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Verizon Wireless

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Wallingford
Address PO Box 5029
Phone (800) 922-0204

Verizon Wireless Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2016

Verizon Wireless Legal Department

I can attest that Verizon Wireless has the best defense team and it will vigorously fight any claims no matter who makes it. Possibility of winning legitimate claim through commercial arbitration is very minimal. Relax and enjoy...

  • Mar 29, 2016

I have been with Verizon for more than 2 years. I was given a chance to upgrade my phone and get money for my phone. I went in to the local Verizon store in the town I was in. They never gave me a dime for my phone as they were supposed to. Then they were told to shut off the wifi device I had with them. That didn't happen either. I found out when I all of a sudden got a bill that included that. Recently I went into Verizon to make a payment on my account and told them to stop the payment arrangement that I had agreed to because my bank account had been compromised! They took my payment and then tried to run the debit card they were told not to. Now I find a 20.00 insufficient funds charge on my phone! I hate to say it but this is the 2nd time that I have had a problem in one of their stores! The first one was when I first signed up with them. The person in the store opened not 1 but 2 accounts for me with the same phone numbers on both accounts! I didn't find this out until I had paid the first bill and then 3 days later received a threatening text that my phone would be turned off! I called and they finally found both accounts and it showed the same numbers on both accounts! This is FRAUD! They do not train their staff in their stores properly in any way shape or form! This is unacceptable and I will never use Verizon after this contract is up! They tell you on the phone they will fix it but it continues to happen all the time and I will not patronize them ever again after this! I will look to one of their competitors!

  • Mar 26, 2016

Been with Verizon for a couple years, using an iPhone. Never had data usage issues despite fairly constant usage (don't download movies or game online or other high-data use activities). Suddenly started getting 'data overuse' messages from Berizon end of 2014. Increased data plan several times, ran my monthly bill up by about 50% but notifications stopped Decided to see about bill amounts after my usage dropped (was out of service area about 50% of the time) and was told that I had NEVER exceeded data allotment by Verizon rep- the notifications were just 'slamming' to sell more by marketing groups operating under Verizon name. Dropped back to standard plan, no problem for months. This last winter, about the same time of year as the last episode, started getting data overuse warnings- as soon as a week after the data usage calendar 'flips'(25th of each month). Contacted Verizon about this, got the run-around. Getting billed for data use even when I have my data turned off on the phone almost all day and overnight. It's a ripoff, plain and simple. The FCC needs to investigate; and a class-action suit ought be filed. I've warned Verizon of my dissatisfaction and my intention to file complaint and switch carriers- no satisfaction. I cannot in good faith recommend Verizon as a carrier .

  • Mar 25, 2016

Verizon Wireless is saying that I had phone service through them in October 2013 and they say I owe $454. but the funny thing is I never even had a cell phone service through them. now it's on my credit report and I can't even get it off. this company is one of the biggest rip-offs I've ever met

  • Mar 24, 2016

Last summer i entered into a two year contract with verizen. In exchange for low cost cell phones, when they didnt hold calls i had to get two replacement phones. As they had checked the lines to see if they were operating .I informed them live in a low area and have spotty service and the phones were not able to aquire a a signal or maintain it properly Many droped calls) when they sent two identical phones rather then go through al the hassle of porting numbers again i went to the local store to get differnt phones i tried them, they also failed to hold a connection. At which time i went back to the original phones i had for many years as they did work and i was told i was not being held into a 2 year agreement. After several months i decided to drop verizen alltogether and was charged a early termination fee of over 150 dollars. After several calls to try to get this resolved i explained, i had been defrauded i was given three old out dated cell phones none of which worked and i do not have any of the aforementioned devices. I asked alan employee #gonal22 that since i have no phone and didnt recieve a working phone but i have a 2 year contract with an early termination fee that i have been scamed that verizen did nothing for me but charge me a early termination fee with nothing in exchange. For me, this is a fraudulent contract as it is one sided and failed to give me any thing but a fee.And send a copy both to the local prosecuters office and the state attorny general to report this fraud .I was then told that i could talk to his superviser who i had tried to talk to several times before, in hopes to find some one who could see this as fraud and not just rehash some corporate policy saying i should have tried harder to get this resolved as if three faulty cell phones wernt enough. Nor did i get any discounts for the totally annoying inferior service i had until i went back to my original phone i had with no contract with

  • Mar 21, 2016

I been with Verizon Wireles for 3 year on prepaid and my Amarth phone work fine before calling and surfing the internet. I just but expensive iPhone and now the telling the Rhodes features are not available any more

  • Mar 21, 2016

The Verizon Wireless Home phone system and 4G internet is a pathetic joke!!! I was told it would work just fine for a business with multiple lines. NO, NO, NO, THAT WAS A LIE AND IT IS A HORRIBLE SYSTEM!!! Here is a list of some of the problems we have experienced with this phone system:

1). Our business phones will not begin ringing until the third ring - many callers will hang up after the third or fourth ring.

2). The reception is very poor at times

3). I can not use my fax machine with this phone system

4). Outgoing calls will not completed if you pause for more than a few seconds when dialing

5). "Call Waiting" makes a very loud, horrific noise in your ear when a call comes in

6). Having incoming calls roll over to a second line is not possible with this system

7). The 4G has slow internet speed with excessive lag & buffering

8). There can be major overage charges for internet ($100+)

I have spent HOURS on the phone with several Verizon Wireless Customer service and tech support agents with no solutions. Verizon Wireless is aware of all the problems although they continue to sell this phone system as a great phone system alternative. Shortly after getting the Verizon Wireless home phone system, I received an email from Verizon Wireless asking me to review their product. I did and Verizon Wireless rejected my HONEST online review of their Home Phone System and continues to market it as a great product with what I believe to be fraudulent 4 star reviews. Verizon Wireless is know for locking people into contracts, poor customer service and overage charges on data. I will be talking to a lawyer about filing a lawsuit against Verizon Wireless for the thousands of dollars I have lost from this horrible phone system. Do yourself a favor and AVOID VERIZON WIRELESS!!!

  • Feb 29, 2016

I recently filed a complaint with the BBB regarding overages on data usage from Verizon Wireless. The company responded immediately and refunded 3 months of overage to my account. The data plan I have had for years (wifi at home) was 3 GB, and we never even came close to using it. Suddenly there are overages. Now I have bought a larger plan, 6GB, since getting a smartphone. Rarely use the phone for anything but calls or text, and my plan for that is unlimited. Now we come close to an overage on the 6 GB plan. So I have now gone to 12. Yesterday, for the first time since getting this data plan, I watched a one hour movie, streaming, on my Kindle. IT USED 2+ GB.

  • Feb 4, 2016

Applied for service but received a defective phone. I returned in in 7 days to hear for the first time about a restocking fee.Jason H was the person who orginally sold the phone and Jason H was the person whom received it back. When I learned of the sneaky ways they made money by not mentioning the restocking fee iuntil I went to return the defective phone. I left all of their junk and walked out.

