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  • May 7, 2016

Amazon website is implementented to disallow any contact with Amazon when a seller is removed by Amazon from their system. I recemtly purchased an item that was never received. When I attempted to request a refund, Amazon system said none could be processed as the seller had been blocked by Amazon, rendering any such request not allowable. Amazon offers no access to customer service other than thier refubnd access to a seller. Amazon charged my credit card anyway, kept the rpoceeds.. and any attempt on my part to process a refund is blocked. Example: I received their email asking me to review this prurchase... I respionded with a "dissatisdfied" entry and in comments section I only said that I did not receive the item... the reason for a negative response. Amazon promptly sent me a generated email staing that my review was not allwable as it was deemed "inapproprite." All I stated was item not received. Amazon has developed and implemeted a website sytem that disallows refunds in such circumstances. Buyers should be aware of their "risky business" style of commerce.. IE collecting sales revenuse with no means of buyer recovery when nothing is provided. We used to call that "fraud" now it's just good business it seems at Amazon.

  • May 2, 2016

Foot Dr - Silicone Gel Heel and Ankle Sleeve (Nude) This product doesn't look as the advertising. It is a cheap plastic that it will not be allowed to be for sale! Impossible to use, and the company didn't accepted it to be returned. It is a ripoff to the consumer. Amazon would not allow this company to sell their products.

  • Apr 11, 2016

Without spending 3 days typing here is how the scam works.

1. Victim orders and pays for item from approved vendor

2.Amazon Vendor then gets paid and is given our information for shipping purposes.

3. Amazon Vendor then uses that information to open a wal-mart .com account.

4. Vendor then places a stolen credit card number in the wal-mart account.

5. vendor orders item (that is the same Item you want but usually higher price)

6. Wal Mart ships the item then the cops show up at your house to arrest you for credit card fraud

7. The Criminal gets paid and you have to send your item back to Wal-Mart and to top it all off , Amazon said we probably would not get a refund because we sent the item back to wal mart and not them.

  • Apr 11, 2016

On there website when you go to buy amazon coins for in app purchases it says you will receive them in 5 minutes. This isn't true after you place your order and don't receive them after waiting a few minutes when i call or email them. The company proceeds to tell you that you will have them in 4 hours. After waiting 4 hours and not receiving them then when you request a call from them. They will then tell you 1-2 business days. So like any customer that has been lied to and deceived I cancel my order. Then the rep on the phone tells me next time just use my card to buy a gift card then use the gift card to buy coins I will then get my order faster. Same thing website says 5 minutes and hours and a day later still nothing. So I cancel the purchace again. Then after a couple weeks of not buying anything I decided to take a different reps advise and go to the store and buy the amazon card there then add the gift card to my account. Then once that was done I tried to buy amazon coins. Still nothing! After about 30 minutes of waiting I had requested for customer service to call me and again they tell me four hours. When four hours approached I tried to log into my account and they locked me out of my account. And I am unable to access my account with hundreds of dollars of gift card balance. Now they say that maybe three days I will beable to get into my account. They have deceived millions of people buy there recieve in 5 minutes as I know about 30-40 people that never get what they purchase online the same day. They always get theres the next day, I however do not. Be very caustious of using this online company for anything as they are just scamming people out of money.

  • Apr 5, 2016

Magnum Energy has minimum advertized pricing and only issues a warranty for sales through authorized resellers who follow this advertized pricing policy. Less Is Always More LLC is not authorized to advertize Magnum products at the prices that they advertize and therefore these items carry no manufacturers warranty. Less is even less in this case. Less Is Always More also does not offer any technical help with these items. If you buy from these guys you are on your own for help or warranty.

Authorized Magnum resellers can sell Magnum products at any negotiated price with full technical help and full warranty. They just cannot advertize for less.

  • Mar 31, 2016

Ok so my amazon gets hacked i get banned and spend 3 months with someone changing my card pins on me even though i closed the bank that was connected to amazon

but i sell a bird and lady pays me through paypal then files charge back and refuse to return the bird and paypal figured out her sorry a*s cuz people complained about her on craigslist she backs down last minute and says the "problem" was solved so paypal found out what a fraud she is and took my side

what i wonder is how do 2 big companies claim to protect the buyer/seller but only 1 of them follows through?

  • Mar 28, 2016

I ordered this service and first the order was cancelled without my authorization. Then I ordered the same service with another company even that was more expensive. The technician came on March 2nd and made a short inspection (not two hours as he wrote in his receipt) and let me know that everything was working fine. It was working fine at that moment but about six days ago the partial outages started again and now I had no power in one side of my home. He wrote in his receipt that there is No Warranty and that he stayed in my home for two hours. That is false.

According to Amazon, and that’s the reason I requested the service, there is a Happiness Guarantee and that they answer the claims after 1 business day. They also promise a Gift Card of $30 for the first purchase. I sent another email asking for the card and I received a message in my answering machine saying that the Gift Card was going to be sent to my email address. It was never posted and I received emails saying that my claims were not received. I filled out two more claims about the same topic.

I received a phone call from a representative named Maria A. I explained the situation and she did not showed any empathy and told me that if the diagnostic did not find a problem that was it. I was not offered any other solution and I had no other option to hire another electrician due that I had not refrigerator or stove.

My complaint is with Amazon Home Services that they offer Gift Cards, Happiness Guarantee and they don’t answer the claims in writing or electronically or send the Gift Cards as I was promised about 20 days ago.

I think this service is deceptive and the community has to be aware before purchasing a service with Amazon Home Services. I will never again contact this Service.

  • Mar 28, 2016

Amazon accidently removed my prime account. Talked with customer service who said it would be reinstated within 24 hours. I called back in 24 hours because it was not reienstated. Customer service then told me it could not be reienstated unless i paya second fee of $101.00 and they would reiemburse me, because once they cancel a prime account it cannot be reienstated without the prime membership fee. Custmer service said they would not otherwise reienstate me. At Present I will be cheated out of my $101.00 they already have plus no prime services because it can only be done thier way.. I feel that a company of this size and with great tecnology should have been able to immediately reienstate my prime membership. without any difficulty. I believe this is a nother way to rip off a consumer really amazon over $101.00 You made the mistake give me back my $101.00 or reienstate my prime.

