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Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 801 Chestnut Street
Phone 800.901.9878

AT&T Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2021

My husband passed away a year ago and he had a business phone number. Since I do not need a business phone I want to change it to residential but keep the number. ATT tells me that I have to keep it as a business number unlisted for one year to change it to residential.

It is extremely expensive and I am on a fixed income. This is absurd and I need help to resolve this issue.

  • Aug 11, 2021

at & t oh hell no! do not go to this store they are desperate for commissions!!! i went in to the store to get a new sim card and the rep Salvador was trying to get me to upgrade a phone on my plan i told him i didn't have time i purchased the simm card got home and found out this little punk change my plan to a zero data plan all because i didn't upgrade a phone

this was confirm thur att 611 then i find out they added two additional lines to my account !! 4 lines and i signed up for two this is not a cooperate store folks do not use all confirmed thru att 611 and the loyalty department very sad cant make a living working here so they commit fraud i have all the proof.

  • Jun 19, 2021

At 6411 Chippewa St. St Louis MO: Recently I cancelled a new contract at 13day grace period, because of poor Customer Service, daily front Camera Hacking, no Firewall on the new Galaxy, recycled phone number, etc. Britney accepted the Galaxy, but refused to cancel service. Britney told me to cancel the service by calling a OUTSOURCED 1-877-710-9276 "customer loyalty" where I spoke to a female named Reg Lastimosa. Lastimosa is in the Philippines, spoke menu English, threatened to charge me a 30 day fee (again, the phone was returned within 13 days) and pretended to not hear me clearly.

AT&T refused to cancel my service and the Outsourcing tried to strongarm me.

  • May 26, 2021


  • Apr 17, 2021

Purchased the AT&T phone, and pre paid phone card. Activated the phone, and was assigned a number. The very next day I begin receiving " calls," from auto warranty companies, using spoofed numbers which showed my area code. There's no doubt at all that AT&T sells numbers to these scam artists, or worse, is in colusion with them. I continue to get calls, they won't stop. When my minutes run out, I'm getting a different carrier.

  • Apr 10, 2021

I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone, getting shuttled from department to department, providing the requested documents as requested via the Payment Inquiry Website provided by Supervisor Alex Molina (Claim # 5307778, Incident# 210330-000116) during a 60-minute phone call on 3/30 which commenced at 2:00 pm ET.

I then spent 45-minutes on the phone with my bank in order to arrange for a copy of the requested copy of the Electronic Fund Transfer provided by my bank (Bank of America) to the [email protected] email address provided by Accounts receivable Supervisor Horatio Caesar during a 45-minute phone call 4/3 which commenced at 10:55 am ET.

I have automatic payments set up through my online banking, which sends a check for more than my bill amount, to avoid any shortages based on the varying bill due to days in the month. I send this payment two weeks ahead of the due date.

On 3/13 my bank sent a payment of $155 for my March bill, due 3/27. I have attached the EFT showing you deposited my check, which my bank indicated was deposited by you on 3/21, yet I started receiving non-payment notices and termination threats. At that time, I should have had a $24.60 credit in my account.

After discussing the issue as described above, I issued a check for the $130.40, despite you having already cashed my prior check for $155.

While checking my account today, I discovered that you have now issued a bill for $282.77, still showing the $130.40 as past due, despite your now having cashed two checks totaling $288.40, and had the audacity to charge me a $9.99 late fee, despite my account being noted that a payment was already sent.

  • Mar 17, 2021

I find it outrageous that AT&T charges $65 a month for service that half the time doesn't work and when there's an issue, which every month I have five or six issues where I have to call AT&T in which an average of 3 days to finally reach somebody from AT&T because my service doesn't work but they charge you $65 a month for service that you can't use and then when you call service at 611 they have an automated system and you have to hit the same button and say the same answer 16 times before it brings you to the right location and then as they're connecting you to an operator? they hang up on you.

AT&T does not have any customer service all they care about is taking your money they can care less that you do not have phone service that I'm paying for... AT&T doesn't work and nobody will answer the phone when you call for help AT&T sucks. I'm going to be going to Metro PCS.

  • Nov 29, 2020

In December 2019 I signed up for AT&T Uverse. Being in the middle of football season, I asked the lady that I was speaking with 3 times and was assured each time that they had NFL Redzone. I set up the service and when Sunday comes, I cannot find it on the TV anywhere. At that point, I call in for assistance finding it and find out that I was lied to, they do not even offer NFL Redzone. I took a couple of months and figured out that I wanted to switch to Spectrum. At that point, I called AT&T, told the young man on the phone that I intended to cancel my service and wanted to pay everything that I owed to that point.

I paid what I owed and immediately turned took all of the equipment to the UPS store and turned it in. All of this information should be on a recorded call that can be heard. The lies I was told in the beginning, the call of me canceling my service, and the equipment turn-in has been verified by the people I have spoken to since, plus, there has been absolutely no activity on my account since the cancelation and equipment turn in. At that point, I had switched to Spectrum and had full service with them.

Being on the phone and juggled back and forth with several people in July, they finally canceled my service but were billing me in excess of $800 for services that were not supposed to be charged. The last person I was on the phone with assured me that everything would be taken care of. The only thing that was done was they adjusted the bill $200 and sent me a new bill. Since then I have spent countless hours with countless people explaining my situation and being told that the people I was talking to could not help me and that they would send it up and someone would contact me. No one ever has. I did my due diligence and canceled my service, paid what I owed, and turned the equipment in. I can't imagine how any company could in good conscience continue to not help me get this corrected. Now, they have turned it into a collection agency and now I have another issue on my hands.

This bill is not owed, it is due to the incompetence of the employees at AT&T. Honestly, this is the worst experience I have ever had in my life with a company, From the lies that I was told in the beginning, to the way they have continued to bill me after cancelation, and the lack of contact with anyone that could help me resolve this after being told that someone would contact me time and time again. I do not owe this bill and I would like it to be resolved by adjusting it to $0.00

  • Oct 11, 2020

I have a phone that I am trying to unlock. The unlock number provided that was generated and given to me has a fail message. I have NOT put it in wrong. Plus, At&t and T-mobile have both tried the code. We have switch the sim card twice. The sim works in every phone but this particular phone. I have been told numerous times that the code itself is faulty. I have tried contacting and have spoken to many various supervisors, all who tell me that they will be working on this case and will call me back.

I have yet recieved 1 call back from any one of them and just found out every case assigned to me has been closed. Yet, the phone clearly hasn't been unlocked. They keep giving me the same bad unlock code instead of fixing this issue. I own the phone free and clear. I have jumped through every hoop your customer service has asked of me. This should be illegal to hold your phone hostage like this.

  • Sep 15, 2020

I used AT&T Roadside Assistance on 08/24/20 . They charged me a $40 surchare for the service . My insurance will reimburse me the fee but I cannot find anyone at ATT&T to help . They have the service thru Allstate Insurance and I have gotten a dead end there too .How hard would it be for someone to fax the receit that I never recieved to my insurance for me . When you call either place you get the run around . ATT&T says they don't handle it , when they are the ones selling the service .

Allstate can't help me , but when they transfere me to a customer service rep it is an automated service . On the phone for over two hours . AT&T sucks along with Allstate customer service . The number on my bank statement is 423-900-8305 and it goes directly to voicemail . Called two days and no one has relied .

  • Sep 10, 2020

AT&T is a total fraud and I wish someone would investigate the number of people they lie and cheat to. I recently contacted them for 2 phones and was informed that I would only have to pay $1 a month for a 30 month installment for each phone. When I got my bill today, I was being charged $15 a phone. I know $28 a month for 30 months isn't a huge deal but I am sure I am not the only one that they are lying to.

It's the principal and the lack of integrity by the company to make it right. I was on the chat for over 6 hours to purchase the phones and I was on the phone for over 2 hours today trying to get my bill straightened out. They were not willing to stand behind the people that they hired and who told me the price of the phone.

Please see the attached transcript. In it, you will see where I repeatedly asked if the installment would be $1 and they confirmed that. I just hope this might help other people not get taken by this dishonest company.

