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MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Fort Myers
Address 4427 Cleveland Ave.
Phone 877 719-2345

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. Reviews

  • May 2, 2018

I bought a ZTE blade from metro pcs on rosehill in Alexandria, VA in January. This was the FOURTH phone I had to buy in 18 months. In less than a week, the case was broken. Shortly after, I realized the metropcs technician hadn't properly formatted sd card that I had paid for. After 2 weeks, I reported specific problems with the phone. The franchise owner said he would have to factory reset the new phone, we scheduled a time to do so. When I came in the next week for the scheduled reset, he wanted me to do it. He tried showing me how, wouldn't explain why a supposedly new phone had to be reset.

In my attempt to follow his instructions, I lost 10 years worth of contacts. The phone didn't work well but some better, but I did file a BBB report. [email protected] offered me a replacement device that I never saw. In April, the phone was so dysfunctional that I was unable to work (I have no income without a phone). I tried purchasing new cords and charger, but that didn't help. I went to a corporate repair store to be told that the phone had known problems, was defective. They wanted to "factory reset" AGAIN, so I left and went to another company to start all over. In all, I spent $300+ in the first 4 months of 2018 and had to start all over elsewhere.

  • Mar 21, 2018

Liars and thieves. Metro PCS has a free phone promotion going on. I happened to be in the area and needing a new phone and plan. The offer was a free phone, a choice of plans with unlimited calling, texting and streaming with all taxes and fees included ranging from $30/mo prepaid to $60/mo. The most expensive monthly prepaid plan was to also include mobile hot spot.

I only wanted the $30 unlimited plan but was told I had to take the $60 plan initially and then I could switch to the $30 plan when I paid my next bill. I wasn't happy about that but I was more upset with tracfone and wanted to get away from them. I also don't have transportation so I can't get down there again. I'd never been in that area before and the only reason I was there this time was my insurance sent me to a dentist around the corner, I had to get a local medical van to bring me down and my next appointment is in July.

I'd also wanted a different phone, also supposed to be free. They wanted to charge me an extra $4 for that phone. I got home and started exploring my phone. I accidentally found my account page on my phone which said I was charged $65/mo for my plan. I'd only signed up for a $60 plan that was supposed to include all taxes and fees.

I called customer service and was told that was an added feature for music on hold. It had never been discussed with me, explained to me, asked if I wanted it, it was never approved by me and it was put on my plan. I was charged $70 in total. All taxes and fees were supposed to be included. Customer service tried telling me the franchise stores can charge whatever they want on a card transaction. so go to a corporate store. Again I was told that I had to take the $60 plan for the 1st month or a couldn't sign up. customer service told me I could have had the $30 plan right from the start. So they lied to me about this and stole this from me as well.

Thus far, I've been on the phone with customer service almost 5.5 hours trying to get this all worked out and my balances straight. Another issue. This money was stolen from me because of their lies. This money should have been put back on my debit card. They only gave me credits toward future months and they had a hell of a time getting that right. Their customer service are robots that can't thing for themselves nor properly explain what's going on on their end. They told me I had the $45 credit but it only showed on their system, not on my account page. And I still don't have the phone I wanted and I'm not happy with the phone I've got.

Stay away from this store. The girl who helped me had only been there 3 days so she couldn't know how to lie so much and steal in these ways from the customers, except for putting on the feature I never knew was there and found out about by accident. The management of this store should be fired but customer service says they'll probably be sanctioned. Do not buy service or phones from this store. Liars and Thieves.

I found two other reviews frm 2 years ago where they too had been forced to buy the most expensive plan to get the promotion. They have been lying about this and scamming their customers for at least 2 years. I'm now wondering if I should notify the police about this. if they've been conning customers for over 2 years, how many customers have they taken in and for how much? The evidence is right on this site, another 2 complaints about the same thing 2 years ago and it could have been going on longer. I'm sure this is the publicity MetroPCS would love.

  • Jan 27, 2018

Bought a phone from metropcs,Been a customer for 6-years.hard it for a month or less the phone batteries burn ,the phone was burn,I had insurnce which cost me $6 a month for over a year,They charge me $40.the new phone last 2 months ,the screen burn out on this one one,I lost all my information including all my pictures.again they charge me$40 ,this one last 3weeks,I called customer service,they tranffers me to warrnty,they said go back to store where I bought it and get another model because they were having troubles with 2 of their phone the store said no,called service again ,they sent me a cheap phone,was charged$15-activation +$50 monthly fee for no

  • Dec 28, 2017

While visiting family on vacation my phone was stolen. I contacted Mr. Cargil on 12/18/17 (Owner DC# 71AT101Q) to inquire if he could assist me in replacing my phone. Mr. Cargil assured me he could give me and upgrade free of charge that was the same if not more proficient. I arrived to the store and inquired about using my insurance. I was told by Aaron, I had no insurance on my account which was false, and later proven by calling into customer care the insurance was removed from my account when the new device was added. This should not have taken place. I was then blatantly lied to in order to obtain funds and make the purchase. I explained the LG Stylo I had previous was the only phone corporate and myself could find that was compatible for work, I stated if the LG Aristo was not exact in comparison I would not be able to use it. On a recorded line Montel Cargil assured me the phone would work. While in the store Aaron assured the same, however the phone was found to be a downgrade and the cheapest phone available. Montel asked me to keep the phone until January six so that he may obtain a rebate for the phone. In doing so displayed a sense of dishonesty. He sold me the phone by false advertisement and told me I would have to pay to return it. Again I am on vacation, he is aware of the holidays and the restrictions with availability of corporate officers, and told me to contact them in order to buy him time so he can claim the rebate. This is common practice for this establishment, I would like some assistance. I will continue to seek help from all avenues possible to include and not limited to the media, the police, the FTC, BBB, and any other entity that will assist. I simply would like my money back so I can visit a reputable retailer and obtain the LG Stylo. I would like either a full refund of the original purchase, or a phone replacement as promised. Montel Cargil Dealer Number 71AT101Q. I have reached out to Kevin Grant at the corporate office. I would like either a full refund of the original purchase, or a phone replacement as promised. My original phone was the LG STYLO, I would have never agreed to accept the LG ARISTO had i not been deceived as to its capabilities by Montel Cargil Dealer Number 71AT101Q. I have reached out to Kevin Grant at the corporate office, however due to the holiday season, there is a delay. Montel Cargil has lost several stores for various reasons, this scam he is running to receive rebates is unfair.