  • Mar 15, 2016

I ordered an Xbox one 500 gb assassin's creed package with two games, a controller and a headset when i called to see if they could send the missing piece's they said they could refund they money and i'd have to send it back and reorder all over and pay more to get the console i just bought then i asked them if there was any other oprion and they put me on hold to speak with the superviser to see what to do when they came back on the line they said the only other option was a full refund so when i let the know what they are doing is called fale advertiseing they didn't say anything then i asked them if i could give them adivise then i told them they need to contact there warehouse and get their number so people like me whith problems that need to be fixed theres a way to deal with them directly and fix the mistakes they made so consumers can be satifided with what they pay for they were speechless with my words and i told them i wasn't happy and would not make my choice and call back at a later time

  • Mar 9, 2016

Last month, Feb. 2016, I bought a set of six mason jars from Amazon, to use for jar candles. These are all different colored jars. They looked nice at first, and I washed them out and filled them with soy wax. They made nice candles. Then, yesterday, the candles had burned down, and it was time to clean and refill them. I soaked the jars in hot water with bleach, for about 20 min. Then, I scrubbed out the wax, and I noticed the paint colors were washing off. Now they are all without nearly half the paint on them. I contacted Amazon, and they at first asked me to send them back. They sent me a label and I boxed them up. But, then I decided to let the seller know about these so he would not sell them until he found out what was causing the paint to come off. Alot of kids love to drink from colored glasses, and I was afraid some kid could be drinking paint. So, I emailed the owner, and I was blown away by the lack of care he showed about this. He asked me why I used bleach?! I said alot of people use bleachwater to wash dishes. He said these were not safe for dishwashers. I said I don't have a dishwasher. I hand washed them. In other words, he has no plans for pulling these jars! So, I talked to Amazon again and told them that his attitude was bad, and he was not going to stop selling these, and that Amazon needed to stop offereing these jars. Someone will drink paint and get very sick or worse. So, they refunded me, and told me to just throw them out. Well, I decided to hold onto them, and contact FDA,which I just did. They might want to look at these. How these got into the country is amazing. They should never be sold in this country. We need more inspectors. I looked and there are other people already complaining about the paint coming off on these. So, don't buy them, their dangerous.

  • Mar 7, 2016

Amazon prime Is nothing but a scam. Once they get your credit card number they just make a yearly membership charge for no reason. These internet companies like amazon and others who sell a product and then enroll you into a "membership" that you never asked for or was ever asked to enroll in are nothig short of a bunch of thieves and this also includes "Body Beast" work out DVD company. It should be illegal for these companies to commit these scams, they should be held criminally liable. How many people don't catch these charges on their cards or forget about them once they're posted. I will never buy anything else from amazon.

  • Feb 29, 2016

I was unaware of Amazon Prime going to bill my credit card without my knowledge of a purchase.Iwas under the impression the new user had to do this to get started on their new kindle fires.i did not know of this till i got my credit card bill in the mail.

  • Jan 14, 2016

Amazon has a trick by which they MASSIVELY increase sellers fees. They are VERY evasive to try to prevent sellers and merchants knowing of this.

Amazon encourages people to list their items as on sale, for which the seller should list the retail price and their sales price the item is being sold for. This is encouraged as then the listing will state how much the price of the item has been reduced. So, for example, you have an item that retails for $100, but you are selling it for $30 - and it sells for $30.

Did you know Amazon will calculate its fee upon the $100 regular price, not what the item actually is being sold for?

What Amazon does NOT tell sellers is that unlike Ebay or other companies, Amazon does NOT calculate their fees - already the highest - based upon what an item sells for. They base it upon what you say is the retail price.

For example, you have an item that retails for $100, but you put in on sale for $30.00. It is sold for $30. Amazon will take 15% from the $100 sales price, or a whooping 50% ($15.00 of the $30.00) of your sales price - plus their "referral fee. Literally Amazon takes over 50% of the total sale.

If is VERY difficult to get Amazon to acknowledge this. In correspondence (chat) we asked repeatedly is the fee calculated on the actual price an item is sold for OR the suggested retail on a sales item. We received vague responses of the fee is calculated on the price, refusing to state which price. Even given an exact example of a regular price but being offered for a lower price - which is the fee calculated on - resulted in either continuing to only state it is based on the "price" - or discontinuing the chat. Chat literally would refuse to state of the two sums (regular price versus actual selling price) the fee is calculated on. With our IT people unable to get a response, I phoned Amazon personally.

On the phone to Amazon, I asked this simple question half a dozen times. Is Amazon's fee based upon the actual price an item sells for OR the regular retail price? I also received what became clearly vague and non-precise misleading responses. Finally the person put me on hold and then came back on the phone acknowledging that Amazon fees are NOT based upon the price an item sells for, but rather what sellers states is the retail price.

This is a MASSIVE escalation of Amazon fees.

This will particularly affect people who put products with Amazon Prime, since they charge an ongoing warehouse fee. At some point, the merchant may want to sell some items extra cheap as they are not selling and they don't want to keep playing warehouse fees. So the seller has a super discounted sale to get the products out of Amazon's warehouse. IF the seller makes the mistake to identify this as a "sale" - stating the "regular" price and the actual "sales" price it is selling for, Amazon could literally charge as much as 100% (or more) of the actual selling price as their fee. Not only does Amazon take all the profit, they take every penny of the sale - and maybe even more.

While there are some sellers who have quit Amazon for their fees, few understand just how much Amazon is gouging sellers with this regular price versus actual selling price structure. We spotted it when we calculated we were actually losing money on certain items sold due to Amazon fees. Yes, we were selling a lot of the items - so many we pondered why? Then we figured Amazon was taking about 35% of the total sale, not counting the advertising fee - meaning Amazon was taking a total of over 50% of the actual selling price.

