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Choice Home Warranty

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Edison
Address 1090 King Georges Post Rd
Phone 888-531-5403

Choice Home Warranty Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2019

90 degrees, 2 babies in my house and no air conditioning. I called the home warranty company promptly. They gave me the run-around, despite me and the technician explaining the situation. They made the technician hang around and wait. And then THEY LEFT FOR THE NIGHT. I called and explained the situation and was then put on hold for 20+ minutes. So, I had to pay out of pocket for refrigerant to cool the house - even though the technician told them there is a leak and the coil needs to be replaced. All they had to do was authorize the work, but they gave us the runaround, even though I told them I had 2 babies in the house.

  • Jun 18, 2019

My heat and air conditioning unit was not working. I filed a claim on the choice home warranty website in April. Someone was sent out right away. That person wrote up a diagnosis and sent it in and was approved for repair. It took the repairman 2 weeks afterward to come back and he took a blower from my hvac unit and tyhen it took another 2 weeks to get the part. all in all 1 and a half months.

He came back to install it. It made a noise like we were in an airport take off runway. I called Choice home warranty, and they senty him out again. It took another 2 weeks and he made it worse than it was. The mechanic stopped taking phone calls and said you pay for what you get. I told choice I dont want him coming back and they have since done nothing.

I am into this issue for 2 months and I had to turn off the unit completely. then they sent me an appointment email for a plumber mwho does not do HVAC work. My unit is still not working and dealing with them is a nightmare. DO NOT TAKE A HOME WARRANTY FOM THEM. I AM WARNING YOU PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • Jun 5, 2019

The diagnosis of my air conditioining unit is the compressor needs to be replaced. Choice said they would give me $700 to replace the unit. I requested that they go ahead and replace because that is what they are supposed to do fix or replace.

They have given me the run around by not returning my calls or emails after I have called numerous times. They are a ripoff operations to benefit themselves. They stated that their policy covers the cost of the repair necessary to get the system up and running not the cost in upgrading the equipment so that is what I requested them to do.

  • Jun 2, 2019

Choice Home Warranty is a Bad Choice. They denied my claim for my a c compressor that I am comvered for with them. Thie sales agent who sold me this Bad Choice Home Insurance told me that if they cant repair it, they replace it and that is also on thier adds in the computer .

The tech from their a c company Karibe Mechanical came this a m to verify that my a c compressor went bad and he put in a claim for a new compressor to replace it. This has already been denied by Choice HOme Wattanty , of course. We have had the same thing happen before and the tech s that I have spoken to have all said the same thing that Choice HOme Warranty usually denies everything that is submitted if its over a couple of dollars .

When their smooth talking sales agent called me to sell me this home insuance I was in the Urgent Care with my husband - that agent told me clearly that I could cover my a c for an additonal cost and I agreed to do that. I paid him over the phone with my credit card like a dumb old cluck without first checking on their refernaces.

It was a 2 K mistake on my part. I tried to cancel the contaract when I found out but their personnel told me that the costs for doing that was over $ 1600 and I would get next to nothing back in money if I cancelled it. Bad Choice Home Insurance is a dead end.

They will make up, come up with , some reason/ excuse why a claim is not covered like now with my a c . I was Not told that my a c was not covered for the compressor when I paid for that add on in my policy. They advertise that if they can not fix it, they replace it. They lie, and have denied my claim.

If We Can't Fix It, We'll Replace It*

If the technician comes out and cannot perform a covered repair, CHW will replace the unit.


Clams and promises of Choice Home Warranty are fruad.

24/7 Home Warranty Service

choice Home Warranty is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • May 4, 2019

On 23 April 2019, I call Choice Home Warranty my air condition was not cooling my townhouse the sent out a technician he told me that my compressor (HAVC) was gone and that need to be replaced he would contact CHW he did and then he called me back and told me that denied my claim. So I contact them. In my contact, it said air condition it doesn't list what part.

When I purchase it in Dec 2018 ask the representative what all cover in the warranty he told me all my appliance in my home and air condition system, heating system, electrical system, plumbing system etc. The reason I purchase the warranty is so that wouldn't have to come out of pocket and that what they do advertise.

I used the company that sent out to my house which was Lovelace.

First of all, they said they sent me an email explaining that could be deputed only way I found that it was with the reminder. I put in the deputed of my claim to get a case manager she only reaches out to me once on Sunday I was in church 28 Apr 2019. I have made several calls she was out on an emergency and left a voice message.

This has been going on for about two weeks have my grandson living with me and he has epilepsy seizures as a consumer I feel that got rip off for a service that paying for.

  • Apr 24, 2019

Horrible company from the very start. This is my first claim with the company since getting the policy after buying my home. As spring started getting warmer and the A/C kicked on, I noticed it wasn't cooling off inside the home correctly. I hired an AC company to come service the unit (knowing this is not covered by the warranty so I hired another company), the other company checked the AC and found it working properly but when they inspected the attic they said the ductwork needed repair or replacement including insulation, ducts, boots, collars, grills, etc. I called Choice Home Warranty and explained this to them and the person on the phone had no idea what insulation was or ductwork - clearly incompetent and should have been better trained. But they sent their AC guy out who was 3 hours late. He confirmed exactly what the first AC company had said the week before. My claim was denied and I disputed it because they said it was denied because they don't cover insulation. When the dispute agent called, he reiterated that insulation is not covered and told me to have "all the ductwork repaired" and to call if they are continued issues. This makes no sense because the insulation is only part of the problem.

They are denying a claim on ductwork (which is covered) merely because of the insulation part of the claim. I would have been happy to pay for the portion that includes everything not covered such as insulation but they merely said fix it yourself and then call us if there is still an issue. This is preposterous because there won't be an issue with the covered items after I pay to fix them because I will already have had them fixed. This company is a sham and a rip off. Don't use them. I'm going back to American Home Shield and reporting this company to the BBB. Seems fraudulent to me.

  • Apr 22, 2019

We purchased a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty for our property on Scottsdale, AZ on 9/14/18. On 4/16/19 our tenants notified us that the AC was making a bad noise. We advised them to immediately turn off the AC and filed a service request with Choice Home Warranty.

On 4/18/19 Richard from RJH Mechanical, LLC inspected the unit and stated in writing "It has been determined that the condenser fan motor blade has cracked and broken off, this has caused further damage to the coil and the motor to run off balance. The coil damage has led to a refrigerant loss".

Choice Home Warranty is stating that this is not a failure that occurs under normal wear and tear conditions and refusing to cover the claim. As per Richard from RJH Mechanical, LLC THIS IS DUE TO NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. Both Richard and I have explained to Yvette Ortiz (CHW Case Manager assigned to our case) that metal fatigue routinely leads to cracks in moving metal parts such as blades and causes fractures.

