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Address 801 Chestnut Street
Phone 800.901.9878

AT&T Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2019

I was in Las Vegas late March and got into my car and my iphone fell out of my pocket right as I shut the door and it was crushed. I went into N. Durango AD store to find out my options. I had a phone stolen, fell in the lake with another phone in my pocket, so I was out of insurance. The manager there, Greg I think, told me I could exercise a BOGO, add a new line and get two new phones. He then told me as I was adding the other line that I had to pay my other phone off (the crushed one), first to get the other new phone. He told me I had 15 days to pay off the phone and get the deal.

I came back in about 8 days or so to pay off the phone and the guy that was there called Greg and relayed his message the deal was no longer valid. I was probably visually upset, but not out of line or rude. The guy there was rude and did not offer a resolution. I went outside and called AT&T and they said the deal was still going.

I went back in and was confronted, and I mean confronted with big eyes and attitude, by a woman who worked for your store. I told her I felt like she was getting an attitude with me, that the guy was offering no help and she ended up calming down. The other guy started working on it. He finally threw his hands up and said he wasn't touching it. She told him to go to the back room and told me to come back when Greg was working, but he was not there.

I left and called AT&T and they said I could actually send the phone in and they would return my phone. I had a bad experience before where my phone died with Tmobile out of the blue, I went in and asked to use my insurance, they told me I did not have insurance and so I went through another mail in option and they ended up charging me a ton of money, saying the phone was water damaged, which it was not. So, I asked AT&T if I could go into a company store and they said yes.

I went there and they said it was a good thing I didn't do the mail in because apparently there are always mix ups when returning AD merchandise to corporate. He said the deal was still going, so he had no idea why that was said. I paid off my old phone and he gave me a new phone. He had a hard time getting the payment to go through, but he overrode it. He said it would take a few months for the lower payment to kick in and that I would be credited the additional amount.

Fast forward to recently, I called in to see how many more payments I had to make at this amount. My Dad listened to this entire exchange. They told me they did not see a deal even on my account and also saw someone was calling in my account multiple times in the recent past. He also said the deal should go through immediately, so he didn't understand the lag. He told me that he would note suspicious activity and needed to transfer me to Fraud.

I was transferred to fraud and the initial lady was not helpful. She said she did not even see the calls. I asked her to get the guy on the phone that just noted my account. She said that she had no idea who that was. I asked her if there were notes on my account and a name. I gave her the department. She would not answer me and was pretty rude the entire time. I asked for a manager.

This lady was initially kind of rude, but ended up calming down and spent about an hour or so on the phone with me, getting all the details. She said she worked in sales at one point and that the lag in the discount is indeed how it happens. After getting all the details, she transferred me back to AT&T customer service and said she would remain on the phone. Customer service put me on hold a couple of times, finally said she could help me, that there was an issue and it was because I got the wrong phone.

I told her I was never told I was getting the wrong phone. The rep just went and got a phone. He never said this phone would negate the deal. In face, the lag in payments was the last thing he told me and it was while he was activating the new phone. I tried to speak to the Fraud person on the phone, but she had hung up without saying anything. Then the girl said the rep messed up, you all would fix it, it was on AT&T, but she needed to have someone call me back in twenty or thirty minutes. Noone called for over an hour.

I called back and got another young lady who was sweet at first. She looked into it and suddenly found out after about 20 hours of dealing with this stuff that the deal was offered during the time it was going, but it expired before I came into the store. She admitted also the mistake was on AT&T, but said that I would have to go back into the store, find the guy and have them fix it. I was upset, but not livid.

I was more shocked that AT&T after all of this time was doing something very similar to their customers that Tmobile was doing. I have always considered AT&T a higher class company. I was yelling noooo noooo... like, I something tragic happened. She was taking it personal, so I asked for a manager. The manager was as cut and dry as humanly possible and did not offer a solution

. I told her that I knew someone that was a higher up (no names) and was going to have to go to them (you), but I explained throughout this process I really did not want to do that. I still don't want to, but I have no other choice. She said I could talk to whoever I wanted, but you all would basically say the same thing that I would have to travel 2K miles, go find the guy, make him do... what'?? to get AT&T to make it right, even though multiple reps had admitted it was an error on AT&T.

This is how almost three hours of conversations, being transferred to multiple people, being treated poorly by multiple people, being told different stories by multiple people and being lied to by multiple people. The only reason they called me with an unfair resolution was because I know a higher up and he reported the case for me. He admitted fault as the other reps did and then told me that they don't have to honor misrepresentation. I was never rude to him, he kept interrupted me and when I told him I was done talking to him, he hung up on me mid sentence. So, basically the office of the president has a rep who calls and talks over people and says that AT&T doesn't have to honor their word and hangs up on you.

I reported it to the BBB, and this guy calls me back and has the audacity to ask me if I have proof and he hangs up on me again when I refuse to let him talk over me.

  • Jun 16, 2019

On 8/09 Direct TV turned on Playboy/Movies Extra pack for (free). When they called to let me know it was on, I told them I did not want it and to turn it off. They stated that it was free to all and they had to turn it on. Then they end up charging me for the service because I didn't call and turn it off. this is a service I did not want and ask them to not connect. I paid them and told them I never want to see that on my bill again. It was removed.

Then at the beginning of 2019 AT&T called to tell me that they were turning on Showtime for free. I immediately told them I did not want it. I don't watch either HBO or Showtime, but to no avail, since it was being turned on to all customers. Again' they charged me for the service the next month even after I stated I did not want it. When I called their customer service, the stated that I was been credit for the service, however, the charge $30.99 and credit $17.99 back, thus ripping people off for $13.00 per month.. When I call again to turn it off they keep saying it free, but they are addressing HBO, but since the line item on the bill is HBO/Showtime, they are only partially right and this action borders on fraud if not out right illegal.

We hear about fraud scams in newspapers and TV all the time, but permit one of the biggest companies in US to do this to our people. They are ripping off many customers, maybe millions, and I'm surprised that there isn't a class action suit against this company.

  • Jun 9, 2019

ON 6/4/19 I was notified via email that I had successfully setup my order and profile for Att and Direct TV.

At an address located in Chicago, where I am not a resident. I called ATT to dispute and get the complete run around. Fraud dept. doesn't answer, abuse email doesn't respond, AND I called to cancel before they went out, and they did it anyways, and now I have a BILL! In MY NAME!

  • May 22, 2019

It is unbelievable that we are allowing AT&T not all cause us to have them as cell phone service, but now they are our TV Service. They are charging extremely high fees because they are monopoly and own both cell phone service and TV Service.

Why was this allowed? Check your bills. They are ripping people off and allowed too.

  • Apr 9, 2019

Had Directv istalled march 12 2019, Choice packsge advertised at $45 a month, 1st reiever free, 2nd reciever $5, with tax quoted by business office $60.69 a month, well im in 27 days, on demand dont work,3 month free trial of starz/encore/cinamax and showtime not on.

Got 1st bill today, $116, called billing to see why it was double, got a rude gal tht said the package i chose was 119 a month, but she gave me a $20 break,said it was 99.20 a month,1st receiver $7,2nd receiver $15 a month, told her what services wasnt working and tech support had been trying for nearly 3 weeks to get on demand turned on but still hadnt found problem, so she adjusted bill for that, but when i ask about each months service from now on.

