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Country United States
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City Saint Louis
Address 801 Chestnut Street
Phone 800.901.9878

AT&T Reviews

  • Mar 6, 2018

Signed up for service as a bundle and got nothing but aggrivation. The left hand does not know what the other hand is doing. I suggest that you get everything agreed upon IN WRITING. They will twell you it was not.

  • Mar 3, 2018

I was offered 25K miles on AA for starting new service with Directv/At&t. After calling aroud for weeks without getting the points added to my AA account, an at&t representative apologized and said I qualified for a $200 Visa Gift card and she'd throw in a extra $100 for my troubles (She clearly saw all the notes on my account).

Never received either, the gift cards or the points. Just called At&t and was told my claim expired! What?! I was told something was sent to me via mail. I never received anything other than my BILL from At&t! Nothing about a claim or my gift card! So you mean to tell me I receive constant communication from them via mail, email and online account alerts but this important "form" didn't arrive!?! Give me a break and admit to your shady business tactics. Wondering how many other people have similar experiences and if any class action lawsuits are already in the works.

  • Jan 15, 2018

I left AT&T on December 28, 2017. My account was paid in full on January 9,2018. ATT has not unlocked my four phones so I am unable to sell the phones that I legally own. I have spent over 15 hours talking with all departments at ATT. Each call I get a different response but they all agree my account is paid off. I hall lost $800 as I had a buyer for the phones but can’t sell a locked phone. Att has promised me this would be resolved and I have been promised a call from a manager but nothing happens. I have contacted American Express to dispute the charge of $558.38. I believe other consumers are facing similar problems. I have met my contractual obligation and ATT not. The lack of professionalism is shocking. Reps at ATT have suggested the only way to get a response is to complain on social media. Readily?! I don’t have a Twitter account and find this response shocking.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I purchased an additional TV box from ebay. I had at and t or direct TV because they were bought out which i had direct TV for 3 years. I had the card activated. 2 months later I received a notice they were raising their rates. I called to cancel my service and I was told there would be a $450 cancelation fee. I asked why. I was told I had a new 2 year contract because I activated a box which I purchased. I asked to speak to a supervisor which went no where. I will be forced to pay it and fight it later because I don't want it reported on my credit report. I had my father and 2 friends cancel their home and cell service. They are happy now with less bills each month. At & t sucks. So do their customer service

  • Dec 16, 2017

I am a 28 year old homeowner, college grad, and disabled U.S Army veteran that had the unfortunate experience of signing up with AT&T Uverse and Wifi after my family had been customers for 20 years. They have since lost ALL of our business. Why? Because at day 1 of our contract thru the entire first month our service did not work. After 4.. FOUR boxes it finally worked. We were patient. THEN, a bill for an unreturned box appeared for $168. This is when things really s****.>

  • Dec 12, 2017

Every time I turn around at&t is raising my bill. They don't care whether I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income or not. This month it went up $2.48.

I'm not poor enough to take advantage of Life Line. So I called them which didn't do any good either. I need a good reliable connection with the copper base service. The package I got from at&t is worse than the one I had with Birch. At least my long distance calls were free and I didn't have to pay as much.

Sorry I ever left Birch to go to at&t. at&t is a really rotten company I like to see go out of business. So it looks like I will have to give up a reliable copper base connection for some unreliable cable connection and I will go with my Internet carrier I got now if I have to.

  • Dec 12, 2017

I made the supreme mistake of transferring my Internet, phone, and TV services to AT&T! In less than a week, I have received the WORST customer service I have EVER received from any company! Today, I have now been on the phone with them OVER 4 HOURS attempting to end my services and spoken to 13 people in both "Retention/Loyalty" and Technical Support, with no success whatsoever! No matter how many Retention folks you tell you want to cancel they continue to not do so, and then when pressed push you to Tech Support. Then, after 8+ people I finally got an appt. made to have them come to remove their Internet/phone equipment, and was told they could not do this until Jan. 2nd. I indicated this needs to be done this week given how they have treated a brand new customer. We made an appt. this Fri. and I got a confirmation number, and right afterwards got a voicemail saying I was confirmed for Jan. 2nd. This ensued a whole line of new calls to them to get the original promised appt. to happen this Fri. I am still on the line after 4 and 30 min. hours and 13 people to make this happen!

They are still refusing to keep their word on the appt. they promised and gave me a confirmation number for this Fri. Then was told by the Internet/phone folks that I needed to call ATT DirectTV to end the TV service. Then one goes through call after call after call where they refuse to come out and disconnect their equipment and reconnect my old Internet/phone provider's. Despite talking to supervisors they refuse saying that I need to do this, when I am NOT a technical professional who knows how! Besides, I am not the one responsible to do THEIR job. Now, their equipment is essentially trespassing my property.



  • Dec 8, 2017

I contacted AT&T after receiving something in the mail and inquired about cell phone services. When I spoke to them I told them that my old cell phone carrier wasn't that expensive and she assure me that my bill including new devices would not exceed the amount of $265.00 per month, but that after paying a high amount up front and for the next 2 bills, I would go back to having a comfortable phone bill, again at around $262.00 or so including taxes. For the next 4 months ATT has been charging me an extreme amount of money, and when I contacted them they had refuse to resolve my issues, instead they offer to lower my service by downgrading to a different plan, which will give me less privileges. I had asked if they let me just cancel my service with them, but this will cost me an early termination fee of almost $3000.00. Every time that I call, someone tells me something differnt, and when I ask to speak with a supervisor, they don't take responsability for their bad customer service and refuse to do something for me. I am trying to spread the word out there, because not only this company is extremely expesive and get you to swicth with them with lies, but is also unreliable, because I'm constanlty losing call due to poor service and that is unaccetable, considering the amount of money that I am aready paying. I am wondering what my options are at this point.

