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  • Jun 30, 2019

On April 7th, 2019 I booked on the Expedia website airline tickets for six people, 4 adults and two children ages 5 and 1 years old leaving from LGA to Bush airport, Texas. Also booked at the same time was a car rental a Van from Enterprise Rent A Car. I entered my credit card and received a confirmation Email from Expedia for $1,396.43.

Now on May 8th I went online to view my credit card statement and notice there was an additional $583.20 added onto my credit card statement by Expedia. I then immediately went onto the Expedia website and saw the same statement for the same amount charged of $1,396.43. When contacted by an Expedia service representative Lisa Radford, she mentioned my new total was $1,979.63.

The rationale their platform failed to price and charge for the children even though everyone had received a seating assignment by the airline carrier. As I disputed this charge stating I'm not responsible for their system error, they threatened to cancel our trip if we don't pay the full amount.

Both the Carrier and the Rental Car Company have confirm we are still in their system and have confirm seat assignments for our travel on July 5th returning on July 8th.

I have proof of the orginal confirmation Email from April 7th and the print out on May 8th reflecting the price of $1,396.43. Now everything has been changed to $1,979.63. Never once did I received a message or notification that there was a price change or error detected. Expedia just charged the credit card for $583.20.

Capital One has subsequently cancelled the additional charge of $583.20 but Expedia is still stating they will cancel trip if not paid. This has been a very stressful experience and not sure what recourse is available to us.

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  • Sep 21, 2022

NOTE TO HOTEL PERSONNEL: The hotel for this reservation was supplied by Travelscape LLC. Legal Shield Member Perks for assistance with this reservation or assistance with problems during your stay, please call: From US and Canada (888) 347-2363 from outside US and Canada 00-800-11-20-11-40 and from Australia 611800812282. NOTE TO HOTEL PERSONNEL: The hotel for this reservation was supplied by Travelscape LLC. Made Reservations using memberperks via LegalShield

July 10, 2022 I made reservation for the Hampton Inn & Suite Detroit-Canton, I cancelled July 29, 2022, due to an acute illness. The illness hit me like a ton of bricks. I have disputed the this matter with my credit card company, memberperks and Travelscape LLC.

No one is able to help me, I can't get my money back nor can I get the 2 rooms for another date and time. Memberperks,Travelscape LLC. andthe Hampton Inn & Suite Detroit-Canton are telling me there is nothing they can do blaming one another 'They have not closed the dispute case.

I was getting the 2 rooms to celebrate my 15 teen year old daugther birthday with 3 other friends, and of course I got a room for myself. There is no way I would have cancelled my daughter's 16th birthday celebration unless I was truly ill.

  • Aug 13, 2022

Expedia Partner Solutions Expedia Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE) IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI). CST: 2029030-40Elliott Advocacy research team (Elliott Lodging/Arbor Mgmt - MO & PA)Expedia Partner Solutions WIFI SERIAL KILLER, Stalking, Kidnapped Radisson BALTIMORE 2012 Inflicted Neck Break & Offering travel insurance and paying other people NOT people they STALK

CONTACT: AGENT Chris Roberts | Head of FBI | Spartanburg, SC 864-415-4930 Re: dr. hit list Wi-Fi serial killer to populate the transplant list!


Additionally, contact Investigator Jason Kramer Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriffs department regarding report #2205-1446 on May 25, 2022 & #2201-0007 from Jan. 1, 2022 choice human flesh trafficking and eating. Re: For international hotel chains, three banking institutions including Bank of America, BluCurrent Credit Union of Springfield MO and bank of Hawaii for internal corporate financial fraud and robbery as well as 39 identity thieves including Kainani Tavares DMS fraud department bank of Hawaii, Kyrsten Armato BluCurrent Credit Union, Shannon Wayne Kerr (Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc. (Tomball, TX), Amanda (Visible Changes Galleria, Houston, TX, SPENCER & Elizabeth Cubage, Flowmore SERVICES, Inc. Tomball & Bellevue, TX, Graham Packaging LLP York, PA & Houston, TX.

Contact: Investigator Guest with Spartanburg County Sheriffs Department in reference to report #2206-0094 Sergeant Reaves RE: shots fired crime Vic report anti-harassment anti-Stalking (KATHLEEN A. STAYER & JULINE A. KERR - FOR LIFE) with Shannon Kerr and Spencer Cuba's identified as the assailants after being stopped on the highway April 8 of 2022.

TRIP ITINERARY’s - Others paid off through Expedia and corporate American Express accounts and bill pay in order to further their agenda of kidnapped to kill because they OWE ME millions (NO PRENUP - Texas community property state and recognizes common law six months of living together which became effective December 2003 champion Forest Houston Texas.

Together since October 2002 to present with fraud on the court and repeated mistrial since 2017) from Harris County District clerk 201745312 - POST JUDGEMENT = QUI TAM CASE (IRS WHISTLEBLOWER) any questions contact Frederick Dee Williams the second Houston Texas criminal and family law attorney since the age of 19 at 281-970-5556! bestiality ring under the courthouse since its founding!

ALL UNPAID TO ME!!! OGG itinerary guilty of a handicap Texas truck theft June 11, 2018 with a Implanted morphine pump out of Houston Texas January 23 of 2015 assaulted by six officers to cover it up July 2018 on the island of Maui and left homeless for over three months when actually the homelessness started December 7 of 2017!

OGG ITINARARY (June 2018) -

Paid off by Shannon Wayne Kerr it’s 30 day indefinite stay in order to kick me to the curb after Jim Falk Nissan Maui stole my vehicle from me being handicap since 2015 with an implant and morphine pump which took place on June 11 of 2018.


HERTZ (to Spartanburg, SC 06/23/2021)

RECIEPT: $13k Charges on BluCurrent CU | was only supposed to be $498.04 upon pick up and they charge me 1075 upon pick up on top of $100 a day after I reported the vehicle stolen to major limb of Spartanburg County investigative services bureau by phone from Suburban Extended Stay to address it. Vehicle is in possession of Spartanburg county sheriffs department for the FBI with a potential bomb threat after they switched the vehicle on me and put me in a four-door sedan when I requested a truck reserved a truck paid for a truck!

SGF POISONING & STOLEN Items, sabotaged $70 Dominoes, sedated USSDR.Org service DOGS (x2) PLUS SSDI OWNER TO RAPE AND KILL —> BAYMONT WYNDAM (06/22/2021)

Itinerary -


4/5 cxl / 4/6/22 cxl | DISABLED ROOM FOR 2 | BNA - NASHVILLE | refused to issue refund and participated in the banking internal robbery with bank of Hawaii!

Claims filed with all entities above and as of August 11, 2022 they still have yet to pay us a single penny!

  • Jul 30, 2022

I searched for accomodations near San Miguel, California. Expedia reported accomodations within 30 miles of San Miguel, CA. I failed to double check the map because I have dealt with Expedia in the past and they have been reliable.

Not so this time, the accomodations within 30 miles of San Miguel, CA were actually withn 30 miles of San Miguel, Mexico! The hotel had a no cancellation policy, so it cost me almost $200 to cancel reservations that would not have been made except for the incompetence of Expedia.

I tried to reach Expedia's customer support link, but it was not a valid link. (Gee, I wonder why????) In any other industry, reliance on the expertese of a service provider is grounds for legal action.

  • May 4, 2022

I bought a flight ticket from Yangon(Myanmar) to Sydney(Australia) with a fee of US dollars 3768.55 on 22nd October 2020 on As advertised on the website, there is a free cancellation within 24 hours.