She quoted $79.17 a month, i said the installer and business office both said $60.69, she tried to convince me that they hadnt quoted correct price for lease on receivers, i said im on your web page looking at available packages and you ad say $45 a month and in fine print it says 1st reciever free and 2nd one $5,, she still refused.

SO not having it 30 days yet i called to see if i could cancel, they said yes but it would cost me $20 permonthx 23 months($460). I have made a report with the BBB and FTC. I feel like since they can't get the programming, nor the billing to match their advertised pricing and programming that i should be recieving.

That to me is abreach that they are not providing what they are advertising. If i was 3 weeks late on my payment, i bet they would shut my service off. So how can they go 3 weeks without getting everything corrected and continually stay in business. While im at it, dont getDVTN, i had it 6 months, and it would stay hung on guide 2 hours ata time, you couldnt get it off by uplugging router, resetting everything, i was on chat 11 hours with it hung on guide, they said it was my roku remotes,so i paid $160 for 3 new one.

Then they said router, another $99, i finally hung bup on them, they called me 2 weeks later saying they had done a software update and found their problem, point is, i told them i could stream netflix, hulu, prime, roku and all was perfect, only DVTN would say i had a slow connection and could not load content.

I have 75 mg light fiberb to the house and i could shut down all my laptops ,turnoff all the tvs, and it would come up slow connection, run speed test, showed 68mg, so if you think directv dish is bad,you better take warning and stay away from DVTN.

  • Apr 4, 2019

I called att to disconnect my tv/telephone/ internet service with them on March 25. I answered all their questions on why I was asking for the service to be disconnected on March 29th. Because the new provider was hooking up their services on March 28th. I told att that I wanted to keep my phone number that I have had for 30 years.

I answered all the questions that they asked of me. I received a email the next day from direct tv that my service was canceled on March 27. Two days before I had requested. On the 29th att did turn off their services. On the 29th att send an email with instructions on how to return their equipment but nothing about how to return the direct tv equipment.

They closed my att email address that direct tv should be sending me their information on returning their equipment. On the 28th when the new provider turned on our services the phone number was not released by att. Several phone call were made asking the status and still it was not released. Now I'm being forced to reactive my old account/ new account in the amount of $64.00 so they can release my phone number to my new provider.

This is wrong in so many way and I should not have to pay for them not porting over my phone number. I have to open a account for 3 days so I can have my phone number back. Shame on AT&T. I want my money back!

  • Mar 29, 2019

I went overseas in March of 2018. Prior to leaving, I contacted my wireless carrier, AT&T, to inquire about data packages to add to my existing plan to use my service while out of the country.

I spoke to a customer service representative who detailed to me a data plan that I could add to my service to provide "unlimited" data while traveling. I added the service to my plan.

Upon returning, AT&T sent me a bill for overage charges - about $400.00. I promptly called AT&T to resolve this matter, as I believe it was a mistake.

I spoke to another customer service representative who informed me that the original rep I spoke to had misinformed me, but that I could dispute the overage charges and have them removed from my bill. I filed a dispute, and was informed that AT&T would contact me within 10 business days with a response.

Weeks go by, and I received no communication from AT&T. I contacted Customer Service again to inquire about the status of the dispute. I was informed that AT&T had not yet issued a decision, but that I could file another dispute to expedite the process. I was also informed on this call that I did not have to pay the overage charges while the amount was in dispute.

More time goes by, and late charges start to accrue. I received no communication from AT&T and the bill was nearing $1,000. I reached out to the company again to inquire about the disputes, but also to arrange a payment agreement to pay down the bill as the total amount had become much too high for me to pay all at once.

I spoke to AT&T's billing department - I was informed they would not be able to allow me to pay down the bill overtime and that the total amount was due all at once, but that once again, I could either file another dispute, enter into arbitration or contact customer care.

I reached out to several department heads, managers, and customer service representatives to complain about this dispute process, and resolve the outstanding balance.

I received different answers each time - some customer service representatives advised "waiting it out," others advised filing more disputes.

Finally, the bill has reached more that's $2,000 and AT&T has cancelled my service,threatening collections actions.

I have worked tirelessly for the past year to resolve this issue with AT&T, all the while they have not provided me with a workable solution to resolve the bill.

The overage charges are the result of being initially misinformed by their customer service representatives, and they have not acknowledged this initial issue was their fault. Further, I have reached out to AT&T in several attempts to resolve the bill by asking for entering into at least a payment agreement, but they have refused to work with me on this, even though this matter is their fault.

Further, the late fees and cancellation fees are the result of their negligence in handling the dispute process in a timely manner, and having under informed customer service representatives provide me with misinformation, causing confusion, stress, and a lot of lost time.

I would like for an organization to help resolve this matter. I do not wish for this issue to be resolved in a collections process, as I've done everything that I can as consumer to be responsible, responsive and proactive in informing AT&T's channels of customer service and billing about the ongoing issue with my account, but never received any helpful or accurate advise, assistance, or resolution.

I would like for an organization to interface with AT&T to present this information and impress the importance of treating their customers with dignity and respect, and to acknowledge their fault in this matter, to remove the erroneous overage and cancellation fees, and to work as a organization to improve how they interface with their customers and public.

  • Mar 20, 2019

Repeated billing irregularities have occurred with no explanation for any increases that I agreed too. For at least 2 years I have been going back and forth with AT&T over billing irregularities, only to see more upcharges the following month.

Only to contact them again and seem to work things out, only to see the same thing the very next month, over and over again. They provide very limited tv programing for the money. Billing is out of control

  • Feb 5, 2019

I ordered a phone online from the carrier and i was told that i had 14 days to return the phone and also the restocking fee if i decide to return the phone would be waived because i purchased the phone online so it sounded good to me and i went ahead with finalizing the deal i picked up the phone on jan 21st from the at&t store in paterson (301 main street) and the sales rep also told me i had no restocking fee and i had 14 days to return the phone i also explained the issues i was going through with my carrier and the reason i wanted to switch

well the same day i recieved a free samsung and decided not to keep at&t because a unexpected bill popped up and i couldnt afford it at the time so when i tried contacting the store in paterson several times and got no answer each time finally i gave up and contacted customer service and explained my situation to which i was assured there was no restocking fee....

the next day which was sunday i took the phone back only to be told there was a retocking fee and i was very annoyed because had i known this from the beginning or if the store answered their phone i would have known this so i left and called customer service and spoke to a guy in sales by the name of claude who said he didnt see anything about a restocking fee and to go back to the store with my sales reciept and talk to the manager which i did the next day and was told by joe the manager there wasnt anything they can do because policy changes all the time

i was also told by the sales rep in the store that other customers have came in saying the same thing and they still had to pay a restocking fee so i left and came back a couple of days later to pay the 36 dollar restocking fee and was told i was done that was it.......i get a bill a couple of days later for 150.36 i believe i was going to ignore it but decided to call at&t only to find out i had 3 days to cancel the service or i was responsible for the usage OMG i was livid totally because that was not explained to me at all when i ordered the phone why in the name of God would i take the phone back if i had to pay a bill anyway and wouldnt the 3 days be just as important as the 14 days if not more?

why would i keep a phone if i disabled the service does that make any sense so the customer service rep was really helpful by taking my auto pay off the account so my account wouldnt be billed and giving me the number to the collections department so i can explain my situation she also stated she noted my account with my issues so i contacted the collections department maybe billing anyway the lady told me that i had to only pay for the usage for 10 days.

i explained to her none of that was told to me only the 14 day return policy and no restocking fee was expressed to me and why would i return the phone i had to pay for so she told me the bill at the end of the month will be the final bill with all the other stuff taken off and just what i used for 10 days i had the phone although i probably used it twice maybe so im so infuriated with at&t and their lies and schemes to get folks to get trapped into getting a phone

all of that should have been made known to me i most likely wouldnt have gotten the service but at least i would have respected the honesty and chose to do business with them in the future or send folks their way but this has been a ultimate nightmare from beginning to end and getting ahold of corporate to complain is like finding a needle in a haystack please someone help me end this nightmare.

