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Choice Home Warranty

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Edison
Address 1090 King Georges Post Rd
Phone 888-531-5403
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  • Dec 28, 2017

I signed up on the 11th of Dec. on the 23rd of Dec. my water heater started acting up, called and was told it would be taken care of, 2 days later called back they said oh its too early, but we'll bump up your start date, the next day received an email, we can't find anyone, but you can. so i made an appointment. had to pay $200 out of pocket to get it fixed, called to cancel and they charged me $50 to cancel and $50 to change the start date, They Did NOT help me but got $ 100. out of me and all I received was Rude Service. They are a Scam!!! be smart don't go with these Nasty Peopl

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Choice Home Warranty Reviews

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  • Oct 6, 2019

This is the ad Choice Home Warranty is posting online for "Senior Citizens". I cancelled my warranty after they refused to repair and/or replace my stack washer/dryer which had been working fine and had never had any repairs over an 18 year period (they say "even 20 years") and had met their "waiting period" to qualify for repairs/replacement.

Their technician told me one thing, told them another, and didn't provide them with the pictures he took of my unit. I filed an appeal and was told by their "appeal person" that they were not going to pursue my claim any further and would be closing it. The ad is as follows:

Get A Home Warranty

Unexpected home repairs can be a nightmare and literally wipe out your bank account. This can be catastrophic, especially for seniors living on a fixed budget.

Unfortunately by the time most home owners hear about this, it's already too late. Choice Home Warranty is a brillant program that could save you thousands of dollars on costly repairs when you need it most. Never pay for covered appliance failures, electrical issues, broken furnaces and any other applicane at the [end] of it life cycle.

Many homeowners make the maistake of assuming their major applicanes are covered under their homeowners insurance, that is until their furnace or refrigerator breaks down and they are left paying hundreds or even thousand of dollars out of pocket. Problems like a broken refrigerator or dishwasher are not cheap to fix or replace. What about a broken air conditioner or furnace? These issues would likely cost $1,000's of dollars out of pocket to fix!

Luckily, homeowners can now take advantage of a home warranty plan regardless of when their home was purchased. Even if you purchased your home [20 years ago], you are covered under the event of unforeseen repairs.

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  • Sep 2, 2019

The current Choice Home Warranty website and promotional ads recently featured the replacement of just such air conditioning systems as mine implying that such replacements are routine, enticing people to sign up for CHW. Section F number 1 is given as the reason for non-coverage. The fact that this, section F number 1 exclusion, in this craftily drafted contract, is included pages away from the section on air conditioning/cooler coverage is deceptive and exploitative.

The lay person has no knowledge of this particular and very likely cause of system failure. This is a ridiculous assertion when referencing a 30 year old unit. The fact is that this is a very predictable failure in a very old unit and not the result of neglect or non-maintenance. The maximum expected life of a well maintained system is 15-20 years, irrespective of corrosion. Becoming inoperative due to normal wear and tear are the terms as to what would be covered.

Despite the representations in their contracts, Choice Home Warranty has used creative and deceptive means to deny my claim. Choice Home Warranty recently settles a major case in New Jersey regarding this very same denial of claim practice.

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  • Jan 26, 2018

I have submitted 2 claims to Choice Home Warranty. They will not pay more than about 25% of the repair cost of the AC system repair. They say the system was not maintained by the previous owner. Even though I had the system maintained since I bought the house, they say the same thing over and over. If you are looking for a home warranty company, do not choose Choice Home Warranty. I heard American Home Warranty is a much better company.

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  • Dec 28, 2017

I signed up on the 11th of Dec. on the 23rd of Dec. my water heater started acting up, called and was told it would be taken care of, 2 days later called back they said oh its too early, but we'll bump up your start date, the next day received an email, we can't find anyone, but you can. so i made an appointment. had to pay $200 out of pocket to get it fixed, called to cancel and they charged me $50 to cancel and $50 to change the start date, They Did NOT help me but got $ 100. out of me and all I received was Rude Service. They are a Scam!!! be smart don't go with these Nasty Peopl

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  • Aug 2, 2022

I took a contract out with Choice Home Warranty for a one year period with an option to renew for 3 more years in July 2021.

On July 6, 2022 I placed a service order request for a plumbing leak under my kitchen sink. I had to wait 2 weeks to get a contractor to come out. This service request was for a water leak. The water was going to damage my kitchen cabinets and floor if I didn't do something quick to resolve it.

I placed a bucket under the pipes, put a towell in the floor in front of the cabinet and put black flex seal tape on the pipe just in case it would catch the water. I didn't know where the water was coming from.

The contractor submitted pictures and an estimate of the repair. Less than 10 minutes later, without calling or asking for any clarifications, choice home warranty approved ONLY replacement of the faucet and supply line.

They denied to replace the sink, the strainer baskets or any of the plumbing pipes. I called the service department and was told it was because the system was rusted and that rust was specifically excluded in the terms and conditions of the contract.

I read the terms again and saw that rust was specifically excluded. I called them back and acknowledged that rust is excluded but advised them that my plumbing pipes are made of PVC plastic and this material cannot rust.

Therefore, the repair of the pipes should be covered. At that point, they told me that I would have to appeal and assigned a case manager. We set up a time to talk - 2 days later. (more delay time and possible water damage to my home).

When I spoke with the case manager, Norvette, she told me the same thing that it was denied for rust. I explained my point of view and tried to educate her regarding the process by which plastic or PVC cannot rust. She continued to fall back on the terms and conditions.

The next day, a sales representative called me to renew my policy. I told him, Ivan, about my service call problem. He said, "oh, don't worry. Your service order was approved and you won't have this problem with your new contract because it is a non-exclusionary contract and everything is covered on the listed systems including the plumbing and your appliances". I told him I wanted to wait to see how the repair went before I renewed the contract.

After talking to Ivan, I called the service department back to find out about the approval. They informed me that the service call was still only approved for the faucet and the supply line. They transferred me to Ariel to further discuss the issue.

Ariel read me the denial reason on the order and this time it said that it was denied because the homeowner had attempted a temporary repair of the system and that voided the term and conditions of the warranty. They considered the piece of flex-seal tape, the bucket and the towell to be temporary repairs to my plumbing system! I could not believe it.

I wrote a detailed description of my issue to the President of the company because that it what it instructs you to do on their website when you have a complaint. I included pictures, names, dates and times of my conversations etc. I got no response.

I did continue to get daily calls/emails from the sales department to renew my contract with the new non-exclusionary contract. I called one more time, to give them another chance, and spoke with Juan in the service dept. He set up another call with a case manager, Ms. Cooper for the next day.

Ms. Cooper called and I explained that the measures I took to prevent water damage to my cabinets and flooring were simple mitigation steps that anyone would have taken when water is leaking inside your home for 3 weeks now without resolution. She said she totally understood that I had to mitigate the water situation and that it wasn't an attempt to repair the pipe.

She put me on hold and consulted with the claim adjuster. She came back to the line and said that they still would not agree to cover the repair. She stated that even if the flex-seal tape were not on the pipe, the fact that I put a bucket under the pipe and a towell on the floor was enough for the repair to get denied according to the terms and conditions of their contract.

I asked her if this repair would be covered under the new non-exclusion contract that the sales department had offered me for the new contract period. She said she had never heard of such a contract and they didn't have that. She said that this plumbing issue would not be covered even under the new contract for the same reason of it being deemed an attempt by the homeowner to perform a temporary repair.

This company is unbelievable. I have read so many complaints about them. They advertise an A+ rating with the Better Business Burea, but if you look it up on the BBB website for New Jersey (where they are located), they have an F rating and attorney generals from several states have filed complaints about them.

No human being should be subjected to their deception. I cannot tell you in stronger terms that no one should ever do business with them. Their terms and conditions are written so tight that they can get out of anything. Furthermore, if you are unhappy and have to cancel your membership, they will subtract any costs they have incurred for repairs from the amount they owe you. Total rip off.

  • Jul 4, 2022

Beware if you use this company. From Aug 2020 we got a home warranty as we bought a home. Everything was fine, they sent someone to fix a small problem with air unit outside. Fast forward to July 20, 2021, we noticed our attic fans had stopped working. I have paperwork after paperwork of this constant communication with this company.

We still do not have these fixed. It is now July 5, 2022. Over 20 no shows and 3 reschedules. Company said they needed a second opinion on this. (Remember this for later) We figured ok they have seriously been screwing us over. Attic fans still do not work and one of them was bent from one of the 4 people who actually did show up. Then they tell us it hasn't been approved. I send another email and all the sudden we have been approved but yet no one ever bothered showing up to fix them.

Second is when our heat went out sometime during the night of Feb 3 or early Feb. 4 2022. This house was kept in immaculate condition. They send someone out about a week later. They went upstairs and didnt test anything. We were told with in 20 minutes of these guys leaving that our claim was denied. Of course it was. We can appeal.

Save your time because before they call you , they are already going to deny it. They stated surge or power outage. I call my electric company, spend 44 minutes on the phone with them to look at my box and tell me if there was an outage or surge to my residence. (Didn't know they could do that and if you didn't , well now you do). Tabatha from our company and her supervisor confirmed that there was no outage or surge.

When I spoke to the most friendly lady, CHW denier of claims, and told her that I spoke to my electric company and they confirmed that there wasn't any kind of outage or surge. CHW denier of claims told me that "well it could have been an internal surge". There was either a surge/outage or there wasn't. I confirmed through my company that there was not a surge/outage.

I asked her for a second opinion. Now remember they had to have one for fans that still aren't fixed. But again , CHW denier of claims told me CHW doesn't do second opinions. I told her that they had to have one for two attic fans that are still not fixed and her response was no. Just no.

Fast forward, we still have no attic fans because they are wired wrong still, temp switches aren't working , and one of the fan blades on one of the fans is bent at a 90 degree angle. We were able to fix the air for arount 65 dollars.

This company leaves people when it is very cold or very hot and they do not care about anyone. They take your money and leave you wondering wth just happened. This company is a scam. They have been sued in mulitple states for the same thing they are continuing to do to people. DO NOT use this company. I am saving you money. It is nothing but a money grab.

