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  • Jan 31, 2018

I have selling on Amazon marketplace and, i did not know that there was a prohibited item, Amazon suspended my account and permanently hold my funds, I need to disburse my funds.

  • Jan 30, 2018

Ordered from Amazon Payments, Inc a gift card with exp date 2025. It was not activated. Called Amazon and they stated since it had been over 30 days we cant do refund. Amazon Payments, Inc already has on Amazon bunch of negotive reviews with different buyers with same problems. The collect money and pressing to use buyers to use cards within 30 days. If they do not use to check balance , even error from their end , they collect money to themself and scam people. We ned a full refund for the order of $105.95

  • Jan 27, 2018

Amazon offers same day delivery on items if you are an Amazon Prime member. At checkout, however, there is no same day option and the default is three days. This has happened to me numerous times.

  • Jan 17, 2018



Beside of being casual customer and buying things there for many years - I decided to start selling on it. Opened my seller's account and post my inventory up there. But problems from the day 1 from their side start following me. Identity check and verification - asked my govt issued ID, than Visa (they have it on my buyer account - it's all connected and even all of my history). Then I was asked for my Incorporation and Bank Account Information. Than start asking why my business account has no any transactions at the moment:) very stupid question, because I've opened it especially for Amazon transactions.

So - no sales - no transactions, but they stated that I has to have transactions on it. So, showed my Visa to tham. Finally, after weeks of conversations and emailing - my account being activated and I start selling. But right after I had my first sale of my first items on Amazon - they frozen my account and money - saying that my "seller's privilege was suspended" and bla bla blla... I was asking an explanation - but no explanation was provided, instead I was requested to provide tham a few stupid documents I might never have because I'm a dropshipper.

I provided my account info with proof of access to my goods with my supplier - but no, looks like they put me in the loop asking the same questions sending me automated responses. And call option from inquiry ticket they suspended while investigating. I was attempting to call and talk - but phone persons looks like doesn't know anything on it and said that nobody going to discuss it with me because of Seller Performance Team evaluating my performance! What to evaluate - it was only one sale, everything is fulfilled perfectly on my expences, my money frozen and they never wanna talk to me!

Any explanations I was emailing - rejected. No any extra questions was asking. Investigating:) I was trying to appeal it - there is an option on the site - to appeal decision - the same story with the same people I guess. Looks like dealing with robots. Or different clerks taking file on their turn, seeing the problem and passing it to somebody else next. And at the end - I was said that I may not sell anymore on Amazon and they will no longer will respond to my messages. So now, I said I'm not gonna leave it like that and will be contacting to Top Management and other bodies because it's ridiculous to treat people like that. Also I suspect corruption and high level of bureaucracy and unprofessionalism there.

Never ever do business and even buy from them!

  • Jan 12, 2018

THE ISSUE: Amazon is a great company and I do shop there are a lot, but there is something that Prime members and potential Prime members may not know. Prime isn't always Prime. When I say that, I am speaking only about the Prime membership benefit of free two-day shipping on Prime items. As a Prime member (currently$99/year), one is supposed to receive free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items. However, this isn't always the case. What I have found and experienced (10 times in 2017) is that Amazon changes the shipping time once you have placed your order or once the order has been processed. The other experience I've had is that the item does not arrive on time, due to carrier issues. Now, there are items that say prime, but also indicate on the item page that there is a longer processing/shipping time than two days. I'm not talking about those items. I'm talking about items that are listed as Prime AND GUARANTEE free two-day shipping---then the delivery date changes some time after the order is placed. That's bait and switch in my book. If I'm paying $99 a year for a Prime membership and one of the main benefits is free two-day shipping, then that's what I expect. So, just be aware that Prime doesn't always mean Prime.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT: If you've had this problem with Amazon Prime, don't let them get away with it! Amazon needs to learn that is they list an item as Prime two-day free shipping, that's what they should deliver. So, this is what I've done and encourage others to do the same. Go to Help and eventually you'll get to a place where you can email, chat online or speak on the phone to a representative. Tell them the issue, point out the Prime lie and then demand the item for free. I have received many items for free in 2017. Now, as of this writing, they may have changed their policy a bit and no longer offer the item for free (but you should still ask persistently for that). If they won't satisfy you that way, demand a free additional month of Prime (I have received 6 months of additional Prime due to their deceptive practice). Don't let big corporations rip you off! If you don't get what you're paying for, demand restitution.

  • Jan 11, 2018

My book has been published by Minerva Publishers, London in 1999 (162 pp, A 5 format ) and sold for about USD21. The book was presented by Prof. J.L. Hubisz, Vice Chancellor of North Carolina University, Physiscs Book Reviewer, at the NASA conference in 2002 after NASA lost its Marsian Orbiter (125 billion of dollars!). Minerva Publishers was liquidated and book had been sold by Amazon all over the world and translated to many languages and sold for the price of USD210 to USD360 and even more. The Minerva Liqidator responed to me that he did not know why my book had been still at the inernet as the copyrights were returned to me!! My letters, emails, telephones to Mr Jeffrey Bezos, Chairman of Amazon were ignored.

I followed the advice of my boss from Warszawa, late dr Waldemar Gorzkowski, Chairman of International Physics Olympiad. Amazon had done similar thing to him. "Coincidence?? "I won, but you will NOT.

Unbelievable!! "You can only win if you spread the news all over the world!!" Not easy task! Yes, the IP lawyers has had not helped me, even Polish embassies lawyers!! Equiped with his advice, I recently published three Open Letters to Mr Jeffrey Bezos, Chairman of Amazon on LinkedIn. Jeff RESPONDED!!! He directed me to the company named Julies in UK. Yes, they were selling my book for USD0.01!! I have checked were else in the world THEY sell my book. EVERYWHERE but then I learned that they are doing it for Amazon!!

I sent a new (204 pp, A5 format), 1995 edition of my book (confirmed) to the president Barack Obama, hoping that if I get my royalties, I offer the book to American students, technician, businessmen and engineers.

