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  • Feb 23, 2017 has recently adopted a "Subscribe and Save" feature which is total BS. As another user wrote, the "Subscribe and Save" feature is mainly available on everyday commodities like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, deodorant etc. Items you will use and need to buy again at some frequency. The thought is that you purchase an item you typical buy often and subscribe to have amazon send you the same order each month. You save a few cents and you don’t have to hassle with manually purchasing it each month.

The Bait:

Let say for example an 8lb bag of kitty litter is $8, if you "Subscribe" you will "Save" $1 on the order and they will send it to you for $7 and presumably you will save by paying $7 dollars for the same order each month thereafter.

The Switch:

As the other use wrote, the "terms and conditions" state that amazon can charge you the price listed for the item the day it is shipped, not the price you originally agreed to when you set up the "Subscribe and Save". So, you pay $7 for the first order instead of $8, then the next month amazon charges you $31 for an 8lb bag of kitty litter (nearly 4x the original cost) because they can.

The Results:

If you’re a busy person and don’t check your bank statements, you will never know you're being ripped off. If you do happen to notice the over change, like the other reviewer noted, it might be too late as you might have already opened and used the product. And if you’re on a fix income, this can be devastating to your budget. As a result, millions are being ripped off as amazon baits you into a "Subscribe and Save" with the promise of saving a few cents, and then hikes the prices of these items to double, triple or more of the original value on subsequent auto orders.

Personal examples:

Sounds unrealistic right? Wrong. Many people have personal experience with this and there are numerous reports on this ripoff sceme. The kitty litter story above is true. I've never been keen on allowing any company repeat assess to my bank account without my knowledge and consent each time, so I never signed up for the "Subscribe and Save" feature. However I did purchase an 8lb bag of kitty litter for $8 buck a few months ago. When I logged back in to purchase another bag, I was shocked to see the list price at $31. I noted several reviews on the item complaining about the price hike, many stating they were "Subscribe and Save" customers who subscribe when the product was 8 dollars and had been charged double or triple on subsequent orders. Originally I though the seller must of exploited the system and hiked the prices, however another review pointed out all of these order were fulfilled and shipped by amazon. This isn’t a bad seller screwing people over, this is Amazon itself screwing its’ repeat customers over. The reviewers point about it being Amazon gouging people, garnered more proof for me when I attempted to update my review of this item to point out the dangers of the “Subscribe and Save” feature and warn people against subscribing. My review was never updated or posted. I looked at another everyday item I purchased in the past few months, a 150 oz bottle of laundry detergent. I purchased this item at $7 , it was now listed at $21 (3x the original cost). I tried to post a review warning people the price has tripled and not to subscribe, and that review was also never posted. Amazon filtered my reviews because they warned about their “Subscribe and Save” scam. I also note no reviews on the detergent complaining of the price hike as amazon must of deleted them. I’m sure the reviews complaining of the price hike and “Subscribe and Save” scam on the kitty litter will also be delete soon. It's important to note it is not that the prices of these commodities suddenly spiked in the market place either. I googled both these items and found them for their original respective prices at many places like Walmart and Target. This is an Amazon scam, since Amazon would not let me post the warning against their “Subscribe and Save” scam in the reviews, I’m posting it here.

Bottom line:

DO NOT “Subscribe and Save.” It may save you a buck in the beginning, but it will cost you way more in the long run. Just purchase your items as you need them and stay in control of your money.

  • Feb 23, 2017

Amazon allows any buyer to steal from sellers on Amazon's website, but not from Amazon itself. Amazon will protect it's own inventory from theft, but will allow buyers to steal from other sellers on Amazon's website. It is real easy to steal from sellers on Amazon; Amazon's customer service will even assist you and explain how to do it. All you need to do is:

1. Purchase ANY item you want that is not filled by Amazon (FBA), [i.e. not Amazon's own inventory, they won't allow you to steal from them].

2. After you receive the item, contact the seller one time about the order. Say anything you want: How do you use this? Something is not working. Something is missing. This is the wrong item. I changed my mind, can I return this? Anything at all, it does not matter.

3. Wait at least 24hrs, then file an A-Z claim, and state Reason: 'Not As Described'.

Poof, there you go; like magic, Amazon will reward you with your free item! It's like a glitch in a video game: if you press the right keys, in a certain sequence, you are rewarded with a bonus!

Usually within a day, Amazon will send you a message that they have refunded your order AND you can keep the item, you do NOT have to return it. It's FREE! And legal. Amazon is currently supporting thieves on their website.

They take the money from the seller to refund you AND they charge the seller a fee, which Amazon keeps for themselves. So the seller has lost a sale, lost time, lost shipping fees, and now has to pay Amazon on top of all that. Terrible for anyone selling on Amazon, GREAT service to the buyers, and Amazon still profits! Amazon is happy as long as the customer is happy. They don't even care if the customer is dishonest, lies, breaks your item, Amazon just does not care. Amazon refunds the customer and tells them 'You do NOT have to return the item'.

As a seller, you can plead with Amazon all you want, they do NOT care. You can show proof of the customer lying, damaging your item, changing their story; it does not matter, you, the seller, lose.

I am very disappointed, and frustrated, with Amazon and there lack of seller support. They treat the sellers like garbage, discarding them to the side.

I do NOT recommend ANYONE to sell on Amazon. They do NOT offer any useful or ethical support to sellers.

If you are a dishonest person, and want some free stuff, FLOCK to Amazon to collect your FREE PRODUCTS !!!

  • Feb 20, 2017

After being billed for $39.95 a month, I was unable to get my item on Amazon. Finally tech support admitted there was a problem on their end. Then I tried to have the item sponsored on "pay per click". Again, I was unable to ever get the pay per click to work. Tech support is in India and they would either ask me for their codes or ignore me. I was billed a second time without any help or support.

  • Feb 16, 2017

I ordered 3 CNC machine parts from The description on the website stated "Sold From and Ships From Amazon". This is the preferred way I buy from Amazon, in case of damaged goods, Amazon will pay for return shipping. After I completed my order, the parts were shipped directly from the part vendor, VBX Bearings in Anaheim, CA. I received the order and one of the three parts was warped. This is where the issue comes into play. The vendors information states they don't cover return shipping charges, and there is no reorder/replacement option. So I have to pay for a heavy, oversized package to return a defective product that was shipped by the vendor. I contacted the vendor, VBX Bearings, and Amazon. The vendor failed to reply and lists no Customer Service phone number. Amazon's website seems to only allow electronic filing of the complaint and redirects my refund request to the vendor directly. This is, in my opinion, tantemount to bait and switch. The whole reason people spend a certain amount on Amazon when ordering is to receive free shipping and guaranteed no hassle returns. Amazon's ommission of a direct customer service phone number is also telling. I have bought from Amazon for at least a decade or more, but I refuse to purchase anything from them or VBX Bearings again. Amazon's prices are quickly outpacing the retail local market these days as well, as without any meaningful customer service, and especially with changing the vendor details , After the sale is complete, it is likely other people will folow suit and avoid Amazon. Using a person's credit card for an interstate transaction, then changing the details of that transaction after the customer accepts, is illegal.

  • Feb 6, 2017

I am a first (and last!!!) time seller on I sold a buyer a $600 item in Nov. A few days later he requested a refund via Amazon's a-z policy, which requires me to respond in 3 days or his money is automatically refuneded to him by Amazon out of my account, including return shipping expenses. I didn't respond to his request in 3 days since as a first-time seller I was unaware of this policy and thought that I would be getting my item mailed back to me before any money would be refunded, but before I knew what had happened he had his money back from my bank account and I was yet without my item.

Since that time, I've been trying to get the item back from the buyer any way I can, but he refuses. I sense that he is scamming me and was able to use Amazon's screwed-up policy in order to get an item for free that belongs to me. My repeated contacts (phone and email) to Amazon seller support get me nowhere, since they say that once the buyer receives the money it is no longer their concern, and from that point on the buyer is under no obligation to return the item. In fact, they even sent my buyer a message saying he can just throw the item away, donate it, or use it for free. I am dumbfounded over this insane policy, and will never sell anything on Amazon again unless they refund me my money or they pressure the buyer to send it back, neither of which seem likely.

  • Jan 19, 2017

Amazon Prime debited my bank account for an Amazon Prime Membership they "claimed" I asked for with a free trial (which includes automatic billing after a certain time). I never requested this "free trial". In fact, it seems that every screen "nagged" me about signing up for a trail during a recent purchase, but I had no interest in it. Today, my bank account was charged a little over $100 and also caused several other overdrafts. Along with the original charge and 3 overdrafts directly contributed to the illegal debit, the total came to just over $200.