  • Feb 3, 2019

I fell for it - yet now I got a NEW a story. Even though I have existed wireless the only way I’m eligible is if I transferred my U-verse to my new home. Umm... I just moved from CT to FL and we didn’t have U-verse in CT and that’s not what the advertisement said/says!

So AT&T LOST A CUSTOMER and will be losing me in wireless too - because they want to play false-advertisement and games. Don’t play with my $$ folks as YOU’LL lose! XFINITY (Comcast) comes on the 14th to install. Good riddance!

  • Jan 15, 2019

In late October 2018 AT&T In-Home Expert Tiffany Grammer of 204 Sprucewood Drive, Summerville, SC, a scammer, showed up at my home unannounced to ostensibly inquire about a scheduled DirecTV installation. During this conversation she inquired about my current wireless telephone provider and offered to switch my wireless service from Verizon to AT&T.

The scammer specifically stated that if I switched service to AT&T that AT&T would:

(1) pay off the balance of $121 on my Verizon iPhone,

(2) pay off an early termination fee of $80 on my Verizon contract,

(3) allow me to keep possession of my Verizon iPhone and

(4) provide me one free mobile phone.

Promises 1, 2 and 3 were not kept. Repeated attempts to contact the scammer via email and text have been unsuccessful as the scammer will not respond to my emails or texts. Further, I have repeatedly emailed and texted the scammer requesting a copy of the electronic AT&T contract that was signed in my home on the morning of November 13, 2018.

To date I have not received the requested materials or any response from the scammer. Prior to leaving my home on November 13th the scammer stated that she would email me the complete contract between myself and AT&T. As of this date, January 15, 2019 I still have no contract or record whatsoever of what was signed or agreed to with AT&T other than the scammer’s broken promises and mistruths.

  • Jan 14, 2019

After taking a look at the itemized ATT and bill and noticing a vast difference in charges, I found that we had been paying $44 per month over the last 2 years for an ATT vesta prepaid go phone (we have never had a prepaid phone), that we were billed for Sunday NFL Tickets for 2 years, and that we were also charged for HBO for about 10 months at $18 a month.

Numerous calls have not resolved this bill padding. I've simply been told that we received a free trial period for HBO and the NFL and after that it automatically was charged to us. Nobody ever was informed or asked of the free trial periods or the auto enrollment. The veste pre paid phone charges still have not been explained.

  • Jan 5, 2019

I've spent about 4 hours on the phone trying get this straightened out but they won't unlock the phones so my family can use them with their own providers. Anyone considering this offer should think twice before investing.

The company has provided me good service in the past, but this $1400 ripoff will probably push me to another company.

  • Dec 14, 2018

After years of paying my bill on time I cancelled my Uverse services. Uverse/ At&T sent me a 0 balance bill, they never sent me another bill then I suddenly started getting calls from various collection agencies stating that I was in collections due to At&T Uverse over some old equipment. The equipment was garbage and I had turned it in already. They only take calls from NEW customers and there is no way to get them on the phone to fix this. I sent them several letters they ignore them HOw dare they try to ruin my credit after many years of paying my bill on time every month for many many years!! JS Brevard

  • Dec 2, 2018

AT&T Corp., breach of contract of our Master Reseller Agreement signed February 20, 2015, and our

Mobile Master Agreement signed March 3, 2015 authorized by Randall Porter V.P. Emerging Business

Markets, AT&T Corp. refusal to comply with subcontracting terms excluding emancipated black VAR from

participating in federal government contracts. Violating laws, FAR and DFAR procurement regulations for

all categories denied inclusion, discrimination, and racial bias.

AT&T Corp., awards contracts to white females, African Americans who are classified as White South

African, Colored (Asian Indian) and Asian anyone from the African continent with an U.S. Embassy.

Allows select companies to duplicate their winning contract to ensure they win a contract as a prime

contractor by-passing subcontracting agreement and subcontracting with emancipated black VARs.

based on their classification as a small business.

AT&T Corp., Randall Stephenson, CEO cover-up AT&T Government Services Contract Manager Marcus

Montemayor who blocked a purchase order awarded to Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC on December,

3, 2015 by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Marcus Montemayor blocked our attempt to participate in over 13

government contracts.

AT&T Corp., Randall Stephenson, CEO used Suzanne L. Galvanek V.P. Marketing, Pricing and Product

Solutions to pretend to she was the authorized contact on my contract and claimed we did not meet

our sales quote, sending fake certified letters to the wrong contact person and address without

authority over our two contract agreements with AT&T Inc. The correct AT&T contact for notices is

Suzanne Galvanek AVP Strategy and Pricing, AT&T Partner Solutions

AT&T Corp., Randall Stephenson, CEO used Derek Zamagni Lead Consultant Diversity and EEO to pretend

our VAR agreement was an employment arrangement. Derek Zamagni sent fake overnight letter to the

wrong contact person and address stating he informed all AT&T Inc. employees not to speak with us

regarding subcontracting.

AT&T Corp., failure to show Good Faith Effort, breach of contract with federal government subcontracting compliance.

Refusal to comply with our contract agreement, refusal to introduce emancipated black VARs from communicating with

the subcontracting administrator for subcontracting.

AT&T Corp., using contract and program managers to excluding emancipated black VARs from reaching

subcontracting administrator by sending the message “Not On-Boarding at this Time” and send The

emancipated owned company to Diversity program staff which has nothing to do with Subcontracting program.

AT&T Corp., using federal government Source Selection Team who do not allow the category emancipated

black owned VARs participation in subcontracting using Source Selection Decision Document (SSDD) which

exclude the use of Emancipated black VARs on government contracts. Government agencies, cover-up using

SBA, SAM and DSBS mock training database to create altered information created by Federal Service Desk

and third party companies like GP&M to alter the black company name and contact information and key the

information into the live database.

Government department and agency subcontracting program managers and eSRS coordinators use the

altered information to prevent responding to subcontracting request from emancipated black VARs by

replying to the contact person first name, last name, Hi, Hello, any greeting making sure they do not

acknowledge the company name filed by the emancipated black VAR application.

AT&T Corp., submit individual subcontracting plan (Not signed by government contracting manager) which

state only ex-employees who create a company can subcontract on government contracts. This supports

the reason AT&T contract and program managers send emancipated black VARs the message

“Not On-Boarding at this Time”.

