibly will be ripped off...usually by the evil twin PayPal...with eBay being entirely complicit. Some things never change...I made a mistake even going back on eBay...they cannot be trusted. People tolerate eBay, but they have very few friends among the people who use them...vendors as well as buyers.

  • Nov 30, 2017

Sugarandspice0711 sold an item to me for a specified price. Instead of sending the item after I paid them, sugarandspice0711 decided to keep it and sent me a message to say their water heater exploded and ruined all of their merchandise. However, none of their other merchandise for sale was taken down.

I aksed them to send a picture of the ruined item and they refused. Intead, sugarandspice0711 feigned offense and indignation saying that I called them a 'liar'. I explained that it would be easy for them to just send a photo of the ruined item and was met with the same type of deflection/refusal. Gosh, they even said their neighbors things were ruined by the water heater explosion. Hm...that mey be but why not send a picture of my damaged item?

Sugarandspice0711 said all of their items were ruined, yet the other items were still for sale.

Sugarandspice also told me to go ahead and complain because it will not hurt their business one bit. So, here I am...letting the online world know that sugarandspice0711 doesn't care about wasting your time or money as they believe their reputation, and business, to be untouchable by meaningless customers...

I'm sure I will get a refund eventually, but if they spend so much time and effort to so adamantly deflect instead of being honest, what else will they lie about? It's a waste of a customer's time and money to deal with this type of seller. Other purchasing opportunities will pass you by while you think your item is being sent, and they are holding your money.

  • Nov 24, 2017

I called ebay about an auction that; i had won with a bid of $1825.00 (.025 btc instant delivery). A couple of minuets later, received a notification that my winning bid was $1925.01. Ebay was supposed to check for the correct bid. Instead of doing what i asked; ebay cancelled the auction and accused ahmed of being a con artist. I hope you do not have a weasel in your organization; taking advantage of me and ahmed. Because i am about to start my own investigation of ebay.

Starting with yscam and down to your core. I hold a b. S. In mathematics and have worked as a software and hardware engineer with u s navy. So, if you think, i can't find information; you are making a serious error in judgement. Ebay has been in trouble before for bidding up auctions and probably numerous other issues. Do you really want this to get started again ? Because, i will send my findings to the local tv station. From there it will likely go national. So, bottom line, i want full disclosure on your contact with ahmed and what led to the cancellation of the auction.

  • Nov 23, 2017

Buyer didn't pay, followed ebay's instructions 100% corretly, and they're still trying to charge me for something that never sold, what a joke these guys are! Stay away, they don't even have an e-mail or online support, is that a complete joke or what? So if you get scammed by Ebay you can't even contact them...

  • Nov 22, 2017

Kristine Davies of Kristinemichelleinteriors on Ebay advertised a "Gorgeous Hand Carved Habersham Buffet $7000!" on Ebay.

I bought the table for $1750.00 using PayPal.

Upon receipt, the table looked fake. I proceeded to contact the seller and asked for some type of certifcation of authenticity. She refused to provide any.

I took pictures of the table and emailed them to Habersham for verification. Habersham responded it was a fake.

I returned the table and requested the seller refund my money in full.

She has refused to refund the money and has now accused me of damaging the table and has threatened me with filing a police report.

  • Oct 4, 2017

I want to bring to your notice my experience with bessky_star. I am new on eBay and decided to purchase a tablet. I selected a catalogue in favor of the above seller and i paid immediate since the item met my requirement. Immediately after payment was made, I got a message from the seller that item has been shipped already (to my greatest surprise). As a first timer, I was happy item will be received within 25- 30 business days. I waited and was in constant communication with seller.

A certain day, she informed me that item has arrived my country Nigeria and adviced I go to the post office which I did only to get there and understand that such item has not. I couldn't agree less cos the seller didn't register the package nor provided me with the tracking number without which item cannot be accounted for. I informed the seller on the development at the post office only to hear from seller that it was held by customs. I asked customs of which country. Hers or mine. Seller declined and didn't answer. Up till now, I yet to receive the item I paid for and it's now 36 days and counting. Seller has not answered my mail since last week and worst still, eBay has blocked me. I really don't know what to do.

  • Oct 4, 2017

First, I bought a conair steamer on Ebay from MightyGalaxy. He is a thief. He shipped it through Amazon as "a gift" to avoid paying them anything and get shipping FREE. The tracking on Ebay was fraudulent. It said it would be delivered Friday. I had a stalker. So I received "A GIFT" from someone I didnt know on Wednesday. Tracking on Ebay still said Friday. After 3 days of calling Amazon and being told "for security" they couldnt tell me who "sent me a gift", I just happen to check the Ebay tracking.