I got on the help screen and clicked "have Amazon call me". Jermaine called me within a few seconds. I must say he was the nicest, most understanding customer service rep I've ever dealt with (and believe me, I ripped into him no holds barred...). He kept his cool, apologized, sounded sincere and understanding. He immediately credited my account the original charge and put in an order to have the 3 overdrafts taken care of.

Even though my experience showed an excellent regard to their customers, Amazon needs to stop this practice of charging peoples accounts without permission. Even in the cases where people actually DO request a free trial, Amazon needs to plainly state that your bank account will be automatically billed, and not bury that part of the "free trial" in the fine print. Amazon is using the fact that most people will not take the time to read the pages and pages of fine print, to take advantage of it's customers. The charges, in my case, will be refunded, but Amazon can't fix my credit rating with my bank. So stop it Amazon! You are already a superpower, you don't need to use these deceptive tactics.

  • Jan 2, 2017

Purchased a Kindle. Came with thirty days free prime. Turned off Auto renewal. It was recongized by Amazon via email. They still charged me $106 three days later. I called customer service. I was hung up on twice and third time, I spoke with unsympathetic supervisor. It was cancelled but was told it could take three days to receive. This was authorized therefor they stoled my money.

  • Dec 24, 2016

Amazon disabled my account after I bought $100 of giftcards. They stole $100 from me. Calling them they said there is nothing they can do.

Do not buy giftcards from them. They can disable your account any time they want.

  • Dec 21, 2016

My Amazon gift card account was charged over $100 for "gold coins" it said I purchased. I contacted the president Jeff Bezos who said my account was "secure" and it was intent to purchase. This was on Nov. 10. On Nov. 19 I was charged three more times at $21 each for gold coins again. I was then contacted by Amazon that my account was compromised! Why couldn't they have looked into this when I first contacted them and I could have at least prevented the addtional three charges of $21 each.

  • Dec 19, 2016

Amazon Allowed A Phishing/Scam Artist To Buy $300.00 Worth Of Fraudulent Gift Cards Out Of My Account And Never Put A Stop To It!

Amazon Is Worst Than My Bank!

I did write a letter back on Friday, October 7th, 2016 and they 100% Ignored It, until about a week before my Small Claims Lawsuit Court Date.

Anyway, here is the Whole Story:

I have been a victim of Amazon Online Fraud about one (1) year ago through Amazon and their company was able to take care of it for me, however, their Fraud Team obviously did NOT take enough precautions because about one (1) week ago (and we are talking about late September to very Early October of 2016, I suffered from their Amazon Fraud Again and when I reported it to their Customer Horrible Service Department, they told ME to just Change My Password and when I Changed The Password Over The Phone With One Of Their Representatives Still On The Line With Me, there were at least Two (2) More Fraudulent Charges Of Somebody Trying To Purchase Two (2) Additional $50.

00 Dollar Gift Cards.

Their Horrible, Non Caring Customer Service Department then tried to Freeze My Account until further notice and told me that they would Reverse The Fraudulent Charges Over The Phone On A Recorded Line and even give ME a Generous Credit Applied To My Account For The Harassment, Humiliation And Fraud That Occurred On My Amazon Account For No Good Reasons.

The Reality: Sadly, the Fraud Charges have Not Gone Away and there is NO Generous Credit Of Any Amount Applied To My Account Either which I am Very Angry And Upset About to say the Very Least!

Please NOTE: The situation has ONLY Got Worst!

Furthermore, maybe about one (1) week later, I re-checked my account again and also Noticed That There Are An Additional Three (3) $100.00 Dollar Fraud Charges that have just been applied to my online account without my permission or legal consent for the dates of:

September 16, 2016 and August 25, 2016 and August 25, 2016.

September 16, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-GG34) $100.00

August 25, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-AYHU) $100.00

August 25, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-JNL3) $100.00

I am beyond angry and upset because Amazon Has Allowed This Illegal Fraud To Go Through, Regardless Of How Many Times I Change My Password.

Please NOTE: Since Amazon Did Not Reimburse Me For The Fraud Charges And Properly Apply An Acceptable Credit Of Compensation To My Account For The Negligence That They Recently Caused For The Second Time In A Row In One Full Year, I Did File A Small Claims Lawsuit Against Them at the Los Angeles Superior Court And Have Pictures And Screenshots To Show The Judge And I Can Also Subpoena The Past Records To Show Amazon's Past, Disgusting Continuous Negligence Of Allowing Fraud To Go Through And Continue As Usual.

Amazingly, around Thursday, December 15th, 2016 which was one day before my Small Claims Court Date against Amazon, I did receive a voicemail from Ms. Lizette Fernandez from Amazon's Legal Department

(206-435-9880) [email protected] who had several conversations with ME and despite all of my honesty and proof that I was a Victim Of Fraud, her response back to ME was that Amazon is Not Responsible For Any Type Of Fraud Resulting From Their Customers regardless of whether it was their Fault or Not!

I was very angry because she was unwilling to do anything, however, I did fax her all of my documents that I had for court since I was Not Able To Make It To Court since I am Now out of the country and am hoping that she will reimburse All Of My Money Back To Me, Once And For All and then we can go our own separate ways!

Today is Saturday, December 17, 2016 and I am supposed to hear back from Ms. Lizette Fernandez from Amazon's Legal Department by this coming Friday, December 23, 2016.

If I do Not Get An Honest And Fair Resolution From Amazon about the Fraud Debits Being Reimbursed Back To My Account, then I will Refile The Small Claims Lawsuit again when I get back to Los Angeles by the beginning of August of 2017. No Problem!

For The Other Social Media Websites, I will enclose Pictures Of My Recent Gift Card Balance Statements for their reference and further review. Thank You.

  • Dec 18, 2016

Opened up a new CC at Used it to get $50 off first purchase. Got first bill and paid it off. Then I get another bill with a ? $99 charge for Amazon Prime. I never requested this and did not want it. I called Amazon and they obviously seemed like I was not the first person calling about this. They credited the charge off my CC. I had also interest and late fee connected to it. I thought my balance would be zero. No.....the interest and late fee stay there. I contacted the CC and they said to get rid of it I had to pay the amount due ? $53+. That would get rid of the charges and then they would put a $53+ credit on the account to finally have it taken care of. This was done. I have excellent credit and the unpaid charges for interest/late charge was reported to the credit bureau. It does show I took care of the charge. This makes me very angry. Don't trust Amazon.

  • Dec 8, 2016

I placed an order on PRIME DAY (July 12th) for a 7" Fire Tablet at the price of $33. something. I had previously bought one for my Mom for a gift and had been pleased with it so decided to order one for myself. I thought it was a good deal. Well I got it yesterday.

The Touch Screen virtually didn't work and it would not get rid of a Washington Post App I did NOT want as it was a subscription and what do I care about Washington in Texas?

So I wanted to EXCHANGE the one I had for one that worked. That was NOT an option!!!

Customer Service, if you can call it that, was swift to give me a refund but refused to exchange the tablet. Now considering that they squirred up an order previously and gave me not the bedbug mattress ENCASEMENTS I had ordered but fitted bedbug SHEETS (which I let go and did not exchange) I was MIGHTY UNHAPPY.

I feel like Prime Day was just an opportunity to pass off INFERIOR products to the public and then stick them with them!!!!

I will be limiting my business with Amazon from now on. I am VERY disappointed in the company and it's service!!!!

  • Dec 8, 2016

You're right, scam!

Amazon trusted by many but actually a scam!

  • Dec 7, 2016

ALERT and WARNING: Amazon will not refund FRAUD... Even to longtime customers

I'll keep this short.

This is a warning to my family, friends, colleagues and others who are planning on shopping Amazon in the future. I've not had a good recent experience with them...borderline terribel in fact...

Over the past 3 years, I've bought 177 items between and where I've also been a "PRIME" member in which I pay $99 USD to and $99 CAD to I probably make 80% of my purchases through those sites, so I feel that I'm a pretty good customer.

Recently, I went to purchase a Nexus 6P phone that was being sold for a decent price of $390 USD through a 3rd party seller on their site. It turned out to be a scam and fraud. The seller had actually sent me emails that were branded identically to what Amazon emails look like including the date of when it is arriving, however, when you look really carefully at the email domains names, rather than it being '' it was ''.... very subtle and not something I'm only the lookout for, especially given my relationship with the site (177 purchases over the past 3 years). The email walked me through doing a $390 Payment through the Amazon Gift Card site - meaning my money went through - the site and company had accepted my money, and my bank account shows that my money went to

When I didn't recieve my phone, I called in to find out what was going on. After 30 days of dealing with them to sort out this issue here is the summary:

- Amazon DOES NOT verify who their 3rd party sellers are. Any Joe-blow can start their store claiming to sell stuff.

