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Best Buy

Country United States
State California
City Chula Vista
Address 59 N Broadway
Phone 619-420-1187

Best Buy Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2021

GEEK squad service contracts are a Rip Off Not only did thier technician have to come out 4 times for a repair that never got fixed...spanning over 4 months... The technician took some type of knife and tore up the freezer lining, leaving a sharp edge that cut my wifes hand. The technician butchered the job ( i will be posting pictures on another site)

The replacement that I had to drag out of them took another 2 months When they finally said they would replace it. It got WORSE.

They told me that my Refrigerator wasn't available in the warehouse so they could only give us a gift card for $1300 when the refrigerator replacement cost is $2789. I explained that the same refrigerator is available to pick up at multiple stores near me. This didnt matter to Donna the Geek Squad rep. She said it didnt show on her computer ( LOL) so there was nothing they could do.

Worst service ever!!!! We will be going to multiple stores and showing customers how Best Buy and Geek Squad takes care of thier customers.

they make millions off of customers with the fees on these warranties and when it comes to paying on a claim they just screw the customer.

  • Sep 1, 2021

I pre-ordered a 400.00 watch the 1st day pre-order was available. The watch came out on Aug. 27th. Best buy wont ship it until Sept 9th. I should have had the watch on or around the 27th given my pre-order status. Numerous contacts to Best Buy. Their solution, no we wont change your order so you can get the watch now instead go to a store and buy a second watch and when the pre-ordered watch comes in cancel the order and wait for a refund.

Best Buy is attempting to lock me into a pre-order and ship the watch when its convienient while selling the watch to walk in customers. No customer service at all!!

  • May 6, 2021

I purchased the total tech support coverage plan to upgrade my arcade 1 up machine. I had a few other things that I could use help with so I thought it would be a good deal. I was wrong. After their billing department lied to me saying that arcade 1 up machines were covered under the "virtual reality" section of video games and should be serviced through the home theater department. I was shifted around to five different people who kept me on hold for two hours.

They signed me up for $199.00 yearly renewable TTP program then promptly dropped my call. It was so late the local store was already closed so I had to call back the next day, after going through another three people each one put me on hold again and dropped my call each time. I kept calling back to speak to a 2nd geeksquad agent who told me they do not work on arcade 1 up machines even though they sell them.

I called back the next day to set up an appointment to fix the backlight on my 60 inch flat screen and the new geeksquad agent said they don't do that either ! I wondered what do they do. So buyer beware, unless it is expressly written verbatim on Best buy's website they don't do it and will not cover it. I gave up on any cpu services because Geek Squad still charges $49 with only %20 discount for TTP members so what am I paying for?

They should change the name from "total protection" to only if we feel like it. I requested a refund for which they refused after only two days of membership.

  • Apr 17, 2021

I went to Best buy to buy a phone and got scammed twice and both times they lied to me about phone RAM. They sold me phone with 3GB ram claiming it had 4 GB. The specs on the display phone said 4 GB so I bought the phone, I went home looked at it and it had 3 instead of 4. This is BAAAAAAD. This happened TWICE.

  • Mar 5, 2021














  • Jan 14, 2021

I bought a set of 3-D LCD glasses and controller. The set came with 3 special DVDs used to demonstrate the system. The box mentioned no restrictions on the type of TV it would work with.

Installed the glasses and controller and had to open one (of three) sample DVD enclosed to demonstrate the 3-D effect. I found that the hardware was incompatable with progressive-scan (HD) TVs.

Tried to return the package and was refused because I had opened one of the DVDs. Was told that I bouht software, not hardware! and that Best Buy would not accept software returns. I argued that I could not test the hardware I bought without opening at least one DVD.

Went through three levels of customer service and they all refused to allow me to return the package, insisting I had bought software. Was told by a customer service rep that Best Buy was "just" a retailer, and could not guarantee that everything they sold would work. What a customer-friendly outlook.

The glasses manufacturer referred me to the packager of the set. They offered to take the set back and issue $100 credit toward other DVDs they sold. Even though they tried to be accommodating, I'm not particularly interested in their DVDs. I just want my money back from Best Buy.