AT&T Corp., awarding government subcontracts to ex-employees and ex-government contract personnel.

Cover-up government contract managers are not signing the individual subcontract agreements allowing

prime contractors to violate federal procurement laws.

  • Nov 29, 2018

Switched from Comcast to AT&T for TV and Internet. Was told by AT&T rep "if I get a tablet, my rates will never go up”. Accepted the tablet. Started receiving wireless bills. Don’t have wireless AT&T.

Called to ask what it was. AT&T rep said "not sure but I don’t need it”. Asked if there would be any cancellation charges. AT&T rep stated "no”. 2 months later a collection notice arrives in the mail, $159.99 past due, Never received anything about this amount before, but straight to collections.

Have tried multiple times to call and have a conversation with anyone at AT&T that would help. No one does. Filed report with Attorney General, Marteanus Jones called and harassed my wife.

Putting words in her mouth and twisting the story. Since Marteanus Jones was attacking my wife on the phone, I took over. Marteanus Jones kept talking over me, not allowing me to talk. Female harassment is a new low for AT&T.

  • Nov 24, 2018

Well I’m Sure this will do me no good to comment on ATT lack of service. My story is long so I will give the short of it . Number one - service is slow or non existent in my area. I have att so many times about our issue in central Missouri. Number two - this company has lied and lied to me about our issue with service and internet and passed me from person to person . One day I spent 3 hours on the phone very upset with the lack of service and morals of this company . As of today still not fixed and I’m pay a small fortune to have crappie service . I will be contacting the state attorney general office on Monday to report this issue. I suggest that if you are the same issues contact your state attorney generals office . Don’t let it stand and accept the lack of service. The more people that complain the better it will be!

  • Nov 15, 2018

My Internet account with AT&T was closed back in 2017. Three AT&T representatives confirmed that I have "0" balance, no further charges should be paid by me. A year later when a mortgage company ran my credit report I found out that AT&T reported my closed account to the collections due to $107 unpaid balance (I had no AT&T Internet as this provider did not serve the area where I lived!), and now my mortgage company will have to charge me extra $1,662.50 because there was a drop in credit score by 60 point. I called AT&T to try to make nessesary adjustments to avoid being overcharged, no one cared there. I ended up paying $1,662.50 to the mortgage company. Then I asked BBB to help me to get a refund from AT&T. BBB closed my case without any refund. I emailed to FTC and received a general email with a link to the Internet article 10 ways to avoid fraud over internet. When it became normal in this country for such companies as BBB and FTC to support an unfair prictice of large corporations as AT&T?

  • Nov 8, 2018


I have being a, Customer for, 10years and hve At&t, internet, Landline ,cell phones and Direct TV. On perusing my Bill, in page 5 there is aRoaming charge of $ 133.00, for call i didi not take. On10/11/18, i spoke to CS and they open acase,CM,20181011_136726623. When i spoke on, 11/24/18, CS said it is approved and i am receiving acredict of $ 133.00. When i spoke this mornning they said the case is still pending.This is a rip off and i want acredict for $ 133.00.



A/C 436071076122

cell , (707)3441973

  • Oct 24, 2018

I was a Direct TV Subscriber for 10 yrs. Since June the programming would freeze up, picture quality extremely low and I called for Service from Direct TV in August. The Service Person came out and said I had an outdated receiver, replaced receiver and I asked about cost, he said there was none. As I was setting up my DVR I discovered that Direct TV cancelled the contract with BEIN Sports. To get BEIN Sports I had to purchase the Sports Package. I called Direct TV, explained the only reason I had the Sports Package was BEIN Sports and instructed them to cancel my Sports Package.

On the next billing cycle, I saw the package was not removed, and when I called AT&T/Direct TV I was told there was no record of the call. Figuring I did not want to pay for a package that I had no use, provided no value etc. I asked them to remove it, at which time they then said I needed a passcode I set up 10 yrs ago. I had no clue. I told them I want to cancel my TV and Internet service at that time. I was told I would have to drive to an AT&T Store with a bill to get my password Changed. I went to the store, got the password changed (took over an hour), immediately called AT&T/Direct TV cancelled all programming!

I replace AT&T with Spectrum and now have great reception/programming/service and my internet speed is vastly improved. I received instructions from AT&T to return the internet router and was told I would receive a package to return my TV receivers. I returned the router and never received a return kit, so I called AT&T/Direct TV as I was concerned they may bill me for the equipment. I was told that they did not need the equipment returned as it was outdated. I was also told I would not receive any more bills.

In this time period I received several calls from AT&T/Direct TV Telemarketers trying to get me back. I informed them that their poor service/quality and unethical practice of charging for unwanted services (Sports Package without BEIN) and was shocked that at the very least they don't reduce the cost of the packages when the reduce the channels, that I would not return.

I received a bill for $180 called AT&T Direct TV and was told the bill was a mistake and that I would not be billed the entire amount, only a prorated amount for the time I had service. This took up 2 hrs. I then received a statement that stated I had a $50 credit.

Yesterday I saw that AT&T debited my account $158.02. I called AT&T and spoke with 3 of their incredibly incompetent staff. I was told that they debitted my account and I would receive a Visa Card in 10 - 20 days for $50. I explained that I did not receive $158 worth of services and that the week it took for them to discontinue my service does not seem to be a properly prorated amount. After an hr on the phone with these individuals I was then told I was being billed for $100 for my service call. I questioned this as I was told that there was NO cost at time of service, received no bill for the service etc. and that my services were not working correctly. The Rep said "AT&T/Direct TV will still bill you unless the services are totally out" poor service is still billed!

I can not stress enough how awful/corrupt this company is.

  • Oct 24, 2018

In August of this year(2018) my Iphone 8+ quit taking a charge. I called AT&T and they ran diagnostics on the phone from a distance and confirmed that phone was not charging properly. They sent me a replacement phone and I mailed back the faulty phone in that same box using the label AT&T provided. This was on August 20th. On August 27th the tracking shows that it was received in their Flower Mound warehouse. I even was patched through to that Flower mound warehouse on my first call on September 10th to try to resolve this. The man in Flower Mound even told me this often happens and they would probably add it to my bill.

My first call was September 10th and I spoke with one person who eventually dropped my call. I called again and got someone who didn't understand and hung up on me, To clarify I did not use any offensive or foul language, the call was simply dropped. On my third call that day, was when I finally got through to Flower Mound. Those 1st three calls were well over an hour in duration.

On October 18 the full price of the warranty phone was added to our bill. I called again and talked for 44 minutes to a man named Edward. He made notes on my account and did not tell me there were already notes concerning this until I pushed him on it. He said he filed a case and gave me a number. He also told me that the change would be taken off my bill in 3 days. It didn't happen. The charge is still on my bill.

On the 22nd I called again and they checked the tracking and could see that the phone was received. I also found out Edward did not file a case. I also was told that there was a case started then on the 22nd and I got the case number. That call was only 16 minutes. However, my husband called back a few minutes later and got a woman who said the case was there but it was filed wrongly and she had to get a manager to fix it. After much time on hold the manager came on and said the woman was mistaken and the case was filed correctly and it would be handled in 3 days.