I would be happy, if you, the reader visit my website: http://www. and LinkedIn: https:// za.linkedin/ wacek-kijewski 2714692 to read about the scam to learn my depressing, unusual, debililating me story.

  • Jan 2, 2018

I would have given this saw a 4 if it had not been for the seller's fulfillment mistakes and the Amazon A to Z Guarantee Program policies. I purchase a refurbished saw for $128 ($140 w/ shipping); which is $60 less than I could a new one. VIPOUTLET was the seller. VIPOUTLET in their description said the saw had been inspected and was "Grade A, like new". The saw they sent me was missing the Quick Stand (worth $75), Rip Fence (worth $37) and anti kickback plate. Not sure if this was intentional or due to incompetence; highly unlikely these items were stolen out of the box. More likely the seller needed the parts for another customer.

Long story short I've cancelled Prime--A to Z Guarantee program said I had to return the saw, else they would cancel my claim against the seller. I believe now that the A to Z Guarantee program supports the seller (first priority) and not the consumer. Why else did they say return the saw after I told them I did not want to return the $140 saw. I bought a new one from Home Depot for $199. Notice the Amazon return boxes in the background of the picture, smiling at sellers failure and after dumping on me. Saws, foreground, are from my Home Depot purchases, they do work!

I told VIPOUTLET I wanted to keep the saw and asked they offer a partial refund to cover the expense of buying replacements. Eventually after 1 hour with them on the phone they offered $64 which I could not expect. VIPOUTLET said to return the saw for refund which I refused because I needed it for a deck renovation. [continued below]....

  • Jan 1, 2018

I received an Amazon Alexia Echo Plus for Christmas. My daughter nor I could get it to work. I texted Amazon help line and a guy named Sam called me back. He stated we could not get it to work because of security issues Amazon has now set up on all new Alexia's. Without a security package anyone could then hack all of my computers and phones in the house, getting all bank, credit card, and contact information. He proceeded to show me a Micro package that would cover all my devices for 3 years for a whopping $399. I am totally dissatisfied. I never heard this when Amazon is advertising this item. My question to all consumer -- are they trying to cover themselves from a lawsuit or are they just trying to make a buy another worthless electronic product we don't need. If what Amazon states there are many Alexa owners who do not know this and are at a very high risk of being hacked. My Alexa is being returned.

  • Dec 23, 2017

We added Amazon products to our site using the included API's directly from Amazon. We then added thier products to our multiple sites with links to Amazon so that we could make money. We in NO way violated ANY of the terms and conditions. But after adding approx 12,000 products to our sites. I see a video about how Amazon does not pay and just shuts your account down. Well ours was up and started to make money. 1 week after we started pulling in sales I get a letter stating that our account was rejected because we used hard coding for pricing. Which was 10000 percent total b.s., we used the APIs just like Amazon instructed you to do on the site. We in NO way hard coded ANYTHING. So I contact Amazon and explain this and the guy told me he would get it reinstated. Well that was a LIE also, because today I get a letter stating that it cant be reinstated and I will have to create a new account and delete and use the new links on the over 12k products we linked. This is how they get so big, by scamming people for free advertising to thier site. DO NOT believe the lies.

  • Dec 18, 2017

I ordered and paid for an item December 12th through Amazon Prime. It was guaranteed to be delivered on December 14th. It never arrived, even though the delivery driver marked on the tracking invoice that it had been delivered to my mailbox... my mailbox that is locked and Amazon does not have access. There's the first lie.

I contacted them and put in for a replacement order, which was guaranteed to be delivered on December 16th. I left instructions - in writing - for the driver to call me upon arrival, to avoid another botched delivery. I was never called and the package never arrived. Once again, the driver marked on the tracking invoice that it had been delivered at 1:23p.m. "in a secure area." There are no secure areas and I was home at that time of this delivery that never occurred. There's the second lie.

During one of the three chats with Customer Service, an Amazon employee attempted to blame USPS for the failure. I checked the tracking # with USPS and confirmed that it was not a USPS tracking #, but, in fact, an Amazon tracking #. There's the third lie.

It has been a common theme with Amazon Customer Service and the Logistics Department for them to run through a string of excuses and deflections:

"Did you check with neighbors?" (I never authorized my package being left with total strangers)

"Did you look around your porch or the bushes thoroughly? (There is no porch and there are no bushes on the third floor)

"Did you give the correct address?"

"Is it in the office?" (The office is closed on weekends)

"Did you check the mail room and receiving department." (This is a residential building; there is no mail room or receiving department)

"Are there family members who could have received it?" (I live alone)

So, rather than actually admit that they screwed up, Amazon attempts to pawn it off to anyone else but them. On top of the excuses, deflections and outright lies, they have zero accountability for their missteps. It must be someone else's fault... right. The most they have offered are scripted apologies, but no solutions.

At this point, I still have not received the item I paid for. They have repeatedly mentioned refund, when I have repeatedly responded that I don't want a refund... I want what I paid for and what they guaranteed, which they have failed to do twice now. This is one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had, and that's saying something.

As far as I can see, Amazon will not hesitate to break agreements, displace responsibility, lie shamelessly, and fail miserably to fix their mistakes. A total disgrace.

  • Dec 14, 2017

Beware if you are a seller on Amazon using their Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. This is a service that allows you to send your product inventory to an amazon warehouse for storage. When a customer on amazon orders your product, amazon ships the order from their warehouse. The customer is then allowed to freely trash your product, damage it, steal parts from it and then return what is left to amazon where amazon rolls out the red carpet for it and then promptly and fully refunds the customer WITH YOUR MONEY!

Here is the policy as stated by Amazon:

"Amazon does not accept responsibility nor reimburse for returned items that are:

Damaged by a customer"

This is not something we were aware of until we had a slew of big ticket returns of customer damaged products, many from the same customer. We had to fight like hell to get amazon to reimburse some of the money. And we have yet to get reimbursed for several hundred dollars.

