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  • Jul 30, 2021

I ordered a solar charger through Amazon Warehouse, "Used - Like new" with "packaging damage". I received the item and installed it to find that the communications with other devices was broken. Would not communicate with the remote, Bluetooth, or USB comm devices. Filed for a refund, and ordered a second of the same item from the warehouse once again "Used - Like new" once again claiming packing damage. Same issue, no comms... but this one also had a defective LCD.

I had not returned the first one yet so now I had two defective units in possession. Second time communicating with Amazon about the second controller, I requested more than a refund for the inconvenience of receiving two untested items. I was offered to get a replacement from the warehouse briefly until I asked the agent when it was going to arrive and if the one they were going to send me was the first one I hadn't yet returned. After holding for 10 minutes that option was rescinded (because they were obviously going to re-box the first one I hadn't sent back yet and send it right back to me).

The whole conversation with their telephone agents was obviously a script being read and the agent would not directly answer hardly any of my questions. Also, asking to be escalated to a supervisor got me the response "they will tell you the same" from 3 different agents. Obvious Amazon doesn't give a crap about your problem and whether it gets solved. The issues with these controllers were apparent at first power up, which means Amazon did absolutely 0 testing to see if the device was actually just packing damage or if it was returned defective.

  • Jul 26, 2021

Ordered 3 pack of cell phone face cover shield. Motogfast shatter resistant face cover. Arrived not fitting. Wrong size. Puzzling. Go to return and it is not existing on record of previous purchases. Gone. No way to return or report on current repeating loop system. No humans. Tried to report fraud. No luck.

  • Jul 26, 2021

For months I had hopes of finally finding a job. Its very hard for me to work due to my disability. I was sent texts and emails getting me set for my first day. I even contacted ERC at (888) 892-7180 and I was told time and time again not to worry and to show up on my first day.

Well.. when I showed up I was sent home at 3:00 am. I was NOWHERE in their system. Amazon lies and they have no remorse. I am now completely homeless.

  • Jul 14, 2021

Amazon Is is the only marketplace that I work with that holds your money owed from sales. eBay, we pay or PayPal any other payment processing program that I have worked with on and that I have worked with always disperses any sales that you have made on their platform at midnight the night of the sale. Amazon requires all sellers to hold their money for 2 do hold their money for 2 weeks. At the end of that 2 week.

They attempt to make a dispersement into your account a dispersement into your account before they will send the money to your account send the money to your account they do initiate a charge it's arch. To see if your car is validated aren't you validated if For whatever reason the card does not process correctly and go through your dispersement will not begin to come to your bank.I have been a seller with for over 11 years and have always is and have always had an upstanding account is standing account. Is I processed thousands of dollars per month on platform alone.

This situation I am describing has occurred to me multiple times. Every time this has occurredThe reason that give is the card information I have on file is not valid. 1st of all the card information that I am providing that they are saying is not valid is for a backup is not valid is for a backup payment method in case something ever comes back and needs to be charged thing ever comes back and needs to be charged into my account.

As a seller of 11 years I have a running balance of thousands is balance of thousands of dollars so any charge back if it does so any charge back if it does occur automatically comes out of my funds dispersement. The chargeback method on my cellar profile has not been used in years because of this is used in years because of this period it in no way should it in no way should affect the dispersement it is not where they are sending my money it's

  • Jul 6, 2021

Called to say there was suspicious activity on my Amazon account for $899. charge. I don't have an Amazon account.

  • Jun 8, 2021

Foreword: One of the symptoms of corporate fascism has been described as "the erosion of the rights of the individual, when corporate rights are expanded, this expansion tramples the rights of the individual."

Perhaps, my latest email to theree senior exectives at amazon would be self-explanatory...


- Dave Clark, SVP, Worldwide Operations and Customer Service at Amazon

- Jeffrey Helbling, Vice President

- Jeff Bezos, President

[Dated: June 10, 2021]

Mr Clark,

The DeWalt Impact Driver Kit (DCF887D2) was falsely advertised on Amazon website as "returnable" at the time of purchase, a claim proven to be untrue. [I paid about $240.00 including shipping and customs.]

Additionally, you've shipped me a defective unit, which simply won't work--the chuck won't retain the screw bit, and it falls out.

  • May 22, 2021

I will be updating this article with modified pictures to show the several cases where Amazon has stolen tips from their employees. What I am editing out, is my personal information. Nothing else.

My state has strict laws in regards to gift cards and tips, yet Amazon has decided as usual these laws do not apply to them. One such law, is taking employees tips, but worse, they delete this info after the sale and the victim is the delievery boy/girl who not only expects the tip they are shown, but also hopes they get more for great service. Unless they took a screenshot, they have no clue Amazon is deleting their tips entirely.

Amazon feels they are entitled to delete tips when a customer uses their gift card, at least this is what several reps told me so far in an interview. What's worse, is let's say you have a $300 order, but at some point Amazon applies a return to gift card instead of back to credit card, which they do a lot, Amazon will delete that tip. Again, for example, a $300 order, you leave a $30 tip, but Amazon applies a $7.00 from gift card, they then delete that $30 tip. This has happened with several orders I placed where their own employees thanked me when I showed them their final tip, to find out next day Amazon deleted it and they got nothing. It's not just immoral, it's Illegal.

Screenshot your orders before and after, because Amazon uses HTML emails where they control the data on their side. This means they can change data from raising prices to deleting tips from their end, which I have countless screenshots of price changes after completed sales over a 8 year period.

