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Country United States
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City Saint Louis
Address 801 Chestnut Street
Phone 800.901.9878

AT&T Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2017

I canceled my Uverse service after moving from my residence. The man on the phone wanted to make me an incredible offer to not cancel but to transfer. I explained I was staying at a friends. There was no way to transfer. I told him explicitly to cancel. He said fine. But he'd call me back to give me an incredible offer. Fine. Let me off the phone after an hour. Never heard from him. No one called or contacted me for the equipment. Never heard from them. Ever. I received a text msg today with a $2500 bill and it is my fault because the only note was to transfer service as of September 2016. Transfer where? They still had my old address. The agent wrote down a transfer because he probably didn't want a cancellation. Why I never heard from them? $2,500 really? They will knock 45 days and that's it.

I'm filing a law suit for fraud and erroneous collection activity today. They could t help me or push me higher because she was the act Mgr and her lead wasn't available. Javier is supposed to call back within 48 hours. Right. I heard that before. I can show them I moved and when. I have the equipment because the At&T store wouldn't take it. I am in a fragile state and Trying to repair damage from 2008 and losing everything. And they have me in collections for $2000. And because they didn't write down the cancellation they are saying I have to pay. This is not the end. I am so sick of being take. Advantage of and screwed over. I've had my eye phone with them for -5 years and I'm cancelling that. They should go to jail for the damage they do to I. Invent customers. They made a mistake and insist I have to pay for it. They can look at my iPhone bill and see that I talked to this idiot several times I august and September. They record every call and they can see that I told this dude over and over to cancel my service. I didn't live there anymore. I am not guilty until proven innocent. I can not believe that At&T allows anyone to even speak like this to a customer.

  • Mar 9, 2017

I've been an AT&T U Verse customer for years with my internet and television. In November I called about my bill and was told by the representative that if I switched my phone from T-Mobile I would receive a $650 gift card which would be mailed in November. I switched. In November I called and was told the card would be mailed in December. I called again and the rep appologised and said it would be mailed right away. She also called and left a voice mail to that affect which I have kept. I called in January and was told that was not correct - that it would only cover the T-Mobile equipment bill up to $650 and that I had to submit a final bill from t-mobile.

I received the final bill from t-mobile in February. I called and was told (after being transferred several times and put on hold) that the special was over. I was also told I would receive a $100 gift card. Of course it never came. Today I called T-Mobile and they suggest I call AT&T U Verse to get the phone number for Young America - when I told the rep what had happened she started to come in with a whole different scenario. After much hesitation she gave me 2 differrent phone numbers. I called both and they are both recorded messages -no live agent.

Now I'm looking at a bill from t-mobile that is almost $300 and stuck with a phone bill from AT&T U Verse that is higher than what they quoted originally. They are out and out liars. If anybody wants to start a class action lawsuit against AT&T U-Verse count me in.

  • Feb 9, 2017

I bought att u verce and directv from salesman over the phone signed up for 2 yrsales sold me service that is not available in this area they told me i could get fibre internet sevice with directv at a good price . service man came to hook up sevice said no fibre is available in this area told him not to hook it up he said with work order he had too. called att same day to stop instalation later that day directv came same thing have to hook up .called att the rest of the day and all of nextday they just kept moving me to different people tod them i did not get what was ordered aka no fibre internet so i want it all gone att owns direct tv was told will have to pay 400 dollar termination fee for directv i told them as bought as package terms are differant without internet will see if there is a way to get them for deceptive sales

  • Feb 7, 2017

My son and I went to the AT&T store to add him to our plan. We were offered a "free" tablet with the purchase of a new phone. We said ok. We were then offered to have Direct TV on the tablet. We were told we could cancel it at any time. We said ok. We were never at any time told we were signing a 2 yr. contract with the tablet. We were told we had a 30 day free trial, but had to pay 30 days in advance. That should have been my first warning. I paid it and my son got his phone. In January I called AT&T to cancel the Direct TV to the tablet and was then told I signed a 2 yr, contract for the tablet. I was livid. They should tell u these things upfront. I then cancelled my whole account with AT&T. They are a ripoff company and they lie to ev eryone.

  • Dec 26, 2016

I filed a complaint against at&t wireless because of their unfair billing and business practices on 12/21/16. I have been a customer with them since august of 2016. I recently had a death in the family and had to pay for the funeral services, I lost my job and I am waiting for my unemployment check which comes in January of 2017. So right now I'm suffering a hardship. I for one do not understand how the bill is up to $700. I do not consent for at&t to turn my cell phone service off. I can give at&t the last of my money towards the bill in the amount of $200. I am an honest man sui juris and will pay my debt owed to at&t. I just need at&t to work with me, I explained all of this to several customer service reps, as well as Wally in the presidents office. Wally called me 12/23/16 and basically in so many words, told me at&t doesn't care about its customers and their hardships, At&t on cares about making money off of the us citizens. Wally said that sprint would do nothing for me and my service will be cut off. Wally never explained why my bill is so much. The phone call was ended with out any resolution nor any attempt to find a resolution for me. This is why the citizens hate corporations because all they care about is money, At&t is no different. I demand for at&t to work with me and come up with a resolution to our problem. I will pay to at&t what is owed but I need sometime and an arrangement and explanation as to why my bill is so much money.

  • Dec 23, 2016

I have been trying to move my mobile phone service from AT&T to T-Mobile since November 2016. This was part of a Christmas present for my kids, but AT&T did not want to lose our account and decided to be passive aggressive to ensure we regreded our attempt to choose our provider. We were told the numbers could be ported over and the remaining contract amount, owing on one of our five phones, could be paid by T-Mobile and we would pay T-Mobile. AT&T did port out the number, but did not unlock the phone as expected. I called after we realized the phone was not working on the T-Mobile site and was told by AT&T that we had to pay the remaining balance on the contract before they would unlock it. They said now we would have to wait another month until the bill cycled. Then the AT&T representative said he could take a payment over the phone and I would be emailed with the unlock codes in 72 hours. That was on Dec. 14, 2016. I called on Dec 17, 2016 as I did not get my email and was told the payment I made over the phone was applied to my phone bill and not the contract amount. They again refused to unlock the phone. Said I would have to wait until my bill came out on the 22nd. Called today, 22nd, and was told my request to unlock the phone was denied because they say phone was reported lost/stolen. Not true. I paid another $26 which was my current balance with all additional charges and opened another request to unlock, but AT&T refuses to help me.