It was now changed to the correct tracking and it said "Delivered". I wrote to this jerk--MIGHTYGALAXY and he wrote back "So your upset I delivered it early."Both Amazon and Ebay security said this was against their policy and they made a full report. Now I try the steamer and it doesnt work!

I open a return and the seller doesnt make any arrangement for it to be picked up. The label provided requires he set a pickup date. Otherwise I have to open a UPS account and pay for pickup. I contact him and he refuses to do anything else.

Meanwhile I post to Ebay community to make people aware, he has a bunch of negatives and I want feedback myself and two Mods--either stupid as heck or they are his friends take my post down. I reported them to EBAY and EBAY reps say using the User name to report this is NOT AGAINST COMMUNITY POLICY and this DOES NOT fall under shame and blame posts.

Miss.Kitty.Kat and another idiot named li-ornesh have harassed me and made me post this on over 100 websites and blogs trying to be the NAZIS who hold their hands over my mouth against EBAYS policy.

  • Oct 4, 2017

I emailed a frequent customer on ebay and put in my phone umber. It was rejected but didn't say why. Did it again and then I was shut out completely.

Called ebay and talked to twin d******** Ronnie Ochoa and Cameron Brasher.

New policy with ebay: if you put in contact info you will be banned for 7 days.

I have over 2000 positive ratings at 100%. But some 20 year old d******** with a 12th grade education making minimum wage can essentially shut down my accout for 7 days.

The word on the street is that Amazon is eating Ebay's lunch. That's why they hire losers like Ronnie Ochoa and Cameron Brasher. All a bunch of whackos.

Migrate to Amazon and you'll be much better off.

  • Sep 28, 2017

Purchased a computer on EBay on Sept. 13th, 2017 using a "Guest" account because I was pruchasing for owner and he doesn't like for his credit card to be placed in my EBay account. Got a confirmation from EBay that purchase was successful and they were processing payment:

- Never received email confirmation from EBay or seller on purchase

- Using Ebay's procedure, tried to contact seller three times for confirmation

- Today, the 27th, was last day for purchase to arrive, according to Ebay online confirmation.

Today, when I contacted EBay directly, the fun began:

- First, tried to find a phone number or email address to send request for status to. Impossible. Even though I had Item #, system wouldn't recognize it. Finally, through online inquire, a third party gave me the 800 number for Ebay's customer service (doesn't show up anywhere on EBay's site; I looked.

- Called EBay and talked to their rep, a woman named "Chris" or "Kris". After 20 minutes, I asked her for email address that I could send my documentation to, i.e., a screen shot of both the item we were attempting to purchase and a screen shot of the EBay confirmation message. The woman insisted she could not give me an email address, that I would have to talk to an "account management" employee. Told her I didn't want to spend any more time, would like to send the documentation and let them research it, contact the seller, and get back to me. Nope, couldn't do. I hung up in frustration. First, and maybe last, time I will ever use EBay. Too diffcult to deal with when there is a problem. PayPal. Amazon, and even AliExpress do a much better job handling problems.

I acknowledge that the situation is murky, i.e., I used the Guest log-in instead of my regular account. But, I got confirmation of purchase, I knew who seller was, and I was merely seeking to confirm where things stood. I wasnt even looking for a refund; we would have liked to complete purchase if possible.

For as big as EBay is, there support system is very light, i.e., can't send them an email and difficult to call them. Would give them a "2" out of 10 rating for customer support (and I have bought a LOT of stuff from them over the years. Good riddance.

  • Sep 28, 2017

I bought several Sports Related Autographed Items from a seller with perfect feedback. His Feedback was 66395 and he had zero negatives . I am highly suspect of the autographs because the serial mumbers on the PSA Certificates do not show up on PSA's online database. I contacted PSA and the certs were not theirs. They told me that they are haveing issues with sellers using FAKE certs, in fact they said the fake certs are very real looking. The Seller was a shmoe from Tennesee his seller name is KHW and the Store is called KHW HALL OF FAME GALLERY. This guy knows all the eBay Tricks because I landed him a Negative Feedback and it was removed within the hour...NO LIE ! I contactede eBay support but this guy is one of ebays Cash Cows I filed a claim with PAYPAL and again my claim was denied with 24 hours, KHW is one of PAYPALs Cash Cows Seller is KHW Sellers Feedback is currently 66,395 Seller Currently has Zero Negaives and has a 100% Positive Feedback Rating KHW is eBays TEFLON SELLERS he cannot be beaten and eBay is allowing this.

  • Sep 7, 2017

I have allready reported the man that tried to send me a empty envelope and get away with it. Once I proved it by using a jewlery scale Ebay droped and closed the case when they told me they could not open it until friday.