Needless to say, we are bringing back all our inventory from amazon and not using their FBA service any more.


  • Dec 2, 2017

I ordered the Sabatier Expandable Dish Rack and they sent me the cheap Sabatier Premium Dish Rack packaged into the Expandable Dish Rack Box.

  • Nov 21, 2017

I ordered a Little Peoples airplane. It was said to be delivered on November 10th but it was not in mailbox nor by front door. I contacted them the next day by email and reported it to them. They said they would investigate it. I just got an email now a week and a half later saying they have decided not to refund me bc the post office shows it delivered. I’m not arguing that it’s not been delivered, but where??!! I never got it. Someone has it, but not me!!

  • Nov 13, 2017

Ordered a series of items, after 3 days, they said they could not charge my card. It was over $1300 for the item.. i called bank.. raised limit on card.. re-ordered. Now shipping is messed up and to get it on time for client, i paid an additional 40 for 2 day shipping. A day later, the bank clieared the $1300+ funds.. Bank shows amazon cleared the funds (no longer pending - official debit confirmend)... now the amazon site says there is a problem with the transation and they did not get paid!! the item is not scheduled to be shipeed and estimated date is now over a week away. I called amazon for the 3rd time... and they tell me they do not have my money!! they now want me to plug in my bank account routing, and let them charge me an additional $1300 for the item, and hope that the oritional charge gets refunded in 7 to 10 business days.

I need a lawyer to sue amazon, they are literally trying to take $2600 for the item that costs $1300, that they already have of my money.

Lastly, they also refuse to refund the origional $1300 claming they do not see the funds. I have bank account reports and i'm ready to go to court. can anyone help?

  • Nov 6, 2017

I recently ordered Oster Salon Pro Hair Clippers from for around $40. They were advertised as new and factory sealed but turned out to be USED and even had someone else's HAIR on them. Ew and yuck! I made a video recording of the unsealing of the Amazon box to prove Amazon's fraud because they had perpetrated the same scam when I had ordered the identical product several weeks earlier (see the uploaded stills from the video). Both orders were "fulfilled" by Amazon.

I had thought that the first botched shipment was an honest mistake but it turned out to be Amazon's modus operandi. To add insult to injury, I had to pay $15 in return postage both times because the corrupt thugs at Amazon refused to pay it! I could see the "mistake" happening once, but two different times weeks apart suggests that Amazon is up to no good.

I shall never again order anything on Amazon that is "fulfilled" by them. I will only deal directly with the actual sellers because in my experience Amazon cannot be trusted!

  • Nov 3, 2017

Amazon charged my debit card twice for membership. At first denied the charge had occurred, then stated that the bank had to reverse the 2nd charge. The bank said the problem was at Amazon's end & would need to be reversed. Amazon stated that they were unable to & that the 2nd charge would disappear after 4 - 5 days. It has been 10 days & Amazon still refuses to do anything. I have cancelled my membership & requested a refund of all funds sent them from my checking account. Meanwhile the $99 membership has cost me $214.34 with no cooperation from Amazon.

  • Nov 1, 2017

I became a seller on August 2017. I listed a few items, one sold. Two months later, Amazon still refuses to pay me my earnings. They calim that they transferred the $22 and change to my bank account, which is a lie. They debited my bank account two times, one time each for $1, but never did they make a deposit. So, they took my profit, thier seller fees, and two additional dollars from my bank account. They have now black-balled me from even contacting them. AND, they will not allow me to close my seller account.

If someone broke into my house to steal my money, they would get a beating or shot, apparently Amazon can do it over the internet and that's okay.

There is NO accountability, and from what I have read, they have stolen thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars from other sellers.

  • Nov 1, 2017

Jordan poorly manages this warehouse. She is rude to employees who work hard. Safety measures are never in place and employees are told to carry 50 plus heavy bags and boxes by themselves. This warehouse does not put the safety of employees first.

  • Oct 30, 2017

How dare you Amazon to start an subscription without my permission. I was charged $14.95/month. Thank you Audible for a full refund. You seem to know this is happeninig as you quickly and without resistance refunded the full amount immediately.

  • Oct 27, 2017

I have been dealing with the manufacturer for over 2 months. Each correspondence takes 7 to 10 days for a response, if I get one. I purchased the TV with a 1 year warranty from Amazon on 8/2/16, was shipped on 8/3/16 and arrived on 8/6/16. It malfunctioned on 7/24/16. I wasn't sure if it was the TV or the cable service so I contacted the cable service to check out the connections before submitting a warranty claim. I didn't want to file a claim if it wasn't the TV. The cable company checked the connections, changed out cables and connectors and the TV was still malfunctioning. I was told it was the TV not the cable service. I submitted a claim 8/3/17, was told that Samsung honored the 1 year warranty from date of purchase, which was not explained to me prior to purchase. This first gentleman stated he was authorizing a 1 time over-ride and honor the 1 year warranty. I supplied him proof of the date of delivery, which satisfied his approval of the warranty. After running all their instructed diagnostics on the TV, which didn't help, they authorized a repair service to come fix the TV or replace it or refund the money depending upon what they found out. Weeks went by with cancelled service appointments, numerous follow up phone calls then ensued which resulted in a final decision being made that they couldn't find an authorized dealer to examine the TV and were sending it upper management for a decision of what model they would replace the TV with. Again, weeks went by and numerous follow-up phone calls for the status of my replacement. I received a phone call from Samsung that stated they decided they would now not honor the warranty because I was 1 day late in filing a warranty claim, even though I didn't have the TV in my possession to use for 1 full year, and that Amazon played a part in using precious warranty time due to the delivery, which gave me less that one year to use the TV. I contacted Amazon, their response was "please treat this as a one-off and continue to do business with Amazon. I have not been able to speak with anyone that can help me with Samsung and I feel like I am being treated unfairly.