Reporting Amazon to the labor board for tip theft is the best option I can suggest. Amazon is a huge monopoly who act as if they are above the law. I'd like to say it's also against the law to retaliate, but as other posts here have proven, Amazon does nothing but scam and retaliate. Amazon expects it's staff to be honest and not steal from them, yet at same time Amazon has no qualms of stealing from their own staff, which is just as Illegal.

If they took your tips, report them to the labor board. They are backed up with past cases, but sooner or later they will look into this.

  • May 12, 2021

Sold me 4 golf gloves, and charged $50 to ship them. Must have snuck it in somhow at checkout. Does not respond to attempts to contacts the seller. Discovered multiple complaints after the fact with similar customer experiences.

  • Apr 27, 2021

I'll write my recent issue with Amazon towards the end of this recent report. For those that don't know me, Xanthor or Lord-Xanthor, I'm a reporter whom have been writing articles and running development chats mainly for the mmorpg market since 1998, and mainly these articles are to help and warn people of companies to be wary of, and mostly mmorpg online computer games. Once in a blue moon, I run across a problem in which I go the extra mile to inform the public. Amazon is one of those companies to be wary of, and I'm going to fill in some blanks as well, that many don't even know how Amazon has ripped many off.

First and foremost, the preordering scam Amazon pulls, mostly during the Christmas season. Have you ever paid for a preorder on Amazon, then on release day or close to it, Amazon sends you an email that the preorder has been canceled due to low quantities or other problems? Have you then run a check to see if someone else is selling but instead pull up another sale by Amazon for that very same item, but higher price? Notice how unlike other refunds, this one took weeks till after the holiday? Your not alone. Another big company I will list later did the same thing, canceling an order for 3 Nintendo DS systems saying not enough stock, yet the invoice I paid had device serial numbers for all 3 units, so was not surprising when I went to the game dept and found two of the 3 units locked up in their display with my serial numbers at much higher price. What's happening?

Amazon during the holidays take preorders on new and hot items which they charge your credit card for. They do this because funds at Christmas time are stretched thin in order for Amazon to keep stock for the holidays, so when they charge your card, you are actually giving them your money so they can pay for their stock in which you will never see as they are going to sell what you paid for, to other customers at higher price. That canceled message you got was because they sold your order to another customer and know if you want it bad enough, you will go online and pay that higher price. Almost every year Amazon scams many doing this, and because they are basically a Monopoly, they get away with it. Take screenshots when you order. These will help you in small claims court which is what I used to do with them until they got tired of losing and refund the difference to me now a days. Mostly a provisional credit. Easier way is to do a charge back, and some banks do the entire amount, not just the difference. If more do this, they might think twice as charge backs also hit them with bank fees similar to NSF.

Paying for preorders is only helping them to stock items you might never see so they can sell to others on the holidays.

Now for the recent Ripoff. This year was a special year as my kids hit the 16 year mark, so for their birthdays, ordered both my kids, new furniture. They were given full instructions to call, and where to delievery. They ignored both and was caught on neighbors security camera throwing large boxes half onto concrete steps, other half into neighbors brick garden which the bricks penatrated the box, tearing chunks out of the pressure board furniture, and with no support in the middle, the boards buckled and split in half. All this caught on security footage. The Amazon driver seeing what they did, moved the broken box to the side, and only took a picture of the other 3 boxes to hide the damage. After sending copies to Amazon, all they did was say sorry, and refused to send a replacement until they picked up their own merchandise their own employee they saw Who damaged it. Furniture comes special freight it's too big and heavy for UPS or USPS, so was stuck waiting for a special pickup, just so I could order a replacement Amazon refused to send.

My bank is now doing a charge back. Not just for this, but another issue they scammed me for, which is why I always take screenshots before, during, and after sale. Take a screenshot of the emails they send the moment they send them. Don't wait till after. Why is this? They have the ability to change those emails from due dates to price changes. How many times have you wondered when your card got charged more, that you could have sworn the price was much lower, but the email showed the new price, and or a new date as well? Your not going crazy. Those emails are actually written in html, and you are seeing what Amazon wants you to see. The pictures, the due dates, all that info is on their server and your inbox is displaying what is stored elsewhere. They can change that information at whim. If you don't take a screenshot and find your card charged $100 more, you will lose the chance to prove to your bank that the price that is now loading in, is not the sale you agreed to. Same reason for those items that vanished from your order. Some banks like mine will refuse a charge if the price is changed. This is why Amazon uses this edit method to scam their customers. I had a 9 item order with them recently. Took a screenshot. They raised the price of an item after the agreed sale, so because bank refused to honor new price, they dropped the tape gun in that order and looking at their original invoice, saw it was missing, yet looked at screenshot and saw it was there and another items price much lower. I e-mailed Amazon those photos, and got a faked automated reply saying message reached no one. I then filled out a small claims SC100 form, did not file it yet, but emailed Amazon picture and that form. Again the faked they did not get message, but next day, a package I was not expecting came, and in it was the tape guns that got removed days earlier.