Never telling me to report to PayPal and that is exactly what I should have done. They had me running all over town trying to get a Police report,ruined my holiday and lied, lied lied. They don't care about their buyers.

When or if you ever have an empty box arrive that is insured, it is also weighed. They do not allow people to touch the container again once they are in the middle of insuring a package. I found by just calling and giving the insurance tracking that my package weighed the same as it arrived empty. If the gold I had purchased it would have been 2 ounces higher give or take.

Befoe Ebay said I could even open the real case saying it took three business days, they closed it in one when I called PayPal and someone listed to me, actualy listened.

Never buy on Ebay without a verified Paypal account. It takes time but their customer service is great along with the best credit card I have ever found Capitol One. Both will stand behind you and can smell a rat when it is right there.

Ebay diverts you and runs you and their sellers know this. It will be a long time until I buy again.

  • Aug 31, 2017

I'm very disappointed with Ebay policy to defend dishonest sellers.

I reporting a situation that could occur for an item worth250 or 2500 dollars.

Fortunately I only lost 25 dollars..but some Chinese seller won it.

I was unable to select an automatic resolution for this transaction.

I was having trouble with this item XX seller by this seller ioomobile.

The product has been sent rapidly (in one week or so), but the time interval given by the seller is one month (more than time to avoid any return from paypal, bank or other payment method).

Product has been stuck in custom (Portugal, an EU country), I don't understand why, because I've order tents of things, even from China\Malasia\Hong Kong, and never occur before. Is there a possibility that the seller hasn't done the paper billings right to avoid paying taxes? I'm very suspicious about that.

However, I don't have any responsibility for the item going to custom, and no information about this situation is reported in the item description.

Other strange situation was that after this transaction, the remaining item available has raised its price to 500 euros (I bought this for 22 euros). This is a very strange situation and, if not legal,very suspicious to say the least.

I have reported this situation to Ebay's email, [email protected], because the seller has given a time wind of one month (previously pointed out), so no automatically mechanism were available on ebay site to ask for anything that could be asked for (help, refund, cancel transaction, whatever..). Moreover, all the structure, organization and ways to do anything on Ebay's site when I problem arouses to the seller is incredibly not clear and almost impossible to get anything done.

The answer from ebay, by email, was that I needed to give the seller time to make things right (not sure what that means..) and that probably I would have my money back or partial refund (some sand to people's eyes, like we say in my country).

When this one month window ended I logged in on ebay and asked for a refund in this item\transaction site. What happens next is surreal. The seller in a few minutes canceled the refund, asked to Ebay to step in (what ever that means..), and finally the decision was made to not refund and to close this case. I have appealed to reopen the case, with the argument that the item was going back to the seller, because that's what happens when you do not pay the custom charges. In only a few minutes Ebay has refuted this appeal with the argument that the custom charges should be paid by the buyers.

At the end the only person that was impaired in this situation was me (the buyer).

I'm not buying this custom charges history, and that's how some company in China makes money without given away its items.

And that's my story, not buying on Ebay again, for sure.

  • Aug 26, 2017

I have been a buyer and seller on Ebay for over ten years. The matter which caused me to file this report was after a buyer by the name of toonces1111 from NY purchased a pair of Men's Birkenstock Sandals from me on Ebay. The items were sent to this buyer. As soon as toonces1111 received the item.

A claim with Ebay was filed stating the Birkenstock Sandals were non authentic. Ebay froze my Paypal money for this transaction.

I contacted the toonces1111 and informed him with over 10yrs of selling on Ebay and 100% Positive feedback and nobody has ever accused me of being dishonest and selling them non authentic items. I informed toonces1111 that I had documentation to provide him and Ebay of the authenticity of sandals sold. I instructed the buyer to mail the item back and I would refund him the money minus the shipping cost. toonces1111 ignored my request and refused to return the sandals. Ebay in turn found in favor of the toonces1111 and allowed him to "KEEP" the merchandise.

As a result I am out of my Birkenstock Sandals and $125 that Ebay returned to the buyer. I opened a claim with Ebay about the issue. Ebay ignored the claim and closed the case and found in favor of toonces1111 . Ebau told me I had to work it out with the buyer after they allowed the Buyer to commit FRAUD

Ebay is a site that is geared towards Fradulent Buyer's and transactions. Ebay does nothing about this and encourages this type of activity to take place on their site with no Seller's Protection that they advertise.

After looking over toonces1111 last several transaction. I notice this buyer has a history of leaving negative feedback for items purchased and stating items were non authentic. I informed Ebay of this issue and what the buyer was doing and it fell on def ears.

Ebay ignored my claim and has allowed this buyer to commit FRAUD on their site.