- Amazon Cannot Track their GiftCards!!! Apparently, you can use a Gift Card to Purchase another Gift Card, and then another and then another. Amazon cannot track this.

So my money has been lost and redeemed through this ridiculous program and eco-system that they have set up, and they had said that they cannot refund me! Now, I'm down $390 USD for the Christmas purchase system, and this Multi-Billion company won't Protect me or Refund me. Online purchases are still not safe, even with the biggest guys.

It seems so funny because it feels like they do more checks on the customer than the seller... So much for the "A-Z" guarantee that they said they have to "protect" the customer.

I feel betrayed.

I've given them my business and my money for a long time. As a result, I've successfully cancelled my PRIME membership on both and, I'm going to stop any Amazon Kindle Purchases and move over to "Kobo" E-Readers and then I'm also going to recommend all my Tech peers: don't use Amazon Cloud, use Microsoft Azure or Google Compute, or some other Cloud Company.

Thanks for listening, I hope you guys shop safe!

  • Dec 4, 2016

What happened to Amazon, it seems to have gone downhill recently. An item I ordered was suppose to come in Frustration-Free Packaging. Amazon's own website states that the contents are suppose to be properly placed in a secure shipping box. What did I get, my order arrived in the flimsy retail box all beaten up. Now, I had to go thru the return process which is a waste of time for something that was suppose to arrive in the condition promised.

In another order, there website stated that I was suppose to receive my package by December 3 but it never arrived. I tracked it on USPS website and it stated that the tracking number couldn't be located. I contacted the USPS and they said that the package wasn't even shipped. Now, Amazon's websites stated that it should arrive by Dec 8. I wonder if it will even be shipped.

Now, their log in page is having problems. Every time I log in, it sends me back to the log in page but now it tells me to input characters from picture besides inputting my log in info. I contacted customer service and she didn't know what to do. I told her to transfer me to the tech department because they fixed a similar problem a few months back. The response from their tech dept was a joke, she was just making up lies. First she told me that It's their new log in system to make it more secure. I told her that there must be a problem because that's not what they told me that last time this happened.

Then she said that it's the new way to log in, I told her the last time they fixed it up immediately when this happened (which they did). Then she comes up with another story that Amazon has just upgraded their system and everyone is experiencing the same problem. I asked when will it be fixed and she didn't know. Then I told her that I wanted send a notice to the webmaster to fix the issue, she was hesitant and didn't know what to do. She then stated there was already a notice and it's being looked into. She was making continuous lies over and over.

Amazon (executives and managers) should really look into these problems because this is going to destroy customer confidence and that means less revenue for the company. When customer confidence is lost, it's very hard to get it back because they will spend their money elsewhere. If you're a customer who's experiencing these problems too, please complain because they won't get fixed until you do.

  • Dec 2, 2016

Beware these guys! They promise big money helping you to become an Amazon retailer for $2K. They told me they'd been in business for 6 years but their Facebook page is 2 months old with one post, but a whole bunch of likes and shares which were probably bought (not real). The real deal killer is that you can't use a credit card. They say they are setting that up (after 6 years?) but when I told them they could do it immediately through Paypal, didn't make a difference. They will only take wire transfer. I didn't go with it but it doesn't smell good to me. Beware!

  • Dec 2, 2016

Order a tv from AMAZOM.COM which was to be a 120 refresh rate instead they sent me a 60 and refuse to make write. They used the BAIT AND SWITCH . I have the box and order form and they just told me tough luck!

  • Nov 12, 2016

Nov 11, 2016 Attempting to get someone with real authority's attention at Amazon I wrote a product review of what I was trying to purchase through the Amazon website today and emailed to them. The response was that I had to rewrite it. These Honda generators are great. During the 2.5 day power outage after hurricane Mathew passed us, my neighbor who has both the EU200i and the EU3000is (both over seven years old and running perfectly), loaned me the smaller one and it made an uncomfortable situation more than bearable by allowing us to run the refrigerator and lighting and electronics. It was also super quiet and sipped fuel. I loved the generator so much I put both models on my wish list and started to watch the pricing. On Nov 6 a "new seller" on the website was offering the larger one for sale at $1000 and change and wanted to be sent a text message prior to ordering.

The price was under the guise of a "closeout". This review isn't about the generators. It's about and how this company enables fraud to take place on an ongoing basis and is doing nothing to prevent it. Attached is one initial email the thieves sent me regarding payment. It all looked legitimate until the next morning when another email requesting further "insurance" funds revealed the truth. A call to Amazon and discussion with a Customer Service supervisor regarding the Amazon gift card payment redemption codes hinted at some hope of possibly freezing the payment but absolutely nothing came of it nor the emails to stop-spoofing I sent nor the conversation with someone, supposedly on their fraud prevention team, who suggested that I call my bank. Really! All during Nov 7 and 8 I kept checking in on the Amazon website and I saw the same criminal activity going with different seller names and that's just reviewing the same Honda generator offers. Even as I write this there is a fraudulent seller on the website New sellers asking for you to contact them regarding the specific product prior to placing an order. Does anyone think doesn't know this is going on? After reviewing some other blogs and sites apparently I'm not the first trusting in person to be sucked into this and I'm willing to bet the numbers are very high. facilitates and is a partner with these fraud artists and they lose nothing by doing it. Personally has lost my business and I will go out of my way to avoid them from now on. Buyers Please Beware.

  • Oct 24, 2016

I made a purchase from (one of many) and posted an honest online review. (For all that don't know first hand, customer service is exclusively operated out of India - as in NO U.S. location to handle disgruntled U.S. customer returns.)

The merchandise I recieved what was not what was advertised so I decided to post a "tasteful" review. I mentioned my experience and attached pictures and Amazon instantly rejected the review.

Hum... who knew Amazon would start censoring foreign reviews. Oh well, the company selling the product on Amazon is "Jet International". They are based out of Gujaret, India. They advertise on Yahoo, Skype and amazon to date.

Just so you know, Amazon is just one of many internet based vendors censoring data so keep this in mind when ordering and reading Amazon product reviews.

Since I can't post pictures I'll post verbatim what I said in my review. Here's the post Amazon rejected..... You decide...

Posted and rejected on 10.23.2016 by

Where to begin…. I’m very disappointed with this purchase to say the least! First problem, gem color and quality of the stones are “very poor” (see pictures). Second problem, the stones are smaller than pictured and look freshly dug up and unwashed and clearly something you could purchase from any gem show at 5 for a dollar. Third problem, only twenty three of the twenty five runes were engraved; however, on the flip side they did include “two” blank runes. (F.Y.I. Rune “Sowelo” was left out. Apparently, Asian factory workers do not understand that with Nordic runes there’s a difference between “Sowelo” and “Eihwaz”. However, on the flip side the workers do appear to know the set requires 25 pieces to be considered “complete”!) Forth problem, the gold engraving is hard to read due to small size and yellowish/poor quality of the stones. And the fifth problem, the literature accompanying the “Nordic” rune set is written in “India/Hindu” tradition – need I say more?

My set cost $24.99 and was shipped by Jet International and the package did arrive on time. I honestly would return the contents if I didn’t have to go through Amazon’s India location but after dealing as a vendor with Amazon’s customer service department (I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with an Amazon Rep “Rahil Adnan”– the guy couldn’t comprehend English and Amazon doesn’t have U.S. service resolution alternatives so beware before you buy) so I’ve decided to toss the set verses going through the nightmare process of getting the item retuned and asking for my money back. (Hey, Rahil if you’re reading this I’m going to write you up on Yelp!)

I’ve enclosed pictures of the product and email of the India customer service guy I spoke about so you can judge for yourself. I’m not quite sure what the other “four” reviewers to this product received but I can assure you it’s not what was advertised or delivered to my mailbox.

  • Oct 22, 2016

In April, 2016, I purchased a "new" Epson All-in-one printer, fax, copier, scanner through The third-party reseller who provided the product and advertised it as "new" on Amazon's website was E & D Tech. In September, 2016, the printer failed. Epson was unable to fix it via guidance over the phone. Epson's records show that the printer was sold by Staples in 2014. Apparently, E&D Tech purchased the product at a sale in Feb, 2016 from Staples. The product is out of warranty (a one-year warranty) with the manufacturer (Epson) and E&D Tech refuses to give a refund, claiming that Epson should be reponsible. Amazon's A to Z guarantee states that the claim must be filed within 90 days from purchase. So, the customer gets screwed once again.

