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Choice Home Warranty

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Edison
Address 1090 King Georges Post Rd
Phone 888-531-5403

Choice Home Warranty Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2016

Submitted 3 claims at different times for my swimming pool pump 2 times and I submited one for my refrigerator and they declined all 3 and had to pay the people they sent 45.00 dollars they are crooks thieves immoral hope people stop using them so they get out of business

  • Nov 14, 2016

I signed up as a vendor for this home warranty company, did like 8 service calls for them , i have not gotten paid gor any of the work as of yet, but the first call i did they are finally processing it after 30 days and i noticed the amount that i had on my invoice that was already authorized by them does not match what they are trying to pay me, so i called them up and they begin to tell me that if a claim is denied then i dont get paid at all which is a bunch of crap, they never told me this prior to signing up, and the bad thing is 99.9 % percent of the time they deny every claim so the vendor or vendors are getting shafted . basically wasting our fuel, ware n tear on our vehicles, man hours to go and troubleshoot the issue and not get paid because the claim is denied.. out of all the calls i did for them only 2 calls were not denied but im willing to bet they will try and change the amount i have on the service invoice that they themselves had already approved and issued a authorization # for each and every invoice i sent in to them. They are not up front honest about anything and they basically change everything to benefit them and them only, every single customer i went to were all upset with choice home warranty and hate them and they all cancelled there policy with them on the spot while i was still there, also they are making vendors look bad and giving us a bad name. Hopefully they pay me for the remaining invoices with the correct amount that i turned in, they will not accept any faxed in service invoices or mailed in invoices they force you do do everything online on there portal site, this way they can change your invoices at will and change your rates you charge for jobs at will whenever they chooce to.. once i get my money from them from the jobs i have alreadu done, im done with this place, and i will never do anymore work for any maintenance company or home warranty companies or insurance companies because they are all scam artist and they never pay on time and most cases they try not to pay you at all, i dont know how they continue to get away with these criminal activities and are still in business and still taking advantage of customers, home owners and contractors. I told the lady on the phone that no one told me that if the customers claim is denied that i dont get paid, she basically said well now you know, unreal, and like many have said all there employees are very rude, very dishonest. Crooked people, scam artist and just plan scum of the earth, they dont care about the home owners or vendors who go out of the way to service there customers. I basically did free work for these crooks because every call i did for them was over an hour drive one way not including the time i spent at the customers home to troubleshoot the issues. Only to find out a month later that i will not get paid for any of the calls that the claims were denied , that shouldn't have anything to do with me as thete vendor i still should get paid for my services, if these crooks would have been up front with me from get go and would have told ne that if the claim is denied , i dont get paid i would have never signed up with them as a vendor... Choice Home Warranty needs to be shut down and someone needs to make them pay all the vendors like myself back for all the calls we did and the correct amount that was authorized by them from the get go, hiw do they continue to change amounts on invices whenever they want even after they themselves already authorized the amount..

  • Nov 4, 2016

Choice Home Warranty recently lost a lawsuit in New Jersey for deceptive practices. They currently have a rating of C+ for the New Jersey BBB. I am reporting that their practices have not changed in Florida. Choice Home Warranty has a long history of using shady and deceptive practices to deny claims.

My air conditioner started developing problems in June 2016. After spending money on several unneccessary repairs, I finally recharged my leaking air conditioner out of my own pocket in July 2016. I had the air handler cleaned at the same time. Over the next three weeks, the air conditioner lost half of its charge. I shut down the entire system when I realized that it was sucking debris into the air handler. The air conditioner was not run from August 2016 to October 2016. During that time period, I had extensive drywall work done around the air handler. Choice Home Warranty claimed tha tthe debris sucked into the air hander when the leak caused the system to fail caused the system to fail. They are also claiming that the debris that fell into the air handler from the drywall work, which occurred in October 2016, more than two months after the system was shut off, caused the air handler to fail.

Do not purchase a home warranty through Choice Home Warranty. Despite losing a lawsuit in New Jersy, the company still has no better than a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, Choice Home Warranty is continuing their deceptive and shady practices in states outside of New Jersey.

  • Nov 2, 2016

This company will deny any significant claim by saying your item was not properly installed or maintained.

Four months ago, I bought a 25year old home and a home warranty policy.

Two months after moving in the AC went out and I called HCW.

HCW contacted a local tech and sent him out, found the compressor locked up.

The whole 5ton unit would have to be replaced.

HCW claims the unit was not properly maintained though the tech did not tell them this and they hadn’t seen it nor sent anyone else to evaluate it.

This was no maintenance issue, the 12 year old unit just wore out.

Never the less, after numerous calls and escalations a supervisor flat out told me if I couldn’t produce the maintenance records for the life of this 12 year old unit (that I just purchased with this house) they weren’t paying, final word.

The second AC company I called to quote a replacement, said they’d been a HCW contractor and this was very typical. In addition to that, they also refuse to pay the contractors they sent out.

These people are criminals.

  • Nov 1, 2016

I signed a contract with Choice Home Warranty in May of 2014 for my vacation home in Henderson, Nevada. According to what the contract says it is for a period of 356 days. We gave them permission to deduct the monthly payment out of our checking account for that period. A few weeks ago I started getting calls from Choice saying that they can no longer take payments out of my checking because something is wrong. I checked it out and when we were issued a new card from the bank with a chip installed about 4 months ago they no longer allowed anymore monthly deductions. Then it dawned on me they were taking money out of the account passed the time on the contract. I told them this and the lady on the phone representing the company said the contract was for 3 years.....which is a total fabrication........then directed me to customer service............and some lousy elevator music while they ignored me. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and probably the Attorney Generals Office in Nevada. I've read that they have over 2000 complaints with BBB and the Attorney General in New Jersey is investigating them.