Jason chose not to record the phone as retuned. This was in July 2015. In November 2015 I statred getting bills but returned all unopened becasue I knew I didn't owe them. I filed many complaints I received a call from Executive office of president from Regina 800-435-6622 ext. 2143813 we didn't hit it off.

The bill I received was for an unreturned phone in the amount of $633.47 mind you Jason H of Verizon had the phone. I files complaints with CFPS, BBB of various states, Attorney general of two states and any place I could think of.

The one Verizon collection company apoligized once I told them Jason H had the phone but only after I files a complaint and the agency contacted the. Only then too did Regina issue a credit for $600.

For the 7 days I had the phone I was charged $33.47 plus the $63.00 I paid up front.

The $33.47 is now in collection with 2 of Verizons collection agencies. I am being charged for a returned phone and a bill I didn't know I owed.

Verizon has tarnished my credit for these trumped charges. If Verizon come your way please run they are a fraud, scammer, fake and all the employees are part of the deception.

They are so upset about the complaints I have filed they are now after me for $33.47 that didn't exist until they made it happen January 2016.

  • Feb 3, 2016

Verizon wireless has been overcharging me for data when I know I have not went over my data usage, I'm ready to get out of verizon plan and I'm not paying the ovarage fee it is ridiculous!!!!! Going to straight talk bc verizon Is a scam

  • Feb 3, 2016

On November 23 I contacted Verizon to see if there was any way to reduce my high wireless bill. After a short time on the phone, I was offered a $20 per month discount on three of the lines. I was told at that time that the discount will be reflected starting with my December statement which I reeive in January. I waited and checked. It was not there, so I called and a very nice rep reviewed the notes and found exactly what I stated above. He than credited my current statemnt the $60 due me and told me what my new statement billing would be going forward. It was $60 less than current. I was very happy so I even than ordered another device and increased my services with Verizon.

Today I received a notification stating what my next month billing and the following months bill would look like. The $60 discount per month that I was told I would be getting was not there. I assumed there was just a timing issue, but I figured I should call and check it out.

AFTER AN HOUR AND THREE REPS, I have been told there is no such discount plan available and there is nothing that she can do to help me. The notes that Verizon have on file shows that I was to me given such a discount, but their position right now is that the plan does not exist, so I must except the fact that I was misled and decieved by them.


  • Feb 2, 2016

I used Verizon WiFi hot spot. Was called by Verizon rep. saying I was not using very much data and should consider a 6GB plan instead of 8GB plan. Then was told I could save money by switching provider and bundling my cell-phone service with them. I was very specific regarding budget and affordability then given assurance all needs would be met. Not so; multiple extra charges plus monthly line charges not mentioned when I asked were added.

With no change at all in usage patterns, my first "combined" monthly bill was over $900. I was charged $15 per GB over plan. They claimed I used 60GB of data on WiFi but Zero data on phone. I did not use phone for anything but making calls. The graph shown to me clearly indicated a 10x increase in WiFi data usage starting the very same day they bundled my services and continued at the same rate all month. Going to school full time and only using WiFi sparingly,it was not possible for me to have used 60GB of data. Had never used more than 6GB before or after that month.

I called, alerted them to issue and was told it would be "resolved". Realizing I should pay towards the phone use, I called back and offered to pay $100 until issue was resolved and I would not use any WiFi, asking if I could return module. They accepted the $100 but refused to take back unit. I also tried to return unit to local Verizon store and was refused.

I called 3 days later and was told I'd receive a call with resolution of issue within 2 hours. No return call. Called next day, was told the same thing, and got no return call.

Then, without warning, my phone service was cut off. I called, and they turned my phone back on. A week later I called asking about the $900 bill and they acted as if it were first time I called, and said I owed the money. The next Saturday, my phone was turned off again. I spoke to representative, offered another $100 to keep phone on until WiFi issue resolved. They promised to keep my phone on (I gave them the money-order # for security). The next day,Sunday, my phone was turned off again. I called back, explaining in detail the agreement they had made just the day before, but they refused to turn my phone on and literally acted as if they knew nothing of my concern or situation.

I got a flip phone and never used Verizon again. I got a bill the following month for $1100 and called, asking to fix the overage issue. They refused to give any consideration and for the first time stood firm in demanding $1100. Realizing how much a GB of data is, I knew it was not possible to have used the data but Verizon refused to look into it.

They breached their verbal committments, turned off phone after paying them $100 with promise of it staying on. Never once returned a phone call. Eventually bill was sent to collection agency. I wrote to agency with explanation and refused to pay. Same happened with 3 other agencies. 2 years later, credit is damaged and now lawyer is calling with threats of legal repercussions including federal charges.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I live in a rural area where only satillite internet is avalible. Several people I know use the Verizon jetpack and every one has been ripped off in the same way. The company pads a random bill by tacking on 2.5 extra GBs during the middle of the month. Happened to me in Dec 15. I have the same internet habits. Dec was no different. The company says they can't deterrmine how the overage happened, just that it did. They did give me a song and dance about websites changing their content wthout notice. And had a convenient solution that just made sense! Buy more data for the month; $30 over my choosen plan. Basically, we know we're scamming you but shut up and pay anyway.

  • Dec 17, 2015

About July of 2015, I suddenly stated getting data usage alerts toward the end of the month. August was a bit earlier. September.... earlier. now i'm getting them before the middle of cycle. Last alert was on the 14th!!!...I have not changed my usage except to try to reduce it, even though i waas still doing same as i was when I NEVER went over. I'm definitely switching providers.

  • Dec 17, 2015

Verizon is running some kind of data usage scam. I don't know how they are doing it but they are doing it. They succeed in getting away with it, i believe, because it is difficult for consumers to unite inmass large enough group to be heard collectively. As individual consumers we are lost and will continue to be victimized.

I have a verizon mifi. I am paying for 1 gb of data. I have a ipad that is on at&t network and i pay for 3 gb data per month on it. The only time i pull from the mifi is perhaps 1 hr per night to check email and basic web surfing because for whatever reason, in the bedroom the 3g signal is weak. Other that's that, i am using the 3g at&t service 99% of the time.

I use my ipad all day, doing web work, emails, occasional youtube based tutorials...And i never come close to using even 1 gb of data.

However, in one night, after viewing 10 youtube clips that are less than 5 min each, i get a data usage alert that i have used 77% of my data usage for the month that just reset on sept 4th! oh..Really? Give me a break.

Additionally, over the labor day weekend, while out of town, i get a text alert that the device that's been sitting unplugged and off on my counter in another state, for the past week, i has "magically" reached 90% of its data allowance for the month.

I consider this a preponderance of evidence that there is some scam underway. I live alone. There is no way this device is using data when i am not there. Now, i know what verizon will claim,...They will say..."oh, well, sometimes it takes a while for the usage to be calculated and reported...A delay if you will..." yeah, right, not buying that rebuttal. Why? Because even before my trip the device had been turned off. I am very cautious and aware of it because i have suspected a scam for quite some time and i keep the ipad wifi turned off and the mifi turned off except just before i go to the bedroom at night. Another words...I am very aware of exactly how long and how much i am using the verizon device so that i don't get hit with a $300 overage charge.

