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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Fort Myers
Address 4427 Cleveland Ave.
Phone 877 719-2345

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 30, 2016

I (Kenneth Moore) decided to switch phone providers from Cricket to Metro PCS. This was on March 3, 2016 at the Wireless Store on New Walkertown Rd. in Winston Salem, N.C. They were unable to get my phone to function properly! My phone would not register but, was told to wait 2 hours and it would!

This was after I paid $76.01 using my debit card. Needless to phone still didn't work properly!! So I went back to Cricket the next day (March 4, 2016) and renewed my service with them. The same day I contacted MetroPCS customer service and applied for a refund.

It's been almost a month and no refund! I've contacted them on multiple occasions but, with no results. Each time I was told that it had been processed! Called about a week and a half ago and was told that it was processed wrong? This time...even though I had paid with my debit card...that would send the $76.01 in the manner of a check in the mail.

Last night I called once more and was told that they had my wrong address but when he read my address to was the correct address!! Customer Service is located overseas. Haven't able to talk to anyone in America? I have case numbers of my contact with MetroPCS representatives. Can anyone help me please? I'm a Vietnam Veteran living on a fixed income and I don't have money to waste!!

  • Jan 27, 2016

I bought a phone, traveled out of town and when I came back home, I HAD NO SERVICE! they told me that my cell phone is connected to another tower. When they could not fix the issue, they told me to go to a "corporate store" where there would be a technician that would fix the issue. The store they sent me to was inside a grocery store, it was NOT a corporate store. It was a franchise. The owner of the kiosk was not only unable to help me but also charged me for a new phone in exchange of a new one. The original phone I had for about two months and I was hoping to have unlocked it in a few more days since I would reach the 90 day period that Metro PCS has you wait to unlock your device. I specifically asked the gentleman who sold me a new phone if I would still be able to unlock my phone at 90 days if i trade it. Ofcourse he said I would.

I called when my original 90 day period was over, just to be told that I had to wait 90 days from when I purchased the second phone to unlock it. Frustrating, but I thought you know what, I will go ahead and be patient. I waited the second 90 day period to be told that they cant unlock my phone and cant explain why. They told me they would put in a ticket to have this "Escalated" and to wait 3 business days for an email stating my unlock code. I waited and waited and no email came. I called again and they hung up on me. I called again, they hung up on me again. When I finally got someone on the phone who didn't hang up on me, they told me that I refused to have a ticket created.

Again, frustrating i asked to speak to a manager. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I expressed to the manager everything that was done. HE HUNG UP ON ME. I called again and got hung up on several more times until finally i got a gentleman who took my email address once more. He said he put in a "Ticket" to "Escalate" the matter and that I will have an email sent to me in 3 business days with my unlock code. I waited 7 days, no email. So I called today. They have the audacity to tell me that a ticket was never created.

I just called again now and spoke to a manager who claims to have put in a ticket and ofcourse to wait 3 more days. I pay my bill every month on time. I signed a terms and agreements created by metro pcs and they are neglecting to do their job while being as disrespectful as possible in the process. I regret ever spending a single penny on this company.

  • Dec 17, 2015

I bought two brand new phones on Sunday, 12/6/15. On Wednesday, 12/9/15 my new phone was powering completely off (58% charge) and once I pulled battery off and reset phone, it continued to indicate: Unfortunately, Google services have stopped, Unfortunately Google keyboard has stopped.. etc. I brought the phone in Wednesday and the guy did a factory reset and acted as if I need to call 611 to have a "signal sent to my phone".

I worked in this field years ago, and explained if it was a network issue, my other phone at home would be incurring issues. However, I'll be proactive and call 611.

So, called and had the lady update settings etc.??

And she said same, go return phone, it's still malfunctioning.

Following day, my boyfriend brought it in to return, mind you only purchased 4 days ago. They told him I made over 180 talk minutes, which I didn't because I never talk. And they said that I told the guy I dropped my phone.. again, I did not or I would have been ticked! And I was working all day. Plus, dropping the phone would not make the phone error out.

Needless to say, they have a 7 day return policy, and would not honor it, I had the receipt, box everything still. My boyfriend brought it to another MetroPCS store and they said that the N Main store is shotty and always have to fix their issues, and replaced my phone.

  • Nov 28, 2015

On November 20, 2015 in process of obtaining service a transaction was completed but I was still charged for the service. And they will not refund my money. They claim that the transaction never went through. But have a proof that it did. I need help I need my money back.

  • Oct 16, 2015

Deceptive Business Practices of Metro Pcs, Billing Methods, Customer Service and Defective Product Warranties

1, I have 4 lines with Metro PCS on family plan , i was sold a LG phone on a line it was defective and interrupted services which allowed me to have minimal service for several weeks the phone would cut off restart hang up .....go to web people .... you name it

2. I notified Metro PCs in person at branch office in which i re ordered a new device

* There was a attempt by Employee at branch to reset phone did not work

3. Prior to this one of the phones on my account and had no usage for at least 30 days.

4.I notfied Metro of 2cnd (phone no usage )to remove while waiting on 1st to be reordered i was wrongfully told that i must take 2cnd device to store in which it was not under warranty....