Their response is cookie cutter. Probably paid for every claim they deny. No shows, no shows, no shows. I stopped counting at 20.

They also will not respond to getting the attic fans repaired. And if you cancel ahead of your plan to retire they will also not fix anything. Huge warning people. This company needs to be stopped. Period. BBB doesn't do anything, writing the AG didn't do anything although they were helpful as they could be. (Maybe)

  • Mar 29, 2022

Scammers, it is the only word to describe this company. Don't be a fool buying their insurance on the phone explanation, if you read policy before to buy you'll find out they cover nothing but your pocket. They always will have a reason to deny your claim. Don't be a fool.

Reviews on rustpilot do not represent real experience. I have two insured properties, have paid 5 or more years in advance for both of them, made two different claims and both have been denied. My next step would be to claim my money back that I hope would be easier than claiming.

  • Mar 15, 2022

My mom bought Choice Home Warranty and had to file her first claim on 1/3/22 for a 2005 wall heater that stopped working. It is in the middle of winter, and she is freezing!

As of today 3/16/22 my mom’s wall heater is not fixed. They have sent two different technicians and ordered parts 3 separate times. Both technicians have stated to my mom that the 15+ unit should be replaced. From what I researched a typical wall heater lasts 15 years which my mom's unit is past that. The parts are extremely hard to find or is not really for that unit.

The technician said he got approval to replace the unit but then the company said he must order more parts instead. Mind you my mom has been out of a heater going on 2 months in the dead of winter. Freezing temperatures with ice, sleet, and snow on the ground. Extremely low temperatures!!! She is in her 70+. How can they treat her like this?

I hope they do not do this to their mother because my feeling is that this is elderly abuse. All because it cost less to replace parts than replace the unit itself. Who cares she is going without heat for 2 months right? It is not them that has to do it.

I have called Choice warranty on Feb 23, 24, 25, 26, and each time I got nowhere with the CS Reps. Each time I have requested to speak with a supervisor and the CS Rep must put in a request for a supervisor to call me which can take 24 hours. Well, it has been over a week and no supervisors has called me.

I am so frustrated they are treating my mother like this, and they do not seem to care! If they did they would be calling me or trying to figure how to get my mom some heat.

Update 2-26-22: CS Rep said the parts should be coming in the week of Feb 28 to March 4th and that week we could have the technician come to fix the unit.

update 3-8-22: No parts and NO return phone calls from supervisor (I've requested a supervisor since Feb 23) or technician. Mom finally found out the parts are on back order with no date of arrival. Mom told me; She is expecting more snowstorms.

3-9-22 Explained situation and explained I have never received a return phone call from a supervisor since Feb 23. I gave her my name and number to put in the notes again. The CS rep put me on hold and spoke with her team. She said the managers are aware of our case. The CS Rep stated, she must send the technician a note and request him to update the account regarding the parts on back order and to allow him 24 hours to update the account. After that they will investigate what my mom's options are. I again requested a supervisor to call me.

Update: 3-11-22: No supervisor has called me back. called and spoke with CS Rep Edgar. My mom and I explained the situation and we requested an update on the back ordered parts or our options. No information was provided, then what was previously given in the past. NOTHING. Edgar blew us off. At one point he stated the parts are not authorized because they cost over a $1,000+ and we had to pay for them out of pocket.

Mind you thru this entire process they stated if they cannot fix the unit then it would be replaced. Again, we requested to speak with a supervisor, and he stated he would put in a request. Is there anyone holding these CS reps accountable or overseeing them? There is no legitimate escalation process because the rep can say whatever they want, hang up with you, and never request a supervisor. When you call back the same thing happens again. You get nowhere. This must be what they want!

We hung up and called back and spoke with CS rep Maggie who stated she saw no such information that we had to pay for any parts. That the parts are approved. Why would Edgar say that we had to pay????? Maggie stated we had to wait for the parts on back order (No date on arrival of parts). No other options and no way to speak with a supervisor at this moment. She had to put in another request to speak with a supervisor. 24hrs

update 3-16-22: No supervisor has called me back after 15+ requests; dating back to the first request 2-23-22. My mom (policy holder) and I have both requested them to call me and not my mother. We had them put my number in the notes of the claim. Wall heater still not fixed since 1-3-22. No information on back ordered parts.

Called and spoke with CS Rep Maggie. She stated a supervisor tried calling my mom on Sunday, but my mom missed the call. They never tried calling again or never tried calling the proper phone number we requested. Maggie put in another 24-hr. supervisor request but this time from another department (Resource dept). She stated they will call me back.

  • Jan 14, 2022

We needed to replace our water heaters. They were leaking. We didn't have hot water.

We contacted Choice Home Warranty. They gave us permission to call our own plumbers to fix this. They couldn't find anyone. We contacted Home Depot to set up an appointment. They sent us a technician from Maeser Co.The technician came out to install the water heaters. He was here from 12:00 to .6:00. His pay was $165.00 per hour. This information was included in our claim report. Our bill came to $5,908.80.

Now,Choice Home Warranty has denied our claim. They say that it wasn't authorized.

They told us to find our own plumbers. They also told us they would pay 100 percent,except for a $65.00 service charge.

  • Sep 22, 2021

Wednesday September 22nd, 2021 Claim 134651661 7253 White Trillium Cir Orlando FL 32818-1283 Dear Michael and Betty Carroll, This letter is in reference to your Microwave claim. We have carefully reviewed the details of the claim and a coverage determination has been reached. During the coverage period, our sole responsibility will be to arrange for a qualified service contractor to repair or replace, at our expense, the systems and components mentioned as "Included" in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract so long as such systems and components: Are located inside the confines of the main foundation of the home or attached or detached garage (with the exception of the exterior pool/spa, well pump, septic tank pumping and air conditioner);and Become inoperative due to normal wear and tear; and Are in place and in proper working order on the effective date of this home warranty contract.

This Contract provides coverage for unknown/undetectable pre-existing conditions so long as the malfunction could not, or would not, have been detected by a visual inspection or simple mechanical test. Your claim was submitted on 09/20/21 and was assigned to BEN F LOGAN & SON APPLIANCE on 09/21/21. On 09/22/21 the technician submitted details pertaining to your system failure. It has been determined that the outer panel of the door broke off, resulting in the need to replace the door assembly. This is not a failure that occurs under normal wear and tear conditions.

Please refer to your terms and conditions section A number 2; which require systems become inoperative due to normal wear and tear. Your policy provides coverage for failures that are the result of normal wear and tear. Failures that occur due to abnormal operating conditions or catastrophic events are excluded from coverage. Appeal Rights You may request a review of this claim in writing by visiting .

The request for review must be sent within 7 days of receipt of this letter and state the reasons why you feel your claim should have been approved. Nothing contained in this letter should be construed as a waiver of any rights or defenses under the policy. This determination has been made in good faith and without prejudice under the terms and conditions of the contract, whether or not specifically mentioned herein.

Thank you for choosing Choice Home Warranty to be part of protecting your home from unexpected covered repairs. Sincerely, Team CHW * Please log in to the account center to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions. CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties. Claim Determination #1346516612 Yahoo / Inbox CHOICE Warranty Wednesday September 22nd, 2021 Claim 134651661 7253 White Trillium Cir Orlando FL 32818-1283 Dear Michael and Betty Carroll, This letter is in reference to your Microwave claim. We have carefully reviewed the details of the claim and a coverage determination has been reached.

During the coverage period, our sole responsibility will be to arrange for a qualified service contractor to repair or replace, at our expense, the systems and components mentioned as "Included" in accordance with the terms and conditi Wed, Sep 22 at 4:14 PM Michael Carroll To: CHOICE Warranty Wed, Sep 22 at 5:08 PM After both getting my repair request( Claim 134651661) turned down and talking to your rep, it is very clear to me and my wife that your company cherry picks submitted requests by your customers.

Your decisions to service or not service an order is possibly made by unqualified bean counters with no experience when to the particulars of some repair requests. This is bureaucratical bullshit and an unexpectable company practice. This microwave was in proper working order when bought this "AND" your warranty. If anything, choice failed to inspect the appliances prior to excepting the funds used to start this warranty program. Plastic pieces from the microwave's door are falling out and without "ANY" pictures to attempt to justify you're decision, choice home warranty turns down the repair request. But you don't have a problem excepting the money this company is receiving from my account.

This is not right and you as*holes know it. Now I see why Choice home warranty have so many complaints (315 and county) This company don't keep it's word. I've a few friends and relatives that had problems with other home warranty companies that told me if they take care of you like you say they do we'll sign up with choice too, but now I'll be telling them all to stay as far away from this company as possible. If any of them get a call from choice home warranty tell them to f**k off and hang their phone up. Michael J, Carroll Sr. Homeowner Hide original message On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 04:14:39 PM

  • Sep 18, 2021

Choice Home Warranty offers low cost warranty on home systems, unfortunately they refuse to pay for serviceable items citing that repairs are not covered. It takes months to get a response with no contact from their contracted vendors.

Ultimately, they refuse to pay for repairs citing multiple reasons.

1. They never showed for heat pump repair.

(Reversing valve)

2. AC wouldn't run (again a no show)

(Issue $.50 fuse. Repaired myself)

3. Dryer (Took them two months to repair)

4.Stovetop (took my deductible, repair person

Unreachable, finally denied claim)

5. Pool Filter motor (Vendor came out, deemed it

required replacement) again waiting in limbo.

Choice Home Warranty is a complete scam with piss poor customer service. Don't waste your money with these scammers.

  • Aug 20, 2021

They didn't respond to me for two weeks they told me to get my own guy to fix it and I did.

Now they don't want to pay 299

Scam don't go with them

  • Jul 31, 2021

I contacted Choice Home Warranty to find out about getting reimbursed if I decided to use my own plumber. Got the information, called my plumber, he comes out ($64 service charge, not covered) and says my hot water heater needs to be replaced. It's 16 years old and is no longer up to code. Choice Home Warranty (CHW) denies the claim because "insufficient detail was not provided."