Now, as for the furniture incident with Amazon, I started a charge back with my bank. We all have experienced at one time or another when UPS or USPS scans all their delieveries in ahead of time and delievery it lator or the next day. This is bad as you never know if you will get it, or if it's stolen. This is not the case with large furniture. They either use their Prime vans, or a freight company as it's too big and heavy for normal delievery. That replacement dresser that never came today, got marked as delievered yet security footage from my home and neighbors, show no vehicles stopping at my home. What's even more strange, no photo of where it was delivered to was done either. The phone number I was texted was bogus. I'm stuck in a wheelchair, Amazon knows this as a portion of my medical supplies for it is purchased through them. They refused to call the freight company and told me to go to each house/building and ask each neighbor if they got my order. This isn't a box of cookies, it's several huge boxes that weight over 150lbs. My neighbors would have called me if something like that was brought, which is what happened next that infuriated me. I got a call from a number that my phone blocked 30 minutes ago. Not the freight company, but a business 7 hours away. Turns out the carrier they used was the same one who broke the last shipment, and once they saw the address, dropped it off at this business with their order and told them I will get it. Hence why they never took pictures. Amazon refused to call them to make them pick this up and deliver it to proper address. If you order anything, and it gets dropped off anywhere else, this doesn't constitute delievery. I even have this stated on the invoice with phone number to call. Company wants $150 to drop it off. Bank is doing charge back instead.

That wraps this up for now. I'll update this if anything changes, and will upload photos too of past incidences after I edit out personal info.

Take care and be safe.

  • Apr 7, 2021

I ordered one can of spray adhesive from Amazon. They sent three. I called customer service to see about a return, and a refund for the two I didn't order. Was told, " We have no way to send a return authorization, becasue those are hazadous materials". I replied, " Well, you sent them to me somehow. Why can't I send them back the same way". My answer, " We are so sorry, we just have no way to have you send them back". It was like talking to a robot. Maybe I was, who knows. I do know it's BS. If they can send something that's " hazardous," they can have it returned the " same way!!"

  • Apr 4, 2021

Dominique Lax Complaint against Amazon Account I Dominique Lax do swear the below statement are true to the best of my knowledge. I Dominique had two gift cards in the sum amount of 75.00 and 50.00 dollars. I attempt to purchase blackberry phone for 171.00 I was going to use part of my gift card and pay the difference with my credit card. My credit card didn't go through. Amazon put my account on hold Informing me that they needed to see my bank statement and my ID I sent them both.

Informed them I no longer desire this purchase and just want my gift card money return back to me Amazon customer service informed me someone will contact me by email in 24 hours. I received a email followed their steps and still cant get into my account Its been 4 days and Amazon seem to be making up every excuse in the book Why they can't reset my account and send me my gift card of 75.00 and 50.00

  • Apr 3, 2021

When you have companies force you to urinate in a bottle and won't allow you to stop to use a public restroom? this is uncalled for especially when The American government States to other countries on how they are abusing their citizens? America's a bunch of hypocrites. America needs to follow suit we are the worst country because we are always looking in everybody else's backyard instead of our own and our country is worse than a socialist country who treats their citizens better than America does, read this story this makes me sick.

  • Feb 20, 2021

They offered full refund thru paypal upon our return of goods (which were mailed from California) but they required us to send the item to China which would have involved a shipping cost more than the item cost and usps would not provide evidence of item receipt at the china destination.

Not the first time such conditions arose upon our request for refund of china goods. A very common "dodge" from honoring a warranty on chinese mfd goods. appears to be a widespread scam !

  • Feb 13, 2021

Amazon charged me multiple times for a prime membership that had been cancelled. When I contacted customer service they acted passive, and said the only way they could look it up is to get a copy of my bank statement and provide it to them. Total rubbish, complete con job. As expected from people who run Amazon.

  • Jan 10, 2021

An Amazon employee accessed my personal information and got into my computer and erased my entire Amazon file. Then this person got into my computer and created a consumer account with Target and attempted to purchase products under my name. This person then embedded two files in my system which would allow the access to my computer at any time. I contacted Norton Lifelock and they searched my entire computer but couldn't find anything.

I know computers very well and did a search on my own and found these two files. I deleted them and removed the ability to access my computer.

  • Dec 30, 2020

I had recently ordered products from Amazon that were promoted under a 25% discount IF the order was at least $50. MY order totaled more than required but when I went to check out, the discount was not available nor was it applied. I called Amazon and talked to a service rep who claimed that he could not find it, even though I had it up on my computer and tried to direct his attention to the promotion. I ordered the products but subsequently filed a report with the BBB handling Amazon complaints.

The respondent Amazon rep to the complaint stated that she could not find the ads. Fortunately I had made copies that showed, in no uncertain terms, that Amazon had a promotion. Within 24 hours of my complaint, the ads had been removed. The BBB asked me to send them copies, which I did. I had filed my complaint under "false advertising". Amazon responded with a $20 gift card stating that they were making a "one time" exception with more use restrictions than I cared to bother with, however their reply did not address my initial charge of false advertising.

To my surprise the BBB accepted that as I resolution and closed my file. I guess it goes to show that one can escape the more serious charges by tossing a $20 bill, so to speak, to make it go away. What's more, the agency in charge of this process (BBB) can accept that as a "resolution". I can not begin to guess how many people fell prey to this promotion, but I intend to push this up the line. Personally, I feel that it's a shame and a sad fact that big companies can get away with transgressions that the smaller ones can't.

  • Nov 24, 2020

Amazon and Jeff Bezoz They would not let me sign in closed my account permanently without any notice and they're horrible customer service i have been an amazon customer for many years they closed my account therefore keeping me from getting to my gift card it was 100.00 sitting in my account they wont let me sign in to my account so i can't get my money. Amazon is falsely accusing me of something I didn't do what happened to.

  • Nov 17, 2020

Amazon authorized the return of a defective frying pan and had it picked up by UPS. Amazon's own website shows the item was picked up. Product was delivered to Amazon and proof of delivery provided by UPS. Amazon continues to deny receiving the item and refuses to credit my card.