Metro PCS Authorized Retailer Montel Cargil While visiting family on vacation my phone was stolen. I contacted Mr. Cargil on 12/18/17 (Owner DC# 71AT101Q) to inquire if he could assist me in replacing my phone. Mr. Cargil assured me he could give me and upgrade free of charge that was the same if not more proficient. I arrived to the store and inquired about using my insurance. I was told by Aaron, I had no insurance on my account which was false, and later proven by calling into customer care the insurance was removed from my account when the new device was added. This should not have taken place. I was then blatantly lied to in order to obtain funds and make the purchase. I explained the LG Stylo I had previous was the only phone corporate and myself could find that was compatible for work, I stated if the LG Aristo was not exact in comparison I would not be able to use it. On a recorded line Montel Cargil assured me the phone would work. While in the store Aaron assured the same, however the phone was found to be a downgrade and the cheapest phone available. Montel asked me to keep the phone until January six so that he may obtain a rebate for the phone. In doing so displayed a sense of dishonesty. He sold me the phone by false advertisement and told me I would have to pay to return it. Again I am on vacation, he is aware of the holidays and the restrictions with availability of corporate officers, and told me to contact them in order to buy him time so he can claim the rebate. This is common practice for this establishment, I would like some assistance. I will continue to seek help from all avenues possible to include and not limited to the media, the police, the FTC, BBB, and any other entity that will assist. I simply would like my money back so I can visit a reputable retailer and obtain the LG Stylo. I would like either a full refund of the original purchase, or a phone replacement as promised. Montel Cargil Dealer Number 71AT101Q. I have reached out to Kevin Grant at the corporate office. I would lik Cleveland Ohio

  • Nov 8, 2017

Went to this store to switch cell phone carriers and receive a phone for (free). I chose the $30.00 plan. My bank statement was charged $68.00. I called Metro PCS customer service. They only received 35.00. I mentioned I chose the $30.00 plan. They told me the extra $5.00 charge was for services I did not authorize. I had that charge removed. The other 38.00 I had to contact the issuing store to be resolved. No Refunds they said. They also told me that PA has a sales tax of 7percent, when PA sales tax is 6percent. Very plain to see they were pocketing the extra money. I still have my receipt. I will be reporting to other places that will help me in my efforts to have this money refunded to me.

  • Oct 16, 2017

Metro pcs has been very difficult to even try to reach. They won't give the unlimited data they say that it's not really unlimited. There own supervisor says that the Corp officers should know better than to comp someone and that I should feel lucky that I got anything at all and that try will not be helping me. I think that if this company wants business then they would find better reps. And when they say unlimited they should be unlimited.... They aren't. They are rude and argumentative.

  • Oct 12, 2017

MetroPCS very enticing ad of getting 2 free phones if customers transfer or ported your number to them. Once determined as "ok to port", new phones will be activate for a certain fee and other monthly service fees will also be collected in advance and whistle your way out their door. Simple right? Nothing is further from the truth. My brother who suffers from mild autism(special ed class) had wished for a new phone and Metropcs ad is a welcome site. On the 9th of October 2017, he went to this metropcs store, inquired about porting and was given the news that all he has to do is to pay for the activation fee, the monthly service in advance and a one time fee which totaled to $58.97 and porting will commence. He gladly gave all fees that were asked for and waited patiently. To his dismay, though paperworks had been done and money transactions finalized, he was given an unusual and troubling news that porting his number is not allowed. The worst part is the number he was trying to port will be lost and his old phone will be deemed unusable.

This is just the beginning of indespicable act or should I say scheme to extort money from my brother. Even with a failed transaction, they refused to refund the money but had told him to return the following morning to meet with you know who? Ms. Yesica, Metropcs associates who did the blunder had guaranteed him Yesica would succesfully port his number and all is well.

The next business day would turn out to be worst than day before. Ms Yesica straighforwardly gave the bad news that no new phones will be given, that his phone is useless and strangely no refund will be given but money can be applied if my brother will purchase a new phone from Yesica. My brother had indicated that he needs a phone so he can attend his supportive service for his illnes and school. Even if the blunder or blatant act was MetroPCS fault , acoording to my brother, Yesica just proceeded to forcibly sell mediocre phone and servies and to my brother's amazement, Yesica had indicated she can save him a lot of money and is better than the freebie phone he opted. Yesica had actually put my brother into a state of confusion that just for that pain to stop, he agreed to purchasing a new phone. My brother had been tricked into paying $108.51 plus one time service fee of $38 plus insurance he didn't ask for and another fee for METRO ID, a sercvice he never heard of. This Yesica had take advantage of people who are vulnerable and she think she could manipulate them, their money because they are slow.

If you think this is the worst part, no. When he came home and showed me the phone, ive asked him that the phone he wanted was way better than what was purchased. And as soon as I read the paperworks, I've learned that this Yesica had unauthorizedly added my brothers account to mine without my consent. My brother wants to be independent handling his very own responsibilites despite of his disabilities. Once learned that all that Yesica did are unauthorized and fraudulent, Ive asked my brothe to return the phone and get his money, even if it means paying for restocking fee. Though MetroPCS policy indicates that returns are allowed, Ms. Yesica had denied the return...she denied the refund and in the process, infront of other customers had portrayed my brother as an opportunist and had told him to leave the store and threatens to call the cops if my brother would not comply. Maybe my brother is as gentle and quiet but I had vouched to put this woman, Ms. Yesica where she belongs, in jail or on the streets. MetroPCS should sieze and decist their uncanny and wrongful ways or else, I will definitely scream so loud, even the deaf will hear.