GOD help us all if they merge with Time Warner and contol all access to communications and media!

  • Dec 20, 2016

They can't monitor garage roll up doors. They don't have the capability or equipment to do so. Sales/install rep lied when the system was installed. REVIEW OF AT&T Digital Life Home Security: They can't monitor garage roll up doors. Their sales and installer said they could and that we were. They don't have the capability or equipment to do so. They don't tell you that up front. We discovered it after the 14 day cancelation period and are now stuck paying a HUGE cancellation fee to move to a company to do what we thought we were paying AT&T to do. If you have AT&T Digital Life, someone can break into your home via your attached garage roll up door and rob/harm you and no one will know, no one will call, no one will come. It certainly gave me no peace of mind at night when I put my head on my pillow. How can they live with themselves knowing this? How is it legal to conduct business this way? Don't even get me started about the false alarms that do happen for other doors/windows in the home, alarms that don't go off when the system is set to ON, the calls that don't come to check on us, and the one time they did call and didn't even ask for the 'safe' word. DO NOT give these corrupt crooks your hard earned money. The digital key pad they include in the install package they now refer to as a 'novelty' item and do not support it. It does not work. They offer no refund for it. The wires during installation were patched together with tape and was a hazard. We offered to let them correct the matter, they sent a technician to install a garage door opener. It does not allow them to monitor the garage roll up door. We would still be at risk with the entry point of the garage roll up door. We expect the early cancellation fee to be waived and our monitoring fees since installation refunded since we have not been monitored as promised during our sales pitch and during the install. We requested the log of all contact and after multiple requests, we have received NOTHING. The only thing they will protect/monitor is their own pockets. What did we pay them for each month? We were not fully monitored. We were not protected. They offered to install a camera at our garage. It does NOT solve the monitoring issue, a camera won't call the cops when someone breaks in, it is their admission of fraudulent sales practices.

  • Dec 15, 2016

I upgraded 2 phones to receive my free Gear VR for both. They are refusing to send them. I have transcripts were I was told pre purchase I would get. I ordered 2 phones and was promised before hand I would receive 2 VR's. I have spoken to 21 people now and have opened an escalation ticket ERA44700000035.

AT&T even informed me to drive 30 Miles to a retail store and they would handle it. They didnt. Now we are wasting my money on unnecessary drives. This is ridiculous. Honor your offer.I went to facebook. Where your social media agent informed me I placed my order on the 9th and the promotion was only good till the 8th. I placed my order on the 8th.

Here is the pre chat transcript and other contacts. Lawrence : do you know when the offer expires Steve : Let me check on that for you. Just a moment please Steve : It's not lising an end date that I can see normally promotions end at the end of each month Lawrence : im also checking Steve : Great Lawrence : The only reason i am upgrading is to get the vr. If i upgrade and cant get it im afraid Steve : You won't have any problem getting it if you upgrade today Lawrence : Ok I will save this chat. Lawrence : Thank you Steve : You're so welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with tonight? Reference Number: 743753963735694923 DATE/TIME: 2016-12-08 17:45:30

Here are my order confirmation sent via email. Order Number: Your order was placed: 9:05 p.m. ET December 8, 2016 Order Number: Your order was placed: 9:02 p.m. ET December 8, 2016

I have wasted over 5 hours on the phone and chats speaking with AT&T. I have been transferred 19 times out of 6 calls. Here is where your facebook agent clearly didnt look into my order and said I didnt qualify even though your chat agent above said Order now in which I did. I sent both the transcripts for the chat and order confirmations to the facebook agent and it;s been ignored.

Hello Lawrence, I have looked further into your concerns. After researching further into the PROMO and when you signed up. I did see that the PROMO was though Nov 25,2016 - Dec 8, 2016. Unfortunately when you upgraded it was on Dec 9th 2016 after the PROMO had ended. I do apologize but unfortunately you did not qualify for the PROMO going on for the Free Samsung Gear VR with your two phones. If you do have any questions please DM us and we can address those. I will be out of the office for two days. I will be back in the office Friday and I will message you back. I hope we chat soon. On a side not all your account information is on public feed so if you can please delete it so nobody can access your account since again this is a public feed. - KyleY Social Media Specialist.

  • Dec 7, 2016

Cancer sucks and my bills are piling up while I wait forever for my NYS Temporary disability !! Rudely at 7:30am yesterday AT&T shut my phone off !! I been a loyal customer of theirs roughly 14 years !! Do you think they'd let me use the 3000+ rollover minutes I've accumulated ? HELL NO !! So here I sit at Dunkin Donuts using their WIFI !! I hope none of my doctors are trying contact me !! Chemo is a very rough thing to go thru and AT&T made it much rougher !! Thanks AT&T !! Your ex loyal customer Steve Echauri !!

  • Dec 7, 2016

AT&T....monthly bills change and increase , internet service not reliable or speed reliable as promised , customer service is deplorable - poor comunications within customer service and departments , specials have time limits just to get you to sign up ,later complain and then get you to signup with newer versions. ...FORGET dropping the service - the penalties you are threatened with cost close to the year of service . SCARED we will ALL fire them and go elsewhere ! Try to get it solved? ...3-4 months in, they hope you will give up calling and trying to get resolution . wear out the customer ! WE are tired but will keep fighting this giant. the public is tired of the stuff we have to put up with .

  • Nov 30, 2016

I have been a ATT customer for over two years the bill after the introductory period is now 180.00 this includes no pay chanels

but does include the internet. Receitnly I tried to swith the billing from my soon to be X to my name. 45 minutes walked throught two different web sites was good to go but the change neber happened after 45 minutes. I returned equipment and now the bill is 691.00 called three times to get the credit on the equipment three times and was disconected three times.

ATT Uverse deserves a strong F-

With the ability of the tecnology today, I sit here amazed.

I will be sure to share me haneous exsperience with all that I meet along with every one on social media

  • Nov 16, 2016

ATT ATT retail stoe 3618 Marketplace BlvdTelephone: (404) 629-2195 Bought two power cords for iPhone. Cost 50.00 and they don't work. Cool glow in the dark CRAP!

