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Walmart Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 702 S.W. 8th Street
Phone 479-273-4000

Walmart Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2023

I purchased four new tires in December 27, 2022. On March 15, one of the tires blew up. The tire was totally bald. The other rear tire was almost identical. I have less that 3,000 miles on the tires and I paid $ 700.00 for four of them. Walmart claims the damage was caused by mis alignment. They do not offer alignment when you purchase the tires and do not align tires in their automotive department.

This is a great reason they can avoid replacing bad tires for FREE. I will never shop there again and I recomment people buys tires somewhere else.

  • Nov 22, 2022

I was hired by Walmart but the working conditions were too hard for me so I left. It has been a month and I have never received a check. I have called so many times yet no one ever picks up the phone. They are dishonest and liars. Please never work for Walmart. You will never get paid.

  • Oct 15, 2022

Today 10/16/2022. I was on the walmart app looking into the membership for delivery. I decided it was too expensive for me today so I backed out and proceeded to order my groceries for pick up like I always do. A couple hours later I looked at my bank account and saw a charge of $107. My first thought it was the groceries but soon realized it was for the membership I was only looking at. I was very frustrated because I have very little money left and needed to pay my bills on Monday 10/17/2022. I chated online first, they were very weird, saying things like 'Your membership' and 'We hate to lose you as a member ' They finally gave my refund but said it would take 5-10 business days. I canceled my groceries and my refund was immediate. They gave me a number for immediate release of funds. I called and was met with refusal to give me my refund immediately. I was obviously upset, but they implied I was in wrong, and saying they didn't imply that,(they did, longer story) I can't pay all my bills because walmart stole my money and refused to release the refund immediately. They refund immediately all the time. They are scammers and I will no longer be buying my groceries with them any longer. I recently signed up with a lawsuit for unauthorized chargers from walmart. I guess we are not alone. I'll also be reporting this to the BBB. Be aware, I've been ordering groceries with them since it's started and never had any difficulties till today.

  • Sep 6, 2022

Watch your bank accounts your credit cards your debit cards. Whenever you use a credit or debit card or bank card at any Walmart. They will automatically charge you $12.95 to join a club that is per month without your permission.

When contacting Bentonville, I was told I had to get my bank on the phone and get them on the phone This is ridiculous There is no way that can happen.

Keep checking your accounts they got me two months.

  • May 31, 2022

Ordered a fitbit 5 , did not have sensor I wanted. I bought a fitbit sence insted. Anyways. I called and asked to return to store they said we will sent return label, ok so fedx picked up. Note I received the small watch in a huge box, and since they sent a return label I found a small box thinking to help there return shipping cost.

So now they refuse to refund my $146.84 due to the box they received weighing less than the box they sent me.. WHAT???? Walmart has stolen from me cause they also have the item.

  • May 7, 2022

I attempted to remedy it online then with customer service. FedEx said they delivered but they didn’t and it is looking like I’m out 108.00 for a Hulkman jump starter.

Order numberWhen they claimed it was delivered it was 2 or 3 weeks late and I had to purchase one locally for 130.00 so I am steaming mad. Also I could barely understand the customer service guy.

  • Apr 25, 2022

Yesterday (4/25/2022) I called the auto center around 2:00 pm to inquire whether they can install tires that I bought online. They said yes, as long as I was there before 5:00 pm. I asked if today would work and they said yes. I got off of work early, hustled to take care of my animals so that I could meet my daughter there with her tires.

I arrived at 4:46 pm and when I went to the auto center door, it was locked. When I knocked on the glass to get the attention of the guy that was walking by, he looked at me and threw his hands up and snarled "we're closed!" and then looked at me like I was filth.

I promptly called the front desk and the nice lady in customer service connected me with a manager. The manager was an idiot and I can see why the guy in the auto center had such a crappy attitude toward customer service. I told her what I was told when I called at 2:00 that day and that the sign on the door of the auto center says 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

She told me well, if too many people call out then they have to close the auto center because there has two be two people in the bay at all times when they're working on a car. I informed her that I didn't appreciate being yelled at and treated like I was a disruption, when in fact, I'm one of the reasons he's employed. She said what do you expect him to do? They had to close early. I told her that I expected him to talk to me civilly and possibly walk to the door and explain to me why they had to close.

Oh, and here's an idea, let's put a sign on the door, that would be a respectful thing to do. Her words were just as nasty as his and apparently they don't teach their managers what good customer service is so how can I expect the employees to know. I will avoid this Walmart like the plague and I ended up getting my tires put on by a local business and they even did it for less money.

  • Mar 25, 2022

I purchased a Baby Monitor on March 23rd, 2022, it was charged to my credit card. On March 24 I placed an online rder for Groceries and picked them up on March 25th. I discovered as I have several times that I had received 1 tomato instead of 1lb. This annoyed me so much that I checked all of my order to co nfirm it matched the items I had received. It was during this check that I discovered the the final amount charged to m card was $226.13 instead of the $122.60 in groceries that I had received. After further investigation I discover that walmart had charged me again for the Baby Monitor that I had ordered several days before. I called walmart customer service immediately and called them agagin the next day. I have been disconnected 3 times by three different foreign agents who could barely speak or understand english. They clearly did not care and had no interest in rectifying walmarts mistake. I called the store and left a message for a manager to call me back, no one has bothered to return my call. I want my money refunded immedaitely.

  • Mar 22, 2022

I hope they did do a good oil change. They said I didnt ask for a tire rotation but I did too. I wont return there for oil changes, etc. They have no concern or care for customers. Pitiful Walmart since the pandemic has gone down hill. Worse year by year. Southern states are much better and offer free cleaning after they service your car. Illinois has the worst prices for oil changes.

  • Feb 11, 2022

A Walmart employee used my credit card information to pay for a 1-year membership fee. This employee actually had the audacity to send me an email message telling me:

We tried renewing your Walmart+ membership today, but we've run into a problem. Your payment method was declined. Don't worry, we'll try to process your payment again in the next few days. We value your relationship with us and we've given you an extension so that you can continue enjoying your benefits while we work to get membership renewed.

Here's an overview for your records:

Issue: Payment Declined

Selected Plan: Annual

Payment amount: $98 + applicable tax

We request you to maintain a valid payment method in your account to avoid cancellation.

The Walmart website would not allow me to delete the credit card information, which was cancelled and replaced with a new number. Someone at Discover accidentally applied the $98.00 charge to my new account. So, I am still trying to fight this charge.