  • Oct 9, 2017 web services Virginia davis I was on offer up looking for a local car near me i seen this audi a4 2006 all red with tan interior, it saod she was in la. I contacted her she told me she was selling the car so cheap because her husband had died and it was tramatizing her because it was his car., she said she was living out in Hamilton for a while do to his death she was staying with family , she asked me if i was willing to do it online i said yes because she was talking about this EPP which she dont recieve the money till i agree to keep the car , an its been a week an still aint got anything .*

  • Oct 6, 2017

A bait and switch to 27% interest (perfect record) and a nightmare on the phone. The robots they have working in call center have no heart, soul or heartbeat. Don't expect an answer to a simple question like wha is my interest rate. "not allowed". Called to say I would be late on payment of $35. They said call when payment is late. I called. They only want money and will humiliate and drage you down the street to draw and quarter you to get it. ask for a supervisor, not available. another rep? not available. someone will call you back at the earliest in 72 hours. Someone named Norman.

AMAZON should be ashamed to be associated with such an organization and since I cannot reach anyone at Amazon Prime that will connect to the business group managing these bandits, this is the spot.

  • Sep 29, 2017

I attended a workshop for this company yesterday Amazon Wealth Systems and how to make money selling through Amazon and it looks like they do not exist on the web. They promised free gifts for attending and nothing was provided as the website they asked us to go to claim them does not exist. This company is a total rip-off.

  • Sep 27, 2017

I came across the scam site after hearing it mentioned at the end of a popular Amazon passive income podcast on iTunes. Or so I thought it was a popular and top podcasts, but I think the scammer was just imitating the actual number one podcast for selling products online. You are directed to a site where you put your information as in an email address requesting a free report, within a day or or so, someone will call you claiming to be Doug WestMoreland or someone else and will go through a 45 minute presentation where he will show you what seems to be a very successful online business and Facebook group that will help with your online business. I almost bought it and paid the sucker $3000, until I realized the email address wasn't an email address with his name as he said it was his business email. We also discussed $3000, but on the contract requested $4995. He said that $2000 was a "scholarship" and was only required to be paid back once my own business reached $10,000 in profit. Fishy. So why didn't it say any of that in the contract, right? Then, the only way to pay was through the phone. Even the most archaic of businessses have more secure and ways of payment, but he only required payment over the phone or the other shady option of a Western Union transfer. I almost fell for it because I wanted the course, which is what he was offering, To be real but doing some more research led to me ultimately accepting that this was a fraud.

  • Sep 13, 2017

Found on Craigslist a trailer for sale. I then communicated with email, to purchase it. It was supposedly​ in N. Dakota. They text me instructing me to send (2) $500 gift cards to supposedly Amazon shipping, which I did. Then trailer was on it's way but the morning it was to arrive at the storage yard they called and said California authorities wanted a tax to bring it in, so I needed to send another $500 gift card, which I purchased but then had reservations, and checked on gift cards I had already sent and found they had been cashed. So, I decided I had been had. Any way Amazon wouldn't tell me who cashed them in nor would cash the other card I hadn't used! I sent the story to FBI site for internet fraud.... it's been several months no word. Amazon doesn't feel complicit.

  • Sep 4, 2017

I went to a hiring event, over two months ago. I passed a drug test, and I haven't heard back from them at all. When I attempt to contact their HR I am told I am going to be hired. BS!!! Amazon lies and misleads people into thinking they have a job when they don't!! They advertise on Craigslist yet they tell me to be patient and I will be contacted. It has been over 2 months since the hiring event and they just lie!!

  • Sep 2, 2017

In October of 2015 I signed up for a "free" no cost 7 day SLING TV trial, the service was very slow, so after 2 days I cancelled. I order items from Amazon every month since then, and check my credit card every month for fraud charges, but looked over the amazon charges because I order so much from them. Well today, 8/30/17 I reviewed my July credit card statement and did notice an amazon charge where I this is the 1st month I haven't ordered from them in a while, so I called them. Come to find out they have been charging my credit card $21.34 for this SLing service I cancelled before the trial ended, since oct 2015, that's $725 dollars. I told them this is fraud, they offered to refund 3 months? I've been getting emails from sling since oct 2015 asking me to sign back up, however amazon dropped the ball and didnt cancel, and kept billing me? This is outright FRAUD!

  • Aug 18, 2017

I rented a book from a company owned by amazon, warehouse deals inc. The book was for a science class that i was taking on line. I only used the book at home on the table and never carried it out anywhere. When i received the book, it was not in the best condition. The binding was coming off some and as i turned pages, i noticed that it was in bad condition. However, since i was at home, i figured that i could use it still and send it back. I did not know what amazon meant or did not see any information at the time that if the book was in a bad condition, i should return it.

At any rate, i still felt that i could use it because i would not be going to a class or anything but would just be at home on the table. I returned the book at the proper time. About a month later, i received an e-mail from amazon that the book was returned in a non-usuable condition and that they would be charging me the full price for the book. There is no one to contact. I cannot reach out to customer service. No number. No e-mail i can send info to. I replied back to the e-mail i received but i have no idea if it goes to a person or not. My only recourse was to look on line and see if maybe they had another complaint.

I discovered that they did in fact have another complaint from outscam. The second item that came up in my search window. So i decided to add to it.

Some additional information:

I am a pastor of a church and have no reason to attempt to rip them off. I purchased the book later because i decided that i did want to have it in my library. If the rental book i had would have been in good condition, i would have kept that one. The $93.05 that they will be charging me is not going to bankrupt me, however, it is the principle. I am going to use every avenue i know to make others aware of this scam.

  • Aug 18, 2017

After i post an add in craiglist for a car for sale, i received this unusual text from brenda, offering me to buy the car no questions asked, she was going to pay even for the shipping of the car. After checking her phone number i realize that the number was from washington, by then i request any kind of identification and she stopped texting, or contacting me regarding the car.

Today, almost after 2 weeks of the craiglist posting, that by the way the car shows as sold- i received a check in the amount of $2,496. Wondering from were the check was comming from i decided to trace the number that shows as sender in the fed ex envelope.