  • Sep 21, 2017

I Had Went To The Metro Pcs On 861 B Dixwell Ave Hamden Ct 06514 And Purchase A IPhone 6s I Had To Wait The Next Day To Get My IPhone Then When I Got It The IPhone Went Black On Me So I Brought It Back To Metro Pcs Told Him I Want My Money Back Because He Gave Me A Messed Up Phone The Phone Was 594 He Took 75 Dollars Out And Gave Me Money He Kept Asking Did He Sort Me So I Went To My House Recounted The Money And It Was 324 There I Went Back To The Store He Close So Called Him The Next Day Told Him He Given Me A Hard Time With Given Me The Rest Of The Money I Ask For Boss Number And He Wouldn't Give It To Me He Said His Boss Was Going To Call The Boss Never Called Or Anything

  • Sep 13, 2017

We have been waiting on a refund from metro pcs for almost 4 months. Each time we talk to them they change the date on the report to make it look like we havent been waiting that long. They say our check is on the way to our mailbox...but it has been for 4 months now. We've called head quarters, customer service, sent emails, you name it. They are a bunch of jokers. They owe is quite a bit of money and are REFUSING to pay it back to us.

  • Sep 11, 2017

On 9/6/17 my husband, daughter and I went to the Metro PCS store at 975 N Main street in Layton Utah to upgrade my husband and daughters phone. The customer service we received from Liam was great. When we got home I went over the receipt and noticed I was overcharged for my daughters LG K20 phone by 20.00 plus 1.38 in tax. On 9/7/17 I called the store and spoke to Liam, he said his supervisor was the only one authorised to reinbuse the money back to my card, he said she would be in at 3. I called back after 3 and Liam said she would be in between 330 and 4, she was picking up phones from another store. I called after 4 and was told she was with a customer and would call me back and he asked for my number. She never called, I called throughout the evening and got busy signals, I believe they took the phone off the hook (for 21.38). So On Friday 9/8/17 I called Metro PCS Customer Care (they pride themselves on there cistomer service). I was on the phone for 27 minutes on and off hold while they tried to figure things out. The Supervisor Everett #62012 got on the phone and said only the store can reinburse my money but they can report them. In otherwords your screwed and out $21.38.

  • Aug 23, 2017

Thursday my LG K7 totally quit processing and I contacted Metro Customer Service to find out what I should do since this was the 4th time in less than a year that my phone malfunctioned. The Supervisor instructed me to take the phone to a Metro store and have it looked at which I did and it was documented that the phone had stopped processing. and a new one/replacement was warranted. Went to the Corporate store and was told they could replace the phone but there would be a fee involved.I have replaced this phone three times already paying $17+ dollars on two occasions and $37 on the last time which was two months following the previous replacement.. I have been paying insurance and the phone is still under the 1 year warranty. I informed them that I was NOT inverting another dime for the replacement of that phone and they recommended that I contact Metro PCS customer service. (1-888 863-8768). I did so and was told that I would be issued a replacement. That was a Thursday afternoon by a Metro PCS supervisor. They provided me with a reference number which proved to be totally worthless. I have called everyday to check on the status of the phone and each time was assured by customer service reps and their supervisors that the matter had been processed or was going thru processing and to call back in a few days to get delivery info. Today 8 days later I am sent to several departments before finally being sent to a Customer Appreciation department or some such department where I am then told that they cannot send a replacement. And that all the previous reps and supervisors were in error. Therefore in fact LYING to me for days regarding this matter. They offered that I utilize my insurance option which would cost me $50.Considering all that I had paid on that particular phone, that was not a viable option and declined. They then told me their was nothing that they could do. Now I am responsible for paying for 12 different accounts for family members and myself and pay over $750+ mtly for their service and at one time or the other several have experienced similar problems. Therefore, even though they are much higher, I have closed my Metro PCS accounts and taken my business to Sprint. I am pursuing my legal options regarding Metro PCS practices and lies and putting the word out to everyone I know with Metro PCS and who are looking for phone carriers NOT to become customers with Metro PCS. They deceive and constantly misrepresent the facts and sell inferior androids and refuse to stand behind their products. Despite their advertised low rates, NO ONE should be subjected to their shady and underhanded business practices. I have already been contacted by several attorneys regarding involvement in a possible Class action law suit against Metro PCS and their parent company T Mobile and I am seriously considering joining it. Others of you who have had problems with Metro PCS should consider jumping on the band wagon also. These types of business practice should not be allowed to continue. I have EVERY name and number of everyone rep and supervisor who has blatantly lied and I want punitive actions taken against everyone of them.

  • Aug 19, 2017

I made a payment to Metro PC with my American Express card on the 17th of August I have a confirmation number from American Express but you're stupid company and your computers are shut down so also it says and I cannot reach anybody to fix the problem you have my money but you turned off my phone and I'm not going to put up with it if you cannot correct this I will move my service to another provider and go on the media and complain about this loud enough to where it's going to cost you stocks and money and you'll have to fire people because you can't afford to pay them.

  • Aug 12, 2017

Metro Customer service is a joke. Unprofessional call center. They lie about billing. Changes were made to my account with out my permission. Nathan (the supervisor) was extremely rude. He kept calling me a liar about how much I was paying on my bill. He was to busy talking over me to hear what I had to say. He changed my bill without my permission, rhen told me that if I did not agree tobthe terms my next text would be an increase in my monthky billing. If this is what Metro pcs offers as support they should be sued. They charge my credit card 4 or 5 days early every month I'm also filling with the f.c.c. The change he made to my bill also deleted my text messages up to the day I spoke to him. HAve did not want me to send the proof of my payments. At least I was smart enough to take daily snap shots of my financial transactions with them over the past 9 months.