I bought two IPhone chargers costing over 50.00 from the AT&T retail store in Atlanta. I was promised a that they would work.

I was so tired of buying power chargers for Iphones and having them not work so I went to the store at the Camp Creek Market in Atlanta and they PROMISED IT WAS 100% GUARENTEED! Lie, lie, lie. In a month they stopped working. I plug it into my laptop and it makes the most loud noise your can't even be in the room. It stops charging all time witout warning.

I took it back and the manager was the MOST patethic excuse for a customer servcice rep that I have ever came across. He was worse than a hung over beoch at a fastfood drive thru on saturday morning. No thats not right. I am giving him too much credit.

He could not only have cared less but was so indignant about how he wasn't refunding my cords or replacing them. He stated that they worked in the wall and not in the car or laptop so they shouldn't be returned since I could charge at the wall outlet.


  • Nov 14, 2016

AT&T has been a rip off charging me for a canceled account!

  • Nov 4, 2016

I switched from Sprint to AT&T in April 2016. My reasoning to switch carriers was a result of AT&T's advertising that they would pay off your existing final bill as well as give you a trade in on your current device. This promotional advertising was called the AT&T Switcher Offer.

I submitted the required final bill from previous carrier paperwork twice to the Switcher Offer web-site and after six months have never recieved the $270.00 payment from AT&T. AT&T informed me the final bills from Sprint are not detailed enough. In checking with Sprint, they informs me there is no other final bill type.

AT&T falsley advertisied their Switcher Offer as their plan all along was not to honor the offer by stating the final invoice from the prior vendor was not detailed enough. This situation leaves the customer without the benefit of the advertised Switcher Offer and allows AT&T the circumstance of not honoring the advertised offer.

This situation is illegal and AT&T should be prosecuted.

I do hope there is a class action suit filed against AT&T and that we victims get reimbursed in the not too distant future.

  • Nov 2, 2016

I have been an ATT customer for many years. I have a mobile plan and 2 years ago increased it to the family plan. I have my smart phone and one for my daughter for school. We originally had a 3gb plan. This was fine but then we started receiving $15/gb over usage. Usually $30-45. Att would say its due to a new phone. They would credit us, then eventually again more over usage. Because we both have smart phone we became very familiar with hwo to completely turn off and on both data usage for both of our smart phones. But still we would receive more over usage. So in late 2015 ATT suggested going to a 6gb plan and that would give us plenty. Then we would again receive more data over usage and receive another $15/gb over. Again ATT check our account. Out data usage behavior has remained the same. But we increase usage. They told us well because you upgrated one phone and the iPhone 6 will use more like my Samsung Galaxy. I listened to them and followed directions to help reduce usage. Then ATT suggested going to a 10gb plan. They said it looks liek we are using more. I said not that was ok, I will just pay the $15/gb since we go over one or two. Then in around December 2015 ATT without my approval moved me to a 12gb plan. I called ATT and they said they upgated me with 6gb free. So I thought this will be fine since we were on a 6gb plan going over one or two gb. So we will have more since they have roll over.

By April 2016 we were all of a suddent using a total of 13-14gb. And our use behavior on the phones had not changed. I called ATT and asked how could this be? We were using about 8gb, then ATT put us on a 12gb plan and all of a sudden we start receiving 1-2gb over usage. I called ATT every month over a three month period. Nothing changed. Not our use behavior, but we receive increases. So they gave us a credit and checked our phones. Then in summer ATT suggested a 15gb plan woudl be best. Same thing all of a sudden we receive messages of ATT is billing us $15 for addition gb. So in September 2016 ATT suggested us having a 25gb plan. Within days would usage shows now we we are exceeding this by 1-2gb immediately. Again just like last year, when ATT gave us this so caleld free upgrade to 12gb, when we usually used 8gb we are being billed for 1-2gb over usage of $15 each. Similaly now with the 25gb is the same. It seems odd that everytime that ATT moves us to a new plan (5gb, 6-12gb,15gb and now 25gb) that all of a suddent, wiht similar use behavior with our phones we are again receiving $15/gb over usage. Each time ATT says you are using more data. This might be but we use the data the same amount per min as we did last year. Please help. I feel ATT is scamming customers.

  • Oct 18, 2016

I am filing this report against at&t, becouse they simply, feel that they are not held accountable for their conduct you talk to them over the phone, they make agreement, and lie, about them, to me this is poor business practice, you go out of town and when you return your service is off on the wheekend, so you are out oof service for the weekend, of no fault of yours, you called them and they will not take care of your complant,

  • Oct 18, 2016

I have never done business with Vesta, but they somehow came upon my card information. Two charges appeared nearly simeltaneously - for $25.00 and $50.00, on 10/11/16. I contacted my credit card and the charges will be reversed. There are a number of complaints lodged against this company online. Perhaps they aren't doing a particularly bang-up job checking people's identities? Or worse? Anyway, I can't imagine Mastercard or Visa will let them continue to operate after the number of chargebacks a few minutes of casual googling can find.

  • Oct 17, 2016

A T and T what a RIP OFF!

I have done business with A T and T for years having had business cell phones as well as personal. At times there were 4 or more phones on this plan at a time. Now that my business has sold and children are gown and have their own plans I am down to one cell phone.

Since my service was recently suspended by A T and T I called to find out why my bill is $158 per month. After doing some drilling down I find out that they are charging me a monthly fee for ROAD SIDE SERVICE? What...who authorized this. I own a new vehicle so I am pretty sure I don't need this and know that I didn't authorize this. Hmmm wonder how long A T and T has been charging me for something I didn't authorize? In addition I am paying for Insurance...for what..not really sure about this either. I also find out that I will be CHARGED for the days my service is suspended! Is this legal? Wel before I could find out anyting further A T and T hung up on me and never called back even though they verified my name, address, phone number, first born, etc. a number of times during this conversation.

Moral to this story....think twice before using anything provided by A T and T!

  • Oct 15, 2016

On Sept 16th 2016 I over paid my bill by 2500.00. I had called the next day and was told they were going to reverse charges by next buisness day. This did not Happen. Called back in 5 days was told they couldn't do it and I had to go to my bank and ask for a reversal. My bank said it was imposible because they had already cashed the check.