CHW is acting in bad faith and breaching its contractual obligation by refusing to cover the repair and/or replacement of our damaged AC unit. We want CHW to honor the home warranty contract we purchased and repair and/or replace our damaged AC unit promptly. We have filed a complaint with BBB, consumer affairs and a lawsuit in Maricopa County, AZ.

  • Mar 21, 2019

January 2019 We purchased a whole home warranty from Choice Home Warranty online, never got a copy of the policy. Have called them several times to request a copy of the policy, still don't have it. Then....Noticed kitchen sink had a leak, called Choice Home Warranty at 866-528-7701 on 03/20/2019.

Told them we had a leak somewhere from the kitchen sink, they said it was covered and gave us claim # 73214841. Told the warranty covered the repair completely and we just need to pay the $60 Service Call Fee. They scheduled a repair person to come out on 03/21/2019 between 7 am to 11 am, we received a voicemail with the times and date of the service call. Nobody showed.

Called Home Choice Warranty back on 03/21/19 when the repair person did not show, Choice Home Warranty had me call the plumber directly at ***-***-****. Scheduled ****** Plumbing to come out on 03/22/2019 after 9 am. Dan at *****Plumbing arrived at 1:40 pm on 03/22/2019. He found 2 leaks and determined the cause were clogged water lines. He unclogged the lines.

Service time took 4 hours at $95 per hour, which was over the one hour "normal time" Home Choice Warranty auto approves, so Dan said he had to call Home Choice Warranty and get an authorization # to get paid for the additional time.

Dan called Choice Home Warranty on speaker phone, first person he spoke to said he had to be transferred to the authorization department. So Dan got transferred after being on hold for while, then got put on hold again for about 30 minutes total. Choice Home Warranty person came back on and said he was denying the claim, which was now up to over $400.

Dan went back and forth with Choice Home Warranty person for about 20 minutes, they kept saying he had to get the authorization prior to doing the actual work, which is not possible. Then he said he was denying the coverage because we had a home filtration system, which they ALREADY knew about and we had been told was not an issue.

Choice Home Warranty person then transferred the call without waiting for us to agree to it. We requested to speak to a supervisor, who came on and said the claim was denied because the plumbing was modified. Plumber Dan and I explained to the Choice Home Warranty person that the system was correctly installed, there were no modifications, that was how the kitchen was built.

Supervisor said the water filtration system was the modification, that is why it would not be covered. We were told the filtration system was fine when we purchased the home warranty and that it wouldn't impact the warranty for the plumbing. The bill was NOW $503.50 after making us wait or be on hold for over an hour.

So as not to take up any more of the plumber's time, we paid him the $503.50. I have looked over the ONLINE contract general details because we NEVER got a copy of the contract, even after requesting one at the time of filing the claim and previously. There is NOTHING in the general online contract saying a filtration system voids coverage for the plumbing warranty.

  • Feb 9, 2019

Good luck trying to get in touch with them! and when you do, They are very rude and lie about everything! I am now looking to file a lawsuit.


  • Dec 30, 2018

Dear Fellow Realtors Choice Home Warranty will let you hang before three approve a large expenditure. The repair company they sent terminated doing business Coice Warranty because they were reimbursed for the repairs they authorized to make. This company appears at our shows selling there services to Realtors. They will find a loophole in an claim so they don’t have to pay. Please do your due diligence and research, there a number of disturbing blogs and websites p i s s e d off c o n s u m e r s. Call sit on hold for over and hour each time ongoing for 3 days. More to come.

  • Oct 26, 2018

On 9/18/18 I filed a claim with Choice Home Warranty aka (CHW) for my air conditioning, which was not cooling. They sent over a A/C repair man who determined that the coil needed replacing. CHW denied the claim stating that the coil was rusted. This was not the case.

According to the repair man there was no indication of rust or corrosion. When I received the denial letter I immediaelty disputed it. They later came back stating that they will not cover this claim, as the A/C was covered under a warranty. Yes, this is true.

The coil was covered under Warranty, BUT NOT THE LABOR. This cost me over $700 for labor on this repair. As you can see, they will think of anything to deny claims. There is nothing in my service agreement with CHW that would deny coverage for this claim.

  • Oct 22, 2018

On 6/27/2018 my HVAC system failed and I filed a claim with Choice Home Warranty, of Edison, NJ, whom I have active whole home warranty coverage under. Per their policies, Home Choice Warranty attempted to locate a local HVAC service company to diagnose/correct the issue but after 20 hours they were unable to. The following day Home Choice Warranty then offered me their "reimbursement option" detailed here: "In order to avoid further delay, we offer a reimbursement option. Upon selecting the reimbursement option CHW will stop working on finding you an appointment and you will be required to find your own technician to service your claim. Upon diagnosis, the technician must contact our Authorizations department at 888-373-8042 to submit the diagnosis. The cost of all covered claims are reimbursed to you within 30 days. "

I then contacted my regular HVAC company that has performed preventive maintenance on my system several times in the past. The technician examined the system and determined (due to its age of over 12 years) the entire system must be replaced. The contractor submitted a proposal to Home Choice Warranty with their recommendation but Home Choice Warranty has denied the claim. (Please be advised my policy explicitly covers HVAC systems.)

  • Jul 24, 2018

This company uses bulk spammers to do their advertising, 4 - 6 a day. Most of them come from several different spammers. I have contacted the company directly many times and each time they say they will remove my email address from their advertising email list. I get more the same day and 4-6 every day after. If I call, it's the same thing over and over. Most of the spammers have fake unsubscribe links. The ones that aren't fake don't seem to know what unsubscribe means as it just continues.

  • Jun 24, 2018

I am a retired senior citizen that was fooled into purchasing a CHOICE Home Warranty program by a smooth talking sales representative named David Martin [(732) 379-5308 x8275]. He convinced me that my major home systems and appliances would be repaired/replaced, even though my residence and some covered items were 15+ years old, by going through each covered item and explaining the inclusions/exclusions. What he failed to review were the nineteen(19) “Limitations of Liability” that would be unfairly leveraged to deny the replacement of my malfunctioning HVAC system.

When my HVAC system failed, I submitted a claim and a service technician from A1 Services Company [(804) 912-3320] was dispatched to assess the issue. After spending approximately fifteen(15) minutes on-site, he advised that my freon level was low and asked if I wanted it charged. I requested that he get approval from CHOICE Home Warranty before taking any action, so he got in his truck, made a phone call and then left.

I contacted the CHOICE Home Warranty claim service center repeatedly over the next four(4) hot summer days before receiving the claim denial response. In their technician’s opinion, my HVAC could not be repaired do to rust/corrosion that was an exclusion under the Limits of Liability as mentioned above. I engaged a HVAC service (at my expense) to perform an assessment and their conclusion was the failure was from normal wear, use and age. I submitted multiple appeals to CHOICE Home Warranty, which included the independent assessment, annual maintenance records and pictures to definitively show that there was no rust/corrosion on the components referenced in the claim denial, all of which were denied.