For my own reason, I canceled the purchase within 24 hours, which Expedia acknowledged. However, since then, I have been chasing my refund with multiple emails' correspondence with them without any significant progress at all. During that time period, I have to suffer mental stress from this, not to mention a significant waste of my time.

At one point, I had to wait 3-4 months to contact them again because I knew that my correspondence would meet another frustration and disappointment. In addition, the amount of money is significantly large, especially for a person like me from a developing country.

Although my case is not an intentional fraud, not keeping their promise for a full refund more than 1 year after my purchase is legally a fraud.

  • Nov 25, 2021

I wish I had read reviews before using Expedia. I booked a hotel stay for my family at a resort through Expedia. Just of out curiosity I decided to look at the hotel's website and saw a notice that said there was an extra $80 per night for children 12 and over. I contacted Expedia to determine if this fee was already covered in the price I had already paid. After the rep looks at my reservation he says that I stated "under 12" and I should have stated "under 13" when i politely informed him that Expedia's drop down list has specific ages and I choose the age 12, he give me the number of the hotel and tells me that I have to contact them directly since I had already book. Really!!!

Had I not happened to look at the hotel's site I would have been hit with 100s of dollars work of extra charges and your response is that I should call the hotel when I booked through you??? At the very least Expedia should have given me all the booking information so that I could have made a more informed decision prior to booking. Now it is probably too late to book anywhere else. So disappointing.

  • Nov 22, 2021

My original air ticket was purchased on-line through flying with Air Canada. The flight back home to Toronto was scheduled for Mar. 25, 2020 but was cancelled due to Covid by Government order on Mar. 20, 2020. Expedia did not contact me to advise about cancellation or to find alternate ways to get home. I tried numerous times to contact Expedia to arrange for a flight home but was unsuccessful in reaching them and since time was running out, I paid out of pocket and flew home with Air Canada.

After I got home, I tried to contact Expedia to no avail. It took about a month before I was able to contact Expedia and verify that it was the Airline, under orders of the Government, had cancelled my flight and that I should get a refund or credit against future travel. I did get a document to that effect from Jon Daniels, Supervisor, Expedia US Customer Service Team on April 17, 2020.

Please read published news below about refunding policy of the unused Airline fare due to cancellation:

MONTREAL, April 13, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - Air Canada said that eligible customers who purchased a non-refundable ticket for travel on or after February 1, 2020 but did not fly can now obtain a refund from the carrier by submitting a request online or with their travel agent. The revised COVID-19 refund policy covers tickets and Air Canada Vacations packages purchased before April 13, 2021 for flights cancelled either by the airline or by the customer for any reason.

  • Nov 10, 2021

My original air ticket was purchased on-line through flying with Air Canada. The flight back home to Toronto was scheduled for Mar. 25, 2020 but was cancelled due to Covid by Government order on Mar. 20, 2020. Expedia did not contact me to advise about cancellation or to find alternate ways to get home. I tried numerous times to contact Expedia to arrange for a flight home but was unsuccessful in reaching them and since time was running out, I paid out of pocket and flew home with Air Canada.

After I got home, I tried to contact Expedia to no avail. It took about a month before I was able to contact Expedia and verify that it was the Airline, under orders of the Government, had cancelled my flight and that I should get a refund or credit against future travel. I did get a document to that effect from Jon Daniels, Supervisor, Expedia US Customer Service Team on April 17, 2020.

Please read published news below about refunding policy of the unused Airline fare due to cancellation:

MONTREAL, April 13, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - Air Canada said that eligible customers who purchased a non-refundable ticket for travel on or after February 1, 2020 but did not fly can now obtain a refund from the carrier by submitting a request online or with their travel agent. The revised COVID-19 refund policy covers tickets and Air Canada Vacations packages purchased before April 13, 2021 for flights cancelled either by the airline or by the customer for any reason.

"Air Canada will be offering refunds to all eligible customers whether they cancelled their ticket or if their flight was cancelled by the airline. Customers can now submit refund requests online or through their travel agent and we are committed to processing refunds as fast as possible," said Lucie Guillemette, Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer at Air Canada.

I immediately contacted and received the below listed confirmation from Expedia:

Confirmation from Expedia received on April 28, 2021, 8:56 p.m.

Case ID S-84852760 – Refund with Air Canada queued up on April 19, 2021. Expect refund 6 – 8 weeks

Since I did not hear anything from them, I contacted again on July 26, 2021 and this time Expedia gave me another Case ID #:

Case ID # 221815181 – July 26, 2021

Since I did not hear anything from them again, I contacted them on Oct 06, 2021 and this time Expedia gave me another Case ID #:

Claim # 760960 – Sheela agent from assured me that a claim for refund has been correctly submitted on July 28, 2021 and that + 10 weeks for processing Oct.06, 2021

Since I did not hear anything from them again, I contacted again on Nov 07, 2021 and this time Expedia gave me another Case ID #: 98059764 and promised a resolution.

Contacted Air Canada numerous times, they admitted to the validity of my request and returned the upgrade cost paid directly to Air Canada for the return flight, but will not process return ticket refund of 655.80 USD since I purchased my original ticket through Expedia keeps saying that I should go to Air Canada for reimbursement. No one will take responsibility! I used my Credit Card for the transaction and can provide documentation when necessary.

I have been cheated by out of 655.80 USD and not paying me back what is legally mine! I want justice!

  • Oct 7, 2021

Never Trust Expedia! Never use Expedia for booking! The worst experience you can ever have! I’ve been a client for years and am a traveler and I always did my bookings through Expedia! But once a certain Inconvenience happens they vanish!

I have booked a round trip from my country to Turkey and once demanding for an upgrade, An expedia agent canceled my return ticket by mistake. When I called expedia they told me that they hold responsibility for this issue and what I should do is that : book a return ticket through expedia and pay it with my own credit card, and they in return will do me a refund!

THIS IS A TRAP!! Caution!! Once you do the booking and pay a high amount for a new ticket, you loose your money! There is no email to send the receipt!! Ever since I came to my country I’ve been spending money on my international calls and wasting my time talking to a new agent every time, with no result !

They simply put you on hold for more than one hour and once your call cuts off, they vanish! No one sends you an email nor they call you back( I told them before that my call might cut off in any second because I no longer have credits for my international call) what they tell you is that “we will call you back, don’t worry honey “ again this is a TRAP… no one calls you again nor sends you any email!

What a DISRESPECTFUL company! I am very disappointed!

Never trust Expedia!

  • Sep 26, 2021

The hotel said cancelled the reservation, says the hotel cancelled the reservation and neither one is acknowledging our situation.

They didn't offer a room or a refund and is withholding our money for 10 business days. Repeated calls, emails, messages on Twitter and Facebook are not being answered. We paid for two rooms and the hotel did not acknowledge our paid reservation. No refund, no alternative.

  • Aug 16, 2021

Our family of 5 was forced to abandon our vacation on 8/14/2021 because American Air flight 2888 from SNA to PHX originally departing 10:45am and arriving 12:08pm was delayed to depart 1:25pm and arrive 2:47pm and would have made us miss connecting flight 2978 from PHX to IDA departing 1:12pm and arriving 4:20pm. Expedia customer service stated they could not do anything such as rebooking because their system did not indicate this delay even though he went on to see the delay.

Contacting American Air resulted in no resolution so we cancelled entire vacation. I have filed complaints to various organizations to try and get air and hotel refunds because Expedia would not help us at all. American Air declined air ticket refund because they stated it was a non-refundable Basic Economy fare.

  • Aug 10, 2021

We needed to cut our stay at Residence Inn one night short due to a family member getting sick.