  • Aug 4, 2020

(Long story, I was warned about att, I didn't personally have problems because I never had to directly deal with them)

I got ATT internet and TV (bundle for $120, the internet was $40 tv was $80, the internet was $60 without bundle with free $99 install) expecting to move with a family member expecting to move quite soon. The installer did a terrible job, just throwing down TV cable haphazardly along the bed. I saw it and personally moved it behind to try to make it better. Shortly after the guy mentioned a wifi booster. I asked about the price and he said $99 I said I never needed them before and was clear I wasn't interested. He left after the install was done.

Later I noticed the wifi booster was not only there but plugged in meaning I was charged something I never asked for. I find out I wasn't going to be able to move as I thought, meaning I was going to have to pay the bill I was never going to use. On the third day after install, I asked about what could be done. The person mentioned service suspension and said it will be shut off and you won't be billed. I said alright I'll do that.

Months went by I called every so often to check if it was still in suspension around the last of the month I get a ~$225 bill and I was pissed. I NEVER EVEN GOT TO USE IT. I called them. Turns out they said the bill is sent out the same day as install but they will refund the wifi booster next bill cycle. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago where this all went south. Knowing I WAS going to move. I called them up saying I want it turned back on. They said I still owed $193.14. I was like wtf, what about the wifi and the service that was never used. They said again the bill was sent out the same install day, I think they said it was in collections but I can't remember. Then they basically said you still have to pay the first month.

As this is a long story (which I'm awful at) They said if you want service you need to pay the remaining balance and call them back saying you did to get service. Since I needed the internet I paid it anyway (I wouldn't have otherwise as I won't pay for something I haven't asked/used, obviously). Soon as I did the app said my account was canceled. Holy fk I was pissed off, to say the least...After being on hold for 30 mins, then getting disconnected, calling again, talked to someone then getting transferred, and immediately losing connection like it was on purpose. Then getting the PR basically f you speak about them somehow caring but there's nothing they can do about it. I end in defeat.

The next day or so I FINALLY get someone that was actually competent but one of the stupid sh*t AT&T decided to have the need to send me ANOTHER modem because something about it not working and hard-wired/built into it. I said all pissy that's like buying a new phone bc you can't charge it. In the end, the women said I will note this and you should (I haven't) get a call about this and you can talk to someone and see if they can resolve it. Two days later I get the new NEW equipment modem (had to install it myself which was no problem, but I had to register which I never saw on the instructions so it took like an hour after I had the computer and internet physically connection to actually have internet access) I have internet now which of course I'm using but I'm still out. They also said the wifi booster is $49 and basically call me a liar and being out the $193.14 even though it SHOULD only be $7/mon equipment fee, taxes, $35 processing fee, and less than THREE DAYS I had service.

  • Jul 25, 2020

I called AT&T DirecTV to cancel my service due to being unemployed during a pandemic and the bill being over $220 for years. Service was disconnected 7/21/2020. However, the rep told me that they would not pro rate my final bill, which means I will be paying for 2 weeks of satellite service which I will not receive. So - during a pandemic, after telling the rep (truthfully) that I had been unemployed for months, which was why I was cancelling service, AT&T Policy is to charge customers for a full month regardless of where their cancellation date falls in the billing cycle. Apparently, this is perfectly legal. I consider it FRAUD. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars AT&T is swindling off its customers?

  • Jul 18, 2020

ATT was running a special for BJs members - I had been looking to change my cell phone for a few weeks and so their offer to give a $250.00 gift card among other special was a good deal. I wrote everything down with prices and said I would return the next day with my husband.

I returned and the salesperson Zack was not there. The next day I called and again he was not there. I called for 2 more days - not there. On Friday I called the front desk of BJ's and they got a rep to come to the phone.

It was a different person. She didn't know what happened to Zack but she would be there the whole weekend. I read through my list and she agreed all the prices were right. Went right over and as she's writing up the order the prices were much higher.

I showed her my list and she said she misunderstood - that Zack gave me the wrong price. I had her call her manager - his reply was he was in a meeting and couldn't talk to me. I left - no one ever called back. I called Corporate office of BJs and they said they would investigate.

I did get an email but then nothing. It has been a month now so I am just going to let consumers know what's going on.

  • Jun 29, 2020

(1) I've been with AT&T for a few decades now. I called to upgrade to a newer phone. We went through the process, but at the end of the call, I was told delievery might be a bit longer due to Covid19. I said I would cancel the order and just go up the street where there is an AT&T store. We both called the store to make sure they carried the Iphone11--the representive assured us that she has it.

(2) The following day I go to the AT&T store and sat for over an hour with a mask on, awaiting my turn. When it was my turn, she couldn't help me because AT&T didn't cancel the order or reverse the upgrade

(3) Call to AT&T (mid April) they listen to the issue, apolygize, promise I will receive my refund, and the cancellation/reversal of upgrade was completed.

(4) A week later, another call. Different person--again promises everything to be rectified today.

(5) Another week another call--where's my refund? I get told it was put into my bank account and I will have to ask my bank where it is?? Then she said, she would create a ticket to have someone follow the money trail--could take 5-7 business days, I responded with, it will only take me 5 mins to get a new phone carrier. Tons more promises, all are broken naturally

(6) Call and speak to the retaintion department--the guy informs me, the order was never cancelled. ( now I'm losing my patience)

(7) Automated system probably works off of keywords spoken, so call can be directed to the right dept/person--system heard some new keywords today, that I'm pretty sure isn't in the system. I beg someone to allow me to speak to a manager--I get put on hold per usual for a lengthy time--she comes back on the line and manager said your refund will be in the bank this Friday. I again said, please have her/him call me--she said she will--never did and of course there wasn't any refund.

(8) I'm going to bypass other phone call attempts that I made without any resolution, to an email I received from Latrice Keith. I would like to speak with you regarding a concern presented to AT&T Office of the President. My name is Latrice Keith and my number is (925) 302-4849.

Please call me Monday - Friday between the hours of 9:00 am - 3:00 pm PT. If I am unavailable, please leave a message with your phone number and the best time to reach you.

Our top priority is to treat our customers to a premium experience every time they interact with us. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and explain your concerns.

Seriously???!!!! I made four calls to her and left a voicemail each time--she never answered and has not returned my call.

(9) Yeah, I'm furious and I'm not going away. Not only have I been with them for a few decades, I have my whole family with them as well. I truly appreciate the thank you I'm receiving for that.

  • Jun 20, 2020

Some time today, my phone was unable to call out. My daughter is here visiting, she is also an ATT customer and SHE cannot call out either. I have an iphone, she has an android. I can do other things on my phone. Siri works, apps work, just cannot call out. Even though it SHOWS I have my usual one or two bars. Tried logging into att, said my pass code was wrong. Now they could text ME a temp one. So I know my phone works. It's just not able to make a call.

My house is BARELY on the outer fringe of the towers range. I even drove to the town where the one and only tower is located. STILL no service.

This has happened before. That tower has issues and NO ONE at ATT realizes it.

Gotta get past about six rounds of low level morons before an actual service tech gets the message.

I checked their site to see if there is an outage in my area and it shows all clear. WRONG.

I logged into my att account page, no problems, I'm on pre paid, all good. Searched for help, USELESS.

BUT I tried searching for "live chat" and that actually came up. It's not visable on the page but seems they have it. BUT... the thing is an autobot and keeps telling me to sign in. I WAS ALREADY SIGNED IN! But ok, clicked the link, logged in, chat pops back up asking me to sign in. And around we go. Dead end useless circle.

The last time I went through all this I found them on twitter. So I've been sending messages to at&thelp on twitter. Also useless! I started this at 6:23pm. Between 6:23 and 6:49 I have so far heard back from no less than five different people!

KatS CesarR VanessaC AnthonyW PaulinnM

I've been asked for my zip code multiple times now. I told them EXACTLY where the one and only tower in my area is located. Then I wait..... zzzzzz..... and someone else asks again.

The closest att store to me is about a half hour away and closes in a half hour. And of course, NO live chat and NO email available at all. Only a phone number WHICH I CANNOT CALL!