Today, Oct 25th, we got a message saying the claim was denied and they needed to talk to us. As of now, my husband has been on the phone for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The first person filed another claim with yet another number. Then he said he was patching my husband to Tier Two management to get the case handled right now this evening. After a very long wait, he got the automated machine one gets when first dialed. Then he was transferred to WIFI department. Each time mind you, the same questions and verification process has to be answered. After asking to talk to a manager another hold and another dropped call. He is currently on the phone with so many people he has lost count and the bill remains the same.

All we want is the cost of the warranty phone taken off the bill. The phone was verified as faulty by AT&T. We sent the phone back and it is verified received. We cannot get through to a person who can handle this because the untrained or just plain stupid help cannot keep from haning up a call and just get us to Tier Two Support.

  • Oct 21, 2018

I ordered 5mgb internet service from AT&T and when it was being installed I changed my order to 25mgb. I paid for service for 5mgb for a week and was then changed to 25mgb.

I paid my first bill which covered the billing period of 9/11 through 10/10. When my second bill arrived I was charged $15.33 for a change in service from 5mg to 25 mg from 9/11-10/10 and 9/18-10/10. Both periods covering the billing period that I had already paid for.

In addition, I had been told by two AT&T employees that there would be no additional charges to change service from 5mg to 25mg other than an additional monthly change from $30 a month to $40 a month. When I spoke to AT&T customer service I was told there was no way to remove the $15.33 charge. This is a rip off. The charge should be removed and I should be credited the $15.33 charge.

  • Oct 19, 2018

I contacted AT&T for Internet Service because I understood it could be bunded with Direct TV. During the install, a home sales rep came to the house promoting a free cell phone and unlimited data. I thought about it for a few weeks and contacted Ontonio to come to the home and discuss.

We looked at all costs, and the monthly cost reflected a lower rate than I was paying, separately, to other carriers. So he signed me up for the free cell phone promotion. I already had internet service, and the representative said he would put me on unlimited data.

Within a week or 2 I got a text saying my data was exceeded and they would bill my account $10 for another megabyte. I later found out this was an issue with the internet service and not the phone. They changed my plan resulting in additional charges.

After paying outrageous activation fees, my bills have "stabilized at $166/month for internet and phone. I was unable to bundle with Direct TV because I live in a condominium complex that is already contracted. I told Direct TV this when I signed on, as well as AT&T. After efforts to bundle, they said they were sorry - they couldn't because of the condominium agreement.

So now, after paying literally hundreds of dollars to makes these changes, I am paying higher rates and AT&T has not honored their original agreement. I'm still paying 50% for the "free" phone, and with every complaint, they simply tell me to give it time. I have visited the corporate store in Deer Valley, and initially thought I would get help. However, after returning 2 weeks in a row (because they did not contact me as promised), I was told they reported the issue to AT&T Home Entertainment, who came to my home, and a month later, still no results.

  • Oct 14, 2018

When they say have a complaint about comcast we are comcast complaint department. To funny then they bring you to a at&t fast talking disrespectfull goon to funny. this video will tell you all

  • Jul 30, 2018

My issue is with billing. Without going into details(you have a mile of notes to look at) ATT pulled a Wells Fargo and hijacked my DirecTV account and bundled it to a internet service that never work from day one and was cancelled the day they attempted to insall. None the less ATT continued to bill me for both the internet(which was cancelled the same day) and DirecTV which I have been paying direct to DirectTV. Now they have put me into collection for almost a $1000.00.

  • Jul 17, 2018

When my son ordered the tv and internet, he was told there would be no deposit. After the services were installed then they enacted a $494 credit management fee. When I called they said it stands its not our fault we didnt tell you about the deposit. I have talked to different representives and supersvisors, with no resolution. They feel they are in the right to charge a undisclosed fee and that we have to pay it. I advised i would be making a report here, and they didnt care their customer service sucks and leaves alot to be desired. I wouldnt ever buy from them again, they can shove their service where the sun doesnt shine.

  • Jul 2, 2018

I have an AT&T account that used to be bundled with a Direct TV account. On April 4, 2018, I canceled my Direct TV account and just have a home phone through AT&T. I have received a statement from Direct TV stating I owe nothing and have a credit (refund) of 61.58. AT&T keeps billing me for $106.00 for said Direct Tv account that I do not have. I have talked with Direct TV 3 times and AT&T 8 times about this. Just today I was passed off to 5 people to get any answers as to why they keep billing me. I got nowhere.

My AT&T account number 147110856, AT&T keeps charging me a late fee $5.00 on a Direct TV bill that I don't owe. I still have a home phone through AT&T but it is always paid.

My old Direct TV account number 64194055 with a confirmation number that Direct TV gave me stating that this is resolved on their end 7234910031190150 that I owe nothing and have a credit balance of $61.58.

I have been given the runaround from AT&T and they can not tell me why they keep billing me for an account I do not have. I'm tired of this. I have contacted AT&T 3 times by phone and 4 times by chat online and 3 times I've contacted Direct TV.

  • Jun 21, 2018

I recently retired from AT&T after 30 years. I was given Health insurance as Group rate. However, I acquired new employment and call to stop Health Insurance on October 1st, 2017. AT&T acknowledge stopping of insurance but continued to bill me (auto pay) until December 2017. after multiple inquires their response (via letter) was we have examined this matter and found in our favor no reimbursement is required

Pension return. In March of 2018 I received a letter stated that AT&T had miscalculated my Pension payout by $368.36. If I did not repay they would contact IRS and send me to a Collection agency.

AT&T has just closed the biggest media deal in History. It seems strange they cannot accurately handle the premium payment for insurance and appropriately calculate retirees pension. It is also interesting that both error were in their favor.

I have tried to communicate directly with AT&T but have not been able to get through to them. I am directed to Health insurance coordinator/benefits coordinator/pension coordinator.

Is AT&T financing their mergers on the retirees’ pensions?

  • Jun 15, 2018

I saw a similar report here. A person claiming to represent AT&T said that because of the AT&T Spectrum merger they were offering a promotion that would have the same services, but would be cheaper. In order to get this promotion we would have to have different cable boxes installed. In order to get the low rate we would have to sign up now since the installers were presently in our area. He was very convincing. We asked for a written document detailing the services we would get. He said that the installers would have that document. However, we said we would have to think about it. I called, both AT&T and Spectrum and was told by both that there is no such promotion. If we had accepted, I have no idea what we would have gotten.

  • Jun 6, 2018

I purchased 2 new S8 phones because it was a buy one get one free. I was going to go with another carrier as it was going to be cheaper. Being on a limited income I had to shop for the best price. So after they told me several times you will be able to get one for free I got my bill. Holy crap 383.81. I called and they went over the bill and said dont worry you have like 170.00 in credit. So I asked what should I pay this month. I paid what I was told to but then I get a notice that I'm past due on 176.00. So I called again and was told to pay a different amount. I also asked if I was getting one phone for free. She looked at the bill and it showed I got a credit for the second phone. I said that's good cause if not I was going to cancel. She assured me dont worry your getting that deal. 2nd bill comes and yes they took off for the second phone but was told to pay a different amount then my bill said. She said I still had a 49.81 credit coming. So I paid my bill. 3rd bill comes and it has a past due of 49.81.