Amazon seems to have gone from growing to be the giant in online product sales to being the monster in product sales. It is very difficult for legitimate companies with legitimate products to compete with all the scam sellers who sell mislabeled junk, which then allows massive price mark-ups to pay massive Amazon fees. This is resulting in Amazon filling up with fraud-sellers and legitimate sellers leaving. While this fee structure is massively profitable for Amazon, it also may in the end earn Amazon a reputation as offering junk products by fraud homebased sellers.

This is NOT a complaint about Amazon's regular high fees. It is about a simple little trick Amazon does - and does not make clear - that often more than DOUBLES their stated fees. I know of NO other company that bases their fees upon the retail price of products and not the actual amount the product is sold for.

This vagueness appears deliberate by Amazon. Before listing any items as on sale, with the regular price and then the actual reduced price customers would pay, I contacted Amazon to assure the fees would be calculated on the actual selling price. Their responses are so cleverly vague and misleading in how it is worded, they had convinced me the exact opposite - which I accepted since that is what all other companies do - calculate their fee on the amount of the actual sale, not on the higher straight retail prices.

To sellers: NEVER have an "sales" items with then a lower price on Amazon. NEVER do a price reduction "sale" on Amazon. If you are lowering your price, just lower it. DO NOT MAKE IT A SALE. Amazon will calculate your fees based upon what you state is the regular price, NOT what you actually sell the product for. This can increase your fees to 30%, 40%, 50% or more of the total sales price.

Because of the misleading ways inquiries of this are responded to, this could become a billion dollar class action suit against Amazon, but that's a different matter. The risk to the reputation of Amazon, as this encourages scam sellers of mislabeled products, seems the greater risk. Regardless, sellers need to be aware that Amazon calculated their fees upon what you state is the "regular" price, not what you actually sell products for.

  • Jan 11, 2016

I ordered FW1 waterless carwash with Carnauba through in May 2014. The product came from International Goods in June 2014. The product received was not what was pictured on the website. I called on several occasions and wrote an email to the Company through the website in an attempt to return the product. I kept getting promises just to get me off the telephone. Trying to get a return label was impossible through because it said the item couldn't be shipped through the mail; however, I received it via UPS. Finally, after repeated attempts, I contacted American Express to let them know the situation. American Express credited the amount and attempted to get the situation resolved. They kept getting bogus information concerning my order. I kept responding to American Express and they kept writing to Amazon Marketplace about my inability to get a label to return the product. Finally, on October 8, I got an email from with a label for me to return the product and was told I would be reimbursed for the postage to mail it back to International Goods. I mailed the product back on October 9th and International Goods received it on October 15th; however, I have never received a refund of the $29.54 in postage to mail the product back. I feel that I should have been supplied a UPS shipping to be able to return the product. That is the way the product was shipped to me; however, that didn't happen. My attempts to get the refund of my postage have been to no avail. I keep getting the same run around. American Express did tell me that they finally received a credit to my account from International Goods just recently; however, my contact with to received the refund of my postage has been fruitless. All I got in response was chastisement for having contacted my bank regarding the situation; however, if I hadn't contacted my bank, I feel I would not have received the refund amount from International Goods. I had to wait an excessive amount of time after they received the goods to get that processed.

  • Jan 8, 2016

My grandson order workbox for me since I did not know how to. waited over a month so I cancelled it. Amazon sent me 740.00 back said 3rd party would send the rest. they kept 680.00 for shipping when there was no shipping as amzon said free shipping. I ordered from amazon not this other company. I am on a fixed income of disability and social security. i have tried everything i know how to but no one will listen i really need your help i don't know what to do. please help me that is alot of money to me.

  • Jan 7, 2016

You have yourself written me and told me that Amazon owes me $34.75 in Promotional Credits. You have instructed me via several e-mails as to what to do and how to do it-as to allow redemption of these credits. But- Sir- no one knows of these credits besides you and I. So no item I attempt to buy-will allow these credits to be applied to.

Next I also have $76 in promotional Credits for Music/Books/Videos- and once again - the only way I can redeem them is to buy something. Yet when I attempt to do so- as you have told me in e-mail format several times- nothing ever applies- and I wind up right back to where I started from.

I have squandered over 5 hours writing you e-mails- I work in Government- and if you take my hourly rate multiply it by 5= then add the $34.75 and add the $76.00 you folks now owe me $283.00-for all this energy to obtain something that is rightfully mine in the first place. Your own e-mail attests the $34.75- the Amazon promotional page attests the $76.00 owed- and the remainder is the hourly rate for the time that I write you- you tell me what to do- it fails to work- I write you back- you write me back again and we go round and round.

In fact I have copies of e-mails that show as 1 representative states 1 thing today-another writes the entirely opposite about the same matter tomorrow-dismissing-what the 1st person wrote and gave their word on.

In closing Sir- I have reached out to you and yours-now over 10 seperate occassions- all to no avail. It's like a shell gave- where I have to find the pea under the shell. But Sir- since no one knows about the pea besides you and I- I can't obtain compensation here-nor in Prime- and I am not going to lose $34.75 plus $76.00- without challangeing your firm. I have all the above in black and white and can show and detail my claims if necessary.

I have attempted to be civil- but Sir if the shoe where on the other foot- you would be livid by now. It is the Principle- what is owed should be compensated not ignored.

Amazon over the last 7 years has made a very pretty penny of me- I think your firm is great. But in this matter- you folks have dropped the ball- and are clueless to what is going on. Your Customer Service people- who always cared and always resolved issues- have now been farmed out to 3rd world countries- that are polite- but fail to comprehand the matter in it's entirety- and fail to act accordingly-as do you.

Please look over my e-mails and the facts are there in Black/White- just give me what is mine-Please.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I went on amazon to order a supercharger emblem for my Roush Raptor. Simple. $11.00 for a Black and Chrome emblem. They sent the wrong one. . . I emailed them. An individual named "Adam" emailed me back pretty much saying they don't want my business and will be refunding me . . . I didn't ask for a refund, I simply asked for the correct piece to be shipped out asap. . . He then tells me I've never ordered from them in the past(which I have) and says he can't do anything because my email was from 3rd party and I was cold knocking email with no description? ? Exactly. Out of 5 stars, I'd give them 1. Strictly on the horrible customer service.