What is wrong with this company?

How can a "communications" company be so danged hard to COMMUNICATE WITH?

And trust me, THIS is the best in my area. T-mobile has no service AT ALL. Had Boost years ago, heard they use the exact same tower. Thier support was bad but at least I could eventually reach a human. (usually took days, one reason I left them.) Verizon left a rotten taste when they were the ONLY land line around. Pre cells. They were so horrible I would NEVER go back to them. Sprint perhaps, only that would mean buying a new phone.

And that's all there is. Bad, worse, and no service at all. Just dandy! Maybe I should hook up tin cans with string to people I want to talk to. Be more reliable than this.

  • Jun 20, 2020

They may be using the software where the can see your screen. I have important missing emails .

Not including Texarkan Arkansas watching me

  • Jun 15, 2020

I switched from Comcast to AT&T for TV and internet.

They installed on May 23, 2020.

The same day one of the boxes didn't work, I called in, they mailed a new box, took a week to get.

The week of June 3rd I called in because the box in the master bedroom kept going off, then failing to connect, after 30 minutes with customer service the resolution had to be changed.

Tonight, June 15th, 2020 the box in the master bedroom went out 6 times when I turned it on. The 7th time there was a error message telling me to log out of other devices to use this TV.

We pay for 4 boxes, only 3 of the tvs were on, I called AT&T, the cs person told me despite paying for 4 boxes we could only watch 3 at one time.

I ask for a supervisor, he kept avoiding connecting me, spent close to 15 minutes with him repeating why did I want a supervisor, after raising my voice several time he transferred me.

The supervisor said we could only watch 3 tvs at a time. She said things could change in the future but that's the way it is right now, that they report customer feedback and they could change it.

When I complained about paying for 4 boxes and only being able to use 3, when I ask why I wasn't told this when I signed up or when they installed the supervisor told me it was in the terms and service.

I ask for the 4th box to be returned since I could not use it when the other 3 were on and she said I was passed the 14 free look, that I was in a contract and would have to pay for it.

  • Jun 9, 2020

I inquired about AT&T billing cycle, so I know what to pay and owe nothing. So on 5/1- I call AT&T and was told 4/28-5/28 is my cell phone billing cylce and this is your balance for this period. Pay this in full now and you owe nothing. My normal monthly bill was $76.75, but AT&T said I had to pay $111.16, I paid and cancelled 5/21/20. On 6/9/20 I received an AT&T bill for $109.23, when I call AT&T to ask why this bill, when I am with another carrier since 5/21/20, AT&T had me on the phone for 1hr 20min for this one question (told billing was from 4/29-5/28 for $109.23). My monthly bills were $76.75. I immediately knew this was wrong. Billing below is different every month, I am a stressed teacher on a budget. AT&T are billing THIEVES, who messes up your credit.

Nov- $76.75 paid

Dec-$76.75 AT&T said I only paid $40.00 of this bill

Jan- $70.98 paid

Feb-$148.06 paid

Mar $77.08 paid

Apr- $154.16 paid

May 1- $111.16 paid

Jun 9- $109.23 - new bill received

This billing is not right

I wrote about AT&T cable billing problems before cancelling my service. Now I have cancelled AT&T Wireless phone, and I am being billed for phone services I did not use. I pay monthly, what AT&T bill says. but when I started inquirng about cancelling I kept being "blindly" transferred to the retention dept, Which ALWAYS try to keep you as a customer or charge you alot of money and say until you paid this bill in full, you cannot cancel your service. AT&T are bullies when you want to cancel.

  • Jun 4, 2020

Back in October 2019, I called AT&T regarding our Uverse account. We had used them for TV for several years and were generally pleased. At the time of my call, the service representative asked about our cell service. We had been twenty-year customers of Verizon and had always had a good experience with them. The Service agent said we could get "Free phones" if we switched our service to AT&T. We have 3 phones in our service and she said each phone would be "free". I said yes, that sounded like a good deal.

She tells me that we'll see some initial billing for the phones, but it will be reversed in 6 months and we'll receive credits. The nightmare begins. The phones don't arrive for several weeks. One of the phones is faulty. There is difficulty changing over from the Verizon service. Multiple calls are made to AT&T. Each one over 1 hour in length, some over 2 hours, while they make you sit on hold. Even asking to speak to supervisors doesn't help. We're told to send back the faulty phone to be replaced. That was in November or December of 2019.

Today it is June 2020. Even after numerous calls, the phone that was to be "Replaced" never was, and my last call to them last week, the representative said it was a "buyer's remorse" return (which it never was) and after at least 8 separate phone calls regarding the missing phone, why would that only be discussed now. In addition, we have been charged every month for the "free" $500 phones, and I was told on the last call that we were supposed to have sent our existing phones in to have gotten the free phones. I ASKED when I made the switch if they wanted our current phones and was told "no" by the service rep. This last call, the serivce rep then tried to say she might be able to give us some breaks on our TV service. I said, that was not the deal. It was never the deal. I was told "FREE" phones. This was a classic "Bait and Switch", and I am horrified that a large company like AT&T can get away with this. We were good customers of Verizon. I would tell anyone to not believe any promises from AT&T. They are a scam company.

  • Apr 21, 2020

Relocated from one condo unit to another in same building. Had to move out of the previous unit in June 2019. Bought a condo in the same building and did a full renovation taking it down to the studs. Did not move into the new condo until March 30, 2020.

Continued to pay for DirecTV service the whole time because it was too complicated for DirecTV to manage the account equipment.

In August of 2019 I had DirecTV come out to put the dish for the new unit up and run the coaxial cable to my unit. Several technicians were unable to get the coaxial cable to the unit and so I paid someone else to get the coaxial cable into my unit. AT&T/DirecTV billed me $200 in August 2019 presumably for a dish installation although there was no coaxial cable run between the dish and my condo unit.

i requested a technician to finish the installation which was set up on March 30, 2020. There was no charge for this appointment and the technician came out and quickly had my service up and running.

Then the technician told me that he wasn’t going to get paid as much with the kind of service order that I had and he asked me if I would be willing to let him call AT&T/DirecTV and put in a different kind of service call.

He explained that there would be an initial charge of $200 (Presumably the same charge that was billed in August of 2019) on my bill but it would easily be removed. He then called into AT&T/DirecTV pretending to be me and placing the new order.

Later, I was notified that the charge could not and would not be removed. After spending way too much time on the phone, “the back office” has decided that the charge is appropriate.

How can another person, let alone an AT&T/DirecTV contractor, falsely portray themselves to be a customer and put unauthorized charges on that customers bill.

I should not have agreed to let the technician make the call but the facts are that a designated AT&T contractor explained what would happen and it did not happen the way it was explained.

I have all the backup that shows clearly the fraud. The charge in August 2019. The same charge again in March 2020. With respect to the service call on March 30, 2020, my original order Activity Number 1-375J0GS8 showing that the technician arrived at my home at 10:40am on March 30,2020 and my acceptance signature was captured on March 30, 2020 at 11:05 am -25 minutes later. Then, I have another Activity Report 1-375YDJ9D that says that the technician arrived at my home at 12:52 pm on March 30, 2020. This Activity Report says that my acceptance signature was captured on March 30, 2020 at 11:53am - before the technician supposedly even arrived!

  • Apr 5, 2020

Went to AT&T outlet in Lewiston ID, upgraded service from 9GB to "unlimited extra", specifically asked about additional charges and was told none would apply. Upon receiving bill it was 50.00 more than last, attempted calling 5 consecutive days, on hold for over an hour, finally made contact, refused to refund misrepresented amount, Finally allowed $20.00 credit, refused contact with supervisor or legal department. changed service back to 9GB temporarily

  • Mar 13, 2020

I called AT&T to buy the phone and service in December 2019. They offered me a plan where i can trade in the phone with Mobile share plan and they will provide me iphone11 and iphoneXR free by providing monthly credit. I called after my 1st billing cycle when no credit was provided and customer service told me that i will get i n next billing cycle.