I disputed the charge through Discover Card and provided them with the UPS proof of delivery also. After several months of investigation this unauthorized charge continues to reappear on my card. I advise against buying anything online that cannot be returned in person. I also advise against using Discover card for any online puchases at all.

  • Nov 10, 2020

I bought a barn door (set of two) on from S&Z TOPHAND seller. One door arrived damaged. I have notified the seller immediately and was told to go to home depot and buy a glue. I have hassled with via Amazon for about a month. Three new boards were sent but of a different size. did not refund me any money for the damaged good that it sold me. I ended up going to home depot to buy my barn door. I have wasted about $500.00

Today, I went to modify one of my reviews of the Turkey Coffee set to learn that I can no longer review that product.

Since Amazon, is no longer fulfilling its guarantee, I am turning to a third party to warn the buyers.

I am amazon prime since 2014 and buy ALL my household goods (I remodel houses) and tools. Now, I am thinking to go and give my money where I am treated better.

  • Nov 9, 2020

I have in the past bought food items, etc. from without any problem. This goes back years to 2014 now it is 2020. I have used the same international credit card on each of these purchases. They never issued an OTP code. Why? Because I don't have a mobile number connected to this credit card in the USA. When you are in another country like i am, I'm in India you don't have a mobile number for the USA.

I called to tell them to get in touch with Gateway to correct this. I have asked my credit card company and I have been told, that CapitalOne does not issue OTP codes. The man from identified himself as Raj Kumar, i don't know if this is his real name,. He refused to give me a manager or help me. They know that you cannot use an OTP with international cards. Please put this complaint on the internet so all the people can see. Perhaps if the CEO of becomes aware of this issue, it will be fixed. . People should know that the customer service at is unwilling to solve the problem.

  • Oct 7, 2020

Niumanery order from Amazon niumanery Titanium Steel Temperature Monitor Digital Thermometer Body Sensor. was due to arrive oct 5. item did not arrive. said it was running late. however i never received a tracking number. have tried to contact company twice to get tracking number and have never received a reply. how do i know it is running late if i dont have a tracking number to research? plus they wont even reply when tracking number has been requested. nothing..have heard nothing China

  • Oct 6, 2020

Amazon's support goes crazy! They did not authorize charges from my debit card. Next, a person called me and said: "let me show you how did you spend your money". I said: "I have no refund done for this order so I wasn't able to spend it". She said again: "no, you did". I asked her if I can start recording? She said: "No". I told her that I did a screenshot with the order shown not refunded, but she continued to say: "No you did. We sent you money back and you already spent them". I said: "If I spent money, the system must show that money was ever received by me".I told her the order number and status once again, and the amount- 183$, she said again: "Yes this is order and amount I talking about, You did spend this money already".

I told her again-"Now if you don't give me permission to start a video recording, I will do a picture of the screen with this order where it said the money doesn't refund for this order. And I will complain to a social media unit and try to complain to the Amazon headquarters." Next she said:" Our communication is interrupted and I need to drop the call". I said: " It is not true and you are lying, you can hear me well". She says again: " connection is bad, I disconnected". Here is the picture of the order, this person, named herself Gabriella, said I get a refund and spent this refund entirely.

  • Sep 13, 2020

Called Amazon about package not being delivered and I got harassed on the phone.

The gentleman said I needed to update my contact information which I have done 17 times with Amazon and I don't like being harassed people in Amazon or incompetent and I'm tired of it I will have to switch to because Amazon can't even deliver packages that you paid for. Jeff Bezos owes me an apology for the way his workers talk and treat people on the phone....

I will be calling my credit card and canceling the payment since they didn't deliver what I ordered. They didn't deliver anything.....

  • Aug 31, 2020

When signing up to Subscribe and ave they offered Bertoli 2 L oil for 19.00 with a subscribe and save. When you sign up you think you subscribe and always get it at that price. However, in the very fine print it says it will go at market price there on Amazon the day they ship it. They charges $64 for that bottle of oil.

This is appalling and a bait and switch that they know the consumer does not understand. The way it is represented in the subsribe and ave is misleading and they should clearly state it could triple in price.

These practices are raping consumer trust and fairness.

  • Aug 29, 2020

I've had it. Everytime I try to get reviews of ANY product on ANY site, they all have a caveat that should you use them as a link, they could get a commission. They ALL connect to Amazon. A few, if you read the fine print, are subsidaries of Amazon.

This negates any legitimate review and they give you no other options for other websites on which to purchase the item. Even CONSUMER REPORTS!! Clearly if they offer a kickback, websites will take the bait.

They have a monopoly on every site that sells anything. Something needs to be done. My mouthing off will not even be an annoyance to them but I have no place else to turn. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I've attached a page from Consumer Reports.

  • Aug 1, 2020

I am a vendor that implements the dropshipping business model on Amazon.I have listed products that are against Amazon's privacy policy.I did not do this willingly.I am aware of my mistake.

For this reason, Amazon suspended my account on July 25.As a result, I sent an appeal letter to Amazon.But after nine days, they still haven't answered.They keep my money inside.I need this money to pay my credit card debt.

I am also a customer as much as I am a seller.I am the customer of Amazon.But Amazon is victimizing a customer.

I urgently want my seller account to be activated again.I urgently request that my victimization be eliminated.

Amazon please hear my voice.

  • Jul 15, 2020

Purchased Frappuccino Light on June 12 at $18.68 for 15 units. Reorder attempt on July 12 shouws price of $54 for 15 units. Be careful with repeat orders!

  • Jul 8, 2020

This is the sortation delivery center in South Austin, Texas. Not the customer service hub.