  • Nov 1, 2016

I purchased this Choice Home Warrenty upon moving into my new home. Within 3 weeks the dishwasher stopped working , and they told me they would not repair it because it was a hose that "Took Time," to ware out.!!!! No kidding. What do you buy a home warrenty for??? . Then they refused to place a switch in my furnace, and said it was an old furnace and thet switch took time to ware out!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!?? DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!! I heard the best companies were Home Republic and 210. I wish I knew that before I was dupped by HOME CHOICE!! I am looking to make a change if that is possible. I just knoe HOME CHOICE WILL NOT PAY YOUR CLAIMS!!!!! DON'T USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oct 19, 2016

This company plays games with their vendors....denying payments after giving authorization, and changing authorization amounts after invoicing has been sent to them! They pay late, don't pay what they agreed to pay, and really are very rude. Their customers hate them, and so do their service vendors. Most vendors just know to decline coverage for the customer since it is understood they won't get paid least there is a chance for retail work. Stay away from this company..they are a scam!!!

  • Aug 27, 2016

We purchased a home warranty in April 2016 because our home is 16 years old and we needed some piece of mind that we would not get slammed with costly repairs. Our AC stopped working in August and it took over 7 days just to get a CHW-approved service provider to come to our house. Thankfully, our regular HVAC service man came immediately and diagnosed a Freon leak and got our unit working within 1 day. This was of course, at our own expense. We went ahead with the CHW service call as we were told we had a significant leak and would need a new evaporator coil or a new HVAC system. The CHW service provider confirmed the leak with a "required leak test" (also at our expense) and made the exact same recommendation as our service provider, replacement of the evaporator coil or new system.

Let me explain a little about how CHW handles customer notifications. An email is sent to you which states "CHW has assigned a technician to your claim". The email goes on to instruct you to contact CHW at an assigned number which is directed into a Call Center. In addition, when a Service Provider is assigned you are given their phone number to contact to set-up an appointment. Very poor customer service all the way around! The very next day we were advised that our claim was denied due to "rust/corrosion" which caused the evaporator coil leak. The Customer Service Technician (Jamad) stated that this is an EXCLUSION in our policy. I asked Jamad how this determination was made and he assured me that it was based on feedback by the CHW-assigned service provider and pictures of our unit.

According to Jamad, the final decision was made by a team of expert technicians in New Jersey that review such claims. I asked to speak with these "technicians" and was denied. Jamad stated that he would have a CHW Manager call me back. After speaking with Jamad, I called the CHW-assigned service technician (Dan) that inspected our AC unit and asked him what information he provided to CHW. Dan stated that he sent CHW a copy of the invoice which simply stated "Leak Checked AC unit, found leaking evaporator coil. Needs new coil or new system. 3 1/2 ton A-coil , 21W x 20"T x 20 D". No mention of rust or corrosion. I asked Dan if he was questioned about visible rust or corrosion or asked to supply pictures of our AC unit. He indicated that he was NOT asked any of these questions or asked to provide pictures. I then told him that CHW had already denied our claim for repair due to "Rust/Corrosion". Dan indicated that "this company is the WORST, they always deny claims. I don't even know why we continue to work with them". Dan also stated that these coils are designed to rust whether they are 2 months old or 20 years old. The evaporator coil makes water as part of it's job (absorption of latent heat results in water vapor condensing). Rust is an inevitable byproduct.

CHW is once again twisting facts to insinuate that as a homeowner, we have not properly cared for our HVAC system leading to the system failure. This is simply inaccurate and IRRESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTISE designed specifically to deny claims and line their pockets!!! A CHW Manager by the name of Rochell had actually called my home number and left me a message however, she only left me a partial return phone number without an area code. Once again, I was forced to call in to the dreaded Call Center. As it turns out, Rochell was not available but the Customer Service Technician said they would find me another manager.

During this brief conversation, I could hear at least two other Customer Service Technicians telling clients that their claims were being denied for various exclusionary reasons. How very interesting! After being placed on a silent hold, I was connected with a manager named Misha (employee ID#1852216 - she refused to give me her last name). I started to express my extreme dissatisfaction with CHW's decision and distortion of facts but Misha interrupted me very quickly. Misha was very loud, forceful and inconsiderate. It was clear she didn't want to hear my concerns or work with me in any way. Misha kept insisting that our leak was caused by rust and corrosion even though no proof of such was ever provided. I again asked to speak with one of their expert technicians and was told they do not speak with clients. I then asked for the name of the company owner so that I could take my concerns further. Misha stated that she makes the final decision and refused to give me the company owners name. At this point I had had enough of Misha and CHW and I became very irate (and yes, a bit inappropriate) and hung up.

  • Aug 20, 2016

I have had to pay out over $320 so far in diagnostics and service call charges only to be put off again and again. The claim was originally denied because the first technician from All-American Heating and Air of Macon, GA that came reported to your company that my A/C unit was "dirty" and full of rust, which was just not true.

I recently purchased this home late last year and because of the age of the home there had to be a complete inspection of the A/C units, not just a simple check to see if they turned on and off. At that time, the units checked out fine. I purchased the home warranty from your company right after we moved in.

After the first claim was denied, I asked if I could get a second opinion to get it approved. I called the company, Pruett Air of Warner Robins, GA, that had originally inspected it and they concurred again that there was only surface rust on a faceplate. Pictures were sent by this technician who told the company that anything that he saw had nothing to do with a leak of any kind. Again the claim was denied.

I called back and spoke to your customer service who said that if I didn't agree that I needed to submit in writing my complaint. Which I did. The company acted like they never received it.