  • Dec 8, 2017

I called att called center to help me with my tablet. I spoken to a representative several times about my tablet. I was locked out of att. app.

What the representative did to help me was nothing. They when into my profile and changed some informations. The representative shouldn't have done without my permission. I asked the representative where is this call center. I was calling into and they told me, That they couldn't disclose where they are. They could only tell me that they were in the United States. These call center representatives don't have a right to remove information from your profiles

When they have access to your account. They removed IMED number from my tablet. Where are these people. Who called themselves representives for ATT

Most of these people cant help you when its needed. ATT needs to do better with their reps. They show no concerns. They working for free. I had to get someone to unlocked my tablet and get into profile and put back information. That was deleted from profile.

Very Poor Services from ATT. Att number is 1877-285-0163.

  • Dec 7, 2017

My wife's phone is with verizon and i'm with at&t for a year. According to their christmas promotion, i could buy a new phone and get one free for my wife. after 2 hours and signing papers and they disconnect her verizon phone, they said i wasn't eligible because my phone was free and they couldn't honor the promtion. i said as i was paying for the new phone it shouldn't matter.they wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor and i waited another half hour.

since they had cancelled my wife's verizon, it took me another half hour to connect back to doesn't work. when i switched to at&t and directvthey lied to me twice, they said her verizon would work with there sim card and it wouldn't send pics, directv said i could get wi-fi for $20 a month and they can't do itthese companies should be held accountable for their deceptive practices.. since i was paying for my phone, they should of went ahead with the deal that they were advertising.. i hope you can do something about this. thanks

  • Nov 25, 2017

An email advised me to to make some changes due to upcoming changes in the company's email domains. I kept getting error messages and password rejections. When links to further contact points failed, I called the company's telephone number.

The person I talked to told me about upcoming changes, then contradicted herself several times. Because the efforts took so long I had to stop the session for another commitment. The person reconfirmed my phone number and arranged a call-back to me at a specific time the following day, reconfirming my time zone.

The following day, when the return call had still not come a half hour after the scheduled time, I called the number. Since they had not given me an incident report and nobody could find a record of the previous day's call, I had to describe from scratch.

After numerous attempts, the issue seemed close to resolution. When I clicked what was to be the final link, the system gave an error message undoing everything.

She mumbled something about an outage, promising everything would be solved when the outage endedd. Two days later, I am still without communication with the company.

  • Nov 16, 2017

On 11/15 my week old iPhone X failed to complete calls. I dialed AT&T customer support, however, after waiting 40 minutes (after the automated message said that the wait time was 1 minute). I went to my local AT&T store and the AT&T agent there reset my phone and restarted it and said that the issue is solved, however, when I tried to place a call — the call still failed. He then said that I needed to update my phone, but I could not update my phone in the store because the store did not have internet and they told me to go to Starbucks. I then went home with my phone still not working. Very frustrated.

  • Nov 14, 2017

We recently had an AT&T "Solution Provider" (sales rep) rip us off. They pitched a too good to be true offer that we sprang on. They said that we would be saving $80 a month compared to what we were paying. It was false and we ended up losing $500 just to buy out of the contract that we had signed. I would tell anyone who gets this pitch to immediately express your disinterest and not to fall for it.

  • Nov 13, 2017

To FloridaGoldenGirl Today at 8:24 AM ATT Home Security put a bill in... ATT Home Security put a bill in collections. The ATT installer damaged our wood paneling on the wall, they sent an inspector to photo it for repairs, but then never sent any one to do the repairs, I did not pay any charges after that, of course, did not have the system on, and now ATT has sent thatto collections instead of making the necessary repairs to my wall. What do I do now ? I tried to contact ATT many times on this issue but have been ignored totally and the paneling was never repaired, or was I ever compensated for it Instead ATT sent a bill to collections on this. What state agency ? consumer protection agency ? can I contact on this issue ? I am just totally ignored by Att . 07 November 2017 09:24 07 November 2017 09:28 Law Educator, Esq. Lawyer Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you. Your next step is to sue ATT for the cost of the damage in small claims court and as part of that suit you can force them to dismiss their bill as well and cease harassment. In the meantime, send a letter to the collection agency informing them that pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act this is a disputed debt based on negligence and damage caused by the creditor and that if they do not cease and desist communication with you, you would sue the collection agency for harassment pursuant to the FDCPA for up to $1000 per communication plus attorney's fees as provided for under the FDCPA. 07 November 2017 09:38 Hi again, and thanks - best to you, Gina 07 November 2017 09:38 Law Educator, Esq. Lawyer Thank you. 11 November 2017 09:05 Hi, I filed a complaint with BBB then Att called me regarding this matter. The final response was this - since this happened in 2016 Att is not willing to make any amends even though it was ATT , not me, that has delayed any response. I contacted ATT many times regarding this issue over the past year and before. I was offered a deal - that ATT will not charge me an early termination fee if I pay them $ 199 for a Digital Alarm system that was Never Used here. The damage was done on the initial installation. I was not at home but when I returned home and saw the holes in my wall paneling, I contacted Att. An agent came to the house, took photos. Next another installer was sent to our home. He called his office standing in front of me, sharing the phone with us to hear, and told his office that this was a mistake to send an installer, that they needed to send a wood expert or similar to our house to access the damage. No one from ATT ever came back, no one called me about this damage, so we have been waiting all this time for some resolve. An agent assured me that ATT would be responsible but they have not been. Now this. ATT wants me to pay them $199 for service I never used and forget the damage ATT installer made to my wall wood Pine paneling. Wow. This is criminal customer service. Shame on ATT. They, ATT have reported this to a debt collections agency also I C Systems Inc. POB 64437 ST PAUL Mn. 55164 I called and was advised to write a letter regarding this issue with ATT Ref # 123374375 -1- 69 / 11/9/2017 I am including this because I will copy and paste this statement also to include, Thanks for the advice, Regina Rosa 12 November 2017 07:19 Law Educator, Esq. Lawyer It only happened a year ago. It is not beyond any statute of limitations. So now your next step is to get an estimate of repair costs and you need to sue them in small claims court for the damage. They could counter sue if they want for the $199 but if you prove the negligent work it is highly unlikely the judge will award them anything.