  • Aug 18, 2017

I purchased a truck through eBay off of a craigslisting I am not known to the computer very well so I did not know it was a scam I paid $2,000 using their gift cards in $500 increments each that's for total that I purchased from the Dollar General store and one at 7-Eleven I sent them in and I have not received the truck yet it's been almost a year they will not call me back I have emailed them I've called and called and still nothing I'm on Social Security Disability so this is a real problem for me now I really don't have any vehicle.

  • Aug 16, 2017

Was looking to buy a first edition signed copy of Superman Action Comics #1. Usually $3.2 million. Marked off to $27.50. Sounded too good to be true. Turns out it was. I had to meet Slim in a park at dusk. I didn't see him coming but all I got was a clunk in the head. He made off with my $27.50 and two coupons to the Sizzler. I'll give him credit for his amazing prices but otherwise he gets two thumbs down from this guy.

  • Jul 10, 2017

On june 29th i proceeded in searching for a virgin mobile flip phone on online. This phone was for my husband who is slightly blind. So i found a seller named aaron and sons on After waiting for 24ours. Which it became july 1st. I went into app to see if the seller left any confirmation for the item. There was none. So i took advantage of the information ebay uses on their site. And contacted the seller. There was no responds. I didn't get nerves until yesterday when the item did not show up at my residence. For days i have been emailing ebay and this seller. But at no avail did anyone do anything about this seller. So what lead me to outscam. Is because ebay sent s email about 2:00 am this morning and stated that they want me to work this out with the seller. And to wait for a week more. I told them the seller bated you. Took my money through you. Now your are switching up on me to get my money back. They also down play their policy in your face just keep so said funds. I told them at 2:15 am this morning. This issue is not up for negotiations. That their policy is their policy. And it is clear. But my money policy and reason for this phone is mine. Please refund now. Ebay either knows these sellers. Or they are getting took. This is utterly a great disappointment. And i want my little money back. To all that might read this report. Watch out for any good deals. That are small in amounts. And gives you free shipping. Because nine times out of ten. You are headed for the bate take and switch. Thank you.

  • Jul 1, 2017

Do not trust this seller he is a ripoff merchant, i returned a faulty air blower at a cost of $35 for warranty claim. He refuses to honour warrany will not refund or replace, i see he has been reported before.

  • Jun 23, 2017

"mercgofast" ebay screen name, represent company, Performance Plus Leasing, LLC and Performance Plus Marine, LLC claims to be a "boat builder" and a Mercury, Mercruiser Dealer and I have verfied he is NOT.

I was doing a conversion to Mercrusier on my houseboat and Robert tells me he can provide everything turnkey on a Friday and it would be ready to pick up at his warehouse on Tuesday(google it, it is a dump). He said that if I bank wire transfer $5,000.00 depost on this day he would have the order ready to pick up.

Tthe total was $18,5000.00 order and balance due when picking up of $12,500.00. I have not recieved anything and he will not refund depost.

  • Jun 2, 2017

Beware: Ebay Store Sellers

Do not invest heavily into the Ebay Premium or Pro Ebay Store offering.

Ebay has extended New Unfair Seller Performance Tactics that drastically reduces

the security of your long term business investment.

There are now very unrealistic order defect metrics that is guaranteed to reduce

you to a basic ebay store platform, AFTER YOU HAVE HEAVILY INVESTED PREMIUM OR PRO

PLATFORM LISTING DISCOUNTS. One might assume that an order defect is selling a

broken item, but Ebay has recently redfined the definition of an "Order Defect."

Now, an order defect is any transaction that requires an Ebay customer service


I list all of my items "NO RETURNS" because I offering FREE shipping on all of

my listings. "NO RETURNS" means nothing to ebay. I still have nearly a 20%

buyers remorse rate that requires.

Typically, when a customer is unhappy I

give them a Cost of item (after shipping) refund or a full refund. This is not

satisfactory to ebay. They are now forcing me to purchase a Return Shipping Label

and provide a full refund.


Hostile Customer purchased a back brace for $9.99 w/ FREE shipping. Immediately,

after purchase customer threatens to cancel if not delivered immediately. Paid

$9.14 for shipping, and item arrvied within defined shipping parameters. I made

$.85 cents. When item arrives to hostile rude customer, they immediately left me

unreasonable negative feedback. Another seller contacted me about this customer

abusing sellers, and asked me to report them to ebay. In the same few moments, the

customer began to demand a full refund, and the purchase of a return label.

I reported the issue to ebay, and nothing happened. Shortly after, the customer

contacted ebay with a bogus report. After offering to accept a full refund upon

return on a NO RETURN listing, ebay forced a full refund before reciving the item

back. NO BIG DEAL, until I recieved an order defect in my metrics log.