I did not get in 2nd billing cycle so called AT&T customer service and they said i have to switch to Unlimited plan in order to get the credit. I don't need unlimited plan and asked them to owner the plan offered to me and provide. I sent them my phone for trade in but still not getting any credit. I called customer service 4 times and every time they escalated to supervisor, loyalty and national but never got it resolved. It is very frustrating to get the credit and i am still waiting for my credit. It is so much bureaucracy in AT&T and i am the victim of their bureaucracy.

I request AT&T to look into my case and please honor the promotion provided to me.

  • Feb 25, 2020

One of ATT "In home experts", came to my residence to check on the work of a technical workman who corrected my landline problem. Then I asked how much it would be if I brought my 2 cell phones over from Consumer Cellular.

He then explained his role as a "In-home Expert" with ATT. He said they can give "Deals" to people that are not available in the ATT stores. Further more if I would trade in my, and my wife's iPhone 7…ATT could give me and my wife….a new iPhone 11…and he had 2 in his vehicle.

He also stated that ATT could also port over my land line phone number onto my cell phone because it happens to be a DUAL SIM phone, therefore I could cancel my land line all together and still receive calls from that old land line number. That sounded good so I took him up on his offer to bring over my, and wife's both cell phone numbers and my old land line phone number to ATT.

WHAT HE DID NOT TELL ME -Meaning, we were LIED TO!

1.He did not tell me: That in order to get this trade-in deal I had to add another line to my account. When he learned about my land line phone number he said they could port that number over to the new Iphone 11 and I could answer and make calls to and from that number as well as my old cell phone number. That would solve the problem of adding another line without TELLING ME that was mandatory to get the deal. But, since my wife had no need of another phone number on HER phone, he had to make up this story about needing to use a *bogus number to get back in the system to port her phone over from the pervious provider. He obviously knew if he told us the truth we would have never done the deal. This was an out and out lie to prevent us from knowing the truth, which would cause us to cancel the transaction then and there.

2. He did not tell me:That this plan that I signed up for, had the the Advantage Protection plan attached for both phones, costing a $40 each per mo. was MANDITORY!

3. He did not tell me:That each phone was charged $23.34 PER PHONE (as if we were buying the phones from AT&T and it was like a monthly payment as if we were purchasing the phones) for the first 30 days or until our old phones get turned in, and even in that capacity, THOSE PHONES had to be EVALUATED as to their WORTH, which would be put against the price of our new iPhone 11's, meaning we would still possibly have to pay more money on a monthly payment to own the phones after 2 years.

4. He did not tell me:If we wanted to return the phones and cancel before the 14 day "Buyer's remorse" law in California (which he did not mention at all), that there would be a $50 "Restocking fee" PER PHONE!

5. He did not tell me…That I had to pay the TAX on the two iPhone 11's costing basically $700 each. Which was at least $108.00 Plus other activation charges. He just said that was the down payment to get started, I thought it would go against the monthly usage of the phones.

*In Home Expert installing BOGUS NUMBER on my account

The (Un named) In Home Expert employee number MS525Q"SAID", he could not make the software function to port over my wife's phone, 310 710 xxxx because he said it "Wouldn't take", and he couldn't get back into the porting software with the same phone number so…he used a bogus number to get back in so he could port her existing number over. That number was still on my wife's NEW Iphone 11, that we COULD NOT REMOVE, and that number was still on the phone when we turned it in at the local ATT store in . Later I learned from a friend who had the same exact experience with AT&T…with turning in his old phone for an iPhone 11, that in order to get the trade-in deal you have to ADD ANOTHER LINE to your account on that particular phone! Now that explains why he made up this story about needing to put a bogus number on her NEW phone (which was a dual SIM phone) to satisfy the parameter of having to add another line to our account, without telling us the truth!

WHICH MEANS: I WAS LIED TO!The "In home expert (un-named here) just added that other line to my Wife's new phone INENTIONALLY and made up this story about needing to use a different number to get into the sytem!!! If he told me the truth, I would have NEVER condoned going through with this transaction! And, I just had a conversation with a friend that said the same exact thing happened to him when he traded his old phone in to ATT, that ATT attached another phone number to his account without telling him directly.

In looking at my bill on line I find that that bogus number which I NEVER gave my permission to add to my account…was listed on my wife's phone as her additional phone number, and would be costing us $45.74 a month if I haden't cancelled both cell phones with ATT on 02/04/2020 and TURNED IN both phones to the ATT store in Mission Viejo Ca. My cell bill with my previous carrier was $43 a mo. for unlimiteded calls and texts, my first bill with ATT was $315.78

When I called his cell phone number the salesman gave me, I left 3 messages on his voice mail, and two texts describing this and other issues. To this date he has NEVER called me back. I also got the cell number of his supervisor, and left texts and VM messages on her phone as well. SHE never has called me back as of 3 weeks later. What a scam they're running here!



When I called tech support I asked "What would my new email be, since I was canceling my Cox. net account. Tech support told me "Oh that's no problem you can keep your old email addresses. I asked how that could be possible if I didn't HAVE a Cox. net ACCOUNT?! They said, "Don't worry you can do it , we're not sure how it works but you can keep your old email addresses.

I just got an email from Cox saying because I canceled my account with them, all my email addresses associated with Cox would be deleted in 60 days. This statement that you can keep your existing email address permanently was, and still is an out an out lie, and all of the ATT tech support people are telling potential customers this same lie.

I have that "", email attached to many places, and it's critical to have that in force, therefore I have to cancel the internet portion of ATT and reinstate Cox to prevent a lot of potential problems. Because they lied to me.

When I signed up w/ATT cell service, I had to fill out an exhaustive form, and I checked NO on Paperless Billing, NO on Autopay, and the NO on the Advantage Protection plan. I called tech support, and billing, and they told me that those choices were logged in as recorded as "NO". Then, ATT sent me an email that said thank you for signing up for the Autopay, the paperless statements, and the Advantage Protection Plan.Then I called again and some tech support person said they would remove me from those things. They kept sending me emails saying, "Thanks for signing up for paperless billing etc.

I called ATT tech support again and they said, "No you DON’T' have paperless billing but ATT just sent you that email because it 's the same one they send every one". REALLY!? They just send out faluse info because they don't want to change it to make it relavant? I wish I'd never heard of ATT Wireless!

  • Jan 20, 2020

DO NOT USE AT&T as a PROVIDER! They will RIP YOU OFF! When I moved last year, I cancelled an AT&T and Direct TV bundle package. Noticed on my bank statement that they continued to bill me for services that were not only disconnected, but for an account that I had any online access to anymore even after I cancelled the account and payments online. (My log-in was no longer recognized by their system.)

The customer reps or robots I spoke to claimed "they had no record of my phone calls" and I proceeded once again to cancel the account and asked for reimbursement of the payments. Of course, the rep couldn't authorize the reimbursement so she suggested I got to a store to rectify the issue.

I asked for a supervisor and was put on indefinite hold and ultimately got disconnected but had assumed - based on the almost 2 hour conversation I had with the rep that the account was cancelled. In fact, I made a huge deal about it and the rep told me that it was handled. Then today, I called to ensure that the account was closed and was informed that it was STILL OPEN and was still being debited from my bank account.

I asked for a senior supervisor and she proclaimed that "She had no control over what her employees put in their phone call notes which is why the account was never closed." When I complained that those reps were causing me to me financially responsible for their incompetency, she said that I was ultimately responsible for ensuring that the account was cancelled and the best they could do is go back 2 months.

I thought it was cancelled, I said. I got a confirmation cancellation # from the rep and even then, the senior supervisor denied their responsibility. When I presented that info to the supervisor, she just read from her script. What's scary is that these conglomerate as*holes have access to my bank account.

I wish I had thought about it earlier, but I'm calling my bank to ensure that they will block any future charges and will dispute all of them. For AT&T to have such deep pockets - it makes me sick that these as*holes train their customer reps to prey on the vulnerability of the system. I'm pursuing legal action and look forward to seeing that snarky supervisor and the stupid robot reps burn in hell!