The manager on duty approved the early cancelation, as they didn't want to put the other hotel guests at risk during this time of COVID. We unfortunately booked through Expedia (never again!), and were told that Expedia needed to contact the hotel to confirm they approved the cancelation and refund. So we gave them the contact info and number for the manager on duty.

We come to find that Expedia never spoke to this manager on duty!

Expedia LIED - saying that Residence Inn didn't approve the refund. We informed Residence Inn 2 days prior to checking out, and they said they had no problem refunding our last night!

Expedia would rather an ill person stay in the hotel, PUTTING THE PUBLIC AT RISK, rather than having them check out early?? We will be booking with hotels directly now, as we realized we don't typically save any money - we LOSE money going through expedia and they make it such a hassle for any changes.

  • Jul 24, 2021

I booked a hotel stay with Expedia on July 16, 2021 for a 1 night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kalamazoo Michigan. They sent me a confirmation and charged my card. When I arrived the hotel did not have a reservation and was fully booked, forcing me to go to another hotel and pay a higher price. I callled Expedia and all they said is that my reservation is confirmed and non-refundable but they could cancel it and see if the hotel would give me a refund or possible charge a cancellation fee. I called the hotel a few days later to see if they had any record of payment or reservation from Expedia and they confirmed they did not. Expedia several days later said they were unable to contact the hotel so I was going to just have to pay the full charge. The money went straight in their pocket and they gave me nothing. After looking at the Better Business Bureau there are thousands of stories like this. It appears (in my opinion) that they have resorted to flat-out stealing to stay in business after likely being financially hurt during the pandemic. This company needs to be investigated for fraud and shut down. I am going to reach out to my state and national representatives to see if they can get the company investigated and uncover all of the scams they are perpetrating on people.

  • Jul 19, 2021

When there are companies specifically created to fight for EXPEDIA refunds, you know something is wrong! Booked my flight through EXPEDIA to save a few bucks on an American Airlines flight. It was cancelled due to COVID. Policy was for booking agent to refund or credit the cancelled tics. Fortunately American Airlines did credit me but advised me to avoid EXPEDIA in the future.

  • Apr 10, 2021

Expedia is refusing to give refunds of cancelled trips. They give customers travel credits then come back saying these credits expired or they make it impossible to redeem the credit. Also hiking fares to make customers pay more money or lose whatever credit they have. They keep saying its airlines policies but the airlines have nothing to do with this. Expedia is taking advantage that many people had to cancelled their flights because of covid. Now they are just robbing us.

I cancelled my flight on June 6th, 2020 because of covid. Expedia gave me a travel credit that now they are telling me expired in January. If people were unable to travel how could I possibly used my credit before January. So they are keeping my money.

  • Jun 22, 2020

Expedia notified me that hotel had cancelled the booking (closing because of virus) and that I would be receiving a voucher/coupon for the amount paid. I replied I was entitled to a refund since they had cancelled and that I had no use for the coupon since the booking was event-specific.

I first called Expedia to get it resolved. After being on hold for over an hour, and obtaining the agent's ("Smith's) promise that he would call back at the number I gave him if we were disconnnected, he disconnected and did not call back.

I then tried chat, and spent several hours with the virtual agent claiming, "One moment please, let me check on that." It seems they just wait for you to give up and hang up.

I then received an email from Expedia (Ariz) in which he placed the blame on the hotel, claiming Expedia had to honor the hotel's policy of not issuing any refunds. However, upon direct contact with the hotel, I learned that the hotel had issued refunds to all the event participants who had booked with the hotel directly. That provided clear evidence that Expedia was fraudulent in their claim as the basis for refusing a refund to which I was entitled.

  • Jun 7, 2020

I had ordered airline tickets thru Expedia at the end of March 2020. Got a really good price for my mother to fly out to Utah. The prices had dropped because of this Covid-19. I received and email from Expedia stating that her flight had a conflict and we needed to contact the airlines. So, I spent 3 days trying to get ahold of the airline. Over 25 hours of hold time mainly on the phone and some time with the chat feature. The airline helped us out and rerouted her flights for the same days.

The airline was extremely helpful when I was able to get ahold of someone. Now the bad part. Received another email from Expedia (June 6th 2020 twenty day before flight) stating the airline canceled the flight and they were refunding our money. Well as mentioned above the airline did not cancel, they had changed her itinerary. I contacted the airline again with more hold time. They told me that Expedia had requested a refund for the flight.

They said that they have no choice but to refund the money to Expedia. So, I got back on the phone contacting Expedia. First attempt on hold for 50 minutes and then they disconnected. Appeared the representative didn’t know how to properly connect the call. Got back on the phone to wait on hold. I also went online using the Expedia chat. While on hold on the phone a chat agent connected (after 2 hours waiting for her) and she starting working the issue after about 30 minutes typing, she must have felt like she could not handle the Error by Expedia so she disconnected the session without any notification.

I stayed on the there waiting for her to get back and 1.5 hours later it asked me if I wanted to start over. So finally, after 3.5 hours on phone hold, I was connected with an agent. He realized about 20 minutes into the call, I needed to get to a supervisor. He said he would connect me but the wait was long. Supervisor finally connected and was being very helpful. She said that Expedia had wrongly requested the refund, because a passenger did not request it. She stated she needed to contact corporate office to get approval to get a new itinerary/Flights. This because it was going to cost Expedia in excess of $600 above the original cost out of their pocket to correct their error.

She requested my phone number twice just in case we were disconnect, because she knew I had been on hold for so long. She stated she would call me back if that happened. Well after 30 minutes she got back on the line and said she was still waiting for an answer. Put me back on hold. Now it was getting to be after 5pm Mountain time and low and behold disconnected. I was on the phone over 5 hours. I waited for a call, never happened. I hoped that I would get a call back Sunday morning. Nothing. Now I was getting concerned, do I go on and get a ticket. There were only 2 left for the days needed. Got on Expedia chat at 7am waited just 20 minutes.

Chatted with agent and he said that there were notes from the corporate office saying that since the monies was refunded there was nothing that could be done. I request to be connected with a supervisor. He asked for my number and called me. He stated that the supervisor would not be able to do anything different. Hold again. Talked to a so-called corporate manager. She said again that since the refund was initiated that nothing could be done. She was apologetic and wished there was something she could do. Now over 25 hours on phone with airline and over 6.5 hours on phone with Expedia. Had to make new reservations and cost us an additional $600 to get a flight.

Expedia never offered and compensation, credit, or any apology. I will not use Expedia again to book my travels. I’m veteran and my mother a spouse of a veteran and to be treated so poorly for a mistake made by Expedia.

  • May 29, 2020

Booked a package on Oct 11,2019 on Expedias website for travel between May11 2020-May-28th 2020. Flight to London Upper Class Heathrow from IAD (Dulles ) car service and hotel, insurance. Pandamic happened. I called Expedia on March 16th 2020 to cancel was told Only vouchers or rebook. I chose to rebook it for Aug 10, 2020 thru Aug 22,2020. Everything stayed the same other than the dates. Mid April Trump and Boris closed all borders until further notice, and Virgin was requesting a bailout or go into Adminstation.

I called Expedia and asked for a refund due to the fact that the borders were closed and no opening in sight and Virgin Atlantic stated publicly, they needed a bail out or would be going under. Expedia said since you have non-refundable ticket, and hotel,car service, vouchers only, but they could refund the car which they did. I called Virgin Atlantic directly after and was told voucher only. I called a few days later to Expedia and asked again, was told nope same thing even though the borders are closed until further notice on both sides. I explained that even if I was able to travel I was considered non essential and would be turned around at Dulles or Heathrow.