I feared for my health contracting the Corona Virus at the DAU2 location. When I got here. I learn from Kat from the leadership team that four people have recently contracted Covid19 and still not working (They did come back I spoke to an employee who knew three of the people who contracted Covid19 and confirmed the comment from leadership).

While working at the delivery station, I was a person who was given a megaphone to work as a Social Distance Champion to enforce Amazon's social distance policy telling people to stay six feet apart.

Guide them to new lines drawn to walk a path or push carts and that logistic delivery drivers not help other drivers load packages. There are signs all over the building to remind and enforce this policy.

Everyday, I was met with resistance and anger. People would not listen. The policy was never enforced. I told one black lady she could not enter the break room because, the capacity was met and she had to wait a few minutes until someone leaves. She push me aside and entered the room. This was recorded on camera and I told 3 manager and the HR person who were all black did nothing about it. I contacted a loss prevention manager who did nothing.

I had a black man from a logistics company get aggressive approaching me and felt threaten as he got a few feet from me. A person with leadership intervene and saw what happen, fortunately had my back and reported the incident. I continue to work, point out individual for serious violations and document incidents what was suppose to be a serious safety policy violation and it was ignored.

The main offenders other than associates were the contracted delivery service partners and the building maintenance engineers. The biggest agitators were Syntrik Logistics and K.O. Delivery & Logistics out of Austin, Texas who would talk back and give dirty looks. If you got a package from one of those companies, I would be worried about getting contaminated from your delivery.

The other trouble makers were the maintenance crew. They would walk too close to me and breaking six feet social distance rule and were walking side by side with each other. I say something and they would stretch their arms out and wiggle their fingers in my face. I went to shift leaders, managers and HR and pointed these dudes out. I spoke to the head building manager DeAndre and he did nothing about it. I uploaded a photo.

Finally, the social distance scheduler, Urlich, who assigned me to social distance stations told me that management does not care about social distance anymore. They cut my staff over half.. He said, he was negotiating with demise. I said, demise? You speaking of death? He said yes.

I went to HR and told them I fear for my health and life. The company is doing nothing about from safety not contacting Covid19. When I left in July, 2020 there were 10 or more cases of people who had Covid19 and new cases the day I left. HR is non transparent. They will not tell you if you the person(s) who contract for privacy concerns. They will not tell you if you worked the same shift or were around those who came down with the virus. Everyday I felt I was playing Russian Roulette with my life if I will come down with the virus.

  • Jul 5, 2020

I called to check the status of a refund and got hung up on, yelled at, lied to (they promised a promotional credit and they never did anything about) and humilated. I got yelled at and humiliated. They changed their stories mulitple times about the status of the returns.

They are trying to blame the current pandemic for everything including bad service. They will not deal with third party sellers who are fradulent even when you file A to z claims. They threatened to close my account and also have over charged me in the past.

  • Jun 29, 2020



  • Jun 14, 2020

On May 29th someone hacked into my Amazon Prime account and changed my e-mail address to theirs along with a password that I obviously did not know. I called Amazon and told them I could not log into the account that I had for many years. Because Amazon had to disable my account and sanitize it, I was told to wait 24-48 hours to receive an e-mail entitled, “Revision to your account” that would walk me through reestablishing my account with a new password. I received that e-mail that day and went through the steps to change my password both at Amazon and my Spectrum e-mail account which is where I feel the fraud originated.

The next day, May 30, my account had again been changed to a different email and again I could not access my account, I called again and was told to wait for another e-mail so they could repeat the process. I waited until June 2 and called again because I still had not received the “Revision to your account” e-mail. I was told to continue to wait. On June 6, I called again because I still had not received the “Revision to your account” e-mail and still had no access to my account. This time I spoke to Edgar who was kind enough to go through the steps to access my account without the “Revision to your account” e-mail.

Not only did we change the password, but also changed to original Spectrum e-mail to a gmail account that I had that was not associated with any on-line accounts. I wanted to be confident the hackers did not start all over again with an e-mail attached to Amazon or other on-line retailers. I was able to log in using the new gmail account and thought that everything had finally been solved.

On June 7, I logged in with the new gmail and password and opened my orders section and found an order for a $20 Play station gift card that was placed fraudulently on May 31. This was the time frame that I had been unable to log in myself because they were sanitizing my account. I called that day and was told by Joe they had missed that charge when they sanitizing my account and would again have to lock the account. Again, I would have to wait for the “Revision to your account” e-mail.

I waited until June 11th and called again and was told by Joseph that I had to be patient and allow them to complete the sanitation process. Today is June 15 and I still am locked out of my account. This is an Amazon Prime account that is paid for through February 2021. I have not been able to access free shipping, Amazon Photos, etc. Not only is this an inconvenience, but I have paid for these services. I have also spent hours on the phone with 6 different customer service representatives.

I do not know how a company the size of Amazon can not correct this issue in a timely manner. I would like to be reimbursed for the amount of time that I have not been able to utilize Amazon Prime, the time I have spent trying to fix this issue and the aggravation it has caused.

  • Jun 12, 2020

I have documented a history of Amazon promising in writing to issue refunds within "7 days" of receiving a return BUT not actually acknowledging the return or issuing the refunds until weeks later. Common sense says this IS rampant, resulting in huge profits for Amazon as it sits on customer money, rather than issuing refunds as promised.

  • Jun 10, 2020

This was the second computer I purchased from Amazon after returning the first. The computers were refurbished Dell desktop computers. Just like the first I purchased, I plugged it in and heard fan and clicking noises. I unplugged immediately, boxed, and returned.