5. Phone bill came due and was paid , on all 4 accounts but 1 phone was not in usage at all because it was broke and the other was device was on back order and defective... bill was paid ( Charged for 2 phones 1 defective and 1 not in usage) Metro happily took monies without attempting to rectify

6. 10/08/2015 after several weeks 1st phone which was defective came in , asked branch for credit due to limit usage was told to go to Corporate , on 10/14/2015 went to so called Corporate and removed second phone from account which was broke no credit given , i requested credit on 1st line was sent back to branch to speak with ASR, when i went to branch to speak with ASR, they said they have none on site and he only deals with technical issues and comes in once a month, that only the Customer Service or Corporate could issue credit

7. After leaving Corporate Office and being lied to removing the 2cnd line , i was sent a notice of bill of an extra $100.00 more than my regular bill

8. I spoke with 3 customer service agents to correct this issue on yesterday each phone call lasted over 30 minutes and each agent hang up after so called leaving me on hold to research account

It is my belief that the products , methods of practices , billing and services is quite contrary to what this company presents to general public and that the erroneous actions maybe a systematic corporate attack upon the public at large for those who are to nieve to recognize and or simply just need basic cell phone service .. this is my first post in which i hope to rectify i will keep you posted

  • Aug 21, 2015

On 8/8/15, I took my iPhone5 to have the screen replaced as well as the back of the phone as they were both cracked. The spanish/white/chubby guy in the front advised me that it will get fixed (tried to take my money up front $95 plus tax) and advised me that the technician was off on Saturdays but that he would be in on Monday, 8/10/15, for me to call on the afternoon of 8/10/15 to see if my phone was ready. He gave me a ticket # of 4500 that I had to have to be able to pick up my phone. I advised him that I would pay AFTER the phone was fixed, he said no problem. I explained to him that I wanted the phone (front & back) white as my phone was currently black. He said, "no problem, the only thing that will have to stay black is the home button as we cannot replace those". I said that was fine. I left.

On Monday morning I called the store when a girl answered the phone, asked for my ticket#, she then advised me that my phone was not ready yet but to call back at 5pm.

I called at 5pm, no answer. I must have called about 20 times. My husband was close by therefore, I asked him to please pick up the phone for me. He did not know any details about the phone. He simply picked it up and paid. When he got home with the phone, I noticed that the back was never changed, they left it black AND BROKEN. 2 days later, I see that the screen (the front supposedly fixed ) started to lift, almost as if it were glued on. I NEVER DROPPED THE PHONE AS IT AS IN MY CASE. I had to take the case off because it was causing the screen to keep lifting even more. I work in Palm Beach County and have a newborn, therefore I did not have time to return to the store until 8/19/15.

I got to the store at approximately 6:30pm on 8/19/15. The same spanish/white /chubby guy was behind the desk. I explained to him that it hadnt even been over a week and showed him my phone. He replied with "I remember you and it has been 2 weeks". I proceeded to explain to him that it hasnt been 2 weeks and that I wasnt happy with the service that I got as my front screen was falling apart ON TOP OF them not following through wiht the job (after I paid it in full) with them not replacing the back of the phone. He advised that they dont replace the backs of the iphones. I then asked him then why did he tell me it would be done and I stated to him that if I knew they didnt fix the back, I wouldnt have left my phone there that day to only wait 3 days to get it back on tops of paying the full price of $95 plus tax. I asked for the manager.

Atiba came out of the back room. I explained to him the same situation I had explained to the guy that had taken my phone and was now telling me he couldnt do anything about it. He was EXTREMELY RUDE talking over me saing he cannot do anything for me. That "I should have checked the phone when Ipicked it up". He then said "all I can do is charge you $50 and fix it again but I cannot do it today". I told him there was no way I would pay more $ when it wasnt even fixed properly & entirely in the first place. He basically started walking away from me saying" oh well" (there were other customers there while all of this was happening. I asked for my $ back or at least to fix it PROPOERLY for free. He VERY RUDE:Y declined. and I left.

  • Aug 14, 2015

Metro PCS poor customer service and not honoring warranty on Defective phone me Around August 7th 2015 at a MetroPSC store I bought a Samsung core prime phone with one month of service. about 2 days went bac to store because people were complaining they could not talk to me and I could not make calls or get on the internet they have not resolved my issue . I am going to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau

  • Aug 7, 2015

I just bought me a phone that really cost $129. But he was trying to over charge me saying that it's really$149. So he decided to charge me$177 and I feel like he ripped me off big time for a phone that really cost $129 so I went to another metro pcs and ask someone who worked their and showed them the same phone that I had bought they told me it's at every metro pcs the same price $129 she said that she don't know why he would charge me $149 then went up to $177 she said that he over charged me. And she were correct. When I asked him he couldn't answer my question with a straight up answer he kept beating around the bush saying that he can't give me my change that he owe me. So I don't know what to do because he over charged me for a phone that were really $129. I have my receipt I went back the next day trying to get a refund he would not give me my money back. I need help. Can you please help me to get my change back that he owe me. His name is Robert. He rips alot of people off not just me.

  • Aug 6, 2015

This company has a big fraud ever since they merge with tmobile stay strong on you and to get an upgrade on your phone or it will not work cutting your phone off and once they do an upgrade on the fast network then a charger charge you data usage I've been with this company for 10 years called in got transferred I doubt 611 from the phone it kept going into T Mobile vs metro pcs I was not given any credits I've been kicked off a grandfather plan that I had for years without any notice and now I'm being forced to pay more money per month just to have the same two lines that I've had for years this is not how you do business I didn't receive good customer service after I finally got metro pcs on the phone only to call the corporate number in Texas in order to get somebody on the line this is not how you do business. T Mobile is taking over their services and not even telling him the represented didn't even know what was going on I'm telling him that I am being transferred automatically into T Mobile queue and don't even have t mobile services now yesterday sharing the line but seem like they're holding the line this is unacceptable business practices I am also going to complain to the BBB on them as well I have not been satisfied yet have not gotten the call to address my billing issues as well as accessing the services that I had before this seems like a real rip off and I know a lot of people have problems with MetroPCS but this is going too far with T Mobile services as well


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