And now the real eye opener, another area that Mr. Martin failed to explain, my only recourse was to pay $200 and file for arbitration, that limited my potential recovery to $1,500 under the terms of the agreement. It was quite demoralizing when I realized that the “best case” scenario was to net $1,300 to offset my $7000 HVAC replacement cost required after being without air conditioning during the battle with CHOICE Home Warranty for twenty-one(21) hot summer days.

I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and the state agency governing this type of service in Virginia and will wait to see what, if any, action is taken against CHOICE Home Warranty.

I admit that I was suckered into this situation. I read the agreement, but had to engage an attorney to fully realize the layers of limitations and how the exclusions could be generically leveraged by CHOICE Home Warranty, so I am posting this review to provide awareness about the program and hopefully spare everyone else this painful experience.

CHOICE Home Warranty markets a program that allows them to deny any claim, knowing that the consumer’s only option is to file arbitration which maximizes any potential recovery to $1,300, you draw your own conclusion.

That is there business model, so it must be legal, right, don’t find out, please avoid engaging CHOICE Home Warranty!!!!!

  • May 10, 2018

Stay Away! Total Scam. . Choose them because they claim to be Number ONE!! Yeah...I wonder who they paid off to give reviews.

SCAMMERS!!! I was told that I had the first 30 days as a free trial period. It was extended and when I did cancel, now they are staying I was late. I had my attorney send a letter, but when just called now, she basically decided I was not worth speaking with and the caee was they CHOSE to CLOSE IT I will be reporting them to the BBB and the State of New Jersey for Fraud and misrepresentation.

They did refund most but deducted administrative fees etc. etc. NONE of this was disclosed up front. The resolution center's answer?

We were selling you a policy so why should we tell you all the facts if you cancel. We don't expect you to cancel, yet they have a cancellation pollicy...but don't expect you to use it so why bother disclosing!!!

Trust me....your attorney will just beblown off...they do not care ....I asked to hear the reocrding....Forget it!

They have not heard the end of this. THIS IS FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION but she says we sent you the policy...which they DID...BUT IT was After the fact and after they had my money and then they tell you they WILL KEEP some of it when you cancel. This must be disclosed before you give them the money.

Beware! Unless you like dealing with in my experience...Crooks.

  • Apr 26, 2018

Never answer a call from choice home warranty. Does not matter how nice or polite they are, never pay any thing or sign or verbal contract with them.

When time come to cover the repair they make excuses and never do the repair. I had a dishwasher drain problem which said in the policy it was covered and will be replaced. Technician came and dignose replace the drain pump cost around $48. CWC told me it was preexisting condition and they do not cover. I just spend arguing with supervisorr and then manager same repeating story again and again it was preexisting condition.

They dont even give you refund if you sign a yearly or 3 year contract.

  • Apr 19, 2018

On April 13, 2018 2 techs came to my home to fix my microwave door and my air conditioning unit. It turned out that my air conditioning unit needs a condenser. I haven't received a written copy of the denial. I was told that I would that I would get an email explaining why my claims were denied.

My microwave door won't shut properly, therefore somehow it can't connect to make the microwave work. Once again, I was informed that the door wasn't covered under Choice Home Warranty A customer service supervisor let me know that Choice would fix other parts of the microwave, but not the door.

Once again, I asked the customer service superivsor that if I could get a copy of the denial & as of today, I haven't received anything from the company. I paid both technicians the service fee of $45 just for them to come out to my home & evaulate the problems. Choice Home Warranty needs to be stop. They are a Ripoff. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

  • Apr 13, 2018

i called them middle of winter for heat issue because of 2 little kids at home.they sent person who you can barely call a technician without any toll not even meter.than give wrong estimate which is gas valve and its in not covered list just like %98 part s in policy.and when i went to attic i got electricity shock because this person broke electrical safety swich and connected hot cables naked without not even wirenut and was touching to metal surface so i got shock and left gas valve cover open.thx God contractor find out that naked cables to touching metal surface so saved our lives fot fitr danger.He find out problem was mother board not gas valve and he replaced mother board with electric safety switch what CHW technician broke and fix dangerous electric connection which was touching to the metal surface ve paid 435$ and i ve sent invoice to CHW they just paid 200$.

i had get inspection report and hospital report for what they did to my Heating system and i got electricity shock plus staying cold has 2 little kids doctor report they had sick.i had purchased this warranty for 6 years service from them feb 2016 paid 1875$ and because of this incident i ask them refund my unused time money which is 35 months and arround 1300$ those scumbags told me that they anyly pay me back 400$ something.all these time had only 2 claims one for cost 280$ was motherboard and second one also cost 435$ but they just paid 200$. and now they dont wanna give my money back.

now i feel myself living in one of the dicdator country where there is no come they can just ripp people like that in United States Of America?when you check online %99 people complaint abouth them but their web page they shows rating company they had 5 star from including

and just found out that also another fake company whoever pay them they will show them high rated company.i had left so many negative feedback about choice home warranty which they never publish.

we need to all together and do something against to this scumbug company to stop ripping us and other people.Just like new jersey victims sue them and won thx to their attorney of general.

  • Mar 29, 2018

The first time I filed a claim was March of 2017 for non working HVAC. Claim denied due to some rust on the unit....$6000.00 out of pocket. reqiested service for refridgerator 2/2018, claim denied... that icemaker isn't part of the refridgerator...?? Now it's 3/2018, leaking water heater. Claim denied since it was a crack in the pipe to water heater, but pipe material is no longer covered...???? so $250 out of pocket to place a clamp around leaking area...short term fix. I pitch a fit everytime I file a claim....falls on deaf hears. Paid for extended term coverage since I'm on fixed income and was trying to avoid costly repairs/replacement...So far the only costly mistake I made was buying a worthless warranty. When insisting on a refund, was told no but I could transfer to a different address....lolol Professional scam crooks!!!

  • Feb 21, 2018

Called 1/31/18 for water softener. Explained that I have Lupus and a skin condition, must have softener. Sent a man 2/2/18, only clear word he could speak was "broke". Showed me the part needed on his phone. He had no tools with him, no license number on his business card. Call from Choice informs me I'm not covered for softener, so I paid the extra $70.00 to have it covered. Girl says she'll give me $150.00 ( 3,000.00 softener not even 7 yrs. old) and I either fix or replace it. The man told her it was broken due to lack of maintenance. I do keep salt in it, that is all a homeowner is supposxed to do, we don't mess w/the mechanics inside. This is not my first softener in my life, had them for over 30 years in different homes I've owned. Finally girl says she'll hae it fixed but doesn't know when. Haven't heard a word from them since then.