  • Dec 29, 2015

AMAZON charged me for a PRIME membership when i brought to their attention of their mistake they told me they could not reimburse be 99.00? SPoke to individual who hung up on me then a supervisore and manager and they refused to let me speak to regional manager. ALl I want is my 99.00 back for I have not used this so called Prime Membership

  • Dec 21, 2015

Was ordering 6 purrfect cat grooming arches with catnip. Amazon pops up with price, then an offer to instantly get $30 off for approval of amazon store card with is actually Chase card services. As soon as I entered all my personal information, I was told it would take 30 days for approval. There was no $30 off at all. Then the offer dropped to $10 off. Now Chase card services has all my personal information and I have the original price with no discount that they sneakily portray the consumer is going to get. I decided to complain to and sent an e-mail which they responded to quickly. They passed the buck and said they didn't intend to use false advertising and bait and switch and I needed to contact Chase card services at 1-888-247-4080. Wow! Talk about passing the buck and lying. How many people do they do this to on a regular basis and why are they allowed to keep doing it and getting away with it.

  • Dec 19, 2015

My pkg goes to usps office .. Buyer asks for refund gets it ... And then goes and piksup the pkg .... Amazon refuses to gv me my money claimin

  • Dec 18, 2015

I purchased 3 clothing items including a white Bali bra, black Bali bra and a light pink t-shirt type tunic from utilizing my Amazon credit card. The total with discounts was approximately $51.00. The products did arrive on the shipping date of 12-15-15. However, the Bali bras were not the exact style or colors I purchased. The shirt had no tag on it telling me someone had already returned it one time. I was charged nearly $12.00 more than what the total purchase price was. I am unable to locate a real talking representative to return my items to be reimbursed in full.

  • Dec 5, 2015

This is the third time I've ordered something from Amazon and within a 24hr period they have deducted $107.91 from my bank account with no authorization. I did not click anything even related to Amazon Prime. This is a reaccuring issue with many consumers. It needs to stop now!

  • Dec 5, 2015

I purchased what was to be a brand new modem that was labeled to be compatible with my internet carrier, then come to find out it was not and it was useless to myself and my family, No one could use the wifi for months then I had to spend another $150 to have my internet carrier to trouble shoot the issue to find that the product I was sold didnt work as posted, I was able to get the company to take the return , and then checked me account only to find that they never fully refunded my account, so not am I out the $150.00 for the service and trouble shooting of issues, I lost an additional $30.00 as the company Amazon only returned $80.00 out of the $109.99 plus Tax that I spent so Amazon kept the Tax I spent plus kept the shipping I spent for faulty equipment and didnt even fully refund the full purchase price.

I highly recommend people really think about buying from Amazon as they will make you pay more then your local store one way shape or form they say you save money but they will get you some way, and then you the consumer get nothing and they still get your money

  • Nov 25, 2015

I went on to price a tablet. While there, a Voyager tablet went from $49.55 to $44.27. I attempted to order it at the lower price, but the higher price kept showing up. I chatted with one foreign rep, who couldn't understand the price had lowered after telling her four times. I then called and spoke with another foreign rep, who kept repeating the same thing over and over and also couldn't understand the price had lowered. By the time they got done messing around, and while I was speaking with an American supervisor, the price went UP to $49.99. He told me multiple times (like I am stupid) that they had no control over what a third party vendor did. Nowhere on the ad was a third-party vendor mentioned, only Amazon and their logo. Eventually, he said he would issue me a credit for the difference, which Amazon doesn't usually do with a third-party vendor. Again I told him there was no third-party vendor, only Amazon mentioned in the ad. He had me place my order, at $49.99 and he was to issue me a credit for the difference. Guess what showed up on the last page of my order? A THIRD PARTY vendor's name = Outlet. Surprise, surprise!

After completing my order, thinking I was getting the price of $44.27 with the credit, I got an email from Wes W, the supervisor, stating he had given me a "promotional" credit of $6 toward my NEXT purchase! He did not give me the credit on my current purchase as he led me to believe.

I sent in their survey and told them what happened. I got an email from Amazon telling me they were "so sorry", but they could not issue me a credit. Now I don't know if I'll get the credited amount or not.

I recently re-joined Amazon Prime. I will be cancelling that service and it will be some time, if ever, that I deal with again. That $6 meant more to them than this customer.

  • Nov 21, 2015

This is the most outrageous company I have ever dealt with, I have shopped with Amazon for over 10 years, and kept getting invitations to open an amazon store card. So, in September I did, I made 1 phone payment in september of $50. the following three days two more payments came out totalongover $300. I immediately called, and got a female in Mumbai, who was rude, argued with me. She said I had made the payments on line, I told her I NEVER make payments on line only by phone, she ended up hanging up on me. I called my bank , had the 2 payments reversed and a stop payment put on furthur charges for amzon store card. I have NEVER received a ststement from them EVER !!!

Last week I received a pul apart the said,"have you forgotten something ?? You acount is past due $60.

I imediately called, this time got someone in the phillipines, who closed that account and opened a new one and said she trnsferred my balance to a new card, which I never received. I spoke to a person in Kansas on the 15th and said I had lifted the stop payment and was making a one time payment of $200., I went on my account today and they took out two payments in a row for $200. i.e $400.

Again, I called, got someone in India, asked to be transferred to someone in the states, told her that they had double charged me, she said they only showed a payment of $200. it must be my bank !!! Chase, it was not my bank !!!

So, again I called chase, reversed one payment, and put a stop payment on anything amazon. I called the person, and told her I wanted to receive paper statements, I do not pay bills on line, she told me they had been sending statements, it had to be my post office !!!