I am very surprised and disappointed that AMazon A to Z does not live up to its word.

  • Oct 14, 2016

I ordered from Muzzha! off of Amazon. Muzzha! printed a shipping label stating that order was shipped. No tracking updates had been avaliable and I contacted Muzzha! about this and they said that USPS had probably not scanned my package and that it "should" be arriving on time. A week later there were no tracking updates from USPS and the status still showed that USPS never recieved a package to be delivered. When I had called USPS they said the vendor had probably just printed a shipping label in attempt to decieve me into thinking my item had been shipped. I contacted Muzzha! again and asked for a refund and they sent an email with a second tracking number and stated that it was a replacment that it was on its way without even askng me if I even wanted a replacement. The second tracking number was not even a recognizable tracking number for USPS and was completly fake. I strongly urge anyone considering to do business with Muzzha! to find another vendor. They had great reviews on amazon which made me feel safe. I dont see how a business that operates using these unethical practices such as providing fake tracking numbers, has a majority of good reviews.At any rate you have been warned use Muzzha! at your own risk and I wouldnt expect too much from them in terms of customer service. Finally amazon was able to get me a refund but this was after vendor held onto 300 dollars of my money for over a week without so much as attempting to make things right.

  • Oct 12, 2016

I ordered a foam mattress through one of their partners came to the shipping page saying: "get it in two days " for this order, I clicked it and it billed me $105.83 fora Amazon Prime membership after 30 days without my knowledge or consent.

  • Oct 12, 2016

Amazon will take your money on a software download purchase, then read cue card answers that their policy does not allow refunds no matter what the problem is. In my case I never received the correct serial number activation codes ... I was told when I called amazon support that they would come in 1 - 2 hours but it is now over 6 and no codes ... their whole download sales system is goofy and wrong when it comes to purchasing software from Amazon.

When you call amazon support they just read from cue cards and tell you "too bad, we are sorry but no refunds for any reason even if the software can not be used since it is stuck in a trial / expires version.

First, it says nothing on their sales order notification of any other codes needed to activate and use the software and then the one they send you that is one of their own is totally bogus, does not fit the activation screen fields which want 2 codes and has no relevance to the software manufacturer.

After trying to research this and get the code to go in and activate ( takes some time online ) you find that others had the same problem, that this has been going on for years with Amazon... most of the complainers never got their software useage or a refund, others had to repurchase direct from the software company so they paid twice and if most are like me the never complained. This time especially since it was Amazon and that was the only reason I just purchased it from their site ( supposed customer service and healthy support) I am not going to just go away ... it's not about the $40+ dollars it's about a company doing this to consumers then hiding behind "policy" and acting like I am the criminal.

When you call amazon support they read from cue cards and tell you "too bad, we are sorry but no refunds - no matter what" . So now I have a goofy 30 day trial version that I can not use as is, that I do not want to waste any more of my time with ( over 2+ hours now on support calls, help files, filing complaints - by the way Amazon would not let me publish even a very toned down version of this one on their site - they said it broke their policy so I could not warn people there ). From the beginning to the end Amazon offers NO support or solution to this problem - they cue card you and as far as they are concerned the problem is over for them. But they have my $40. I've been in the computer industry over 35 years, seen some bad customer service but this takes the cake ... the last words from their help desk chat person was after repeated refusals to resolve the problem ( like offer some solutions or ways to get the correct code) or refund ( policy prohibits refunds ) he has the cue card insanity to say " is there any thing else I can help you with today" .

  • Oct 7, 2016

In June 2016 I was having a problem with my Kindle Fire. I went to Amazon help and in the process of fixing one problem the agent deleted my music library, a total of 45 albums. I have since been trying to get it replace by Amazon.

I have contacted over 15 agents with no result. Each agent will be unable to solve the problem and will tell me he or she is going to transfer me to a "specialist". The next agent will do exactly as the previous agent and then will tell me that he is going to transfer me to a specialist.

This happens over and over. When try to contact by phone - and you must call Amazon if you are not in the U.S you will get a call service where you are unable to understand the person from Amazon. These operators are speaking english althought their accent makes them impossible to understand.

Sometimes you will get an agent who will tell you that they will forward to a technical department and they will contact me within 2-3 days. You never get a reply and when you do it is just back to the help link where you started.

I have heard excuse from - you have to be physically present in the U.S. for them to be able to send music, although they had no qualms about selling their product overseas. I am trying to warn customers of Amazon about the hazards of using their help agents who are contracted out to whoever, and then the battle of trying to contact anyone with the company who will actually help. They just want to sell and take your money and then forget about you. Randy, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  • Oct 3, 2016

Placed a order with this Amazon online retailer for Gold Medal 1056 CS Sour Attitude RTU Case of 4 Gallons. Received 1 gallon in a 4 gallon box. Emailed retailer, Received 1 of 4 gallons today. The order description was for 4 gallons. Please ship other 3 gallons. Thanks.

Without asking, they refunded my payment the next day. I have tried to contact them numerous times, without any response. I wanted to file a claim for the remaining gallons. I was notified that a claim cannot be filed if there was a refund.

The reason BFF Nation refunded me promptly was to avoid fullfilling the remainder of the order. I never asked for a refund, just to ship the remaining 3 gallons.

  • Sep 29, 2016

If anyone out there didn't know this, Amazon owns Warehouse Deals, Inc. but they claim they do not! This is a big problem because they won't honor returns when items break. This is a scam and Amazon deserves to be sued for this misrepresentation. I will sue if ever the opportunity arises!

  • Sep 29, 2016

Amazon Seller BlueCare Automotive manipulated my feedback as a seller when I listed one of their items as used on Amazon to sell it. I bought it from them and didn't need it so instead of returning it, I listed it for sale. BlueCare Automotive then sent me a threatning email telling me to remove it. When I refused BlueCare Automotive has a buyer by the name of MICHAEL L MAST of MILLERSBURG, Ohio purchase the item then a few days later maniuplate my perfect 100 percent seller feedback into a negative rating preventing me from selling again on Amazon. BlueCare Automotive used the feedback system at Amazon to prevent me from selling.

The seller sells: B00YEWFNFW">Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt (2-pack) with FREE POLISHING CLOTH, Highest Density, Ultra-soft, Super Absorbent, Lint Free-Scratch Free, Use Wet or Dry

Buyers should not buy from this seller because the items are junk. Simply purchased from DollarTree and resold on Amazon for $14.95 then the seller claims those items are pattented or trademarked and that nobody has a right to sell said items. The seller used a dirty tactic to place a bad mark on my seller account and therefore can't be trusted on Amazon. The seller BlueCare Automotive violates the feedback maniuplation policy at Amazon. The seller BlueCare Automotive is also purchasing feedback and customer reviews on facebook for $10 each. This is also a violation of the feeback policy on Amazon.

Do not buy anything from BlueCare Automotive

  • Sep 15, 2016 it's such a scam first of all you call about your seller account and they can't even help you with it tell you you have to email somebody else by email only we can't contact them that process takes 48 to 72 hours for them to reply I had an issue with my Amazon account being hacked. I called the 800 number to Amazon and oh yeah yeah we'll fix it they say is someone old Indian guy. well what they didn't tell me if they deleted my bank account that was connected they deleted all my sales and then at the end of the month I get a email from the buyer saying I couldn't reply to you or pay you for what you sold because their Bank wouldn't release the funds to me because I didn't have a bank account. Apparently the I had to re add my bank account and with another week for it to clear. In the meantime the guy wanted a refund so I told him Amazon messed up Well my second sale went through and I was expecting my payment. Amazon froze my account supposedly for 90 days and I had letters after a letter from supervisors saying that I should have gotten my payments then I thought with the BBB and the outcome was I had to wait 90 days till September 4th to my account was unlocked. this was coming from the payment funds team and the seller performance team. to this day my account is still locked and it's noted on the BBB website that was supposed to be opened on September 4th 2016 and it's still locked.

second of all they only paid me half of what they told me they were going to pay they said because it's a convenience fee for them the process an unlock on my account which is total BS and I've gotten 5 supervisors that have replied via email to the seller performance team and the payments team telling them that I have a letter from the BBB and they need to open my account right away and pay me the full amount and they only give me half yet they paid me 10 days later when they should have paid me on the 4th and yet my account is still locked.