  • Nov 2, 2017

Dayana Rios is the name of the sales associate who promised my wife an iPad 4 for $100, plus a $10/month phone line, if she purchased a new iPhone 8.

I rushed home from work and picked our 6-year-old daughter up from after-school care and told her the good news -- that we could finally afford to get her her own iPad! I had intended to purchase a new iPhone 8 as well.

My wife made the purchase and -- "so, sorry," Dayana said, "but the iPad special expired yesterday. There's nothing we can do."

Now our daughter is crying herself to sleep. What an awesome store this is!

  • Oct 11, 2017

I was misled by josh a scam artist that works for you all call him at 8109235023 he promised me that my services would be the best and that my signal would be awesome well guest what all a lie. sorry i didnt do my home work for the mess that att and direct tv created. when i did not need this gave a very difficult time during hurracane irma not good at all

  • Oct 9, 2017

My husband was charged for insurance for 12 months, I was charged for 4 months. We never signed up for insurance. The charges came out to $240. I never realized the charges were on there because I have a sick son who was in and out of hospitals. I called initially in June 2017, when I discovered these charges. I was told that they couldn't credit me the total amount and I would have to call every month and remind them to credit me $20. I did this for 3 months, taking me 1.5 hours every time. This month, I had had enough, so I called and requested the total credit. I was told that they would not give me any more credits because 2 was the maximum and that was just a courtesy to me because I "SHOULD have looked at my bill." I explained that I had my hands full with my son, and Korrine (ID TWN5QX4) had no empathy. She also told me that I never requested to have the insurance cancelled when I called in June. I remember them asking me if I wanted the insurance cancelled and saying yes, because it was such a ridiculous question. When I asked her for the recording of the phone call where She claims that I didn't request the insurance be cancelled, she claimed hat AT&T didn't record their calls. Korrine also told me she didn't have a supervisor, so I'm guessing she is the CEO of AT&T. She must be proud of her company, charging people for things they didn't sign up for and then blaming it on them when they request a refund. She was rude, condescending, and completely dishonest.

  • Sep 11, 2017

I currently have U200. I wanted to see if I could get an additional channel and I would pay for it. Jasmine (im customer servie) said that was not possible but she could offer me U300 for only 9.00 more than what my rate is now. Of course I jumped on it. I got a confirmation showing an increase of about 29 dollars instead of the 9.00 increase. I IMed them about it. After spending an hour and IMing with the supervisor they said JASMINE from yesterday's IM was incorrect and it really is a larger increase than that. They would not honor what was promised to me. I told them I will be going over to Comcast simply on principle. They did a bait and switch.

  • Aug 31, 2017

I have At&t which they combine my directv with. I have been having the biggest problem with this company. The level of unprofessional is indescribable I have filed a complaint with the BBB back in May because they keep trying to get over on me. They fluctuates my bill every since last year, they make promises and don't honor it, they are renewing people bills without permission. I have had it up to here with this business. You call customer services and they don't know anything, they sound like their in coffee shops, the unprofessionalism of this company is beyond words. This company needs to be audit because this should not keep happening to hardworking people. For people to keep complaining about their bills it seem as if it's a problem I don't order anything so why is the bill continuously shifting I'm not talking about a $6 or $20 jump in talking about $80 $100 jumps. I just want my bill to stay one way and consistent. I hooked up with this at&t May 2016 and it has been the worse mistake of my life I have been going through it for over a year with these people. I wish I had never EVER EVER gotten involved with them.

  • Aug 29, 2017

In May of this year 2017 My contract with Verizon ended and I was looking for something cheaper for phone service.So I called AT&T and the agent on the phone said oh you qualify for this and that,well at the end of the conversationshe told me that if I paid $118 that dayand agreed with the contract it would cost me the $118 today and I would be billed $150 per month locked in for 2 years.So i agreed because it was $10 dollars cheaper than what i was paying at Verizonso i was changed over.The vary next month i got a bill for $593..So i called AT&T and talked to an agent and was told that there was no way that a agent could lock in a contract like that,so that means that the agent that I talked to to swap over plain outright lied to me to get me to change over to them.all month of june i was on the phone with AT&T supervisors and other loyalty agents and they told me that when i sent back their internet equiptment and it arrived at the warehouse that my bill would roll back to 000 Now they are bikking me $593 and telling me that it is a valid bill for eqiptment charges so i was lied to again by the person that said my bill would roll back to 000 Now i did pay $118 up front and paid $150 exactly what I was stated my bill would be when i changed over that was around May 18th and i canceled the phone service in late June..I swaped over to Streight Talk and when i was at walmart the lady that i was dealing with told me she used to work for AT&T but had to quit because in her training she was told to lie to customers and tell them what they wanted to hear to get them under a contract.I have talked to about 20 different AT&T agents and every one has told me something different.In other AT&T fraudulenty got me to change over to them, I need help,there is no way a Disabled person like me can pay that kind of money liveing on SSA

  • Aug 25, 2017

When I call AT&T to change my bundle package from U-Verse to Direct in March, I told the agent that I am disabled and on a fixed income and their prices are too high. The agent told me about a two-year plan with Direct TV where I could get the Ultimate package for $85.00 monthly, the Internet $32.00, Promotional telephone $9.99, Wiring $6.00, and Support Plus $15.00. I also asked to have my due date be on the 4th of each month. Installation was done on March 10th between 9 am and 10 am. I also received a $85.92 dollar credit.