WTH. I also noticed they did credit me my second phone. After being put on hold and getting the run around a lady came back and said you dont quality for that 2 for 1 deal. So now I'm stuck in a 30 month contract and my bill is 1/3 more then I was paying. What a scam. Tell me you get the 2 for one then 3 months later they tell me that I dont quality for the 2 for 1 deal. I asked to cancel because they breached the contract and was told it would be 1600.00 to cancel.

What a scam. I have spent at least 10 hrs on the phone with them and now I'm stuck in a contract which I'm paying more now. I've been with then before they were at&t and I have filed a report with BBB and will be taking them to small claims court for the price of the phone. AT&T IF YOUR READING THIS EITHER STICK TO THE CONTRACT OR LET ME OUT OF IT SO I CAN PORT MY NUMBERS TO ANOTHER CARRIER.. you cant do this and get away with it. It's sad to take advantage of a disabled person who has a limited income. All you care about is making money and screwing people. This will also be posted on my blogs and all over the internet. My family will be cancelling there service as soon as there contract is over. I know you dont care but the more I tell maybe you will notice a different in your phone sales.

  • Jun 6, 2018

I'm looking at all the people complaining on here and on the internet, why hasn't the FCC been called to file an investigation against this company.

Every month they charge excess charges to my monthly bill, I am not kidding, it takes me 6 -10 hours to get through to the right people to get the issue cleared up. I notice other people going through the same thing, if I didn't stay persistent they would just rip me off like they always do.

Please take some action and go after this company.

  • May 29, 2018

AT & T doesn't have one individual in the company that can fix a simple billing error so I may pay my last bill.

I cancelled my direct TV account because of their ignorance, now that I'm trying to pay the final bill, I simply can't

because their phones only go to the Phillippines, India, Pakistan or any other number of countries where people

don't have enough command of the english language to help anyone. I'VE BEEN RECORDING ALL THE CONVERSATIONS


Its extrodinary how much effort I've put into trying to pay a bill and NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL AT AT & T CAN OFFER ANY





  • May 23, 2018

AT&T and asurion insurance refused to replace my iPhone 6 Plus . and my apple iPad which both broke with in the insurance time frame , that I had paid all along . Still don't have replacements 3 years later . Also we signed up for direct tv and were supposed to get a free tv and they never sent us one . Deceptive and fradulent business practices ,. To this day , both phone and I pad have been paid off for over two years . I would like to add our cable bill was quoted at 57.00a month but we added a few stations . Then they charged us 80 amd then all the sudden our bill was 130.00 all the sudden .

  • May 20, 2018

I've been attempting on several occasions to have my account canceled and credited by AT&T. I was in the process of switching to them as my carrier, but it was not beneficial to me. I returned the sim card to the store and cancelled all services with them within the 14 day period. I received a partial credit on the bill but still show an outstanding balance of $68.95. I would like this to be corrected and for my credit report to be adjusted.

I would also like an apology for the rude customer service I received when using the online chat system. The first agent just left the chat without warning and then the supervisor came on and ended the chat without allowing me to speak to him.

This is disgraceful and rude customer service and I am extremely grateful I cancelled when I did if this is how they treat consumers.

AT&T: Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?

Taheera: Why do I still have a balance on my account?


Got it. Please tell us your first name.

Taheera: Taheera


Thank you, Taheera. Please wait as you are assigned to the next available specialist for account support.

We are now transferring you to a live agent.

AT&T: We are currently experiencing very high chat volumes which may cause long delays. An agent will be with you as soon as possible.

AT&T: Our agents are currently assisting other customers. Your approximate wait time is 6 minutes. Please wait and the next available agent will assist you.

Agent Grey G enters chat

Grey G: Hi!

Grey G: I will go ahead and help you with that.

Grey G: May I know when you have canceled the line?

Taheera: I cancelled on 5/6

Grey G: Thank you for that information.

Taheera: I never activated the service and was within the 14 day return policy

Taheera: I've been told twice now that I would be credited and I haven't

Grey G: I can see that it is $68.95

Grey G: Right?

Taheera: yes

Grey G: Taheera I want to inform you that you have paid one month in advance when you started the services so I will request you to wait for 45 days since there is final bill to be generated.

Grey G: And this will be adjusted plus the extra credit will be come you through via check.

Taheera: I haven't paid anything in advance

Grey G: Taheera it is when you started the services and AT&T charges for the advance billing for first month.

Taheera: I did not provide any payment information or pay anything when I signed up

Taheera: when I signed up all I did was order a sim card and that was free

Grey G: Okay.

Grey G: Please allow me two moment to check the details.

Grey G: May I know the reason for cancelation?

Taheera: i wanted to

Grey G: Okay.

Grey G has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

Agent Scott K-Supervisor enters chat

Taheera: ?

Scott K-Supervisor: Hi, my name is Scott K-Supervisor. Allow me just a few moments to review your previous conversation, and I’ll be ready to help resolve your concerns.

Scott K-Supervisor: Please call 800-331-0500 they will assist you with this concern

Scott K-Supervisor: You’re welcome! Thank you for choosing AT&T! We appreciate your business.

Thank you for chatting with us today. The agent has left this conversation. Please continue to browse our website and use our self-service options.

  • May 18, 2018

At&t employees from president's office: angela clark (866-569-2108) linda Billing/orders) (888-958-3030/access code:388/ extension 6194) scott sims [email protected]) roxanne (888-958-3030/access code: 388/extension 6159) i received a bill from at&t today wednesday, april 25, 2018 for $184.60 for billing period march 20-april 19. I cancelled my at&t account in march 2018 I cannot remember the exact date). I paid my final at&t bill for $83.64 on march 31, 2018. I also paid $184.60 on march 31, 2018 for at&t non-returned equipment fee. At&t made a debit withdrawal Posted) from my checking account in the amount of $268.24 on april 2, 2018. I have a at&t credit in the amount of $184.60 in my former account ** dated april 25, 2018. Someone at at&t did not bother to do their job correctly. Because i am wasting my time on this complaint right now, at&t can expect more complaints than this one. I will also be on the internet blasting the company and the ceo. Maybe next time someone will do their job and check/balance before they send bogus bills trying to rip off paid in full customers. Apologies will not suffice. Expect plenty more complaints.

I am just getting started... I have continually been going back and forth with them not accepting any responsibility for their mistake. They have lied to the bbb atlanta regarding sending me the bill after it was paid. To top it off, att left a message on my voicemail on 5/16/18 stating that they are going to send me a bill (150.00) for the equipment and their billing will determine whether to refund my money. As if that makes any sense. Att replied to bbb atlanta by stating that they would be sending me a response via usps. That never came. They attempted to reach me by phone several times but i respond to my complaints through my complaints being that businesses like to lie and tell bbb or whoever that the issue is resolved after phone conversations and the bbb or whoever will believe that and close the complaint. So i never respond via the phone. I need written records always. I am not backing down but i think att thinks i will. They do not know me... Consumer affairs federal trade commission texas attorney general Ken paxton) youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, local/major media, etc... They illegally billed me for $186.40 and stated that they are going to bill me for $150.00 more. Dallas texas

  • May 5, 2018

I bought a phone on ATT's promotion about two months ago. It was 50% off a Samsung Galaxy S9.