I ask to get one of the plumbers on their network. Two weeks later, they come out ($75 service charge, not covered) and say the same thing my plumber said, namely, the heater is 16 years old and needs to be replaced, it is also not up to code. Their claim is denied.

I phone them the next day and the only information I can get from them is that they are researching other plumbers in my area and when one is located, they'll contact me.

Here is their scam: delay by continually sending out different technicians on their network until they find one that will not replace something (even though the current item is out of code), but repair it. When the item does, finally, break down and they are not able to find someone to fix it, they deny all further claims because the item was "repaired."

Avoid this company like the plague. They will rip you off.

I am reporting them to the Colorado Division of Insurance and am disputing all charges with my bank.

  • Jun 22, 2021

I have had a home warranty with Choice for a couple of years. I have had two claims, both denied. The first time my central A/C wasn't cooling well; a tech came out and found a leak, the freon was leaking out. Choice denied this claim because they said the only possible cause for a leak was corrosion, and they don't cover repairs due to corrosion. No proof that the leak was caused by corrosion of course. The tech made a minor repair and re-charged the system, which I had to pay for.

The second time, which was this week, the a/c stopped working suddenly. Their techs came out, took a brief look and said that they would not repair my system because it was too old. They said Choice would not pay for a whole system replacement, and demanded that I pay them right away $6800 to replace the whole thing. When I refused, they said they could fix it using used parts for $2000, and again demanded immediate payment.

I asked them to leave. The official line from Choice is that they don't cover claims caused by "lack of maintenance" and I was denied again. My outside coil was cleaned very recently and there was no debris or dirt build up on it. They said that the only possible cause for compressor failure is overheating caused by debris build up and that they cannot fail due to normal age, wear and tear. I called another tech on my own and he looked at it and found no debris build up in the coil, and said it failed due to age; I paid him to replace the compressor.

Choice will do nothing but take your money, don't expect them to ever actually pay a claim, they will ALWAYS find a loophole or excuse to not pay.

  • Jun 19, 2021

I hold a policy with Choice Home Warranty. My first claim with them is for a faulty hot water heater. I placed the claim and was assigned a plumbing company: True Heart Plumbing came out. They told me the H/W tank was indeed about to fail due to age and rust in the bottom of the tank. They shared they would insist the unit be replaced along with all the adjacent piping due to obvious age related failure.

I received an email from Choice Home Warranty stating they were denying the claim because it had a faulty expansion tank; which was not covered.

I was able to file a quick dispute claim. This phone conversation took place several days later. As is expected the claims adjusted was prepared to continue denying the claim. Completely ridiculous notion that the hot water tank itself was not covered-only other parts connected to it. I explained the ONLY reason hot water tanks fail is due to age and use of the tank itself; rarely, if ever to other parts connected to it fail. I told him Choice Home Warranty should REMOVE all coverage on hot water tanks because they are deceiving the consumer when they know the tank itself is not covered. Stay away from this company. Their MO is clear: Deny all claims as a default strategy. Then push back on all dispute claims as well. They should be class action law sued or at the very least have the US Government file fraud claims against them until they are pushed out of existence.

  • Jun 14, 2021

My $1200 Kitchenaide dishwasher broke. They decided it was too much to fix so instead of replacing as promised they offered to "buy out". They offered $246. Can't replace a dishwasher with even the cheapest, on sake hunk of junk with that. Filed a complaint. They said they don't pay retail (admitting they don't replace as promised) and offered $100 more.

I agreed just to be done with these lying thrives. They said I would receive an email on how to.finish claim and receive "funds". That is when I found out the funds was a Lowes e credit for that amount and could take 30 days to get it. A week later I called to cancel my policy as of anniversary date. It was in 10 days. Told I would lose my "buy out" if I canceled even though the date was 10 days away and the previous claim was a done deal even though I had not yet received it. So I could not cancel yet. These people are dishonest, deceitful, and you should never consider signing up with them.

  • Jun 7, 2021

Dear Customer Service Personnel:

This is a formal APPEAL/Grievance for the June 3, 2021 denial of my claim to have my Air Conditioner Unit replaced. This is not the first time I’ve complained about Choice Home Warranty, but I plan to make it the last time because I finally accept that Choice Home Warranty is a dishonorable company.

I deeply regret putting my money and faith into its fake promises for service over many years. I asked Choice Warranty to cancel my service, effective June 3, 2020. Here is why I join the more than 7,768 Better Business Bureau complaints over the last three years about the poor customer service received by Choice Home Warranty.

Choice Home Warranty sent Air Professionals of SC, INC, (832-293-8534), to my home June 3, 2021 because my AC stopped cooling my home. The technician said that I had two holes – one in the outdoor Compressor and the other in the Attic component. He indicated nothing other than he would contact Choice to see if the company would approve repairs and left with his $45.00 service fee, leaving me in a hot house and not knowing the cause of the holes. He did say that Choice Warranty most likely would not repair the AC and that I would know their decision very soon.

Ironically, two weeks prior to the failure of my HVAC system, I had a technician to come out at my expense to resolve any HVAC issues. I was charged $200 for the service and which included adding coolant.

I receive an email from Choice 30 minutes later indicating denial of my claim based on F#1, Limitations of Liability: …malfunctions or improper operation due to rust or corrosion of all systems and appliances.

I sent Choice Home Warranty an email to APPEAL the decision and was assigned a 3:15 EST, June 4, 2021 as the time to speak with Case Manager, Rolanda Hawkins (800-814-2534 x 4699). I called Ms. Hawkins at 3:15 and at 3:20 and left messages each time. She never returned my call to discuss my grievance. Again, Choice Home Warranty lacks integrity and honesty in its grievance procedures. Here are my concerns:

1. I paid $45.00 for Air Professionals to tell me that I had two holes in my compressor and left to call Choice Home Warranty. They never indicated the cause.

If rust and corrosion are reasons for denying claims, then all plumbing can be denied as well because AC compressors have condensation and are exposed to harsh weather, water, and winds. Denying my claim based on F#1 is like my mechanic refusing to repair my tire because it has a nail in it. In other words, AC compressors are eventually going to experience rust and corrosion, so it’s a scam to use this excuse for denying a claim.

2. It’s unfair and wrong for Choice to say that they have information not provided by the technician to me as to what the cause of a problem. Furthermore, Choice obviously can use “rust and corrosion” to deny claims on AC compressors, plumbing or any other item impacted by harsh weather, winds and rain! With no support from Choice Home Warranty, I had to locate a HVAC technician that could install a new HVAC system within 24 hours, which I did for a personal cost $6200.00! Choice Home Warranty, a company that I’ve never missed sending monthly premiums, sent an email to deny me emergency services, leaving me in a hot house to figure out my next steps.

3. Choice has thousands of dissatisfied customers, and I am done trusting this company! Any good-faith agreement between Choice Warranty and me is a fantasy because when the chips are down, Choice Home Warranty, wants your premium but does not want to give service. It’s always the consumer fault when it’s time to support the consumer service. Today, I paid $6200 for a new HVAC Unit and gave Air Professionals $45.00 to tell me they were not going to repair my AC Unit. Why in the world would I want to continue paying Choice Home Warranty monthly premiums when all the company does is take my hard-earned dollars and hide behind one ridiculous limitation/restriction after another to keep all the money for profit.

I would never encourage friends and family to choose Choice Home Warranty unless they want to also have multiple disappointing and frustrating experiences like me and thousands of others according to the BBC website. Choice does not honor its commitment, and I want to be a part of any lawsuit that holds the company accountable.

At first, I wanted to go through the Appeal process. Of course, I soon realized that was a scam too. Now, I just want Choice Home Warranty to Stop automatically deducting premiums from my account as I requested June 3, 2021. I am also requesting reimbursement of my $6200.00 based on the reason for denial is incompatible with reasonable expectations of homeowners in preventing rust and corrosion on an outdoor, 16 -year-AC compressor.

  • May 12, 2021

Waited 17 days for part. When they put in, found another problem. New washer needed. Instead of replacement choice offered 30 cents on the dollar . yes 1/3 of actual replacement cost

  • Apr 6, 2021

I have a contract for home warranty with Choice Home Warranty. Recently had a garbage disposal stop working and leaking. The plumber submitted photos which looked like rust because of liquids and food that had leaked. They rejected it based on the fact that rust and corrosion are not covered. After washing the unit the dirt and food came off easily with just water. Plumber than re-submitted the form saying it was not rust - he had made a mistake in initial diagnosis. They still rejected.

I opened a case with them and re-submitted photos of the cleaned unit showing there was no rust to begin with. The case manager kept saying they will not approve this claim because the photos looked compromised - first she said the pics look like they are of a new unit. When I said to her it is the same unit that has been in the house for 8 years and told her about the serial number, she said well it is compromised because it was cleaned. I said rust will not come off it you clean with water.

She just kept saying they wouldn't approve it. I asked her on what basis as there is no rust and she did not give a good answer and kept saying the "authorization dept" cannot approve it. I had to pay over $350 to get a new one installed and CHW will not pay a cent.

  • Mar 28, 2021

I purchased their premier program, which promised REPLACEMENT OF MY APPLIANCE OR SYSTEM AND NOT SIMPLY REPAIR. I paid EXTRA for this plan as I wanted to make sure we were covered for anything that might go wrong in the home we had just purchased. Boy did they ever screw me over and they will screw you over too if you enter a contract with them. So, my first claim was on my washing machine. The tech came out right away and determined that the bearings in the machine had gone out and I would need to replace. OK, no worries, right? WRONG. The claim manager told me my machine was WORTH $550., but I had purchased the REPLACEMENT, NOT A CURRENT VALUE PROGRAM.