I filed another claim in hopes that if I started the process over, I might get a different result. This time Redo Appliance Repair of Warner Robins, GA was sent. The technician that came out told me the exact same things that the gentleman with Pruitt did: the unit was very clean for its' age and that any rust was on the faceplate. Any rust on the actual coil was superficial and had nothing to do with a leak. Again the claim was denied.

I called back again and was told by a supervisor in the claims department named Sentrell (sp?) that since they couldn't pin point the leak, that the only way a claim could be paid was if a leak test was done and it was judged by the technician as normal wear and tear, which I paid $200 for. It made no sense that I had to pay for a diagnostic test to get your company to approve this claim, but I did. A different technician from Redo came out, did the test, looked at the unit and said the exact same things that the previous two had said: the unit was clean and any rust was superficial, had nothing to do with the leak and was normal wear and tear. The technician called and spoke to someone in claims named Frank, who told him that the claim had already been denied and that he didn't know why there was a leak test done as it would not make any difference. This is plain ridiculous.

Lastly, I have continued to get emails stating that my claim was suspended because Choice has been attempting to get in touch with me and being how I have not responded that the company assumes that I am satisfied with the outcome of the claims. Needless to say, I am not.

Unfortunately, as I did research on the company, there is a track record of this type of behavior within your company as the company was issued a Cease and Desist order from the state of Washington in 2010 as well as the 2015 judgement in New Jersey where a settlement of $780,000 was ruled against Choice because of business practices very similar to what is happening to me. Please do what you can to help me.

  • Aug 13, 2016

I have a contract with this business for 3 and a half years. I filed a complaint like a year ago and it was resolved successfully. Now I am filing a complaint regarding a leaking in my bathroom which has damaged the wall and the floor of one area of my house.

I sent them proof, pictures and an inspection done privately because the person they sent was not qualified and he didn't speak English well.

After filing the complaint they told me that this claim was not covered because the problem I reported, a defective drain connection was NOT properly installed!! I told them that this house is more than 20 years old and this drain has worked properly all this time, that it is a normal occurrence after so many years.

I want them to pay for the fixing of my wall and floor.

I got an estimate of $1,100.00 which they say it won't apply because their reasons. Please help.

I have the pictures and the inspection made with the estimate.

They are saying this:

"Our mission at Choice Home Warranty is to provide property owners with peace of mind by offering a high quality, easy and affordable way to protect their most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a positive customer experience and we take all feedback very seriously. Choice Home Warranty provides home warranty service coverage on the systems and appliances listed as ‘INCLUDED’ under the terms of the User Agreement sent to you at purchase. It may also be found on

Upon review of your claim it appears that it has been covered in accordance with section Letter F, Number 11 which states We are not responsible for repairs related to inadequacy, lack of capacity, improper installation, mismatched systems, oversized systems, undersized systems, previous repair or design, manufacturer’s defect, and any modification to the system or appliance. During the leak test that was performed the technician discovered a drain line that had a gap and was not connected to the shower base.

We do regret your frustration; however CHW is in full compliance with the terms and conditions of our policy."

  • Aug 13, 2016

*****Fraud Alert****ChoiceHomeWarranty (CHW) Water Heater System not covered under the warranty, even though all salespeople tell you it is. You find out when submitting a claim. The installers already know and told me that upon ChoiceHomeWarranty making arrangement to send out plumber to check out system. They said that they have been working with ChoiceHomeWarranty for years and have never seen them cover any system. Clause 6 under exclusions practically allows them to dismiss any claim for repair or replacement of a hot water heater. Globally this company must be making millions denying claims nationally from the unsuspecting public, like me, who purchase their warranty in good faith. I was so annoyed that I contacted Tracy Mieczynski who is claims adjuster of sorts, but even then she offered nothing much in addressing the plight for which confronted me. Exclusions include: main storage tank, holding tank, vents and flues, thermal expansion tanks, low boy and/or squat water heaters, and generally any leak coming from the bottom of your holding tank. Pretty much this is all hot water heaters - so the warranty offered is really meaningless. They should be ashamed of how they are bilking the public for all this money. DO NOT BUY THEIR WARRANTY.... it is a ripoff to the highest degree of getting RIPPED.

  • Aug 3, 2016

This company is HORRIBLE. DO NOT USE THEM.

The technician that came to my house told me that they would not cover it, he out and right said they owe him money and out of 10 that he submit they only paid 1.

Well today they call me and tell me because I have not have my ac serviced in the past 6 months they will not cover it. I did have it serviced in the past year, yet they said my contract says 6 months. MY CONTRACT does not say six months, they then told me that is what is recommended.

I ask to speak with the director named Sara and I was told by the "Manager" Oscar that Sara is too busy to talk and she refuses to get on the phone and she will call me back when she has time.

Oh yea I even told Oscar what the technician said and he was yea uhn uhnnn (those were his words). He then tells me they are number 1 for a reason. I called him out on it I said oh so you guys are number 1, he then corrects himself and said we in the top 10, another LIE.

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and he had the nerve to get mad when i called him out.

If they try to rebut what i am saying play the tapes, everyone kept telling me the call was being recorded so if i am making one word up then play the tape and hear how your managers speak with customers and how Oscar told me that he was going to let me speak with anyone over him




  • Jul 28, 2016

I recently had problems with my Air conditioner and Choice home warranty sent a technician on three different occasions within roughly a month. The third time I contacted Choice Warranty, I requested a different company to come and check out the problem because I was getting nowhere with the current company and I thought they were misdiagnosing the problem. I was told that I could not switch and had to stay with the current technician. After finally getting the technician at my home, he stated that the reason for my problem was due to a cracked drip pan, which I found out that Choice did not cover under the warranty, when I tried to explain that I doubt it was the problem; all I got was push back from Choice Warranty. I must admit that I did get frustrated and canceled the policy. I immediately got a different company to view the problem and the technician stated that my problem was actually a bad starter, which he replaced and it is running great now. I had to pay nearly $350 for this repair and when I tried to speak with Choice Warranty, they now say that there is nothing that could be done because I canceled the policy. I think Choice Warranty should be liable for the cost since their decision not to repair was based on the false report by their contracted technicians. I requested a different technician based on the current technician’s service but was denied.