Since I have had this new plan I have not received the bill of $147.99 which at first I was quoted a price of $142.99. My bill has been the following: April $145.95, May $113.77 (minus Direct TV), June $67.91 (minus Direct TV), July $163.18, August $263.72, September $203.86. I have called and talked with agents and have been on the telephone for three hours and they still have not gotten this problem resolved. Each time I mention what I was quoted back in March and what I paid to have my dates change to the 4th of each month some how the records do not magically appear.

I told them that I have been with the company every since AT&T was the long distance carrier for Southwestern Bell. I believe in being committed and I have probably been with this company more than some of the agents are old. TXU changed their name from Texas Electric and Lone Star Gas change to Atmos no one does not want to people to be committed anymore. I feel like that I have been taken advantage of and this needs to stop.

I hope that something can be done because I should not have to make a choice each month whether to buy food, pay for my medical expenses, or pay AT&T. Thank you for reading this and I hope that something can be done about this.

  • Aug 21, 2017

AT&T ownes Direct TV so we got a bundled packaged when switching cell phone service from Sprint in Aug. 2016.

In April 2017 I upgraded my cell phone service. The only difference between the plan I picked & the only other plan above mine was hotspot service on our phones which isn't needed. I was told because I was upgradeding to a premium package, after 3 months I would receive a $25.00 credit towards my Direct TV bill. This was confirmed by 3 different cust. service people on 3 different days.

I have all the persons names, dates, & times I spoke with them. After checking my bill when the discount was supposed to be applied there was no discount. I called Direct TV who said I neeed to call AT&T so back & forth I went.

Long story short I was told the plan I was on didn't offer this discount. I explained to the CSR what I was told, by whom, dates & times. She put me on hold to check with her manager & I was advised they were not able to give me the $25.00 discount. I explained my plan expires Aug. 2018 & I'll be dropping them at that time & to remove me from all mailing lists as I'm no longer interested in receiving any info. Most TV isn't worth watching anyway so I'll probably switch to a streaming service such as Hulu.

I'm in sales & when you tell a cusotmer something you better deliver & not lie to them like I was lied too.

To be fair, I am happy with AT&T's cell phone service & glad I switched from Sprint. AT&T is so much better then Sprint.

  • Aug 21, 2017

Bill illegally for over $900 via prior bank draft authorization. We have not had any service with them for months!

  • Aug 19, 2017

Went to the AT&T store in Burlseon, Texas to see how much interent would be with the phone and ended up getting phone, interent and DirectTV for a better price under a two year contract. Internet would not work at my residence and returned to the store to stop the internet. DirectTV and AT&T are now asking for much more money than the contract price. Since AT&T could not fulfill the contract, they should cancel the DIRECTTV. So farno one is helping me.

  • Aug 9, 2017

ATT used deceptive sales tactics to bait us into what ws suppposed to be a better deal and bundled get us away from VZ. They were to cover all VZ expenses assocociated and reflected on the last bill. ATT was to have no installment or conversion expenses and simply take the plan over.........after several months we find a +&950 bill........they also didnt cover hte VZ epxnses and simply ask us to upload prior bills nad informatio in their secure site (which weve done 5 times) and they have yet to resolve.

Our attempted calls to ATT to resolve that matter falls on deaf ears OR we are disconnected abruptly. We are beyond resolving amicablly. Desire counsel to proceed, subpeona recorded phone converstaions or each employee contacted and even become poster-child for class action suit. Contact Me immediately!!!

  • Aug 8, 2017

I canceled my ATT Uverse account last year around November 2016 and switched to . ATT Direct. I returned all Uverse equipment within 30 days after switching services. I learned in March 217, that ATT never canceled UVerse service and continue to bill me for both. After numersous calls for several months for cancellation of Uverse and to credit account for payments. This finally happened, however, ATT decided that I did not return equipment. I contacted ATT and was told that my account reflected that the equipment was returned. However, then next month billing reflected equipment not retuned. Over and Over I attempted to resolved. One representative wouls tell me equipment was received, and my bill would be updated to reflect credit. For approximately 6 months this has been going back and forth to yes, then no. I have spent counteless time on the phone trying to resolve this issue.I even gave them the name and address of the location where equipment was returned. As current as August 4, 2017, I was told that devices had been returned. Yet, when checking owed amount, charges continue to be on bill. I have been a long term customer of ATT and would expect better treatment. Some of the customer service reps have no idea how to handle this complaint but, insist on handling it. I have ran out of patience and time. The internet is full of similar complaints against ATT. Why is this continuing to happen so frequently with customers. The complaints are similar. Will any regulatory agency or criminal stop this scam. Each time I was told no, I was promised that a case would be open and that i would receive the results. This occured a year ago, I don't have a clue about reciept. Why can't they check the product number for verification.

  • Aug 8, 2017

I did not think anything was wrong at the moment. The tech apologized for leaving my door wide open and stated that they were right downstairs and would move my mattress back where it was supposed to be. The stayed for another ten minutes then departed abruptly. They left so fast they left a radio behind. I returned the radio to them thereafter. I did not think to inventory all of my property before they left. This would prove to be a fatal error on my part.