  • May 12, 2017

Ebay has ripped me off ! I ordered a cell phone I6 and it never arrived. When I tried the tracking number in the USPS tracking service it said it was never sent! Ebay acts as if it is my fault. They are as much a ripoff as the person who sent it.

  • Apr 18, 2017

I bought several Sports Related Autographed Items from a seller with perfect feedback. His Feedback was 66395 and he had zero negatives . I am highly suspect of the autographs because the serial mumbers on the PSA Certificates do not show up on PSA's online database. I contacted PSA and the certs were not theirs. They told me that they are haveing issues with sellers using FAKE certs, in fact they said the fake certs are very real looking. The Seller was a shmoe from Tennesee his seller name is KHW and the Store is called KHW HALL OF FAME GALLERY. This guy knows all the eBay Tricks because I landed him a Negative Feedback and it was removed within the hour...NO LIE ! I contactede eBay support but this guy is one of ebays Cash Cows I filed a claim with PAYPAL and again my claim was denied with 24 hours, KHW is one of PAYPALs Cash Cows Seller is KHW Sellers Feedback is currently 66,395 Seller Currently has Zero Negaives and has a 100% Positive Feedback Rating KHW is eBays TEFLON SELLERS he cannot be beaten and eBay is allowing this.

  • Apr 11, 2017

I placed an order on ebay on March 6, 2017 with a seller with a reputation score of zero. The item was reportedly in a city about 50 miles form my location and noting this, inquired about meeting locally to pick up the item. No response was recieved in response to this.

Tracking informtion (UPS,) was posted on ebay and two things came to my attention. First, the package weight was listed as 1 lb, the item I ordered was a full size carpet washer abd weighs approximately 22 lbs. Second, the shipment originated from a town in central Minesoota not the city in Georgia that the auction claimed the item was in.

I followed the tracking ifnromation and on the date of delivery, the number showed delivery but nothng came to my house. I submitted a claim through buyer protection and though the seller never seemed to respond, my claim was denied due to the tracking info provided.

I further persued this with UPS and was able to produce a letter showing the actual destination of the tracking number from the auction. This turned out to be a business that I have no affiliation with. On appeal, ebay buyer protection has still refused to overturn the earlier decision and is now asking for additional documentation from me prooving that I did not receive the package at that alternate address.

I don't know when or how the burden of proof was shifted to the defrauded party but I want other prople to know that ebay cannot be trusted to investigate fraudulent sellers. Be careful what you buy online.

  • Apr 10, 2017

"network4life" is an EBay seller who "fishes" with phoney desireable area code numbers, when you purchase it, seller wants all buyers "personal" information.

Then asks buyer to communicate "off EBay" and when buyer states EBay requires communication through EBay -- (maybe trying to avoid fees or actually find out WHERE someone lives) Seller CANCELS paid order.

  • Apr 10, 2017

Yes these controllers will not work on xbox one or s. sold on ebay by lot sellers. these not good. they will not power on the xbox. like lot of us like. they do not work as desired either. good for pcs. but not xbox ones. they white or black and on black green trim. avoid for xbox one.

  • Feb 4, 2017

Chris Pine was voted one of the worst signer in 2016 in a poll by a panel of autograph sellers/dealers, collectors, and fans. One reason nobody could finished their Star Trek Beyond cast signed poster this past summer or any individual single photo shot. It didn't matter Chris Pine wasn't signing at premieres, airports, awards parties in LA or NY. This is a known fact in the autograph world. Chris Pine confirmed it. His publicist didn't give a reason why but did confirmed he didn't sign any autograph at any movie premieres in 2016. However he did made an appearance at the annual Comic Con to do some PR and signing for the Warner Bros Pictures booth for the upcoming movie Wonder Woman. During awards season to promote Hell or High Water he done a few for members only party in LA. But that didn't stop autograph forgers from signing his name on Star Wars Beyond cast signed poster anyway and anything else they can his name on to make a few bucks at the expense of his fans.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I was about to buy a used car from a lady named Elvira Gordon and do the transaction thru eBay motors. Good thing I checked your website and I saw the same exact letter that thus Elvira sent me thru e-mail why she has to do the transaction thru eBay motors the only thing is the signed name was different but the letter was the the same

  • Jan 19, 2017

I have been an ebay user for years and have never had a problem. I needed a notebook, so I ordered a Acer from an ebay user and paid for it immediately. I didnt hear anything for three days so I shot an email off to the seller. He eventually responded and promised a ship date of tomorrow. I waited to receive a ship notification but again, nothing happened. I next requsted the order to be cancelled and a refund issued. No response, so I left negative feedback. This got his attention! He next said if I would revise the feedback he would ship the notebook. I responded that I wanted a refund. He next threatened to ship the notebook so I would have to pay for return shipping prior to receiving a refund. I again refused and asked for a refund. He just decided to ignore me and have now shipped something to me - I suspect it will not be the notebook. He again asked me to revise the feedback now that he has shipped it. I told him I would not, and again that I wanted a refund.