I told her in the future I would make payments by mail, money order or cashiers check, she then informed me they had closed my acount on the 12th of November. My credit rating is excellent, if they do anything to hurt my credit, I will file a complaint. I have other accounts with synchrony, never a problem, just the Amazon. They are rude, dishonest and very bad , horrible communication and customer service. Again, I emphacise, I HAVE NEVER received a statement or a due date from them !!!

So disappointed with Amazon for partnering with such a dishonest and ruthless bank !!!

  • Nov 16, 2015

I wrote a childrens book about dog rescue and green energy. It is an innocent, fun, kids book. It is "self published" It was NEVER sold in bookstores as I have no connections. I bought a few copies for myself to give away to friends and a few friends in animal rescue who had auctions for support.

I found my book on Amazon for $10. This was OK as that is what the cost is from the publisher online. I noticed there were copies of my book from 3rd party sellers which surprised me because it was NEVER sold in Bookstores!! I clicked the 3rd party sellers and was shocked and horrified to find my book for sale as "used" for as much as $999 fromthe 3rd party amazon bookseller, Daily Deals.

I contacted Jeff Bezos at and they poo pooed my request to have the book removed saying they have "no control" over 3rd party sellers and they can charge anythin they want.

I contacted Daily Deals multiple times threatening to sue them if they do not remove my book from their site. They apologize and remove it for about a week....then it is right back up.

I have reported this as internet crime and to the FBI but no one has gotten back to me. One lawyer I spoke to me said this could be a "defamation of character" case. Selling my book, by me, an "unknown" author for almost $1000 makes me look like some kind of criminal!! I am outraged and no one will help me. I did hear from one law firm that said they could take the case for $$ but I have limited income.

  • Nov 7, 2015

On July 6th. 2015, I bought a copy of Windows 7 Professional 64 bit O/S from a company called Elite Trades through I spent nearly a year, and $1500 buying components one at a time to build my new computer because I am retired and live on a fixed income. I bought my last component on Oct.2nd and it arrived around Oct. 10th. I spent about two days buiding the computer. After I got the computer up and running, I installed the O/S. On Oct. 28th. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 Professional 64 bit to see if I liked it better than Windows 7. It was then that I was informed by Microsoft that my copy of Windows 7 was not genuine and I could not upgrade for free. It would cost me around $200 to buy a Product Key for the upgrade. I immediately sent an Email to Elite Trades. Elite Trades has never even acknowledged receiving my Email. I called on the phone to register a complaint about the seller on Nov. 1st. They informed me they would contact the seller and let me know what could be done. As yet I have heard nothing from either Elite Trades or

  • Nov 6, 2015

I ordered a piano It said some small scratches to top and sides did not say the leg was broke off and there is no way to fix it the leg is missing that piano is no good It cannot stand upright I was ripped off and it was a gift for my two year oks

  • Nov 6, 2015

Amazon Prime Membership took $100.25 from my bank account for a memebership fee I never agreed to. I have a amazon account that I've purchased from sellers online before, so I log on my account with Amazon and they ask me to try a 30 day trial membership with Prime??!!! UH....they took the money from my bank account without proper authorization, but they still asking me to sign up for a free trial. I have emailed them and waiting on reply, at this point I will never buy from Amazon or its sellers again. How did they get my bank info? since I log into Amazon my username apparently isn't matching up with my BANK account if Im still eligeble for a free 30 day trial. Hopefully this will get resolved, first thing in the morning Im notifying my bank!

  • Oct 24, 2015

Amazon banned my account for having too many delivery problems tell me whats amazons excuse for bullying their customers whom by the way put money in amazons wallet for something the customer has no control over? i am going to do an investigation on amazon look into how amazon has bullied customers and sellers and anyone else amazon has ever bullied i have lawyers in the family who were in military law and are respected by 3 different politicians amazon you have bullied the wrong person this time first off i rarely get my packages from amazon

THEN I GET BULLIED FOR IT!?!?!!?!?! what the f**k is wrong with your dumb a**es amazon? huh? all the f**king money and power gone to your head and think its ok to be a cyber bully? you f**ks could wipe your a**es with $100 bills but it isn't enough so you bully customers for your mistakes!?!?!?! well you have cyber bullied the wrong f**king person this time a** holes you should be grateful i even stayed with you considering how i almost never get my god d**m packages i can and will go after you for cyber bullying and looking at all the articles i found online about amazon being a cyber bully it wont be hard to do.

  • Oct 21, 2015

Amazon banned my account for having too many delivery problems tell me whats amazons excuse for bullying their customers whom by the way put money in amazons wallet for something the customer has no control over? i am going to do an investigation on amazon look into how amazon has bullied customers and sellers and anyone else amazon has ever bullied i have lawyers in the family who were in military law and are respected by 3 different politicians amazon you have bullied the wrong person this time first off i rarely get my packages from amazon

THEN I GET BULLIED FOR IT!?!?!!?!?! what the f**k is wrong with your dumb a**es amazon? huh? all the f**king money and power gone to your head and think its ok to be a cyber bully? you f**ks could wipe your a**es with $100 bills but it isn't enough so you bully customers for your mistakes!?!?!?! well you have cyber bullied the wrong f**king person this time a** holes you should be grateful i even stayed with you considering how i almost never get my god d**m packages i can and will go after you for cyber bullying and looking at all the articles i found online about amazon being a cyber bully it wont be hard to do

  • Oct 16, 2015

Amazon banned my account for having too many delivery problems tell me whats amazons excuse for bullying their customers whom by the way put money in amazons wallet for something the customer has no control over? i am going to do an investigation on amazon look into how amazon has bullied customers and sellers and anyone else amazon has ever bullied i have lawyers in the family who were in military law and are respected by 3 different politicians amazon you have bullied the wrong person this time first off i rarely get my packages from amazon

THEN I GET BULLIED FOR IT!?!?!!?!?! what the f**k is wrong with your dumb a**es amazon? huh? all the f**king money and power gone to your head and think its ok to be a cyber bully? you f**ks could wipe your a**es with $100 bills but it isn't enough so you bully customers for your mistakes!?!?!?! well you have cyber bullied the wrong f**king person this time a** holes you should be grateful i even stayed with you considering how i almost never get my god d**m packages i can and will go after you for cyber bullying and looking at all the articles i found online about amazon being a cyber bully it wont be hard to do

  • Oct 13, 2015

On September 1st I ordered one 12' x 12' Stansport Dining Canopy Shelter for a total amount of $34.41. It arrived in a timely manner. However, upon opening the box to set it up, all the necessary equipment was missing. Ropes, sliders, and ground stakes were not packed.