  • Aug 11, 2017

On augut 11 2017 i added a plan of 5 internationl and nation wide calling and the service did not work to make nationwide calls to any country

  • Aug 9, 2017

I purchased 2 Samsung phones online from MetroPCS after multiple calls confirming that the phones qualified for the $60 rebate. I was told that after activation I could go online to process the rebates. I was told that both phones would qualify so I proceeded to purchase them online. I received the phones and activated them only to be informed that it is only one rebate per address. I could have walked into any metro pcs store and paid $60 less per phone not just one. I contacted the rebate department before buying them to make sure there would be no problem as the phones would be activated on different days and they assured me that when the last one was activated I could submit the rebate. If I would have been told that only one would qualify I would have purchased them in the store. The rebate form itself lets you list 4 phones.

  • Jul 12, 2017

Metropcs offered a free samsung cell phone on the 26th of Jan. 2017. They required a $90.00 charge for getting the phone and a rebate of $70.00 and a $10.00 couponn card. At this time i haven't recieved anything from them.

The receipt i have shows that, but the metropcs says this was an imediate discount on the total amout of the phone. That is not how it was presented when i purchased the phone. My brother was there and will verify this.

I have gone to the bbb in appleton, however they got the same response and said they have done all they can.

I understand that this isn't a lot odf money, but i'm 77 years old and on a fixed income, so this is my last attempt to get a favorable conclusion to this rip off.

The maanager ( Royal) whom i have gone back to, and tried to get this resolved has agreed with me and made a couple of attempts to get this fixed, but hasn't had any luck getting past his boss according to him.

  • Jul 10, 2017

When in June anto Metro PC's for a phone upgrade . Instead we got ripped off. We have been with metro for two years. Done flyers for them to help promote a new store. Instead of an upgrade we got down graded on three phones. Called the manager that did the supposably upgrade so he can make it right. He has ignored all calls and text from my boyfriend and myself. Not very happy at this point. The phones we have suck they freeze, over heat, shuts off on their own, and touch screen don't work like it should. All's we want is their wrong turned into a right. All three of us needs a good working phone line for we have no landline.

  • May 20, 2017

MY wife and I bought 3 phone from metro pcs 04/2017 we have been with them only 2 months first month tried to pay the bill $138 they took $1000 out of bank account it took two days to recover the money, this month i pay the bill they take the money cut my phone off then refund the money no phone for two days now, steer clear of metro pcs, they sell you phones then refuse to render service, so we are out money on phones and have to find another provider what a scam.went to local metro store they did nothing to resolve the issue, corperate office no help, and very hard to get ahold of, if you just want to blow some money on phones and like pcs = perfectly crappy service.

  • May 20, 2017

I paid for 2 lines of service and never used the phones. I ported my number out. I askked how can i be reimbursed first a woman that I spoke with told me a check will be out 4 to 6 weeks it hasn't came, I called back after 4 to 6 weeks and a gentleman told me to wait another 4 to six weeks for a check. This is the 5th week for the second time and I believe that Metro PCS has Ripped me off I am pissed I dont have money to just GIVE away and second thought its just the principal. KENYATTA, Philadelphia Pa

  • May 18, 2017

I bought 3 phones on my Metro PCS account and was told i could get a rebate on all 3 phones that was purhased. , and 8 weeks later i am told i cant get a rebate becasue i have to many rebates are attaced to my account. no one ever stated there was a limited to the reabtes i was lead to believe each phone had a rebate why would a big Corp lieits false advertisement i was waiting on rebate and need my rebate .

  • May 17, 2017

I purchased a LG Astro in Jan 2017 they had a promotion for a mail in rebate I submitted all the information they needed was approved then denied every other week now a week before my visa cards where supoosed to be sent out they denied me and keep giving me run around problems saying they have nothing to do with it to call your phone proviered you do they say they have nothing to do with it if you put something out there then follow through with it.

  • Feb 21, 2017

Bought usb cellphone charger caught on fire in my car returned it and they replaaced it with same kind a week later done it again this time fried my charge port took it back the manager there done nothing try to tell me it was my car if thats the case how come thats the only cords doing it

  • Feb 17, 2017

MetroPCS offers 8 gigabytes of mobile hotspot. I called them and asked them if I add an additional $40 to my account for mobile hotspot and I only use $30 of my $40 that I spent what happens to the other $10? The operator said I will be right back I need to ask my supervisor. When the operator came back on she had stated that I would lose my $10 and it is not carried over onto my next bill. So basically they would steal $10 from me and not give it back. I think that's disrespectful to their customers because any money that is not used that they had spent should be transferred to their next monthly bill.

  • Feb 10, 2017

On December 8th 2016 I went into a Metro pcs Talk Time phone purchase location at 3339 US 19 I paid $51.63 for a phone that had poor audio 10 days later they called it defective and replaced it with aother phone that had poor audio. Was promised a call back when UPS brought it to 3338 US 19 talk time location the phone audio was too low. Around December 30th found out it was at the store a week.

They refused to replace phone with a better quality phone unless I bought another phone so I would lose the $51.63 so I wanted a refund. Was threatened and bullied by Matthew the salesman.

Called Metro Pcs customer service agent Rhea id #500117 at 888-576-3876 she said to mail phone to Metro pcs P.O. Box 5119 Carol Stream, Illinois 60197 for a refund as directed by customer service I paid over $7.

00 to mail it. According to tracking number 950951416267703107527 they received it Feb. 2, 2017

Was told go back to the Talk Time phone store location salesman Matthew said mail it to the P. O. Box also so I did. Called February 6th for my money back, was told that it was a mistake they don't give refunds.

I specifically asked for a loud phone before I bought it. Matthew said this is an upgrade phone to the one I have.

Had issues with refusing to refund from new agent John id 25544 he provided me two numbers for Metro pcs corporate. Numbers given 941-330-0880 was Amscot and 727-343-4979 was a non working number on February 9, 2017

Was promised a whole refund of $51.63 by manager Joseph ID #17218 on February 6, 2017 at number 214-265-2550 if I wait 4 to 7 weeks he said.