The absolute lowest priced REPLACEMENT of my front load, large capacity (5cf) machine that I could find in my area was $780. AND THAT WAS ON SALE!!!! Choice simply told me, "too bad" we found a machine in another state (wouldn't say where) that we could purchase for the $550. even when I googled that supplier, I couldn't find the pricing of $550. and this particular company wanted $300. to ship the $625.00 washer (LOWEST PRICED I COULD FIND ON THAT SITE) to me in Florida. So, my very first experience with them they LIED TO ME AND THEY CHEATED ME AS I ENDED UP SPENDING $300. OUT OF MY POCKET THAT THEY SWORE I WOULD NOT HAVE TO DO WITH THE REPLACEMENT POLICY. I eventually gave up arguing with their phone bots and bought a lesser machine in my area that cost me over $800. So, so much for their REPLACEMENT POLICY. OK, on to my current claim. Last week my central air conditioning system went out, completely. Again, the tech showed up promptly and analyzed my system, he indicated it had completely failed and would need to be replaced.

He phoned CHOICE from my home and in less than 1 minute, they denied my claim in total stating that they "do not cover maintenance". Maintenance? How is a complete system failure "MAINTENANCE"? Usually, a maintenance item would be having the yearly check on your system done (which I have receipts proving these checks were done all 10 years), another maintenance item might be if the system freezes during high heat, the tech would come out and clear lines etc., to get your unit up and running again, or perhaps if your system was low on Freon a tech could provide maintenance by topping off the system with Freon. A complete failure is NOT MAINTENANCE, and stating that it is simple maintenance, WELL THAT is a lie.

CHOICE knows this but they are so use to lying and cheating they just say whatever they need to say to deny your claim. Finally, I was so frustrated with their lies I asked to cancel my policy and to be prorated the balance of premium, we are 1.5 years into a 3 year contract. I was told that if I cancelled my policy they would only rebate me $78.00 of $750.00 I paid (total charged for 3 years was =/- $1500.) So, Mr. Victor Hakim, Owner and CEO, you and your company are nothing but liars, cheaters and thieves. I want you to know Mr. Hakim, I will forward a copy of this review along with a personalized letter and a copy of my CHOICE policy to the Commissioner of Insurance in Tallahassee Florida, it is my hope that you and your company are fined and banned from selling your illegitimate insurance in Florida once they investigate. To all you Peeps who do your due diligence, DO NOT ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENT WITH THIS COMPANY. They are liars, and cheaters, thieves and of low character.

  • Jan 17, 2021

Report from Choice on email :

Claim Date:10/26/2020 Appliance Garbage-Trash Compactor Issue Noise Last Time Working10/25/20 Best Phone9494336823

More NotesJulie brown called in and stated that the trash compactor is not pushing down and its making a horrible noise (MY NAME IS JUDY not Julie)

Claim Updates

Choice Home Warranty:

(10/27/2020): PRUITTS PLUMBING has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Thursday October 29th, 2020 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. For your reference the phone number for PRUITTS PLUMBING is 6029448777. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $65.00 service call fee. Pruitt Plumbing was a no show I called Pruitt at 4:30 pm inquiring why? Was informed by Pruitt they do not work on Trash Compactors. (which I knew). I called Choice spoke with Louise. She would reassign the claim.

Choice Home Warranty:

(10/29/2020): Claim reassigned. Email sent out. No show no call. I called Choice spoke with Leigh at 11:35 am, she was to escalate service & reschedule Pruitt Plumbing & Choice would waive the service fee due to the non response. I reminded her that this is NOT A PLUMBING problem – no water is involved!!! I need an Appliance Technician not a plumber.

Choice Home Warranty:

(11/02/2020): PRUITTS PLUMBING has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Monday November 2nd, 2020 between the hours of 03:00 PM and 08:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. For your reference the phone number for PRUITTS PLUMBING is 6029448777. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

(Pruitt did come out looked at the trash compactor & said they could not work on the Trash Compactor. Took picture & made their report.) After many calls & tempers flying they reassigned claim.

Choice Home Warranty:

(11/04/2020): Claim reassigned. Email sent out. 3:53 pm This email states Pruitts Plumbing has been canceled. See attached. (After receiving email from Choice, I called an spoke with Jeannetta at 4:50 pm she was to send out another company. I was to hear back from Choice with in 6 hrs.

11/5 3:48 pm - spoke with Lisa same as all the other calls - sorry will resign another company.

After talking to Lisa I received 2 more emails: 1) 4:55pm stating my policy was cancelled in accordance….(see attached) 2) 5:50 pm -Choice is pleased to off me coverage ……..

Based on the email I received at 5:30 pm on 11/4 which suggest we secure our own technician, pay the technician then submit the bill the Choice who will pay the covered repairs within 30 days. After all of this I choose not to do this. It is Choice’s commitment to provide service – that is why we purchased the plan. I told Lisa I would accept a full refund of the policy $641.25 effective 10/1/2020 which Choice has not been able to provide service. MY CALL WAS DICONNECTED. I am now very upset/angry/………

I called back & spoke to Mark who passed me on to Claudia in support services – I was requesting answers regarding my policy / claim. Do I have a policy? Have I been cancelled? What’ happing with my claim? 4:12 pm I was passed to 24-hour retention -Jeanett who could not hear me & called me back at 4:13 pm. 4:25 PM She sent my call to Jessica in Resolution. Now it’s 4:45pm & speaking with Kenton who states he will refund me ½ of the policy amount plus 1 month = $375+ in 30 days. I told him that was not acceptable. He was not pleasant nor was I.

11/6 7:00 am - I spoke with Malano then to Racheal at 7:05 am Resolution Mgr with call being disconnected at 7:06 am. I called spoke with Cynitha 7:32 am. At Choice Corp Resoluation/Retention 800-814-2534x1934 who transferred me to Kevin, Mgt Sales then transferred no answer. Called Ronald at 800-816-2059 & spoke with Leah at 1:12pm. Same old story will reassign the claim.

Choice Home Warranty:

(11/20/2020): PDB Contractors llc. has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Thursday November 26th, 2020 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. For your reference the phone number for PDB Contractors llc. is (801) 637-4836. Upon the technicians arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

(I called PDB direct because the 26th of Nov was Thanksgiving holiday. (dumb to schedule work on a BIG holiday). John owner, rescheduled for 11/30/2020 between 11 and 3 pm. John did say he was concerned as Choice had not paid him in several months. John - NO SHOW. Called Choice spoke with Fernda she checked status & would expedite the workorder. Someone would get in touch with me tomorrow 11/31. Not!!!

Called John’s # on 11/31 could not leave message voice mail full.

Choice Home Warranty:

(11/20/2020): PDB Contractors llc. has been assigned to your claim and an appointment has been scheduled for Thursday November 26th, 2020 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 03:00 PM. Please make sure someone is available at the covered address at that time. For your reference the phone number for PDB Contractors llc. is (801) 637-4836. Upon the technician’s arrival you will be required to pay a $0.00 service call fee.

Choice Home Warranty:

(11/28/2020 06:40 AM) This claim is not currently being dispatched to the CHW Vendor Network. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please reply below.

12/1/2020 3:22 pm Spoke with Lisa said status was in process she would expedite the work order & again someone would get back with me.

12/3 4:56 pm Spoke the Jose – he reviewed claim, same as above. He will expedite claim. Someone to get back to me by tomorrow morning. Also said Choice had not received a report from PDB & could not reassign.

12/3/2020 8:00pm. Spoke with John from PDB Contractors llc regarding issue as trash compactor & wanted to make sure he knew the service fee was waived. Apparently Choice Home Warranty has not made payment to PDB for several months & John does not feel he should drive from Kingman to Lake Havasu City for free. From our conversation John received some not so nice emails from Choice Home Warranty. In my research with other appliance companies here in town, no one wants to work with Choice Home Warranty as I was told they DO NOT pay their bills.

12/18/2020 LMT TO AT 10:23 AM. No return call by 11:23 am.

12/18/2020 11:25 am on hold again. 11:26 Lisa. Again she is checking the status – said she sees that they ? has been checking for a Tech to provide service. Escalated the claim again. Will call me back as soon as they have some information for me.

As of today 01/18/2021 =

Joseph 195 - reviewed the claim status - asked 'what are you going to do about this issue?' assured me we will have a phone call/email with the name of a tech. within 4-6 hours. (time 1:51 MST pm).

  • Dec 9, 2020

Purchaesd a contract to maintian the home appliances, the refirator door dispencer became inoperative, Choice Home stated the door was not covered as indicated in the contract. After three months the company finally stated the I the home owner could find a service person and pay the bill myself.

I want a reimbursenment of the comteact amount as the contrat is approxiamatley 5 months old.

This company is a scam and i have been informed by others that they are haveing the same issues with Choice Home Warranty co.

  • Nov 1, 2020

Filed Warranty claim on 10/5/20 for washing machine that stopped working ~9/26/20. They sent a technician out (AZ Appliance Tech) on 10/9.

Needed parts, and came back on 10/14. Needed more parts. Came back on 10/21, still needed more parts. Came back on 10/22. This time the Tech told us that the machine was beyond repair and was recommending replacement.

Instead of replacement, they sent the same company back to “perform one more diagnostic” and the tech came back on 10/27. Again, stated that the machine was beyond repair and removed all the new parts they had installed, but did not reinstall old parts. They recommended replacement.

Warranty company “reassigned” the claim to a different company (Sears) who cam on 10/30. Sears Tech told us that because the other company did not reinstall old parts that they would not touch it and said it was probably not repairable.

On that I received an email on 10/30 from CHW stating to find my own technician and submit bill for reimbursement. Called for manager on 10/31, then received email that the claim had been “reassigned” again to an Urban Appliance Repair and scheduled for 11/4.

After 4 weeks, 6 Technician Visits, and two companies stating to replace, we went and bought a washer.

  • Oct 22, 2020

DO NOT USE Choice Home Warranty for your home they are A RIP OFF. I called to file a claim because my septic system back up into my home. When filing the claim I asked the representative if he could give me the names of some of the companies which they used in my area. He advised that he did not have a list, I thought that was strange, you are a company that has been doing business for many years and you do not a list of companies which you use.