To this date, I have not been able to learn how to reach a human representative to discuss this matter and I choose not to try to repack the canopy and return it for another. All I want is for the company: Warehouse Deals, Inc.; to send me the necessary items.

  • Oct 13, 2015

Amazon Associates Program is a scam, After 2 years of reaseach with Amazons so called Affiliate program things fill apart. How did it fall apart, Seems Amazon just is terminating accounts at will. After you start making commissions from links Amazon suspends your account taking away any earned commissions. I made over 10 calls to Amazon talking with the Associatye Director, the lady said they can't or will not investigate Associates account that get shut down, all My websites complyed with Amazons Policies. Amazon is in fact stealing commission sales for anyone who makes or uses Amazon associates ads, these ads are made to monetize, Blogs or websites in exchange for commission sales. Amazon will not defend you and it is very hard to contact them about it. Amazon seems unwilling to want to fix the issues. after making Amazon $23,000 in sales my commissions was shut down with out any cause, The Rep on the phone said to resign up for a new account, which I did do, after a year of running ads and my avg commissions per 60 day payouts was $3600 or $1800 per month basically. Is Amazon going to pay me for this months commission sales, Amazon strips Paying you if your accounts is suspended, they say I violated policy in my email, wnich is far from the truth, After you get this email your account gets closed and you no longer can reviews it. But I backed up all my sales reports till today. Amazon will not work with its Associates to resolve issues,

Why is Amazon Associates a scam, let me tell you why, Amazon don't encryt the Url links on there end and anyone can send fake traffic to your links, I showed amazon the spike of traffic I had going to those links, which I even showed them the ip address of where the traffic was from, know one has any controll over it. Amazon Associate program has no protection, Anyone using Amazon Associate program I highy advise you to stop. Its easy to send fake traffic to Amazon Associate links using sudo pings from any computer, Amazon shut me down because of a hacker sending fake traffic to my ad links. amazon affilate link looks like this "

in the url tag you have your id in my case sk40-20. 20 verifies country code for the Amazon Associates. I made Amazon 23000 Dollars this week which would of been $1380 at 6%. Once your link have been compromised for any reason instead of Amazon helping you solve the issue they shut you down, so I am out of my Money and can no longer Have an Amazon Associate account.

My Note to Amazon Fix it, How many people have to suffer because you refuse to encrpt the associate links. No one is safe making Money with Amazon Associates, you can get scammed out of you money, hackers can steal your traffic making them money and not the account holder, Amazon associates is a big scam,

The people responsible for stealing my links was coming from Amazons inc itself. Do not trust

  • Sep 26, 2015

I have attempted to file truthful reviews of amazon products i have ordered. Amazon refuses to post the reviews because the review is not always positive. below is an example:

Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case, Black Swivel Slim Belt Clip Holster Armor Protective Case, Defender Cover (SHELL HOLSTER COMBO) (BLACK HOLSTER SHELL COMBO) ★ from Amazon Customer on September 25, 2015

cheap plastic unusable item.

was sent a s5 case instead of s4 case. what a nightmare just to get my money back. case was sent from one state over and was charged almost 9.00 in shipping. have to repackage, use my printer ink to print return lable. use my supplies to repackage. use my car and gas to return item to post office . and i have to pay return postage. what a mega waste of time and resources for a cheap plastic unusable item.

We encourage you to revise your review and submit it again. A few common issues to keep in mind:

Your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it. Feedback on the seller or your shipment experience should be provided at

We do not allow profane or obscene content. This applies to adult products too.

Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively are considered spam.

Please do not include URLs external to Amazon or personally identifiable content in your review.

This message is for: [email protected]. If you'd rather not receive future e-mails of this sort from, please opt-out here.

Reference ATVPDKIKX0DER-R28UBU797P0S0K. (c) 2014, Inc. or its affiliates., 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.

  • Sep 25, 2015

Woman Within or Roamanns sells a lot of n amazon. They promise free returns and then charge $7.50 and Amazon refused to post my review explaining that

  • Sep 22, 2015

I was given Amazon Fire HD tablet as a gift It won't turn on I called customer service They told me to push button for 30 seconds did not work They told me it was past one year warranty They could offer $16.00 discount to purchase a new one Why would I purchase their product again How do I access my data?

  • Sep 15, 2015

Amazon has deceptive and bad business practices not only do they mistreat it's employees and it's customers they also take from there merchants. They are not afraid of keeping your money for long lengths of time and then steeling your merchandise just because they can. Be aware they will and have kept both your money and your merchandise meet the Internet gangsters will charge you rent and take your things. Shame on you

  • Sep 8, 2015

I found an unauthorized 99 dollar charge on my debit card today, from Amazon Prime, I had not signed up for it, and only thing I remember about a prime anything from them was a Netflix type thing a while back.

I have never signed up for anything with them, and did not tell them to take this money from my account at all. Ever.

I am seeing many others complaining about this too.

  • Sep 3, 2015 is generally OK for ordering merchandise, but not for getting advertising credits redeemed when some type of promotion is being made. I currently have 2 commercial websites at Inmotion Hosting. At the APM login is a list of promotions, usually to advertise your website or products thru a search engine, a social network, or otherwise. I had no problems getting Facebook or Bing to honor their promotions. was completely different matter. was extremely uncooperative. No one there was willing to tell me how to set up the advertising and get the $75 advertising credit redeemed. Multiple emails were not replied to. When contacting someone by phone at I got endless runarounds. Invaraibly I was told that someone else at Amazon would have to handle the problem. In other cases, I was told I wasn't supposed to get the benefit. has absolutely no right to promise $75 in free adverting clicks and refuse to honor the promotion which is exactly what they did. No business has any right to flsely offer benefits they do not intend to honor. I even sent the company screenshots of what was promoted at the Inmotion AMP login screen and they still refused to honor the promised benefit.