  • Jan 24, 2022

I have been to the Walmart in Benson Arizona more times than I can count trying to buy a dozen Great value 1 gallon water and 5 quart container of synthetic motor oil for my car and Lucas oil stabilizer for my car and the store has been without it for 2 months? Now this is the desert people cannot drink water in most parts of the town and you need to buy bottled water and living in a desert and I cannot understand why the store has not ordered water and the shelf's are 60% of the time the store shelves are empty?

It is not even worth shopping at Walmart anymore? I rather shop at the local stores where they order and they have the merchandise on their shelves instead of wasting my time and gas trying to buy stuff at Walmart and being disappointed when the shelves continue to stay empty and three times a week for the past month and the shelves are still all empty?

  • Jan 10, 2022

I was given a $500 Gift Card from my employer. I had used it once, at my local Walmart for approx $35. Approximately a week later, I needed to purchases wiper blades for my car. I was trying to order them from my app, where my Gift Card was stored, and it wouldn't accept the gift card as payment. I had a $0 balance. The night before my card was totally drained in 3 transactions.

I tried to get in touch with a live person, which was difficult to do, but finally got one. They saw that my card was used at a Sam's Club (which I didn't know you could do), and the entire balance was used up. When I did finally get a person on the phone, she was very nice. As of today, all I have received was an email.

My question is, how can these cards get stolen so quickly? I scratched off the last four digits of the card along with the pin. This is not secure. The entire card number needs to be covered. I am waiting to what Walmart is will to do for me.

  • Oct 4, 2021

Last 3 times I bought at store 5070, the shelf prices were lower than on cash register receipt. All three times, amount was a few cents per item. If each customer pays an extra dollar, Walmart is ripping off millions of dollars every day from unsuspecting customers.

  • Sep 24, 2021

It's simply this , I have items sitting in my * cart* either looking at, Comparing with different stores , or just holding them . Walmart took it apon themselves to go in and grab one of these items and sent it to a company called Falnir LLC for purchase. Falnir then places a hold on your funds in your bank. Sends you an email stating , Thank you for your order. Will arrive by stated date. When no such order was placed. Once you make an online order with a bank card , they store those #'s and use them at will . Like maybe you *forgot* to click *place order* ? When I contacted the company , they said , oh sorry for the inconvience. Once you receive the order , just return it , and we'll give you a full refund. (We'll thats nice of them ) beings I never placed the order in the first place. So, pretty much if you have items sitting in a cart , and have provided bank information previously , beware! Because , I NEVER store my bank info for *faster* checkout next time. Well, they were so sorry to inconvience me this last time , that I have received another "thank you" for my order again. Will arrive monday. Can't wait to see what it is. And once again , funds are on hold. They don't take the money until AFTER the item has been delivered then the hold gets lifted. Assuming this would be a major illegal charge. Not sure who the culprit is ..Walmart ? Or this 3rd party falnir company. Just beware online shoppers , even when you don't store # s , they still have them !

  • Sep 18, 2021

On 2 seperate occasions, while using a clerk check out line, I have had on each time one bag not given to me. Lost in the shopping cart and not noticed it as missing until I returned home. Returning to the store, with receipt I was told as it was not noticed AT THE POINT OF CHECK OUT, it was my fault.

Both times it was only one bag, of high cost items.

One time an accident. twice is suspicious. Especially as on each occasion the clerk handed me what I thought was the last bag and said the tag line "thank you for shopping..." giving one the impression that all items were handed over.

NEVER use the check out clerk lines.

  • Jul 26, 2021

Walmart super center I went into Walmart and purchased four tires on September 29, 2020 and was never offered road hazard or anything I left believing I had a 65K warranty on the tires. Nine months later I find a bubble on the tire and my tire pressure low. I was told by Walmart’s mechanic that my tire had a manufacturer defect and I needed a new tire. I was also told there was no warranty on the Goodyear tires because I didn’t have road hazard.

Had I been told about it when I made the purchase I would have purchased it. When I spoke to the manager I was told he saw me at church a few years back because I said this is a f**king rip off and wrong being told I had to dish out another 110 dollars for a new tire. He told me this isn’t very Christian of you to speak this way after I said the f word.

I just want my tire changed so I can have a safe vehicle. I felt safer driving on my bald tires then I do driving with this bubble. They also charged me for an allignment that they never did. I am completely pissed off and want my money back Boynton beach Florida

  • Jul 21, 2021

On 11/6/2021 I wanted to purchase an iPhone SE from the Walmart website. I tried to pay with my bank card, it was rejected 3 times, but the last time it was accepted and the amount was deducted from my card. When I spoke with the customer service representative, he told me that the order was canceled and the process would be reversed. In 7-10 working days, 10 days have passed. I spoke to them again. They told me to speak with my bank and they gave me a code to identify the reversal of the process, but when I went back to my bank they told me that there is no money owed to me and that if the money is reversed correctly, it will be refunded automatically, 42 days have passed and they still tell me the same. I wanted to do the last step. Tell them to call me Voice Service. I told them 3 times, but no one even called me with a picture of my IBAN and I didn't receive any money. They tell me the same thing again


199 dollars = 746.25 riyals

  • Jul 14, 2021

The technician had taken a lug nut and stud from the front passenger side, I had all 5 studs and lug nuts when the car was taken see reference pics below. I took the car into Walmart on July 9th to replace the tire at Walmart 3355 S. 27th St. MilwaukeeThe tire that was worn prematurely and should be covered under warranty was the drivers side front tire. The technician also had taken a lug nut and stud from this wheel as well, and one of the lug nuts was stripped. I had driven the car to work and on the way the car was shaking and when I pulled up to park I had noticed that lug nuts and studs had sheared and there was only one stud holding the now crooked wheel in place.

I tried calling the store however no one could connect me to the auto department to speak with a manager. I am utterly disgusted with the lack of accountability on Walmart and the store manager there, Kyler. Not only was I stranded and now not able to get to work, but they denied all accountability and didn't apologize for their careless mistake.

The tire could have fallen off on the highway 94 and caused an accident and now I am left dealing with the aftermath of someone's incomplete and careless work who was probably trying to cover their mistake and fix it by taking another lug nut and stud from my other wheel.

  • Jun 7, 2021

There trucks that come in are not safe sloppyness of loads not on pallets. the loads fall on Employess and they get hurt and then they give you the run around to get the injury looked at plus they make it sound like its your fault but they are they just dont want to admit to there non saftey hazards they have. Plus they over order stuff and then the warehouse gets so full you cant move around. Then they would be in violation for the saftey of getting out if there was an emergency.