Probabably the way works, if after cashing the check will access the account in certain way???

Not cahing the check, just wondering how this scam works!

  • Jul 26, 2017

I have been a Prime member for 7 months now. I signed up for a monthly membership. Amazon has double billed me for this membership for several months. I contacted them, explained my situation, and I was told that those double charges do not appear in their system so then why do they appear on my debit card? No one else has my debit card information and no one else in my family has Amazon prime membership. It is Amazon that is charging me, without my authorization, for monthly membership twice a month, instead of once a month.

Has anyone had same experience as me? Did Amazon refund the money it overbilled you?

  • Jul 17, 2017

I am an author that publishes romance ebooks on Amazon KDP portal. I have been publishing stories for about one year. No one has ever said that I have violated Amazon's policies for writing stories that are considered to be too risque. Once I upload my manuscripts, the Amazon KDP team supposedly reviews them before publishing. I always select under the categories and genre that the stories are erotica or hard romance. About a week ago, I received an email from an unknown person that works for Amazon and they said my books would no longer be for sale and my account would be blocked because I have violated Amazon's policies. This is odd since they are about to close the books for this month and issue payment. I am due money for sales I have made. Now I am locked out of my account without good cause away from my intellectual property, and will not be paid for the work I performed.

I have read other reviews from other author's who have said the same thing has happened to them and they feel that Amazon is stealing our intellectual property and hiring ghost writer's to re-do our work and re-selling our work. They find any reason they can to block your account so they don't have to pay you.

  • Jul 14, 2017

Amazon Affilliates asks for money, takes the money and tell you that they will build a website for you and you never here from them again. The phone number is active 800-279-4268 but it will always go on a recording so when you are a new customer they contact you again

  • Jul 14, 2017

Claim # 4586765

augusto c

motel 6 north in santa rosa $71.98 date march 27 , 2017 internet for the amount of $10.82 date june 04, 2017

case 1 somebody else used my debit card

case 2 motel 6 charge me with me using the motel

so please let me know a soon you can reimburse the money to my acct

  • Jun 29, 2017

The "Huertas Shop" sells books on Amazon. However, they have pulled an identical scam on dozens of customers.

You login to Amazon, you buy a book from the Huertas Shop and they take your money. Then you track your package on Amazon, and everything looks fine

But then you double-check the tracking number on the USPS's site (I'm a retired detective), and the information is entirely different. While Amazon is telling you the item is on the way, the USPS tells you that the shipping label has just been created. Finally, Amazon tells you that your package has been delivered to your address, but USPS says it has been delivered to an address in California, which is 3,000 miles away from me.

Look at the numerous customer complaints against this vendor on Amazon's own site. One would think somebody at Amazon would pay attention to these scammers, kick them off Amazon and seek criminal charges.

If another victim of this scam does try to seek criminal charges, Amazon coulsd get dragged into it, and I'm sure Amazon wouldn't like that.

Look, I'm out only about $10 from this scam. What I don't get is why Amazon is going along with these thieves and, evidently, publishing false tracking info into customers' accounts.

  • Jun 15, 2017

Received a e-mail from that a number of my purchases had been cancelled. I responded to the e-mail and within seconds my computer froze. I could not access any function on the keyboard or mouse. A site telling me my computer was hacked popped up on the screen. A website offered to fix the hack. Upon contacting the website by the voice on the phone claimed to be a microsoft authorized specialist.

To repair my computer he wanted to activate the remote access feature. I learned this would provide him access to all of the files on the computer, not just to repair the "damage"

I learned from neighbors who responded to this computer repair site that he asked for payment by credit card for the repair to the computers. He is not a Microsoft empoyee as I called microsoft to determin if he was an agent for the company. Microsoft employee responded that no microsoft emplyee or affiliate would offer such a service on the Internet and that it was a scam and that I should have known it was a scam because they do not offer repair over an internet website. Individuals must contact Microsoft which then provides repair assistance including remote repair. It took more than an hour to complete the repair and restore the computer.

  • Jun 14, 2017

Amazon unjustly accused me of running multiple stores and suspended my account. They have withheld the thousands of dollars of every penny I have ever earned on Amazon and are refusing to release my own money.

I've reached out to Seller Performance Team ten times and spent countless hours on the telephone with other support members asking them to escalate my case.

No one has followed up with me. My tireless efforts in getting this resolved and my store up and running again have been to no avail. I was even personally told by a support member that Amazon does not need my business and has no reason to explain its false claims.

On the 24th of May, the same day I became buy box eligible, I received a notification that all of my seller privileges had been suspended. I sent an appeal with a plan of action that was immediately denied by what would seem to be have been an automated response.

I am merely asking for help and a professional and fair human look into this.

I am completely innocent in connection with any other Amazon store whatsoever.

  • Jun 14, 2017

I purchased a signed CD Chris Cornell Sound garden. It was not as new as they described. It was old yellow looking. I sent it back.WOA wanted to charge me a $125.00 restocking fee. Joke looked up address small house to say the least. Purchased through Amazon thank goodness. Sent back oh They could not refund me cause they were on vacation. Waited cost me $20.00 to send back w $500. Insurance that they were quite clear about. They now say it was broken the cd case hahaha and no pieces in box so I must of done it. Oh it smells like smoke too Funny we dont smoke! Wow wow wow unreal. Thank goodness I bought that insurance and for Amazon A to Z refund policy. The lady at the post office helped me package it in same box and same packing material I received it in. Thank goodness again a witness that saw how it was shipped. Beware dont deal with this Person whom ever they are they are not scamming this old lady. Cant scan senior citizens were too smart WOA. Have not got my money back yet but I will.

  • Jun 9, 2017

Jeff, I do hope this message finds you I have nothing to hide & I'm willing to discuss this matter. It was the only way to perhaps get your attention...