  • Jul 26, 2016

My family and I moved to Texas in May of 2015 and purchased our home in June. Our realitor was very nice and helpful in getting us into the home we wanted. We paid to have a professional inspection done on the home to verify the integrity of all systems in the home prior to purchase.

The inspector was very good and pointed out items that needed consideration. The AC system was in good working order at the time we purchased the home June 2015.

In october our AC quite working when it was 100 deg. it was the coil unit in the air handler and at the end of the day after we went round and round with them they told us they would not cover it because we had no service records and we waited to long to file our claim. We had only lived in the house four months.

The second time was in Febuary 2016 and this time it was the condenser unit that quit working and again the CHW told us that we were not covered as we had no service records. We are done with companies like this, These people are cheats and should be forced to make good on honest peoples claims.

  • Jul 9, 2016

Buyer Beware!!!! Choice Home Warranty is as bad as bad can get. I had a simply home repair, clogged sink. The contract states they have to have a service technician assigned/contacted within 48 hrs. It has been a week and still no plumber or drain cleaner. When I call they say they are working on it. I ask what service providers they have under contract so I can contact them. They refuse to release the name(s) of any plumber and drain cleaner they claim have a service contract provider agreement with them. They also refuse to guarantee they will reimburse me if I hire my own now that they have breached the contract.

I have dealt with their three layers of conflict resolvers and all were assholes!!! I am going to sue them that is a certainty. I repeat stay away from this company try .

  • Jun 24, 2016

I purchased the Choice Home Warranty Platinum service, have been a client since 6/8/2014, and my air conditioner just went out. I called for a service call and had one of their contract companies come out to look at it. Company said the motor, the blower and the fan are all in need of replacement so this contractor called Choice to get approval to replace these items or entire air conditioner if needed. Choice is now saying they will only replace the fan which is useless if the other items do not work. The Choice Warranty contract and all paperwork states in writing that all components and parts of the ac unit are covered.

  • Jun 15, 2016

After paying for this home warranty for 10 months, they could not provide anyone to do the repair on my first and only claim. They promise to have someone assigned to the repair within 24 hours but after 8 days they confirmed that they could not find a roofer to fix my leak.

They have refused to refund my paid premiums and state that they owe me nothing. So, after spending over $500, I got nothing. Don't be gulliable, like me, and believe that they are a reputible company.2016-06-14

  • Jun 13, 2016

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is considered as SCAM business as evidenced below:

Trick 1: CHW sends you promotion via email that shows the first month free when you sign up for one year agreement but turns into last month free when you request a cancellation. In addition, they will provide their favorable sites such as ‘Consume Report’, Angie’s List’ where you may find top raking for CHW for misleading info as compared to fair public score (a non-accredited business by C+ with 1690 complaints in history) from

Trick 2: No where you can easily find policy cancellation fee that is often ignored by many customers, whereas you will be told there is no cancellation fee on phone. But definitely they will charge you $50 cancellation fee that is a tactic to hold you at the first stage.

Trick 3: You cannot find any limit for A/C in service agreement, which however, applies based on the cap that is up to $1500 from heating section. Besides, CHW did not clearly tell you if the issue is covered on phone and simply send contractor on-site that costs you $60 for sure. Once ended up with no coverage, they earned business with their vendors and you gave away your co-pay. Tank leak from water heater is a good example. They did not clarify at the beginning and denied afterwards. When you realized it is not covered but $60 has gone. As side note, the estimation for serving water heater is typically free in industry.

Trick 4: Wen you intend to cancel your membership, they show their “courtesy” by making cash-offer to support your project that is not covered. If you are happy to take it by being told this offer is nothing related to your future choice or cancellation, you virtually fall in next trick.

Trick 5: The cash offer will be certainly deducted from your refund with cancellation. That sounds fair but you have stayed longer along with more prorated monthly deduction (1st day of each coming month is counted as one full month). Then, you will be convinced to stay due to diminished refund (subtracted from cancellation fee, “courtesy-offer”, and total prorated with number of months). What happens if you insist your cancellation regardless of your loss?

Trick 6: Now, your cancellation will be denied unless you sign a release-agreement that aims at sealing your month of speaking / writing to public about your comments and complaints. In addition, it takes few minutes to talk to sales man but more than 30 minutes to connect to cancellation department where you may deal with tough person who will play all tricks, not limited, as mentioned above.

As you can tell, trick 1 through trick 6 is well designed as a scam-chain that tightly hold you from leaving their business. Finally, I decided to risk my refund but, instead, speak out to public. It is our common interests in stopping such as dishonorable business while developing a trustable community.

Does CHW mind your complaint? Not really since their poor services have been complained so many that they can still continue their scam business no matter what.

Please compare what HCW self-claimed 5 stars services vs public reviews including BBB below.