They have no respect to the employess at all. Walmart needs to get this fix plus give every dept a rasie quite being cheap and being picky on what dept gets a rasie and not everyone deserves a rasie other company's gave all there employess a rasie. But here is walmart being cheap. With the saftey violation there could be a law suit. OSHA cant even do there job there called lazy people with no respect. The people that unload the trucks should get pay more they do more work then any Dept.

They do all the hard work. The top stock karts some need to be taken out of service due to not safe to be on they roll they dont stay sitting. Walmart is in so much of a saftey hazard violation. That could shut them down with a BIG law suit coming. The Managment is plain lazy Especially the store manager. He cant seem to help with getting things fix and if you have a problem he/she ignores you and deosnt take consideration. Some employess are on there phone most of there shift and take price tags down and gets away with it. Thats not right. Shame on you walmart

  • Apr 6, 2021

I ordered area rugs through website, clearance available so I ordered more. Started getting the cancellation emails and ultimately they cancelled the entire order citing "pricing error online". But I am free to go back and reorder them at triple the price. Ya, NO. In fact the only return to your website will be to delete my account. What major retailer does this LOL. Literally laughing.

Call customer service, let him know that I had an order cancelled. If he could even stray from his script for two breathes, just kept repeating same thing. "Ma'am we had to cancel because of a price error. " Dude, I can read the email but I hadn't even told you why it was cancelled , yet. "Ma'am, we had to cancel order because of a pricing error on the website. I didn't mention why I was calling, guessing there were a lot calling for this reason?

Never had any of these types of experience with any other order site. Even ones I was skeptical to order from. Walmart should have been more legit. Meh, easily enough solved.

  • Mar 22, 2021

I received a defective item from They are refusing to take the item back and issue me a refund.

I ordered a "3 Seaters Kids Ride On Truck with Remote Control, Military Vehicle Car Toy for Toddlers, Bluetooth Function, Four Wheels Suspension" order number 3282136-661309 from for $499.00 ($528.94 after taxes). Upon receiving and assembling my item, I discovered that it is defective. The vehicle does not turn to the right. Also, when pressing the accelerator, the vehicle does not move forward consistently. It stops and will not move for several seconds and then eventually moves forward slightly before stopping again. The battery is fully charged.

When I discovered that the item was defective, I called Walmart customer service and was told to return the item to the store. On my next day off I packed the item, drove 42 miles to the Walmart in Summersville, WV, and was told by the store associate that their printer was broken and they could not accept the return. I was directed to take the item to the Walmart in Flatwoods, WV, another 40 miles away. The associate there told me that the item was not eligible for in store return because it has a battery which is considered hazardous material and that Fed-Ex will not pick up hazardous material. I stated that I would not take the item back to my house and that Walmart needed to resolve the issue.

The item is now assembled and does not fit back into the box. It is extremely large. I do not have a printer to print a label. The store associate called and upon much discussion between the store, the online associate, and myself, I was finally told that if I would take the item back home that a special pick up would be arranged and that I would not need a box or a shipping label and someone would pick it up in the next 48 hours. I reluctantly packed the item back up and returned home. However, the follow-up email I received from was instructions to print a shipping label and box the item up and arrange pickup with Fed-Ex.

When I called to clarify I was then told that I needed to arrange pickup with Modern Depo because it is not a Walmart item. I am incredibly upset by this entire experience. I have been told something different by every person I have spoken with. I spent my entire day off and $60 in gas money driving to different walmarts with the end result being that it was a waste of my time and resources as well as putting my small children through a great deal of distress as they were contained in a vehicle all day, hungry and thirsty and not close to a bathroom. I need an immediate resolution of this problem. I need the item picked up. I need a refund in my bank account. And I need compensation for my time, gas, and pain and suffering caused to my children in the attempt to return the item according to the instructions given.

  • Feb 22, 2021

I made an online order at and they were supposed to have my package delivered? which they said it was delivered on February 19th 2021? No package was delivered and I called Walmart? (they are clueless) they put me on hold after I gave her my order number and she put me on hold? and after being hung up on 4 times. I gave up... I'm calling my credit card and canceling my payment. I've been working on finding out where they delivered my order to for the last 13 hours it's a simple process? And I can't understand when did America become so dysfunctional? and still have no clue because nobody seems to know what is up and what is down?

I had my order that was supposed to be delivered to my address that they claim online was delivered to the Walmart store at 211 South prickly Avenue in Benson Arizona and she couldn't figure out what I was trying too find out? Again I said it was supposed to be mailed to my physical address? and it wasn't.. They confirmed it was delivered to the store at 201 S Prickly Pear Ave Benson AZ 85602? it's not that hard to figure out? After calling 4 times and being hung up on I think I'm going to start doing business with Amazon at least they don't lose packages....

  • Feb 18, 2021

Crystal Lax African American Consumer Paralegal


Incident date: 02/16/2021

Incident Time: 9:45-9:50 P.M.

Re: Walmart worker Thelma at 501 Sereno Dr, Vallejo, CA 94589

Myself and daughter was traveling from Indianapolis Indiana with our blue traveling duffer bag and my purse. We needed to stop into Walmart to pick up a prepaid card to load up funds. My son drop us off thinking Walmart would close at 12:00 midnight. When enter the store store security said they're closing in 5 minutes. So instead of trying to pick up a prepaid card to upload funds on it, in order to call for a Uber I went around to the register with the cart to pick up 2 soda and a bag of chips.

We had a long trip from the ice storm in Indianapolis, Indiana, feet swollen, sleepy and tired. When i went to the check out lane. The associate in the yellow vest white woman name Thelma Falsely accused me of shoplifting Shocked and embarrassed very upsetting When my EBT card had over 300 dollar on it Plus the blue duffer bag closed in the cart in plain view with security standing in front watching Plus Walmart camera I told her I going to report being racial profile discriminated against.

I called Walmart customer service to report my experience. Someone from Walmart gave me a call regarding the February 16, 2021 they called me on February 18, 2021 The person assure me they will talk to the associate about the incident and that's it. I as a consumer felt there were no effort to compensate me as a consumer that still purchase items after being wrongful accused Basically defamation of my character in front of other customers.

A white woman falsely accusing me as a black woman I was just trying to get a prepaid money card Im right in front of Walmart cameras and guards. The camera shows me swiping my card to pay for the items I bought. The bag was heavy. Im 53 years old with heart problems. I just wanted to rest the bag down in the cart. This was a very upsetting Walmart experience and the associate did it like being racial spiteful. Who compensate me for the social injury of publicly malicious intent to cause injuries on me?