On Tuesday August 1st I came home from work to find my apartment door wide open with no one inside. I had received a letter the day previous that some technicians from att would be installing some fiber optics. I went to use my restroom when I heard a knock on the door. It was one of 6 technicians that would come to my apartment. I did not think anything was wrong at the moment. The tech apologized for leaving my door wide open and stated that they were right downstairs and would move my mattress back where it was supposed to be.

The stayed for another ten minutes then departed abruptly. They left so fast they left a radio behind. I returned the radio to them thereafter. I did not think to inventory all of my property before they left. This would prove to be a fatal error on my part. I went to sleep and got up around 2a.m. I noticed that my living room furniture was slightly moved around. Then I noticed that my lock box behind my couch was forced open. I live alone so there is no possible way anyone but the technicians could have tampered with it. Unlucky for them there was nothing inside but contraceptive. This was a very intrusive invasion of my privacy that no one should have had to endure. Something in my gut told me to check my uniform closet where I keep my work uniforms and monies for work in a binder. Sure enough I was missing 340 dollars from my binder and the technicians had left Sheetrock shavings all over my clothes in the closet as well as the floor. They made no attempt to clean up the mess. I immediately notified my apartment complex, att lost prevention and the Houston police department. The att lost prevention told me that unless I had video evidence that they stole it then it's not enough evidence. She said she needed a technician to admit that they took the monies. That is completely absurd. I submitted my ATM receipt dating back to July 30th showing that I had withdrawn 500 dollars cash, as well all of the pictures where the contracted technicians went through my stuff looking for more stuff to steal. They did not clean up after themselves regardless of proof that they stole my hard earned coin or not.

  • Jul 18, 2017

Purchased a new samsung galaxy s6 from them. I looked at it from top to bottom cause its a new phone. I noticed that the box said it was made in vietnam, but my phone had a barely visible not able to get to marking on the back that said made in korea. Whatever i thought. Well now the phone says made in vietnam. My internet privacy and phone privacy are not private. My data has gone through the roof, my contacts deleted phone tracks my location at all times. Settings are changed files deleted. Im being cyberstalked by someone that posts my information online for everyone to see. Its so obvious its pathetic. I call att customer service and they deny anything is wrong. I call the authorities and they refuse to even see me. People harrass me everywhere i go they talk about what i post on my browser. I post it there so i can get proof that what im saying is true. I call the fcc and nothing not even a email. Scaming not just me but att.

  • Jul 13, 2017

We cancelled our internet and direct tv to go to a more loyal and honest company after 12 years of loyal service. Direct tv and at&t u verse had partnered up for the services and upon cancellation we returned all equipment, spoke to all appropriate representatives of both company's and was told what our final bills would be. For DirecTV because we were such long customer of theirs we had a $95 balance at the end when it was sudden done and they gave us a credit for it as their condolences for losing us as customer. We received a final bill from DirecTV with a zero balance due. After speaking with AT&T U-verse it was determined that they had prorated the last few days of the billing cycle which was only an amount of $20 that we would owe them and an early cancellation fee of $120. Making a grand total of $140. AT&T U-verse then proceeded to send us a bill for an ending balance of $272.58. I called them at that time because there must be a mistake and I was transferred to several different people having to re explain the situation and plead my case numerous times, was put on hold for several minutes for a manager to get back on the phone be extremely rude to me and hang up on me. I tried over the next several days to contact AT&T again and as soon as I gave them my account information I was put on hold and the lime miraculously disconnected every time. A week or so later we received a bill from collections for the amount stated previously. The excess of $132.58 cannot be explained or Justified as to why they would be charging us that amount.

On the last Bill we received we noticed at the bottom that the $95 that DirecTV had written off for us as a courtesy was added to the U-verse bill as well still not explaining their total balance that was on our ending Bill. So I refuse to pay this obscene balance that cannot be explained and in the meantime our credit is suffering severely. This is highway robbery that's affecting our future and these people are getting away with it.

  • Jul 10, 2017

AT&T Wireless/Internet/DirectTV An agent said I qualified to get 1. Internet 2.Direct TV and 3.Wireless, for $99. I asked him more. than once if he was sure and he said Yes,yes,yes. . Later I kept getting billed for the new plan AND t he old plan(about $139/mo. I called and called t. hey kept telling me it would take about 3 month. s(pay cycles),Well it never happened,now I pay. about $260/month to ATT ,it is killing me..They told me it was a home phone which nobody uses anyway,(which i never wanted),so i want to take them to court But it is very hard to get an address or name from ATT to take to court. Nationwide

  • Jul 8, 2017

I have a business membership with Sam's Club and generally shop at the Wentzville MO (63385) location. On July 2nd, 2017, there was an in-store sales rep on behalf of AT&T who asked about my TV provider. When I advised that I use online services only (Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV etc) she then asked who my broadband provider was. When I said "Charter" she then asked how much I pay and said she could check to see if ATT is in my area. I advised that they are not, but she asked if she could check anyway. This was to only be a check to see if they serviced my area. She then asked for my signature, saying it was simply an authorization for her to check the coverage. That sounded ridiculous to me, but I went ahead and did it. Sure enough, they don't have coverage in my area. Now I see that what she actually did was run a credit check on me. This was NOT authorized.

  • Jun 27, 2017

Lady told me one price for services but charged me another. Had told me 50.00 dollars but.charged me 120.00 dollars.