Jeff Bezos CEO of was advertising an unlimited cloud storage service aka Amazon Drive Unlimited Cloud Storage based on a 3 month free trial offer. For only $59.99 a year, you could securely store all of your photos, videos, files.

How could anyone refuse such an irresistableoffer? This is precisely what Jeff Bezos, a reflection of used for their marketing promotion to lure countless unsuspecting, but trustworthy Amazon customers to join or sign up.

. A truly smart unbeatable offer, however when its abused by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

com without considering the lifetime value of their customers.

Jeff Bezos & have emulated greedy Cloud storage companies who used the same bait-n-switch sales tactic, First bait users with unlimited storage and then switch to limited. This bait & switch tactic is clearly demonstrated by the following facts released by

From today, people signing up for Amazon Drive will not be able to select an unlimited cloud storage option. Instead they can choose either 100 GB for $11.99 per year, or 1 TB for $59.99, with up to 30 TB available for an additional $59.99 per TB. (The prior pricing was $11.99 per year for unlimited photos or unlimited everything for $59.99.

Current Amazon Drive customers who have the old unlimited storage plan will keep it through its expiration date. After which, those with auto-renew turned on — and less than 1TB of data stored — will be automatically renewed into the 1TB plan/$60 per year.

While those with auto-renew turned off, or who have more than 1TB stored, will have to visit to opt in to one of the new limited storage plans.

Those who don’t take action to switch to a new plan — and who are storing more data than their free storage quota — will find their account in “over-quota status” once their subscription expires, meaning they won’t be able to upload additional files, and can only view, download, and delete content.

Amazon says users in this position will have 180 days to either delete content to bring their total content within the free quota or else sign up for a paid storage plan. After 180 days, the company will delete data automatically to get the account back within quota — starting with the most recent uploads first.

How Jeff Bezos of Can Resolve or Fix This Mistake

The correct way would at least allow Amazon Unlimited Cloud Storage Fans to grandfather what they have uploaded to the cloud drive due to investing the required time and effort in putting it there.

Jeff Bezos, however you really should rethink this one...old accounts should be grandfathered. Calculate how much it will cost to do the right thing and then do it. If there are people that abused the unlimited policy, then cancel their accounts with fair warning.

Jeff Bezos, don't let a few bad apples tarnish the brand name you've spent almost two decades to build.

What current policy amounts to is arbitrary & capricious, because you have wasted countless customers valuable resources & time.

Our two choices are either be forced to download the uploads back on to our computer or HDDs and then reupload them elsewhere or lose your data. Or pay the exhorbitant new prices which amounts to extortion or lose your data. This emulates a Donald Trump tactic. Tell them what they want to hear, then fail to deliver.

The bait-and-switch tactic of Jeff Bezos of Offer of unlimited storage, then waiting for countless trusting amazon cloud drive customers to upload all their content, then suddenly change to a limited storage plan only. This scheme appears pre-meditated & unethical.

This sudden change to a limited storage plan re-enforces any consumers doubts about cloud storage and subscription software etc. If there was a 'freeze' option on the uploaded data then this would be different, but expecting to extract multiples times more $$$ from unsuspecting Unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive members is legal robbery just to keep whatever data the customers have previously stored.

  • Jun 2, 2017

To place my order with Amazon, I chose Prime shipping and the cheapest price of a business that had items in stock. Some companies said "Fulfilled by Amazon" but were back-ordered. This is the first company that was not back-ordered and it also was "Fulfilled by Amazon".

It was supposed to arrive today. It did not. I reported this to Customer Service and they told me to wait 2 more days. I could have ordered elsewhere and received it tomorrow !!!

I checked the tracking number on USPS. All it says was "On it way to USPS" and that it "departed a shipping partner" today (the day it was supposed to arrive!) and "This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. "

Yesterday I signed up with USPS for text and email updates. I have not received any.

In other words, USPS probably does not even have it yet !!!

Yet Amazon has told me "the order was indeed shipped on time but got delayed from carrier's end".

Amazon claims the back-orders will be at their company on June 2. And the rep told me to wait until June 3 !!!

I do not believe them. There are currently 7 companies "Fulfilled by Amazon" and the first 6 (including mine) are now back-ordered. Since the company I chose is now back-ordered, as well as many other companies, I believe I have not been told the truth. I do not believe it has been shipped.

Is it fraud to sell items and receive payment for items that you do not have yet you have not told your customer that it has been shipped?

  • May 30, 2017

For my son's 3rd birthday this year I decided to purchase his gifts from Amazon. At the time of my purchase I had plenty of money in my bank account. It took Amazon almost a whole month to finally debit the money from my account. It's now about a week later and they charge me a $25.00 "RETURN SERVICE FEE"!

My account is now overdrawn by Amazon in which I will have to take care of the fee's now from my bank.

I called Amazon 3 different times this morning because I was told I would be put on hold and then got hung up on. They kept asking me for the last 4 numbers of my debit card I used and an expiration date. I provided it to them, being this was my first and LAST time I will ever buy with Amazon, they say they cannot find that card on my account!!

They tell me they are going to transfer me over to another department that can help me, and if I don't mind holding one last time.

They transfer me and then I am greeted with telephone prompts, so I select the appropriate number associated with my concern and again I am hung up on.

I will never ever, ever, ever, ever purchase or tell any friends or family to purchase from Amazon. I will be sure that my bank NEVER lets Amazon have access to my banking account information!

Thanks for the headache Amazon.

  • May 15, 2017

I had added cash to my account wallet. Fraudulent company. Customer service is too out of sync. One executive said the refund is in process and will be done in next 24hrs, another executive says it can not be refunded since its against amazon's policy. While I confirmed before ordering the products and adding cash to my wallet, they are refuting from their statements.

I had to order 2 fans on 12 feb, 2017. So I added balance to the wallet but due to some ordering constraints at the product end, I could order only 1 item at an address at a time.

I contacted customer care and they said you can order cash on delivery and he is gonna put request for refund from wallet.