  • Jun 10, 2016

For a simple AC problem, I have called them more than 30 times. The staff was very rude. They just tried to pick up a random issue and say that it is not under warranty. I got my own technician and he said they totally lied about the problem of my unit, and the issue was something else. They played these games to not cover my unit and pretend the issue comes from a part that is not under warranty, however, the issue was something else and they wanted just to charge me extra. I gave them the contact information of the service professional, they called him and talked to him, after he clearly notified them of the incorrect diagnosis, they just hung up on him. After I insisted that they to call my technician again, they called him and he mentioned again that this issue is coming from a part that is covered by my contract, it was the time that they started making another excuse that I have not done my regular maintenances. I have always done my routine maintenances and my technician told them about fact that all the maintenance services have been done routinely. At the end the last person on the phone told me that they just don’t want to repair my AC for any other reasons, and he refrained from telling me what the problem is. EXTREMELY TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH Choice Home Warranty

  • May 21, 2016

Choice did not cover my air conditioner home appliance system on the claim I submitted. In total they fraudulently stole $1525 from me. I had to cancel my credit card because they continued to pull $58 monthly dues after I cancelled. prior to signing on with Choice I had a private contractor service my a/c in 8/15, very detailed invoice notes from Rose a/c, no rust or corrosion in the notes. Then a month ago, A/C system broke in 100 degree temps with 2 toddlers. Choice sent out circle mountain a/c. The tech from circle mountain didn't indicate rust or corrosion in the invoice notes. Guess the reason for Choice claim denial.......rust and corrosion. FRAUD

Choice Home Warranty is a bunch of scumbags. The whole company. The owners are insurance Masterminds that criminals can look up to. Choice could make more money if they held conferences in hotels nationwide on how to steal money via bait and switch scams.

  • May 21, 2016

Please beware of this Company. Will promise everything. Filed claim for my washer. Tried to tell me it cost 1,300.00 to fix. It's a washer!! Paid 400 new. Said the wouldn't fix but would give me 300 plus 50 for what I paid repairman. When it came time to pay me they said I needed to pay the next months bill that was due the day I was talking to them. This had already been going on for about a month. Told them I wasn't so they refuse claim. Talked too Supervisor named Mischa and was very rude and wouldn't listen. Told me I am but with them anymore. Tried to lie about dates that things happened. Gonna sue them for fraud. Also as a side note my daughter had them and she cancelled cause they took over a month and didn't do anything with her claim. I should of went with another Co When my daughter did. She used to have First American when she bought her house and then replaced almost everything.

  • May 18, 2016

I am a contractor and my company performed work for this company. We initially stopped receiving work orders from them because we were very busy so we put the account on "hold" status. Once we did so, we no longer received payment for any of the prior work we did.

We received a call from a "rep" at this company about "giving them another chance and that we would be paid for the unpaid invoices." When we did not receive payment, we sent notification that we no longer wished to work for them. We still have not received payment for our prior work and after inquiring about it, was told that we would NOT be paid.

This company is a SCAM and I warn any other contractor from entering into an agreement with them.

  • May 16, 2016

I purchased a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty, they stated that no pre inspection was required to be covered, no matter how old your home or systems.

I turned on my AC and it didn't cool so I called them to send out a tech to look at it. I paid the $45 service fee each time they send out a technician to diagnois the problem.

He showed up and basically told me what Choice Home Rep would say for me to do. Since the freon was not cooling and seem to be leaking somewhere, the rep from Choice Home Warranty said over the phone if the customer wants to pursue this, to have him pay someone to come out and confirm it a leak and what it needed before we go any further. Again, this was allow by the tech for me to hear the rep say these word. I hired another tech to come and trouble if its really a leak. It was in the coil in the attic. I paid almost $175 to have this service done per CHW rep. After submitting a fax copy to CHW, they decline to fix it due to the outside unit looks as if it was damage by a animal urine. It was stated to them that I never had animal and if I did, it was never told to me it would or may cause me to be decline service. If this would be told to their customers in advance, a lot of people would just save up their own money and put it away for such a emergency. I went all the way up to one of CHW manager and he kept coming back saying it was animal urine that caused this denial for service. I asked did I need the neighbor and my home insurance to send a letter saying there is no animal in my yard. But he keep saying that his department that looks over this area says thats the reason why the unit isn't working. Ok then, I said don't worry about the outside unit, I will pay it out of my own pocket. There is no animal living in the attic, thats the unit that is no working properly because the coil has a leak and needs to be repaired or replay. Manager, refuse to go half on the attice problem (where there is no animal) and stuck with what he said his technical department reps told him. Again, there is no animal in the attic, that is where the problem is. Why CHW is refusing to assist with repairs after years having service with them?? Technician they sent out took one reading and said he had to call Choice to get authorization. when I called to see what the deal was they told me my system was not covered due to preexisting conditions, (and animal urine)!!

They told me it was broken due to animal urinating on it ( which I don't have any animals) living in my yard and they would not cover the repairs.

These people are a rip off and I will be filling a formal complaint with the Texas Consumer Protection Agency.

A word of advice to "want to be" new customers to CHW, do not use this company, they will rip you off, and throw away the key. It's not worth the headaches and hasels!!!

  • May 14, 2016

Adam Green, sales agent for Choice Home Warranty, called me on December 9, 2015. He gave me a glowing sales pitch for Choice Home Warranty and also said that I Could Cancel the Contract at Any Time that I wanted to do so and the cost wold be pro rated for the time used and the entire rest of the money would be refunded to me , simply upon my request . I actually received the booklet of the contract over a month later, past the 30 days allowing me to cancel with Choice at no cost but also I was told that I could not use the policy for the first 30 days.

The policy has so many exclusions and so many exceptions that it seems to me that they can exclude almost any and every claim made. Even reading the contract doesn't really give you the ability to know if you have done what they require before they will make good on any payment. Like - contract says that all preventative maintainence has to have been kept up by the client - me.

If I know what all that is, of course I would have done it, but not knowing and needing repairs/ replacements is part of the reason why anybody woud by a Choice HOme Warranty plan in the first place. I had a leak in our roof - it was a shock to us, we had done reparis and partial replacements on the roof a few times and we believed the roof to be in excellent conditon. Choice sent a roofer, I paid the $45 survice call for that, the roofer reported back to Choice that we needed a partial roof replacement so Choice then told us we are not covered for that.