  • Jan 19, 2020

DO NOT USE AT&T as a PROVIDER! They will RIP YOU OFF! When I moved last year, I cancelled an AT&T and Direct TV bundle package. Noticed on my bank statement that they continued to bill me for services that were not only disconnected, but for an account that I had any online access to anymore even after I cancelled the account and payments online. (My log-in was no longer recognized by their system.)

The customer reps or robots I spoke to claimed "they had no record of my phone calls" and I proceeded once again to cancel the account and asked for reimbursement of the payments. Of course, the rep couldn't authorize the reimbursement so she suggested I got to a store to rectify the issue.

I asked for a supervisor and was put on indefinite hold and ultimately got disconnected but had assumed - based on the almost 2 hour conversation I had with the rep that the account was cancelled. In fact, I made a huge deal about it and the rep told me that it was handled. Then today, I called to ensure that the account was closed and was informed that it was STILL OPEN and was still being debited from my bank account.

I asked for a senior supervisor and she proclaimed that "She had no control over what her employees put in their phone call notes which is why the account was never closed." When I complained that those reps were causing me to me financially responsible for their incompetency, she said that I was ultimately responsible for ensuring that the account was cancelled and the best they could do is go back 2 months.

I thought it was cancelled, I said. I got a confirmation cancellation # from the rep and even then, the senior supervisor denied their responsibility. When I presented that info to the supervisor, she just read from her script. What's scary is that these conglomerate as*holes have access to my bank account.

I wish I had thought about it earlier, but I'm calling my bank to ensure that they will block any future charges and will dispute all of them. For AT&T to have such deep pockets - it makes me sick that these as*holes train their customer reps to prey on the vulnerability of the system. I'm pursuing legal action and look forward to seeing that snarky supervisor and the stupid robot reps burn in hell!

  • Jan 3, 2020

They did nothing to fix or repair the volume on my T.V. and cable box form the volume running up sporaticly

There help line reccommeded if I had 2 T.V. to turn them both on at once. that actuly helped but did not

solve the problem of volume going up and out of control.

  • Dec 24, 2019

Signed up for internet service. Service works faster than Comcast, but it went out. After calling them for 5 days in a row, decided to put it on Vacation Suspension till they resolve the problem. eVERY DAY FOR 5 DAYS THEY TOLD ME IT WOULD BE ON TOMORROW.

iT NEVER WAS. Turned on my Comcast for a month till next billing cycle 12/5. At end of billing cycle called ATT back to take out of vacation hold. turns out they never actually put it in vacation suspension, but they had notes about it in their system. Service restored.

Then I get an email about 12/20 saying next amount due is 96 dollars instead of 50 dollars on 12/25. I didnt have time to call in and inquire why it was 96 instead of 50. Service is on Autopay but disconnects 12/25, their office is closed on Christmas. So I go ahead and sing into account and pay the putstanding balance.

This is when I find out there is an additional amount due for 10/ something till 111/something, so apparently they want to get paid for services they could not render or was on Vacation hold. Serice still out all day 12/25, just great. Im done with this company, Im trying to sit here and avoid just taking the modem outside on the driveway and smashing it with a sledgehammer.

ATT sucks cause they just cannot coordinate with the customer. They want to automate their systems but they get shitty programmers doing the website. Why arent the Indians answering on Christmas day?, their christmas day is over cause they are across the dateline.

Also, they continually expire passwords so even though their website sucks, you still cant get into it. They want to link accounts, not sure what that means. When they send an email with a bill, its not attached, its just a link to a website to again, you guessed it, login, with password, they expired. They seem to expire passwords every 28 days or so, Makes sense.

They do have a very secure system though, because noone can get in and use it. Kind of like if I buried my car keys in the back yard. Highly secure, but not very useful. Ill be tunring slow Comcast Prepaid modem back on today, to get interent service back, and then by by to ATT.

  • Dec 2, 2019

I had a 9GB internet plan which was sufficient for me. I had 3 lines on my family plan. I went in to 34th Street, NYC store to upgrade my phone from XS to 11 Pro. They gave a new phone , I traded in my old one. Well and good.

And then came the manager and advised to switch over to Unlimited Starter plan because that will be less than what I am paying at the moment for the 9GB plan.

It will be about $25 less. And showed me the charges. Well and good. Also she said it will be effective after the date my current plan ends for the month. Nice. She is tood good.

If something is Too good to be true, it is not. I believed AT&T but seems they are scam artists. The plan amount came to be about $335 which was about $50 MORE than what I was paying currently.

Also a new activation fee was charged to my plan and now I see a mysterious new # in my plan. I got neither delivery of the sim card nor I was told that they are going to sneak the new number in.

I could use any type of calculator but nothing what they told me happened i.e my bill could never go below my current bill.

  • Nov 1, 2019

They always bragged about package deal, but none were ever given i was given a wireless upgrade with 6months ago they tried to charge me $106 a month for that a wireless phone never activated and keep trying to charge a storage fee of $45 for canceling the wireless service they made a mistake the incorrect cell number.

All digits have to be right for activation they even sent the store fee to a company called Sequim Collection and still asking for payment of $45 .00 the phone was never used no activation they have thousands of overcharged customers just like ours $100 to $130.

Over charge each month i complained they claimed never recieving a check by mail. i was checking for simular payments by a credit card her discover that was ok. but the $!00 to $130.00 was correct internet went up $15 to 50 a month $ 50 phone up $ 50 cable up Is correct. the deducted $100 for service then raised it up again i discountinued their service. i was not happy.

  • Oct 22, 2019

I tried the "service" but when I realized how bad it was I tried to cancel but could never reach anyone. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! They owe we several month's payments. Also during this period, I had severe eye injuries and went blind. I told them this and they still wouldn't help resolve the issue. They are a ripoff! The "service" is terrible!

  • Oct 6, 2019

Re: (Complaint) FYI, I hate making complaints but as 45-year long loyal customer who loved AT&T until now, I have no choice. Being disabled it would be appreciated if someone gave me the courtesy and took the time to read this and address it. Thanks.

10-7-19 Dear AT&T As former law enforcement officer on a 100% VA disability from a combination of preexisting war wounds and job related injuries I was taught to take notes and write down all the particulars of a complaint ergo the following: On 10-4-19 I called AT&T thinking I would speak to someone in customer service who could help me in upgrading my Internet speed.

For about an hour starting at 10:52 A.M, I spoke to a guy named Rick from Jacksonville Florida. I told him I was mad because I just spent 13 minutes trying to reach my doctor on the VA Secure Messaging site for veterans and was ticked off that I never got through.

I wrote down the speeds and time to show how slow it was when trying to access my doctor’s site but it was too long to put here. I had to stop the cursor and restart it several times. I previously found that it loaded up a little faster when you stop and restart it.

I needed to discuss my health issues with my doctor so, it was important to get in contact with him. Rick was very sympathetic and understood the need for having a faster speed. He told me I could get a 1.5 MBS upgrade from my 758 MBS.

While talking about speed, I said I would check the speed test site I have on my computer tool bar while we talked. I did a couple separate tests that showed the different speeds, all were different and low. One down load was 0.51, up was 0.08, ping 122.40. Another was down 0.27, up 0.13, pings 136.75. Rick said he recorded it on his computer so you can check it out.

I don’t know much about the speeds; I only know that my machine is very slow. Rick suggested that I have a technician come out to the house and check the wiring to make sure there wasn’t a problem there so, he set up an appointment for me for Saturday 10-5-19 between 1&5 P.M. and then told me he couldn’t give me the upgrade in his department, he would have to transfer me.

He waited on the phone with me for several minutes for someone to pick up in customer service but no one answered. After about 10 to 15 minutes or so I told him there was no sense of him waiting with me so, I told him to hang up and leave me on the line and I would wait.

He said he wanted to call me Monday for a follow-up so, I said around 11:00 A.M. would be okay. This should all be in the computer at AT&T. A few minutes later at 12:02 P.M. a guy named Channing from the Philippians answered.