Yes, i have tried to talk to verizon, as others have done, and am fed some line of bull designed to absolve verizon and keep the consumer thinking its their fault and not anything verizon is doing. It's not. What this issue needs is an investigative, journalistic media spotlight, and as has been suggested an attorney with a class action lawsuit. I am careful not to go over but i am sure others who are unaware have been hit and forced to pay huge bills. I am paying for a device for 2 years, that stays off most of the time so in essence i guess i am still forced to pay, just in a different aspect.

If the right person reads this, please know i will be more than happy to assist in bringing this issue to light on a large scale. If you are a consumer that's been victimized by verizon, know that you aren't alone and are not imagining it as verizon would lead you to believe.

Additionally, i am going to try and set up a facebook group where victims can be gathered together under one place. The only way to stand against these nationwide, huge companies is collectively. So, if you are a victim, pleafor speak up.

  • Dec 11, 2015

I was quoted $154 a month for 3 phones total out the door price including all taxes, everything. I agreed to this because I was paying $164 a month, but had unlimited data. We went down to 10Gig. I got my first bill and it was $249. I called customer service and they said they would fix it. They didn't. I called back again, nothing again. I called again, and they got the bill down to $189 a month. I told them I would not pay more than we agreed to and I certainly was not paying more than before with less data. They told me there was nothing they could do. I told them I would only pay them $160 a month, not a penny more. That is exactly what I have been doing, and they continue to carry an outstanding balance. I also talked to an employee at Bath and Body Works in the same mall and she told me that the did the same thing to her mother, charging her $20 more than they agreed to in the store. They are crooks and I am just waiting for them to turn my service off so I can go to someone else who is not so crooked. They need a class action lawsuit filed against them. You think they would have learned. Class action lawsuits have cost them, I believe $21 milllion in 2006 or 2008 and another $37 million in 2012. I hate that the big companies think they can just screw the little guy. Stay away from Verizon.

  • Dec 11, 2015

I am in sales and my cell phone is my life line to my customers. My cell phone was stolen last night at a local restaurant. I had to get a replacement. I have the insurance so I thought no big deal. My wife even called ahead and since we are both on the same plan she was assured that Veriszon would have a temp phone for me waiting. Nope! No temp phone and sice I was not an account holder, they would not help me. So they had my wife take time from her job and log on to their crappy website and try to put me on the account. Nope. Not happening and the clerks at the Pearland Texas location acted as if I was a total bother for even coming in there. The clerk I had was the absolute worst employee I have ever encountered.

  • Dec 7, 2015

NEVER purchase anything on Verizon Fios (Movie, TV Show, etc.). Your aren't purchasing it - you are only renting it for as long as you have an active Verizon account on your television.

Verizon will claim that you can always log onto your account and watch owned titles online at That is a lie.

You go through all the motions - sign in, go to the right place, choose your purchased video and here is what you get:

Unable to continue video playback. License issued for this video is not supported by the video player. Please try again later. (6030)

I've tried this on 3 different browsers - Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox - on both Mac and PC. NOTHING WORKS.

They fail at different points, sometimes complaining about lack of Silverlight, other times displaying the error message above, other times just going into an infinite loop of nothingness.

So, the several hundred dollars worth of "purchases" that I made on Fios are now completely unavailable to me.

Advice: if you want to PURCHASE movies or TV shows, ONLY do so from a service that permits you to DOWNLOAD the programs and does not require an internet connection to watch.

  • Dec 1, 2015

I was approached by a Verizon agent in a Wal-Mart offering a free tablet if I switched to a new 2 year contract. I was told I didn't have to do anything but signup for a new Verizon Fios bundle service. I specifically asked because I do not have Verizon wireless and the promotion was for a free tablet or a $200 gift card towards the Verizon wireless store. I was told that I would receive a voucher in the mail for my free tablet within 3 weeks. Three weeks past and still no table or voucher.

I called the agent personally (because his left his cell phone number on the sales orders form) and was told I will receive it after I paid my first bill. A week or so after my first bill I still did not receive anything. I called Verizon and was told that they will re-email it. I finally get the voucher and it states that I have to purchase a new 2 year wireless plan in order to get the tablet. That was not how it was advertised to me and it is not listed on the sales order form that I signed. It states a FREE TABLET under my promotions and offers. Shame on you Verizon for trying to scam and deceive customers.

  • Nov 30, 2015

I purchased cell phone insurance in Dec 2013 for my daughter's phone, through Verizon, at the time I purchased her cell phone. Although it was more expensive monthly than other plans, I decided to go through Verizon so that I could simply bring in the defective phone and walk out with a replacement. Or so I was told by the Verizon saleswoman at the time. Today I tried to do just that as my daughter's phone is malfunctioning, only to be told that Verizon has changed insurance carriers and that I was out of luck. I now need to call the old insurance company to see if they will honor the coverage. I was told (when I purchased the coverage) that my coverage was through Verizon and that's why I needed to sign up for it at that time in the store to get the walk in phone replacement service. If they changed companies, that is their problem and they should stand by their word. So instead of walking out with 3 new phones (I planned to upgrade our other 2 while I was there), I'm canceling my Verizon service as of 14 Dec 15 and going with

  • Nov 28, 2015

On October 20th I paid my Verizon Bill for services rendered Oct 23-Nov - Verizon Bills you in advance of the survice.

On October 26, I ported 4 out of 5 lines to a new carrier.

On October 31 I called customer service to cancel the remaining line and close the account. As I closed the account, I asked the representative what my final bill would be. He stated that with the refund from the services not used, and the application of the termination fees, that the remaining amount due would be just over $100. He could not give me a firm figure on the amount that would be due in November, but said that if I sent $110. that any amount over paid would be refunded to me. I asked him if this amount covered all the lines on this account, and he assured me that it did.

On November 10th I received a bill in the mail for $289.08 (my normal monthly amount) I looked at the date of the bill (Oct 23rd) and figured it was sent out before my conversation with the rep on October 31st.

On Novermber 18th I sent the agreed apon $110

On November 26th I received an e-mail from Verizon, stating that I owed over $500!!!

On November 27th I called Verizon's customer service who explained to me that the refund was applied to my November bill (which I should not have been billed for, since they bill in advance of their service) And that the bill I just received was the total of the cancelation fees. I tired to explain to the representative the discussion held on October 31st. but they insisted that I had received the overpayment refund against my November bill, and still owed the rediculous amount. I then spoke with a supervisor who continued the same mantra, and included that I talk to billing about setting up a payment plan for the remaining amount.

  • Nov 21, 2015

Verizon Wireless preys on consumers - we all know that. But recently they stooped to a new low even for them - and ripped me off for $480!