I called to complain, then one superisor did authorize a minimal payment to us for the roof repairs we had done ourselves with another roofer who was not connected to Choice at all, and it was Not a Partial Roof Replacement at all. I sent the bill in that we paid for that, and was went $400 . The cost of the roof repairs was $1300 but it also included some facia work that we added in along with the roof leak repairs. So - ok - but at that time I realized that this company was going to be difficult to deal with no matter what.

I called in to cancel our contract, of course agree to be prorated for the time we had it, but another supervisor , so we wre told, '' Aaron'' at x 8290 told me that I could not cancel unless he agreed to allow me and that he, Aaron , did not agree. Aaron spoke to me like I was some ignorant country bumpkin, he was impolitely rude to me, very much a smart A** in manner and conversation to me. Meanwhile, I had another issue.

Two of our 2 bathroom sinks were draining slow. In each bathroom, we have 3 items, toilet, shower and sink. The toilets and showers were just fine, both sinks are slow draining - obviously their drains needed clearing , maybe something fell into them ? I know i dropped a toothbrush into one of the sinks by accident.

We called Choice . They recommended a local plumber Minks Plumbing, to come with the guarantee that they either fix or replace any job. I was told that also. Mings came and did some general plungering I think, maybe ran a small snake, was not watching him. The drains continiued to be slow . Mings told us that he needed to fun a camera down the pipes to verify the condiion , cost $450 , for us to give him a check but that he woul;d take care of everythng with our HOmewoners insurance company and it would not cost us anything .

We were so stupid to fall for that and we gave Mings the check for $450 also the $45 service call.

Mings told Choice that we have a blockage outside the house - that is not covered in the Choice contract - but we do not . i called Choice to advise them and they said we are on our own , that this was not their deal and Choice has no responsicbility. Choice sent Mings plumbing to us and we still have slow drains.

Mings never showed us the camera reslults that he says he did yet he claims an outside blockage. Choice is doing nothing to back this up for us.

We just had a new spetic tank drain field and empty done in December 2015 and it is verifiable that all new pipes were laid ourside of our house at that time, and yes, we sure do have the documentation of it. Also, all 3 toilet, tub, and sink go into the same pope en route to the septic tank and only the sink is slow - clearly only the sink has some back up an not outside the house but inside the sink pipes.

Mings said he would come back and re camera the pipes but missed, broke and no showed at least 4 appointments to do that and he never did come back to run a camera but he cashed the $450 check .

Since Choice is doing nothing to remedy this situation for us, we even more strongly want to cancel the remaining contract that I foolishly paid them for totally back in Dec 9, 2015 . We are only 4 months into a 5 year contract with Choice Home Wattanty and already have had 2 disaster situtions with their referrals and are out $450 plus the $45 service call to clear the drains of our sinks that Still Are Slow.

Choice Home Warranty has way over the top requirements of maintanance and exclusions for what they do cover and we do not turst anything having to do with them at this point. We just want to cancel our contract with them and be given our money back - minus - the 4 months we have used it . We paid over $2.000 and this amount is documented on my credit card.

  • Apr 28, 2016

I purchased a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty, they stated that no pre inspection was required to be covered, no matter how old your home or systems.

I turned on my AC and it didn't cool so I called them to send out a tech to look at it.

He showed up and had to ask my wife where it was (on the side of the house facing the street)! he took one reading and said he had to call Choice to get authorization. when I called to see what the deal was they told me my system was not covered due to preexisting conditions!!

They told me it was broken prior to me joining their program and they would not cover the repairs.

These people are a rip off and I will be filling a formal complaint with the Texas consumer protection agency.

Do not use this company, they will rip you off!!!

  • Apr 21, 2016




  • Apr 11, 2016

Me too i work for them for almost 3 months i done 30 work order, over $3000 i just spent on parts for them they owe me $5000 not a dime is been paid, I am going to local tv news and i will go to national news soon ,Iam planning send the bills to their customers and let them know these b*****d are scams I already talk to authority and i am making their customers to sue them too, the only thing is, the problem is the state of NJ is avair of their scam operarion and they let them do it the state of NJ sued them on 2014 for $780000.00 for fraud and they are still robbing people like us.

  • Mar 31, 2016

I been using this Choice Home Warrenty for almost three years. When I purchase this warrenty they told they cover every thing in my house Two years back in a freezing day my furnuss went out and I put a claim. They sent out a technition . I help him to find out the problem . The gas solinoid valve was bad and choice home said to me that they cant cover this . I bought a valve my self and repaired myself. It cost me $105 for the valve plus $45 for the call I had to pay. Yesterday my hot water heater went out and I put a claim. I know my tank is leaking through the top. They saying tank in the hot water heater not covered. I does not have any ideia what this company covered . my experience telling me that they fix your applayance worth only $50. This is a useless company simply ripping off people. I got all the proof that during this warrenty time I purchased parts for the furness and hot water heater. This company is worthless don't go for it

  • Mar 11, 2016

I was having a problem with my air conditioner. I called the home warranty company and someone came to fix it. The repair people found the problem easily as it was a small freon leak from the outside unit. Once they found the problem, they called Choice Home Warranty and they said they had to call the homeowner. I received an email to call them. After holding for a while, I was told that they wouldn't cover the repair because of an improper installation. The unit was installed about 6 years ago by a reputable company. I asked the repair man what was installed improperly. He had no idea. I asked the representative for the warranty company and after looking at pictures, he said that the foam covering on the pipe was wrong and that it had to be hard plastic. He said PVC pipe. The repair man said that he had never heard of anything like that. He said they never installed an a/c unit like that. I then called two other a/c companies and they said the same. After talking to the representative for the home warranty company, I discovered that they do not follow code, they simply make up there own rules. The contract says that the unit must be installed correctly. What they do not tell you is that they decide what is "correct". They do not follow building codes because if they did, my repair would be covered. Talk about a "rip off"! I ended up paying $240 for a repair that should have been $45. This company is full of liars and thieves and should not be in business!