I called back the same day and was told they would be issuing me a refund that would take five more business days ao I waited. Nothing was reversed. I called back on Sept 18th was told they were having trouble and would cut me a check which would be mailed by Oct 4th and I should receive it no later than Oct 11th 2016. I received nothing so I called back on Oct 14th. I was transfered a total of 5 times. I finally talked to someone who aaid it was in dispute and I needed to call back on the 18th. They have now started taking out money for my next bill and will not refund my 2500.00.

I have been with this company for 10 years and have never even been late with a payment.

  • Oct 15, 2016

My U-Verse modem had been shutting down for a few minutes each day without warning for over a year. After several calls the phone representative sent a technician to inspect the issue. I was told there would be no charge if it was not my fault. The technician stated the U-verse modem was old and they don't even make them anymore so he switched it with a new modem. I was told nothing about a fee.

On the next months bill I started to get charged an additional $7 a month for "High Speed Internet Equipment Fee". This is in addition to the $62 monthly Internet fee. After speaking with 3 individuals and the third spoke with his supervisor I was told this is standard to new equipment. I mentioned that their product was broken and I didn't ask for a new modem nor was it mentioned that I would be charged but AT&T wouldn't budge on the fee.

  • Oct 13, 2016

My housemate moves out, and I now want to get a direct TV account in my name, after he cancels the current account in his name.

Because I have lived in the house for a number of years while his Direct TV account was active, AT&T will not allow me to open a new account in my name at the same address. This, according to them, is because "I benefited from their service while I was a resident at this address, and in order to open a new account in your name at that same address, the current account must be canceled for two years before your new account can be opened"

Now, if you just said "what?", you had the same reaction as me.

"so, let me get this straight" I said, "if I lied to you, and said I was a new tenant just moving in to this address, I could get a new Direct TV account in my name, but because I have established a long term residency here, I am not able to get the same account as I could if just moved in five minutes ago?"

"Yes Sir, that is our policy"

"So, what your telling me is, rather than taking my money every month for the next two years of the required contract, you want me to hang up the phone, cancel the current account, and call your competition, Dish network, and give them my money for the next two years. Am I really understanding you correctly?"

"Sir, as I stated, AT&T, and Direct TV cannot allow you to secure new service at your current address for the next two years."

Dear AT&T, your policy is beyond ridiculous, and you have ensured one thing; I will never buy ANY AT&T product, or service. Rather than try to negotiate a new price (your customer retention dept. called me after the fact) to keep the current Direct TV service in place, I will in fact cancel it. I will also share this enlightening customer service experience on every consumer complaint website I can find.

  • Oct 13, 2016

Went to Att wireless is bethpage to switch service from verizon. Att offered an unlimited data plan that was alot cheaper than verizon. I traded in 5 verizon phones and went into contract with 5 new Att phones. I was told I had 14 days to cancel if I was not happy with service. Here is the kicker On or about day 12 I went to the store in bethpage to cancel as the ATT wireless service was flat out terrible. They were willing to let me cancel but my 5 phones which I traded in at the time were gone. They got rid of my 4 iphones and 1 droid phones which I owed money on. I was told sorry your phones are gone but you can cancel your service. How can I cancel my service and go back to verizon with no phones?? ATT wireless totally scammed me by saying I can cancel in 14 days. They failed to ever tell me if you cancel you WILL NOT get your phones back. They should of put me back to where I was by giving me my phones back. With that Im now stuck on a wireless provider that SUCKS in service with 5 lines. Im now also paying for another phone with verizon as I was dropping to many calls with ATT service. Its a shame that ATT wireless was not truthful with there cancellation policy. I called and called customer service and was repeatedly told sorry we got rid of your verizon phones. I should of been told upfront if you cancel ATT cant put you back to where you were. I would never reccomend anyone to ATT. Be careful dont get scammed like I did.

  • Oct 10, 2016

My service with AT&T U-verse began on July 11, 2016. AT&T promised me a $200 rewards card within a month of starting their service as a rebate for entering a 1-yr contract with them. After a month, I called AT&T U-verse at their phone number: 800-288-2020, and they first gave me the run-around....transferring me to the Philippines and then back to the USA...with nobody giving me a clear answer. Finally, after many calls and complaints, AT&T told me that my rewards card had been sent to me at the end of August. So, I waited a few more weeks and it still never came. AT&T management are dishonest liars and I want to complain about the way they do business. Because they promised to send me a $200 rewards card and never did, I want AT&T to either send it to me, or let me out of my contract immediately and compensate me for the $200 they never paid me.

  • Oct 4, 2016

I have had non stop issues with the unreliable customer service through this flooring company - speaking to their apparently untrained representatives is like to speaking to "ghosts" because they do NOT listen --- my activation date was not the date it originally was to be BUT 2 weeks later --- they turned off my wifi twice from me trusting their representaives that the issue was solved - I EVEN enrolled twice in auto pay where the payment was never deducted from account? Which is like beyond all understanding ---- just to give me restoral fees of 50$ on top of that! for them NOT listeneing to me nor solving the actually issue as their representative claimed to of --- the second deactivation of my wifi --- had me dealing with multiple representatives who bullshitted me again & again until I requested to speak to a manager & I had many issues getting --- who supposedlycleared ALL of all the fees & cleared the entire bill because my wifi never should of been turned from my last interaction with their customer service --- I EVEN signed up in auto pay --- THERE was NO reason my wifi should of been cut off --- this manager seemed to of solved my porble --- Once again I chose to get of the phone feeling safe that this manager took care of it ---like he had said --- it even showed a 0 balance remaining --- Just to get a bill for the next month with another "restoral fee" ??? My wifi had NOT been turned off another time and ALL previous restoral fees from the representatives not properly doing their job had been taken care from this manager --- YET they added another restoral fee to my next bill?? Just to deal with another customer service rep & EVEN a manager who claimed the restoral fee was valid --- this "manager" should not be a manager - she was extremly rude ...everyything made rational sense --- my service should NOT of been disconnected the 2nd time. Period. This fee was supposed to be taken of. This disorganized customer service has wasted close to probably 7 hours of my life that I will never get back! Do NOT sign a contract with them. I even called to speak to a second manager -- THEY refused to give me the original managers name who said he had helped with the issue o solving all fees --- saying they cant connect with him? so even though my service NEVER should of been turned off --- they keep implying that it's my fault --- NO. It. Was. Not. Period! Claiming the fee is valid -- I told the 2nd manager that I was never paying it & he even said "there will be consequences for that" ??? uhhhh ok dude ... this is the most horrendous corporation I've ever encountered ---