My partner recently died and we had a two line shared minutes two phone plan. Her death meant I couldn't afford the plan, and didn't need the two lines or two phones - thought I could save some money. The very helpful representative at the Verizon store said she understood and would help. My mistake was believing her. I explained my problem, offered my partners phone, and asked her to take the second line off. "No, you keep the phone" she said. "I can even get you a discount on your service going forward".

After an hour of waiting, signing papers, having her wait on others, the line had been taken off and I thought I had saved myself some money. But no. I received a bill for my partners phone that was automatically deducted from my bank account in the sum of $480. So I didn't save any money - in fact I am paying more than if I had just left the whole d**n thing alone.


  • Nov 13, 2015

There are limited and inadequate options in regards to Verizon Fios internet and voice bundles to choose from here at Harbor Point Apartments, Dorchester, MA. This is different and lacking from what other parts of the city (Boston, MA) and its surrounding areas have to select from.

No TV Fios services offered and/or provided in this residential apartment complex.

No special pricing or assistance of any kind that compensates for lack of options.

  • Nov 6, 2015

June 18th my brother's birthday he decides he no longer wants to be on t-mobiles plan and wants to join Verizon with me. We go to a local store in novi Michigan and as he's buying his new phone and getting his number and everything switched over the clerk tells us the rewards of switching over on a 2 year contract. He specifically tells us that he has a 200 dollar credit being mailed to him and I have a 100 dollar rebate coming off of my bill with 3-4 billing statements. Fast-forward to September 24th my brother asks me have we gotten the word on the rebate and the credit we have yet to recieve. As it has been within the timeframe of which we were told we would have the rewards. I called the novi location and spoke to a clerk he told me to just give the Verizon customer service number a call and they will take care of it and if not this month (September) it will be posted on next month (October) bill for the 100 rebate and my brother would get his $200 credit via mail. I called the Verizon customer service and they told me that indeed it will be taken care of for Octobers bill and that if I don't see the 100 dollar difference to give them a call back and they will take it off and will be all set. Fast-forward to October 29th I call the Verizon customer service because the 100 dollar rebate wasn't on my bill. They tell me that the original 100 dollar rebate reward was only for customers switching over and signing up using the Verizon edge payment plan. I proceeded to tell the rep that I was told by both the clerks in store and customer service rep that I was informed that I absolutely had a 100 dollar rebate due. he said the only thing they can do is to call the clerk and have the clerk give me the 100 dollar rebate in store but that is against policy. So I call the store back and talk to a rep and he tells me that what customer service is telling me is absurd. That as long as we switched over a phone number from a different company and that we purchased a new device from them we should have the rebate. He tells me he will email someone in corporate about this problem and once he gets word he will call me back instantly. I never get a call back so a couple days later I call to ask him what the person he talked to said. And his whole attitude was completely different. He told me that I didn't speak to him about the matter but that the rebate I inquired about didn't qualify for me at all. Also he told me whoever told me this gave me false information and should be held accountable for their actions. He told me to call the customer service number and tell them what happened and see what's the best they could do for me. Which ultimately was not a d**n thing. So now I'm out of a 100 dollar rebate and a 200 dollar credit I was promised for switching my brother over to these scam artists. Don't waste your time with these clowns. As soon as my contract is up I'll be leaving to another company.

  • Nov 2, 2015

I am going to make a very long story as short as possible.

We have had Verizon since the 90's & whave never had any issues. We purchased internet through them a few years ago & this past year we needed an upgrade because our old device stopped working, even after two new batteries. They gave us our only option; the Wifi jetpack. The first 2 months were fine..the last 5 months or more have been hell & we were not doing anything different on the internet. We started using a gig a day after paying for 20 gigs per month!! I called the second month of this going on because I thought maybe we did go over & I am telling you we have heard more excuses than anything ever since. No one had any real answers or offers of help just excuses like these select few: They tell us they can tell we are not downloading anything, they tell me to take battery out after each use, they tell me its because of surfing the internet, they tell me its because 4G is so lightning fast & the latest, they tell me they do not reccomend for home use!!! No two people ever told us the same thing..ever!! We talked with the VP & did get a tiny bit of relief as in out of the contract that still had more than a year to go. I do not want verizon at all now. I despise this company now. Our bill was over $500 for several months because of this insanity [usually $160.00] & the first person I talked to said that when they found the issue I would be reimbursed; the problem is, no one ever really knew what was wrong with it; just kept giving me textbook answers & dragging it out for months.

I still have this device & I am going to figure out a way to prove that it is their faulty equiptment & not the 100 excuses they gave us. It is hard to believe that ebay, facebook & gmail would use a gig a day..I mean c'mon here!! I could not even use this device, I work from home & need the internet for that, I could not use it for my work like I needed to & since I was paying so much money for it, I wanted to use it..we tried to get them to send us out a new SIM card from the begining & for some reason, we were told they could not do that, although we recently found a rep who did promptly ship a new SIM card out but we recieved it the day we terminated our contract, which was a few days ago..we still have our phones with them though. I thought if I had a new SIM card when this first started, that I could tell by the first weeks use if it was the faulty SIM card in our old device. I just do not understand how they can not tell by our previous years usage co like I said, have had Verizon sincempared to when I started noticing a problem with the device, how they can not awknowledge it or at the very least, try a little harder to figure out the problem? We did everything they told us to do & we still had overage charges.

I got to the point I would just log in to check stuff & the log off & I still paid over 500 some months for this. It is really hard to explain the hell we have gone through with this. I have a lot of documentations & have an IT friend I may ask to do his thing to prove I have not downloaded or used that much internet. I am not done with this just because I am out of my contract. It is not right for them to just drag this out for months at our exspense & then they act like they are doing us a favor. I am sick of arguing with them & getting all of the excuses in the world, no real help, just a bunch of BS..they have all of these notes in our account too & I wish I could pull that up from my account & show you how ridiculous they really are. I am going to get our phones out of contract next & I never want to use Verizon again. I am not confident that they can actually solve a problem & do not want to take any chances in the future with any future problems. If any one needs help or has any bright ideas we are on board. People do need to speak up.

By the way, I live on a road without cable internet or cable of any sort. Before I had Verizon I had sattelite internet. I am very limited where I am & loved my Verizon internet. I just wanted someone to help figure out what was wrong, thats all, not drag it out for months at our exspense & then act like you did us a favor by finally letting us out of the contract because of your faulty equiptment. Also, my 28 year old daughter & I were the only ones using the internet & our phones were shut off from using internet. My husband has a hot spot & we tested usage one weekend by doing the same things we normally do with Verizon for two full days on his hot spot, with the only difference being my husband was also using it - all 3 of us barely used 7 megabytes in 2 days! Oh & IF I want to watch a video, I wait for the husband to get home & do it then.....

  • Oct 28, 2015

Once I signed up with Verizon for their package of TV/ Internet and Phone service My phone never stopped ringing with uncolicited phone calls. This was surprising since I am listed on the Government Do Not Call list.