Of course I called in someone on my own, he checked it, said it's working properly only problem is an ice bridge formed in the brine tank. He tapped the tank a couple of times with his toe and we heard the sale drop down, it's been working perfectly ever since. I paid for a 3 year contract and Jeff told me the conditioner and my freezer were covered, when the contract was written he left out the conditioner, that's why I had to pay another $70.00. The $45.00 to the service man was a waste, I had the book here but he was looking on his phone of what he should do which ended up being nothing. I wrote the company on 2/14/18 asking for my money back.

This was the first claim I filed with them. I looked online for the repairman's company and his name, he is no where on the internet. I was told all service people are licensed, when I questioned the girl on the phone about this, she never answered me. This contract ran from 6/30/17 to 12/30/2020. I feel since they did nothing for me that I should be entitled to all of my money back so I could get coverage elsewhere. I have this warranty because I'm a disabled senior citizen w/many health issues and from previous companies I've had they will send someone out the same day or even the next to repair or replace the item. I bought this policy because it was cheaper for 3 years than for one year, that's how they got my money. All appliances in my house are supposed to be covered, all are less than 7 years old and the first thing they did was offer me $150.00 buy out for the conditioner. It seems like a racket to me.

To date I have not heard one word from this company. That means, had I not went ahead and called someone else by now my skin would be all scales and places would have split open and bled, that's why I need it to work.

  • Dec 30, 2017

I am finally fed up with trying to get Choice Home Warranty to comply with their contract of repairs of appliances and pumps that their representative swore this company would take care of and cover when I bought the "warranty" two years ago. I am a single mom raising three teenage kids so when we moved into our new home back in November of 2016, I thought how wonderful it would be to obtain a home warranty company so I wouldn't have to worry about a thing when it came to appliances and pumps.

WELL, I am now at my six denial with this time being my refrigerator which I specifically discussed with their representative when I initially was "suckered" into this warranty back in late 2016. I was in such high hopes when for the first time, a repair man actually showed up to look at the fridge. After 30 mintes had passed, he told me he would have to call Choice Home Warranty to get it "apporved". 15 minutes later, he said Choice Home Warranty denied it and it would cost me $700+ to fix.

Yet again, Choice Home Warranty denies service and now I am stuck with the cost myself or to buy a new fridge. They denied my dishwasher, sump pump, pool pump, toilet repair, and a different refridgerator issue when it was just the ice maker!! This company advertised and promised me "peace of mind", that they would protect me from such stress, issues, and costs. Choice Home Warranty has deceived me by refusing to provide the service it promised, specifically to have my major appliances or systems repaired or replaced.

Last summer my pool pump went out and again, pursuant to my conversation with the sales rep when i bought the warranty, the pool pump would e covered. I called and called to have this company send someone out to look and repair or replace the pool pump because it was loud and not working properly so everyone around our house could hear the pump "screeching".

The customer service representative finally said that if I could get someone to come out to look, repair or replace the pool pump, then I was to submit a claim and documentation and they would "refund" me. Well, $1,000 dollars later, I faxed, and faxed, emailed, and emailed my supporting documentation 5 or 6 times for a year. Well, right after the year mark went by, they then admitted to receiving my supporting documentation but since it has been a year, they would not comply and would not refund me for my cost of $1,000.

They have denied, deceived, lied, and have done everything possible to not comply or cover any services that they promised in their warranty and contract. I spoke with a customer service rep yesterday after the fridge repair man left and told them to cancel my contract and refund me the prorated amount since i bought a 3 year contraact. She flat out said "NO" that I would have to pay a $50.00 cancellation fee and they owe me nothing! I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and my Attorney General. This Choice Home Warranty company is a scam, fraud and criminal. This has caused me stress, money, and many sleepless nights. What a horrible organization.

  • Dec 29, 2017

First they advertise a 24/48 hour turn a round time. Thats a lie. My first claim was for my washing machine, it took over 4 days before they finally contacted me to tell me they do not have a technician to work on the brand i had so since I had no way to wash clothes I just had to go buy one. But the 2nd claim tops it all. On Thursday December 21st am i called to make a claim in regards to my fridge. They told me i would hear w/in 24 to 48 hours and i i didnt hear anything for 72 hours via email saying i have an appt on Christmas eve (96 hours later )between 3 and 8, pretty hard to do when you are hosting Christmas Eve dinner and on a Sunday. So therefore i had to reschedule for the 26th due to the holiday, finally heard back today, the 28th just to hear that they will not cover because there is a coolant leak. Anyway, my husband spoke with the technician and he informed him that he did not say there was a leak to them or on the report he sent us. So we called this scam company and they turned his words around saying there is a leak and they will not fix it My husband spoke with the technician and he did not agree with the decision they made. But honestly what can he do when thats his source of income. This company takes the money but does not follow through with what they are supposed to. I want my fridge fixed or replaced. I will NEVER buy insurance from them again nor would i recommend them to anyone. They are very bogus

  • Dec 9, 2017

This Choice Home Warranty should be charged and legal actions should be taken for false advertisement, and breach of contract. Twice in the past year they have breached their contract they made with me and fail to perform what they advertised. There is no telling how many more victims there are other than myself. The first breach of contract was in around August when they refuse to repair or replace my air conditioning, the second is when they refused to repair or replace my dish washer. Now in the second event, they strong armed my wife and myself to accept 250 dollars or nothing, I haven't cashed or otherwise accepted the check they mailed me, claiming $179 was the "average" replacement cost, that is a lie, I know statistics, and the "average" as they put it, is actually closer to $600 dollars (low of $400 high around $1500.

The first breach of contract is 1: "We have the sole right to determine whether a covered system or appliance will be repaired or replaced. We are responsible for installing replacement equipment of similar features, capacity, and efficiency" They refuse to repair or replace my air conditioning, even though it was (105 degrees in the house) the tech they conspired with, emptied every drop of Freon that was in my air conditioner and didn't replace the Freon. the second breach of contract is my dish washer, the tech they conspired with had found a replacement part, but they refused to repair that, or even replace it. The second false advertisement is the solicitation they send my wife via email and I quote 2) "Never Pay For Covered Home Repairs Again." And “Your Covered Repairs ☞Are On Us!☜ “ Choice Home Warranty refuses to live up to their contractual obligation and their advertised obligation.

  • Dec 6, 2017

We called on a Friday evening about a water leak. They said a company would call. 48 hours later no one called. We called back, they said since it was an evening call someone would contact us in 48 hours. For a leak. Some one did call and made arrangments to come on Friday a week since the first call.

Not only did anyone call to say what time they would get there, no one showed up. Choice Home Warranty did nothing to get our matter fixed.

They are quick to take their monthly payment. Just not to do thier job.

Ripped Off is how we felt.

We cancaelled with them. Wished I knew about them before.