  • Jun 20, 2017

ATT placed fraudulent charges on my bill, and forced me to pay for it. They claimed it would go to collections, if I did not pay. I have 15G data to use in a month. I work from home. I am only out of a wifi area about 2% of the time. They charged me multiple overages for data I never used. I called month after month trying to resolve the issue. They refused to help, and they insinuated I was lying. I would have to pay as much as 40 dollars extra a month on my bill to cover the fraudulent charges. My phone setting are correct. My apps are always closed. I am in a strong wifi setting 98% of the time. I took my phone in to be evaluated by ATT, and they said my setting were correct. Still they pointed fingers at me, instead of addressing the issue. I moved on to Sprint. I contacted ATT online, and they said I was whining, ranting, and lying. This is how they treat their customers. I have screen shots of all interactions. Please do not use this horrible company. They steal from their customers.

  • Jun 19, 2017

Avoid AT&T wireless "service". I am finding it impossible to cancel my Account! They say they cannot find any record of my account, but have been using automatic draft to bill me for years. Choose any other carrier, not these crooks!

  • Jun 19, 2017

I have insurance with at&t and they dont want to replace the phone an hour no results and now a hang up big mistake on my part and now they hung up on me, s*y customer service

  • Jun 14, 2017

AT&T i phone 7's do not work with any other carrier. They can not be unlocked. They stole my 4 trade in phones claiming they never recieved them ( with their own lables) and refused to pay my switcher credit as agreed. THIEVES - go elseware!

  • Jul 14, 2017

Trade in Deal A Scam

I thought I'd trade in and upgrade too, and they did the same to me as well. After trading in my phone they refused to pay it off with Verizon. Verizon did the same to me on that deal as well. They both suck.

  • Jun 12, 2017

It draw my attention that two demanded refill to pay-as-you-go phone with no usage or little usage at rate of 10 cent per minutes. The scam works such way, when you tried to use your phone, the rob answering machine block you, and tell you that your balance running out, need credit care, minimum is $25, subject sale tax, after you provide this information and being charged. You then use the phone. Since I am not use phone much, and begin suspicious for $50 over charge less than 3 weeks, I then call 18009019876 number on the credit card statement, they told me that if I log on to see balance, you might not hear this top up message. I so first time log on the account, which shocking me to see I have over $60 balance, rather than "low" balance. This scammer ATT gophone on the 800 phone refuse to tell me the company name, claim they are not ATT, but use their name. I then ask what is its name, caller refused to answer.

I demand that I need all history usage vs. charges they force on me, because my monthly usage is between $2-$3, and why they keep saying I need to top up. Turns out, it is scam, if you are not alert, they keep scam your credit card, then let balance expired, and reset to zero, then all over again until you dry. They told me if I monitor my account online, this little voice might not happen. It makes me think that is design such way to someone who does not monitor their usage.

After explore this, the caller told me to refund all recent charges, but history usage is not possible. I told them my $3 average usage should get thousands refund. Then they said they will not let my balance expired for one year. I am not satisfied. I demand full refund every year since inception, not less. I also report it to DA office,, consumer fraud protection agency, meantime I want all my money refunded and punitive damages award for such deceptive, fraudulent business. I also want to ATT cancel contract to these type of third party, and assume all penalty to consumer,

  • Jun 1, 2017

I ported my number over in December. To date I have not received anything promised. I was never told to log onto the computer and do anything. I now have a $600 bill pending from Sprint. They have also stolen my Iphone 6 plus and refuses to give me credit for it. THE WORST COMPANY EVER. I have called them several times to no avail.

  • May 29, 2017

My I Phone was stolen so I went to the ATT Store in Altamonte Springs, FL at the Jamestown Shopping Center and they had this promotion Buy 1 Samsung Galaxy Phone and get one free - But I also had to purchase another phone line, which I did not need. When I get my bill and review it, I am being charged for both phones - however after three months they prorate the second phone back on your bill at 23.17 a month not the 26.50 a month they are charging you. I paid the phone I bought off this month, got my bill and they are still charging me for the free phone at $26.50 a month. In order to leave ATT I have to pay 20 months phone line charges for the phone I did not need for a total $509. This phone was not free by any means and when I leave ATT I will not be a customer of theirs ever again. I have been with ATT for years. This is a the worse scam ever. These phones are the worse ever.

  • May 25, 2017

When i started my service all i wanted was internet. the company said they will add telephone for 2yrs for free. the 1st month bill had telephone service added which was an extra $40. i called them to put my money back, they said it will go back on my card. a couple weeks later it was not and they charged me additional $60. i called again and he said he will credit me back all my funds for the troble. i called the following month phone service was still on my phone all while i'm still getting charged for it. i called back and wanted them to disconnect my service because all of the inconviences and i told them i would be returning their equiment back. took to post office. next i got a bill saying i owe $267. i should not be charge for any of this because it was the worst service i ever had in my 46yrs of living. hope you can solve this matter because i do not want this on my record or credit.

  • May 20, 2017

Signed up for AT&T wireless services in April 2017 online . Ordered the Samsung S+ galaxy smart telephone and LG G tablet. Called on 4/21 to ask what the status of the equipment is. Was told by technical support that the smart telephone was on back order until may 3rd through May 10th. Techical support explained that it would be a good idea for me to give my local AT&T store a telephone call to ask if they have the Samsung Galaxy s+ in stock. went to the store the day after on 4/22/17 to ask and was told that the smart telephone was in stock and that they could cancel the smart telephone on order so that I could take the in store smart telephone with me the same day. The representative that assisted me understood the situation and worked with AT&T corporate to match the original order information placed online with the smart telephone being picked up at the AT&T store.

While speaking with AT&T corporate the representative explained to me about how corporate had placed me on a different calling plan.