I explained my life away again and was told that he didn’t do the changes I needed so, he transferred me again to a completely incompetent idiot named Sam, also in the Philippians at 12:14 P.M. Without exaggeration I had to tell this guy my name and address about a half dozens or more times as well as my account number that I read off my billing statement.

He must have said, " thank you for your patience more than a dozen times” as if that would suffice. He kept questioning the 4 accounts that I have in a bundle with AT&T because he couldn’t find my Internet account to verify it. I said that he should read back my account number to me to make sure he copied it down right.

Instead of doing that, he asked for it again. At that point I had been on the phone for over an hour and was ready to give up and he said, " Oh! I’m sorry but we don’t have that speed in your area yet.” He went on to say that the company is putting in fiber optics in my area and that someone would contact me when it is completed.

He also said that the first guy named Rick lied to me and that he would put that in the computer. We hung up at 12:38 P.M.. For some 8 years now I’ve been calling AT&T off and on asking if I can get a higher speed. They always said it will be there soon, which was baloney.

One of my biggest issues is when I tried to send a couple of pics with text to my state senator through my desktop computer a few weeks ago. I let it run for 45 minutes checking back and finally gave up. The little cursor just kept spinning and spinning and spinning.

I tried my tablet knowing it took 8-10 minutes to send one email with 2 pics and it finally went through after several minutes but I thought my desktop would work faster ergo the attempt, which brings me to the Saturday appointment.

After waiting for 3 hours and 40 minutes for the technician to arrive, I got a recording call from number 1-888-321-2375 at 4:40 P.M. telling me that someone would be there in 20 minutes at 5:00 P.M. When no one showed up, I called the above number at 5:40 P.M. a couple of times trying to speak to a person only to end up having to deal with a recording that didn’t understand that I wanted to speak to someone about my appointment.

I kept being told to punch key # 8 to report a channel problem. When I changed the wording saying it was an, "appointment scheduling issue” I got the same response. On my second attempt I hit the 8 and listened until the end and was told to hit "0” to speak to an agent.

I ended up back at the Philippians once again speaking to a guy named Michael. I started to tell him that I wanted to know when the tech guy was coming. He blew me off putting me on hold. I waited a couple of minutes and gave up thinking that the tech guy may show up anyway.

Much to my dismay, to say I was extremely stressed and disappointed once again would be an understatement. It was an hour and ten minutes after my 5:00 appointment that I got another call from a recording at 6:10 P.M. saying that my "installation appointment” was canceled telling me to call 1-800-288-2020 to reschedule.

This was the same number I started out with earlier. As for the tech checking out my Internet issue, it wasn’t about having an instillation as the recording stated so, I don’t know if that was a problem with the order. This time consuming stressful nasty way to treat a very long time customer should not be tolerated.

I was misled and treated poorly by people that don’t have the customer’s best interest in mind making the whole rotten experience all for nothing. If I learned nothing else in life, if it happened to me then it happened to thousands of others. In closing, I want to add that many years ago I was given a $100.00 to come back to AT&T.

At this point in time, I wouldn’t take a $1000,00 for the grief I was put through. What I don’t need is a pat on the head and a simple apology. I want to know what you are going to do about keeping me as a customer before I go public in a big way.

As a writer for many newspapers you can goggle my name if you like to see who I am. Please respond. Respectfully, 100% disabled Marine Vietnam veteran and former law enforcement officer. Gregory J Topliff

  • Sep 17, 2019

For 11 months I have made numerous calls regarding my cell service, or lack of. For 11 months I have been given the run around with technical support. I have expressed several times that I have a medically fragile child and was deeply concerned that I would not be able to reach 911. Each occasion I expressed this concern I was reassured this would not happen.

Today in the very early morning hours I had to call 911 and my call didn't go through. I had to leave my son during his Tonic Clonic seizure and run down the street to call 911. Unbelievable. For 11 months I have held up my side of the contract by paying my bill and for 11 months I have not had cellular service in my home. Today, I called again. (four times just today) I was told that my ticket that was submitted on September 11th was still open after I was promised this would be resolved by 48 hours.

Still no resolution. Here are some of the support examples I have been given throughout the last 11 months: the towers are down; do you live in a spot with service coverage. (answer is yes, it's dark blue, and why would you be asking me this question?) Turn your phone on airplane mode to force Wi-Fi calling. (This one was my favorite) Turn on Wi-Fi calling (it's on, it doesn't work) . Reset your network. (done numerous times, failed numerous times) and finally, your SIM card may be bad (I got a new one) I have spent over $3,000.00 the last 11 months and received neither cellular service, nor customer or technical service.

Today I was offered a $25.00 refund. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Unacceptable, at best you owe me the last 11 months, the amount I have spent on Skype credits for both calling and text and compensation for the indescribable horrifying experience of leaving my child to call 911.

  • Sep 15, 2019

I called on September 16th to cancel satellite service. I am no longer under contract with them. I was told that they will continue to bill for service until the end of the billing cycle even though I no longer am connected!!! How can a legitimate company bill for a service that a consumer is no longer connected to?

  • Sep 3, 2019

I had extra charges of 243.91 in the first bill, i called the customer services 6 times, every time representative say it will take 72 hours to see it deducted from the bill. Representatives name and ID # as following; Normo ID# NB399Q, Tim ID# tp967v, Red ID# CA259E, Oraco Y80FKK3, Anisha ID# AM864C, KC id # KB0116. All calls made from 08-08-2019 until today 09-04-2019, and nothing done.

  • Aug 12, 2019

We moved on July 27 to Locust Grove Ga. Ever since that day we have one bar on our cells phones, calls drop, and calls will not connect. We have to sit in one spot to use our phones. I called in and was told 4 different stories today being the lastest call. They said there is a nationwide service outage that will not be fixed until September 19.

We can't go without service until then.They said we can cancel service but we have to pay for the phones. This is unfair because we need to cancel our service because we don't have any reception in our new home. We also can't get internet they keep lying and switching up reasons and we are still being charged for services we don't have.

Today I called and was told it was a worldwide outage but the street behind me and the side of me has service. Customer service just tells you anything. I even had a supervisor to tell me they are hiring, and need help and are behind on installations. He also said he would call me on Monday and as of Tuesday still no call.

  • Jul 30, 2019

I wanted to transfer my line out of a family plan. My number is out of contract so it should have been easy. I was told at the AT&T store that I would have to create a new line and that I can cancel my number that I've had for 20 years. I created a new line and went about my way. Within the first few days I was getting so many harassing calls that I had to call customer service 3 times. (An hour minimum hold time) On the third call I was told to return the phone.

I did so within a week of having the phone. There's a no obligation 14 day return window. Before the week was up, I also got a $226 bill when my service should've been only $60 a month. I called about the bill after returning the phone and paying a restocking fee. I was told it would all be waived and my account would reflect a zero balance. The following month I got a past due statement for $14. Again I called and was told it would be zeroed out.

The following month I got another bill and again I called and was told it would be zeroed. A month later I got a FINAL NOTICE letter stating that my service was disconnected for non payment and that several attempts to contact me were unsuccessful. I called the number provided on the letter and spent two hours on the phone and no one knew what to do. I was transferred to six different people only to be told that I was being charged for wifi usage on the phone even though I was told by the customer service that I would not be charged anything for returning during the return window.


  • Jul 28, 2019

I contacted AT&T asking for a less exspensive cell plan. I was told by switching from the Unlimited Choice plan to the Unlimited and More plan I would save $20 per month. Wrong, it increased my bill by $45 per month.

  • Jul 26, 2019

Here is my story. I am a sports fanatic and wanted desperately to connect with Bien sports channel. AT&T local office assured me they had Bien in their lineup. After installation of AT&T services I learned Bien sports was having contract disputes with many carriers.

Immediately I called AT&T customer service to cancel my service. I was transferred to a BS artist who refused my request. He kept talking in circles and tried to convince me to keep the service. After more than 15 minutes of saying sent my charge of $128 to collections and that dropped my credit score by 92 points. Thanks AT&T. Hope you rot in HELL!