  • Aug 22, 2016

Im dissapointed with att uverse, I have spoke with a executive office person, and told me that for a year i was going to paid a flat rate on my uverse services, since 02/2016 its not a year and uverse is being charging too much for the same services, they dont read notes, or dont care about customer concerns, im about to cancelled my services, please i need someone from the executive office to contact me , and help me resolved this matter, they att going to cancelled my services cause this is an error, too much $$, i told customer services to check on notes back on 02/2016 they dont care,

  • Aug 22, 2016

I ordered ATT internet services for a month to month basis.

They claim that I agreed to a 1 year agreement which I never did.

I asked them to send me some paper work that validate my agreement to the 1 year agreement and off-course they don't have anything signed.

I was charged unlawfully $100 for the "contract concellation".

What horrible service and what a scam!

  • Aug 20, 2016

I recently switched internet service from Comcast to AT&T. I was so pleased with my service...85 mbps! Amazing. However, I've found nothing but issues in dealing with their customer service and technicians.

First, by my own fault, the fiberoptic line was cut in the yard. AT&T was very fast to respond to my request for help and sent a technician out to replace the broken line. He ran the line and instructed me that a construction crew would be out to bury the line within two weeks. In a couple of days, I came home and saw a trench dug in my yard, a fiberoptic cable laying across my son's playset, and a big mess at the box going into the house. I assumed they would be coming back the next day to finish the job and just couldn't for some reason. Several days passed with no change.

I contacted AT&T, who told me no construction crew had been out there. Based on the state of my yard, one obviously had. After almost an hour of checking, they told me they would have one out the next day. When that construction person arrived, they told me that the work had effectively been done, but terribly. First, the crew that had come out decided to trench the yard and put a whole new line in themselves, but left the old line laying out across the yard. They then didn't bother cleaning up their mess and left. He took care of things for me and all was good.

Flash forward to this week. My modem started experiencing problems with the wireless, where the 5Ghz radio stopped working though the 2.4 Ghz one still worked. After a hour of troubleshooting, the representative decided that the modem needed to be replaced and told me she would ship a new one out to me that should have arrived today. When I got home, no new modem. I contacted AT&T, who told me no ordered had even been turned in for the new modem! So after an hour on the phone with the rep, they just decided to do nothing! This new rep apologized and told me she would put in an order to replace the modem. She also told me that I should receive confirmation that the order has been placed and to look for that to be sure everything is ok. I still have not received that confirmation so am losing faith that this second call produced any results.

As a product, AT&T's is amazing, but they have a LOT of work to do in terms of the client experience. The best internet service in the world is only as good as the people who support it.

  • Aug 3, 2016

My television and internet services were turned off. I called to see why as I had paid the bill. I was told that the payment of $312.81 was returned by my bank, however, it doesn't show up that way at my bank and they said it was returned on July 28 and there was enough to cover that on the 28th. So after 4 calls and 3 hours on the phone with ATT I made arrangements to pay the $312.81 and to pay the balance on August 5th and they agreed. They also showed a balance of $182 which was incorrect because they were charging me for HBO and Showtime which were suppossed to be free for 3 months. Finally, one of the people I talked with said they would credit me $84 for the payments I has made for the free movie channels. Now the balance to be withdrawn on August 5th was $97. They not only took out the $312.81 I agreed to but they also took out $182 the same day (August 1st,2016) now my account is overdrawn. My internet service is still suspended. After calling again and talking with Loressa Moore, who said she was a supervisor, told me that because the payments had already been processed they couldn't do anything about it.

Every time I have to call ATT it seems things get screwed up even though they tell you that they are doing what you asked them to do. They don't cancell things when asked to and keep billing you for all it's worth. I also feel like many times when I have to talk with them that my calls are outsourced to teleperformance. When ATT combined the billing for their services with the services of Direct TV, things have really gotten bad and if you are unhappy with the service and try to cancel they want to charge all kinds of cancellation fees. This is a big ripp off and it seems ATT is doing exactly what Time Warner got in trouble for doing. They are probably told not to cancel but always upsell whether the customer wants it or not.

  • Jul 19, 2016

I signed up for Uverse December 28, 2015, I was quoted a price of between 135.00-140.00 a month including taxes for a promotional period, until my three full months of HBO, Showtime etc..., was up. The first two months my bill was in the 235-280 price range. I tried calling about it after the first payment and got no where, by the third month I called and they did lower my bill to 123.00 but I still feel they overcharged me for the first two months and who knows what my bill will be the month after. I am so disappointed in AT&T, and being billed this way and having to call repeatedly. I feel very taken advantage of.

  • Jul 16, 2016

Wow where do i start well I have had at&t for over two years and ever since i have gotten AT&T from the first month i never recevied a bill for it and so i didnt know i had a bill i new nothing about the online account i assumed they were going to mail me a bill well they never did so i didnt send them a bill well i complained and stuff well by that time it was two months behind so i have been paying as much as i can but now i am 1,175.00 behind because of it and they refuse to do anything about it. So i have filed complaint and filed complaint and nothing is getting done i have spoke with the Office of the president the executive people and they do nothing acvcept saying they are sorry so i called 210-821-4105 and asked to speak with the CEO and convently they dont accept personal phone calls so they dont want to do anything to help me i am very frustrated and agravated with this company so please take my advice dont get sucked into there lies. Cause that all they are is lies and more lies. Then when they get caught they dont do nothing about it.