The second thing is they always try to merge cases together To confuse people example of your case is 001 the merge it with k007 and then they will take that next time you call in merging with another case number and then another so you never know what your case number is and they can't find it. you tell them it's this one and it's not that's another scam they run.. I'm still waiting for my other payment and it's been more than 5 days from when they said it would be in my bank account that's how Amazon screws you over they always connected to somebody that doesn't know from the previous issue that you had and then when you really need help with your selling account they tell you oh you have to email only this certain company which isn't part of them there a third party and then you have to wait 48 to 72 hours for them to email you back to get your answer. so it's always passing the buck to somebody that helps at Amazon

  • Sep 12, 2016

Via internet ordered two nutritional supplements, from a sunrider distributor, nuplus & quinary. at that time, no product ingredients are listed; there have been partials posted since, not for products purchased. nuplus simply herbs specifically, thinking it would be herbs; primarily ground beans and few herbs. packages were not opened and since returned. false advertising. Amazon has determined a fifty percent return to buyer for restocking fee. like their seller has to hire extra men to lift two 9 oz. boxes. exhausted from thinking about it. quinary slightly different, one bottle was opened. product is amazingly heating. it's prima herb is panax ginsing, which triggers migraine as do beans. up shot is do not order anything from Amazon and expect to return it and receive full refund.

  • Sep 9, 2016

Amazon charged my debit card $99 dolars for a Prime membership they claimed I signed up for. I did no such thing. This charge overdrew my bank account and with the fees for the overdraft included, our account was in the negative nearly 200 dollars. Amazon refunded the $99 but did not offer to cover the overdraft or any other form of compensation. It has been 5 days and my babk account has been a screwed up waiting for them and the bank to reverse charges. In the mean time, since my little family of 4 lives paycheck to paycheck there is no gas in the car to commute to work and not even a few extra bucks for groceries. They took our last 97 bucks till payday and then the additional overdraft fees. Thanks Amazon.

  • Sep 8, 2016

I was selling a marykay bag the guy said he's interested in it he told me to put the check in my bank my products I was selling was$ 190 plus shipping$ fees in packing the product then he said he give me 40$ then I was charged at my bank fees for placing g that amount I put in my bank I did it came to $200 then late fee witch was 50 I told him he said take the rest out the bank told me 3 days later it was a fake check now I have to pay the bank back $1017 witch I don't have in over draffed my account $900.

  • Sep 5, 2016

I purchased an outdoor chair thru from Amazon Warehouse Deals, Inc. The box included the parts to asssemble. When I went to assemble the chair, they had sent the incorrect parts so I wasn't able to assemble it. I called and complained. I was told by a rep in India that they did not own the company, could not send the proper parts and would do nothing for me. I looked up WHOIS and found that Amazon did indeed own Warehouse Deals, Inc. I then told them I wanted a refund, and they said they had to wait 3-4 business days and I would get an email stating it had been processed. I asked for a supervisor and I was hung up on!!! I have reported them to the Fraud Dept. in Los Angeles, and have cancelled my Amazon credit card and will never do business with them again.

  • Sep 5, 2016

I placed a order for a video card through Amazon on August 30, 2016. According to the Supervisor named "Suraj", Amazon can't help a customer according to their policies. "Suraj" stated further it is "normal" and "all items" must take several days in order to come up with a solution. I've read in multiple forums from the "BBB" website to "Amazon Community" pages, of customers receiving a replacement or a refund for items marked as delivered, but were never received. According to the tracking on Amazon's website, "Your package was left at the front door or on the front porch." Therefore, because Amazon authorized the release of a high value item to be left outside the customer's home, Amazon is 100% responsible for the package. In other words, Amazon basically did not follow due diligence procedures. On top of lying, not providing proper customer support, failure to provide due diligence, Amazon has refused to provide standard customer service multiple times. I have tried to resolve the problem in which I have not received my item. The frustrations and stress by the action and/or in-actions of the customer service representatives to the supervisor (Suraj) in failing to provide a reasonable solution and treat me equally plus fair are not acceptable. Amazon being unfair through the actions of Supervisor Suraj in refusing to help me with a delivery issue, I would like a refund for the graphic card that hasn't arrived. I've dealt with multiple companies before (walmart, target, cvs, bestbuy, etc.), but the lack of non-helpfulness from Amazon recently is the worst I've experienced in my entire life. As a result, I'm taking this complaint into multiple forms to let everyone know about the poor customer service at Amazon. I can't believe how much of my time was wasted, it's like they don't even care about customers. I will definitely share this bad experience with amazon to family and friends.

  • Aug 12, 2016

"Shamatas", the seller of the shoes I purchased on Sep. 15 2015 on Amazon marketplace, won't refund $268.00 after receiving the returned item with new unused condition on Jan. 2 2016 while another pair of shoes of the same brand/size purchased on the same day from another store on Amazon was refund immediately. I requested the returning and they sent me a return label on Sep. 28 2015. However, after returning, the seller never responds to my contacts while reselling the returned item on Amazon sometimes using the trick to withdraw the item from the online shop to hide the fact that the item was returned with unused re-sellable condition. Detailed information is available on the below online documents.

  • Aug 1, 2016

There is a lot of counterfeits of the brand-name SD memory cards on the market. They often have falsely declared capacity and/or quit working after while. Being aware of it, I bought two rather highly priced SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Cards from the DJI ELECTRONICS, and I bought them from this seller just because of their good on Amazon rating. Regrettably, after a few uses the one of those SD cards stopped working. Acting like a cheep substandard seller the DJI ELECTRONICS refuses to take any responsibility for selling me the product that, more likely than not, is the one of those cheap counterfeits.

I lost a lot of valuable data, and to increase my frustration, the Amazon protects the crooked sellers (and obviously its profit) and arrogantly prevents me to give this seller the rating that they deserve, and to caution the other buyers what they could expect from this product and from DJI ELECTRONICS.

In the instructions Amazon say. “Don't describe your seller or shipping experience, you can do that at However, when I follow its instructions, the Amazon just runs me round and round on its website, and allows me to rate ONLY the product itself. This is outrageous, because the same product could work properly if it is a genuine product sell by a genuine seller and not the apparent counterfeit that DJI ELECTRONICS sold me.

It is also outrageous that due to the precarious formula that Amazon uses, the seller evaluation is misleading absolutely meaningless. It gives the sellers that do not stay behind their products and have lousy or tricky return policy excellent rating and thus victimizes the customers. That is good for Amazon's profit, but leaves the tricked customers high and dry.

  • Jul 21, 2016

We needed oil to service our diesel truck. After pricing Rotella oil at our local auto parts stores we decided to order off of Amazon to save a few bucks. We placed an order for a 6 pack Rotella for $87 free s&h. Stated it would be delivered in about 1 wk. After going thru our orders on Amazon at Random I noticed a $539 discrepancy. It was with the company Connect Buy on Amazon. They charged us expedited shipping of $539 to deliver an $87 product. I flipped out!! Quickly we began to rebuttle the charge. Amazon guaranteed us if Connect Buy would not refund us that they would. Well after a few days Connect Buy refused to refund the charge. We could either pay to have it shipped back and probably eat the cost anyways or go thru Amazon. We filed a complaint with Amazon. In less that 3 days they denied to refund us our money. We are a normal American family. We work hard for our money and receive no outside help. We have 2 small kids. It hurts us to have to pay an extra $539. No one in their right mind would pay that!! Guess we will bend over and take itbc we are normal peo pm e and cannot afford to fight back. Be careful what you buy online and always double check and recheck totals and fees. Do NOT buy from Connect Buy bc they will rip you off!! I have seen several similar reports.

  • Jul 20, 2016

I have done a lot of business with Have always thought of them as reliable and honest, and have made the appearance of going out of their way for a long time. Unfortunately, today I got a reality check in which I discovered that a lot of those times I thought they were going out of their way, they were in fact charging me more then they were supposed to and because we do a lot of business with them, I have overlooked it. Normally when I do business with someone, if they charge more, its easily catachable. But when you buy from someone friequently, a few dollars Ill overlook. This is where Amazon gets sneaky. Spoke with them on the phone and in chat, and the fact they hung up on me twice when confronted and dropped from chat three times, its a definate sign their up to no good. Now you may wonder if I spoke to them on the phone, why wasnt their number listed with this post? Its because they have a system where you dont call them, they call you. You select how you want to talk with them, then they call you immidiately. Or you can chat online. Anyway, here is whats been going on, and its been happening for a long time. Im only seeing it now.