  • Feb 8, 2021

I shopped for a simple toaster on Ordered from walmart. Total cost, 33.05. I Expected it to come from walmart. but no. A white truck with a guy wearing an Amazon logo on his shirt brings this. Just for kicks I searched for the exact same toaster on amazon and found it for 24.99

So I got on live chat with walmart. I asked WHY did AMAZON show up when I do not do business and have NO desire to ever do business with AMAZON. If I wanted it from AMAZON I would have ordered it from AMAZON and actually saved money. I paid a little more to NOT buy from Amazon but Amazon shows up anyway????

So Walmart explains they use third parties to ship and this one is called Followed by the usual "we are sorry for the inconvience." (GOD I'm sick of that line.) The shipper is called Bluecare Express and if you google that, it's an offshoot of AMAZON!

This sort of thing happens on ebay all the time and it is in violation of their TOS. I have literally watched in real time ebay REMOVE sellers for doing this. But Walmart? I said just refund the difference and I'll be fine with that. No, can't do that. I either have to drive to a walmart, (none are close and we have winter weather going on now) or they did send me return lables, but then I have to haul it to who knows where? The post office? For the few bucks difference I think we will keep the thing, this report is to help spread the word that you may THINK your buying from walmart when in fact your not. Walmart I'm sure made something on the sale, so did this goodsnabox place, and mostly AMAZON. Who I HATE!

I can't believe a company as huge as WALMART doesn't have their OWN warehouses and their OWN shippers, or just use USPS. It burns my bottom that WALMART made money on a sale of an item that was never in walmart's possession at all. just lost my business forever. Same as Amazon. But I have a feeling everything eventually will ALL be part of Amazon. Sickening. Unless people wise up and say NO!

  • Feb 2, 2021

My complaint is the pharmacy techs lied about having my son's eye cream. They told me they would fill it that it would take 30 minutes for them to fill it. So I go home come back 30 minutes later waiting in line for nearly 20 minutes they told me it still wasn't ready. They tried to force me to drive around & the 3 months I was getting my medicine here I never seen them making anyone else drive around.

Then this girl name Veronika came to the window trying to intimidate me. I don't intimidate. Then they lied again saying that the date wasn't on it & I pointed it out to them that it was. I kind of told them off for making me wait so long which I was exercising my consumer rights but they whined to this pharmacy intern.

I tried to call in my refill for my prescription Xanax at first she told me she would have it ready this was back on 06/24/2020. It would be ready by 2:00 pm after they get back for lunch. So I called back so I wouldn't waste a trip. Then she started to give me a hard time transferring it to another pharmacy. I explained to her that you can't transfer Xanax to a narcotic but I was dumbfounded at how she kept insisting then she rudely hung up on me.

Now I'm not allowed to go back to this pharmacy because of her that is close to my house. Customers do have the right to fight back when they are being picked on. I was being picked on when they tried to force me to drive around. I am tired of being treated like crap by people. The supervisor is letting this intern abuse pharmacy customers & putting their health in jeopardy.

I will continue the fight for my consumer rights. But I wasn't out of control like how this intern told the police.

  • Jan 21, 2021

On July 13, 2021 I had went to cash my 2nd stimulus check at Walmart Supercenter in Grenada, MS. When I had went to cash it, it was an African-American female at the service desk. She had asked did I just get that today. I had told her that I had got it yesterday. After that she had told me that her daughter is still looking for hers. After the cashier had cash my checked, she had handed me the money. I had took the money & left to go to Regions Bank in Grenda, MS to put it in my checking account so that it will be on my debit card. After that I had went back to Walmart Supercenter to use my Regions Bank's debit card to make purchases. I had purchased: 2 facial cleansers for my face, 10 packs of tissues, food items, a toaster, & an electric grill.

I had went to the self check to check out. I had paid for my food items with my EBT food stamps card. I had paid for my other items with my Regions Bank Debit Card. Both receipts had printed out. I had kept both receipts. When I got back home, I could not get the electrill grill nor the toaster to work despite trying many times. Today on Friday, 01/22/2021 I had took back the items to try to get my cash back for both the electric grill and the toaster. They had given me back the $10 for the toaster but had refused to give me back my money for the grill. I remember where exactly in the store that I had got the grill. It was for $62.50. For some reason it was not showing up on my receipt. I did not see anymore over there for that price that I had went to check out. The other ones exactly like that was for $100-200. They had obviously had the price for the item marked wrong & have it fixed some type of way on the self check (or probably all of their cash registers) where it does not show up on your receipt.

I 100% had scanned every item & paid for every item. A store worker was standing by and behind me as I was at the self check out that day. When I went out of Walmart, no sound had went off on my as I had left. I had left out alone without anybody else beside me, infront of me, or behind me. They had tried to pull up my receipts with my debit card. I did not have the box with me. It was all the way at my house broken up when I had first opened it up, so they could not pull it up with the bar card. I had showed them a print off of it that I had paid for it on my debit card from Regions Bank. At 1st both women (the Caucasian worker at the service desk & the African-American manager at the service desk) said that they cannot go off a receipt at Regions Bank because it is not on their system. Then, she had looked at the receipt and said it does not match the price that they currently have for the item and the receipt just say the price that I had paid for an item not exactly what.

I remember like yesterday when I had purchased the grill because at first I was going to get the George Foreman grill, but it was too small & did not used to cook items good when I had one in the past. I had got the other one because it was bigger & looked like it would cook a variety of different items better. It was next cheapest one that I had seen. When she had told me to go in the back to get another one and she would put my money back on a gift card, she had opened up the box to the one that I had got in the back just like it. It had looked just like the one that I had with all of the items inside of it matching it. I had even told her that I had remember the self check out that I had used. I had asked her could she go to it & pull up a receipt on it. She claimed that she could not do that. I know that she is lying. All cash registers keep long lists of transactions on it; especially for the same exact month & year (it was only a week ago).

They could even roll back their camera & see that I had paid for it if they had truly wanted to. It was obviously an error on their pricing & with their self check out machine. I believe that she knew that and still refused to give me back my cash or at least give me a Walmart gift card with the price of that that I had paid for it for $62.50. I will only continue to cash huge checks like stimulus checks at Walmart Supercenter. Other than that I will not spend a dime of my money ever again at Walmart Supercenter unless it is something serious that I need that I cannot find anywhere else (I live in a small town). My advice anybody to never go through a self check out at Walmart. If you have to purchase anything, go through a line with a cashier and have extra proof like somebody recording you as you are paying for it and as you see the price of products that you want to purchase. Walmart is a scam.

I am sure if I had orderd an item off of their website and wanted to return it and only told them the debit card # that I had used to purchase it, my name, & contact information, they would have given me a shipping label & allowed me to return it & get back my full price of it without a problem with them needing a Walmart receipt from me (like other websites).