When the phone arrived that I ordered online, I noticed that the deal was for NEW lines only not my existing line.

So I called to cancel within my 14 day return policy period. After a few hours of dealing with ATT, the Representative said "Yes, you will be honored the credit. I will leave notes" and she convinced me with her best not to leave ATT.

Then yesterday I was sent a message saying I didn't qualify. Well if the phone isnt on a promotion I don't want it. So I called in to explain my situation and all they do is try selling me DIRECTV. I DO NOT WANT DIRECTV.

I spend time with multiple departments.

They were just the worst reps trying to sell me DIRECTV to maintain the promotion that was verified.

One rep, Tayon, was working with me in the customer loyalty department. I told him "so I'm not supposed to trust the words of ATT reps then". He said, "if you mistrusted us, you should have left". Really, that's his best response?

Now they won't let me return past the return time and they won't honor their own advice.

The funny thing is, they offer the Galaxy S9 for existing lines.

Oh, and let me be clear. I DO NOT WANT DIRECTV.

  • Apr 24, 2018

I asked for a replacementget a text reply for my LG phoenix 2 cell phone. He (Jose Morales), showed me how I could save money If I switched to AT&T from Spectrum. The model he used is flawed. It doesn't take into considerarion that I had a DVR as well as unlimited text and data. I instead ended up with an iphone 8 which is an entirely different mode of operating system. He said "Just call me", and I'll help you. I didn't want to bother him with the hundreds of questions I had on HOW TO operate this phone. Because of his SMOOTH sales technique I now have the least amounts of channels, no DVR (instead I have bare bones package). I now have my fico score reduced by 24 points. In a 2 year contract wherein If I break it I have to pay for each month remaining n the contract. Anywhere I go I have no coverage. My cell phone only operates near my home as I have no internet connection. He charged me $699.95 for the ohone. another $50.00 for a case. If I want to watch saved shows it's another $99.95 for the DV

This whole LIE that he used to show how I would save money by switching from Spectrum to AT&T is just that, a LIE. I have lost ALL my contacts because he couldn't find them. This process took 4-1/2 hours in their COLD showroom which had my sinuses swollen shut. It was under these conditions I agreed. This was a mistake. Fortuneately I have 14 days to return it all. I received NO paperwork which I could read. All I got was a tablet to sign my name 3 times. Then, after many attempts to get a text reply from him I was ignored. This method of duress should be banned from this companies methods to sell a senior citizen something he never asked for to begin with. His last name is Morales I say he has no morals.

I'm just lucky I didn't shut off my Spectrum Internet service as he told me to do. This is the pits. They have aquired direct TV and are working on Frontier. They used an authorzed AT&T technician to install the new bare bones cable box. Then they tell him the survey results will cast a palor on his installation. Yet, he is actually installing Direct TV equipment using AT&T's logos. This install took 4 hours. He installed a cable through to ceiling which was routed down the wall so it could go into the living room. I also have an extra outlet next to the already exidting one which just ends with no fitting at its' end. This is the worst experience I've had in many years. Totally unacceptable.

  • Apr 17, 2018

Purchase 360 tech support ... tried to use it on 4-18-2018 and they wanted to record it ..... when I refused they refused to repair my computer .... they have refused to repair my computer and has charged me for earlier cancelling. they don't tell you up front they are recording you.

they scam you into a contract and then rip you off

  • Apr 14, 2018

I have been an att cell phone customer for 10 years. NEVER made a late payment. I also had Uverse for a period of time and moved to an area that did not have Uverse so I had to discontinue service. I reveived a ups label from att and sent in the equiptment. 6 months later I start getting phone calls from a bill collector for $500 for equiptment that they claom was never received. My credit score was also at the same time RUINED from a 760 to a 600. ATT said the only way they could help me was If I paid the $500. I refused at that time and took up the claim with the credit agancys and they sided with me removing the negative mark on my credit report. A year later the debt was sold to a new collector who submitted the negative mark to the credit agencies. AT this point I dont have anymore time to deal with it and was forced by ATT into paying the $500. I was extorted and robbed of my time , my credit and my money by att.

  • Apr 10, 2018

On 11-16-16 we called to add AT&T , TV Phone and internet to our new home. ( We are on a fix income, the new home was a down sizing issue). We agreed the cost agree it would be $93.99 with all taxes included. Well to say the least that was a lie. Itried to concel AT&T on 2-16-17. Because they immediately tried to resend on our agreement. I talked to a Jason and a Jeremy ID no. 100722855 he taked me into staying with AT&T and that AT&T would honor the agreement, I would only agree to stay for one year as a trail basis. This was agreed on.

As it turns out AT&T did not hold to the agreement Every month thier invoices were late which forced me to send the agreed amount by standard mail and with unclear charges. This caused many , many problems. I had to call each and every moun to clear up billing issues. They lied, they did not honor ay agreement, Billing constantly insisted on charging me more money, which they got in most cases. I was constantly uypset. I was ripped off. I was harassed by their emails and their phone calls. I hated their service. their equipment does not work as they claim. I had to add boosters to all the TV"s in house. at my cost. I had nothing but problems with their billing dept.

I paid in full on January 6th 2018 ck no. 1030, I do not owe them anything. I waited over the one year (plus) as greed and cancelled their services January 30th 2018 even on that day when I called your service dept. they started trouble. I talked to a Kim in the loyalty dept. she was rude , obnoxious and diagreeing . I goa a call back by a Sbrina also with the loyalty dept. Wanting me to stay with AT&T. When I said no she alao was rude, obnoxious and disagreeing. I then talked to a manager Sbrina she tried to convince me to stay with AT&T I said no. Then she said I owe $30 for early disconnect fee. There was no early disconnect. On february 6th 2018 at 8;00 am I got another phone call from, your billing dept. She would not give me her name, but she told me she got may letter and that I was still not disconnected. That she would now disconnect me? She also told me to drop off all equipment at any UPS store, just make sue my account no. was attached This is even after Sabrina told me I was already didconnected. On january 29th I was already connected to Spectrum. AS stated abpve I'm paid in full Now AT&T is claiming I owe $86 dollars and is threatened me with collection agency fees attorey fees.

On febuary 16th 2018 I called Direct TV for the money they owe me from services I pervioulsy had at a rental house. Driect owed me $200.00 they agreed to pay in a form of a credit card welcomed at any Sams Club. I never got it. Since AT&T owens Direct TV I suggested they take what they think I owe from there. They claim that is a seperate Co. and they would not honor any obligation from Direct TV.

I need help from becoming a victim of fraud, and being charged for money I do not owe.