How many times, I placed orders with them to get a seect few where Im told the card is declined and to use another form of payment. Sometimes I can change the card selected, other times the system wont let me and the staff tell me they cant either and to cancel the order and replace it. Here is where I found out isnt as honest as I thought. I got an email that an order I placed two days ago had the payment declined and to use a different form of payment. When the system wouldnt let me change it, spoke to staff who told me they couldnt either and to cancel the order and replace it as I mentioned above. I had ordered a software program that everyone else is selling for $40 or more. Amazon had it at $19.99. I canceled the order and went to place it again when I noticed the price was $38. Big difference from $19.99. The card I used, I used other places today. When I spoke to staff, they told me the bank had declined it and that they couldnt do anything about the higher price. I didnt place the order.

When I went online to see if there was any issues, I saw $19.99 being held by amazon. I call my bank and I can definately say I wasnt suprised when I was told that the charge for $19.99 would fall off in a few days. Guess what? This ment that the sale was never declined. If it wasnt declined, then why did amazon tell me it was? Turns out, when there is a substancial price increase, some of those sales will show as declined. And if you try changing the form of payment on those sales, the system wont let you and you will have to cancel the order if you want the item bad enough. I went over the bank statement for the past year. Im glad to say that I wasnt double charged, something I was worried had happened. What I was angry to see was the fact that a number of sales I had to cancel, had quite a price increase when the orer was placed over again. I also noticed it seems to happen more when purchasing games/electronics.. Pre-orders get canceled with emails stating they wont be carrying that particular item yet if you look on their website, they are in fact selling that item at much a higher price. Several books I preordered this happened to.

  • Jul 8, 2016

On May 9,2016 I contacted via chat because of an order I had placed the agent after we finish 30 mins later the agent contacted me because he needed more information and ask me for my password and several personal information and provided me with a 5$ gift card and was informed that I was going to be out of town for 1 moth in a boat.

On May 15 to June 16, 2016 the following orders where places under my account with the debit card that was register with amazon and where ship to a different address and mark has gift

ORDER # 104-7830821-5198660

ORDER # 113-3769888-5862650

ORDER # 113-9475300-8809846

ORDER # 113-6027069-4536241

ORDER # 113-1958446-1135413

ORDER # 113-3863282-1741826

ORDER # 104-1689553-9401013

With a total of 1703 us dollars when they tried to order a more expensive item a 1500 us dollars wrist watch the bank contacted me and I called amazon right away.

I told them that the fallowing is not my address: 8472 NW 72ND ST DO QMC-2031 MIAMI, FL 33166-2395.

They closed the ‘’investigation’’ because they assumed one of my family member was the one that placed those orders.

I contacted them a second time and they reopened the investigation and ask me to send them proof of identity and address via fax.

Provided amazon with copy of my US Passport and credit card bill and utility bill all with the same address I had with them since 2007, they advise they received the documents reactivated my account and to wait 24 hours for an email from the fraud department that was on the 27 of June

I waited and because I didn’t get a response and got a couple of confusing emails from amazon I opened a chat and I ask for a supervisor this time the supervisor repeated what’s going on and the agent repeated the same thing over and over that she didn’t have any more information for me at the moment and closed the chat.

So I called in and was advice by the supervisor that refuse to provide me with his name or employee it and advised ‘‘all people that sign for the orders have Mexican or Latino last name so you must be family I don’t have anything else for you and this investigation is closed''

So I opened a complaint with the Better Business Bureau BBB and started a campaing to informed all the facebook amazon customer with issue to ''open a complaint with Better Business Bureau BBB, Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office of Seattle and Florida and the Federal Trade Commission''

they are doing fraud and getting away with it their customer service suck and their racist

And this was the response I got

Hello David,

I'm Vijay Kumar from I'm writing in response to a complaint filed on your behalf by the Better Business Bureau BBB - I've provided the BBB with a copy of this message.

I completely understand your concern about your recent orders.

I've checked with our appropriate team and confirmed that there wasn't any unauthorized activity on your account. Please check with your family members/friends as they might have accepted packages on your behalf. Unfortunately, you're not eligible for refunds/replacements.

Please feel free to contact us directly by replying to [email protected] if we can be of further assistance.

today i received a secound email that everything from now on regarding this will be ignored.

  • Jul 2, 2016

I was told on April 19/16 I would be receive a refund of charges bu Amazon. After 52 emails from them, three phone calls at my expense and 17 Case numbers, I have yet to receive the refund.

I have ben told that the refund'will be initiaed' on a given dastye and will take 3 -5 banking days. This I have been told three times. It hasmn't happened.

The 'Customer Service ' department has no connection the department making the payments. The service dept't makes promises they can not keep to keep you quiet.

  • Jul 1, 2016

This will send a message. If you see an ad in craigslist, ebay, or anywhere where these resellers are trying to sell you an Amazon fire stick then beware. First in the Terms of Service agreement it states that you can buy an Amazon Fire Stick. You can buy at a store, It does say the following as is. Amazon isn't the problem. It's the resellers.

One of my friends decided to buy this item. He had a computer issue and a virus. WHen he called the reseller they switched phone numbers and refused to refund him. He then called police and is filing a complaint with craigslist.

Look up fire tv warranty.

Here is an ad we recopied and paste in Philadelphia. This needs to stop. Please do not buy from any of these people who want to sell one on sites like craigslist or ebay.

These Fire TV Sticks are JAILBROKEN! According to Amazon this means a virus.

That means that you will have unlimited access to movies, TV shows, pay-per-view, children's shows, music, adult programming, live TV, games, international TV channels, sports, and a whole lot more!

There are no subscriptions or additional fees. You get all this for free, forever.

I spend well over an hour customizing each Fire TV Stick. I install the latest version of Kodi and load it up with all the coolest add-ons. I even set it up so everything auto-updates, so you have all the latest stuff all the time! -- If you see someone who wrote that call the police and call the FBI. This needs to stop. they have a VPN and they can lose their fcc license if they have one.

I offer ONE YEAR of updates and support. If you ever have any problems or questions, I'll help you out at no additional charge! - According to Amazon, Amazon only offers a 90 day warranty.

FREE DELIVERY! I will deliver the Fire TV Stick to you. I will meet you anywhere you want, whenever you want.

WATCH OUT of other guys selling Fire TV Sticks at lower prices. They don't have HALF the stuff mine have! Also, you'll just be asking for problems with theirs. Trust me.

EVERYONE I sell these to just absolutely LOVES them. Get yours today!! - Everyone who buys them will have the same problem and maybe a letter from their ISPs also.

Do you have any questions? Ready to get one right now?? Just reply to this ad!

So as an elder relative asked me this one time. Do you believe everything you hear or read from someone or over the internet?

You do get a 90 day warranty. Yes there is at first. So therefore its Amazon who designed the fire sticks. Lets get that straight.

So another words if you see an ad in craigslist or ebay Don't buy it. If it says jailbroken you risk your computer equipment of malware and other viruses. These resellers who we feel are MLM and so forth trying to sell it is illegal for them to do so as they want to program these. There are street dwellers who have nothing better to do. Also many who have these items selling claim that they're tired of paying the cable and satellite companies. So I guess it's okay for everyone to get something for free.

Buying a streaming player is def cutting the cable cord but what these resellers do is violate the terms of agreement to Amazon. Once the third party tries to give you everything for free good luck with it see how long it lasts. Companies are finding out how to security patch it.

  • Jun 30, 2016

Bought a vortex fan from The fan is advertised with a 10 year worry free warranty. The fan stopped working after 6 months. Contacted amazon several times for warranty information and now being told there is no warranty. I have a screen shot of the product description and two places it states there is a warranty. This fan was used as designed and over $700!! This stopped my business for over a week and half while waiting to hear from amazon after several responses regarding products I never purchased. Contacted BBB and they did nothing - Amazon stated they will not address any inquiries regarding this warranty - has not produced any warranty as listed nor the contact information for the manufacturer. Amazon also stated - there may not be any warranty - despite one being listed in two places on their website under product description.

  • Jun 30, 2016

Hello everyone, After talking to 10 different people from Amazon support, I've basically come to the conclusion that Amazon stole my gift card balance, and is refusing to give it back. Here's the last conversation I had with their support. Maybe someone can offer me some advice on how to proceed... and if not, this is a good way of unloading some frustration.

Hello, Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested: Initial Question: I'm trying to see how much longer a gift balance transfer will take

08:12 AM PDT Keimo(Amazon): Hello, my name is Keimo. I'm here to help you today. I will be checking on this for you.

08:12 AM PDT me: Hello there

08:12 AM PDT Keimo: May I have the name and the email on the account please ?