  • Feb 3, 2016

I purchased a home warranty from Choice. I assumed that the warranty covered all services, including after hour work. After all, isn't that what a warranty is for, to cover what breaks, which, with a house, is an emergency. They do not cover emergency services. They do not tell you this when you sign up. They expect that all things will break 8-5, Monday-Friday. So, it is 10:30 PM, both toilets are stopped up and backing up into the showers. Now, I have 2 choices. Wait and go to a store to use the toilet or pay in excess of $200 to get my clog taken care of. Changing warranty companies ASAP!

  • Feb 1, 2016

Choice Home Warranty will rip you off so don't waste your time or money contracting with them. I am a retired military veteran and I have no reason to fabricate this story. I purchased a three-year contract with CHW and the first time I have an issue my AC/heater unit, CHW showed their true color and would not cover the claim. The company tried to give me some story about secondary damage. In any event, they wouldn't put their decision in writing even after I requested their decision in writing. This is a very unscrupulous company. I really regret that I failed to research this company better. Take my word, don't do business with this company or you will regret it.

  • Dec 12, 2015

Horrible company. Had I done more local due dilligence I would have never initiated this warranty. I contacted a reputable HVAC company believing my heating issue was minor and was told my furnace was the original unit more than 30 years old. This information was not part of my original inspection prior to the purchase of my home and the heater worked in March of this year giving no indication that there was a problem. Choice sent a company to inspect the unit and the tech indicated the unit needed to be replaced and that there was also a valve issue. This information was communicated in its entirety to Choice and they told the tech since my policy was so new they would not cover the repairs.

I was told that the issue was a valve which they do not cover. This valve would not get my furnace working and replacing it would only expose me to harmful toxins if the unit turned on. They have a reputation of making it very difficult to receive an approved claim and very few local companies work with them as a result of the labor intensity to justify denial. Their website may have comments about them sending a repairman out quickly but that's only so they can deny the claim and move on.

  • Dec 2, 2015

I have been with choice home for about 9 months and my heat went out in my rental property that I have the policy on. The guy comes out and tells me that I have to have a leak test done, which is not covered and going to cost 250-650.00 dollars. I then find out that even if I pay for that the company CHOICE HOME, is only going to pay 1500.00 and that the new compressor will cost approximately 3600.00. The guy that sold me the policy told me that everything is covered 100%. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS COMPANY....THEY ARE LIARS.

  • Nov 30, 2015

Choice Home Warranty is by farest the most USELESS company I have ever encountered. I have been without heat for TWO weeks and I have a sick child at home. They have made no attempts to speed up their service or make my family a priority. I have called numerous times speaking to speak to supervisors and managers who have been of zero help to me. I will one hundred percent be canceling my policy and spreading the bad report about this company to anyone with a listening ear. NEVER EVER sign up with this company, you will regret it.

  • Oct 14, 2015

I had my heater serviced so that my warranty would not be void and to prepare for the up coming winter, the company came out and serviced my unit but found I had some problems with my heater. Found I had a couple of cracks in the heater exchanger and that the inducer motor is very weak!! He then turned of the unit and told me that carbon monoxide will be leaking into my house and not to switch it back on until the problems are delt with. I then called home choice warranty to file a claim, they schedule a service tech to come out 10 days later, he came out and did not do the same check that the previous company had done he looked through with a flash light and said it was pitted? And there was some rust through normal wear and tear. The service guy called me at 8.00 am to inform me that the home choice warranty would not cover it. And then gave me a quote to purchase a new heater at $2463.00!! I then called choice home warranty and asked them why they had refused the claim? The said that there was some rust in the unit and they do not cover the unit because of that. I said that the company that they sent out to take a look at the heater said that it normal to have a little rust in the unit due to the flame and the metal will have condensation on it!!!! Next the service company called me again and said that choice home warranty had been in touch with him and asked him to come back out and take it apart and take pictures so they can take a look at it again. The tech said they will not pay his time to come back out and take the unit apart and take photos of the problem. The tech called me and explained that the warranty company is trying to get out of replacing my heater!!! They are really bad to get approval for genuine claims. He then said if I need to replace the heater to call him back. Now the choice home warranty said I could pay for another company to come out and take pictures and get a report and fax it over to them to review. Spoke with the service tech again he said that they will not approve it even if I get another company to come out to look and take photos of the heater unit. Any help in this matter would be greatfully appricated.

  • Oct 10, 2015

Just send me hundreds of dollars rather than Choice Home Warranty or American Home Shield if you want a home owner appliance company. I'll take your money and give you nothing as these companies do but without the attitude. I have called Choice Home Warranty for repairs over the past three years to my washing machine (separate coverage was required at an additioonal cost), my dishwasher, my hot water tank twice, my a/c twice and a garage door opener and finally a mixit valve in one of my showers.

The first call for my dishwasher was the only one I did not have a hassle with. I called on 11/7/14 for the garage door and a contractor they called finally showed up on 12/11/14.