  • Jun 27, 2016

After over 15 years of great cell phone service this last year had been horrible. I got 4 new phones on a new plan over a year ago and have had nothing but a bad experience. We were lied to about pricing, lied to about terms, lied to about the plan, and horrible service. Every time we check our bill our terms have changed. Random add on pricing on bills. I have wasted hundreds of dollars this year on fees and mess ups with at&t. Had to pay for 3 months on payment plans on phones that didnt work and had to start over on payment. Never got a refund and att told us too bad. Att is taking advantage of there customers and making changes you never ask for. Was told by Att that they didnt need my permission to change my rates or plan. Sad i have been with att since 1999 and in one year and my business expanding they relly screwed my company over.

  • Jun 17, 2016

Att promise to give you credit to switch to there wireless company.Well that is a lie...Stay away!!!

It has been over 10weeks and still have not gotten the rebate promised me.. The old carrier i had, has turned me over to a collection agency, cause att did not send me the credit to pay the other carrier off.

  • Jun 17, 2016

Att is a report off I have been a customer for years. I recently moved they moved my service. Att change my internet into not unlimited internet. I have to pay additional 30 a month for my same internet service on top of my Bill. Customer beware they are a spam.

  • Jun 15, 2016

At&t is a ripoff they take your money my husband closed his account in 2014 and just now want him to pay how can my husband pay when he don't have money to give them they are the worst they take you then they say if you don't pay it will be sent over to a collection they just need to be shut down they are so stuipd

  • Jun 15, 2016

Being an AT&T user for several years I went to find out what the new bundle package was with them buying out DirecTV and getting the new Digital Life security system for my home. After getting a written copy of the charges and my monthly billing the following day I went to the ATT store to sign up. After signing up I got an email stating the price was different so I contacted corporate. Dealing with corporate the day I had all the services installed the office of the president said they would go ahead and match the pricing so I did. The day after installation I got a call from another young lady in the office the president stating they cannot match the price and it would not want it I need to get it removed. This is after I had already had Bright House and Safe Touch security removed from my home and I was going to have to pay a fee to have them come back out and we can stall. Through all the next week the Office of the President stated I would owe absolutely nothing if I cancel all my services including my cell service and I was going over to Verizon. Two weeks later I get a notice in the mail that I owe $152 so I sent it to the Office of the President which they stated I owe nothing. I then get another letter from a collection agency stating it will go against my credit if I do not pay $152 so therefore I paid it. I have a recording of a conversation with me in the office of the president stating there would be no cost if I had canceled my service before April 8th and I did so by March 24th.

  • Jun 14, 2016

I was told my $200 visa rewards card was mailed May 28, 2016 and I would receive it by June of June 13, never got it. I was informed my $200 visa card was mailed May 28 and I would receive it by June 5. I called the automated system on June 6 and it stated I would have it by June 7. I didn't receive it on June 7 and called to speak with representative. I was then informed I would have it "by end of week" June 10 as it takes 7-10 business days. On June 10 I still hadn't received it and called a rep again in which I was told June 13 is the 10th day and it should be there by then.

As of June 13, still haven't received card. I called and spoke with a supervisor who said my "address has no apartment number" listed on my account and that's why I haven't received it. This is fraudulent because service was set up in my apartment (obviously) months ago. I was then told it takes up to 14 business days. Everytime I contact them I am given another date and lied to. They have deceptive business practices and have lured and lied to me about receiving a bogus visa card that they never sent nor intended to send.

  • Jun 10, 2016

They told me one price. Haven't got that price since I signed up. I'm calling every month for adjustments. Now I'm stuck with a $356.36 bill. They are only willing to take off $50. Bill was only supposed to be $122. I'm so confused and stressed

  • Jun 2, 2016

Got setup with att when I moved in because the cable was messed up. its still messed up but I got a tech to patch it for now.(i had to switch back)

att bills ok until you change your package. thier price is 3x what the cable company offers for 3x less internet speed. :O? theres more..

after over a year with the company my rates started rising. I protested this and denied the raise in cost. ATT did not care. they assumed I owed the disputed debt. eventually, they wanted triple the monthly fee(I have copy of bill) and cut me off. At this point I had already switched to the cable company.

adding insult(literally) to this:

they did same with my cell. First few months I had overages from the app store and wasnt setup via lan. iphones work on lans without cell service.I did not know this at the time.

ok, so I find a plan where I dont go over, pay the bill for 6-8 mos and then they do same to my phone. the rate goes up without explaination. I protest, they dont care.

here come the slam calls. disconnect. more slam calls on my voip line.

$300+ bill because of thier actions.

and I paid both my bills, whatever the monthly premium was up until the hiked fees.then I paid what the monthly rate should have been. still disconnected.


80/mo for internet+tv

65 or so for phone

here comes a letter(im assuming after john morgan contacted them) asking me to call, just like verizon(much much worse) tried. they try to litigate the fact that they are using robo dialers to call you and try to sneak away with it. THIS IS AN ILLEGAL PRACTICE.

and quite franky I go by the old motto. No paper bill? I must not owe you.

1500 fine per call for nuisance FDCPA violations. I have 7 counts from att and 7 more from thier third party debt collector.

ATT is refusing to pay the 18K debt.

needless to say i unlocked and re-sim the phone.

  • May 23, 2016

I pay for 10 mbps but I only receive 7. This is ongoing in down town Los Angeles where AT&T holds a monopoly. If there are any attorneys that are interested in a class action suit, please call me.

  • May 19, 2016

AT&T Wireless has become a money sucking con game! I need a new phone as my current phone is broken after just 1 year. I'm on a 2-year contract, so my monthly bill is still due no matter if my phone works or not. AT&T told me that my warranty expired recently and it was only good for 1-year. I had no protection plan on the phone. I am not eligible for a phone upgrade. As a result of all this, I am forced to pay full price for a new phone! The rep was going down phone prices and plans. I chose a $600 phone. The rep suggested I get insurance for $7.99 a month added to my cell phone bill. I told her I would consider adding it at another date. She told me they would only give me 30 days to add it on, but after 30 days, I would no longer be eligible to add it on at all! She said if my phone broke without any insurance or protection plan I would be responsible for paying off the full $600 before I would be allowed to buy another new phone! She clicked around a bit more and wondered if, on top of all the other charges, I would be charged an Early Upgrade fee! She never gave me a "yes" or "no" on that possible shake down! Finally she said I would have to pay the taxes up front which were a bit over $35! I told her I only pay when bills arrive in the mail by money order or check. She refused to let me complete the process to buy a new phone and told me to call back when I changed my mind on the upfront tax payment. It seems clear to me that they are able to "nickel and dime" and charge whatever they want! I'm sure if I stuck around in the conversation a bit longer she would have thrown an Activation Fee at me. There needs to be some legal or government intervention on this to cap it. I have no doubt that some people pay way over $1,000 on high priced phones after all the taxes and fees are added on.