I called Verizon and was told that if I want to have them block unwanted calls it would cost me $ 4.95 a monrh.

Since I feel this is the ultimate rip off, I cancelled my service and went back to Cable TV.

As an advertising and Marketing excecutive I find their business model disturbing, to give up a monthly fee of a few hundred Dollars from a customer by alienating them for pennies to sell their phone number.

  • Oct 27, 2015

I'm having the same issue that others have reported with Verizon and how they count data. I had Verizon in prior to 2013 and data usage was not be a problem then. I left Verizon in May 2013 to go to T-Mobile. The coverage was horrible with T-Mobile so we came back to Verizon in July 2015. Since we have been back with Verizon, we have had to pay overage charges for data each month.

My most receent problem.....I used 1.5 GB of data the last billing period. I have set my data limit at 1.5GB for my phone. My new billing period started Oct. 24. Today is Oct 26, I got a message from Verizon at 3:08pm saying I have used 50% of my data 2 1/2 days!!! I've been sitting here at work where I'm connected to my work wifi. I disconnected the wifi for about 20 minutes today around 2:30pm and then I reconnected the work wifi. At 3:15pm, I got another message from Verizon saying that I have now used 75% of my data and that I am now at 1.125 data used for this new billing period. What the heck is going on? How did I use 1.5GB all of last billing period and in 2 1/2 days I have used 1.125GB of data. I don't stream music or watch movies. I don't have many apps. I may occasionally watch a 2 or 3 minute FB video but I haven't even done that today.

I contacted Verizon and they say they will investigate to find out what caused the sudden increase with the data usage.

If anyone knows of any class action lawsuits pertaining to this issue, please let me know.

  • Oct 26, 2015

I got my first cell phone in 2003 with Verizon. I have been with them ever since. For a few years, I switched the account to a friend’s name so we could share the bill and then back to my name but I have been with Verizon for over 13 years. I have always been happy with the customer service and the service I have received from them. Over the past few years my bill has continually increased, I have been seeking ways to have my monthly bills reduces so I have waiting for our contracts on Verizon to expire so I could switch carriers and reduce our bill. None of us upgraded our phones for years so our contracts would expire.

This summer, our contracts were all expired and my husband needed a new phone so I began investigating the prices with other companies. On Sept 20,2015 I went down to ATT to change my phone plan over to theirs. I had compared ATT plans with Verizon and my monthly bill with ATT would be about $125/mo compared to the $168/mo I am paying with Verizon.

While I was at the ATT store I called Verizon to find out if I could get our phones unlocked and move them over to ATT, I spoke with a woman. When she heard I was switching and I’ve been a long-time customer she looked over my plan and said that Verizon had just gotten new plans this week and they could get almost match the price ATT had quoted. She said they could get my bill down to $125/mo with only 3 gb of data but she would give me 1 gb promotional data for free for one year if I stayed with Verizon. She told me all phones including smart phones were only $20/mo now.

I decided to look over the new plans because I preferred staying with the company I know, so I left the ATT store and went home to look at the plans. I did a thorough exam of the plans online at then I called Verizon to find out if I upgraded our phones first and then switched to the new plan if it would remain the same price. I spoke with a man on the phone. He assured me I could upgrade my phones with a 2-year contract and then switch to the new Verizon plan and my phone lines would be $20/month. I kept him on the phone and he helped me switch my plan over after I upgraded our phones. My children have not had smart phones in the past but I decided since the cost was the same ($20/mo per phone) I would go ahead and get them smart phones also. So I purchased my children smart phones also. The information that all the lines would be $20/mo regardless of smart phone or not, was verified by two separate Verizon representatives and it showed up online also. I checked the price immediately after changing the plan and upgrading my phones and it remained the price that I was quoted ($20/mo per phone). I would like to mention, I had to give up my unlimited data by switching.

After we received our phones, I checked my monthly bill and noticed our lines were now $40/mo. I called Verizon and was informed that the $20/mo plan is only available if you buy a phone on a payment plan. I was shocked! I felt like I had been misled, not ONCE was this mentioned to me when I was changing the plan. When they were convincing me to stay and quoting me prices, not ONCE did they tell me I had to purchase phones on a payment plan. I called Verizon to clear this up, expecting to deal with the same friendly and helpful customer services I have always encountered with Verizon. Instead, I was very disappointed. I was transferred 3 times and told the whole story to 3 people. It ended with a women named Cheron in the Florida Call center. She was very nice, she reviewed my plan and said all of my lines should be $20/mo and Verizon made a mistake. She said the plans are very new and that is probably why the mix up occurred because the representatives did not understand how it was supposed to work. She said she would discuss my plan with her supervisor and call me back within the hour. I asked her how to reach her if I did not hear from her. She assured me I would not need to contact her because she would call me back within the hour. She said if I did need to reach her for some reason I could call customer service and ask for Cheron in the Florida Call center and they could email her and ask her to call me.

About 2 hours later, I received a text message from Verizon that said “I will call you tomorrow, my manager is reviewing your account.” 2 days went by, I did not hear from anyone. So I chatted with Verizon so there would be a record, I explained the whole story again and asked them to contact Cheron. I was told there is no way to reach Cheron that she had given me false information. I spoke with a supervisor named Mike in the Texas chat department. He told me he could email Cheron and she would call me with the next 1-2 days. I never heard from her. A few days later, I chatted with Verizon again a few days later only to be told there is nothing they can do for me.

Verizon lied to me to get me into a contract and now my bill is more than what it was before and I lost my unlimited data! Now, instead of my bill going down, my bill is higher and I’m stuck in a 2 year contract with cell phones I cannot use. My children cannot use their new phones or our bill would go up too high. Verizon customer service representatives were so intent on keeping me with your company they lied to me, maybe they didn’t know how their own plan worked because it was new so they misinformed me However, I should not be punished for their mistake for 2 years.

This is a classic bait and switch maneuver. I have never been so unhappy with Verizon.

  • Oct 24, 2015


  • Oct 17, 2015

Had my iPhone for years with 2Gig Data usage--now they are telling me I'm going way over--Why, I only use it for emails, text and a little Safari??

I constantly check my cellular data usage on my iPhone to make sure that I don't go over; however, when I called them they told me "that does not reflect my actual usage." To do that I have to install their Verizon App on my iPhone--yeah right! Their App probably uses more cellular data than anything on my iPhone.

Do the Apple know that the "settings>cellular" on their iPhone S is a bunch of crap that reflects nothing???

  • Oct 10, 2015

I believe that verizon Wireless has a scam with the cell phones and the data. My cellphone while at home on my WiFi will automatically turn the WiFi off. The thing is that you don't realize it until you get a text from Verizon stating that you have used all your data. I pay for Cox internet at home I do have a computer but it's easier using my phone to watch YouTube video from my bed at night. My Internet service is through out my house but the box is in my room. This happens every month and I'm sick of it! Please help!