On the first of two calls for no hot water, the first call to Choice Home Warranty was made on 12/7/13. Their contractor agreed there was no hot water but couldn't determine the reason. He said the tank was old and I would need a new one. Choice refused to replace it so I insisted they send another contractor. He told them the exact same thing that it needed to be replaced but Choice's rep. said they would not replace it. Their rep. who was very rude said that since neither of their contractors could find why there was no hot water even though they both agreed no hot water was being provided, it wasn't covered. After hours of fighting with them, they said they would look for a third opinion from another contractor. 3 days later after hearing nothing from then and Christmas right around the corner, I called them. I was told they couldn't find anyone else to take a look at it and that they would reimburse me up to $60 to find someone they would approve. I called and got another company out who, after dismantling the tank and not being able to determine why it wasn't providing hot water, told me the same needed to be replaced. He wrote the informaton down and I sent it to Choice but still, they refused to replace it. I had to repeat the story to no less tham 6 or 7 rep.'s as none of them seem to know anything, I finally decided to try turning the thermostat up all the way myself. While that worked for about 9 months, we were continuously scalded by very hot water. Finally after 9 more months, it happened again and Choice still refused to replace the tank.

Both calls for the AC I ended up having to pay for as they weren't "covered" according to Choice, replacing the mixit valve wasn't covered. So, except for repairing the garage door opener (which took 7 weeks) and the dishwasher (a job that probably would have cost $80.), they did absolutely nothing. I am warning you, don't use these people. They are worthless.

  • Sep 25, 2015

I purchased 3.5 years of a useless home warranty paid $1050. It seems to me that nothing gets covered under the warranty. When I spoke to the sales person about the warranty, he claimed I will have a peace of mind, "if you have leaks in your plumbing, it is covered, appliances go bad for any reason, it is covered...Etc.". 20 days later I recieved the contract. after he took my money. Now Every time i call for a claim, it is not covered. I called for a claim on 11/5/2014, they send a plumber who said he will be back with parts for my boiler, but never returned. Called the warranty back told them, they said they will send someone within a week. The weather was below zero degrees. I had to get someone to repair it on my own.

  • Sep 19, 2015

I Agree with all of the horror stories posted here my 92 year old father is their latest victim. My Father recieved a call from Choice Home Warrenty (CHW) Sales Department on 10/2014 and was told that he would never have to worry about major repair expense ever again, and that if he refered others he would be paid 39.99 per person thet he could use towards is monthly payment. The conversation was in spanish as my Father does not speak english.

I think it is important to understand that even if they offer you the moon and stars they will never comply with that promise. for one thing, their add states that no matter how old your appliance are they will be covered. THIS IS A LIE........ they only cover appliances that are still under warrenty. They are not an insurance company and are certainly not licensed as one. If your applicances are no longer covered by a warrenty CHW will be a waste of money for you.

Also, note that all 4 techs that I have met from CHW are discontent and very happy to tell you what a cheap and crappy company CHW really is. You don't even have to push the subject just say; How do you like working for CHW and hang on for the rollor coster of horror stories.

CHW's customer services is the worst, no compasion, no help. Due to the AC being out for over a week in South Florida because they refused to fix it, my 92 year old Father ended up in the hospital with dehidrations and Hypertention My father is perfectly healthy only takes Centrum multi vitamins. But some how, CHW manged to put him in the hospital for two days I had to buy a portable AC just to bring him home.

This company is engaged in false advertising they do not cover all appliances even though their sales agents say they do. Also they do not cover any AC units no matter how old or new. I read a complaint that some guy in Arizona was not covered because the unit was 18 years old and it had a rust spot on the condenser. My father's 22 year old AC was not covered because the condenser had died and even thou the unit is full of gas they claim this is way it died. I curently have two expert reports showing the gas levels in the unit to be suffient to run it. I will be filing complaints with the BBB in New Jersey, Consumer Complint Department, State Attornies Office etc.

  • Sep 15, 2015

CHOICE WARRANTY is a RIP OFF and SCAM. I had Old Republic for many years and changed over to Choice Warranty because they were cheaper and the tech fee was cheaper.

Well you get what you pay for! I have made 2 claims in the last month I have had the policy and they argued with me and would not pay my stove top part when the technician said it was normally covered. They make excuses why not to pay the claim no matter what your repair is.

When I called and spoke to the manager/supervisor they were rude and said they would not cover period.

Choice Warranty is a rip off scam. They do not cover anything they tell you on the policy. They will also ask and bug you

for the full warranty amount to be paid up front and they will give you a bigger discount. Trust me, I have been with several warranty companies and this one is a SCAM! They won't cover and make excuses of why it's not covered.

Go with a reputable company. This company also has the worst customer service and management I have ever dealt with. You will not get any of your repairs covered...Choice Warranty a BIG SCAM to say the least. I should have gone with my gut feeling on this one. There's too many other warranty companies out there that are legit.

This company should be put out of business! SCAM, SCAM, RIP OFF!

  • Sep 3, 2015

Choice led me to belive that I would be fully covered for all of home appliances and systems. I had American Home Sheild and since Choice was cheaper, I switch with no lapse. When I filed my first claim, they denied and said my appliance was not working propely when they issued the warranty. That is ridiculous, no one came to assess if my household items were working. I have switched back to AHS and hope that everyone would know, you really get what you pay for. They have very horrible practices and need to stop doing shady business!

  • Sep 2, 2015

Choice refuse to change my ac furnace motor , after a 10 day battle with them sending me 3 technicien from 2 different compagie ,that i paid $ 90 cash money and want my money back my home was smelling heavy burn and was afraid to catch on fire

why should i pay $400 insurance a year and not able to use that insurance , i ended up canceling my policie , and 3 day later the motor just die ,no matter what, choice was not gone work on my side but play game instead of it , i paid $320 for a new motor out of my pocket

I expect a $250 cancelation policie refund in a few days choice is just a scam and i am not the only one who complain if you check the revues we pretty much had the same issue , please this is a serious situation knowing that choice dont assist the custumer but take our money instead

i look forward to a answer



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