Problem #1, then I asked when will someone give me a call, he advised he did not know,

problem#2 Keep in my I have sewer backed up in my home. I heard NOTHING from the claims department for the remainder of the day.

My family and I could not run water or use the restrooms, problem#3.

I do not hear anything from claims the next day until the last afternoon, in which I received an email advising that I NEEDED to FIND a Tech and they would reimbursement me. We I found someone and they came out to my home and resolved my issued that was on 10/22/20. ON 10/23/20 I called Choice and spoke with 2 people in claims who were VERY RUDE and advised that I would not be reimbused for my claim. I was OVER THE TOP at this point.

I was told that they had to approve the service request, at no point did anyone advise me that the tech during the work should have completed any forms or call for approval. I felt that the claims department did not set the expectation of the claims process nor do any follow up for 2 days and felt my family and I should have just set in a home and sewer and waited for CHOICE HOME WARRANTY. UNACCEPTABLE I do NOT lay down with DOGS and that is what my family and I would have been during. Well a dog does not lay in it's own %$#%.

  • Oct 18, 2020

I bought this Home warranty in April 2020 , no issues untill i filed my first claim in October 2020. I had issue with my water heater tank so i filed a claim with CHW after a week of a claim processing the technician came to my home to check out the tank and stated that the tank needs to be replaced and they stated its not cover under your warranty and i was updated when buying the policy that everything is covered.

I figured i become a victim of not reading their fine prints, after arguing a little with customer service rep they assigned a case manager named Azfar Ali, who was not at all helpful and very poor customer service and made me come to a decision of cancelling my policy. When i asked him to talk to his manager he was like i am the manager and their is no one above me that leds to end of conversation. I plan to write a letter to the CEO of this company as they are lacking very badly with their customer satisfaction.

I requested to have all my money back if they cannot have another technician come and fix it for me as i am aware the tank is not that old and fixable. They want me to pay for everything out of my pocket. This company is fraud and will do everything to deny your claim and keep your annual paid money in their pocket. Please do not get into the trap of their sales representative.

  • Oct 17, 2020

Purchased Choice Home Warranty for 1 year in July 2020. I let all my other warranties lasp in order to put everything under Choice Home Warranty. The first claim I filed in October has been rejected without a tech even being sent out to my home. We have been without hot water for 3 weeks now. Keep getting promises that someone will contact me and it has been days and have not heard from anyone. Very upset!!!!

  • Oct 13, 2020

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) asserts that by purchasing their insurance, they will cover all of your appliances and will replace your appliance if it is not repairable. What they don't tell you is that you are stuck with whatever contractor they deem fit (whether you feel comfortable with them or now) and that irrespective of how valuable your appliance is, you will only get a fraction of that coverage. What they also don't tell you is that you will spend a minimum of at least 8-10 weeks trying to get any appliance repaired -- very problematic if you're trying to repair an air conditioner in the summer or a refrigerator! I purchased my policy in June. The first claim I made was on August 3rd for my refrigerator over-freezing. The repairman who came out did repair part of the problem but then accidentally broke a part pertaining to my freezer. I then suddenly received a rejection letter letting me know they could not repair my refrigerator because of my contract which states the following:

Are located inside the confines of the main foundation of the home or attached or detached garage (with the exception of the exterior pool/spa, well pump, septic tank pumping and air conditioner);and

Become inoperative due to normal wear and tear; and

Are in place and in proper working order on the effective date of this home warranty contract. This contract does not cover any known or unknown pre-existing conditions. Coverage is for occupied, owned or rented residential property.

None of these apply to my situation so I am unclear about why they will not approve the repair. As of today (10-14-2020), I am still trying to get CHW to repair it. I get daily emails telling me a case manager will get in touch with me but no one ever does. Every time I call, I leave a voicemail message but no one ever returns my calls. If I call the main number, I am on hold for at least 45 min and am told a case manager has to resolve my problem. I have spent over 15 hours on this issue to date.

My second claim was on August 4th for my air conditioner which had suddenly started blowing hot air. A repair company showed up and the compressor shorted and blew during the repair. He put in for a full replacement. I subsequently spent two months waiting for someone -- CHW or their contractor -- to get me a replacement which meant a cheap, low-cost version. I requested to have an equivalent brand of what I had and pay the difference. The contractor never ever called back and repeated attempts for CHW to contact him resulted in them approving to just reimburse me the amount which was $1,300 (to replace my air conditioner cost of $3,000).

Therefore, CHW is a ripoff...they don't do what they claim to do (reimburse you for the appliance) and they will drive you crazy and at least three months to just get a simple fix which would probably take you a week or two to do.

  • Aug 9, 2020

They won't help me into getting one of my property had a issued on the AC they never try to send them back or someone else to look into or to fixs it they mad excuse lies, and then they lied they didn't get the repair reported which they did becuase I spoke with the man Fabian that went to the house he said he did return the repaired report to them they denied then I called Home Choice warranty Victor Ross said he would send someone for me not to call so I took his word but he never did do it.

So i call agin they had me waitng that the Supervisor had to call me he never did it took a whole month I was calling leaving message ikept on hold for hours before someone would answer and when they did they would hang on me I would call back and they would the same. I told them I wanted canel I no linger wanted Home Choice Warranty they don't try to get nothing done or try to call back even though I call many times left messages they had no concer of giving no servie into geeting the repaires fix. I never had a problem with the other Home Warranty Company I had them almost 20 yrs. since I wish I shouldn't not swtich to Choice Home Warranty they convince that they were good and offered good services and I believe them, they took adavance money from my bank account before the end of the covered.

I want my money back I even paid my fees and they didn't do nothing to getting fixs either. Choice Home Warranty is a riff off company. I no longer trust that company the people who work for that company lie to us. I am very dispointed with Choice Home Warranty they don't have no consideration to call back or return my calls.

  • Jul 22, 2020

The blower in our air conditioner broke. The tech sent us the diagnosis report in an email and even listed the cause as "normal wear and tear". At first, the company sent him a text stating that they would not cover the repair because " it was a policy exclusion". When my husband called to speak to the claims representative, a woman who didn't speak very good English told him that we were still in our "30 day intro window and could not submit claims, that's why we were denied".

After my husband said a few expletives and clarified that even if we WERE in our introductory window, why would they open a claim and send a tech and make us pay the deductible? So she hung up on him. I called back, got another broken English speaking rep and tried using non-threatening language to find out why our claim was denied. This time we were reassured that our policy was well beyond the 30 day intro period, we were just waiting for the "claims action response team" to review the diagnostic report that our tech sent out an hour ago.

An hour later, we received an email from that very team informing us that the broken motor and blower that the tech documented was "normal wear and tear" was actually "not normal wear and tear, therefore we will be processing this repair...thank you for choosing Home Choice Warranty".

we are currently in the process of filing a claim with the attorney general.

  • Jun 25, 2020

Choice Home Warranty Dryer quit. They said they send out tech. Then they said they didn't have tech get our own. We did. They said they would reimburse repair. We had to enter info in their system. System wouldn't let us. They said to fax estimate. We did. Now we ar eback to"We can't enter info". They do not reposnd to emails or call. RIP OFF from day one. Edison NJ

  • Jun 6, 2020

I was contacted by Michael Lewis ,([email protected]) by email to give me all info and sign me up for 6 years with a one time payment of $3075.ooon April 17th, 2020. He said because I am a senior and live alone this was a great deal and I would have no worries about fixing all covered items in contract. It seemed like a great deal because I don't know anyone in this area as I am a new houseowner. And he promised me that I only needed to call and file a claim and within the day or next day service would be provided to fix the problem.

I filed 2 claims on May 18th,2020. 1. Main Toilet leaking all over floor. 2. Garage door opener chain fell off and is hanging and so door won't open or close. I received a claim number for each: 1) plumber #85770699 and 2) garage door technician #85770408. It took 2 1/2 weeks for the plumber after they emailed the first cancelled and the second was 1 week later.

Today is June 7th,2020 and nothing on the door opener. They won't take my calls and when their answering service says they will do a auto call back, it never happens. I received an email 2 days ago stating they couldn't find a tech to fix the door opener so suggested I fill out a form and find my own tech to fix it and pay him myself and the Home Warranty will reimburse me for what they deem a reasonable amount.

I am a Senior on limited SS income and all I had saved paid for this warranty plan, because I was told it would save me money and the hasstle of finding a repair person.

I am now holding the bag on 3075.00 dollars and no money to pay a repairman no less find one to do the job.

I did call a plumber before they finally sent someone out and was told they would not ever work with Choice home warranty because of the low pay and paperwork. They said they were told by home warranty that they have to come to my place and check on the problem, then get hold of home warranty and wait for their go ahead to fix that is after they fill out many forms. After the fix they then have to fill out more paperwork to send in and wait for payment in what the home warranty deems suitable.

Thank God it wasn't the middle of winter and my furnace would fail. I would freeze and house would freeze up and no money to get help, because Choice Home Warranty took all I had with idle promise.

When I did initially get hold of Home Warranty they only said to me well we are having trouble finding someone because of Covid19. Now when you call you get the answering machine stating same thing.

  • May 28, 2020

We had a plumbing leak that damaged wood flooring in one room and three closets. CHW sent a plumber who identified the issue as a "leak under the slab". CHW denied coverage due to their under slab plumbing clause. We shelled out $1700 to have the diagnosed problem "fixed." I then rented and operated a dehumidifier for a week before repairs. Ten thousand dollars later our dry wall and flooring was replaced.

Seven months later we discovered that behind a couch water damage had occurred again. Additionally, under items in the same three closets water damage was also evident. Now we noticed that the water leak was spreading to the master bedroom and wood flooring was again buckling. We called CHW and a different plumber came out. After three visits without a leak detector, that was denied by CHW, the plumber left and said he'd call CHW. Before he did he said he'd have to look inside the walls. Sheetrock again was cut out to find moisture and mold. I called CHW who said they would not send him back since the leak was in the slab.