The products came and cash was paid on delivery but the refund did not came. Over the period of next 2 months, I was been told the request has been initialized, you wont require to call back or be concerned again, but it was all bullsh*. Now they say they would not be refunding the money since it is against their policies.

What sort of policy is it to screw their customers of thousands of bucks. F* Amazon.

  • May 9, 2017

I opened the amazon store card, made purchases, went to make a payment and had no way to pay with a debit card. I called several times talked to different customer service representatives that had no clue how to help me. Finally i call and a customer service rep transfers me to a manager who can take my payment via debit card. I have made all payments on time since went in and tried to use the card to find out due to the one late payment that i was trying to pay they closed my account? I contact synchrony via live chat where the customer service rep tells me i can "go to amazon and apply again", i ask "but then i'll have two accounts" he said "yes you will", i then said "why would they give me another account when i already have one closed on my credit" his response "well we don't know if they'll do a hard or soft credit check"... What? So 1.we can't take your payment 2.we're going to let you call several times before you actually get someone that wants to help you and transfer you to someone that can take your payment 3. Even though we know you've been trying to make a payment we're going to close the account due to one late payment...4.after all of that we're going to tell you to open a second account and have one closed and one open...5. We actually think that a legitimate suggestion with one account closed.... Ridiculous... So disappointed in amazon and sychrony bank

  • May 6, 2017

The seller sold a heavily scratched cd (listed as "like new") that skipped and refused to authorize a return stating that they "tested it" and do not refund "turds who try to scam" them. I filed an A-Z claim with Amazon, stating that I want to return the defective item to the seller and the seller said that if I did not withdraw the claim they would post my full name, address, phone number, and email address on a website called as well as send the police to my house. I recommend avoiding this seller.

  • May 2, 2017

I use to buy music from Amazon. With out any warning they took music I paid for and because I didn't have a receipt for old purchases, they refused to give it back to me. They are trying to force people to pay for a monthy subscrtiption now. I am serious. The missing items are obvious. But becasue they have decided it is more proifitable to have subscriptions. they take from you and want you to sign up to get it back.

You can't reach live people anymore and if you do, they aren't going to help you. I have had to return things because of them being the wrong item on a regular basis. Amazon will apologize profusely for their mistakes but they fix nothing. I have gotten things that were nothing like what I bought. You specially can't buy small things and expect it to come out well.

Amazon has gotten too big to care about or give customer serivce anymore. Most of what aI bought was paid for by an Amazon/Chase Card.

  • Apr 21, 2017

15 years of purchasing from Amazon for all kinds of items, often spending over $25,000 a year simply to not have to stand in endless lines at WalMart, Costco, Target, Home Depot, etc, and incorrect medical treatment confines me to a wheelchair for life at 56. This made using Amazon not just about paying more in exchange for convenience, but a matter of survival. I moved from my large house in Northern Virginia to a handicapped access ground floor apartment in the same zip code and Amazon suddenly has trouble finding my apartment building 75% of the time--they told me that a sub-contractor carrier, AMZL finds an apt building with an extremely easy to use security door, claim my packages "undeliverable," even when "AMZL" has delivered another package even 20 minutes earlier! Today they sent me a text saying, "For your convenience your package has been delivered to UPS Springfield VA." I immediately call Amazon customer service and 1st person said "delivery was attempted. " Really? I've been home all day. Frustrated, I hang up, and call again correctly assuming I'll get a different person. When she starts her spiel, I informed her to skip the BS because I wrote a call center customer service manual in 1992 which is still used by many companies today, but to get her supervisor. I am told by the supervisor that my $7 item was "undeliverable" and I only had to go to the UPS store in nearby Springfield, except even if I could drive, the same item could be had at half that cost at 5 different chain/"big box" stores within 1/2 mile of my apartment and how in any universe is an 8 mile drive to either the UPS warehouse or the 4 "UPS Stores" also located in Springfield VA "convenient" via I-95 on the next day--a Friday(!) for a profoundly disabled person?Amazon's tracking appears to be deliberately falsified because it indicates no delivery was attempted at all. It's been 2 hrs since I received the text message, and for 1 hr and 55 minutes, I've been given the runaround. A year ago, I sent a certified letter to Seattle after locating an Amazon Customer Service Supervisor on LinkedIn, and got no reply. To someone like myself who was getting paid almost $50/hr at the end of earning ability, having blockhead call center employees waste MY time over a $7 item is irritating in the extreme. Not even once have they given me anything resembling a straight answer. The worst person was the Supervisor who was exceedingly rude. I'm exhausted by their indifference, and they don't care that they're losing in a customer, or thousands of customers. They advertise that they can deliver locally in Metropolitan DC within a 2 hour window and unless they deliver via drones or helicopters that's a joke as anyone who lives around Washington DC. has 2 day delivery at half the cost of an Amazon Prime account. Why deal with such abysmal support? With Amazon's lousy Customer Service you get nothing at all but endless hassle for paying minimally 25% more? I set up my account on and will gladly cancel even my streaming video from them which is also a ripoff.

  • Apr 10, 2017

Amazon Prime has become a complete scam. I've been a member of this service, paying $99 annually for free 2-day shipping along with some additional services I do not use, such as streaming movies and such. I pay this fee because I purchase a huge amount of items from Amazon for personal use as well as for my business. In the first few years of using the service, it was wonderful...completely delivered as promised. Over the last six months or so, this has completely changed and most certainly for the worse.

The main issue is the "free 2-day shipping", which now should be advertised as "mostly 2-day shipping". I only will buy Prime items so I can get it soon within the 2-day shipping window but lately, many of the items are showing up 3, 4, or even up toa week later, even though the product clearly says I would be receiving it within two days and even says so with a calendar date.