  • Dec 6, 2017


  • Oct 17, 2017

Two technician showed up to diagnose my problems on my Samsung washing machine it was making some noises no matter what size load the technicians turned it on with no load and you could hear the sound while the washer was running one technician moved it and crawled behind it removing the back panel the sound got much louder he told the other technician to shut it off after requesting his tool bag he tried to take something off the back and was unable to because it was stuck they told me that it needed bearings and a stator and would be a very costly repair and I was told the warranty company probably would not cover it because it was too expensive I should go buy a new one my warranty states that if they cannot repair it they have to replace it I went upstairs to go get my phone and the technician called my warranty company when I came back down he had paperwork for me to sign and he said they only accepted cash or check I signed the paperwork and gave him the cash he said my company would be calling me shortly with their decision on moving forward when I got the call from the company a couple hours later they said they were denying my claim based on the questions they ask the technician because my washer machine had been overloaded and that voids my warranty when I purchased this washing machine they said you can put a full king size comforter in it with no problems there's no way this has ever overloaded they said they would not cover a repair or a replacement and there was no manager to speak to at the time they said I could call back the next day and talk to somebody if I would like but they would have no solution for me so don't waste my time following day I got a call from a manager saying that they valued me as a customer and would offer me a $300 voucher to go towards purchasing a new washer because I am such a good customer this is the third Appliance they have refused to service due to one of their loopholes my microwave has buttons on the door so they will not service it my dishwasher has buttons on the door so they will not service it they should not be able to put these contingencies in their agreements it is a warranty that you pay for a reason to cover your things not to pay for no reason sorry now I'm venting you understand what I'm getting at the technicians they sent out did not even put a diagnosis down on their paperwork the only wrote down my model number serial number and what the issue that I called in about no diagnosis at all and a price to repair around $800

  • Aug 28, 2017

I had a $1400.00 washer machine, the bearing went out, so in repairable. They would only give me a $400. Washer different name brand. Ive never had such a crappy one as this. Then my fridge goes and they said they'd give only $200.00 towards.... another one! One like I have you can't get for under $1000.00. This company is a joke, and a rip off. So I have no refrigerator, and it's going to take 30 days to get the $200. So what am I supposed to do in the meantime? And all my food I had to give away for I had no where to put it. WHAT am I paying these people for? They boast on their website " We do everything we can to help you get back on track" AND "If we can't fix it we'll replace it" LIARS They should say the truth " If it can't be fixed we'll give you a couple hundred towards another one, and in 30 days you'll recieve a check. People, they Do Not cover you. Plus you have to pay $75.00 for the service call. Read the small print. Stay away from this company it's not worth it. Your wasting your money.

  • Aug 24, 2017

These people are nothing but HARASSERS. I have tried for 3 months to unsubscribe my email. I get 5-10 emails a day, 5-10 phone calls a day. When I block their number they move to another line. They haven't learned how to text. I don't need this HARASSMENT. I rent!

  • Aug 18, 2017

They refund to money of $33.75 payment for which take 30 days after 30 days . I enrolled on August 6 2017 1st payment of $33.75 was needed . But service was being until September6 2017. I canceled today August 17 2017 . Now they refused to return my money.... It's on cancellation booklet and I was told verbally over the phone from salesman. This company is RIPOFF , please stopped them. And get my money back

  • Aug 17, 2017

Purchased 'Premium' [to cover everything appliance related essentially] to cover my household during changing of jobs and accepting less money against my wife's "better" [yes it appears it was better] judgment.

Almost a year goes by and I claim against a HVAC stand-alone unit for the bedroom. They sent technician. He vouched for my claim but stated that; [paraphrase] "They [choice] owes him a years backpay for jobs he's went out on and still hasn't been paid"...but he does his diagnosis, call in to Choice within earshot of me..tells them the part # they need....I pay the deductible...he leaves and weeks goes by without anything. I call the service tech and he says that after he left Choice refused the claim as it was a 'stand-alone' Heating and AC unit.

So I call Choice and they claimed they "tried to get ahold of me a couple times" but I didn't reply. No coverage for unit.

My perception is they will find any excuse not to cover claims.

NOW...they keep calling and emailing me about renewing even though they screwed me.

I'm guessing you know my answer to that and I hope you learn from my mistakes.

  • Aug 11, 2017

Choice Home Warranty says that it wil cover home repairs. I paid my first month of 44.88 and then waited a month. My AC broke down 2 days before my start date. I called in a claim. They said that it wasn't covered! But that they could send out an AC repair man for a diagnosis. The Company was located 200 miles from my home and swould never answer the phone! I immediately emiled them to CANCEL MY SERVICE AS THEY DON'T ANSER THE PHONE EITHER!!! i IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED MY aUTOMATIC PAY....AND WANT TO WARN EVERYBODY TO NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.....tHEY ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF!

  • Aug 4, 2017

I bought this warranty last year and have paid $40.00 a month. First time the technician came out I told him it wasn't cooling and probably needed freon. He said he put in 4 lbs of freon and the warranty would only pay for 2. I paid him the service call of $60.00 plus my 2 lbs of freon. I told him it probably had a leak and he said it would cost me $120.00 to find the leak as the company wouldn't pay for that. I called his office the next day and told Jamie I wanted him to come out and find the leak. Two weeks later the temperature got up to 87 and I called for a visit and it was 6 days later that he finally came out and looked for the leak and added 5 lbs of freon. He took a picture of where he thought the leak was and talked to CHW he said they wanted me to call them. I called and they told me they weren't covering the replacement because the unit hadn't been maintained. I said how do you know that you haven't even asked me for records. Wednesday morning I emailed all the records and today I got a call that they were denying my claim she hadn't even seen my emailed records but when I told her I sent them then she checked and said the claim was still being denied. Their reasons didn't change but when I had Jerry Walker a/c replace my unit he checked and said the leak couldn't be found so that he was in the inner coil which is what the CHW technician said.

I do not accept this denial of claim I spent a lot of hours going through files recovering these records that I though was lost.

Please help me with this I am 73 until the 19th and on Social Security only this purchase has maxed out my credit card and I need help. Rose M Ponczak 602-803-0345

  • Jul 22, 2017

I signed up for Choice Home Warranty for their ad “With Choice, you save time, and, more importantly, you will never pay for a covered home repair bill again!” I am requesting a refund of $413.50. Not delivering what they advertised, not providing me a refund check and not covering a claim that was covered in the past. Another reason for my request I am noticing Choice Home Warranty is finding “loop holes” in their Service Agreement to avoid paying for invoices. 1st example:

In June 2017, I called in a claim for my 2 year old Maytag dishwasher started leaking. CHW sent an appliance repair tech to my home to find out what was causing the leak. I was with the tech the entire time he was reviewing the machine. He advised me he knows CHW will not cover repair of this item, most likely the will have it replaced or pay a portion to buy another one. He would have to replace the pump because there was a leakage. A few days later I was notified by CHW that they would not cover any part of the dishwasher (pump or a portion of payment for replacement); due to the source of the problem was “hard water corrosion”, which is an exclusion on my policy. The tech they sent out never mention this to me. He advised it was some sort of defect with the pump. I explained to CHW this is not the information the tech gave me. We just bought the dishwasher two years ago. I called to have another appliance technician come out and give a second opinion (which happens to be an approved contractor with CHW). I had to pay $75 out of my pocket. The new tech advised it is not hard water corrosion that caused the dishwasher to start leaking it was a defect in one of the parts. He said he saw a lot of these issues with these brand models lately. I paid $600 for the dishwasher almost exactly 2 years ago. The dishwasher should have lasted longer. I submitted the new tech’s findings to CHW and after another few days I was notified they will pay for the replacement of the dishwasher, however, due to wear and tear, depreciation the check will be for $179.00. Unbelievable. They would pay for the repairs which would cost $380. I cannot buy a dishwasher for $179.00. I am requesting a refund for the $75 I should not have to pay. I am requesting a total of $254 (which includes the $179 that I have still not received). 2nd example: January, June and July of this year, 2017 I had to make a claim on 3 different issues with plumbing stoppage, which is covered on my policy. Jan and June claims were made and the plumbers came out and fixed the issue.

Three weeks later (July 14, 2017) we were experiencing the same issue I called CHW and spoke to a customer service representative. I explained I have to keep paying these service charges it seems like almost every month. There is a problem that is not being properly determined by your technicians. I explained I should have to pay another service charge for the same problem that is not getting fixed properly. The rep from CHW advised she will send out a new plumber to evaluate the main problem and will not charge me a service fee. Lujano Plumbing came out the and evaluated the problem. They advised me they can fix the problem like the other contractors fixed so my sink will be in working order for daily usage. However, they did notice I have a more of a plumbing stoppage problem that would need to eventually be fixed. This caused for a snake/vent jetting to be conducted throughout the pipes of my home. I am not a plumber, but the term of what also need to be down was a “back clean out”. The diagnosis was submitted to CHW. I received an email from CHW advising they tried to reach me to discuss my claim. I called and I was told they would cover the “back clean out” and labor, but would not cover the jet hole or snake that goes through the pipes. The invoice had a break down of charges: $1000 – back out cleaning, $840 – labor (3 men) and $382 for the jet vent pipes. I figured I was going to be responsible for the $382. I then called Lujano Plumbing to schedule the work to be done. The rep from the company advised they would get my schedule, but they needed the approval paperwork from CHW since they have not received it yet. The next day I received another email for me to call CHW in which I did. After speaking to the rep, I noticed they found another “loop hole”, they denied the entire claim, because there was not enough access to conduct the back clean out. Per the agreement Part 8 “Mainline stoppages are only covered if there is an accessible ground level clean out,” Since I do not have accessible ground level the entire claim is excluded. I was frustrated, but it was listed in my policy. I decided to cancel my policy for reasons of them having to many small print exclusions and waiting on the phone 15 minutes. I felt I was paying out money, but I was not getting a good warranty service.

My complaint is I already paid my full premium for July. I cancelled my policy 7/18/17 effective immediately. I called Lujano plumbing and advised they were not going to cover anything. I was advised by the plumbing company they can come by and drain the water from the sink so I can use it for daily use and I can later call them to do the full work. Lujano plumbing advised Choice Home Warranty has covered this in the past and should cover to unclog the sink and drain the water. He charges $99.50. I called CHW and explained their plumber will come back and drain the water and unstop the sink so I can use until I can have the other work done out of my pocket, but they would need to pay for the temporary fix like they have in the past. I was told by Lanesia a CHW Manager in “Client Relations”, that if I did not cancel my policy they would cover to have the water drained out and to unclog my sink. Since I cancelled they have no obligation to pay. I explained I cancelled today 7-18-17, the claim made was for 7-14-17. Technically, I was covered when the claim was originally made. I was denied. I was upset and explained several times CHW covered unclogged sinks. I was told again, I am no longer a client so they do not have to pay. I am requesting a total of $159.50 (which includes the $99.50 they should have covered and July premium if $60.00). I have later learned in 2015 there was a class action lawsuit made by this company because they are always finding ways to not pay their customer warranty claims. ( Choice Home Warranty should not be allowed to take advantage of their customers. I request a full refund of $413.50.

  • Jul 19, 2017

After paying my premiums for 3-4 months my dryer broke. I called for service. Two days later appliance guy was here ordering parts. The computer board fried. I get an email starting that appliance guy stated that this was due to negligence/too much lint, and they have pics to prove to that. I texted my appliance guy asking him what he told them because he never mentioned anything about lint because it was clean. He said he never said anything about negligence or lint and never sent pics either. He said the computer board just fried, defect. After telling them that I had written proof that they were lying, and after 8-9 phone calls, they decided that they would pay half and we'd pay the other half. A few days later the appliance guy comes back and says choice paid $86 & We have to pay $121. Last math class that I took, that's not half. I again argued with them to no avail, paid the $121, then canceled. This is the worst warrantee company that I have worked with in 11 years of having one.

  • Jul 13, 2017

Contract 234832106 Claim. 62827932 I purchased a home warranty when I moved elderly father from TN to TX. My air went out on June 29 and too CHW until July 10 to send a technician. i called many times with no one answering or put on hold never to come back. After technician informed me that my compressor could not be fixed, he said it should all be covered, but I had to confirm with company. I was told e different excuses why it would not be covered in a matter of minutes. When I rebutted one excuse, they would make up another. i spoke with a level 3 manager ??? Regina and she was so concerned that she had the nerve to hang up on me. i was informed that I could get a second opinion at my expense. Which I did and licensed company said there is no reason why my claim should not be covered.nd the day before house was previously owned by a licensed aicompany. The techician as you can see diagnosed and stated that these issues are covered by home warranties everyday.

He did not see a "starter" but did find a piece of package by unit for a compacitor (assume tech yesterday from your company left.... wrong size just a footnote) as I stated before, the only reason I purchased warranty if because I moved my 87 year old father here. Today his nurse visited and his temp was 3 degrees higher then it has ever been, his bood pressure was extremely low and his urine is brown (i have given him at least 8 bottles of water a day) his health is declining rapidly. The nurse made a note on his chart that the temp in my house with two fans running was 94 degrees. I contacted a Dallas attorney and he was appalled, however litigation would be drawn out probably longer than my father will live. This company should be held accountable and replace my unit before grave danger comes to my dads health, with temps in the high 90 and low 100s daily here in Texas

  • Jul 1, 2017

This is a warning to all Electricians, Plumbers, Appliance & HVAC repairmen, do not, no matter how good it sounds, take jobs or work for Choice Home Warranty.

They reach out and contact mostly smaller size home repairmen with the lure of providing you with unlimited work and guaranteed pay by being one of their contractors for the folks that buy their home warranty policies.