08:12 AM PDT me: it's the same email as this one, only with a capital R so it's ***

08:13 AM PDT me: I had some funds from amazon mturk, as gift balance and requested a move to this account, since I have all my orders on this one this was Saturday morning the funds were removed from the other account, but it seems to be taking ages someone from support said that it's currently being escalated to the mturk support team, so I'm not sure

08:15 AM PDT Keimo: Let me read through.

  • Jun 29, 2016

I purchased a Wadsworth vintage circuit breaker that was listed "like new" and indeed it was clean and looked new, complete with bar code sticker. It arrived well boxed and wrapped in clear plastic and taped with clear packing tape. As a seasoned electrical contractor, it appeared to be exactly what I ordered.

A 74 mile one way trip to the boundary of Yellowstone Park to complete a hot water heater installation for a small cabin is when I cut open all the plastic and tape and right off it wasn't right. The handles on the breakers (it is a 2 pole) were cockeyed and the breaker would not reset. Upon testing the unit with an ohmmeter, the unit was found dead on both sides.

Anyone with good eyesight could see that the breaker was not visually correct as the two handles were serioiusly misaligned. I tried to contact Warehouse Deals through their website and Good Luck! A complete dead end with phone number, customer service, and "contact us".

I am now saddled with the time and mileage to the customer who shouldn't pay for this fiasco and I don't want to be stuck with an empty plate either. I wouild like to get a new breaker free from these people and return of my monies, as a minimum demand.

  • Jun 29, 2016

We ordered mosquito repellent bracelets from MicsP and paid for them. We waited for several weeks for the product but they never arrived. We tried contacting MiscP but they did not return our emails. There is no phone number or street address for them. We contacted Amazon but they said that as MiscP is not selling their own products and that the product was not Fullfilled by Amazon, they could not help us. DO NOT BUY FROM MISCP or SEND THEM ANY MONEY. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. BEWARE.

  • Jun 17, 2016

I placed an order with and I have an account with them, I'm billed at the end of month which I pay in full, and instead of billing me they went in to my bank account and took the money with out my permission. Now I don't know who has my banking information?

  • Jun 15, 2016

Two times I tried to buy a used laptop from individual sellers. I accepted the asking price and each time the sale went thru with a delivery date. Both timess, after receiving no shipping confirmation by the promised date I contacted the sellers. The first seller responded "I sold it to someone else." The second seller never responded but continued to list the same laptop at a higher price. I complained to Amazon which canceled the orders.

I wasn't out of money but it spent several frustrating weeks waiting for the laptops I thought I had bought. On ebay if seller fails to honor a winning bid there is an opportunity to leave negative feedback. Welching on a winning bid is a serious matter in the ebay community.

Not so on Amazon. There is no way to leave feedback unless a delivery is actually made. Neither seller I ordered from seemed to have the slightest sense of moral or legal obligation to fulfil a completed sale and both continued to fish around for a higher price. There is no remedy for this failure under Amazon's feedback procedures.

I will no longer buy from individuals on Amazon Marketplace. Don't try it unless you have a lot of time and patience.

  • Jun 14, 2016

All three pieces of a 3-piece upholstered storage chest I received had damage to the exterior fabric and one also had damage inside. I immediately got an Amazon return slip which stated the merchandise would most likely be picked up the next business day. When it wasn't, I called Amazon but was told it was up to the discretion of the carrier who might take three days to pick it up. I also complained that none of my four reviews were published and my numerous emails had gone unanswered. After the call, my one star rating appeared but without the text I included with my review. Later they chose to publish a review (haha) which was really a message to Amazon (since I couldn't get a response any other way) that it was day 4 and I still had the huge box in my living room and no viable solution. But now I could post comments to the “review” and document Amazon’s lack of assistance as well as my real review, all four of which mysteriously disappeared.

To add insult to injury, I was offered a laughable $5 peace offering. Isn't that a lot like leaving a penny for a tip.

Only after AMEX got involved did Amazon bother offering any real assistance but not before trying to shift the blame. I was given the following explanation by one of Amazon’s customer service agents: “I contacted the UPS and asked them why haven't they picked up the item yet. They informed that they lost the return mailing label in transit and that's the reason they were unable to pick up the item.”

Given Amazon's lackadaisical inept handling of this return—the conflicting information, blatant lack of concern or follow through, total nonresponse to my messages, and apparent filtering of negative reviews--it's far more believable that Amazon was to blame. And how unprofessional to claim another company dropped the ball while not even addressing your own failures.

Either things have really gone downhill at Amazon or I have just been extremely fortunate in never having to deal with your customer service until now. Regardless, the incident has completely shaken my confidence in Amazon and maintaining a subscription to Amazon Prime. I'm sure the Amazon empire wasn't built using these current tasteless tactics but it's clear where it's headed now.

  • Jun 7, 2016

I ordered an HP printer on Amazon.con from the "seller" Warehouse Deals Inc. The printer was advertised as having damaged packaging but otherwise unused and unopened. I received the printer in a box that was clearly not the original HP printer. There was no power cord and the ink cartridges were dry so the in on the printouts was too faint to read. I am an Amazon prime member so assumed I could contact Amazon to have the issue resolved. I tried to leave a poor rating for the seller but Amazon doesn't allow buyers to post reviews for Warehouse Deals Inc. as a seller. This is likely because Warehouse Deals Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon. Also, Amazon makes it EXTREMELY difficult to contact someone via phone, chat, or email. This is a shameful practice by a company that prides itself on its customer service. I've been a faithful customer nearly since the company's founding because I enjoy owning and reading books but am feeling that I need to begin finding a different source, if I can. If I can't get this problem resolved I'll also file a better business bureau report.

  • May 21, 2016

It started out as buying a new SSD (solid state drive) for my Lenovo laptop as an upgrade from my traditional spinning hard drive. I turned to Amazon of course knowing their great prices and customer service, where I looked at tons of options, and decided on a SanDisk SSD with a 10 year warranty, now thats pretty awesome. Not to mention is was significantly less then most others with really good reviews. And of course trusting SanDisk from previous use with flash drives and SD cards, with absolutely zero problems. I think it was on sale too, not sure.

Now heres where it gets fun, I get the drive and I already have a dual bay 2.5 sata drive dock with 2 slots, which is able to clone. Yay! Should be easy except you can not clone a say 500gb drive to your new 480gb drive. If I had known this, I would have kept looking, so I did some searching on google and found some clone software and used my old lame slow desktop computer to do it.

Cool now I have all my info on my new drive. Hook it up and turn it on. First thing that pops up, something along the line of “Lenovo, repairing disk.” Crap! Startup takes forever but it works! Not sure what happens but awesome.

I start messing around with it, checking to see if all my files are there and try a game or 2, all working and I can even tell, its a lot faster, This is awesome. Then all a sudden, it freezes… but my mouse curser still moves around and, ok this is weird, then it starts working again and does everything I had just done for the past minute, weird?

This keeps happening, and it seems to be happening more and more often now. Ok somethings wrong. Maybe every 30 minutes it “freezes” for, yes, exactly 1 minute. Ok, let me restart, maybe its just a glitch. Restarting………. ok this is taking forever, longer then it did with my other drive. This isn't right (I later timed how long, 4 minutes and 52 seconds, every time).

I shut it down and take it out, and go to a working computer, hook it up externally and test it, it passes everything, but it fails the SMART test. Contacts Amazon immediately, they tell me that they're sorry I got a defective product, but with their experience, that I should contact the manufacturer (SanDisk) and that almost always that they can fix any problem I'm having, alright thank you. This was through chat I believe.

I email SanDisk and tell them everything thats going on, during non operating hours, so they'll call me back soon. I get a call 2 days later I believe and an Indian man asks me what all is going on (he was very hard to understand). So I tell him everything about it and he proceeds to ask how I cloned the drive, which I did and he says, well thats your problem, you didn't use our recommended (and ONLY acceptable software out there) and so we cant help you because of that. This is where I get mad. No, you sent me a defective drive. End of story. It doesn't matter what files I put on there, if SMART wasn't working, it wasn't working in the first place and thats not my fault. He wouldn't help me, so after who knows how long I decided to give up and call Amazon back, which I did.

I talk to someone and of course have to explain everything, but they can see the chat history at least. Im on the phone for at least an hour now with Amazon. Since SanDisk was very rude, Amazon decided to exchange the drive for me, for free since it was defective (thank God), but only 1 problem, now my personal information is on that SSD, and you can never truly delete everything off of them, so I make that known to them, plus I cant send the old one back in with my info on it before the new one comes, because then Id lose all my stuff! The gentleman was very nice and went ahead and sent me the new one, with 30 days to send the defective one in, sweet.