At this point we called a plumber who was recommended by the HOA. In 10 minutes he found the problem in the half bathroom between all the rooms. The toilet had been leaking due to a faulty wax ring and flange. Three hundred dollars later the problem was fixed with a one year warranty.

I called CHW explaining the discovery and damages that had caused further damage. They asked for an invoice, I emailed it to them. A week later I received a claim rejection from the representative, adding that a flange is not covered in the contract. My appeal was that the flange was fine initially since it had never been looked at, and as a result the continued damage had occurred.

CHW would not take that into account. I pointed out that the contract states "our focus is on quality... ensuring quality work from our contracted technicians." All CHW service vendors are pre-screened... Performance is constantly monitored... Your satisfaction is our biggest priority." None of my interactions displayed that.

CHW went on to say that their Vendor Relations Department in New Jersey "sometimes goes to the state to monitor services." This led me to believe that the two plumbing companies in Texas had never been vetted for competency. CHW would neither confirm nor deny my assertion. CHW keeps denying responsibility and rejecting legitimate customer concerns.

  • May 28, 2020

CHOICE Home Warranty takes your monthly payment fee but they DON'T follow up on a service repair call. I had a pipe leak in my ceiling and they said it would be 24 hrs before a repair company would contact me. SERIOUSLY! Then they said I could call a private repair company and submit my expenses and they would pay a portion of the repair cost .....I received ZERO $. I called yesterday for a repair and they gave me a confimation #86676438.

In the middle of the night I received an email stating I could get my own repair company and they would reimburse me. NOT going thru that again. Then we received a TEXT message at 11:00a.m. stating some would be out today 5/29/20 between 1 + 5. We sat waiting for the repair and at 4:55p.m. received a TEXT message that it had been rescheduled for 6/2/20 between 1 + 5.

How RUDE...they knew they were running behind and didn't bother to contact us plus......thier customer service dept CLOSED @ 5 and you couldn't speak to anyone. I hope others do NOT get involved with this RIP OFF company like I did. They are AWLFUL!! Companies like them should be put out of business.

  • May 24, 2020

When my AC broke down, choice Home Warranty , whose principals are Mr. Victor Mandalawi, Mr. VICTOR i HAKIM; Mr. DAVID SERUYA, sent a tech who tried to replace the control board on the machine twice and then gave up. the second tech said the entire unit is dead and needs replacing. Choice home warranty said that they do not cover replacement and denied payment. then I contacted the original company that installed the unit, they said that the only thing i needed is to replace control board and that it will cost $350.

I called the case manager Mr. Marc Ruehle with Choice Home Warranty who said to go ahead and send the bill. a week later he said that this payment has also been denied because i did not get the authorization prior to paying the other company. Obviously this company that was sued several times by states Atty Generals is perpetrating a legal scam. Policy #: 750258097 Claim #: 82236525

  • Apr 2, 2020

Have a 4yr. "Full" coverage Contract for household Applianceses & Systems. Paid close to $2,000 dollars for coverage because we are elderly & on a limited income of only Social Security. When you speak of a "hot water heater", you don't picture a Heating element by itself; you picture a complete water heater with a tank to hold the water! Even in their pictures they show a complete water heater.

The technician they sent didn't even touch the water heater; he just asked me some questions; took some pictures and made very sure that I understood that he would not be responsible for the disicions of the outcome. Sort of like he "knew" that they had a reputation of not abiding by their promises. I received an email answer saying that they did not cover the "Water tank". I called several plumbing & home warranty companys & they all agree that a hot water heater includes the tank!

I am tying to find out how I can get out of the contract & get re-imburssed some part of the money. Ironically the technician they sent over told me that he could replace the waterheater w/o the home warranty for a fee! I have photos but dont know how to include them.

  • Jan 29, 2020

On Nov 4th 2019 I filed the report for my heat pump not working by Choice Home Warranty. They assigned the HVAC Solutions (919-986-2570) to come and diagnose the problem. They came and took some pictures and sent those pictures to Warranty company. I got an email saying the following:

Your claim was submitted on 11/04/19 and was assigned to HVAC SOLUTIONS on 11/04/19. After the appointment date on 11/04/19 the technician submitted details pertaining to your system failure.

It has been determined that the inducer motor and the burners have suffered water damage and have failed, and are now in need of replacement.

Please refer to your terms and conditions section F number 8; we are not liable for conditions caused by fire, freezing, electrical failure or surge, water damage, lightening, mud, earthquake, soil movement, soil settlement, settling of home, storms, accidents, pest damage, acts of god.

Appeal Right

  • Dec 30, 2019

This is the second issue with a claim being denied. After speaking with 2 different AC companies, the companies MO is to deny claim with proper information and then try to settle for less money to make customers pay part of the claim.

I had 2 AC repair companies look at my unit and both techs told me these fan motors go pretty regularly. The company sent the second company to re-evaluate the claim and I informed the rep I would be on the roof with the technician(Miguel) and I would record our conversation about his findings. He stated 3 times that there was no issue, with the cleanliness of my fan blades, especially since I had recently paid $200 to have my fan blades cleaned along with my coil(Part of my yearly service).

I believe they fabricate the reports and when I requested a copy of the report they denied to present it to me. After speaking with Jorge Capcillo, office manager at A&J Appliance Installation & Repair Inc.(786-719-7644) he informed me that his service tech Miguel did not report any neglect on my part, that these motors wear out very frequently.

The Rep at Choice home Warranty, Nick Bennet stated that A&J did not report any neglect on my part and that the motor was not shutting off but runs fine. I asked her to supply me with that report and she refused. When speaking to the office manager Jorge, he said he had no physical report, because they upload the information on a company website.

I was sent the exact denial letter from the outcomes of both companies that came to my house within 3 days. A&J Appliance mgr Jorge just laughed when I asked if dirty fan blades (which mine where not) could cause this issue. He said Choice "always scams people so they don't have to pay the entire claim" "and they force us to use SUBSTANDARD PAR

  • Dec 11, 2019

Choice Home Warranty sent a refrigerator repair man to my house in May when my Refrigerator quit working. The repair man came to my house 3 times with various parts for the refrig. None of them worked. Through the process of elimination, the repair man that Choice Home Warranty sent out said that the compressor was bad.

It was then July. I had been buying 20Lb. Bags of ice every other day bc that was my only refrigerator. He showed me, in my Choice Home Warranty contract, where it states that compressors ARE covered. Choice Home Warranty insists that the problem is a refrigerant cooling line, and lines are not covered.

I filed an appeal. The repair man, who they sent out, filed an appeal. It's now December, I'm without a refrigerator, and they will not replace or repair the covered compressor on my refrigerator. He warned me that they would try to get out of covering the refrigerator.

Just as the repair man stated, Choice Home Warranty, has refused to repair or replace my refrigerator. They've taken my money for 4 years. But don't honor their contacts. A total rip off company. After reading all of these similar stories, I see that is comman for them to do. Rip off company!

  • Oct 17, 2019

I've had 2 separate experiences with Choice Home Warranty regarding my air-conditioning/heating system (Heat Pump). In both instances they denied the claims, siting their endless list of exclusions to the warranty.

My system is failing & needs to be replaced. This co. is just a rip-off & doesn't everything they can not to pay a claim.

  • Sep 9, 2019

ug 8 19 I filed a claim in Hawaii and they could not get anyone out to fix my A/C. They have a reimbursement program if you get someone out to check the system. I had someone check it who I believe was really trying to say what he thought would get them to pay for the replacement of the system. Based on his findings they said they don't cover rusted coils and freon leaks.

Not believing that was the real assessment or even fair I asked for a second opinion. The customer service representative was extremely rude and not helpful. She did not seem to want to help. Finally, after having to repeat myself over and over she finally agreed to have another contractor come out. She said I couldn't get reimbursed for the first one but she would try to have the second come for no charge.

Once again no one was found and I remain in a house over 80 plus degrees. Again, I found an A/C company to send out a technician last Friday the 6th. This tech, from a larger company, said there was no way the first guy could have seen any leaks in coils or got the Freon pressure to see there was a leak because the condenser is down. He even tried to force start it.

When I told him they said the coils were bad and that the company does not consider that normal wear and tear, he said that it is normal here in Hawaii where the salt water eats up everything and after 16 years there is no way you can expect anything else. I emailed his write up and explanation to the appeals representative assigned to my case.

When I woke up this morning 9 Sep, I called her to check. She said they denied the claim again. The funny part is she quoted the issues sited by the first technician. When I tried to explain to her that she was talking about an old assessment all she could say is that someone will email me the info. Finally, I got the email that, once again, quoted the information provided by the first tech. They still are not taking into account the new assessment and continue to deny my claim.

  • Aug 19, 2019

I purchased a home warranty on June 10, 2019 from Choice Home Warranty subsequent to purchase of my new home because it had consumer reviews higher in my area than companies I had previously used; however, Choice Home Warranty failed miserably when I needed help.

My contract (paid 3 years in advance) has a $60 per visit service fee and covers my garage door opener. My garage door opener stopped working 8/13/2019 and I contacted Choice Home Warranty on 8/14/19. The garage door is a big deal in our home security because we do not feel comfortable in our home without the garage door being secured.

I have maintained home warranties with another company on other homes for the past 20 years and I have never failed to be contacted by a service provider within 24 hours to schedule an appointment when I reported an issue. After no follow up by Choice Home Warranty, I called on 8/15/19 for an update and was asked if I wanted to restart the process as if I had cancelled the request for service - which I definitely had not.

Starting 8/16/19 this trend continued daily with multiple phone calls and emails, often unanswered, with Choice Home Warranty. Despite my daily pleas for help, I received messages stating my claim was no longer being dispatched and a referral the the reimbursement process. Conversations with employees were circular and not productive at all because they tried to stay on a company script intended to start a claim day after day that did not fit my situation.

After it became apparent that Choice Home Warranty had no interest or intent to find a technician to access my claim, I followed up on the reimbursement option only to find none of the $115 service fee charged by the vendor of my choosing (which was the absolute last thing I wanted to do because Choice Home Warranty failed miserably to do their job) was covered.