This company METRO PCS is very a deceptive and fraudulently operated company and they lie to you to sell you phones that are not good and refuse to give you your money back and waste hours of your time hoping you will give up. Their terms and conditions should be void because of their fraudulent and deceptive practices.

They have even refused refunds to customers that returned items back very soon after purchase.

I have had Metro Pcs as my provider for 10 years and never missed a month to month payment

I have been on the phone and at the store for over 12 hours trying to get my money back.

I would like to file a lawsuit against them.

  • Feb 6, 2017

I bought two mertopcs phones and service. The service was terrible. I had to go outside at my house to make a call. I had dropped calls or the person I was talking to could not hear me clearly. I called metro pcs customer service and the tried to fix the problem by having me restart my phone. After many tries they could not fix the service. I am a realtor and I cant do business like this. I asked metro pcs if my phones could be unlocked so I could take them to another provider. They said that I would have to be on their plan for 90 days to have the phone unlocked. I told them that I would lose clients if i did not have better phone service.

The customer service rep Aron said that he could extend my payment due date so that I would not have to make another payment until the 90 days were up. He told me to call back after my phones were unlocked and ported to my new carrier and I would be credited $126.00 for the December payment that I had made. I called back and asked to speak to Aron ID# 36748279. The agent that answered said that I could not be transfered to him and he could not issue a credit because my numbers had been ported to Verizon. I asked if I could speak to a manager, he put me on hold and said that their was not one available. I callled back later and another rep told me the same thing.

  • Jan 12, 2017

I returned my items the same day. But its been 8 day and they still havent returned my money. They are crooked!

  • Dec 28, 2016

I paid my phone bill December 24 2016 which was $66 I told the lady I talked to on the phone I was needing a bill cycle change and she told me she couldn't do it that night to call back the next day so I did and the guy I talked to said I will have to pay an additional $30 for a prorated fee because they would be giving me two weeks free if they changed my bill cycle to the date I paid it on so now my phone is due again on January 11 2017 and I have to pay $39 plus my phone bill of $66 plus and additional $5 to have my bill cycle changed. I need my full 30 days now I'm not paying $66 for 2 weeks or you can refund half my money back. Thanks

  • Dec 24, 2016


COX – METRO PCS LAS VEGAS NV or ANY METRO PC retail business period!

9975 S Eastern Ave Suite #120

Las Vegas NV 89183

Business Phone: 702.405.6243

Sunday 04 December 2016 we went into the store regarding television advertisement SWITCH to METRO PC receive 2 (two) free Samsung Galaxy ON5 phones.

Never at any time did the television advertisements nor any advertisement in writing state T-mobile customers ARE NOT eligible since METRO PC is owned operated by none other than T-mobile.

We purchased phones, in addition advertisement in store states 8GB data plan $30 per phone instead I was charged $50 per one phone 8 GB data plan, $30 per other phone 8GB data plan RECEIPT DATE OF PURCHASE 04 December 2016 #82772

Monday 05 December called COX METRO PC did so a solid consecutive 5 days in row, due to massive ERROR messages in RED flashing several things, first battery in critical condition, after being charged 8 hours on USB, wall charger that came with box kits per phone, second APS NEED UPDATING SAMSUNG pre loaded apps on cell phones that were NOT up to date massive hours used up per phone just UPDATING existing manufacture apps pre downloaded per phone that consumed a great deal of 8GB per phone by the time it was Wednesday 07 December 23, 2016 only 2 GB if that per phone showed available of alleged 8 GB data plan we purchased per phone.

Call 611 CUSTOMER CARE, T-mobile answers then transfers your calls to METRO PC automated phone answering system states BOX FULL try call later.

Called to return phones get full refund of purchase documented calls.

COX METRO PCS – 9975 S Eastern Ave Sutie #120 Las Vegas NV 89183 – Phone 1.702.405.6243

METRO PCS CORPORATE – 6431 W Charleston #100, Las Vegas NV 89146 – Phone 1.702.632.5880

METRO PCS CORPORATE – 469 S. Maryland Pkway, Las Vegas NV 89119 – Phone 1.702.632.5880

SAMSUNG – 1-800-726-7864 CASE #2153082529, CASE # 5116076760

611 CUSTOMER CARE I am to return phones to retailer for full refunds.

Per Metro PCS Corporate when I did get through Wednesday was told return phones to original retailer for FULL REFUND they refused

  • Dec 17, 2016

Metro pcs is is very unprofessional my ex-girlfriend took my phone had it turned on change my security password and metro pcs did nothing about it I ask them to turn my phone off until I was able to get into a store I work from 5 a.m till 11 p.m. seven days a week and there store will be close.they were not will to assist me and kept repeated themselves about go into a store.they should close that company down cause they are not will to help their customers then they will tell you they don't have a number to corporate office now who wants to deal with that type of company I am sick and tired of metro pcs.

  • Dec 7, 2016

On Dec 1, 2016 I bought a 2016 Apple I phone 7s for $854.00. I went to return the phone becausevit was tootttitolult to operate. MetroPCS return pplicy states" The ohonw myst be in good condotion and hsve les than an hour of talk time. A test drive per se. He would not do my return and f IP low his companies guidelines for return policies yhat MetroPCS has written in tgere binding contract. Thank You for your help in this bad business practice. Sincerely, Troy G (707)xxx-xxxx

  • Dec 4, 2016

I was sold a defective phone. When i tried to return it they kept telling me I had to wait for a manager. Every time I went when they said he would be there he never was. I just showed up on Sunday December 4th 2016 he was leaving the store. He told me i didn't bring it back in time. Which I kept trying to. He refused to even look at the junk I was sold. I had a feeling this was going to be the way it turned out. They kept putting me off until the warranty 7(days) were up. I want my money back. I feel discriminated because I am a white female