2 days later it comes in the mail, so now I use my HDD bay to clone them (since they're both 480s) and pop it in my pc. Same thing. Crap. I call SanDisk again, same guy. Oh yea I remember you. He emails me a 10 or so step process to wipe the drive or something, so I go and do that through the DOS system, doesn't work. Take the drive out and do it through another computer, doesn't work. Its still having the same problem. Call SanDisk again, its not working! He says he cant do anything for me. Ok this isn't going anywhere so we come up with calling the manufacturer of the computer (Lenovo) to see if they can do anything.

I call Lenovo, and they wont do anything since my laptop is out of its 1 year warranty, and of course, no OS cds and nothing to reset it, but there is a way within the computer. Ok Ill try that. That has 3 options, Reset and Wipe, Repair, Recover. All 3 do not work, because there is a “file” missing. How? Its all there… Call Lenovo back, oh I'm sorry sir, but we cant help you with that, BUT, you can buy our service and we can send you a windows 8 cd and bios disk so you can reset it, as well as protection for 5 other non apple devices for $200.00 a year, how will you be paying for that sir? No I'm not paying. But sir, NO thank you. Great that didn't help.

I call SanDisk back, Im furious now. Let me speak to a manager right off the bat. I tell him everything, including that this is not Amazons fault, they received a new defective product from SanDisk and sold it to me not knowing, and SanDisk should be the one fixing it, plus it has a 10 year warranty. At this point they're still trying to blame it on me using 3rd party cloning software, except SanDisk doesn't say anywhere on what software to use, I had to ask after the fact, but nevertheless, I made my point that it was unprovable that it wasn’t SanDisks fault and they agreed to send me a replacement disk if I sent the defective one to them and not Amazon. Fine, Ill do that, I just want my computer back. It keeps getting worse. He tells me to do the 10 step whatever process again. But before they send me the disk they want a non-refundable $20 for sending the disk out before I send the defective one in. This is where I lose it. You want me to pay out of pocket, for a defective product, that you tried to blame on me and did absolutely everything to get out of helping me at all and blamed amazon and expected them to fix your problem, are you crazy?! No, I'm absolutely not paying it. Ok sir, we will make a one time exception and send it out free of charge.

At this point, I'm just mad. Ive been on the phone for over 15 hours over 2 weeks and nothing has been accomplished. SanDisk wont help to remedy the problem but also didn't make it known to use specific software, wont help to “reset” my computer and wont take responsibility for anything. The new disk arrives, and first thing, I test it, it works cool. So far its blank, I haven't touched it. Including paying for an OS disk or repair shop. Also, I won a certified windows 7 disk and code, but 7 isn't an upgrade from 8 so I cant install it. I also can't wipe it, repair it, reset it, go back. It wont let me do anything.

Ive asked many computer engineers, software engineers, they all have ideas, but none work and all of them have never heard of this before. So here sits my $1500. paperweight, with my defective drive with personal data on it, my other drive with my data and my new replacement drive. I never sent it back in, because they didn't fix the problem. Basically my brother who's a computer engineer said the whole thing is f****d now, and they haven't contacted me at all for any of it. Im extremely disappointed with all 3 trusted known companies who honestly didn't give a d**n, although Amazon really did try to help, and they were the ones least at fault here.

This happened back in August of 2015, and here 6+ months have gone by, I still don't have a working computer, and they haven't even tried contacting me about not getting the drive back, or actually fixing the problem.

I have everything I could get documented, but phone calls. Just the logs and numbers of each phone call. At this point, its so many details I cant remember everything, but that is the main, not all the details to my absolute best memory. Too many hours were spent on the phone for nothing. Now I have 3 drives that I cant use, and my laptop doesn't work.

SanDisk gave horrid customer support, Lenovo gave less then adequate support, but you can always buy more, of course, and Amazon was left to pick up the slack. Unacceptable service from well known and trusted companies.

If anything, when buying SSDs, go with a little bit more expensive ones, like Samsung Evo, etc and pay that little bit more, they better perform and have less of a failure rate. And probably better customer service for that matter. Anything is probably better then SanDisk, which sucks because I really liked them and their products.

It would be nice to have my computer back. Any working order is better then nothing even if its not the upgrade I was trying to get, and the disk cost $159.99 plus tax. It BTW, was “SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5-Inch 7mm Height Solid State Drive (SSD) with 10-Year Warranty- SDSSDXPS-480G-G25” and is now selling for $180+ but also with more information provided and “Concierge Service” from SanDisk for only $40. But they still wont fix my problem.

Thanks for reading and hope this might helps someone else from getting screwed over.

  • May 12, 2016

I contacted Amazon to have an Amazon account terminated because I had to delete a gmail account that was compromised. With the gmail account being deleted I could not get in the normal way though a con artist might be able to so all I requested was that the rep cancel my Amazon account. Before I even got to that point this guy, who was obviously working out of a sweatshop in Southeast Asia or somwhere like that, who did not know English from Chinese. He was extremely difficult, could not communicate as well as a two-year old child. He told me that my name, which I was given at birth and have had over 50 years, was wrong. He did the same for the mailing address that Amazon has rapidly sent ads, notices, and more. When I requested to speak with his superviser he said the superviser was busy but would contact him, then 20 minutes later he said the superviser was too busy to speak with me.

I am sure there are U.S. citizens fluent in English that would like to have a job and would have understood the necessary information required to do the duties sufficiently. All I have seen is outsourcing, insourcing, low quality, poor service, higher prices, and also insufficient returns on my requests. It is aggravating and sad to see these things happening in to the people of the USA.

  • May 11, 2016 removed the page containing my company’s refund/return policy online and replaced it with their own new unconditional A to Z Guarantee without notifying us, then overrode us, issued bogus refunds that should not have been granted and charged us for them.

I found this out when I received a request for refund from a woman who had received our product nearly three months earlier. I responded to her request by citing our refund policy which was displayed on our company policy page. She responded that no such policy was listed. When I looked it up myself, I discovered that our policy page had indeed been removed, and replaced by Amazon’s A to Z Refund policy. I was never notified about the change, nor told that Amazon’s new policy would replace my company’s personal return policy. Our policy stated that refunds would be accepted only within 7 days of the customer receiving our product and then only if the customer had an allergic reaction to it: we manufacture customized skincare and unlike buying speakers or a shirt our products cannot be reused, and certainly not refunded after being used/kept for 3 months. We sell a product sampler for a nominal fee that allows buyers to sample each of our products before they purchase full sizes. This was stated clearly on the policy page that Amazon removed without our permission.

I contacted Amazon about this, and was given the run around. I finally responded to the buyer directly and granted her request for a refund because it was not her fault that Amazon removed the terms of the sale. However, I did not authorize a refund of the shipping fee. In fact, I closed my Amazon account that same day because I am tired of all the problems we encounter on a daily basis in dealing with this company. Today I received a new email notifying me that my decision had been overridden by the Seller Guarantee Team at Amazon, and that they were refunding the shipping charges to the buyer as well, in spite of my protest. Amazon maintains access to my credit card and bank account, even though I closed my account with them. Their rep notified me that there is no way for me to remove my credit card information from Amazon. This essentially gives them carte blanche to continue to charge me for whatever they see fit.

This company is totally out of control and doing whatever they please with no one keeping them in check. Communication with them is next to impossible.

The Amazon customer service team seems to be comprised largely of non-native English speakers who hang up on you when they cannot understand your request or how to spell your email address. They do not return calls. They often neglect to make a record of the case number, the reason for the call or even document the call itself. The level of accuracy they provide about Amazon’s business practices varies from rep to rep, with most reps insufficiently aware of how things work at Amazon, resulting in a lot of bad information being given out. Earlier in the year when I called to question the details of my professional sellers account, the rep told me that I had been misled about which type of account was most appropriate for my business, and that I had been overpaying Amazon for years. She recommended that I downgrade my account. What she neglected to tell me is that in doing so, Amazon replaced our company’s shipping policy without notifying us – thus enforcing a maximum allowable charge of $4.99 per package for shipping. We as a company cannot even buy discounted postage from USPS for this low price, so we incurred a loss of almost $4 for every order we shipped to their clients. This is ridiculous. The only entity really making money on Amazon, is Amazon itself.

Amazon’s hiring practices are already well-known. It is time to reveal their unethical business conduct to the public at large. I am outraged, and will continue to report their shady activity until everyone hears about it. I seek a refund as well as reparations for the countless hours I spent contacting and re-contacting Amazon’s seller support teams, my level of frustration in dealing with incompetent employees, and my requests for justice ultimately falling upon deaf ears. Apparently greed has no limits for this company. Shame on Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

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