  • Oct 7, 2020

This intern pharmacist is harassing and abusing me for no reason at the Walmart neighborhood market, It all started back on 06/22/2020. When I was dropping off my family members' eye cream & they told me that. It would be ready in 30 minutes. So I did some other things came back 30 minutes later it still wasn't ready. They were claiming that there was no date on the Prescription & they asked me to drive around after me waiting. And they were 5 cars behind me.

I refused to then I showed them there was the date on the prescription. Then they told me they didn't have it in stock. So naturally, a person would get upset and tell them off. On 06/24/2020 when I refill for my Xanax was to be ready to be refilled. This intern pharmacist said oh it would be ready by 12:00 pm.

But I decided to call before going because of the problem with my family members' prescription they had given me. She refused to fill it she told me and she kept telling me that she would transfer it. To another pharmacy. I asked why when they had no problems filling it on 05/22/2020. She just kept telling me she could transfer it to another pharmacy. She was being a major B to me for no reason.

They started the problem. This pharmacist degraded me in front of the other employees. I can sue for slander.

This is advice I got from a lawyer. In Alabama, any false public and negligent speech that degrades, project hate, or ruins a persons reputation is defamatory. -This internt pharmacist caused other pharmacy employees to hate me and lied about me. I can sue for slander. She is only an intern pharmacist. They were the ones making an issue for no wanting to fill my prescription in the first place.

They caused the incident on 06/22/2020 about being misleading saying they would have my family members prescription ready & they didn't have it in stock in the first place. Then lied about me to this internt pharmacist for her to cause me grief and refusing to fill my prescriptions & causing me not to have my prescriptions being filled theirs at all.

This pharmacy staff all need to be fired. And Walmart needs to get people who know how to treat customers. This intern pharmacist is being out right mean to me for no reason.

  • Sep 16, 2020

I purchased a package of Smithfield Babyback ribs at your superstore in Hatillo PR on my way down from San Juan to Aguadilla. When I opened the package one day later the meat was rotten. I attempted to return the rotten meat to the nearest Walmart to my location in Isabella PR which is approximately 28 mins from Aguadilla. The returns department refused to accept the defective product despite your 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. They directed me back to the original store of Purchase in Hatilllo which is 45mins from the Hatillo store.

I spoke with the asst store manager Juan Figueroa in the Isabella store who also directed me back to the place of purchase 45 minutes away from his store. I would have had to drive almost three hours to return a product that you sold me that was defective. I called you national customer service number who twice tried to connect me to Ouerto Rico Customer Service Department and Incompetence both instances I received a busy signal.

Over the years I have done a lot of business with Walmart but from today forward I will be boycotting Walmart blasting you on sicial media for your deceptive business practices . I find it disgusting and reprehensible that you would tteat a loyal customer in this manner manner over $13.68 that Was totally your fault and not mine. #walmartripoff

  • Aug 25, 2020

I purchased Raft Boat Set from Walmart in July for a trip I was taking with my 11 year old grandson. When he went out in it and I was in my pontoon boat, the raft leaked and I had to tie a rope to the raft and row against the wind to get him safely home. I am 71 and have a heart problem! I took the raft back to Walmart and was told they would not return it as I was missing the receipt. I asked the service people if they would write a note to say I was in trying to return it that day as I was not sure when I could no longer return the raft.

They said no! I emailed Walmart head Office and was told they had a no receipt, no return policy, but they would forward my request to the local store manager. The store manager never contacted me, nor did the store manager return the email I have sent.

I do not understand the problem, as the item says it was made for Walmart, unless they think I stole it, but I would still like better treatment! Today, banks, BC Hydro, Telus and many other companies are asking me to accept electronic statements and billing, so we are getting no to expect paper receipts. With Walmart, they want you to show your receipt on the way out, so you do not put the receipt back with your credit card, but have to have it in your hand on the way out. I try not to use bags, so I have no place to put the receipt until get back to the car. At the car, you put the stuff in the car and how knows where you put the receipt? I wonder if Walmart counts on us to lose the receipts?

Maybe you could warn people like me about Walmart and other stores like them that will not return items without a receipt. I guess part of the problem is I expect a store like Walmart would sell items that I did not have to return, not junk!

When I went online and put up a bad report on the item, they deleted it.

  • Jul 22, 2020

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  • Jun 28, 2020

I worked 2+ years for a retired blind college math teacher as a personal assistant.

I manage his purchases.

March 25, 2020 we ordered the Victor Reader Stratus 12 Daisy MP3 Player from Walmart online. It was a long while before he could try it.

It failed to play Daisy material that his government issued player could. The files 'were' Daisy, as I transferred the files myself onto his flashdrives.

On the last day allowed by Walmart to qualify for a refund, I got a receipt for it when I dropped off the item at a FedEx station.

  • Jun 12, 2020

Purchase a gift for someone person did not want so i returned

item was linsay tablet order number 3872058-578827

  • May 28, 2020

First walmarts site does not work properly and is unreliable. I ordered a office chair and got envelopes sent to me instead. Had to return them and basically had to demand they send the return address to my actual address. They kept telling me I had to print one out but I have no printer and all libraries are closed! wtf? duh! customer service is clueless. How am I suppose to print out a return label if the libraries are closed? Why not offer to send it to the customer anyway since it was their fault.

So I had to ask several times and demand one sent to me but they did and I returned it. Their website had an error and it was on them to make it right they could have been professional about it instead of being clueless.

Then I made a grocery order as usual using the option to pay upon pick up with my foodstamps. Instead they collected my card info from a prior walmart order and made unauthorized charges with it. They were suppose to charge me when I pick up my order with the proper from of payment that IS accepted by the way. I had been paying using my foodstamps the past 3 or 4 times with no issue. When I got their to pick my groceries I spoke with the manager telling him I needed that charge cancelled on my card and he basically said he cant do that. That I woud have to go inside to get it cancelled. wtf?

So for those who think walmart is some giving proactive business think again. That proves right there that they dont want work a little extra and send out groceries for us that dont want to take the high risk of going inside the THE WORST infected place in the usa right now. They dont want to send out groceries and help us out. They want to make us go inside.

So I called walmart customer service about unauthorized charges on my card and they blew me off..clueless once again and I also tried to connect with them online to get this fixed...they would not help and cut me off.