AT&T On January 6th 2018 check no 2018 was the last payment owed.for the month of January. On January 30th I cancelled services due to the fact I was constanly being over charged every month and I had to call in to correct the billing. I was on a one year contract. this can be confirmed by recored communication. AT&T wanted to charge me $30 earlly disconnect fee. There was no early disconnection Per contract I sighed up on 11-16-16 I made every payment and satisfied the contract atreement. Now AT&T wants $86 from for no reason I can only concude that someone has entered the wrong infromation in thier computer system and as a large monopoly as they are the costomer is always wrong. They have now threatened me with collection agency fees attorey fees. Carol stream IL PO Box 5014

  • Mar 27, 2018

This is what I received but did not ask for> Thank you, Paul Olivder Dear Customer , We received your request for your Premier username. Here are the usernames associated with your email address: oliverrossandassociatesinccru Raincrane To access Premier, click Login. Did not request this servicefor a Premier user name for my company. I did not request this information. I have been getting strange emails regarding offshore interests.

  • Mar 26, 2018

Started services with ATT&T in December 2017- was promised a package of phone internet and cable and the original agreement has not been honored since. Our bill has not been consistent nor was it bundled as they advised it wouold be and has changed every month. We have to call them every month to straighten out the charges because the original agreement was never honored. We had to argue about the bill and services being combined through ATT and Direct TV were never combined and we were paying seperate charges which were higher than the bundled charges they promised. When you call to speak with someone you are viscously transferred back and forth between the 2 companies with no resolve. On one occasion i have documented where i spoke with 15 people including 2 supervisors and a manager, being transferred back and forth with no resolve all in one day. This has been going on since December 2017. I finally went to one of the ATT corporate offices to see if i would get it straightened out and spoke with a corporate representative Rachel, who I have specific notes of the adjustments and credits that were to be made and honored since the original agreement was not. I Left out of the corporate office thinking that i had finally gotten it resolved only to find out that it was never done. Then to be told that it coould not be seen in thier systems even though i had specific notes and names and resolution numbers and confirmation numbers. So again when we called back were were transferred back and forth and told that one company ATT could not see the other Direct Tv and a manager would have to be notified to contact me at a later date. We were to have a credit to our account for $100 and adjustments to our bill to honor our original agreement. The $100 adjustment was never made until i called back- once i spoke with a supervisor the credit was applied finally with the help of the well kept notes and names and humbers i have as records. The other part of the agreement was never done. So we went back to the corporate office to see why the adjustments and the credits were not done at the same time as we were told they would be, and now we are waiting on another manager to contact us back as they are saying that they do not see that part of the corporate conversation when it was all the same phone call by a ATT corporate rep. The corporate associate is the one who spoke with them and it was agreed that we would be receiving a credit and adjustments. Now we are back again with the same mess trying to get them to honor the adjustments that were promised on the SAME phone call as the credit which they finally completed. If the credit was given we cant seem to find out why the adjustments werent made as well since they were all a part of the agreed resolution for not honoring what was promised from the beginning December 2017 by thier corporate rep. We were told to contact the BBB by the corporate associate and so that is what we are doing now. I will be going back in to the corporate office on tomorrow and if this is not handled we will be cancelling thier services for good. ATT & T and Direct TV have a horrible thing going on where the customers are getting stuck in the middle and transferred back and forth with no resolutions, they are not honoring thier contracts agreements and they have the worse customer services i ever expeienced in my life. How can a company that has been around this long and be so big be able to provide this horrific customer service where thier customers are being caught in the middle of this vicous game they are playing. They have outsourced thier services which makes it very difficult to deal with this company. The merge of ATT and Direct TV is affecting thier customers in a negative way and needs to be addressed. This is not about paying a bill because we have paid ATT every single penny that has been billed to us and still getting treated badly with no resolve. Please help -Exhausted.

  • Mar 15, 2018

I once I contacted them about getting unlimited data and lower rates on my account. I was paying $150 a month, after speaking to them and they said they would lower my bill the next bill came in at $275. They did not give me a refund and told me it would work itself out. After a few months I transferred to consumer cellular and for some reason I was still being charge to AT&T and again they with fused to drop those charges of $86. The charges are ridiculous and I find that they do this to the elderly.

  • Mar 9, 2018

I’ve been a consumer with Southwestern Bell/ AT&T over 60 yers. I had a mobile phone about 3-1/2 and lost it. After canceling this phone Jan 17,2018, I received a final bill March 8,2018. Their customer service rep could not explain why I got another bill when I left in good standing. Off contract with the mobile phone and bill paid. I’m so very angry and disappointed with this company. AT&T is a Rip-off. This is absurd!

  • Mar 8, 2018

Originally I had set up an appointment with U-verse to bring Internet to my home but I called them back and canceled and they have tried to charge me for the past three years for $279.05 for Internet I never even had installed or used in my home at that time. My former address was in Wilsonville Alabama. It has been sent to collections and both times I have talk to the collection company and told them what happened they just keep passing my bill on to the next collection agency and I am not nor will not ever paid this when I didn’t even have it in my home.

  • Mar 6, 2018

Signed up for service as a bundle and got nothing but aggrivation. The left hand does not know what the other hand is doing. I suggest that you get everything agreed upon IN WRITING. They will twell you it was not.

  • Mar 3, 2018

I was offered 25K miles on AA for starting new service with Directv/At&t. After calling aroud for weeks without getting the points added to my AA account, an at&t representative apologized and said I qualified for a $200 Visa Gift card and she'd throw in a extra $100 for my troubles (She clearly saw all the notes on my account).

Never received either, the gift cards or the points. Just called At&t and was told my claim expired! What?! I was told something was sent to me via mail. I never received anything other than my BILL from At&t! Nothing about a claim or my gift card! So you mean to tell me I receive constant communication from them via mail, email and online account alerts but this important "form" didn't arrive!?! Give me a break and admit to your shady business tactics. Wondering how many other people have similar experiences and if any class action lawsuits are already in the works.

  • Jan 15, 2018

I left AT&T on December 28, 2017. My account was paid in full on January 9,2018. ATT has not unlocked my four phones so I am unable to sell the phones that I legally own. I have spent over 15 hours talking with all departments at ATT. Each call I get a different response but they all agree my account is paid off. I hall lost $800 as I had a buyer for the phones but can’t sell a locked phone. Att has promised me this would be resolved and I have been promised a call from a manager but nothing happens. I have contacted American Express to dispute the charge of $558.38. I believe other consumers are facing similar problems. I have met my contractual obligation and ATT not. The lack of professionalism is shocking. Reps at ATT have suggested the only way to get a response is to complain on social media. Readily?! I don’t have a Twitter account and find this response shocking.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I purchased an additional TV box from ebay. I had at and t or direct TV because they were bought out which i had direct TV for 3 years. I had the card activated. 2 months later I received a notice they were raising their rates. I called to cancel my service and I was told there would be a $450 cancelation fee. I asked why. I was told I had a new 2 year contract because I activated a box which I purchased. I asked to speak to a supervisor which went no where. I will be forced to pay it and fight it later because I don't want it reported on my credit report. I had my father and 2 friends cancel their home and cell service. They are happy now with less bills each month. At & t sucks. So do their customer service

  • Dec 16, 2017

I am a 28 year old homeowner, college grad, and disabled U.S Army veteran that had the unfortunate experience of signing up with AT&T Uverse and Wifi after my family had been customers for 20 years. They have since lost ALL of our business. Why? Because at day 1 of our contract thru the entire first month our service did not work. After 4.. FOUR boxes it finally worked. We were patient. THEN, a bill for an unreturned box appeared for $168. This is when things really s****.>


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