Amazon is disputing, consistently making two very different and unrealistic confusing claims:

Their response I received today from Amazon to the Department of Justice:

to me, PIU ​Hello Chinelo,

I'm Eshwar Poulker of I'm responding to Peter's subject matter complaint, and copying them for their reference.

I reviewed the complaint and understand their concern regarding Order #113-5247737-4457806.

To help them with this, I involved our internal team for investigation. Upon investigating, we found that the product returned was heavily used (Dell Optiplex 7020 Desktop Computer) inside of the correct item packaging.

The (Dell Optiplex 7020 Desktop Computer, Intel Quad-Core i5-4570-3.2GHz, 32 GB RAM, 512GB SSD HDD, DVD, USB 3.0, WiFi, HDMI, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed)) from Order ID: 113-5247737-4457806 has not been returned.

Based on above results, we won’t be able to provide a replacement/refund for this order at this time. I assure them that information is accurate and we won’t be taking further action. As outlined on our website in our Conditions of Use, noted under 'Risk of Loss' which states: "All items purchased from are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to customer upon our delivery to the carrier.

We advise them to contact their local authorities, if necessary, in order to pursue this matter further. We also recommend that you consider selecting a more secure shipping address, such as their workplace, in the future to avoid further problems.

Thank you for your understanding.

Eshwar Customer Service

1) they never received the returned item (which I have UPS proof of delivery)

2) they did receive the item but claiming that I "heavily used" the computer. (Mind you that I simply plugged the computer in and tested for all of 10 minutes. It was in my possession for less than 48 hours)

So which is it...

Either way, they are refusing to refund or credit my purchase. Once more, they won't show proof to support their claim that the item was "heavily used". Nor will they return the computer back to me because in previous coorespondences, they admited that they "discarded" (threw it out) the item.

So, I'm not only am I out of the money I spent to make a purchase, I have nothing in return since they threw it out. Horrible business practice.

Now, I'm having to go through the Department of Justice to file a consumer complaint. If that doesn't work, I'll have to invest the time in small claims court. A huge waste of time because of thier bad business practice.

  • Jun 3, 2020

I published several titles in Amazon KDP. Every month I get a statement of the royalties I earn. I'm not being paid. Without cause my account was closed today and Amazon said I will not be paid for my work. This is how Jeff Bezos became rich.

  • May 30, 2020

Sellar told me "dear friend, we want to solve your problem well. We are sad to see your feedback. We hope you can help us delete. We will refund you in full after you delete it." Ordered 31 March and last tracking showed them in us customs more than a month ago

  • Apr 8, 2020

I ordered 4 bottles of Puritan's Pride Cranberry Tablets from Amazon on 2/28/20. My main purpose in using this product is my tendency to get urinary tract infections. For the past ten (10) years using cranberry tablets ordered directly from Puritan's Pride, I have NEVER had another infection.

Since I already had one bottle on hand (from Puritan's Pride) and was finishing it up, I didn't open the Amazon bottle until 4/2/20. On 4/6/20, I got a bladder infection which, as I mentioned above, has not happened since I started taking cranberry tabs over 10 years ago. I then looked at the expiration date on the bottle from Amazon - it's listed as 2/20/20. So, I ordered the product on 2/28/20 and it was out-of-date as of 2/20/20.

I read reviews online about out-of-date vitamins which stated that these products lose potency, especially when the expiration date has come and gone. I then went to Walmart to get a fresh bottle of cranberry tabs - the expiration date on the Walmart product was in 2023. And when ordering directly from Puritan's Pride, their products have always been as fresh as Walmart's products.

I was shocked to see that Amazon would be so unethical in their dealings with their customers.

  • Apr 4, 2020

I had been an affiliate with Amazon for YEARS from early on when I started blogging. I always followed their guidelines and reached out whenever I had questions. About a year ago (give or take at this point) I received a notice from Amazon that I was removed from their affiliate program for "violating their guidelines" and to correct the issues to avoid the account closure, but it was not clear nor did it state exactly WHY or WHAT I did.

I responded and asked for an explanation several times and NEVER received a response back. About a month later, after NO response from them (via both responding to the email and contacting them through the contact form on the Amazon associates dashboard, I got the official notice of the closure to my affiliate account. Again, no clear explanation.

To my knowledge, I never actually violated their terms. I always left the disclosures, etc. If I did actually violate their terms, as they claim, why would they never respond to my reply? It comes across as a complete setup to get free advertising then using a false claim to not have to pay people. I've heard of this happening to quite a few others as well. Amazon has proven over the years to be a dishonest company and clearly doesn't treat it's employees nor affiliates well. Everyone is just another number to them.

  • Mar 5, 2020

Someone has hacked my account with and changed my account name from [email protected], which is my correct account name to [email protected] which is not my account name, never has been and hopefully will no longer exist.

  • Mar 3, 2020

Amazon Prime Video is turning out to be a major fraud using a bait and switch scheme. In particular, they advertise many mini series that can be as little as one season of 15 episodes or as many as 15 seasons. You will find a series that you find interesting and it will says its free for Amazon Prime members. So you watch season one and like it enough (barely) to continue on to season 2, only to find out that from now on you have to pay to watch. This is a major scam and ripoff. Warning should be posted that subsequent seasons will be pay as you go.

Amazon Prime Video is only worth the $120/year if we are getting free viewing. And since the majority of their content is paid, then I may as well go with netflix or Hulu or any of the others.

Shame on amazon for this genuine Scam. I will be posting everywhere I can to let the public be informed before signing up for Prime.