  • Jan 17, 2017

Clemson Tigers just won the College Football National Championship. Watch out for team signed helmet, football, jersey on ebay especially from these seller bmrtrans56 drecrege0 mcardinals1 jillianss02 . College football players were told beginning of the year to not sign multiple items for dealers or take bride money to sign for them. To add their name on the memorabilia so they can't sell. This one have multiple items. All fakes no proofs.

  • Dec 27, 2016

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Ebay that was supposed to be new in box. When I received it, it appeared to be a new phone However, when I contacted the carrier to unlock the phone, I was told that the phone under that MEID#, in fact, had had a previous owner who had an existing unpaid balance. Doesn't sound like a new phone to me.

  • Dec 26, 2016

The ebay user "esthers_collections" is selling counterfeit La Mer skin care items for over $100 each. They have sold over 400 products so far and are scamming innocent people out of 40 grand and counting. They re-seal an empty La Mer jar and put in cheap lotion as a substitute. They have relied on people not knowing what the authentic lotion looks or smells like. It is a massive scam. They are selling La Mer eye concentrate, moisturizer and a couple of other things. Do NOT buy from this seller. When you message them, their english is so bad and they admitted to being a scam by saying "like you can prove anything? merry christmas" I will not stop until this individual is in jail.

  • Dec 22, 2016

I ordered a pair of Pajar boots . ordered them on December2 2016 and it is now December 20 2016 and no boots. Shipper has come up with three different tracking numbers and claims they are at post office, but canada post says they are just in canada. I asked ebay to step in and the polict the have a "gaurantee " is bogus. cancelled my ebay account and will never use them again. Ninety nine dollars down the drain

  • Dec 21, 2016

I had a defective item that I bought on eBay, and the seller told me to send it back, but it was a item made in China. It costs more to send it back than what it was worth. eBay told me that the seller was unable to print a return label, and that they would have the seller reimburse me for the return shipping. The seller did not reimburse me, so I called eBay and they told me to work it out with the seller. It seems eBay can't remember what they tell you! Big liars!, so watch out for this.

  • Dec 10, 2016

I purchased a CD from eBay . The eBay store is called The Best Music CDs. I received the CD from DHL commerce which is the only address these pirates use. 10 Enterprise Ave Secaucus NJ 07094_2526. This CD is a bad copy and not only will it not pay it's illegitimate. A pure attack on the record label and the artist

  • Oct 8, 2016

Numerous online retailers are in bed with U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Service) who have proven to be incompetent. 10 years ago, everybody had the freedom to choose which delivery method and from which company to deliver it. All we had to do was pay for the shipping charge. Unfortunately that is no longer possible.

Some sellers (independent sellers that use ebay and amazon) kind enough to provide delivery by UPS or FedEx but this is very hard to find. If the item is expensive, large, or heavy, be prepared to have it "delivered" by U.S.P.S. There are problems with U.S.P.S. delivery.

All ebay cares about is what the tracking information says. Which is very inaccurate information.

They will always decide in favor of these back alley or back woods sellers and when calling appeals, they will say "We will issue a courtesy refund this one time but don't let it happen again."

It should not be necessary to message a seller asking if they will deliver it with UPS or FedEx. (and most back woods sellers will scoff and say no)

The recent issue is from "autosaversvarieties" who even admits that they are incompetent.

"I pledged that i will give it my utmost best, i will not always get it right but i will learn from my mistakes for i am fully committed to succeed in my goals and all that i ask is that you help me help you, thank you and may god bless us all"

Actually this seller's mistakes are not resolved. They are accepted, tolerated, and embraced by ebay.

I browsed their items that I needed and I was delighted to see that UPS was an option! Technically it is UPS Two Day Air. I selected UPS and obviously I expected delivery from UPS.

  • Sep 12, 2016


Four Valley residents have pleaded guilty to their roles in what investigators say is the biggest case of domestic fraud in the history of the online auction site Ebay.

Assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor Martin Desmond tells 21 News that the four men convicted are only small players in an alleged enterprise involving phony autographs on sports memorabilia that cheated 25,000 people out of more than $2-million.

Daniel Martini, 29, of Girard, who operates the Martini Burger Bar, pleaded guilty in Mahoning County Common Pleas court to money laundering.

James Serenko, 33, of Youngstown, Jason Lenzi, 31, of Columbiana, and Shawn Pelo, 26, of Warren, all pleaded guilty to engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Desmond says the four will be placed on probation and are cooperating with the investigation.