The most recent offense just put me over the top. I purchased a wallet this past Wednesday and paid extra to have it delivered with 1-day shipping. The item showed it was in stock and the product even had a countdown that said, "Want it by Friday? Order in the next 6 hours and choose One Day Shipping at checkout" which is exactly what I did. Well today came and it never showed up. I pull the tracking up for the order and see it hasn't even shipped yet and is scheduled for delivery on Monday. So now I'm paying for 1-day delivery over and above my Prime membership fees and my "free 2-day shipping" is now a 5 day shipping. What I didn't notice was that the confirmation email sent to me immediately upon purchase adjusted the shipping to 5 days...something I never would have noticed had it not been pointed out to me (more on that later)

Furious, I called their "customer service", which used to be quite good. Not this time. I speak to someone who can barely speak English and he's making every excuse in the book as to why this item is late. When I explained this to the "customer service" idiot that this is called "fraud". He didn't care. Instead he tried to blame all sorts of other issues including claiming that the reason was that they were busy and had a lot of orders to deal with. Seriously? I told him that's his problem and I truly could not care less about that. If they advertise 2 day shipping, or in my case, 1-day shipping, and they don't deliver, that's fraudulent. This went round and round so I asked to speak to a Supervisor. After a 15 minute wait, I get some other guy who could barely speak English give me the same robotic answers...blame everything else, take no responsibility, and tell me it's my fault for not reading the email after I made the purchase. Yes, their "customer service" idiot actually told me it's all my fault because I should have read the confirmation email.

I kept asking him why I was paying $99 a year when I only get half of the services they offer and he kept changing the subject. He patently refused to answer that question. I then asked that if he went to a restaurant and only got half of the meal he ordered, would he still pay the full price? He refused to answer.

Absolute jerks. So after arguing back and forth, he told me the best he could do is refund me the money for the overnight shipping fee on my recent order and extend my Amazon Prime account for one month. I told him it should be a year and he said the best he could do is 1 month. I was sick of talking to this jerk so I agreed just to get him off the phone, which I'm sure was his goal the entire time. I feel absolutely scammed by this service which promises one thing and delivers something else (literally). How the Federal Trade Commission hasn't gotten involved with this is beyond me but as far as I'm concerned, as well as many others in their complaints forum, Amazon Prime is a 100% scam. They lie right to your face about delivery that they do not deliver on.

  • Mar 30, 2017

I was making a purchase on Amazon and bit on the "$50 Off This Purchase When You Sign Up for an Amazon Credit Card" offer. I went through the application process and was approved, but the $50 off was not honored. I called and was told the credit would be applied to a future purchase. So I told the rep to retract the credit application but she said that had been forwarded to Chase Card Services. Called Chase and they said they couldn't cancel it either.

So I ended up paying full price and with a credit card I didn't really want. BAIT AND SWITCH.

  • Mar 27, 2017

How Amazon disrespect sellers.

Here is the story. You probably have seen a lot of times amazon ad banners inviting everybody to sell with them! If you decided to grow your business with think hundred times before you decide to invest. You invested in your product brand which public unaware about. It takes several years to promote your product and start generate the profit. Then due to ridiculous policy of which allows people having bought product after few months using it send it back for no reason or for a reason to spair the money or to buy something else. Since the has one month return policy, the only way to return the used product is to ship it back as defective. We get the product back to find it in perfect sellable condition.

But, all of a sudden the account becomes 'at risk' to be suspended due to high defect rate even it is not! If due the this ridiculous policy your account becomes suspended, you face the problem what to do with the inventory you investerd so much money to! After encountering this problem I wrote numerous letters to seller support getting the same response: "sorry this is policy".

So, my recommendation guys: do not put yourself at risk investing big money if you do not have another platform to sell your product, but only the! You can find yourself in the situation when you have to pull your inventory back and find another way to distribute it! Since the is the only platform monopoly trying to go global, they do whatever they want. And, what they do helps only Jeff Bezos to generate billions NOT US WHO ACTUALLY TAKES THE MOST OF THE RISK!

Thanks for reading! Be aware!

  • Mar 17, 2017

I am writing this review of the Fire Tablet with Alexa 7” display 8 GB. On March 16th 2016 I bought a new Kindle for $53 I am a student and on a limited budget but I used my Kindle for school. On August 2016 the Kindle died, the battery just overheated it was warm to the touch, so I called Amazon and they said they would send me a new one. A few days later the 2nd kindle appeared. On November 29th this kindle overheated and I called amazon again “well…. The warranty has expired (it only lasts for three months) but you can buy another one for $10” and send us your old one. I use my Kindle a lot so I bought a new one for $10. Then on March 14 2016 the 3rd kindle overheated. I called amazon again and they said, sorry but we can’t do anything about it, I asked them what I was supposed to do with a dead kindle and they said well you can sell it back for 5 dollars. When I asked to speak to their supervisor they put me on hold for a while then the supervisor hung up on me. Now, almost exactly a year later I have gone through three kindles each one had the same malfunction, they all overheated after about 3 months and now it’s my fault I am out $50 because Amazon’s 2015 kindle has a production flaw and the batteries overheat.

  • Mar 9, 2017

I discovered a charge on my Capital One credit card for $59.95 that I did not recognize. It was from Amazon Digital

Services as the vendor. Called them but the number did not work. I buy and am a current customer of Amazon but my purchases did not tally up to that amount. Funny thing was that the charge was on a credit card that expired, so I reported this as fraud to Capital One. They had it for a few weeks and then sent me a letter that is was not a fraud but they would enter it as a dispute. Meanwhile, they added back the credit they gave me for fraud of $59.95 charging the amount back

to my credit card. The letter said it would be marked as a dispute, but it never showed up that way on my online account status so weeks later I called them back and finally in one call they called Amazon in a 3 way.

The agent there took notes asked some questions they already knew and finally agreed to refund my amount.

So the story is almost a happy ending but the energy I put into this was a waste of time. If they automatically subscribed me to the Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage subscription service how many others are they doing and are not noticing this charge?

I'm not an idiot when it comes to cloud technology and ecommerce so I know I did not order this, they chose the wrong person to set up an unlawful subscription to.

I hope others report or comment on this. We need to stomp out these kinds of practices especially with the industry leaders.

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