CC: To every website I can find to post this.

  • Feb 19, 2020

Violated consumer rights to fair investigation of Charge Dispute-Unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices. simply "ignored” the requests for investigation of fraudulent charge merchandise delivered (despite reporting fraud charges) with no " Receiver Release" on file of 100lbs left on front porch information in which "Porch Pirates" or "Miss Delivery UPS Driver's Release" $455.10 merchandise. This charge has place my Nevada Unemployment Government issued Debit card NEGATIVE -$455.10 - which is my livelihood depends on.

There response to the WA Attorney General Consumer Production is misleading to the trueness of this transaction. Package was delivered Aug 13-14, 2019 plenty of time to stop and retrieve package- yet it was allowed to continue and sit outside for “?? How long?? “ for porch pirates!

On August 8-9, fraud charges were place on my Government Unemployment Debit Card. August 10, I notified Amazon it was fraud, do not send, but Amazon would send return if it should arrive. I was NEVER given a tracking number, so I amuse the package was not shipped. However, I lean later the package had arrived and left on front porch (100lbs). I did not receive the package, sign for the package or left a “release to leave at front door”.

I seldom use the front door, I use the garage entry. After several months Amazon Jeff Besoz gave the tracking number – 3 months later. Amazon is claiming 21 package has been delivered to my home- with no problem- BUT IF I HAD known a fraud package was arriving – YES I would be on the look out! On August 10, Amazon should have stop the shipping!

  • Feb 18, 2020

Ordered only one computer. Their delays led to refund period expiring...haven't also been able to contact their lawyer. Harassed by a group of people named Jeff. ..etc Repeated contacts to various people suggest intimidation tactics used

  • Dec 31, 2019

So this has happened twice now to me, where I order a digital item sold by Amazon and they put my order as pending then they close your account and ask for a billing statement with the last 4-digits of your debit card number and mailing address and phone number but my bank does not include the debit card number of even the last 4 digits of the card on their statements so I sent in screenshots of my account page, my customer information page, my debit card page, everything they wanted and they still refuse to open it. Even though I provided them with everything they ask for they still said no.

There customer service people are rude and careless and have no respect and don't care about helping people at all. So I made a brand new account with a brand new e-mail and debit card and again they locked my account with my money on there and said tough S**t and they will not open it.

Has this happened to anyone else out there????? Let's band together and get them to pay for ripping off the consumers and taking advantage of the fact that they are big corp and we are just people!

  • Dec 27, 2019

I received 4 amazon gift cards...2 platic and 2 cardoard. The plastic peeled off nicely, the cardboard ones were impossible to scratch off or peel. Reqyest replacement. Will send damaged cards back if reqired.

  • Dec 18, 2019

Amazon advertise that they are bit cheaper then stores its lie . In january of 2019 i received a fire stick from them not even a year old i called them to replced the transferd me to tech support. They trouble shoot the devise and found out the fire stck is ok its the remote control thats bad.

She said dont worry we will give 25 percent off it never happen the charged me 37.33 cent i send it back target is selling them for 24 dollars w both piece what a rip off. Amazon rip million of people off. Do Not become a victim like me.

  • Dec 4, 2019

I have two charges on my bank statement for 12-3-19 and 12-5-19 for Amazon Marketplace Telecheck. I do not use this service to pay my Amazon bill.

My Amazon payments have been cleared through my bank and then these charges pop up in my statement a couple of days later.

I feel this is fraudulent and I want them refunded. I will contact my bank when they are open and also try to contact Amazon and the number for the charges.

If I do not get a satisfactory outcome, I will be reporting them. If anyone has a solution to this, please advise.

  • Nov 4, 2019

On 11/01/19 I made a purchase on two wigs & a set of: pots, pans, & cooking items on Amazon for a total price of $99.25. It stated on their website that my payment went through. They even gave me the confirmation # of the payment.

This is my Order #111-9408221-7882615. It had stated that the delivery of the items will be from Thursday, 11/07/19 to Friday, 11/08/19 via their confirmation email. They were all at work working hours on Friday. I think that they work on Saturdays too. It was not until Monday, 11/04/19 that they told me that my payment was declined.

When I made that payment for them on 11/01/19 I know for a fact that I had a total amount of $500 on that card because I had just went to a retail store to load money on the card. I made a purchase on another website & in physical stores with the payments going through fine each time.

Amazon obviously would not accept the payment for some reason. This is the 2nd time that they did this to me on items on their website. If something was wrong with the payment it should have been declined right then like it have in the past on other items & how other websites do it.

They should deliver me the items since it was error on their ends. I have loyally been a customer of Amazon since 2011. They seem to have a fraudalent late processing of payments going on their website.

  • Oct 31, 2019

I am an individual who has been selling products on Amazon for over ten years. I order products through a drop ship wholesaler who represents hundreds of manufacturers and over 13,000 products. Our wholesale outlet is one of the most respected in the country and purchases only from verified trademark holders for redistribution. Because of the numbers involved, the manufacturers might not know my name. However, I have an account in good standing with the wholesaler.

I list my products on Amazon by means of a data feed directly from the wholesaler. Occasionally a manufacturer/trademark holder may grow concerned about counterfeit products offered on Amazon and submit blanket complaints about every retailer they see on Amazon whose name they do not recognize.

This happened to me. When this happens I immediately contact the wholesaler to ask for a letter of verification and an introduction to the manufacturer/trademark holders as proof that I sell products sourced only from the trademark holder - not counterfeits. I also request and receive letters of verification from the manufacturer/trademark holder.