  • Jul 9, 2019

I was offered a promo of by one phone get 1 free every month says I've had the phone they charge me for the phone they were supposed to apply a credit to my account for the past 9 months and yet they have not done so they've disconnected service in the midst of me being on the phone with them.

My phone are in active the IMEI numbers are on recognizable and I'm just stuck with follows that I can no longer use and that I was supposed to get for free and that I'm still stuck paying for.

  • Jul 1, 2019

I was in Las Vegas late March and got into my car and my iphone fell out of my pocket right as I shut the door and it was crushed. I went into N. Durango AD store to find out my options. I had a phone stolen, fell in the lake with another phone in my pocket, so I was out of insurance. The manager there, Greg I think, told me I could exercise a BOGO, add a new line and get two new phones. He then told me as I was adding the other line that I had to pay my other phone off (the crushed one), first to get the other new phone. He told me I had 15 days to pay off the phone and get the deal.

I came back in about 8 days or so to pay off the phone and the guy that was there called Greg and relayed his message the deal was no longer valid. I was probably visually upset, but not out of line or rude. The guy there was rude and did not offer a resolution. I went outside and called AT&T and they said the deal was still going.

I went back in and was confronted, and I mean confronted with big eyes and attitude, by a woman who worked for your store. I told her I felt like she was getting an attitude with me, that the guy was offering no help and she ended up calming down. The other guy started working on it. He finally threw his hands up and said he wasn't touching it. She told him to go to the back room and told me to come back when Greg was working, but he was not there.

I left and called AT&T and they said I could actually send the phone in and they would return my phone. I had a bad experience before where my phone died with Tmobile out of the blue, I went in and asked to use my insurance, they told me I did not have insurance and so I went through another mail in option and they ended up charging me a ton of money, saying the phone was water damaged, which it was not. So, I asked AT&T if I could go into a company store and they said yes.

I went there and they said it was a good thing I didn't do the mail in because apparently there are always mix ups when returning AD merchandise to corporate. He said the deal was still going, so he had no idea why that was said. I paid off my old phone and he gave me a new phone. He had a hard time getting the payment to go through, but he overrode it. He said it would take a few months for the lower payment to kick in and that I would be credited the additional amount.

Fast forward to recently, I called in to see how many more payments I had to make at this amount. My Dad listened to this entire exchange. They told me they did not see a deal even on my account and also saw someone was calling in my account multiple times in the recent past. He also said the deal should go through immediately, so he didn't understand the lag. He told me that he would note suspicious activity and needed to transfer me to Fraud.

I was transferred to fraud and the initial lady was not helpful. She said she did not even see the calls. I asked her to get the guy on the phone that just noted my account. She said that she had no idea who that was. I asked her if there were notes on my account and a name. I gave her the department. She would not answer me and was pretty rude the entire time. I asked for a manager.

This lady was initially kind of rude, but ended up calming down and spent about an hour or so on the phone with me, getting all the details. She said she worked in sales at one point and that the lag in the discount is indeed how it happens. After getting all the details, she transferred me back to AT&T customer service and said she would remain on the phone. Customer service put me on hold a couple of times, finally said she could help me, that there was an issue and it was because I got the wrong phone.

I told her I was never told I was getting the wrong phone. The rep just went and got a phone. He never said this phone would negate the deal. In face, the lag in payments was the last thing he told me and it was while he was activating the new phone. I tried to speak to the Fraud person on the phone, but she had hung up without saying anything. Then the girl said the rep messed up, you all would fix it, it was on AT&T, but she needed to have someone call me back in twenty or thirty minutes. Noone called for over an hour.

I called back and got another young lady who was sweet at first. She looked into it and suddenly found out after about 20 hours of dealing with this stuff that the deal was offered during the time it was going, but it expired before I came into the store. She admitted also the mistake was on AT&T, but said that I would have to go back into the store, find the guy and have them fix it. I was upset, but not livid.

I was more shocked that AT&T after all of this time was doing something very similar to their customers that Tmobile was doing. I have always considered AT&T a higher class company. I was yelling noooo noooo... like, I something tragic happened. She was taking it personal, so I asked for a manager. The manager was as cut and dry as humanly possible and did not offer a solution

. I told her that I knew someone that was a higher up (no names) and was going to have to go to them (you), but I explained throughout this process I really did not want to do that. I still don't want to, but I have no other choice. She said I could talk to whoever I wanted, but you all would basically say the same thing that I would have to travel 2K miles, go find the guy, make him do... what'?? to get AT&T to make it right, even though multiple reps had admitted it was an error on AT&T.

This is how almost three hours of conversations, being transferred to multiple people, being treated poorly by multiple people, being told different stories by multiple people and being lied to by multiple people. The only reason they called me with an unfair resolution was because I know a higher up and he reported the case for me. He admitted fault as the other reps did and then told me that they don't have to honor misrepresentation. I was never rude to him, he kept interrupted me and when I told him I was done talking to him, he hung up on me mid sentence. So, basically the office of the president has a rep who calls and talks over people and says that AT&T doesn't have to honor their word and hangs up on you.

I reported it to the BBB, and this guy calls me back and has the audacity to ask me if I have proof and he hangs up on me again when I refuse to let him talk over me.

  • Jun 16, 2019

On 8/09 Direct TV turned on Playboy/Movies Extra pack for (free). When they called to let me know it was on, I told them I did not want it and to turn it off. They stated that it was free to all and they had to turn it on. Then they end up charging me for the service because I didn't call and turn it off. this is a service I did not want and ask them to not connect. I paid them and told them I never want to see that on my bill again. It was removed.

Then at the beginning of 2019 AT&T called to tell me that they were turning on Showtime for free. I immediately told them I did not want it. I don't watch either HBO or Showtime, but to no avail, since it was being turned on to all customers. Again' they charged me for the service the next month even after I stated I did not want it. When I called their customer service, the stated that I was been credit for the service, however, the charge $30.99 and credit $17.99 back, thus ripping people off for $13.00 per month.. When I call again to turn it off they keep saying it free, but they are addressing HBO, but since the line item on the bill is HBO/Showtime, they are only partially right and this action borders on fraud if not out right illegal.

We hear about fraud scams in newspapers and TV all the time, but permit one of the biggest companies in US to do this to our people. They are ripping off many customers, maybe millions, and I'm surprised that there isn't a class action suit against this company.

  • Jun 9, 2019

ON 6/4/19 I was notified via email that I had successfully setup my order and profile for Att and Direct TV.

At an address located in Chicago, where I am not a resident. I called ATT to dispute and get the complete run around. Fraud dept. doesn't answer, abuse email doesn't respond, AND I called to cancel before they went out, and they did it anyways, and now I have a BILL! In MY NAME!

  • May 22, 2019

It is unbelievable that we are allowing AT&T not all cause us to have them as cell phone service, but now they are our TV Service. They are charging extremely high fees because they are monopoly and own both cell phone service and TV Service.

Why was this allowed? Check your bills. They are ripping people off and allowed too.

  • Apr 9, 2019

Had Directv istalled march 12 2019, Choice packsge advertised at $45 a month, 1st reiever free, 2nd reciever $5, with tax quoted by business office $60.69 a month, well im in 27 days, on demand dont work,3 month free trial of starz/encore/cinamax and showtime not on.

Got 1st bill today, $116, called billing to see why it was double, got a rude gal tht said the package i chose was 119 a month, but she gave me a $20 break,said it was 99.20 a month,1st receiver $7,2nd receiver $15 a month, told her what services wasnt working and tech support had been trying for nearly 3 weeks to get on demand turned on but still hadnt found problem, so she adjusted bill for that, but when i ask about each months service from now on.

She quoted $79.17 a month, i said the installer and business office both said $60.69, she tried to convince me that they hadnt quoted correct price for lease on receivers, i said im on your web page looking at available packages and you ad say $45 a month and in fine print it says 1st reciever free and 2nd one $5,, she still refused.

SO not having it 30 days yet i called to see if i could cancel, they said yes but it would cost me $20 permonthx 23 months($460). I have made a report with the BBB and FTC. I feel like since they can't get the programming, nor the billing to match their advertised pricing and programming that i should be recieving.