  • Sep 29, 2015

Verizon, I believe, has something installed on my phone that turns my wif-fi off automatically every monday. Without root, I can't determine the issue, however, I've checked all of my settings and there is nothing in them that would turn my wi-fi off every monday like clock work.

I have no need for mobile wifi. In fact, I have wifi at work and at home and do no need mobile internet other than a few KB a month. But a couple of weeks ago, i started to watch Sunday night football on my phone because my power went out. After only 3 minutes of watching live football, i got a text from verizon stating that i've used 95% of my data already.

So i decided to keep tabs of the settings on my phone. I noticed that every monday morning, my wifi was mysteriously turned off.

I then started to see spam from Verizon telling me about their small, medium, and gay large data plans.

I don't need any of that! So I put two and two together... Verizon wants me to think i need more data than I do... and thus, have installed something on my smart phone that turns my wifi off every monday.

  • Sep 17, 2015

I was a Verizon customer for 12 years. My bill steadily went up. From 225. To almost 500. No one could explain why. This was for one smart phone. One hotspot. And one flip phone. So I was set up for auto pay they took payment. 4 days later took another payment for same amount. Around 430. Called they said they would issue refund. Never happened. I called again. They said for me to send copy of proof they had already admitted they had the error. Next another payment. At this point they had taken almost 1800. In 6 weeks! At that point I turned off phone. Changed carrier. has been great! now they have smudged my credit report with collections for over 900. They are a useless huge company. Will never look in their direction again!

  • Sep 17, 2015

I cancled my 17 year contract with Verizon Wirless and now they are stating tha I owe them for a phone that I was not clear on that they claim i signed for. They are ripping me off and I will not stand for it.

  • Sep 15, 2015

verizon is ripping me on my data plan, i seen my data was getting close and i shut it down and magically it went over, i am tired of the lies these people are telling me, do they think we are all idiots, they are getting as bad as our government. tim in ok

  • Sep 10, 2015

I received an offer from FIOS to change cable/internet phone providers. The first thing they did was misrepresent the costs. But when I produced an original estimate of costs, they promised to make an adjustment (which I have yet to see)...

The BIGGER issue is that the technician never finished the installation. He ran into a problem with the WIFI on Friday during the installation, and promised to return Monday morning to fix the problem. Hoever he never returned. So I emailed the person to whom I had been talking to regarding the pricing. to follow up. His name was Mario Dieudonne. I sent me an email assuring me that the techician would call to set up an appointment. He never did.

We exchanged another 12 emails trying to get him to follow up. Nothing happened. Then he went "dark"--becoming totally unresponsive. I get the impression he was out interviewing for another job because he seemed to have forgotten what the issue was and just ignored me.

So now I'm running high data usage fees because my WIFI handly works and is weak. You get on and it bumps you off. I was promised 100/100 speed and it drips like molasses. I quit Verizon some months ago because of "unusual" data charges. I was getting hit with them month after month. Finally, I collected all my family's phones, turned them off and kept them locked in my office desk, and they were STILL running up usage fees. When I called customer service they said they were having some "problems", but failed to specify what they could be. These guys "steal" by using a number of sophisticated ways of end-running your bill. Don't think they're too big or too ethical not to do so. They DO...

Don't do business with Verizon FIOS. At minimum the right hand has no idea what the left is doing. At worst they are consiously ripping people off with bogus data fees. Middle management is incompetent. Can't get senior management involved. No escalation procedures employed by their customer service. S*** company with their heads up their a****.

  • Aug 31, 2015

I am suing Verizon because they charged me $800.

I tried to call verizon representative to resolve this... I wanted my $800 to be waived. But Verizon representative transferred my call many time and never got me to the billing specialist. Hung up on me and the TTY relay operator which is a violation to ADA.

I went to court and filed $1 million lawsuit.

Jody Citizen, she worked for legal office at Verizon Wireless in Irvine, CA, lied to Arbitrator John W. Garman, saying that I didn't accept her deal to have the $800 waived.

And they showed John Garman the first bill, saying that I didn't pay it.

I showed John Garman that I did pay the first bill which was $117 and the $300 bill and the $500 bill....

John Garman worked for American Arbitration Association

I didn't like him, so I requested a Black male Arbitrator which I think will be more liberal.

AAA was going to have a white interpret. I'm hearing impaired btw. And then a white male Arbitrator and Verizon hired a white attorney, he'll bring his all white legal team to the Arbitration hearing.

Imagine that, Me in a room full of white people... all talking down at me... That will happen.

After I requested a Black male Arbitrator... The AAA case manager emailed Verizon's attorney Brett Goodman if he approved of that.

He said nothing. No word from him.

  • Aug 24, 2015

I have noticed over past couple of years that we have to constantly increase our day plans with Verizon Wirelees even thou we use about the same usage monthly.We went from 10 to 20 GBWe have constantly get overage warnings at only 3. I feel the data is automatically running even when not being used. We recently switched to Hughsnet about 3 weeks ago.We have only used 1.6 GB in 3 weeks.Verizon would have showed about 16 MB in 3 weeks I have also heard concerns with some of my friends and co workers experiencing the same problems.I feel that this unfare and should not looked into.

  • Aug 24, 2015

I have been a Verizon customer for more than a decade. There are four individual on my plan, my wife, two children and myself. In June 2015, just before Fathers' Day, I purchased three NEW Droid Turbos. The retail price for these cell phones is $480.00 per. On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, one of the devices just shut down and would not power up. On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 I attempted to return the phone to the store where it was purchased. After patiently waiting for over an hour, I was finally provided assistance by a Sales Associate named Marcus. He took my device and worked with it for about half an hour, to no avail. He told me that Verizon would provide a placement. I thought that meant that a new one would be provided there on the spot. No, he told that I would receive a replacement device within 24 hours, by 8:00 PM on Thursday, August 20, 2015. I specifically asked Marcus if it would be a new device or a refurbished one. He told me that it would be a NEW one, that Verizon doesn't do such things. I questioned why I could not just get one from their inventory and was told that they were sold out. The replacement device did not arrive the next day as promised but arrived on Friday, August 21, 2015 and it was a certified pre-owned, a USED device.

I called the 800 number that was included with the refurbished device, 1.888.881.2622. I explained that I felt cheated, ripped off, because my NEW device, just about two months old, was being replaced with a USED one. Does it make sense that I pay for a NEW device, and yet have to settle for a USED one that is half the cost. I explained this to a Verizon Representative, whose name was Ebony. While she understood my plight, she said that it was Verizon's policy. She even made a call to Motorola on my behalf but to no avail. She escalated my call to her manager, Chris Buttner. Chris told me that it was company policy not to provide new devices after 14 days, although my device was still under warranty and I had purchased replacement insurance also. He stated that nothing could be done, just accept the refurbished (USED) device. I was not satisfied with his response and asked that this matter be escalated. He refused to escalate my call and when I questioned him about his refusal, he stated that I had no further recourse.