At Amazon's request I also submitted invoices from the wholesaler to show that I purchase products from the legitimate source. These letters and invoice are attached as Exhibits to this complaint. Once these documents have been submitted Amazon stopped communicating with me.

All I received were automated e-mails stating that I need to submit the documents I already submitted. Using automation Amazon repeats the same complaint and document request over and over ignoring the documentation sent to them. After several automated e-mails, Amazon stopped replying altogether.

After several weeks of sending automated e-mails Amazon suspended my account and held the funds for the sales I had already completed. The unpaid balance due to me is $312.68. When I requested the release of the funds, Amazon sent one automated e-mail saying I could expect a response in 7 days. I contacted them again after 14 days and received an automated response saying Amazon will not release the funds, they will not provide the reason and will no longer communicate with me.

The customer paid me, not Amazon,for the merchandise I delivered. This money does not belong to Amazon. The maneuver of not transmitting to me the proceeds of my sales does not seem to be even legal. The use of robot e-mail replies on Amazon's part hints to my mind at fraudulent intent.

Conclusion: Please help me in getting Amazon to release the $312.68 I earned selling on Amazon. I am not interested in reinstatement as an Amazon seller, since I believe they deal fraudulently with vulnerable individuals attempting to sell merchandise on their website.

Additional Information: I believe this process of (1) Accusing a seller of wrongdoing (2) Ignoring a seller's defense (3) Holding the seller's balance due presumably for be kept as Amazon's personal business property - this process is a generalized fraudulent scheme. The basis for my belief is the number of complaints by sellers on Amazon who has voiced the same complaint.

  • Oct 17, 2019

I saw a Makita saw 18 Volt on looks the same as in Home Depot but $30 cheaper .But when it came in the mail it was the wrong model. I contact Amazon and told them i want a refund. And put a stop on my credit card payment.

Capital One informent me after thirty days and long phone calls between Amazon and Capital One they would charge my card again . So after three months and countless hours I give up on my $105 dollars.

I think the tool came from China (Simple tools) is a counterfeit tool not made by Makita. Amazon customer service will lie to You and their e-mails are encryped so you can printed out on your printer.

  • Sep 13, 2019

My 18-year-old daughter was visiting Rochester, New York for a job interview. Someone stole her wallet, so she called me because she had no money. She ask me to send her some money or she would lose her room at the hotel. I went to and purchased her a gift card for $250 and they were supposed to email it to her within 5 minutes.

Instead, they locked me out of my account and there was a message stating I needed to verify my address and an email telling me how to do this had been sent. I check my inbox an spam folder and their was not such email. So I called and told them it was an emergency and my daughter would be kicked out of her hotel room at 11:30am if she did not receive the card by email.

It was 9:00am when I made the call. They told me the address verification process takes 24 hour. I told them that I already told them I did not receive any email for address verification so may I please talk to a manager. I was put on hold. There manager said he did not believe I had a 18-year-old daughter in New York and that he thought it was sort of suspicious to buy a gift card with my account had been funded with an Amazon Gift Card two month earlier.

He demanded ID verification and asked me to fax him my social security card and drivers license. I did so immediately and he said he would verify my ID and get the gift card to my daughter within an hour. My daughter did not receive the gift card and got kicked out onto the dangerous streets of New York with three big train cases full of luggage. I only had about $20 in the bank so I could not send her anything else.

I kept calling and they would not answer the phone. I thought they might not want to give the gift card to my daughter because they wanted to keep the money, and perhaps they block my number. So I used another cell phone to call them and they answered, then I told them who I was and I got put on hold for hours. So I hung up and called back and they would not answer my new cell phone anymore either.

My daughter looked like easy prey sitting on the corner at night and it was very cold. She ended up accepting a solicitation to sell her body so she could afford a place for the night. Now I am paying for her counseling bill.

I got an email a week later telling me they verified my ID but I had to fax them the receipt and a copy of the gift card if I wanted them to restore my account. I called my friend who gave me the gift card as asked if he could find the receipt. He did and I faxed it to Amazon as requested. I have never heard anything from them again and now when I try to login to my account, instead of getting a message that account is on hold for verification, it just takes me back to the login page after I type in my user name and password – like the account never existed.

Never use! They are a bunch of opportunistic thieves!

If you're an attorney reading this, please contact me to help me sue, Inc. I have the records of multiple unanswered calls on two cell phones, the gift card and its receipt, and my daughter's counseling bill and her testimony to offer as evidence. I also have emails form Amazon for previous successful small priced orders that can prove I had the account, that seems to have vanished after they stole my $315.85 gift card balance, because I tried to use $250 worth of this balance to cover an emergency.

  • Sep 12, 2019

I ordered a Play Station gift card for $100 for my son's birthday form They locked me out of my account and did not give me any explanation. I emailed amazon and demanded to know why they locked me out of my account and did not email my son his Play Station gift card. They told me the IP address I was using was blacklisted in an anti-SPAM database.

I told them I could no afford my own internet connection so I occasionally uses coffee shop hot spot. They told me that was irrelevant and if I wanted them to unfreeze my account I must submit all my ID papers. I sent them me green card and tax payer ID and they told me they cannot verify a green card or tax payers and I must apply for a driver's license and social security card and submit these documents.

I stood in line for hours at the DMV and got an ID card, which arrived 2 weeks later. I sent this to them and told them I cannot get a social security card, only a tax payer ID because I am only in the US on a work visa. They don't reply to my emails anymore and when I call them they just put me on hold for hours and waste my cell phone bill when I tell them my name. Now my son think me don't love him because he get no gift for his birthday.

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