Bottom line is, they have a very confusing system of filing invoices, everything is online, the training on how to use their system is a joke, everytime you call and talk to someone you get a different answer, they arbitrarily shut down your online access and come up with the most ridiculous reasons for doing so, they say you get paid in a month but it's really a minimum of 6 weeks or more, at least 1/2 of the jobs you take they try to cheat you out of payment and there is no recourse, they ALWAYS tell you your prices are too high and send work orders to you that are 1 hour or more away and then expect you to do the service call for the $45 deductible the customer pays you and nothing more. So that's $45 for 2-3 hours travel time, gas, tolls (sometimes) and wear/tear on the van. When they don't pay you there is no recourse. You spend an extrordinary amount of time on the phone with them trying to get them to pay. They will tell you they're sorry, they will fix it, will give you a number of excuses as to why you didn't get paid and you'll get paid but you still don't. It's frustrating to say the least. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of repairs they deny for the customer. I'm surprised anybody buys these warranties.

It's a horrible, horrible company to do business with and I guarantee you they will be having you working for them for nothing or next to nothing. That's why they have the 6 or more week turnaround for paying you. The longer they string you along, the more work they can get out of you for free until you wise up. I'm done with these guys. I'm embarrased and angry that I gave them the benefit of the doubt and allowed them to use me. I'll report them to the attorney general's office in my state but I suspect nothing will be done and it certainly won't get me paid the $ that I was screwed out of. Hiring an attorney is out of the question, those guys are equally as bad if not worse.

  • May 20, 2017

This company is supposed to be a home warranty repair service. Prior to purchasing I asked a multitude of questions to assure they cover various items and was assured including covering everythhing with a hot water heater. When it came time to make a claim each and everyone was denied. The first claim was for a hot water heater, the second was for a plumbing leak and the third for an a/c issue. They have paid nothing on any of the claims and every single one is denied saying its an exclusion for this and that. DO NOT PURCHASE FRM THEM.

  • May 17, 2017

Purchased this warranty for our home. We had an issue about 50 days later where the central air shut down. We called a contractor came and said it was a blown fuse very minor issue he got it up and working aging in about 10 mins. He said he was going to call in for a freon refill as it seems slightly low. The company turned it down! This is a scam company. They said I only paid in 2 payments and it was not equal to the amount of the repair so its not covered? I called to cancel this policy as I suspected it was a fraudulent warranty company and they transferred me to another manager he begged me to keep the contract and he would get the tech to come back immediately and do the complete repair and cover it. No tech came or called for days and the warranty company tried to charge my credit card for addl payments immediately. I went to BBB they said go to consumer affairs which I wlll do next. They are a complete scam company I have had AHS warranty for 14 years on and off they do what they say very reputable company forget Choice home warranty scam city then they lie lie lie after they refuse to do what you the consumer paid for

All they had to do was to get the tech back as they promised and get the repair done in its entirety which they lied and never got done

  • May 9, 2017

The Worst most disreputable (sued by the State of New Jersey for excessive denial of claims) They deny almost every claim especially if it is a high dollar appliance or heat pump, Air conditioner, Furnace. Don't even pay for this warranty if you have a new house less than 10 yrs old they will deny your claim and claim the manufacturer is responsible.

They deny claims for Air conditioners by making up that someone must have serviced the AC incorectly in the past year and that is why they won't pay, even though there was no service preformed and the AC unit and it worked fine in the last year.

Read the Angies list reviews, 25% rate Choice Home Warranty as a "F" grade

I have used many home waranty companies over the last twent years, none of them have denied 85% of the claims I had submitted and their technicians recommended repairs.

  • May 4, 2017

Signed up for warranty. Promised that all covered units would be repaired or replaced. Called as water heater not functioning properly. Alternative Plumbing chosen by Choice. Came and "serviced" unit. Problem continued. Called Choice again. Alternative techs came and said that they could not find problem but that I could replace unit for $1300 as Choice NEVER replaces units. Would like COMPLETE refund!!!

  • Apr 27, 2017

I filed a claim last year and I feel that I have not been treated fairly. My air conditioner quit working during the hottest part of the summer and I called your company to get it fixed. They could not find or had anyone in my area, so they told me to call a local technician and have them contact your company to notify them with the problem and an estimate. I contacted a local air conditioner company and they sent a service technician to my house and diagnosed the problem. The owned then attempted to contact your company to give them the problem and estimate for repair. He attempted several times and spent hours on hold and trying to talk to someone, but he could not waste anymore of his valuable time waiting to get a hold of someone. I needed my A/C fixed because I have four kids and my fiancée here and my youngest has hyperthyroidism which requires the body to be in a cool environment.

I then told him that we needed our air conditioning fixed and to proceed with the repairs and I would contact the company and do the waiting on hold and speak to your company. They ordered the new compressor and installed it at a cost of $1484.00 (see enclosed). I initially talked to a female supervisor that said that they could not cover the cost due to the fact that this issue was (MY FAULT-not her words, but it was HIGHLY implied), but she said this could not have happened if I had routine maintenance. I informed her that I just bought the property in December of 2015 and it was inspected when I purchased the home and twice since then, but I did not know where the proof/receipts proving that I had routine maintenance done. She offered me $300.00 if I was not able to find those receipts, which I thought was a nice gesture. She told me that if I could find those receipts showing routine maintenance it would be a completely different story. I told her that I would attempt to find them, but I had been moving in and moving things around and I had no idea where the receipts were.

A week later I found the receipts and I called her back and she changed her story. I sent her the receipts showing that I had routine maintenance done on December 20th and April 28th (see enclosed). She then backed away saying that they would only offer the $300.00 and they had talked to your technicians and they said that there was no way that this could have happened if I had routine maintenance. I showed her the proof and she would not offer to pay for my expenses, only the $300.00. I repeatedly asked if there was someone above her to speak with and she put on a male supervisor. I spoke with him and he was even more of a difficult person to talk with. He told me that he was the last person that I could speak to and there was not anyone above him. I have worked for major nationwide companies and I currently work in federal law enforcement and there is always someone higher to speak to.

He told me that the only way was to write your board and try that route. I have never experienced more horrific customer service in my 48 years. I had service America in Southern Florida and they never treated me like that. If there was a problem they fixed it and never said or implied that it was my fault and took care of me like I was a valued customer. I have spoken to my technician and a someone I knew from the police academy, who owned an A/C company before going into law enforcement, and they both stated that this is an issue that could not have been prevented. I asked for the names of your supervisors and they refused to give them to me. I would appreciate any assistance you could give in this matter. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I am an Army Infantry veteran and I signed up for your three year deal. I am not a fly by night customer and I will be a customer for life if treated right.

After this, they did not pay anything saying that my receipts for my routine maintenance were not valid! Again calling me a liar!!