I fully believe Choice Home Warranty is a fraud and include uninspired employees to further frustrate and humiliate customers and I suspect others have been ripped off as well. I was shocked at the hundred's of terrible reviews on every website including the BBB.

If Choice Home Warranty cannot provide service some something as simple as a garage door opener, I cannot trust them to provide service to bigger systems that could jeopardise the health and well being of my family. I need legal help to hold this company accountable and secure a full refund of my $1,522.50.

  • Aug 18, 2019

I would give this company a zero rating if I had the option. I bought a 3 year warranty due to purchasing a 15 year old home with the original 2 air conditioning units. I specifically bought the upgraded warranty to cover the units. They have denied 95% of any of the air conditioning claims so far. I am in year 2 of my warranty. After having to replace 1 condenser at $2,200 and 1 compressor at $1,500 (they would NOT cover either issue).

I am now in the position to replace the second condenser and compressor. They refused to pay for a system diagnosis, after sending out 2 companies who would only put gauges on the outside units which resulted in 1 company saying there was a leak somewhere and the other company saying it was only low on freon.

After many hours on the phone I finally paid over $350 for my own diagnosis and the results were completely different stating that the issues were due to normal wear and tear. They still are denying the claim. This has been going on for almost 30 days and I live in Phoenix! AVOID, AVOID, GO TO ANOTHER WARRANTY COMPANY! United States

  • Aug 12, 2019

I bought their best plan, including every optional upgrade totaling $2250. One upgrade was to make my AC worry-free for a 5 year period (the length of the plan). I paid at $45 required fee to the tech who came out.

I learned 1: They use their "exclusions list" in their policy loosely, manipulative, and to their advantage. They did not cover the repair claiming "D5 says we do not cover valves inside the AC unit." I noted the exclusion is only pertaining to heating valves and mine is actually a cooling valve. The said "it says heating but it means both so we can't cover it, sorry."

2: Choice Home Warranty is NOT a warranty company as they claim. A recent court case against them and American Home Shield determined they cannot function as a "warranty company". They do anyway b/c they make more money breaking the law since few actually sue them. They make more paying fines and continuing to operate illegally.

3: Read the exclusions in the policy and DO NOT TRUST THE SALESPERSON! They will say anything to make a sale, even if it is not true. If you read the exclusions you'll laughably say, "what exactly DO they cover?" Not much. We had them out of 2 reasons, AC and Refrigerator in a year's period. Neither were covered. I paid for both to be covered. All I got for $2250 is a polite "sorry"

4: They have 1 star out of 5 (lowest) with the Better Business Bureau. 2057 BBB complaints in just 1 year as of 08/13/2019.

5: All of the sites where they show high ratings have a note in the corner saying "paid advertisement". I.e. they are lying about their high ratings OR paying for them.

6: Both techs who came to actually fix my issues said they told Choice Home Warranty to never call them again. By their experience, they go to help a client and when the service gets denied they are left standing there to be the bad guy. All they made on their jobs were the $45 the customer must pay as a service fee. Choice Home Warranty is the sinister middle man who takes your money, sends out a rep (at your $45 expense) and leaves them to look like the bad guy when Choice Home Warranty denies your claim saying something like, "we cannot fix your Air Conditioning (cooling) valve because we don't cover heater valves. If it helps change the temperature in any way, we call it a heater valve, even if it does not affect the heater in any way."

  • Aug 4, 2019

I have called them 3 times. ALL 3 times they denied my claims. Once when I fought with them for an hour they gave me $400 toward a washing machine after offering me $200.

BUT, they last 2 times they denied claims on my AC unit. Both were covered parts but they found some obscure reason in the policy to deny the claims. This denial cost me over $4600 to repair my AC unit.

These are EVIL.BAD people who own this company AND the people that work for them.

There is no way that, anyone that calls them self CHRISTIANS, can feel righteous about working for them


  • Jul 22, 2019

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I had a pipe burst in the attic of my house. Time sensitive issue. Best they could do was an appointment in 2 days. I contracted the repair out privately. Job done. Later, I found I could have called to get prior authorization for my own contractor. Easier said than done. No company wants to spend 30 minutes on hold and then get the request denied.

I retroactively appealed the decision, and they gave me a run around. First, they tried to deny the claim (exclusions), then they said absolutely need prior authorization for out of their network. After much arguing, they offered to pay me $100 toward the $562 dollar repair. This is for a good customer, with two contracts. Likely I would have gotten squat without that. So: Many exclusions, then they try to low ball the repair or replacement. They do not provide emergency service. Contractors hate them. I hate them. Slow or no service. Lots of bad ratings, well deserved. Steer clear, and watch out for the sales pitch.

Posted on 07/13/2019

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Stay far away from Choice Home warranty. My husband warned me that they are a rip-off but I chose to stay with them anyway. So after some time went by my air conditioning went out. The technician they sent out said it was a bad coil that they just go out sometimes. I asked him if there was any reason and he said no. They simply break. So then I had a Home Depot carrier representative come out and look and he said the same thing. Well Choice warranty said they would not cover it because there were some leaves in the outside unit of the air conditioner. They said that meant I was not maintaining it properly.

After reading other reviews I see that they just get out of paying on most claims by claiming there's rust or it's dirty and not maintained. So then after many many calls they offered me a "good faith" amount of $375. (The unit is going to cost me $4,000 plus dollars.) Now they will not even pay me that because I have stopped paying them monthly, even though the warranty was paid in full and still in effect when the occurrence happened and the claim was denied. Beware.

Posted on 06/18/2019

EDISON, NEW YORK -- The first Home Warranty company I was with covered everything but Freon. Before it expired I had a sales guy contact me from Choice Home Warranty. He told me if I did three years he would add on another 6 months free. He also told me I would not pay for my first service fee. The first service call was for AC Unit. Had to pay $45 for that call but I was ok with that after telling them I was told I would not have to pay for the first service fee.

The 2nd claim only had two was for water backing up outside. The main two things I talked about before going with this company was freon and the pump. I had an issue with those two things with the other company and the only thing they did not cover was the freon. Choice Home Warranty said they cover the pump and freon so I was very happy to switch. I ended up paying over 2k dollars for the pump because of an issue that happen before I purchased the house. So those two things were my main concern when I was talking to the salesperson.

Now that I need service they sent a no-name company that looked inside and did not remove the water inside and said, "Your pump may need replacing." When I was with the other company I knew I needed to replace it because they removed the water and made sure it was a bad pump. I had to go with Roto-Rooter but I knew what the issue was when I called them because of the other company with the Home Warranty I had checked it. They would have covered it if it wasn't an issue that happen before I moved in. Choice Home Warranty I wish I could cancel now but I a stuck with them. American Home Shield is the better choice even with the higher service fee.

Posted on 05/31/2019

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- In December 2018 I placed a call to CHW regarding one of my furnaces not working. They sent out a "Technician" who said the air handler needed a new circuit board. He spent several hours installing it but the breaker kept tripping so he couldn't get it to work. After several hours on the phone and tinkering with the other working unit to try to figure out how it was wired, he just left - walked off the job leaving the HVAC dismantled with no further word. I called CHW and complained. They sent a second "Technician." This guy said the first guy installed the wrong part and he would have to order additional parts to get it working. He also spent several hours trying to figure out why the breaker kept tripping.

Several days later, the second HVAC unit stopped working. We now had NO heat in the middle of Christmas week! I was forced to call an emergency local repair service since it was after hours on a holiday weekend and my CHW "Technician" was not available. The Emergency repair guy came in first thing in the morning and immediately realized that the wiring on the second unit had been messed with by one of the CHW guys while they were trying to figure out how to fix the first unit. He simply reconnected the loose wire and got the second unit working again in less than 10 minutes.

After several weeks of calling the second CHW guy to get on Tuesday morning. Tuesday comes and he doesn't show up or call. I finally got a hold of him on Wednesday and he tells me he was no longer servicing my area and that was it. He also abandoned the job - leaving us hanging. At this point, I was through with the CHW people and called back the guy who quickly fixed the second unit. He came in and right away noticed that the two CHW guys had installed the wrong circuit board and that it was too big and was shorting out against the metal frame of the HVAC.

He installed the correct part and had it working within an hour. We went 6 weeks without heat and the correct fix took an hour! After all this CHW was so generous to refund me the $35 service call for the first guy - that's it! I paid over $250 out of pocket for the REAL service guy to fix both problems the first two CHW Techs CAUSED! All I got from CHW was a sorry and a $35 credit.

Fast forward to last man update on parts to fix the first unit, he finally said the parts were expected the following week. He promised me he would make my repair his top priority (because we had now been without heat in the main living area for 5+ weeks), and that he would be there first this month, April 2019.

The upstairs Air conditioner in the same house stops working. I decide to try CHW again but insist they not send either of the two companies that came in December. 24 hours go by and they are unable to find a service company to come do the work so they ask me if I want to find my own and go through their reimbursement process. I agreed and contacted my own HVAC repair company. The Technician shows up promptly and finds that the capacitor has shorted out against the top grate on the outside condenser unit. In looking into it, he discovered that the last time the unit was serviced (BY CHW) the wrong sized capacitor was installed (sound familiar?) The capacitor was too tall which is why it eventually shorted out against the metal grate.

He made a few repairs to try to get the unit up and running only to find that the short had completely fried the whole HVAC unit AND even shorted out the outside breaker box! After a long call with my Service Technician, me and the CHW authorization team, it was determined that the entire HVAC system needed to be replaced. They shared all the costs and parts needed to replace the unit. I authorized the repairs which were completed the next day. I then got a call from CHW telling me that because the capacitor was too large, the damage was not covered by my policy and therefore they would not authorize reimbursement for the repairs.

When I reminded them that it was THEIR previous technician who installed the wrong capacitor they said they had no record of ever installing a capacitor in the past. CHW makes big promises but contracts completely inept service people who have no idea what they are doing and install wrong parts just to get something working without regard for the problems this causes later on. They hide behind clauses in their contract to deny claims and then take no responsibility for the damage their own technicians cause due to poor workmanship.