The company representative asked me what calling and data plan I had signed up for online. I explained that the plan that signed up for was the unlimited signature plan only. Ater a few minutes with corporate the AT&T store representative the representative explained to me that my account was placed on a 3GB data plan. I explained to the representative that I would be calling AT%T directly to speak with them about this as well as the tablet that I received from AT&T that wasn't what I had signed up for. While I wasn't disappointed in the Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet I wasn't pleased with how AT&T employees didn't follow up with me as the tablet situation unfolded to inform me that the LG G tablet order had been substituded with a Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet due to warrenty issues involving the LG G.

Today after revieing my AT&T bill online and after having spoken with two other AT&T representative on previously about what an AT&T sales representative had promised me for signing up for the service. A $50.00 credit to offset the $45.00 activation fee for the smart telephone charge. I also called AT&T to dispute a $25.00 activation charge that was placed on my account on 4/22/17 , of which was credited. Adding to this I asked the representative assigned to the case after complaining to the BBB a few days ago due to not receiving credit to the account for having been billed $31.50 labled as a change of service charge online. AT&T representative Tammie K. Tuggle the company representative from office of the President stated that the reason for the charge has to do with the amount of days mycalling plan was in effect. I explained to her that in looking at the details online the information states change to service. The representative did not break down the daily charge for my calling plan with the company so I explained to her that I am not satisfied with the way AT&T treats its customers. The representative stated that she would be following up with the BBB to explain that there would be nothing else she would be doing for my dispute. My reaction to this is that AT&T does not work with customers only share holders being that the company is publicly traded. I went on to let her know that I was not happy with the way my dispute was being handled. I also mentioned to the representative that I was lied to by sales. I was told that there would be a soft credit check at the time I signed up for the service however a week or so ago I found out through credit that AT&T had done a hard credit inquiry.

I went on to let the representative know that five years ago I had AT&T wireless services and that then too I had to watch the company because of its unethical billing practices. The representatives response to this was why did I come back to AT&T. My response was that this happend five years ago. I expected that along with the improvements in the technolgy AT&T's business practices would of evolved over time to become a better company. The representative stated that she would not be changing the situation going further. My reaction was that I would be letting the Better Business Bureau know that I am not happy with the outcome of the dispute and will be escallating this matter upward. The AT&T representative's response to this is that she is an AT&T presidential representative and that this matter stops at her desk. I informed her that she isn't the C.E.O. of the company, only an employee and that the company answers to its shareholders. So therefore it would be for me to escallate the matter to one of the Princiapls of the company, in this case the C.E.O.

Reaching an impasse with the representative Tammie K. Tuggle I am moving my complaint forward with the unethical and very deceptive AT&T company forward. Class action lawsuits get corporations the attention needed to let them know that it isn't only about shareholder value that matters to publicly traded companies, but also knowing how to treat customers that makes or breaks a business that believes that its too big to care about what is right and what is wrong with its business practices.

  • May 11, 2017




  • May 6, 2017

I paid my past due payment at 6am which I had made payment arrangements for. My service was turned off to both of my phones at noon even though I made the payment. Then they day i need to pay $40 on top of my next bill. I called 4 times to AT&T to try to get the issue resolved. I talked to 3 service reps and a manager. I described in full detail my problem. All they tell me as a customer of 6 years is the computer will not all us to make another payment arrangement for a payment which was only 3 days past due, yep that is correct 3 days! I told them i am calling one last time to try and resolve this if I can't I will go straight to another cell phone carrier when I get off phone. End result, they did not work with me and I now need to switch carriers since I use my phone for work I can't be without it for an entire week. I'm done with AT&T and do not recommend them. They will turn your phone off and charge you $40 on top of the bill. I have everything over 11000 followers on twitter and 35,000 subscribers on youtube. So now you bet over 45,000 people will hear about this.

  • Apr 22, 2017

AT&T is offering tablets and Samsung watches and telling customers it is just $10 additional on the line. My first bill is $600 and they told me "Oh well you signed a contract." I asked directly what the charge was as I never asked to have a tablet or samsung watch, they offered it. I was told just $10 extra on each per month. Now I have been on the phone for 3 hours and they refuse to refund my money let me speak to a manager in some cases. I have called several times. DON'T do it! It is a SCAM. Go to Verizon or T-Mobile. ATT is CROOKED and should be sued under a class action. Any lawyer who wants to contact me, I will BE HAPPY to sue.

  • Apr 20, 2017

About six months ago we moved to New town and desperately needed internet. We were approached by sales people in a Wal-Mart that said we could only have Att where we lived and we had to bundle TV and phone or we were not allowed just internet we were upset as we do not use landline or need TV. Long story short we were stuck to get internet we had to get bundle. They did credit check said everything was good and took 25$ deposit. A few days later a repair guy comes demanding 100 more after a contract was signed . Also we were told when we signed up we would get gift cards that never appeared. A month ago the internet went out and they can't fix it. However we still have to pay or they ruin our credit. We feel beyond ripped off and stuck in a 2 year contract we want out of.

  • Apr 17, 2017

I only complained because my internet went out for the tenth time since January . It took 8 days to respond and when they said they fixed it, it went down again the next day. I called the manager of installation and the woman I spoke to insulted me.

  • Apr 14, 2017


Description of Complaint:

This shall be, as a token of good will, my last complaint to the BBB against AT&T Mobility (Wireless), before I proceed further with social media action. As of today, my wireless bill for three months was over $1,700. As an act of good faith, I allowed a scheduled payment to stand for $500+ - As of last week, my service has been suspended, which is the only means

for me to communicate with my clients and seek further business. The bill is now $1,220.19!!!

This complaint has been several months in the making:

1) Gross over billing.

2) REPEATED Deceitful sales practices by AT&T Store on Hwy 75 in Dallas.