I was told oh well what do you want? I said a refund please and same reply only difference was wait it out, if everything was cancelled I would get a complete refund. I explained that I was not flying until Aug and if I took Virgins voucher and they went belly up the voucher would be no good. I also said what if I get over there and they go belly up and then I have no way of getting back to the States. Oh well, was said to me we are bound by the hotels olicy and the airlines policy.. I hung up and found the Sr Exes email, the CFO and the board Director of Expedia I emailed them all with the details complete with proof, even my hotel the Mayfair had stated on thier site they would not honor my reservation since I was non-essential.

My email was forwarded from a tier 1 to a tier 3 and to call and reference this case number. On May 8th I did call Expedia and I told them I was not allowed to travel since the State Dept had issued an order not to travel and sent them the link. they kept saying non refundable and said no services rended therefore a credit was due. They kept said not our fault a repeat of all the other times I also told them that on Virgin Atlantics webite it says refunds can be given if the customer declared no voucher but a refund. I want a refund not a voucher,please get in touch with Virgin Atlantic so they can give you the info to process it..At this point I asked for a supervisor and got a very rude person by the name of Koi, who said Nope no refund but a voucher and I said no I was not willing to take a chance. I will wait to see if everything gets cancelled. Five mins later she sends an email stating".An airline credit has been issued. You can apply this credit to a new booking. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIFFERENCES IN FARE! You may only rebook with the same airline and travel must be within the same region."

I called Expedia back and said no I want a refund and I told you I want a refund not a voucher she hung on me. I called Virgin Atlantic directly again and asked for a refund since it stated on thier website I would be turned away since I am non-essential and there was a chance they might go under. I explained that the Dept of transport said "it was not the customers fault this was happening so they should have refunds." and I mentioned the carriages of order stated the same thing. I kept stating I want a refund not a voucher. I was told a list of things they were doing to shore up the airline but non-refundable sorry. At this point I called my Credit cards and started a charge back of all. Then I filed a claim with thier insurance AIG travel as well. I filed a complaint with the BBB, General Attorney,and The FCO in the UK. I even took to social media to shame them all including the hotel. I am not sure if they did attempt to contact the hotel at all or they put me on hold and went for a coffee break or even take another call before coming back on the line to say no for all 3.

I even offered Expedia a way out, Charge me a canceI or charge me a penalty for 600. (450 Virgin the rest to the hotel that way they got something and I at least got some of it back as it is better than nothing. They refused, I am still waiting the outcomes of the charge back for the hotel and airline.

  • May 29, 2020

EXPEDIA.COM IS CRIMINAL: This started on March 12-13 2020 when I tried to cancel my flight. I had to cancel my families flight to Poland because of the International Travel ban during this period. I tried for 48hrs prior to the flight to cancel mulitiple ways. Tried their chat line (Down due to glitches, or 7 hour wait, or too busy to answer). Called airline, but they stated the ONLY way the flight could get canceled is if Expedia cancelled it, and I finally sent email after email well before the flight. So ulitmately, I made the decision to NOT send my family to visit me in Poland and they intential missed their flight even though I could not cancel due to the inability to reach EXPEDIA.COM customer service.

Then from 13 March to 27 May I tried multiple ways to get someone from your company to respond and yet it is still my fault? So once I finally got through, I knew we had problems. Instead of simply apologizing and rebooking new flights, they first tried contacting the airline to solicit a refund. Of course they said no. Then Expedia kept sending me this: "Dear Customer, We have advocated your concern with LOT-Polish Airlines. We are sorry to inform you that the airline is firmed with the policy of your booking. Based on our record, the airline tag you as no show and been advised to follow the terms and condition of your ticket that in case of cancel or no show your booking is non refundable. In this case, Expedia unable to fulfill you request as we are bound to the policy of your ticket and unable to override airline's decision.

Your understanding regarding this matter would highly be appreciated. We apologize for the late response and for the inconvenience it caused you. Thank you for choosing Expedia! " I stated to Expedia that it is YOUR fault NOT the airlines fault I could not get through. They simply will not take responsibilty and use the above statement to put the fault on the consumer/airline and not their disfunctional customer service. You might ask, do you have proof of the above? I have every chat, email and phone call and even sent this information to them explaining that I tried over and over to cancel, yet they still do not accept blame. DO NOT use this company to book your flights.

  • Mar 19, 2020

Expedia, for a fee, sold me peace of mind. They said I would have a full refund within 72 hrs for any reason. Due to the Corona virus, expedia said not to attempt to cancel within 72 hours. I called 5 days out, and for some unexplained reason, they took $97.23 of my $291.69.

They ripped me off. It was impossible to talk to anyone. I will try to get my money back thru Bank of America credit card, however, in my experience, they are partnered with many crooks like expedia. I will never book with expedia again.

  • Jan 13, 2020

I booked 2 roundtrip plane tickets through Expedia to France. At the time I purchased the tickets I also purchased the insurance that Expedia offered with the understanding that if something happened outside of my control that required that I cancel the tickets, that I would be able to get a refund for my tickets by filing a claim.

Now, my tour in France was cancelled by the travel agency and I'm being advised by Expedia that they issue no refunds under no circumstances for the tickets that I purchased. The insurance that Expedia offers rejected my claim because they stated that the travel agency cancelling the trip is not covered under the contract I purchased---though I did not voluntarily cancel my travel plans and that was out of my control.

In addition, Expedia has issued airline credits which

1. Need to be used by the end of may (it is now mid January) &

2. cost $275 per reissuance of any ticket to use the credits that I have in the amount of $2500.

I do not have the need for 2500 worth of airline tickets in 4 months and I no longer live in the US and the credits are only valid from the US.

I am a "Gold Member" with expedia and have spent considerable amounts of money with them over the last several years. They have not offered any resolution besides to offer the aforementioned airline credits which are of no use to me due to the rigid terms mentioned above. My bad for using Expedia.

Word of caution to other consumers: do not book flights or anything that requires insurance through Expedia---especially flights and if you do read the terms carefully before purchase. Most plane tickets are non-refunable and the insurance offered pretty much only covers sickness (with doctor's note), death (with doctor's note), military/jury duty (with note), and very specific unemployment terms.

You are on your own if you book through Expedia so, in my opinion, it's better not to use them at all.

  • Aug 23, 2019

The money hadn’t reached the Presidential Suites Cabarete, so there is NO REASON why we were RIPPED OFF!...Fighting this! Ripped off $271.98 for a hotel we never stayed at.

Expedia Travel Bait and switch....booked a resort that was NOT on the beach but across a very busy road in the Dominican Rep. verified by numerous travelers. Within an hour we canceled the whole package and rebooked with a resort that we previously enjoyed.

The money hadn’t reached the Presidential Suites Cabarete, so there is NO REASON why we were RIPPED OFF!...Fighting this! Ripped off $271.98 for a hotel we never stayed at.

  • May 24, 2019

I am writing in extreme fury, in the mid-night of a day, after just getting off a 2-hour call with Expedia. Though I am writing in fury, I acknowledge, and appreciate, the customer support I have been getting from Expedia for all these many years. However, the whole communication with Mark Lambert just now was an extreme bummer, and I could not hold my temper.

The whole process starts with my booking of a set of return tickets on Expedia yesterday. Then I had a conflict within my firm that I sought to cancel the booking. I relied on the well-advertised 24-hr free cancellation rule, and called them within 24 hours. Then a representative kindly told me that my return ticket is readily cancellable, but he would need to check with airline/his supervisor regarding the departure ticket.

He explained that the carrier is a low-cost carrier that they don't have direct authorization to the carrier to cancel the booking. He called the carrier, but the carrier does not work over weekend. All fine, all great. I held the line, and got transferred to another rep who seems to be relatively higher up, whose name is Dominic. He was so helpful.