  • Sep 1, 2015

Unfortunately I've been trying to build an online ecommerce business. I say "unfortunately" because ecommerce is ruled by two major power houses: eBay and Amazon. eBay has thankfully treated me with overall respect. Amazon on the other hand has bullied me and suspended my account (twice). I'm trying to build a business in the vaping market. I even started a website, that I found very difficult to direct traffic to with Amazon and eBay selling the same products. The first time Amazon suspended me, I had assumed the fact they allowed people to sell vaping supplies meant that they allowed people to sell vaping supplies. I was wrong. I was suspended for listing the same items that they're marketplace is riddled with. I decided to cope and just move on. I filed an appeal, after 3 months getting my account back... And this time around decided to be careful. I contacted Amazon's seller support, gave them a specific ASIN, and asked if that item was allowed on their marketplace. After they confirmed that it was okay, I decided to sell "only" that item until I built a name for myself. Once again, I've been suspended for selling an item I was told was allowed on Amazon (by Amazon), with a hold put on my funds. I can deal with the hold, I merely want a fair chance to sell with the other sellers currently selling the SAME items I was suspended for. When I contact them about it, they don't have an answer for me, and it usually makes things worse. Its unfair, unethical, immoral and a downright lie to do what Amazon is doing to sellers in the vaping industry. When a company holds a shared monopoly with another site for online marketplace, such practices should be prohibited. Yet they hold the power, and are free to lie and inhibit struggling business owners like myself. It disgusts me the hoops I've had to jump through with Amazon, and the lack of integrity they show me in return. I ordered a very large supply of items after getting written approval from Amazon seller support to sell a specific ASIN and selling out of my first shipment. They're royally screwing me with no remorse, leaving me with a large inventory and no effective way to sell them. Have some common decency! There needs to be something that protects ecommerce sellers against a giant online bully like Amazon. I'm even afraid of writing this out of fear of receiving a permanent ban from being allowed to sell on their marketplace, which they've shown no remorse in the past in banning sellers permanently for no valid reason. It's simply wrong.

  • Aug 24, 2015

Amazon 3rd party seller bigfish1980 is based in China and sells several products on Amazon. I don't know the quality of all the items sold by bigfish1980, but the stainless door sill protectors I purchased for a 2015 Honda Accord Sedan are garbage. The 3M tape strips are too thin to contact the door sill. The tape strips need to be much thicker. They fall off. Complete waste of money. If I could send these inferior products back, I would, but they came from China and the return freight would cost more than the product costs. Live and learn--Never Again!!!!!

  • Aug 22, 2015

This company sells MINI SERVERS on Amazon

Specifications Mfr Part Number: SR30169T2-250 Case Type: Compact Server Chassis Color: Black / Silver Material: 0.8mm SGCC M/B Type: Mini-ITX Processor: Intel/AMD UP Quad Drive Bays: 4x 3.5" Hot-Swap Drive Bays; 2x 2.5" Internal Bays Expansion Slots: 1 (Low Profile) Backplane: SATA 6Gb/s Backplane Security: Intrusion Switch, Kengsinton Lock Cooling System: 1x 120 mm (T25) PWM Side Windows: No Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 2.0 Ports Power Supply: 250W Dimension (WxDxH): 7.78 x 12.20 x 10.63 inch / 220.0 x 310.0 x 270.0 mm Weight: 8.6 kg

Advertised as a server with Intel quad-core processor and 6 Gb HD with no storage.

The reality is - you receive a case only with power supply. The once you can buy at Fry's for $60

I paid $200. But next day these guys put price of $366 for the same unit.

There is no paper that comes with it, fake address, fake phone (phone of newegg ).

Time to send a request to Attorney General.

  • Aug 20, 2015

I purchased a defective computer from company that is owned by Amazon, it is clled Woot. Woot's response ws that they did not build it and accepted no responsibility. They told me to contact the people that built this junk. I did and ws told that Woot is past due and on credit hold. I again contacted Woot and they told me to fiind one of my so called friends and pawn it off on them. I contcted mazon nd was told that they could not help me, Woot is a "stand alone site" and although owned by Amazon they will not help me.

I then filed a BBB complaint, Amazoon emiled me nd told me that they "needed more time" I never herd from mazon again. Today the BBB informed me that they are cllaiming to have resolved the complaint.

Perhaps it ws esolved to their satisfction, however they fail to understnd that I am the customer and they are ripping me off.

I have again contacted the BBB , the next step is to contact the ttorney general.

  • Aug 20, 2015

Thanks for selling your item on marketplace.

Your item has been confirmed and verified as SOLD item and you are expected to SHIP the item to your buyer's delivery address with immediate effect.

Your payment has been deducted from your buyer's account and it has automatically been deposited into your seller's account immediately your item was purchased on our marketplace but your payment will show as PENDING and no records of the transaction will be registered on your seller's account until shipment of the order has been confirmed and verified.

You are expected to ship the item and get back to us with the shipment details for shipment confirmation and verification and once the shipment has been confirmed and verified, we shall reflect the payment into your seller's account and all records of your transaction will be showing on your seller's account with immediate effect. Marketplace are protecting both the sellers and the buyers from any kind of fraud activities and for a secured transaction for both the sellers and the buyers.

Dispatch Item Now.

Ship to: Daniel Mckeon

Address Line 1: *** ***** ***** DR, APT ***


State/Province/Region: South Carolina

Zip/Postal Code: 29579

Country: USA

Buyer e-mail: ************************

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Kindly go and make the shipment via fedex to the shipping address provided for you, failure to ship out the item within 1-2 Business Days,your Amazon account will be DE-ACTIVATED and SUSPENDED. Mail the shipment postage reference number to customer service at: ([email protected]) in order for the FUNDS to be Transfer into your Amazon Account.