3) REPEATED DECEITFUL and MISGUIDING promises of remediation (the hot dog birthday balloon method), in which one end would be squeezed (fixed), meaning a bill adjustment was made at the ATT store, only to appear with additional,

unrelated charges later.

4) The above mentioned evasive and DEVIOUS technique, was multiplied over three-four times.

5) My attempts at re-mediating the aforementioned ABUSE cost me income and equaled to the best of my knowledge, 20+ hours.

6) The above troubles were amplified by a gross and dereliction of knowledge and good housekeeping practices, over


This phone had a fire hazard, which I then turned in, I was still charged for the phone, and I had to go back to my old DUAL SIM card Samsung phone. One the enticement of the DEVIOUS SALES PEOPLE AT AT&T STORE, I switched to the Samsung Edge 7, converting back to a single SIM card.

7) To further complicate matters, I was told that I could switch to and upgrade, without further financial responsibility to an iPhone 7, from an iPhone 6. I have been billed for the iPhone 6.

8) AT&T Corporate made an attempt, which I though was in good faith, did nothing to ameliorate my situation.

9) Based on this repeated ABUSIVE behavior, I am demanding compensation for my pain and suffering (stress and anxiety)/

  • Mar 30, 2017

AT&T Previous Direct Tv Scam

I phoned to change from Spectrum back to AT&T Cable.

At&t Offered $91.00 per yer for thier extra package plus free MLB extra plus $200 Visa credit because I am a returning customer. I was with them Seven years before changing to Spectrum last year. They also offered 6 tv receivers.

I agreed. They came out to install and told me I would only get four vrecievers and would need to pay additional $49.00.

I phoned and spoke with three people ending with a Supervisor.

He told me I was totally lied to! I would need to pay $199.00 for recievers, The $200.00 Visa was a lie from the sales agent. The Mlb was $172.74 extra and the $91.00 would increase in the second year. I was told the $91.00 was under a two year contract by the sales person.

The Supervisor said all of the sales promises werre lies and he would do nothing about it and he was the final go to person.

I spent three hours on this plus taking off time for thier appointment plus turning off my Spectrum account.

I relayed this To AT&T/ Direct TV.

Zero help for me.

Please have any tv personel or reporters contact me. I have much more detail.

  • Mar 30, 2017

I was forced to write AT&T High Management because my unlocking issue was not resolved at the call center level, and because I cannot call or email you for satisfaction. Frankly, I was surprised that a company with the longevity that AT&T has in the phone business still operates in the dark ages, forcing me to write them a letter to attempt to get an issue resolved.

History of complaint: 1. I received a letter stating that AT&T was increasing the price of my grandfathered unlimited data plan in March. 2. I elected to cancel my plan with AT&T after 9+ years. The AT&T letter that I received had said that if I choose to cancel my unlimited plan while I am under the two year service contract, then AT&T would waive my early termination fee! 3. On March 9th I enacted my option to cancel. I switched to T-Mobile. 4. Due to a misunderstanding, T-Mobile activated the phone number before I cancelled my AT&T account, resulting in the number being locked by AT&T on my phone! 5. Upon attempting to resolve the locked number issue, AT&T call center refused to accept the AT&T letter waiving my early termination fee. This happened despite the letter saying it was available to do so in March and the increased price in affect! 6. AT&T call center said that they could not waive it until a new bill was printed. I responded ‘then print the new bill’ to which they said would not be until next month! My phone was to be locked for the next month- it is still currently locked as of March 29th! 7. To add insult to injury, the very next day (March 10th) my new cellphone bill came via email to my inbox- why could not AT&T add this unexplained expense when the bill was not yet written! 8. Now, after attempting to get my phone unlocked again (March 29th), I still have my phone locked for a month and the call center says that I owe $105.00 to get it reopened, despite your letter waiving the fee.

Your Action: 1. This is unacceptable. I don’t know if AT&T is taking advantage of me (1) because I am a senior citizen, (2) because I am cancelling their service, or (3) if there is just negligence all the way up to high management. 2. I am not satisfied. To receive satisfaction I need AT&T to a. Unlock my phone NOW b. Have the so-called early termination fee waived. Everyone needs know how AT&T swindles senior citizens- locking their phones so they cannot be used for a month and charging them after you tell them the early termination fee will be waved. Fix this! Sincerely, Swindled Senior

  • Mar 23, 2017

Yesterday after being with at&t for over 2/1/2 years I attempted to move my 3 cell phones over to Tmobile. Ussually you are able to go to the new providor they type in some info and the old providor is suppose to unlock your phone. They stated my phones were not eligible for unlock. There was no reason for this as I had no contract and all my balances were at ). The next day I attempted 13 times to unlock my phones on AT&T internet unlock site and each time they all came back ineligible for unlock. To this point I had been passed along the customer service tree of phone numbers, talked to rude operators and other operators that offered no help at all, one actually hung up on me and did nothing.

One operator said she had taken it as far ash she could and gave me a phone number back to the same number I had called, saying only the help desk people can help. This went on and on until a representative, Karen finally was willing to stick my numbers into the site and try for herself and low and behold she came back with the same response. She spent a good half hour trying to get my phones unlocked but she was unable to. She sent a report up to the higher ups... and said that was as far as she could go with it. She said it could take anywhere from 1 day to a week or so. On line I see reports of people going a month I cant do that as I use this phone for buisiness. ATT has the gaul to have a website up stating that they unlock phones right away! I will update when this thing gets resolved to show how well AT&T responded. FCC will be getting a complaint from me. All this thing needs is a code which could be sent via email in a matter of minutes if they wanted to.


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