  • Dec 3, 2016

I tried to activate a phone i bought n instead the representative made a mistake and paid he previous owners bills. Now they refuse to put my money back on my card unless i have the previous owners info which i don't no them n y would someone give that info out it was metro pc's f*** up they didn't need no 8 digit pin to take money out my account though

  • Nov 30, 2016


  • Nov 22, 2016

Hello, I am a MetroPCS customer. I attempted several times to call a toll free conference call line. I never had any issues getting through before, until November 18, 2016 and today November 21. Instead of the call being connected I was greeted with an automated recording telling me my phone is not set up to make calls to this number. I believe they called it "shared service". I later spoke to a MetroPCS rep who tried to explain this mess and found herself being confused because it made no sense. However, she stated that I would have to pay $3 for 300 minutes to call a tollfree number. Once I told her I was not going to do it she offered to waive the $3 fee but I will have to upgrade my current $30 plan to a $40. All this to call a Toll-free number. Free is the key word. When I told her I call this number regularly she stated MetroPCS recently updated their service and now there's a fee. I was not able to connect to a toll-free conference call number because MetroPCS wants to collect a fee. The other people who called in on the Toll-free conference call from other cell phone carriers did not have to pay any fee or deal with the hassle that I went through. I would very much appreciate Rip Off Report reviewing this case further. Thank you in advance for your service. Kira, Marietta GA

  • Nov 4, 2016

On August 26th I went to purchase a phone, because the one I had wasn't working well on MetroPCS, because it was a T-mobile phone. I went into MC4 Wireless a MetroPCS Retail Store to buy a MetroPCS phone. I left with an LG phone. When the store agent was fixing my phone I noticed the screen wasn't working well, but thought it's a new phone so maybe it's now. I proceeded to pay $165.00 for the phone and left. When I got home I noticed the phone acting funny but kept it to see how it would work this was on a Friday. On Sunday the phone went in and out so I called the store. The manager told me I was unable to exchange the phone and had to give it another few days before I could do that. When I told him you know what I will return the phone instead, he said did you have service with MetroPCS before buying the phone I said "yes" he said I am sorry we don't accept returns. I proceeded to tell him the phone is not even 2 days old.

He hung up on me my partner called back and the person I the phone proceeded to curse him out. I called MetroPCS and they said they'd send a manager to investigate and told me they'd call me back in a few days. They never did. Someone was calling my phone and hanging up and wouldn't speak when they'd call. I also spoke to the rep on the phone and he told me that phone was going for only $49.99 on top of that the phone was broken and looked used. I fought with my bank, but they told me I used a chip to pay and that they couldn't do anything about it. This store is a store whoch is in a neighborhood where I am sure they're doing this all the time to people and some people probably don't know what to do.

  • Oct 21, 2016

On December 21 or 22nd 2015 I purchased 2 phones from Metro PCS the HTC Desire 626 and the Leon. I also purchased the insurance. I got the 60.00 package for both phones. Which I was told that my bill would be 117.00 monthly, and it was for about 4 mos. it went from 117.00 a mo. to 121.00 a mo. with no explanation at all.

Within 8mos and some days of the purchase both phones were acting up with no fault of our own. I took the phones back to where I purchased them (Iverson mall shopping ctr). and was told that neither phone was any good, and that they weren't selling them any longer. I could purchase new phones, which I did. date of purchase was Sept. 3rd 2016.

I then as well I inquired about my bill, again no explaination why but, that it would be adjusted. It never was. I was also told that all my information could be transferred from my old phone to my new one. Didn't happen. My photos nevered transferred, and they are not on the old phone either. SMH, I guess they are just out there in Cyber space.

The new phones purchased where the ZTE Zmax pro and the Coolpad Catalyst. With in a week in and half the screen on the Coolpad Catalyst was fading and had lines in it. On Oct. 7 th I took it back and was told that it was nothing that they could do at this location, but to take it to 7085 Allentown Rd Temple hills md.

At that location they said that the phone had over heated they didn't no why but because it was under warrenty that they would have us a new phone shipped, it would take about 7 days and should be back on Oct. 14th it would be free all we would have to do is pay the shipping and handling which was 15.00.

We picked the phone up on Monday Oct 16th another Coolpad Catalyst now this time the phone doesn't have any internet??? I don't understand we pay for that service, and I thought that all smart phones has to have internet if not what is the use of having a smart phone. Now they had to re-order the phone but we were told that we would not be charged for the shipping.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and my phone was turned off, why I have not idea my bill is due on the 21st or every month, yesterday was the 19th. after calling numerous numbers I was told to take my sim card out and put it back in why??? after that the phone came back on. these are new phones what is the problem.

I'm very dissatifed with this service, Oh and my bill is gone up again to 122.00 please explain.

  • Oct 21, 2016

It started out with me calling customer service about my charging port not working and I'm in a rehab facility after 4 months and use a walker and they insisted I needed to take it to the local store to have a technician fix it so I made arrangements for my friend to come get me. Now we get there and the girl Nayelly P was extremely rude from the beginning. She said they probably just wanted to get me off the phone so they lied then proceeded to tell me my only option was to upgrade and I explained I've been hospitalized since June and don't have any money but my friend was kind enough to offer to pay the $45.00 for an actual doegrade, not upgrade! I went from an Alcatel Fierce XL to an Alcatel Tru which is a tiny screen piece of garbage but I was grateful because again I'm in a rehab facility and NEED a phone. So I get back (3 miles away) and notice all of my hundreds of my priceless pics are gone and I opened the charger from the sealed bag and it was just prongs and the metal piece was in the bottom of the bag so I immediately called the store only to leave a message and be told she'd call back in 10 minutes (which she never did BTW) So I proceeded to call customer service and spoke to them for two hours. Now in there defense they were great, they credited my account and after talking to the manager he is sending me a replacement phone, which is what the store SHOULD have done in the first place, it's only a little over six months old! So then I called the store this morning to explain what they said and Nayelly P was EXTREMELY rude, she continued to cut me off, after I explained I shouldn't have had to "upgrade" at all she said " you didn't even have any $, your friend paid for it" and I said I'm aware of that, thank you. Then I explained the manager said we can return it to get my friends money back and she raised her voiced and said there is no refunds on upgrades and when I told her about the defective charger she said "I don't know what you did to it from the store until there but we check everything before it goes on the floor' trying to blame me for a SEALED, defective charger! She actually hung up on me mid conversation but I called back immediately and she said " oh, your call dropped" and I said "I bet it did' so she continued to constantly interrupt me, talk over me, etc making me more angry and I said I've been in customer service for 32 years, that's not how you treat people and then she said " is there anything else I can help you with " in the most condensing tone ever and I said yes, you can go f yourself, you don't belong in customer service and again she hung up on me! Then after filing a report on her I called back and asked for her and the other girl said she wasn't available so I said "Well please tell her I reported her for her unprofessionalism and she replied " that's good, anything else'? in another very condensending tone and she hung up on me! PLEASE no one go to this horrendous place, they make you upgrade to a downgrade, are rude as hell and then insist on no refunds the very next day! I have called customers service and reported her and the store but I want it known everywhere not to go here!!!