If that is Verizon's policy, then that is unacceptable. Why should a customer have to pay the cost of a NEW device when refurbished ones are selling for half the price. Even more disturbing is the fact that this phone, this device, should die in 60 days. It is real crap and Verizon's policies and customer service are just as crappy. The battery life is extremely short and the device is not user friendly.

I reviewed all of my paperwork in relation to my purchase. It showed that I have a one year Mfr. Warranty and no where does it state that it is policy that my new cell phone would be replaced with a refurbished (USED) one. In fact, the literature is silent on equipment malfunction. In one of the many disclosures it was stated that I have 14 days to return my equipment but even this section does not address equipment malfunction. Based upon what I read, it appears that it is arbitrary for Verizon to replace a new cell phone that died after only two months of light usage with a refurbished (USED) one. And, if my Droid was of any acceptable quality, it certainly would not have crapped out in two months. Verizon, being the crappy business that they are, will find a way to wiggle out of their responsibility and put the screws to the customer.

  • Aug 22, 2015

Verizon Store, 355 S Wadsworth Blvd., Unit C, Lakewood, CO 80226 - must be con artist, scammer, liar, wear red sneakers and speak Verizoneese in order to work there. Employee #1 opened an account for me, unauthorized, switching my service from $35/month auto pay to $48/month billed. I had a flip phone, why would I ever want an upgraded account. When I confronted Employee #2, he said there was nothing he could do to un-do what #1 had done. Asked to speak to the manager, he said he was the manager.

Immediately left Verizon Store and walked around the corner to AT&T where I transferred my account. Verizon now bills me $48 and will turn the bill into collections, ruining my perfect credit score. They are monsters and cannot be reasoned with. They take excellent care of their scamming employees and care less about customers. The company is so big they cannot be reasoned with - I'm looking forward to the fall of this giant!

  • Aug 22, 2015

About 4 months ago bought a Kyocera Brigadier phone from Versison. I purchased it becasuse it was a 'tough' phone and I am accident prone. It is a rather tough phone; Saphire screen, drop & water resistant etc. No complaints of the phone as a whole, but it has plastic covers that fit into the earphone jack and the charging port to make them water resistant. Unfortunately the plastic 'ribbon' that keeps the phone attached to the phone when cover removed to charge is rather fragile and mine broke when trying to open the port to charge the phone, and although it would stay in if not removed

I eventually misplaced it and now the phone is not water resistant, which is a major reson I purchased it. The cover is small, less than an inch long and quarter inch wide. It realistically should be very inexpensive to replace. However both Verizon & Kyocera have told me to get a replacment I must send my phone off to a reapir center.

They absolutely refuse just to send me a replacement cover which should only be a few dollars. Repair would simply require snapping the new piece in place and in no way requires a technician to put it on. I looked for alternatives and fould one seller on Ebay selling one but they have it priced at a rediclous $40!

I believe Kyocera/Verzion will cover shipping cost of the part BUT the inconvience of having to back up all my phone data, be without a phone for several days and risking damage or loss is just far to much to just simply snap on a small plastic piece. I think this is piss-poor customer service and they should just send the part as my phone is under warranty. IF the phone were out of warranty I would even be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the part. I just want consumers to be aware of the hassle and poor service exibited in this situation and pressure Kyocera/Verizon to change the policy on this issue and at least allow Verizon to obtain the part and put it on in thier stores rather than having to send a phone off.

  • Aug 20, 2015

Verizon data calculations are not precise. One screen shows one amount and two subsequent screens show other numbers and then your bill is significantly over any of those calculated usage numbers. A bill should not be 70 percent or higher in calculation from what your estimate screen number shows, They keep pushing to me to buy more data THAT I do not need because we are not using all the 15 G in my plan those calculations are incorrect. We are not watching videos. We are only searching the internet or checking email ... Nothing that consumes large data usage. Their data calculations are corrupt.; Their billing practices appear corrupt ; and their sales practices appear corrupt . They need to be stopped already. I complained about possible interference on the lines eating up the data I was not using. They did not verify this they just keep pushing us to buy more data. Data I do not need.

  • Aug 19, 2015

Two days ago I upraded 2 phones to iphone 6. I cant believe I am even having to do this. The salesman was putting on glass screensver while I was watching. He did not give me a choice to do it myself. I figured he knew his job. As he was pressing it on I noticed smudge marks underneath screensaver, what do I know I figured they would go away but did not. Ive been trying to wipe it off for 2 days. I didnt ant to even take it out of house till my case came in mail 2 days later. I brought it back to same slesman. He said he did not see anything and he asked two other employees if they saw anything all said no. So it was me against 3 employees what a surprise. Salesman kept trying to wipe it off I explained it is underneath. I asked can u just replace it. He said that he would take it off and reapply it. But it will probably be worse. I asked why cant u just replace it. He said he would for $10. I told him it has been like that since he put it on. He said he was doing me a favor. He didnt ask if I wanted to do it. I figured he knows his job. I guess not. Just how to make customers feel like crap. Excuse my language, I walked out of there very angry when all it would have taken is for him to replace scrrensaver or give new one for me to install. I spent $425 and they wont fix $10 problem. Not a good business practice. It would be nice to receive some help from a higher supervisor.

  • Aug 10, 2015

Verizon ripping us off! We edged up on a program from them to up-grade. 2 new phones were sent to us, with instructions to return 2 old phones! The old phones were sent back together in the same box! Now they claim they only recieved 1 phone! How do you not have 2 phones if they were in same box? We called to straighten this out, but there claim is that we owe for 1 of the phones that is missing! Our questions to them is: how do you not recieve 2 phones which are in same box, only giving credit for 1 phone!! They claim they did not recieve 2 phone. they want us to pay the additional cost of a new phone to replace that lost phone. So we asked for them to return the phone, if we have to pay for it! They said they do not have it! So how do they think I have to pay for a phone which they can not produce? If I pay, I want my phone back!! They do not know the tracking number because they said it was never recieved! But as you remember, they did say 1 phone was recieved! When I placed 2 phones in 1 box! Why do I have to pay more when we pay every month on time and never be late!

  • Aug 8, 2015

Verizon engages in abusive and unacceptable business practices, in my opinion.

A. I had a contract for 2 years for $79, Verizon upped it to $99 after 1 year. I protested and they gave me a one time $10 discount. After 2 years, they upped it to $130 a month, a year later to $150 a month, now a $170 a month. These prices are exclusive of an additional $18.xx in fees. At the time I took it, my phone bill with Verizon had been $25, I used dial up modem at $15 a month, and had a free to air Television. My $40 monthly amount was "accelerated" by Verizon from the $79 a month, to over $188 over the course of 4 years.