He checked my info, and told me that the booking should be cancelable, but he does not have the authorization, for the same reason the first rep mentioned. He then told me to contact Expedia corporate, and gave me a phone to call them within 7 hours, because at that time, the corporate office has not opened. This call lasted for one hour.

Then after 7 hours, as directed, I called Expedia corporate via the number given to me, but could not get through AT ALL. Then I called their usual customer support, and a Jason answered my call. He was a nice customer support staff; and because he is new to the case, we went through all the explanation process, which is totally fine and understandable.

Again, he lacked the authority, and offered to put me in touch with his supervisor Rambell [ph]. Rambell deserves full credit, very helpful, very gentle, and actually understood that by the time he jumped into the scene, I had already been on call with Expedia for 2 hours. Again, he told me that he needed to reach a supervisor, here Mark Lambert came into the scene, after around 1 hour and 40 minutes that I've been holding the line for the second call.

Mark answered the phone, and outright stated that we can't cancel the booking for you. you should call the airline directly. the 24-hour cancellation rule? sorry, doesn't apply to your case, and it is written somewhere, I don't know why you didn't see it. [In fact, now, after the call, I went back to my booking page, and it does not say anywhere that the 24-hour rule doesn't apply to my case.]

The disclaimer might be available in some fine prints, but sorry - it was the customer's fault not to read it. Then he said, hey, after booking, we sent you an email, "any issue you should contact the airline directly." we disclaimed that already, "any issue" includes cancellation, and you should not call us.

I was good-tempered until then. I don't understand that after holding the call for so long, all I get is a cold, almost selfish answer from someone in the "Expedia Corporate." This entire conversation with Mark sets the record of how frustrated I am with a customer service staff. I told him if that is the case, your first rep should just outright tell me that "sorry we can't cancel it" instead of causing me stay on the line for two calls for 3 hours.

I then offered a solution that I really think the burden now should be on Expedia to call the airline instead of having me NOW, after three hours of non-sense, to call them. Then Mark said, sorry, can't do that, because when we call airline, customers must be present. Fine, I told him to call them first, and then get me in the line. He is a masterhead in pushing back. sorry, airline dictates that customer calls first.

I told him, right today in the afternoon, you reps called the airline, put me on hold, clearly you had the power to call them first. He muted, and said, we can call them first, but we need to call you after, and if we don't have availability (i.e. if we get too many calls), we might not have capacity to do that. I then told him you are a supervisor, you can assign the case to a rep and tell him it's a priority.

He then pushed back, again, and again, and simultaneously denying he was pushing back, about that availability nonsense. After we had an argument on this minor tiny issue for (I don't remember, 20 mins), he finally agreed with my approach. This shows he clearly can do it. Oh, I forgot to add, in the midst of the argument, I told Mark I am going to complain about the case. He then replied "I will be addressing the complaint" or "I will be one of the persons addressing it." How laughable and arrogant. Why does Expedia have such a guy in its corporate customer service team?

  • Apr 20, 2019

Called Expedia around 1200 noon on 17April 2019 and made reservation for 1 night at their advertised price for that day which was $57.00 for a total of $62.89. Later called motel and found out they had no reservation for me. Called Expedia again and put on hold for more than 20 minutes and was told it takes time for their info to get to motel.

Waited several hours, called motel again and still no reservation listed for me. My account opened with Expedia showed the confirmation number and itinerary number, but when I entered this info into my newly open account, nothing would go through, including my phone number! Everything they gave me was false or fake!

I checked into the motel as a walk in. Paid for my room and called Expedia again, but with the number provided by the front desk in order to cancel my account. I was put on hold by Cindy, Expedia customer service agent,for more than 20 minutes. I finally hung up, went to the front desk and was informed that Cindy had me on hold while attempting to get the motel to charge my credit card for a reservation that never existed!

While at the front desk, Expedia finally sent confirmation for my reservation which should have been done upon my initial contact with them around 1200 noon 17 April 2019! Expedia sent me false confirmation and then attempted to ask the motel to charge my credit card for services they did not provide after I had already checked in and paid for room!! They were asking the motel to comit fraud while they had me on hold!

Expedia did nothing to confirm my reservation for several hours! Motel 6 refused to comit fraud, or scam me on behalf of Expedia, because I had already paid for my room at that point! After sending email to cancel my account with Expedia, I can no longer access my Expedia account but I have proof and records they can not erase!

  • Apr 20, 2019

I cancelled a roundtrip booked on Expedia from DC to Chicago. They claimed I had actually booked two separate one-way tickets, which I had not. They then refued to refund the most expensive leg of the trip, as if I had somehow cancalled just half of a round trip. I spent well over an hour on the phone. I spoke to two supervisors. They were entirely unsympathic and of no help except to waste my time. Do not do business with Expedia.

  • Mar 9, 2019

Our flight is coming up in a month, which we initially booked on and we paid for travel insurance.

After an extenuating circomstance, with my daughter having an mandatory day for cheer tryouts, they wouldn't allow us to use our travel insurance credit. So not only do we have to pay the $200 change fee, we also have to pay the $200+ for the ticket difference. The insurance should have waived the $200 change fee but they will not let us use the travel insurance for our daughters flight. Their reasoning is that we have to go through their 3rd party insurance company separately and try to get a refund, which sounds like a total scam.

Expedia happily charged us for Travel Insurance and took our money for insurance with the click of a button on their website and now will not honor the insurance but instead point us to some company that we've never worked with. They wont say whether or not we will get the refund or how many hours we'll have to spend attempting to get our refund, they also will not refund the insurance money (which has not done anything for us), so basically ripped us off for $300+ dollars and now will not honor what we paid for.

Expedia customer service is horrible. Expedia management is horrible. Expedia Travel Insurance is horrible. I disdain Expedia and now believe you could pretty much book a trip with any other service and have a better experience than you'll have with Expedia. We've spent $10,000's on over the years and this is the first time we've needed to use the travel insurance. They are such a joke! DO NOT USE EXPEDIA.COM for air travel, hotels or car rentals.


  • Dec 14, 2018

We travel a lot. We went to SE Asia for three months and booked almost exclusively through Expedia. We made our travel plans as we went. We had easily over $15,000 and 20+ nights booked through them. We come back to the US, and we decide to book a 3 week trip out west. We figure we have to have enough points for a few free hotel stays. I logged into my account, and there is nothing there. I spent several hours compiling all of our stays/dates/cost and call customer service. I am informed that because I booked through Expedia while I was in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia that I would have to call the Expedia division in each country to get the points credited. WHAT? An international company as large as Expedia can’t figure out how to track rewards in different countries even though they are a travel company operating in all of those countries? Expedia is going to put the burden (and expense of making international calls to each of their operating countries) on their customers instead of helping resolve the issues themselves??

I then emailed customer support and never heard back from them. If you travel internationally and make plans in country, buyer beware. An aside ... on the trip out west, we booked through Expedia because the rate was that much cheaper. We were also getting in very late after a long day of hiking/driving. We wanted to make sure we had a confirmed reservation. When we got to the hotel, the credit card was declined (the Expedia card). It took us almost 2 hours of being on the phone with Expedia. We finally cancelled the reservation and just paid for the room directly. We then had 2 room charges on our credit card until the cancellation credit was processed (which took several days). We didn’t get to our room until around 1:30 am. That was the last straw. I will never use Expedia again!

  • May 24, 2018

I have proven that I did not use this company to even book anything. They took the money from my paypal account, and now they won't return it.