  • Oct 12, 2016

Per Metro PCS Operator no acknowledgment was sent out to cunsumers prior to changing phone plan. Conference calling was removed and is now a extra $3.00 charge on account. When searching on-line site no informtion was printed regarding new charge going into affect for conference calling. Per Operator notification was given when conference was tried and refuse service until it was added.

  • Sep 16, 2016

I Crystal Lax confirm that on September 03, 2016 I had a slip and fall at the Metro blue line train station 7th/ Metro.

I Crystal Lax sent this email to the [email protected]. [email protected] regarding my slip and fall injury and I havent heard back from them regarding negotiation for a out-of-court quick easy settlement that will cover my medical, attorney fees if be and compensation for the slip and fall alone due to Metro waorker negligence. In this particular station is video camera all around with Sheriff officer to be able to recapture certain events. The video camera will prove forth my Preponderance of evidence

I Confirm that I will like to do a claim for damages for neg·li·gence on behalf Metro clean up spill workers

What Happen: Coming from the red line train up to the blue line long beach to go to work, slip and fell on water. No wet caution cone around the area,(negligent on behlf of Metro worker.

Time: Approxiamately 7:25 AM -7:40 AM

When one of the Metro worker went to find someone to place a cone, no one was around to be found everything is on camera at the station.

About 5 metro worker seen the fall came to assist me and ask if I was alright. They told me to go over to the call emergency wall to call customer service but since it was on a Saturday and Labor day weekend no one answer. I also went to Sheriff to report the incident, I was given a number to make to report with you guys.

I did go to Saint Mary Hospital on September 03, 2016 hospital discharge me at 10:31:14 I was headed to long beach for work so I went to Saint Mary.

I took picture attach are the picture I could take with my cell phone but you can see the water and newspaper that one of the Metro random worker placed over the puddle of water until clean crew came. Minutes later no clean up crew.

Enclosed are the pictures I took

  • Sep 13, 2016

Bought my phone and switched servides to metro. I hate this phone. Continues to drop call. When I went back to the dealer that I bought it from they told me to take it to the corporate office - the corporate office told me to take it back to the dealer that I bought it from - they then told me to take it back to the corporate office.. Bought the phone 7 days ago. Would not give new phone, my money back, nor did they really try to help me. I told them "I guess there isn't anything I can do," and they said "nope."

  • Aug 29, 2016

Started with Metro 8 mo ago at $30/mo. First phone failed to operate. Second phone failed. Both free. Supervisor convinced me I had to buy phone 2 mo ago. I did at almost $70. Phone and service horrible. Friends report voice garbled. Continual disconnects. No internet service half the time. Always states Retry when sending messages. Metro told me pay more and I would get better service from them. Call agents for assistance and most in India and Phillipines. Spend hours working with agents to fix phones and they give up and tell me need to pay more for better service. I can't even reach my medical portal. They also locked my phone and refused to unlock and force me to continue paying them for sporadic service. When I call to complain they hang up on me. Left messages for Todd Linquist. No call back Company refuses for months to unlock phone or refund my monies. I live on ss, am handicapped and over 70. I seem to have no recourse in getting any money back or phone unlocked

  • Aug 26, 2016

Walked in to a local store and bought services. Was told it would be on in 2 hours. By the next morning service still not available. Went back to initial store, they couldn't get it to work. Gave them back their sim card and asked to be refunded. Would not refund my money. Called their coporate and was told no refunds under any circumstances. So they took my money, couldnt get their service to work, took back their sim card which was paid for and refused to give me my mony back.

  • Aug 19, 2016

I switched my cell phone provider over to Metro PCS on Thursday August 11, 2016. At this time I purchased two phones one for me and one for my grandson. The phone that was purchased for me on Friday the 12th the screen stop working so I took it back to the store to get a replacement one they informed me that they couldn't replace it they would have to order me one and it would take up to 3 to 5 days to get the new one. So I went back in on the 17th to get the new phone and they inform me again that it would take another 3 or 5 days due to the fact that it is a newer phone and they didn't have one in stock. So I go to another lovation which they let me talk to a lady that is with the corporate office which was to get back in touch with me on the 18 which hasn't. All I want is a phone that works especially since I am paying the monthly bill for a phone that I can not use. I think this is a rip off and something should be done about it

  • Jul 28, 2016

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime last August. I have had issues with the phone "FREEZING" up on several occassions. I tok the phone in onMarch for this problem and agent removed battery said this happens once in awhile and I left the store. Well this happened again on July 24 and I was out of town. The phone would not leave from the MetroPCS logo after turn on. Upon my return to Lawrenceville, Ga on July 25 I took phone to the Riverside Pkwy store and spent over an hour with rep in store trying to fix it. He did a reset on the phone and that is where the problems began. I didn't know in order to use the phone I would need my ORIGINAL GOOGLE password which I did't know. Well thhis agent tells me my phone is still under warranty and to go to corporate office on Old Norcross Rd to get my FREE replacement phone. I go to the corporate office and they tell me that the Riverside Pkwy lied to me. I have been given nothing but the run around and LIED to.THIS COMPANY SUCKS! There are a lot of prepaid companies now and we have a choice.