I will never shop at walmart again after this crap! NEVER They lost a regular customer. You cannot just use peoples cards without authorization. YOu cannot say you accept foodstamps then a week later say you dont when your website has not informed anyone and the check out is the same. Manager said they wont be accepting ebt starting june 8th...well...It is 5/29 not 6/8...They do it on purpose they dont want to take the extra mile and do their job right instead they want everyone to go inside the store and get their own groceries so they dont have to. Iv heard of others have the same complaint! They will charge your credit or debit card now without you knowing or authorizing it. If you do shop their dont store you bank info in their website they will use it without your permission. But who wants to support a company like this?!

I will never order or walk into a walmart again!

  • May 13, 2020

On April 6th, I placed an order for 2 boxes x 50 Face Masks on Walmart's website. Walmart's website showed blue face masks with description "10/20/50 PCS Disposable Face Mask 3Ply Hygiene Masks". My Order # was 2972087000901 for a total of $35.94.

On April 28th, when I went to pick up, I was aghast to see a totally wrong product being supplied as instead of 2 boxes of 50 masks each, they had supplied me just 2 individual masks of extremely filthy quality. I immediately sent an email to Walmart that's unanswered till this date and also contacted seller. Next day I got an email from a company called Musuos claiming that they supplied the same product that I ordered.

When I mentioned that I had pictures of the order showing the item I had originally ordered and also the one they supplied, Musuos changed their story offering me a 25% discount. When I insisted on the product I had originally ordered I got a response that they have now discontinued that product. I sent another email to Walmart on May 6th, that's also not responded till date. Meanwhile Musuos sent me an email letting me know that they were giving me a refund of $9. It's absolute cheating that I paid more than $13 for a mast that’s sold in Dollar stores for $2.

Now when I log in to my Walmart account I still see the original description of my order but "image is not available". I still have the images of i) the product I originally ordered, ii) product I was supplied and iii) email received from Walmart which also shows the product that had originally ordered. I am attaching all these pictures here.

People like us place orders with a faith and trust in a brand like Walmart, but Walmart just acts as a middleman between innocent people like us and unscrupulous companies like Musuos. Leave aside taking responsibility of such goof ups, Walmart doesn't even have the courtesy to respond to emails from people like us.

I am reporting this as other innocent people shouldn’t make the same mistake of trusting a company like Walmart.

  • May 2, 2020

When I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, I had a lot of hours at my job at Walmart. Then I came down with a severe sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, which is severe nausea and vomiting while pregnant. I started asking to go home due to the sickness and since then my hours got cut down to almost nothing.

  • May 1, 2020

Walmarts and Sam's Clubs will not allow you to get cash back when you use any credit card. They say they are helping us thru this C-virus by doing that. HOW IS THAT HELPING??? It's not.

Another thing. They have since the beginning of March refused to stock their shelves with Scott or Great Value 1000 sheet rolls of toilet paper. They claim the people are buying them up. THEY ARE LIARS. The people aren't buying them up. They want us to believe this to keep instilling fear into Americans. In the beginning they allowed people to buy as much as they wanted knowing it would make us afraid to go out. As a result, people lost their jobs and their businessess. They are continuing the farce by only stocking a couple of different brands of toilet paper on the shelves, as if the other brands are flying out of the store.


THEY ARE DISGUSTING GLOBALISTS WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. The Walmart CEO appears ain the Rose Garden at the White House like he's all concerned and is trying to help. If he thinks he is bamboozling President Trump he is not dealing in reality. President Trump has twice the IQ of this lowlife scumball. Call Walmart Corp Customer Service and complain loudly like I just did about the no cash back on credit cards. And tell them to quit being fear mongers and put all brands of toilet paper on their shelves. THEY ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

  • Apr 8, 2020

Walmart refused to refund for purchases claiming the date to return was past due. Yet, I have a document from them received after return was made online that clearly gives date to return to store by April 10, 2020. That, apparently, is how their online returns are handled.

I phoned the customer service line when I was at the store on March 21, 2020 after the store would not accept the items or the form I had in hand with date to April. The customer service person told me that I would receive an email from directly about it, but said email never came.

I tried chatting with them on their site and they are still sticking to that the return date is past. The person was not listening to what I was saying, just insisted they can not help me. I then connected with customer service by phone again today and they still state the time for return is past due.

It appears as if there is no giuidance to their employees in how online returns are handled and they are unable to fix it so they can get their items back and I can get my refund. I tried writing an email to them and have received no response. Although they are not costly items, it is the principle of it in that what they say and what is on paper is not exact. United States

  • Mar 20, 2020

After I purchased the 5 wal-Mart gift cards, I waited to hear back from him via email because we did not have a second Wal-Mart here so I asked him what I needed to do. He wanted me to scratch off the numbers (pin) for the Wal mart cards and take a photo of them and send them to him along with a survey form that he had sent to me Federal Express Ground (I kept the envelope).

At any rate, my wife was worried that it was a scam and so I just held out a couple of days and told him that I could not take a photo of the cards as of yet. At any rate, long story short. the check has been returned and so not I am being told that filing a report is all I can do.

  • Feb 29, 2020

I purchased a tv from Walmart took it home and the tv stand did not fit the tv and not only that but the tv had lines through the display as if the tv was dropped. So I go back with my receipt that proves it was purchased like 3 hours ago.

Never once did I speak to management or anyone the only person I spoke to was security who told me I couldn’t return or exchange the tv. So long story short after having to call the police to file an incident report they told the cop that sometimes workers take back merchandise and re sell it that they shouldn’t have.

I’m currently waiting for small claims court to contact me back.

  • Dec 31, 2019

I have been a daily shopper of this location since September 2009 and I am totally disgusted on how the Managers have taken advantage of me and hustled me and made me feel I had to spend unnecessary spending for repairs to my vehicle.

All I wanted was my battery checked and an oil change. According to the invoice that was given me, the battery checked out to be good. However they decided to lie to me and charged me for the most expensove battery at $119.76. They also claim to have checked several items on my char with no diagnoses report including the air filter and cabin filter.

I personally can verify those gilters were not inspected being that they have not been changed in 3 years so if they were inspected it would have stated needs replacing. There was no accurate diagnoses on my vehicle and I was ripped off.

Then the service manager of auto (Chris) could not give me answers to my questions concering the over all inspection of my vehicle and yes he was the one who told me that the battery I need is the most expensive one they carry and thats my only option.

The assisstant store manager Rosemary was very unprofessional and rude and hung up the phone on me and told me she was not going to help me. So now it leaves me no option but to file reports against my so called friendly neighborhood store about how they have taken advantage of a loyal customer for over 10 years. They acted like they don't care that I am filing reprts against Walmart on Cortez rd. Bradenton, Fl.