Those involved in the alleged scheme would obtain footballs, posters, sports cards and other sports memorabilia that had been forged with the names of professional athletes.

Investigators say that certificates of authenticity were also forged to accompany the memorabilia, which would be sold on ebay.

The money made from the sales was allegedly laundered through bank accounts belonging to other people.

Desmond says he expects three or four others to be convicted in the coming weeks, and followed by an indictment of the alleged mastermind behind the scheme, as well as his mother.

The assistant prosecutor says the others, who are all Valley residents, could face prison time.

  • Sep 9, 2016

My Wife and I wanted to make the perfect set up for our 8 month old Daughter. My Wife wanted all Pink and Owls were part of the theme. We spent some hard earned money on a $100 Monitor that happened to be an Owl, an Owl Mobile, Owl Decals for the Wall and last but least an Owl Bed Setting. The Seller Freedomisprecious never put down that the item was shipped. No Biggie but 8 days later our package arrived. My Wife sent an email questioning where the item was. The day it arrived the Seller sent an apologetic email. Me trying to be a Nice Guy replied and said we received the item "Thanks, we love it". I wrote this out of courtesy before we examined the items. I haven't been screwed on EBay in a while so I didn't think anything of it. My Wife washed the blanket, sheets and bumper for our Crib. When She took them out of the dryer we realized that the blanket was stained piss yellow and the bumper had specs of blood on it.

I emailed the Seller immediately. We remained courteous but She wouldn't offer a refund. We contacted EBay. Oh they would help us! Just send the item back they said and you will get your refund. So we sent the items back and waited 2 days. Today I went on EBay and they had reversed their decision. We washed the items so no refund. I called them and said "We sent the item back like you asked"! The items had blood and yellow stains. Do you think we washed them in blood? eBay wouldn't help us. So we are out the money and we sent the junk back to the Seller. We are out $58 and this was fine with eBay. I've purchased items on eBay for over 15 years and know how the game works. I never realized how incompetent their operation really is. You can get screwed and they won't help you. I will never forget this. eBay and the Seller Freedomisprecious should be ashamed of themselves. Empathy and honesty aren't words to describe either party.

  • Sep 5, 2016

I consider myself lucky as unlike the over 5000+ complaints of fraud done by ebay and paypal to consumers, the two problems involving credit card fraud done by them to myself over the past 12 years I was able to get a sheriff involved and problem dealt with without that normal (Its a civil matter) responce. For the 5000+ people who were ripped off, I will give my 2 cents worth and hope this helps recoup some of your funds.

First and foremost, Ebays system is allowing the sellors outside of the USA to scam and rip off the normal consumer inside the USA. They know this is happening, but as these mega sellors are their bread and butter, they choose not to do a thing about it. Im going to list a few scams, and a way to get your money back as long as it was done by credit card.

The biggest scam to date done through ebay is by out of country merchants. They use the delievery confirrmation tracking numbers as proof they delievered the goods. Most banks when they see this, will pay the merchant in their favor stating the item shows its delievered. If you know your bank manager like I know mine, they can most likely get this reversed. Here is how the proof of tracking scam goes. I unsuspecting consumer buys an item, or multiple items at a much cheaper price then they find in the US. What then happens is either only 1 item is shipped out of an order of 10, or nothing at all but some trinket just to show SOMETHING was delievered.

Last year I purchased 5 miniture tvs and the merchant shipped me a broken radio. At least that is what it looked like. When I contacted my bank, I got a letter that they are still paying the merchant in their favor as it shows the item was in fact delievered. This would normally mean I would most likely have to take ebay or paypal to small claims as its next to impossible to take the merchant to court, but what I did which worked saved me all that trouble. I forgot to mention the broken radio came in a padded envelop that was 5 inches long in length, and 2 inches in width, and less than one inch in depth. On this padded envelope was the postal tracking information. I brought this envelope and the broken radio to my bank manager and showed her the letter from her bank and the supposed delievery. Once she saw there was no way in hell that 5 mini tvs could be shipped in that small padded envelope that had the tracking information on it, she contacted loss prevention and updated them on what was happening. Next day I got a call to let me know I was fully refunded and a block put on my card to prevent paypal from taking the funds out again. To be honest, if Paypal and Ebay refuse to fix the issue and its a lot of money, you really should close the card and if they have your checking account info, the account as well otherwise some later date, they will go back in and take those funds. Even if its 8 years later like what happened to my wife. Another story for later.