  • Mar 15, 2017

Over a month without washing machine and still waiting. All i do is haggle with customer service specialist

  • Mar 9, 2017

Ripped off again by choice home warranty they said they cover appliances but they don't cover ice makers that are in the appliances. They seem to pick and choose what they cover or don't cover

  • Feb 28, 2017

Beware. I signed a 3 year contract with Choice Home Warranty Maintenance Company. 06/23/2015 - 12/23/2018 for a single family, total plan coverage. The cost was $1,050. The Service call fee is $45 per call. I called this company twice to repair my air conditioner and once for my dishwasher. I called a 4th time because my water heater went out. This company has never approved a repair. There manual covers every malfunction an a/c or appliance will have and the malfunction is always the fault of the homeowner. This company will deny a claim if you have not had maintenance work done on any malfunctioning HVAC system, plumbing system, hot water heater, electricity or appliance within the last year. Who does that? Why buy a home maintenance protection plan then?

Also, if they feel the failed system should be under a warranty they will not pay. (i.e. I bought a home, the a/c failed in the 1st year, called Choice Home Warranty to report my problem. They sent out an a/c tech to find the problem. They denied the claim. Said the a/c was fairly new and it is under a warranty. We had know idea who the previous owners bought the a/c from). Every time we called them there was a denial. Choice Home Warranty Maintenance Company has ripped me off. You get what you pay for. A 3 year plan from an honest company for $1,050 is way too low. I thought I was getting a deal. It wasn't a deal I haven't received any service. Don't believe me? Start reading their reviews all over the internet. Stay away, Beware. All of their customer service reps read from the same script. There is no manager to talk too. Beware. Save your money. This is not an honest company. The owners are not honest people.

  • Feb 22, 2017

This company is best on trying to sign you up or renew contract. But when it comes to calling to fix things, not reliable. My aircondition is suppose to be covered but they did everything not to replace it. My AC stop working last summer and I called to fix it. They said it's not fixable, it needs to be replaced but it's not covered because of lack of maintenance. I admit my AC unit is old but I get regular maintenance by licensed company every year. They asked me if I will provide proper receipts and documents, they will cover it. So, I send them copies of my receipts but still denied my claims. They said it doesn't shows about the maintenance of something like amp draws, freon, and other things.

I contacted the company who maintain my AC to send them detailed information of all the things they needed. After a lot of phone calls on hold for hours, faxing and emailing them report documents, they still denied my claims. I finally gave up because I realized even if I draw my blood to them, Choice Warranty will never cover it. I know I did the best I could do, just dont have plan to renew the contract and spread the word that they are the biggest scam. They've been calling me a lot lately to renew my contract after all that. They have the nerve to do that after all they did to me. They may have the cheapest plan but you get the worst service. The positive testimonials about them are all fakes and made up by them. Stay away from this company. Waste of money!

  • Feb 16, 2017

We called to get our refrigerator fixed. A technician came to our house and knew what the problem was right away. He said the fan went because refrigerators often have that problem causing the condenser to go out. He said there was nothing we could do to stop it from happening and that it was best to get a new refrigerator because the repairs was going to be very costly. He never once mentioned anything about maintenance to prevent this issue nor some statement about dust covering the motor which lead the Freon to boil out and cause the fridge to go. I don’t understand how stories change from then to now. He said we should ask for a cash out because the repairs would be too much and that was what he was going to write on his report. Now I call them and they don’t pick up the phone and this is the company you guys sent to my house. Is this choice home warranty service a scam? I have paid for this service for four years plus and the time I need it the most, I am getting a run around on maintaining something that is 100 percent on this inside of the fridge. I don’t understand this and this is 100 percent wrong on your guys part. I will make sure I post this to all my social media outlets and on the BBB website as well. We will see if you care about customer service or not. This is a scam and you will never get another cent from me or anyone I know.

  • Feb 14, 2017

I contracted with Choice Home Warranty approximately a year and half ago. I had two repairs, each were handled appropriately by them. Then my blower motor for my heating unit went out, and apparently, took out my digital thermostat with it. Called them, service company comes out, removes the blower motor and tells me they will contact me when part comes in. I then find out that Choice Waranty will not fix it as the part is not available from the manufacturer, it is out of business, and they will not pay for secondary source parts. The part is available, just not from the manufacurer. Oh, and they never pay for things damaged secondarily to whatever went out first, ergo the thermostat is on me.

They tell me they are going to send me a check for $300 in thirty days. Subsequent investigation discloses that they only issue checks once a month and then they leave their mail room a few days later, "usually in the first week or so after being produced". By the way the repair is $459, not $300. There is nothing in there literature stating the thirty day + wait, but there is a whole lot of exclusionary talk and words to the effect that we do whatever we want and you can't even sue us. I have had other warranty companies on my homes and never anything approaching this kind of hassle. I had one where the parts were no longer available at all, they paid for replacing the entire unit. No hassle. I am going back to that company. Oh, their "customer resolution" person told us that if we cancel them, we will not receive the $300 check. So when the check arrives, and is cashed, then I am going to cancel them. My Suggestion, dont even think about this company.

  • Feb 6, 2017

I spoke to a Choice home warranty rep on the phone and specifically asked about the coverage of several items, specifically a hot water heater since my house was 5 years old when I purchased it. I was reassured that they covered the services I was concerned about especially a hot water heater. When I had a problem and called them for service, I was informed that they covered all components and parts including the circulating pump, but in the list of exclusions the water tank is not,. I have been informed by plumbers that the tank is considered the hot water heater. I was forced to pay in excess of $900 for a leak in the tank. I was beside myself because I had specifically asked about things I thought could go wrong in a pre owned house.

  • Jan 31, 2017

We have been with Choice Home Warantee for 2 years. We've had to have our HVAC system repaired twice during that time. Choice did comply with the repairs in the past, however when our heat went out again (temps in the 20's), the repairman deemed the 20+ year old unit condemned, and informed choice we'd need a new unit. The repair man was asked to send photographs, and based on those pictures alone, they denied the claim stating "lack of maintenance". An HVAC sysytem does not survive 20+ years if it's neglected, it's simply too old and beyond repair. I've asked for Choice to put their denial in writing, with no response. Now I'm forced to purchase a new unit. Sadly, I found out through this process that Choice has a poor rating with the BBB and has had the most complaints of any home warranty program. I will be pursing restitution through legal channels.

  • Jan 4, 2017

It is a big time scam!! They promised better coverage than American Home Shield and made me pay upfront for three years. Now that they have my money, they don't care for anything. I had a small $100 claim for Air Conditioning and they did not cover it without giving any reason. Their Vendor threatened me to send in the police if I don't pay.

Now my water Heater has some normal leakage from the inlets and outlets and they will not cover it. The Vendor has asked for $900 to replace the tank. They want me to read the contract better no matter what the Sales Person promised.

Please save yourself Big Time Stress evrttime there is a claim!! They will not care once they have your money. There is no peace of mind after the coverage as claimed by them. You dread the time when there will be a claim!!


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