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Expedia, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Bellevue
Phone 425-679-7200

Expedia, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2015

On Sunday October 4th, my husband and I were making plans for our upcoming vacation/business trip to the Virgin Islands. We found an interesting villa (Sea Shore Allure) on the Expedia website so we called Expedia for more information. The Expedia Agent explained that we had until December 29th before any charges would be made on the card and until that date, we could cancel with no penalty. Based on this, we booked with the Expedia Agent right then on the phone. The very next day, Monday October 5th I received an alert from Amex stating that $1650.00 had been charged to my card. I immediately called Expedia and explained that this was not the arrangement with the Expedia Agent to charge my card for any amount immediately.

The Expedia agent apologized and explained that I was told this because Expedia thought that this was the arrangement Expedia had with the hotel. I explained that I wanted Expedia to honor what they told my husband and me as I did not call the hotel, I called Expedia. The Expedia rep told me that it was out of their hands because he contacted the hotel and the policy is to bill 50% now and 50% upon arrival and if I didn’t show up, the hotel would bill for the full amount. When I asked to speak with a manager, repeatedly I got put on hold and then disconnected. After 2 days and numerous calls ending in the company hanging up/disconnecting, yesterday October 7, I finally got in touch with a manager ("Hans" he said his name was). He apologized for Expedia's misinformation, restated the hotel policy, put me hold then came back and said he wasn’t able to reach the hotel manager, but assured me that they would ‘try’ to work with the hotel to have my money refunded. I knew he was merely telling me anything to get me off the phone.

so I cancelled reminding him that I am going by what the Expedia Agent said at the time of booking and I expect a full refund. Today, I took it upon myself to call the Sea Shore Allure hotel myself. The manager, Bridgette answered the phone and stated that the hotel policy is to refund 80% of the total stay if cancellation is received 2 months before scheduled arrival. Our arrival is over 4months from now. However since Expedia booked, the hotel nor I can cancel it. Now I just told ‘Hans’ at Expedia yesterday that I wanted to cancel. I asked if Expedia had contacted her yesterday and she said yes and when she told them the policy, the Expedia rep said ok and hung up. I called Expedia back and spoke with manager ‘Jess’ notice how you only get first names.

She started spouting the same thing ‘Hans’ said. I told her what the hotel manager told me moments before. Was Expedia trying to force me into this for some reason? Jess put me on hold stating that she was calling the hotel just like ‘Hans’ said he was doing yesterday but lied and said he didn’t reach the manager. Jess got back on the phone and confirmed what Bridgette told me about 80% being refunded by the hotel. All of this so far is he said, she said, just like the original reservation, so I asked for an email confirmation from the manager. She sent me an email stating what she and Hans said from the beginning.

Then she said disregard that. I asked for an email to confirm about the 80%. She sent me an email to that affect but there was no date as to when the money would be refunded. An argument ensued because this manager did not feel that Expedia needed to champion getting my money from the hotel or even ask when the money would be refunded to my card. I did not give my card to this hotel, I explained, I gave my card information to Expedia and Expedia has a responsibility to find out and tell me when I will get my refund. I won the argument.

Back on hold. Jess returns stating the refund would be today. I asked for that in writing. She sent an email stating this. I explained that since the issue was the fault of the Expedia agent stating misinformation, I will not pay for it. I requested the matter of balance $660 be taken care of by Expedia. Jess said it would have to be taken up at a higher level within the Expedia company and I will know of their decision with 48 to 72 hours.I have yet to receive any notification from my card company the a refund is processed.

  • Sep 14, 2015

Expedia was used to book a flight to Nairobi. A leg of the flight was canceled and we were never notified. We missed our flight and are now out of our trip.

  • Aug 21, 2015

I was seeeking the perfect accomidations for my stay in the Bahamas using and found a really nice visual of the place, it listed all the amenities and description of the place was actually called a Resort. The price was perfect for me, so I booked my stay for 6 days.

Upon arrival, I could not find the place as there were no signs outside, no indications of a resort or even a hotel. When I finally found the place, having to stop and ask some one who happen to be standing on the property I parked and went in to get my room.