B. I had been a Verizon customer for telephone since 1949. My bill varied from about $12 a month to about $25 a month. Today I barely use my land line, mainly I get ROBOCALLS at it, and it is part of the above. Nonethtless, since 1947 I have paid my bill RELIGIOUSLY, never delinquent. One time two $175 charges from a nonexistent cellphone in Trinidad showed up and it took me six months and the BPU to get Verizon to take off a bill for cellular "incoming" charges for a phone that Trinidad and Tobago Telco insisted did not exist. Nonetheless, I pay my bills on time and have done so for about 68 years. Even so, a few months ago, 2 weeks after my Billing Statement Date, Verizon started dunning and collection proceedings on me for the immediate preceding bill, before it was past the 28 day (4 week) mandatory payment cycle dictated by NJ State Law. Instead, they started dunning me with Suspension Notices by eMail, threatening me with a $75 reconnection fee, and collection costs and court costs in what they claimed was a "Reminder Notice" but was actually a thinly disguised extortion letter PRIOR TO MY LAST PAYMENT DUE DATE. They emphasized it by adding on my current month bill and threaten me over the phone when I call to protest. I have consulted with the AG's office and the BPU and they want me to lodge complaints, say it is not legal, it's called "Bill Slapping". I like that "BS".

C. I have several DTS Motorol Set Top Boxes from Verizon. I noticed that during Internet use they sometimes hang, and when a simple text comes in to my AT&T Cellphone, they stop altogether for from 15-45 Seconds. I miss whatever was on that channel as the entire TV system freezes for the duration. I have complained until I'm blue in the face and Verizon replaced the set top boxes finally after months, but not the Router. They then decided what was at fault was my AT&T Cellphone. The rep told me they'd take a complaint call again from me if AFTER I SWITCH OVER TO VERIZON WIRELESS CELLPHONE SERVICE, I then have the problem. My neighbor with the same phone and FIOS does not have this problem. I suspoect it is just improperly installed but the techs refuse to come out unless I agree to a $500 payment if they find nothing. You can rest assured they will find nothing and I'll end up paying $500 if I agree to it.

D. The TV Programming on FIOS TV has steadily worsened. Over half of the previous premium channels have been replaced by innumerable "Video on Demand" Channels which charge $5.99 and up for video content. If I get On Demand to see a program I came in in the middle of, that costs extra. The layout is an abomination, and the content is ridiculous. The Spanish Channels occupy part of the system but have NO ENGLISH AUDIO CHANNEL, so I can't use them. Even though I have DTS TVs, the Set Top Box is incapable of transmitting HD in DTS format to my TVs, so the HD TV channels are inaccessible. The remote controls break down constantly costing $15 to replace with no warranty after the first year of use. The menu is poorly organized and hard to read, yet it has the audacity to play ADVERTISEMENTS at its bottom that are far brighter than the menu, causing immediate visual distraction. Channels regularly stop and don't start again for minutes or longer.

Altogether, FIOS is NOT a servicd worth the $188 I'm charged for it. The telephone service is superfluous, the internet is surprisingly slow most of the time and the TV is terrible. The billing is terrible and the service is a monumental disaster. Even the Controllers are badly designed. It's circa 1980 tech in a 2015 wrapper.

They could do so much better a job. But the Bill Slapping and overbilling is an absurdity. To continue to offer $79 triple plays and bill $188 to long term customers is pretty consistent with Verizon's attitude.

I've been a good paying customer since 1949, Verizon could care less and still treats me like I'm the one who's always wrong. In Verizon's tiny little brain, the Customer is Always Wrontg!

  • Aug 6, 2015

Recently my phone began to glitch. When I texted friends or family I would end the text, place the phone down and it would dial their number. At first I thought it was my error but it began to occur almost every time I texted. When I used the camera it would suddenly switch over to Gallery and I would have to close the applications and start over. Finally I took it to a Verizon store.

As soon as I described the problem the young associate informed me it was due to the last security update that had been sent my way and for $25.00, paying tax on the $500.00 phone I now had to purchase (plus plus plus) that would solve my problem. In other words my S4 was now corrupted and would never get better! When I protested that this was their error, why was I being "forced to pay for a new phone/" there was nothing else to be said and I ended up walking out with a Galaxy S5 and cover and $105 plus out-of-pocket for their glitch.

This clearly smacks of a scam as there was no way they would "fix my S4" and I was manipulated/forced into upgrading my phone. This also meant adding more $$$ to my monthly payment but I really began to protest and the manager came over and adjusted it down to only $2.00 over what I normally paid.

I am in the process of writing customer service and then the CEO to demand reimbursement as there was no warning that the Security Update had been the problem. What are we supposed to do when a system provided alert tells us to update our phones to prevent other heinous issues occuring?

  • Aug 6, 2015

Hello to all who are reading this.

I’m a current long time customer with verizon who consistently pays my bill on time each month and now I feel that they’re exploiting me and other people who do business with them.

They have increased their cost of their internet on a deal I made with them over the phone when I upgraded my internet speed. I was paying $20 for internet in the past. Before I upgraded I asked them how much more would this internet upgrade be and they told me on just $10 more.

So if you add 20 to 10 that would equal $30. But instead their charging me $32.85. That's $2.85 more than they told me it would be. When I questioned them about this price they told that's what the price is now. Even though they gave me their word the internet would only be $30.

I feel that what their doing is an unethical business practice because they decieved me to believe this internet upgrade was only $10 more when it wasn't. I tried to call them on the phone to negotiate however they weren’t interested in offering me the orginal deal we made. They think they can get away with this fraud because they somehow believe they are above the law and can scam whoever they want.

I wanted to write this report so someone out there can stop these Crook's from taking advantage of their customers who also feel that they are being treated in a unfair manner.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide The People about this dishonorable, dirty –dealing, mercenary actions that have been going on.

  • Aug 3, 2015

After excitedly purchasing my new iPhone four years ago, I signed up for Verizon's 2G data plan. I was in college and around wifi at almost all times. Every month, I seemed to be going over in data and using about 2.5G. I was streaming a lot of music and this seamed reasonable, so I started to monitor my usage more closely. I turned off the data on many apps, but was still going over most every month. When I graduated college, I decided to upgrade to the 5G plan. I was tired of paying overage fees and wanted to enjoy streaming music with the extra data I would be paying for. However, as soon as I upgraded to the 5G plan, I was now magically using 6G, 7G, and even 8G some months! I am extremely contious of the data I use and am constantly turning off the apps data when not being used. My sister has the 2G plan. When we looked up our data usage after five days into the month, she has used .3G, and I have somehow used .8 G. We were together for those five days and she used her data much more than I did. This leads me to believe that it does not matter how big your data plan is. Verizon will somehow have you go over on your data plan by 1 or 2 gigs no matter what size data plan. So for the remaining month of my contract, I will be going back to 2G and then switching to a different provider. Enough with the data scam. This has gone on for too long!

  • Jul 31, 2015

Me and my wife went to the Verizon store for upgrade we met sales or solutins specialist steve pelmear we told him we were going to drop a phone and see what internet options we have roughly he tolds us he can give us each a tablet and 10 gig internet package router and save us 30.00 dollars a month on our bill while we are doing the deal i see on the kiosk i can also put home phone for 10.00 dollars a month now the bill should be 20.00 a month cheaper cool didnt happen the bill is 4.00 cheaper


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