  • May 16, 2016

We were customers of AT&T Uverse for home phone, high speed Internet and digital cable television. We were preparing to move to a new home in Rancho Santa Margarita and contacted AT&T Uverse about getting services installed there. I made an appointment for Friday, May 13th between 9am and 11am. That was the day of our move so I rented a car to be there while my husband stayed behind to help the movers and oversee the move generally. I received an email confirming the install appointment 2 days before the fact and everything seemed fine. I got there at 8:30 am on the 13th and began waiting. At 10:30 am when nobody had come or called, I contacted AT&T Uverse to find out the status. At that

time, the rep said my appointment had been mysteriously "unscheduled" and was set for install on December 1st, 2016, 7 months away! I went through the rounds with this rep, explaining I had obviously not rescheduled for 7 months away, had an email confirmation, had an order number, etc, and she said she couldn't get anyone out until 5 days later on the 18th. Not okay. I work as an attorney from home and absolutely have to have the phone and internet. I also have a young daughter who will be very upset without anything to watch while we're moving. I got hung up on and had to call back. I got transferred to 3 differentdepartments and disconnected again. I had to call back, each time having to explain what

was going on and each time getting nowhere, no sympathy, no willingness to help, and overall caulous disregard. I finally got transferred to a supervisor, Ginger, who actually laughed at me several times. I repeatedly asked her to stop because it's rude and condascending, but she could not care less. She did absolutely nothing to help and after an hour I hung up, hoping someone else would be more professional and willing to help. I had no explanation provided as to why they "unscheduled" my appointment in the first place. I contacted Direct TV, as that is who would be providing the TV portion in the new house, but through AT&T. Direct TV was incredibly nice, apologetic and tried very much to help. Eventually they

got me in touch with a department at AT&T called Single Dispatch. There, I spoke to another supervisor and got an appointment for the followING morning between 9&11am. In total, I spent 3 hours on the phone to get there. The next day, I called when nobody had shown or called by 10am. The rep said they would be there, guaranteed, no later than noon. 1:30pm rolls around and still no call and no show. I call again. They say they'll be there between 2:00 and 2:05, sorry they're busy and running behind, etc. Fine. So long as they get there that day, I'm fine. 3:00 rolls around and still no call, no show. I call again. This time it takes 3 people to even find my order. When they do, they tell me there are

notes on my account saying I lost my appointment the day before because I wasn't home when the tech came. What??? No! I was there, waiting by the door, the entire day and nobody came. Moreover, nobody mentioned that during the 3 HOURS I was on the phone with them the day before. I ask who said that and they said it was an "incomplete" report so they didn't know. After a bit, they seemingly gave up on that nonsense and went back to saying the install tech was just running late. I waited on hold for nearly an hour while the supervisor contacted the "National Dispatch Center" so she could be 100% sure she got me the most accurate info. Finally, she said the tech was in my area and absolutely would be

there that day no matter what. She couldn't say when, but she promised over and over the tech would be arriving that day for certain. 5:30pm and still nobody. I call AGAIN and the rep says the tech came but nobody answered. What?!?! NO. We've been sitting within 5 feet of our front door every minute of the entire day. Between my husband and I, we literally have not missed a minute. I ask who came and when, explaining I call BS due to the circumstances. Then, without reason, the rep just abandons the whole idea after putting me on hold. It was as if she never said it. She had an entirely new fabrication to tell me when she came back on the phone. Now, the rep tells me there is an outage in the area

such that they won't be coming that day. They have to repair a line near my home but she promised, they will come the next day between 8am and 8pm. The tech will call me a half hour before so I don't have to wait at home all day. Why hasn't anyone ever mentioned this supposed outage during the previous calls I made that day?? She has no explanation and doesn't care one bit about what I've been through all day or the day before. The utter lack of care, surprise, concern of any kind from all the reps I dealt with was truly astonishing. I spoke of finding a new company. Go for it, is their response. They don't care what they've done, what agreement they breached, whether they keep you as a customer -

nothing matters one bit. I tried other companies already. None could get there sooner than 3 days. So, I felt very stuck. I agreed to the next day because I had no real choice but to do so. Today is that day. When 2:30 came around without hearing anything, we decided we better call and see what's going on. I contacted the company to find out they never do installs on Sunday and I don't have an appointment scheduled at all!! I ask what happened to the story about the outage and the promise of coming today, noting that I have names, confirmation numbers, emails, case numbers, order numbers - she does not care one bit. Her response is simply it's not happening and when do you want the install?? Are you kidding

me??? Three days straight we wait around and they had no I tent to come on any of them!! Why did they literally make stuff up?? Why promise they're coming so many times like that?? Why assure me over and over they'll come today, Sunday, after the purported outage is fixed?? There is no outage, this tech says. I get another manager. They won't budge. The soonest they'll come now is Wednesday, the 18th, which is 3 days away and 5 days after my original appointment. I was so upset this time, I actually cried. I called Cox Communications and scheduled an install with them on the 18th, with hopes of getting a sooner appointment once I can talk to customer service tomorrow. Needless to say, we canceled with AT&T and will NEVER do business with them again.

  • May 10, 2016

I have been fighting with att wireless since jan 2016 and have been told by numberous reps and managers my account would be credit the promotional buy one get one credits for my iphone 6s and galaxys . I was told next month next month next month and now i am being told because i paid them off i will not get the credits, This is 1,300 dollars so not small change.

I did check at the time to see if paying them off would void the credits and i was told no (( all documented through my conversations with reps and managers. Not sure how to handle this i have filed a disbute and nothing. I am still waiting i have ben with att for years . I will not be staying any longer.

I am trying to find a lawyer or some people who are also getting the run around on this promotion please feel free to contact me pertaining to this issue only.

I will try to help all who need it to.