Feel free to contact our Customer Care Service Department for any Question or Query.Thanks for your Co-Operation

I wish you a lovely day.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Catherine Yeu Seller Support

Then this:

We are also happy that you sell your Item on online marketplace, your item has been confirmed Sold.

This sale you can't not view the sale on your account until you dispatch item and email us with the shipment tracking reference number.

The Issue at hand is that the buyer has already paid the sum of $339.00 into your Amazon Account and it will only reflect into your account as soon as you carry out the shipment to him via fedex priority overnight today to the Information which we sent in our previous email to you.

We wish to inform you that you will be re-inbursed for all your expenses which includes the shippment and postage of the item, kindly notify us on the exact amount which you used in shipping so we can add it together and wire the funds to your account immediately we receive the shippment tracking number.

Kindly forward us a scanned copy of the fedex priority overnight receipt for further confirmation to enable the transfer of your funds to your account immediately. Marketplace are protecting both the sellers and the buyers from any kind of fraud activities and for a secured transaction for both the sellers and the buyers.

Thanks for your cooperation at this time.

  • Aug 12, 2015

I order a pair of shoes in May and have not received (it's the end of July). I paid with paypal and the money was deducted from my account. I sent an email inquiring about the order and did not get a response.

  • Aug 6, 2015

I purchased a pedometer through The pedometer stopped working the second day. I immediatly contacted amazon and filed a report. The original report was ignored and when I call several days later they claimed no report was filed. I was assured I would be sent a return envelope. All I received were emails and no return label. Several days later I called again and was told no report was filed. Again I received no return lable. I then noted that was going to give me a credit for the item all I had to do was press a button to receive a credit. I prssed the button. While this seems fine, it is not what they promised or what they were supposed to give me, which was a refund. Very sleezy company.

  • Aug 1, 2015

A simple web search, and some helpful forum posts have helped me to reveal his identity. His real name is richard w. Meirowitz and he is actually a low grade attorney on long island. Rwm has engaged in massive vote manipulation, to enjoy the perks and benefits of being an amazon top reviewer Free products, mainly). offers one of the most incredible product review systems on earth, helping consumers decide which items to buy. This system was developed by amazon in the 1990s and has become the backbone of the ecommerce giant. Amazon ranks the helpfulness of its reviewers by ranking them 1 to 10,000+. Those reviewers who garner the most “helpful” votes, get ranked the best. Those who get ranked the best, reap huge financial rewards. When you get to the very top 100, you start to get solicited by companies who want you to review their products. Companies reach out to top reviewers and offer them a free sample of the product in exchange for an online review on the amazon website.

Some top reviewers even publish their email address in their profile, alerting these companies to a way to contact them. Many are well aware of the financial windfall that can occur for a top 100 reviewer. They are literally inundated with so many Expensive) free offers that some make it their full time job. Companies will sometimes offer financial gain for reviews. Some top reviewers get so many offers of free products that they have to turn down these free products. It really is extremely lucrative. Mr. Meirowitz, known by his amazon moniker "rwm" knows full well how valuable his position as a top reviewer is, and he uses deceit and artifice to uphold his position Also known as fraud). He exploits a little known loophole, or glitch, in the amazon review system: anytime a review is deleted by the author, the votes Helpful and unhelpful) are magically erased. A new review can now be posted on the same item, with a clean slate! the reviewer now writes a totally new review, and can republish the exact same text, and get a clean slate with no votes. This can be done over and over again, letting the reviewer wash clean any unwanted negative votes. It seems funny that amazon would let such a loophole exist, but it is true. The moment rwm gets an unfavorable amount of unhelpful votes Bad votes bring his top reviewer ranking down) or bad comments Various other top reviewers like myself have caught on and tried to expose him), he simply deletes the review, saves the text content in his word processor on his computer, copies and pastes, reposts it, and gets a clean slate.

I also have reason to believe that rwm has a master system of upvoting his own reviews. Some of his reviews oddly have hundreds of helpful votes, and almost no negative ones. As an experienced amazon top reviewer, this deceit is obvious, blatant, and a sad thing to me. It destroys the trust and integrity that consumers put into the amazon review system. This glitch allows him to cleanse his review portfolio until he has a nearly spotless ranking: his desired outcome. His behavior is against amazon’s tos and violates nearly all of amazon’s review guidelines. Furthermore, i have reason to believe that rwm does not even write his own reviews. Extensive research has shown that there are exact copies of his reviews out there – word for word, copy and paste, under other reviewers names. There is some sort of plagiarism going on, and potentially he has multiple accounts involved. Also to note, he fluffs up his review count easily. How? He will pick a product and review 9 or 10 competitors, comparing them. Then he will copy and paste this almost identical reviews on all 9 or 10. While this is not specifically illegal, it certainly affords him a way to game the system, and spread his coverage. This in turn increase the financial gains and benefits, his unjust enrichment, and further the other deceptive behaviors in which he is engaging. Rwm, or richard warren meirowitz, has taken a system that is supposed to be natural and organic, and engineered it to his personal financial benefit. He has turned a system that is supposed to be based on trust, into a system that is based upon manipulation. This tarnishes the amazon brand irreparably, and i hope amazon steps in and does something about this blatant fraud. His behavior is against amazon’s tos and violates nearly all of amazon’s review guidelines. It is sad that greed and financial gains have lead this lawyer to stoop so low, but then again, isn’t that what lawyers are famous for? The irs should probably also be made aware of all the free loot these top reviewers get. It adds up, and if you don't report it on your taxes you get into big trouble.

  • Aug 1, 2015

My experience with the "Book Hole" AKA Book Grove is that they are adhering to their strict 7-day return policy at this time. They pulled a bait and switch on me and I'm debating whether to send the book back, because I might not get a full refund and they might try to charge the restocking fee. I'm contemplating contacting my credit card company first If I decide to return the book. I get the feeling this person is not who they say they are. Buyer Beware!

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