  • May 10, 2018

On may 10,2018 I tried to book on expedia and travelocity as a customer for years i book 5 to 6 trips a year i saw a special on the internet on expedia web site on a special hotel and car package that i tried to book on line for 45 mintues. what i encountered was the first page of hotels shows discounted rates with the car included under the price that is slashed and hight lighted in big red letters.

After you submitt all your imfo hotel and car imfo i proceded to ck out to find that my 10 day trip at $55.00 a day hotel comes with a free rental car but does not include taxes and fees so the total should be $642.82 inc taxes and fees for 10 days. The total that expedia came up with was over $1100.00 dollars not the same that i added up. So i called expedia at 8.30 two and a half hours later three sales people two supervisers and every hour the price went from $55.00 to $56.00 to $58. 00 for the same room with a free car but i could not book it and after sending them pictures of their site with that price and the included FREE car.

They would not Honor the deal that is a consumer ripoff they are misleading with false advertising they should be fined heavely and takeing off the internet. I spoke to andy a superviser after he played games with me saying he didnt get my emailed piture of the special which i sent five times CASE ID REQ;S-160437724. HE finally admitted he got it but he would not honor that price i want what is advertised and he finally hung up the phone on me Very rude!!!

I called back and spoke to another superviser Rachael and after a hour on a recorderd line she would not honor it either they are in central america and you can not get a superviser in america what a shame!!!,I also look up Travlocity the sister site of Expedia and they advertise the same deals but at ck out they are charging you full retail price too.See the pitcures i included they dont lie i can't make this s**t up i am hoping Expedia corporation that is in washington U.S.A will honor this trip at this price.

  • Apr 30, 2018

I used the hotel price guarantee to get price difference refunded for my hotel stay. I have used this feature many times in the past and did not have a problem until my reservation with La Quinta Inn Austin Airport. After several emails back and forth Expedia customer service told me to cancel my reservation and book a new room. I Have never had to do this and just want the money refunded.

Refund me the quoted price difference for the room. $26.17 refund I submitted all required documentation for this and it it still in Expedia system. That is all I ask for. I am tired of the excuses and beating around the bush. You are not right in telling a customer to cancel his hotel reservation and then rebook it at a higher price.

  • Mar 22, 2018

I booked and paid for ($1,922.88) an apartment for a week in Amsterdam through VRBO three months in advance (December 2017). The credit card charge was to VRBO, the payment confirmation was from Home Away, the fine print on the payment confirmation said "payment has been made to Travelscape LLC", which owned the property. Three days before my travel date (with my daughter) from Houston, with two friends converging on Amsterdam from two other countries, I was dropped by the property manager (Cityden). They cancelled my reservation. I had nowhere to stay. They told me to "take it up with Expedia".

I lodged a complaint through VRBO/Home Away. The VRBO/(Home Away) customer rep told me that Expedia was the "booking agent" and that Expedia owns VRBO and that he would contact Expedia to find me a new place to stay. The place they found me, which they said was "near" my original location, was actually over 40 minutes away by tram and by ferry. And, the new place was asking me for payment. I cancelled the new place, after e-mailing Expedia and Home Away repeatedly asking what I should do, with no response) and found one of my own through AirBNB, and paid for that.

I spent two full work days trying to get my money back, before I got on the plane. I received only fingers pointed from party to party, form e-mails asking me to rate my customer service experience or setting up a "case number" (I have 4 of these now), first names only, call centers in the Phillippines, and no help at all.

Come to find out: Expedia owns Travelscape LLC, the property owner, VRBO, the website through which I booked, HomeAway, the (I don't know where they fit in to my transaction). The only suggestion I received is to try to get a refund from my "payment provider" (credit card company).

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had. These people are either incompetent or fraudulent. My money (all $1,922.88 of it) is on fraudulent.

  • Mar 15, 2018

I was told to buy insurance as I bought this ticket on deployment and the dates of when we would be in port are not always accurate. As the time came closer, I cancelled my flight because I was told I am going on a military flight instead. I filed the claim, providing the appropriate information, only to find out they denied it because it was not involved in their three checked boxes of reasons a flight would typically be cancelled (death of a family, unexpected injury, sickness, etc.)


  • Jan 4, 2018

If It Ain’t Broke….

In 2011, I contracted with Homeaway (VRBO), an online marketing company that was a lead generator for vacation rental properties like mine. I paid an annual subscription fee of $299.00 and in return they posted my rental and found renters for me, the names of which were turned over to me to manage directly. Together, we planned their stay. I did not charge a deposit as I did not want the hassle of refunding it, and I did not charge a fee for cancellation for, as we know, life happens. I am quite capable of managing my own property. For five years, easy peesy.

Fast forward to 2017. Homeaway (VRBO) sells to Expedia. Suddenly, the marketing program disappears and is replaced with a management fee only arrangement whereby all customers generated thru the new site must first pay Expedia before they will release the customers name to the property owner. Now, all communication must go via email through the website and don’t try anything tricky like including your phone number as it will be xxx out. Also, I am being told that I have a deposit policy and a cancellation policy, all with fees attached if the policy is not adhered to. I am charged a handling fee and my customer is charged a fee for booking. The word extortion comes to mind.

Let’s see, someone has taken my million dollar property without my permission and is providing only one service that I need and many others that I don’t need and actually resent, so they can make money on something that they are taking my word for is real. Customers have actually arrived at vacant lots. Some customers are still trying to get large deposits back because of a disagreement about whose policy was at play – Expedia’s or the owner’s. As an owner, I have been told that I get to make three cancellations from my end before I am charged a fee. Really, the gaul.

With this no-choice format, even the dollars and cents don’t make sense. If at $7.50 a pop, my place was rented 52 weekends a year (not likely), my property is worth $390.00 in fees. Actually, when you add the customer fee in, my property may be close to $1000 in value if fully booked. I am willing to pay a $500 guaranteed marketing fee which takes all the guesswork out of my value to the company if only they will add the marketing program option to the site. I think they are capable of running parallel programs. If others want their property ghost managed, far be it from me to deny them that.

I am in hopes that Washington State’s very astute Attorney General will take a look at whether a company can usurp another’s property for private gain, set fees and provide unauthorized services without a contract mutually agreed upon by both parties.

You don’t have to play, you say. You are right. But, for five years, Homeaway understood who the customer was and they and my family prospered. They were just bought by Expedia weren’t they? They must have been doing something right.

  • Dec 19, 2017

I had a medical emergency where I could no longer fly and they first directed me to the airlines to receive a discount from them when that makes zero sense because Expedia is the one providing me with their service. The airlines of course directed me back to Expedia and when I did they did not refund me my flight or even give me an Expedia credit.

  • Oct 7, 2017

I booked my normal hotel in Big Fork, MT, but this time through Expedia, as it popped up first. Since I left the hotel at 4AM I did not get a receipt. When I called for an itemized receipt, I git an email showing that I had paid $205,92 for the one night. Expedia charged my credit card $250.08. So my itemized receipt from the hotel, necessary for me to get reimbursed from my emoployer, is over $44 lower. I am stuck - I will not get reimbursed by my company for the full amount.

I will never use Expedia again. I understand the need to collect a booking fee, but $44.16 is 23.5% of tyhe $187.78 room rate. Worse, everyone makes out but me! I am out $44.

  • Oct 5, 2017

What a lousy service, back in August I paid for 3 tickets to travel to Guatemala, 356.00 each, I confused the last name of one of them instead of delacruz, I wrote Chacon she never paid attention got to the airport, United did not issue a ticket because of the mistake she paid another ticket cost 700.00 only one way, in Guatemala I tried to used the other ticket no way Jose they dinied and we have to paid 300.00 so I paid almost 1500.00 for the round trip. Can not believed they could not talked to the Airlines names were correct. One last name was wrong talked to supervisor and Insurance. To not avail. Will never used it again.