  • May 4, 2016

I have canceled the service and they keeop charging me for the service. Both tyelephone and internet. I have made 6 or 7 calls and they keep charging me.

  • Apr 11, 2016

I have had AT & T for over a year. They are more deceptive than Dircet TV, their sister company, and they do not care. AT & T will promise the customer several packages, but the packages are only sold at sale price. That means the packages are all promotional.

This is how it works: At&t lures potential customers with major packages at promotional prices. The promotion is on a certain time frame from a few months to a year. After the promotion is over, At&t boosts the price of the package to its origianl price, regardless if the customer can afford it or not. For example, a customer can get a package of high speed internet and select tv channels for $159. Once the promotion is done, the true, actual, and origianl price of the package is revealed to $234. Not only is it unacceptable, but At&t will only give you promotions when the company feels that it has promotions. When asking for another promotional package, to lower the bill and be more cost effective for the consumer, At&t will simply have salespeople tell the customer that they do not have any promotions available. Futhermore, I, as a customer, have talked to At&t several times to lower the bill.

I have called AT&t to tell them that I cannot afford anymore of their high end products. I downgraded the packages several times and they still manage to increase my bills. I cannot talk to a live human being. I am given an automated system to talk to insted of a live human being. I have, right now, a bill of $441.68. I should not have to pay it and At&t will not tell me why. The service summary is there. But, why is it so high if At&t knows that I cannot afford it?

  • Mar 17, 2016

ATT billed celluler phone never got after I had phone turned off for over chargeing me for things not requsted went to store at lest 10 times told it would be fixed not taken care of as promested now thay have sent me to a collection comp

  • Mar 12, 2016

My Mother-in-Law passed away February 19th,2015. We recieved a bill from at&t in December, 2015. It showed she had a remaining credit of 32.66. I called and requested they refund her money. They said that it would be on the next billing cycle.

My husband called them again in February, wanting to know why the funds had not been returned. At first they told him he would need to know the name of her favorite restaraunt. Finally they agreed to send it to her last known address (which has all been forwarded to our house). Nothing. She has been dead for over a year, and yet they still hold on to her money.

  • Mar 11, 2016

I have been a customer of AT & T for many years and I have had numerous issues with their pricing and unscrupulous ways. They will always try to sneak price increases almost every few months. When you call and threaten to drop their services, they always send you to customer retention who inevitably will offer discounts, some with contact commitments to bring your bill back to where it was all along.

This last incident was a clear bait and switch.

I contacted AT & T to find out why my plan which had been just corrected a few months ago had again started to climb. When I told them I wanted to leave, they switched me to customer retention. After about 90 minutes of discussing options, I was convinced that a switch to U-Verse, but with the Direct TV will be a much better option and that it would save me about $40 per month. I was assured over and over that my services would remain the same and that my total package would now be $129 per month plus about $10 in tax. I decided to take the bait and commit to the two year contract. A couple of days later AT & T sent me an email with my new monthly billing. Price listed was $150 per month which is only $27 less then the basic service that I have been paying for and not the $40 savings. When you add in the cost of having to pay for the shipping of the new Direct TV equipment, my monthly savings were even less.

To top it off, the service rep gave me a phone number to call to get back in touch with him or his supervisor. I have called that number for three days and 5 calls and have left message which nobody ever returns. I will only keep my AT & T service only long enough to get my Antenna and my Volp internet phone going, then I will shop for a good internet only service and cut the cord.

  • Mar 8, 2016

In May 2013, my husband, Kenneth signed up with Direct-tv. He was told that if he had phone and internet he could bundle with At&t and save. So, that is what he signed up to do. That never happened.

He wound up being billed double. When we realized the problem, At&t never wanted to drop the extra charges. Also, the phone and internt service were extremly poor.

We are being harrassed by them down till today. They sent the bill to a collection agency ( Afni, 1310 Marrtin Luther King Drive, PO Box 3517, Bloomington, IL 61702.)

  • Mar 3, 2016

I went to the Brighton store locate of AT&T in December to switch my cable and cell services over to AT&T. I was met by Shea Marentette the store manager. We agreed to a monthly fee for all services of 405.00 per month. I have since been bill in excess of this amount and have had nothing but issues when dealing with the customer services group at AT&T . I have reached out to Shea on multiple occasions with limited or no success with return calls. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Joe at the Brighton store who assured me that Shea was work on a solution to my issues and agreed that there was a problem on AT&T’s end.

I have been told that the management group at AT&T customer service was not available after hours or weekends so that they would continue to work behind the scenes to resolve the issue of my bill being significantly more than originally offered. I simply wanted to try and leverage the competition for a monthly savings on my cell and cable bill. I was assured that I would realize about 75.00 per month. By my calculation I am paying so far about 100.0 to 125.00 more per month. I have experience sub-par cell service with lots of dropped calls and I currently have 2 TV that were hooked up to AT&T’s cable service that do not work. I feel as though I have been a victim of bate a switch by AT&T. Many false promises and assurance about the service and the customer service team. I feel held hostage with no way out other than to pay extra to get out and away from the company.

  • Jan 15, 2016

So ATT U-verse tech support tells me on 1/11 that my IP address is linked to another person whom I did not autorize. They can't tell me who it is. Law enforcement tells me the actions taken by that person constitue fraud using my e-mail (But not At&T). I was told by tech support that ATT had to get back to me within 24-48 hrs.

48 hours later I called tech support who bounced me to TOI and back to tech support. The script goes "ATT is noresponsible for e-mail." They will not answer a direct question. 20 minutes wasted it's now after hour so I chatted and wasted another 40 minutes.

The &&^%&* supervisor told me he'd get back to it the next day at 4PM!

I have had my on line identity stolen, can't access e-mail, FB and of course I know better than to try on any financial sites, brecause I am a retired financial analyst and I keep up with the latest on internet security. I called local law enforcement to tell them I'd be filing a report tonight. I had to call back and say ATT could care less. Then I found the officer was an identity theft victim as well. He, at least is empathetic. I had my credit card ID stolen recently. I have filed the preliminary IC3 (FBI) report about this and need the investigation report finding (who did this) to file a police report to proceed. I don't give up when customer service spins me aroud, I just persist until the service is provided.


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