METROPCS IS THE WORST. THEY DON'T HONOR THEIR WARAANTIES AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW GOOD A CUSTOMER YOU HAVE BEEN TO THEM!! i have been without a businees phone since the 24th of July and counting. It is okay because KARMA is a B#$%h!!! This company will not succed even and their time will come....

  • Jun 13, 2016

Went to the MetroPCS store in West Memphis Arkansas after coming to several in memphis. Very misleading prices they have a phone listed for $110 dollars where at any MetrPCS in Memphis is $59. The girl named Maria is very rude and Omar is even worst. They are out of uniform. If they are not behing the counter you dont know they work there. My son bought that phone because he needed one bad and we didnt have time to go back to the one in Memphis. Got 60 dollar plan. Total was $189. Went home looked at the receipt. They charged me $59 for the phone $60 for the plan.

And $20 for a case, $15 for a car charger, and $25 for a memory card. Mind you they said all of that was free! Went back up there to ask why all the charges when they said it was free got completely blown off and when i asked for a refund they said they could give me $125 back since thats how much the phone and plan costs because they dont return accessories. I asked why couldnt i get my money back on accessories that i was told were free and they said it was store policy and i couldnt get my money back and i had to leave the store. Completely rude and unprofessional!

  • Jun 8, 2016

On May 19, 2016 I accompanied by my brothers went to Phone Deals to take advantage of the switch to Metro pcs & get a free smartphone. I requested the LG k7 but told by employee Baha Momu it wasn't in stock. We thanked him & said we'd try another location.Baha then stated " I've called every store in town & none had the LG k7 in stock. I took him at his word & selected the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime but inquired a few days later when the Samsung began malfunctioning & found that statement not to be true. As said i returned the Samsung for replacement due to intermittent rebooting but was told by Baha Momu that the Samsung wasn't defective but the problem was my having the proximity sensor to close to my face.I accepted but doubted the explanation. I returned 2 days later to asked for a replacement which Baha Momu agreed to but stated id have to wait 14 days after purchase to receive a new phone & i had 11 days remaining before a replacement could be made. The Samsung continued malfunctioning i returned it once again this time a woman identifying herself as the store manager assisted me.She first talked with Baha then came to talk with me.I was lead to believe that Baha Momu actions were in compliance with Metro pcs policy but she would sell me an LG k7 for $50.00 she sensed my outraged then dropped the offer to $30.00 i refused. I contacted the manager Alfredo at the Kansas city, Kansas Rainbow Ave. location.Alfredo was of great assistance & went above & beyond to insure this situation be resolved fairly. He contacted corporate personel who stated they would inform the Metro pcs personel on Troost Avenue to replace my samsung. Alfredo gave me his business card with the corporate persons name on the back & stated a call will be made & my Samsung replaced. I again went to the Troost location to no avail. They acted as though they knew nothing of the coporate personel or a call received from corporate.To date I remain with a defective Samsung Galaxy Core Prime .

  • May 14, 2016

I've been with Sprint for 10+ years and decided to leave them to go to Metro PCS because they advertised half off your sprint bill if you join. Well the 2 unprofessional sales people there sold me the K7 which she said was an excellent phone and had an excellent camera. Coming from an iphone to a K7. I told her the camera HAD to be great and she insisted it was. IT is terrible! So I got sold a phone that sucks. That is #1. #2 I sure did NOT get 1/2 off my sprint bill. She told me the only plan I could get was a $40 plan. That the signs located in the store about the Sprint bill were not true and I had to go with this plan. so #2 LIED. #3 she then told me that I had to purchase 2 accessories so she could apply all the discounts to my plan. So when I left there i ended up spending about $160. I feel scammed in all ways here. Advertising very misleading and poor poor customer service. And some how I can not get my money back or get an upgrade. Not even a credit for everything i dealt with!

  • May 11, 2016

Metro PCS took money out of my bank account on a date they were not supposed to. After speaking to 4 employee's, 2 of which are supervisors, I was able to file a claim for a refund. 2 weeks later I called customer service again to check on the status of my claim. When I spoke to a representative, they told me a completely different story about my issue then what the first 4 employee's told me. Which lead me to believe that an employee or employees of the Metro PCS company had accessed my account without my knowledge and changed the billing information. I assume to save their own butts. The representative and her supervisor attempted to reassure me that no one has access to the accounts like that and that no one changed the information. They both claimed that the 4 employee's I spoke with 2 weeks before must not have been looking at what they were looking at saying " I dont know what they were looking at but this is what I am looking at". The way I see it Metro PCS stole my money and now are lying about the billing statements. I would really like some justice on this situation. Please Help.

  • Apr 22, 2016

I bought a new phone at metro pcs and was given rebate paoer work and told what to do.i filled the paper out made photo copies of the box and recipt like instructed.then 4 weeks later was denied rebate.i was told by metropcs i had to buy the phone online.even though their store is the one who informed me of the rebaye and gave me the paper work. This is the second time theyve screwed me out of a rebate i was promised. I have spend over 2000.00 on phones from them ive i had an account for over 4 years and the service is just going down down down. I feel like it was a bait and switch just to get you to buy.

  • Apr 11, 2016

Opened acct for cell phone , they were offering 2 free phones at time, they didn't have phones so I was told of special offer for $169 on phone with $50 rebate but I had to take $60 month plan. Just got notice that I do not get refund because I had to activate free phones and then buy the phone and activate it to get rebate,meantime I never got free phones spoke to different people and was told I should have gotten a free phone, did not get refund or free phones.


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