That to me is abreach that they are not providing what they are advertising. If i was 3 weeks late on my payment, i bet they would shut my service off. So how can they go 3 weeks without getting everything corrected and continually stay in business. While im at it, dont getDVTN, i had it 6 months, and it would stay hung on guide 2 hours ata time, you couldnt get it off by uplugging router, resetting everything, i was on chat 11 hours with it hung on guide, they said it was my roku remotes,so i paid $160 for 3 new one.

Then they said router, another $99, i finally hung bup on them, they called me 2 weeks later saying they had done a software update and found their problem, point is, i told them i could stream netflix, hulu, prime, roku and all was perfect, only DVTN would say i had a slow connection and could not load content.

I have 75 mg light fiberb to the house and i could shut down all my laptops ,turnoff all the tvs, and it would come up slow connection, run speed test, showed 68mg, so if you think directv dish is bad,you better take warning and stay away from DVTN.

  • Apr 4, 2019

I called att to disconnect my tv/telephone/ internet service with them on March 25. I answered all their questions on why I was asking for the service to be disconnected on March 29th. Because the new provider was hooking up their services on March 28th. I told att that I wanted to keep my phone number that I have had for 30 years.

I answered all the questions that they asked of me. I received a email the next day from direct tv that my service was canceled on March 27. Two days before I had requested. On the 29th att did turn off their services. On the 29th att send an email with instructions on how to return their equipment but nothing about how to return the direct tv equipment.

They closed my att email address that direct tv should be sending me their information on returning their equipment. On the 28th when the new provider turned on our services the phone number was not released by att. Several phone call were made asking the status and still it was not released. Now I'm being forced to reactive my old account/ new account in the amount of $64.00 so they can release my phone number to my new provider.

This is wrong in so many way and I should not have to pay for them not porting over my phone number. I have to open a account for 3 days so I can have my phone number back. Shame on AT&T. I want my money back!

  • Mar 29, 2019

I went overseas in March of 2018. Prior to leaving, I contacted my wireless carrier, AT&T, to inquire about data packages to add to my existing plan to use my service while out of the country.

I spoke to a customer service representative who detailed to me a data plan that I could add to my service to provide "unlimited" data while traveling. I added the service to my plan.

Upon returning, AT&T sent me a bill for overage charges - about $400.00. I promptly called AT&T to resolve this matter, as I believe it was a mistake.

I spoke to another customer service representative who informed me that the original rep I spoke to had misinformed me, but that I could dispute the overage charges and have them removed from my bill. I filed a dispute, and was informed that AT&T would contact me within 10 business days with a response.

Weeks go by, and I received no communication from AT&T. I contacted Customer Service again to inquire about the status of the dispute. I was informed that AT&T had not yet issued a decision, but that I could file another dispute to expedite the process. I was also informed on this call that I did not have to pay the overage charges while the amount was in dispute.

More time goes by, and late charges start to accrue. I received no communication from AT&T and the bill was nearing $1,000. I reached out to the company again to inquire about the disputes, but also to arrange a payment agreement to pay down the bill as the total amount had become much too high for me to pay all at once.

I spoke to AT&T's billing department - I was informed they would not be able to allow me to pay down the bill overtime and that the total amount was due all at once, but that once again, I could either file another dispute, enter into arbitration or contact customer care.

I reached out to several department heads, managers, and customer service representatives to complain about this dispute process, and resolve the outstanding balance.

I received different answers each time - some customer service representatives advised "waiting it out," others advised filing more disputes.

Finally, the bill has reached more that's $2,000 and AT&T has cancelled my service,threatening collections actions.

I have worked tirelessly for the past year to resolve this issue with AT&T, all the while they have not provided me with a workable solution to resolve the bill.

The overage charges are the result of being initially misinformed by their customer service representatives, and they have not acknowledged this initial issue was their fault. Further, I have reached out to AT&T in several attempts to resolve the bill by asking for entering into at least a payment agreement, but they have refused to work with me on this, even though this matter is their fault.

Further, the late fees and cancellation fees are the result of their negligence in handling the dispute process in a timely manner, and having under informed customer service representatives provide me with misinformation, causing confusion, stress, and a lot of lost time.

I would like for an organization to help resolve this matter. I do not wish for this issue to be resolved in a collections process, as I've done everything that I can as consumer to be responsible, responsive and proactive in informing AT&T's channels of customer service and billing about the ongoing issue with my account, but never received any helpful or accurate advise, assistance, or resolution.

I would like for an organization to interface with AT&T to present this information and impress the importance of treating their customers with dignity and respect, and to acknowledge their fault in this matter, to remove the erroneous overage and cancellation fees, and to work as a organization to improve how they interface with their customers and public.

  • Mar 20, 2019

Repeated billing irregularities have occurred with no explanation for any increases that I agreed too. For at least 2 years I have been going back and forth with AT&T over billing irregularities, only to see more upcharges the following month.

Only to contact them again and seem to work things out, only to see the same thing the very next month, over and over again. They provide very limited tv programing for the money. Billing is out of control

  • Feb 5, 2019

I ordered a phone online from the carrier and i was told that i had 14 days to return the phone and also the restocking fee if i decide to return the phone would be waived because i purchased the phone online so it sounded good to me and i went ahead with finalizing the deal i picked up the phone on jan 21st from the at&t store in paterson (301 main street) and the sales rep also told me i had no restocking fee and i had 14 days to return the phone i also explained the issues i was going through with my carrier and the reason i wanted to switch

well the same day i recieved a free samsung and decided not to keep at&t because a unexpected bill popped up and i couldnt afford it at the time so when i tried contacting the store in paterson several times and got no answer each time finally i gave up and contacted customer service and explained my situation to which i was assured there was no restocking fee....

the next day which was sunday i took the phone back only to be told there was a retocking fee and i was very annoyed because had i known this from the beginning or if the store answered their phone i would have known this so i left and called customer service and spoke to a guy in sales by the name of claude who said he didnt see anything about a restocking fee and to go back to the store with my sales reciept and talk to the manager which i did the next day and was told by joe the manager there wasnt anything they can do because policy changes all the time

i was also told by the sales rep in the store that other customers have came in saying the same thing and they still had to pay a restocking fee so i left and came back a couple of days later to pay the 36 dollar restocking fee and was told i was done that was it.......i get a bill a couple of days later for 150.36 i believe i was going to ignore it but decided to call at&t only to find out i had 3 days to cancel the service or i was responsible for the usage OMG i was livid totally because that was not explained to me at all when i ordered the phone why in the name of God would i take the phone back if i had to pay a bill anyway and wouldnt the 3 days be just as important as the 14 days if not more?

why would i keep a phone if i disabled the service does that make any sense so the customer service rep was really helpful by taking my auto pay off the account so my account wouldnt be billed and giving me the number to the collections department so i can explain my situation she also stated she noted my account with my issues so i contacted the collections department maybe billing anyway the lady told me that i had to only pay for the usage for 10 days.

i explained to her none of that was told to me only the 14 day return policy and no restocking fee was expressed to me and why would i return the phone i had to pay for so she told me the bill at the end of the month will be the final bill with all the other stuff taken off and just what i used for 10 days i had the phone although i probably used it twice maybe so im so infuriated with at&t and their lies and schemes to get folks to get trapped into getting a phone

all of that should have been made known to me i most likely wouldnt have gotten the service but at least i would have respected the honesty and chose to do business with them in the future or send folks their way but this has been a ultimate nightmare from beginning to end and getting ahold of corporate to complain is like finding a needle in a haystack please someone help me end this nightmare.

  • Feb 3, 2019

I fell for it - yet now I got a NEW a story. Even though I have existed wireless the only way I’m eligible is if I transferred my U-verse to my new home. Umm... I just moved from CT to FL and we didn’t have U-verse in CT and that’s not what the advertisement said/says!

So AT&T LOST A CUSTOMER and will be losing me in wireless too - because they want to play false-advertisement and games. Don’t play with my $$ folks as YOU’LL lose! XFINITY (Comcast) comes on the 14th to install. Good riddance!


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