The lady in the front desk was very unprofessional, unpersonable and the office itself was very rundown, unkept and even a bit messy, unorganized and dirty. I proceeded to check in. There were two guest and they would not give two room keys. They gave only one. I was taken to my room. As I was walking with the young lady who did the escorting, I took notice of the pool which was very dirty, with a film so thick it fogged the water.

The grounds were run down and unkept.

The room I was given was horrific! I had to take pictures of it all!

I had just traveled from Hawaii! But if I back that up... I worked extremely hard, for several months to SAVE the money to take a VACATION.

I was exhausted by the time I arrived. I was happy to be with my company, but absolutely uphauled when I saw my accomidations! My arrival was on the 17th of July. That evening, when I went to take my shower, I noticed no shampoo, no toiletries, just 2 towels and one wash cloth. No bath mat in front of the shower. I have already taken notice that there was no coffee maker in my room and no phone. I only wish I could show the photos of this room right here, because they speak for themselves.

I went to the office to ask for the shampoo, etc. and that same woman at the desk was extremely rude. The tone she used along with her body language let me know she was not going to hear me. She said there was no shampoo and never offered me a solution, or any options. NOTHING!

I was so exhausted. I needed to go out and buy our toiletries. Its exhauting just writing about this place. I have tried to contact the manager of the hotel to ask for a refund. I went down to the office on the 19th of July in the evening and found another lady working and expressed how unhappy I was and she was totally oposite the other employee. This lady was like a refuge. She completely understood, she guided me to Expedia and said they will find me another place and the hotel would check me out early and refund me my money. I was so happy until I went to start my move. I contacted Expedia and they said they could not help me. I have all my emails and the replies. I went straight to the website, and explained to them what was going on and they said they would need to start my reservataions all over which would mean the reiembursement could take up to 10 working days to show up in my account, so I would need to have the money at hand to get into another room.

I certainly did not have that available money and I only had 4 more days left. I learned how STUCK I was! Unable to be moved from this room. My bed was so dilapidated, it hurt my body. My vacation was painful instead of rejuvinating! It became emotionally painful, too!

Anyway, I have made several attempts since then to be heard and resolve my issue, via emails, phone calls and Priority Mail sent to the Corporate offices of both Expedia and and still have not been able to resolve this issue.

I thought there were laws in place to protect the consumer of misleading and false advertising? I chose this room because of the way it presents itself in the photos and written description. I actually looked at other websites to see if there were any big differences in the way this Hotel was represented and they all seem to show the same ad, so I trusted it and purchased my stay.

If a company has that many complaints, how can they keep getting way with it?

  • Aug 19, 2015

I booked a week long stay at a hotel through Expedia. Between the checkout page and my email confirmation, the base price of the hotel without extras increased by 20 percent. I was also due a free night stay for booking 10 days at a hotel. After hours of phone and chat contact with Expedia about the changed price, I contacted my bank for a Visa dispute. Expedia also cancelled my existing rewards account and refused to honor the free night stay. Even though I provided recreated screen shots of the check out process showing the amounts supporting my claim right up to booking, Visa said that without my actual screen shot, they were unable to help.

  • Aug 7, 2015

Avoid any bookings with Expedia. Their Agents and Supervisors are..

1. Poorly trained

2. Trained to lie to consumers to say what they think the consumer wants to hear

3. Mislead, misrepresent and LIE

If you are seeking a legitamit refund you will have to jump through hoops and eventually get nowhere. First you have to wait up to at least 50 minutes on hold before tou even get to speak to an Agent. Then the Agent will listen to your complaint and begin their lying process.

If you then ask to speak to a Supervisor you are placed on hold for another 10 to 15 minutes. The Supervisor is equally as inept as the Agent and will tell you a different lie. I asked last Supervisor to transfer me to her Manager. She said "I will put the call through to Corporate and they will call you back today for sure." Well, you know what happened, never got a call.

The fact is, when Expedia gets your money they will do everything they can to hold back your refund so they can earn interest on OUR money.

This morning I again tried calling them and...they don't even answer the phone.

They are a complete Rip-Off and MUST be avoided at all cost.


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