  • Aug 4, 2017

My wife reserved a hotel in ocean springs ms through Expedia, according to Expedia if we used our points we would receive a 20.00 discount on room bringing it to 88.00. After paying for it, I looked at the hotels website to discover the hotel is under renovations, also to discover the 88.00 dollar charge is what the hotel would charge me including taxes if I were to walk in and ask for a room, which they informed I would receive a military discount brining it even lower. When I called the 1800 number Expedia provides I encountered a young man from India who after an hour and six minutes of putting me on hold to ask his supervisor and confirm my complaint of the hotels status and fees his solution was to cancel my reservation and I can just book directly with hotel. So I cancelled my reservation only to find out that Expedia charged me 108.99 instead of 88.00 and will take 7 days to refund me.

This is the third time now that expedia has booked us in a hotel under renovation or not the quality it claimed also to discover that we were over charged . Expedia in my opinion has lost their true customer service and no longer values their customers. I will be pushing to black list them with all military personnel.

  • May 22, 2017

Used Expedia to rent a hotel room in Inglewood California. I chose the hotel from the list that Expedia uses. They sent us to the adventurer hotel in Inglewood California. Expedia must not check the hotel's this hotel was very disgusting had cockroaches in the rooms. Very large number of gang banger thugs smoking marijuana and Other Drugs by the poolside. Air conditioning in the room did not work called mean it's never showed up. Cooney contact Expedia a two hours really didn't do anything we still have not received refund. Expedia left it up to us to talk to the manager to try to get our money back. I would never use Expedia again this is the third time they have done something like this to me.

  • Feb 21, 2017

Travel protection is from Expedia is worthless. I purchased a package through Expedia to Iceland and paid $70 for it. I broke my leg amd could not go. I called to make claim. They asked me to send them proof that I cancelled flight to a fax number. I did not hear from them for 10 days. I then called them and spent 90 minutes on call. After that time they said that they would not pay for it because the airline would not pay for it. If the airline would pay, then I would not need the insurance in the first place. They then asked if I read the fine print. They seriously said that. Do not use Expedia. They are a scam.

  • Jan 25, 2017

I tried to book a trip and the website said it failed. I called them and they said the system was down. Then they took my money out of my account. I call them again and they said the system wasn't down but they still took it anyways and it was not hooked to an email or itinerary So I couldn't get a refund they said check back in 45 days . I went to called the bank the next day and the money was being reversed . A week later they took the money again . The Expedia representative told me it should be refunded in three business days . But they didn't even ask my name for the amount or any information . When I question them about not knowing anything about me they told me that was the best they can do . And I still don't have my money back . They are rude and unhelpful I asked for a supervisor they put me on hold and hung up on me .

  • Jan 18, 2017

Making a hotel reservation thru Expedia cost me a $345 late cancellation fee at the Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel in NYC. Now I find out that they lied to me by saying they spoke with the hotel on my behalf to obtain a refund for the penalty. My flight to NYC was cancelled due to a winter storm on December 17. Since my credit card had been charged by the hotel, I called the hotel to inform them I was not able to get there and was canceling. The hotel said that they couldn't waive the late fee because I booked thru Expedia and that Expedia would need to cancel my reservation. I tried for over one hour to call Expedia Customer Service. Unable to get a person. Tried to cancel on the website but couldn't since I was supposed to be checking in. Tried again the following day, Spoke to a person who said they would call the hotel and get back to me. Never replied. I decided to wait for my credit card statement to see if there was a credit. No credit. I called the hotel again. Couldn't help me. I called Expecia again. Said they would call the hotel manager. Called me back to tell me no luck but that since I had such a bad experience they would give me a voucher for $200 for future use. I filed a complaint with my credit card company. They have since upheld the late fee because the hotel told them Expedia never called. So, they screwed me out of $345, lied to me, and then threw a voucher at me to shut me up. Not happening. I am going to pursue other options to get my obey back in cash.

  • Jan 14, 2017

I booked a flight on Monday Jan 9,through Expedia to France for July 7 at 6:25pm - two availabel, one through Air Canada and another through Lufthansa- (after work to avoid taking a day without pay). It got confirmed by email and moments later another confirmation came in stating my flight is now at 3:20; a time I cannot do.

After being on hold for close to an hour, i finallly spoke to a rude representative that simply said, the airline canceled or raised the prices of that flight and would not honour the price I paid. I was told I could pay the difference or take the earlier flight (which was cheaper but was not offered any form of payback for that). I said i would look into at work and ensured ath I could have the 24hour free cancelation policy extended as I would need time to try to sort it out.

I called, emailed and sent facebook messages at the request of Expedia. I hung up the phone after 25minutes on hold and recieved no return messages by facebook or email.

I finally got them on the phone Jan 11. I needed to reschedule the flight becasue, as expected, leaving that early on July 7 was not possible. I was told I would need to pay a 200USD fee to reschedule as i was over the 24 hour time limit.

Friday Jan 13, I get a full cancelation of just my return flight via email, with no explanation. I now have a flight to France 9at a time I cannot accomodate) but nothing to get me home.

This time, i get through to customer service after 5 minutes on hold. They state that I requested a cancelation, which I did not. First, I asked to be rescheduled, not canceled. Second, if i was going to cancel a flight, why wouldn't I cancel both and third, if i was going to cancel a flight, why keep the one that I can't actually make and cancel my way home? They have no reasons for me.

Expedia then cancels the whole flight and while I am on the phone, both Air Canada nad Lufthansa Air are selling 6:25pm seats through the Expedia website. I am told to go ahead a rebook the flight I want online while I am on the line with customer service. I book the lufthansa 6:25pm through Expedia, and my confirmation comes in with a flight leaving at 3:20pm, again!

I am told that the airline canceled that flight and that was the issue I had the first time i booked (i was told, originally, it was a fare increase). I asked why they still have it on the site for purchase. I am told that the airline has not yet canceled that flight. So, what is it? Did they cancel it or is it still available? If you know it's canceled, why is it still availabel on the site for purchase?

An entire week had passed, or longer, since they've know these 6:25pm flights don't exist, or maybe they do, they can't really explain, yet they are still offering it to people.

I am currently without a flight to Fracne as I am weary of booking thorugh any site the 6:25pm flights.

Please don't use

They have ruined the exciting time of planning a holiday and have left me with no flight. The flight I want is currently still available through Expedia on two seperate airlines as I type.

  • Dec 24, 2016

Avoid these companies.

I made a reservation this evening on Expedia for AsiaAir. On receiving the confirmation. I called immediately to correct a mistake. Within minutes! Expedia blames AsiaAir. AsiaAir blames Expedia.

Who knew you are both such dishonorable companies? The date is wrong in my confirmation. Cancel or change? No worries, Right? NO, Wrong! I simply asked to travel on the date I needed.

Two hours of policy explanations, transfers, “hangups” and insincere apologies later…… NO attempt to correct the issue.

These companies are unethical.

  • Dec 20, 2016

I used Expedia's to book a round trip second honeymoon destination to Australia for my wife and I in December 2016. The flight was through Virginia Australia (handled domestically through Delta). Our entire trip was planned from there (rental car, hotels, airbnb, snorkel packaging). The ticket for my wife was incidentally booked under her legal married name, rather than her maiden name as reflected on her passport. I understand how this would not allow her to fly internationally without change, and I understand that there can be fees involved to address such a change. At the Delta desk on the day of our flight, we were told that to change her name, it would have to be through your service since the ticket was booked first party. Delta assured me this would be a simple, if not standard, change.