Bait and switch auctions and hidden fees. This one has been going on forever, and Ebay has even made it easier for these outside merchants to rip us off more while lining their own pockets. When you do a search for lets say an mp3 player, many a times below the listing are more of the same type and listed even cheaper so you click on them. These auctions are the worst and you really need to be careful of them. Even when an auction closes and you get a message another auction of the same item has just opened, you got to be careful! Here is where you click the new lower priced item. DONT EVER LET EBAY TRICK YOU INTO ACTIVATING AUTOPAY, which is a feature where the moment you click buy it now, or if you win an auction, it automatically pays the seller. They are hoping you wont notice, but what happens is the item you clicked on isnt at $3.95 like the picture showed, its more like $30, but you wont see this unless you scroll through the different models. You could be clicking on a mp3 player that shows its $2.50 and hit buy it now to get hit with $30 that gets taken out immidiately because you had aotopay up and the item that really was $2.50 was the data cable for it. Here is a hidden fee example. I missed out on several tshirt auctions as I was outbid but told the seller had another auction of the same type. I clicked on the auction and set max bid for $4.00. The first price that shwoed was $1.00 which would raise up to $4.00 should someone else bid as well. What got me was this tshirt was showing really cheap for an auction that was little more then a day left on it and it made me wonder why no one else bid on it so I looked through the entire auction to find out why. They had a $40 S&H charge for a kids tshirt? I luckily had enough time to retract my bid, but had it been like the others where there was less then 24 hours in the auction left, I wouldnt have had the choice to retract. And worse, if I had autopay set, Id have most likely paid $44 for a t-sjirt that sells all over the US for $20.

Here is a HUGE dont as well. DONT rely on Ebays support. If you did fall victom for a scam, call your bank immidiately and start up a charge back. Reason for this, most states only allow for 60 days to dispute a purchase. Ebay knows this and will drag out their so called Resolution Center past the 60 days that actually may sound long, but goes by so fast that once the time does pass, you shoudlnt be suprised when you are told they are going to side with the merchant who sent you a broken raidio instead of 5 mini tvs.

Bootleg items. This happens more often then you know. Ebay and Paypal at first tried to send me packing when I bought a stargate dvd set and instead got a bunch of dvds written in market. This has happened to me twice. The first time after I thought I would be ripped off with Ebays help, I actually was able to track the shipment to the town and state it was shipped from, called the local sheriffs dept who in the end arrested a child. Ebay was fast to fix that issue. With bootlegs, Ebay now a day is more enforceful of preventing it, but for the other matters, you need to get your bank involved or your going to lose a lot of money.

When all else fails, and it sometimes does, meaning 60 days went by and your bank cant/wont help and ebay sided with the theif merchant. This is where you decide if its worth the time because this last option will most likely take a full day of your time at least once if not more. It all depends on your state. This is small claims court. If this is under $20, I just uphappily write it off. But if its over $100, I use my small claims court and in my state, due to the laws here, its a huge blessing here. Why? In california, all small claims cases must be handled by normal people, meaning NO ATTORNEYS! I have won most of my cases because of this against the largest of companies because they cant use their attorneys. I use my locak law library to look up what info I need and go to court. I only lost one case in my lifetime, and it wasnt becaue of the defendant being right, it was because sued the wrong person. Another story too.

So, to make it short: Dont use autopay, look at price by scrolling though all options, get bank involved and show them item if scammed and dont rely on Resolution ccenter.

One last thing, Im not sure if Ebay still auctions vehicles, but if they do, dont buy there EVER. Just read up the horror stories here. People have lost a lot of money paying for non existant vehicles, to ones that have leans on them the sellor failed to mention. The list goes on. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Not my keyboard, not my PC, Im just lazy =)

  • Aug 3, 2016

Seller VINTAGENESGAMING on Ebay used a scammy seller tactic on my for a purchase. ey a*****e, I was flying across the country due to a death in the family, and they canceled my order since i didnt pay within two minutes! Somthey sold me an item, agreed to the sale, then when i landed and tried to make payment FROM THE AIRPORT, because this seller is impatient and will scam you, they decided to cancel my order because they said someone else bought it! That means they list multiple listings on ebay and have none of the it es or significantly less of the items. To top it all of, they left ME bad feedback, i am the buyer! I tried to pay, but he canceled my order!

Avoide this scammy Ebay seller, who goes by vintagenesgaming!

  • Aug 3, 2016

Seller VINTAGENESGAMING on Ebay used a scammy seller tactic on my for a purchase. ey a*****e, I was flying across the country due to a death in the family, and they canceled my order since i didnt pay within two minutes! Somthey sold me an item, agreed to the sale, then when i landed and tried to make payment FROM THE AIRPORT, because this seller is impatient and will scam you, they decided to cancel my order because they said someone else bought it! That means they list multiple listings on ebay and have none of the it es or significantly less of the items. To top it all of, they left ME bad feedback, i am the buyer! I tried to pay, but he canceled my order!

Avoide this scammy Ebay seller, who goes by vintagenesgaming!


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