  • Dec 15, 2019

On 12/15/19 at 22:20:50, I went to the self check out line and rang up a total of $71.42. I put about $42 (may have been slightly more) in cash into the machine. I then went to swipe my debit card to pay the remaining balance and the machine gave me an error and told me to swipe my card.

I swiped my card and noticed I was charged the full amount on my card. I then inquired about the money that I put in the machine and was told to wait for the CSM Krystal. Krystal made a phone call and opened the machine but could not validate an overage to give me my money back.

I then asked them to look at video because obviously I know I put my money into the machine. I was told that the other manager working did not know how to look at video and that I needed to leave my number so someone would call me back in the morning.

This is not an acceptable solution when your machine steals someone's money. I want the extra money that I put back into the machine. This was on Terminal 45, Transaction #06862.

  • Dec 10, 2019

Went to Walmart and the toy we were going to buy said roll back to 59.94$ from 69.94$. The price on the shelf said 54.94$ regular price. If you are shopping at Walmart be careful the sales price is higher than regular price.

  • Dec 3, 2019

My niece placed an order with Walmart online. she order the Nest hello doorbell for $158.00. Had the item sent to my house. When the box came and i open it. it was not a Nest doorbell, but a 5 pound jug of honey..she call Walmart and they did not believe her.

I think someone in shipping at Walmart did a switch and is now going to give it to someone in his/her family. They have the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Anybody want to buy a 5 pound jug of honey for $158 let me know.. the reason why it was shipped to me is my niece lives out of state, but her mother lives near me..the doorbell was supposed to be a Christmas present for her mother.

What gets me is Walmart won't even investigate what happened..I guess their policy the customer is always wrong and Walmart is always right.

  • Nov 23, 2019

Myself and a group of people were planning a large party where we had to get gifts for multiple people, however it was a situation where we were getting several larger items for certain people and then we wanted to have smaller items for a not-insignificant number of people.

Further details of the event are irrelevant, but so that you can envision the scenario it was to be one of those situations where people would be presented with their gifts, and then for all the rest of the people we would give them a smaller gift, and the plan was that all of those smaller gifts would be the same. We decided on a custom printed coffee mug with a meaningful photo on it along with a coffee shop gift card.

Admittedly we were coming down to the wire with getting these items and the party was to be a week and one day from the day that we had to place this order. For this reason, many of the custom item companies (you know, where you send them a photo and they print it on anything- a coffee mug in this case) were unable to fulfill the order in the 7 days that we needed it. The one company that said that they could get it done was the Walmart online photo center as long as we paid for expedited shipping which we were happy to do.

Based solely on their promise that they could get us these custom printed mugs in seven days, we proceeded to order from Walmart. It was a Monday that the order was placed and delivery was promised by the following Monday.

Beginning on Tuesday, I would go online to check the status of the order so that I could track it when it shipped, as we were all under a lot of pressure with this event coming up. Tuesday and Wednesday, the order status on the website said "processing." Thursday, when it still said "processing," I called customer service for more information and was told some variation of "everything's fine, just keep waiting."

When it still said "processing" on Friday, I called again and got some version of the same thing from a different customer service agent. Against my better judgement, I let it go another day. Saturday, when it still said "processing," I again contacted customer service, this time determined that I was going to get some answers. Remember, at this point the order is due to be delivered in about 48 hours. That's the day everything fell apart.

After getting the runaround, it finally comes out that the order was never transmitted to the order processing entity due to a technical glitch on their end. Of course, every agent apologizes but none of them actually help me. At this point, I'm almost frantic.

The party is in 3 days, we've hung our hats on these being the gifts for many people, and now I'm being told that there's no way they can get the order to me as promised on Monday. They proceed to try to blame Fuji, saying that that is who runs their photo lab and that any delivery estimate was provided by them.

I explain to them, politely but tersely, that I am not in business with Fuji and that my order was placed on and the top of the webpage says Walmart Photo. If they subcontract their photo orders to Fuji that's fine, but Fuji is their subcontractor, I am in a contractual arrangement with them, and so the burden is on them to make this situation right. The legality of the situation is lost on the customer service agent and customer service manager.

They cancel the order and try to offer me a $25 gift card as if that will make up for what I'm going through. When I tell them that that's not even close, they say that there's nothing else they can do and proceed to end our conversation. I then have to spend my entire weekend running around trying to find alternate gifts for all these people, which is time that I do not have.

When I try to talk to some people at Walmart corporate about the situation the following week, they again apologize but say that there's nothing else that they can do for me. As far as I'm concerned they take no responsibility for the fact that I have to use time I don't have looking for other gifts, gas in my car, and other such expenses all because they cannot deliver an item as promised.

I believe I deserve compensation far beyond a $25 gift card, and if they feel that the ultimate screw-up was with their subcontractor, then they are free to take that issue up with Fuji, but again I was in an agreement with Walmart and the delivery date was provided on their website.

Out of principle I have not used the $25 gift card, mainly because I feel that on some level using it would be akin to accepting it as a settlement, and while I know that I will never be made whole by Walmart for their gargantuan blunder, I still maintain that Walmart owes me a good measure of recompense that I have not received.

When ordering from Walmart, beware. As far as I am concerned, you cannot trust anything they say, they will not stand behind promises made, and they do not care how much going back on their obligations hurts customers.

  • Nov 8, 2019

First I was an employee of Wal-Mart until my termination August of this year. I had purchased a battery on 5/6/19. The battery I purchased has a one year free replacement warranty. On 10/14/2019 I dropped my battery off at the Atchison Wal-Mart to have it tested/charged at 7:15 a.m. before I went to my new job. When I returned to Walmart after work to pick up my battery I found that the battery tested bad and needed replaced.

Upon my arrival walking through the customer entrance in the "Auto Care Center" I started my stop watch on my phone. I talked with the one tech working about my battery. I checked if a replacement was available. I waited to be helped. When I did get my transaction started I found that my free replacement battery was going to cost me an extra $5.43 (the discount I received when I bought the battery while an associate). I was not happy with the "free" replacement cost but whatever.

My issue was that my transaction took almost a half hour to complete and I had to explain to the ACC manager how to remove the core charge from the transaction.

That night I filed an online customer complaint through expressing my overall dissatisfaction with my whole exchange. A week passes and I do not receive any feedback from my concerns. So I fill out a second online customer complaint a week after the first one.

The next day while at work my phone rings and the call goes to voice mail (I missed the call since I was working). After working past 6:30 p.m. I check the voice mail message it is the ACC manager telling me to call her because there are a few things we need to discuss.