I called Expedia's customer service representative and while there was a quick understanding over the change needed to allow us to honor our flight deal, I was put on hold while they worked to make the name change happen. It took over two hours of standing in an airport terminal with the customer service representative popping in every 40 minutes or so to tell me that they were now on hold with Virginia Australia. Your customer service representative sounded flustered and unprepared for the task at hand. Ultimately, she told us that the change could not be processed and we would lose out on the ticket and be unable to fly, effecting cancelling this trip for us. I cannot begin to describe for you the disappointment over your customer service representative's ability to adequately handle this challenge and save our trip. The blame game quickly started -- it's Virginia Australia's policies. I was told that the change couldn't be processed in time (we were three hours early from our first flight domestic; nearly 8 from our international leg with V. Aus). I asked how long before the flight could the change have been processed, and your customer service representative had no answer for me, further clouding the waters.

Standing at the Delta desk with the minutes ticking away, I arranged separate travel for my wife. She would now fly through Dubai, arrive over 12 hours later than me, and at the cost of over two thousand dollars for a last minute ticket.

The thing is -- we actually did get to Australia together at great cost and stress. In person, we went to the Virgin Australia desk at the airport and explained the situation to see if, at the very least, they could adjust my wife's name on her return ticket so we could travel return together. Here is where I got two diverging answers. In person, I was told that having booked through Expedia's third party service, Expedia should (and could) make the change to the ticket themselves. That's quite different from my time with their customer service representative, where I was told it was V. Aus policies keeping the change from happening. Now, this could have been more of the blame game and the deferring I encountered on your end (visions of two hour hold time come rushing back) except for one single difference -- the helpful V. Aus representative then said that if Expedia didn't make the change, that they could then do it for a fee of $200 (due to it being an international flight). The villain they were painted out to be with staunch and immovable policies had but a price -- and a far more reasonable solution than having to get a second ticket at over two grand and missing out on entire day together.

You see, our ticket could have been saved. There's no question of that now. I even asked how early in advance the ticket could be changed (as your representative implied some cutoff after the excessive hold time) but this appeared to not even be the case. The fact of the matter is, this change at most should have been a $200 fee, and my wife and I should have been able to travel together.

I accept some fault in the matter, but it is clear that the original ticket could have been salvaged. The original ticket was worth $1,300, and if you subtract the fee for the name change of $200, that is still $1,100 that was the very direct result of your customer service representatives ineptitude.

  • Aug 20, 2016

Isn't airline travel difficult enough without adding surprises when you get to the airport? I selected 18 seats for 3 people on 6 legs of a trip only to find out that Expedia never even told the airline what our selection was. Evidently, they have discovered that since customers seat selections are "requested" not "reserved" they don't need to expend resources to notify the airlines anymore. Because afterall, the airlines aren't going to honor them and the airline is going to charge you additional money to get one of their upcharged aisle and window seats. Even though there is fine print that says "confirm with the airline" it doesn't say "we aren't going to tell the airline what you want, so pay us now and hope you get a seat" and "oh by the way, expect to pay additionally for your seat, so you probably should just book with the airline in the first place at least you only have one party to deal with". Good luck trying to get these companies to do legitimate business.

  • Jul 23, 2016

I booked a vacation on expedia. All was fine. Then I noticed a nicer hotel offering a 29% discount if it's booked on leap day. So I called expedia. This offer was on both the hotels website and expedia's Facebook page. As I'm on the phone with the agent she tells me that she is showing no rooms available on her screen and can I log in and see if I can book. I was able to. I confirmed with her numerous times 2 things. First would I get the refund for the first hotel to my card AND would I get the discount. She said yes to both. 2 days later I get the confirmation and SUPRISE no discount. I call because this is an error and they offer a best price guarantee. NOPE! I get told so sorry there's nothing they can do. Now I can only hope that I actually get the refund for the cancelled hotel. Save yourself the hassle. Don't use them.

  • May 21, 2016

I bought Expedia cancellation plan for trip. It was the only option provided onscreen during my purchase. It gave some examples like "Mary got sick and couldn't go on her trip, she received a full reimbursement for her flight" However, the fine print provided link to another website which apparently shows it's only for sickness or death with doctors notes. I can't go on trip, I understood there'd be a $200 per ticket cancellation charge but the remaining balance is only offered as an airline credit, plus the $74 dollars for the insurance. Additionally, they do offer an insurance plan that actually does what was represented (and what I wanted) when I bought it, only it wasn't offered on my purchase screen. The flights chosen were on different airlines, Expedia can only cancel on United Airline and I must contact Frontier airline myself. Summary, I bought ticket for me and my son to go see family, bought trip insurance, cancelled trip and had to pay for entire trip anyway.

  • May 18, 2016

I ordered tickets on Expedia online and paid Travel protection fee $22 as my insurance fee to cancel tickets in future case. Now I decided to cancel tickets because of changing plans. I called Expedia for many times and they always keep saying Sprint airline was responsible to manage it. I called Sprint and they said i have to call Expedia because they got my TravelProtection insurance fee. Expedia always keep me waiting after their phone machine found my phone number as my ID. They avoid me and say computer system was messed up and ask me to call back in an hour or two hour or one day later... I called many many times... expedia travel protection insurance seems not working and not insure any canncellatio. they fool us customers.. Fraud!

  • Mar 7, 2016

After spending weeks on trying to find the right deal, I came across a "deal of the day" for an all inclusive resort with airfare. The total online was $1,966.78, but I had questions, I wasn't sure if shuttle service was included, so I decided to call a representative with expedia.

After the whirlwind of a phone call and confirming with representative on the other line that shuttle service from the airport was included I booked our first vacation in 25 years.

My credit card was actually charged $2933. I had some personal things going on so it didn't click that this price was not quite right for a few days.

I decided to call Expedia just to get the break down of my vacation, I thought maybe there were fees and taxes I didn't know about. When the representative told me there was something wrong with deal and that he was going to have to transfer me to higher level, I immediately knew something was wrong. The representative could see on the computer the amount that I was talking about ($1966.78) but couldn't do anything about it.

Each representative was very friendly and aplogized for what was happening, but in the end couldn't do anything and had to transfer us to "corporate." Each time we were told corporate would need to "listen" to the recording of that day and they will call me in 7 days. No call, we called, then were told wait another 48 to 72 hours, a week went by, still no call from corporate. So I called again fourteen days later.

After holding for another hour plus, (mind you, each representative still very polite and helping as much as possible.) I finally got to talk to corporate.

The representative on the other line told me they did get a hold of the recording and it stated that I agreed to $2933 charge. When asked if I could listen to the recording, she stated that can only be done with a court order. When I asked about the recording about the shuttle service she told me that the documentation did not show anything about the shuttle service. Then I asked her, but I thought you listened to the recording, and she stated that it was documentation from another department.

At that point she didn't want to hear anything else I had to say and was pretty firm about this is the end of the line.

I don't understand why corporate never could call us back and I don't understand why there is a price differene from the nd speaking with a representative. Also, if they can see the price for that day on their end, they should honor this price and not jack up the price.

  • Feb 2, 2016

I recently was walked thru Expedia's so called Price Match Guarantee and given the royal treatment with their agent looking over the competitions website and agreeing that the room and the date were a match and there should be no problem matching the rate. different cancelation policy which i believe if you check most sites they all have slightly different policies and they use this to not have to match the price and probably get people to just give in seeing that they have their reservation already booked. It definitely looks like a scam to me. I will be canceling my booking with them and go with the lower price site and I can assure you I will let everyone know about this scam!


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