This company is an opportunistic fraud masquerading as a home warranty provider. They would be better named "BAD CHOICE HOME WARRANTY." I canceled my agreement (prepaid on two separate homes) and have requested a refund of the remaining unused portion. We will see what kind of excuse they give me for not refunding my balance. Needless to say I would strongly advise against ever considering this company for a home warranty policy.

Posted on 03/23/2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- When I purchased a Choice Home Warranty, I specifically asked the salesman several questions about replacing non working items. The previous warranty that I had, replaced premium appliances with builder grade, so I was looking for a better policy. The salesman assured me that non working items were replaced like for like, unless I requested differently. The control panel went out on my KitchenAid double oven. The repairman came out and told me that Choice would get in touch with me.

I received an email with the subject "Great News from CHW, We are Replacing your System". The body said "Great News! We have received the diagnosis on your claim. It is more cost effective to replace your Oven Stove Cooktop than to repair it." and to click on the link to start the replacement process. When I did, it told me to call my representative who told me they would give me $599.

The replacement would cost over $3000, so, yes, that would be more cost effective for them. He kept referring to F16, which states that HWA reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of HWA's actual cost (which at times may be less than retail) to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance. When I read F16, I assumed that offer meant I had the choice to accept or reject it, yet he told me it was all they could do for me. I asked for the figures they used to come up with that number and he said "We don't provide that information."

The representative then said he would up the payment to $700 since I had been with them for a while. I said I did not feel that was fair. I said I needed to talk to someone first, and I would get back with him. He called the next day and asked what address I wanted the check sent to. I told him I still needed to talk to someone and I would call him back. He told me I would not received any more, it was the only offer. I asked what my options were and was told the $700 was it and was more than generous and more than they should offer. I felt I had no other choice than to accept the offer, at which point he told me it would take about 30 days to get that out.

Posted on 02/11/2019

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I canceled the service I had with another company due to all the hidden exclusion they have under their contract. I went online and start researching for home warranties. I found Choice and I contact them. I told the salesperson the reason I was leaving the previous provider and he assured me that Choice never do that. He talked to me on getting a 5 year plan with "peace of mind" that everything on my home was covered. After 2 years at not using them at all I have a problem my AC unit, the evaporator coil. The THX valve was leaking refrigerant and the evaporator coil needs to be replaced as well. First they denied my claim because they don't cover the THX valve and argue that the coil was damaged because of that and they don't cover secondary damage.

The AC technician come back to my home, we called them and he explained that one thing doesn't have nothing to do with the other and the evaporator coil needs to be replaced due to rust on the coils that will lead to more leaks. Choice service department expend 40 minutes over the phone with the technician getting all kind of technical information and told me that they will transfer all the info to the claim department. Now the claim department says they will not cover the coil because there is a clause that they no cover any damage due to rust. They promised not tricky exclusions, but as soon as you need them they open a big list of exclusions. I want to cancel the service and they told me they reimburse only $40 even if I have 3 more year of paid contract.

Posted on 12/21/2018

NEW JERSEY -- We have paid $1392 over the past 2 years ($720 & $672) and have received absolutely the worst service - claims denied and rude customer service. The first call we made for service was for our pool (for which we paid extra for coverage). The service provider came (he was wonderful) and told us that he needed to be sure Choice Home Warranty would cover the pump because he had had trouble with them in the past.

Sure enough, they told him they wouldn't cover the cost of the pump because it was a "pre-existing condition". When you use that mentality - what would be covered, unless it was a brand new installation?? The pump was a little over 3 yrs old and had been working perfectly and died on us just 1 month after the original warranty expired. The repairman said (and he told the Choice Home Warranty agent) that he had never seen such well-maintained equipment!

When I told Choice I wanted to cancel the policy, they said they would give me $100 towards the repair. I had to pay the $60 plus the balance of the repair. We didn't cancel because we thought we were going to have to get the pump fixed and didn't know where else to go. OUR MISTAKE. Because the home is only 4 yrs old, we have never made another claim, until a few months ago and 2 yrs of premiums later. One of our ceiling fans wouldn't turn on. We called Choice on 10/23/19 to make a claim.

Several days later we got a call from their technician for an appt on 10/29. The 29th came and went and no one showed up. When I called Choice they said the provider has said they had come several days before and were waiting for a part. This was not true, since we sat here all day waiting and no one showed up. The agent at Choice said they would find another technician since that one was apparently unreliable and "questionable" because they had submitted a claim.

On 10/30 we got another email saying someone would come on 11/1. The tech showed up (it turned out to be the original company) and he took the fan apart and said he had to order a part for the fan. He said he had to wait to see if Choice would cover the cost of repair. After about a week, we called Choice several times and them said they had to check with the tech to get more information - we heard nothing for several days. Since I got no response from Choice, I called the repair company and got no answer at all. On 11/6 I called Choice again to see what was happening with the claim and they put me on hold to check on the status.

Finally the agent came back on the line and said she got no answer with the repair company and they would place a new order with another company and I would not be charged for the 2nd service call. I got a new email from Choice telling me I could get my own repairman and Choice would give us $100 to have the fan repaired. I then called Choice and I told them I couldn't imagine finding another company to come out and repair the fan (including service call) for $100, and reminded them we had already paid the $60 to the first repairman. I said I wanted to cancel the policy and was told I needed to speak to the next level agent, Tasha. She said she didn't understand why we wanted to cancel the policy since they were willing to give us $100 towards the fan repair.

I explained that we had already paid $60 and $100 wouldn't cover the cost of repair, including the service call fee. She said I was being unreasonable and she got, what I consider to be very rude and indignant. I just didn't want to argue with her any longer so my husband took over the call. She assured him that they would take care of this and get someone out to fix the fan, that we should keep the policy and she would make sure by the end of day, she would call us back with an appointment to repair the fan.

The NEXT DAY, I checked the progress online and saw that the claim was "Closed". At 2:39 p.m. I got an email saying the original people were scheduled to come and fix the fan. Several days later, and still not hearing from the repair man, I called them and they had no record of the claim. Checking online again - it still said claim was "closed"!

I again called Choice and they said they would send us $120 to cover the $60 we had paid and $60 towards repair of the fan. We called the original salesman to cancel the policy and said how very disappointed we were with the service. He told us to wait until we received the $120 check and then cancel. We were told from Choice customer service that we would receive around $280 refund on the balance of our policy - it expires Sept 2019. We called to cancel the policy today and were told we would receive a refund of $82. This included the cancellation fee and the $120 that they returned for the repair of the fan (which has never been done)! We've again contacted the original salesman but we have yet to hear back from him!!! Be wise and find another company!!

  • Jul 18, 2019

I purchased a warranty on 3 properties. I was told it was military discount. The items would be covered or replaced. I told them that was purchasing the coverage because I don't know, comprehend, or apply: electrical, roofing, AC & heating, roofing etc skills. Now that I need my AC, electric, roof, etc fixed; I get an email denying the claim.

It appears that most things major are excluded. I might as well pay out out of pocket for something that cost less than &100.00 to fix. I pay $45.00 each visit anyway. If 3 things break a year that's approxiamately $300.00. What am I and countless others paying thousands of dollars if it's no true coverage on major repairs?

In addition Ashley White and Ms. Rogers managers did not call me as promised without me calling, emailing, an complaining on goingly. Ashley white sent an email introducing herslf and then a survey about how she'd done. She hadn't did anything. The appeal process is ludicrous. it's the same generic email accept for the item being covered. Appealing has not made any difference.

Why are these companies allowed to stay in business and these people have jobs and they aren't performing. since the techs are in St. Louis and trying to make a living with the company they know are scandelous, I won't call them out. I have never has a real insuraace company deny a claim for a car or home after an accident or storm. Why so many exclusions if you're really trying to help cover repairs as advertised?

  • Jul 16, 2019

I specifically renewed my policy with Choice after asking them if my 30 year old HVAC system would be covered if it were to go out. They assured me it would be covered.

Six months later I find that I have a cracked heat exchange. They refuse to cover it due to the fact that a 30 YEAR OLD heat exchange had some rust on it, yet they claim to cover "wear and tear."

They said since I was a long time, "valued" customer they could offer me $300 towards a new furnace. What a joke. Avoid these guys.

  • Jul 11, 2019

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) Non payment to vendor for work performed. We provided service for them on 3 separate occasions. After invoicing for our work, we never received payment.

Contacted Choice Home Warranty, we were told story after story about how: we were not assigned the work 3 orders; we didn't submit our invoices; the work orders were all reassigned; we did not do the work; we never went to the locations; we did not provide a diagnosis; and we never received authorization to complete the work...

We did the work, we were paid by the 3 customers (deductibles), but we were never paid what CHW owed us.

Corporate agents (Maria 888-531-5403 opt. 5, opt. 3) will not give you their last name, personal direct business phone number or email address ([email protected]) to get to anyone specific within the organization to escalate complaint.

We suspect the company is collecting the warranty premiums, making the customer pay the deductibles and ripping off their vendors by using excuse after excuse to not pay for the work performed from techs in the field by stating it wasn't covered by warranty and the like.


  • Jul 7, 2019

I had a home inspection done on my home that stated that the air conditioner was working. When moving in, the air conditioner was not working and the technician said it had to be replaced.

Choice refused to cover any replacement until escalating to their supervisors, who eventually sent a check for $500. The entire unit needed to be replaced, which cost $13,000.

  • Jun 25, 2019

90 degrees, 2 babies in my house and no air conditioning. I called the home warranty company promptly. They gave me the run-around, despite me and the technician explaining the situation. They made the technician hang around and wait. And then THEY LEFT FOR THE NIGHT. I called and explained the situation and was then put on hold for 20+ minutes. So, I had to pay out of pocket for refrigerant to cool the house - even though the technician told them there is a leak and the coil needs to be replaced. All they had to do was authorize the work, but they gave us the runaround, even though I told them I had 2 babies in the house.


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