Due to the late time of day I choose to return the call the next day while on my lunch break, but as I am parking my vehicle to go into work at 7:44 a.m. my phone rings and it is the ACCM she tells me this call is pertaining to my letter to the president (my online customer complaint) I am told that my long transaction time was from having to wait for assistant manager Andrew to come back to override the transaction and that there were multiple customers in front of me.

I did reply that there was one customer being helped by the one tech working. I did not correct her on the manager who we did wait for (assistant manager Jeff). Then I was told that the store manager said that both myself and my wife are not to come back into the store (banned) because of some thing my wife may have posted on social media about the way we have been treated by the management team.

I do not know for sure what I did other than express my concern over the quality of the transaction that would warrant being banned from a store. Seems pretty petty that I would get banned for my concerns. Though with hind sight seeing the lack of respect and the denial of help from management the lack of training I received.

The fact that in the last two years of my job I had been denied getting recertified for my position, but having to recertify the techs I worked with. So I guess I am not surprised that I would be fired for not being trained to perform my job and ignored as a customer as I was ignored while an associate.

I had called the ACCM back in the evening of the same day she had called that morning to ask about the road hazard warranty and lifetime balance I had purchased with the tires I purchased this year, on how to honnor my purchase she said I can go to another Walmart. I explained that driving an hour and a half or more round trip was not going to work for me especially if I have a flat tire let alone rotation and ballance.

I asked if I could get a refund on the rotation/balance and road hazard warranty. I was told probably not but the ACCM said she would talk to the store manager or loss prevention and text me the next day, that was on October 24th 2019 and today is November 8th 2019 and still no answer on the issue.

So this just continues the history of how I was and still am being ignored and treated poorly by my previous supervisors, whether it be denial of training or a simple answer to a simple question.

But again... Is it normal to get banned from a Walmart store after sending a customer complaint? And ignored when inquiring about paid services? Or is it just harrassment aimed towards me? Petty retaliation? I wish I could get answers.

And if anyone actually read all of this... Thank You.

  • Nov 7, 2019

The extended warranty company tells me they don't cover broken wheels. I will never get another extended warranty, they don't honor it.

I didn't get there before the year was up so have to go through all state warranty. They said that it is not under warranty for the wheels.

  • Oct 18, 2019

they have a 70 inch Vizio listed for $199 and the stores showing it as being in the store, cant seem to find one! So, eather they cant track their stuff, employees too lazy to want to deal with the bigger tvs or maybe hoing to get the money to buy it/them for themselves. Never the less, its a sham!!

  • Oct 5, 2019

Todays Rant.

I urge others to complain to Walmart Corporate at 800 Walmart. Today I stopped off at the Centerville Utah Walmart. They were selling a printer for 19.00 but were out of them. I called the Layton Utah Walmart and asked if they had the same printer.

They did and I told them I would be coming to get it. Never in a million years would I have imagined that there would be a price difference. Layton Utah Walmart wanted 34.99 for the same item. I asked for a manger and the woman, using this term loosely, informed me that Walmart doesn't price match. I told her its a f**king Walmart. She said they dont price match. Well I promptly left all the s**t I had piled up in the self checkout and walked out.

So I just spoke to a man from the customer service department at 800 Walmart. He stated to me that price differences are at the discretion of the management. WOW f**kING WOW. #f**kwalmart. #walmartsucks. #walmartdiscriminates. #walmartiscrooked.

So I informed the man on the phone that I thought it was bullsh*t. Centerville Utah is a nicer area with wealthier individuals. Layton Utah not so much. It has a huge diverse ethnic population and most people are poor or struggling. So why is it that the nicer areas get better prices and the poor areas are raped for GOD knows what kind of prices.

Also this Walmart is in proximity to Hill Air Force Base. So one can only assume WALMART IS RAKING IN THE DOLLARS FROM OUR HARD EARNED MILITARY PERSONNEL THAT STRUGLE IN SO MANY WAYS. #WALMARTRIPPINGOFF MILITARYFAMILIES. I am ranting about this in hopes this post is shared. I am for the record completely done with Walmart. I will never set foot in a Walmart ever again. I will continue to shop at amazon. #putwalmartoutofbusiness.

Before today I had no idea this was a thing. My brother bought over the counter medicine last week at the Centerville Utah Walmart and istwas $10 cheaper than Walmart in Layton Utah. Walmart is a corporation not a franchise. This is price gouging, and it unethical and immoral. Join me in boycotting Walmart.#boycottwalmart.

Walmart does not care about poor people or poorer areas. Give them the boot!

Rant over. FYI I am writing a formal complaint to the FTC for all the good it will do. #WALMARTISEVIL

  • Sep 21, 2019

Be careful with Walmart credit/debit card readers. Each time I try to use a credit or debit card with a chip on it at Walmart, the card reader hangs up on the chip and damages it. I'm on my third copy of one of my credit cards and my second replacement of a debit card. All were damaged by Walmart card readers in the stores.

This has happened multiple times, forcing me to use cards without chips if I want to make a purchase. I'm done with this company. They can't seem to do ANYTHING completely correctly. Their online order system for grocery pickup only lists some, not all, of the items that are sitting in the store. The Windows program for pickup orders does not pass the substitution parameter to the store EVER.

Adding something to an order I just placed required a phone call to tech support, as the change order link in the email did not work (it started a new order instead). I've reported these issues over and over to area management. They've promised coupons (which must be used in the store and which didn't work) and online discount codes, only one of which ever worked.

This program is over a year old, but they haven't fixed ANYTHING. And now, with chip cards, it's impossible to go inside to get the things that can't be ordered online for pickup. What a waste of my time. I'm a programmer, and I foolishly explained these problems, complained in writing a number of times, and... I guess they just don't care enough about keeping customers or are too inept to actually do anything about customer feedback. I can't believe they are still in business.

  • Sep 12, 2019

Approximately eight months ago, after my wife was diagnosed with gerd, i purchased at least six boxes of equate omeprazole magnesium acid reducer capsules at our local walmart where we shop regularly. My wife noticed two months ago that the six boxes that we had left expired six years ago in august 2013. She was afraid to take any of these capsules because she was afraid that they might be harmful or at least ineffective. I don't think that sam walton would ever have sold his customers merchandise that was six months past the expiration date.

On july 30, 2019, i called the store where i bought this produce and was told that they could not issue me a refund and to contact their corporate office. I sent an email to walmart's hq and asked for a refund. They responded by telling me that they would contact the local store manager who would take care of the situation. The store manager never called me. Obviously, customer service is not their strong suit.

My wife and i are both in our 80s and we feel that walmart took advantage of us. The current price is $11.87 per box plus 7% tax. The purpose of this scamionis to warn walmart customers to check the expiration date on all pharmacy items!


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