The 3-D package only cost $71, so it's not just the money that's at issue. It's the feeling that if Best Buy sells me hardware for a particular use, and the hardware doesn't work as claimed, they should take it back.

The fact that I had to open a DVD to test it is as immaterial as me opening an included sampler DVD to test a new player.


East Hanover, New Jersey

  • Dec 31, 2020

I bought a flat screen TV for my husband two Christmases ago from Circuit City (great company). Along the way the balance on my CC card was transferred to Best Buy. From day one the card was BS. You couldn't use it on the internet only in stores. The late charge was more than the minimum payment and you were assessed a $45.00 late charge if you were ONE day late. I paid as agreed up until February 2011 when things became tough for me, as with everyone else. I made one payment late. The next month I paid the card off when things picked up financially. Today I check my credit to buy my husband a golf club for Father's Day ($600.00). I am denied. I check my credit - 2 adverse accounts (one is Newport News, which I filed a previous complaint about); the other is Best Buy. I paid of over $2,000.00 not including interest, made one payment late and it is listed as "adverse." Best Buy is a sleezy piece of ____ company that I hope goes the way of Circuit City which was a much better company. I will never buy anything, not a CD, from them. As mentioned in a previous post; I had six credit cards (I do like shopping), only two reported me late. Thanks to Sears, the Children's Place, the Home Depot and Capital One. I know which stores I will be using in the future but it certainly will not be Best Buy. If it weren't for the fact that I don't want to see people lose their jobs, I would hope that you were driven out of business.

  • Dec 19, 2020

My washer went out on 13th, we had bought it at Best Buy, with the extended warranty. When we called, they explained the process, with them coming out and diagnose the machine, order parts, waiting then re-scheduling tho come back, it could take 3 we decided to buy a new I spent $1000 dollars on a new one, they brought it on the 18th......the delivery guy said they couldn't install it because he didn't have the right stacker kit, and I would have to go 25 miles away to Best Buy and buy one, the schedule to have someone come out and install it.

I bought the new kit, and went home and installed washer myself, very easy to install a washer. Only to find out the new washer is defective, it powers up, but has an error code. When we called the store, they said they couldn't come out to repair or replace it till after Christmas........we've been waiting for a week for a working washer I paid for....they really don't give a s**t.....they got our we have to wait till they decide to do anything at all. Will never spend another dime there.

  • Dec 15, 2020

I returned a Sonos speaker that did not work to the Lynnwood, WA store. They would not give me my $500 back, but put it on a Best Buy gift card instead. Today, when I tried to use it, I find that there is only $50 on it! T

  • Dec 8, 2020

My cell phone broke one day before leaving the country (12/8/20). I was just completing a 14 day quarantine at home before going and visiting family in Canada which made it difficult to find options to replace my phone at the last minute. It was important to replace it before leaving so that I could maintain my phone access while out of the country for 2 months. After researching my options, I came across Best Buy's advertising of same day delivery in Brooklyn, NY where I reside. On the product's website (Google - Pixel 4a 128GB (Unlocked) - Just Black) I was told that I could receive the product shipped to my home by 9PM. I went through this process and was informed around 8PM that the product could not be delivered that day.

The following day I ended up on the phone with Best Buy for over 6 hours speaking with various departments about my options. While on the phone with customer service I had 4 calls dropped after spending large amounts of time on the line. I cancelled my departure date and was told that my best option was to cancel the order and put in a new order for same day delivery today (12/9/2020). It's unknown why they couldn't process the old order the next day, but I went along since I required the phone before leaving the country. At roughly the same time of 8pm on 12/9, I was informed once more that this phone could also not be delivered today.

I required delivery instead of pickup since I have been quarantining to preserve the safety of my family. This is all compromised now as well since they have been unable to deliver as advertised. While on the phone I was told that they could process a max credit of 15% which I did not feel was sufficient. I was informed that I had to accept cancellation of the first order, take the credit and receive a callback from a senior agent in an hour who could help me above that amount. I waited over 4 hours, received no call and had to make multiple phone calls to connect with any agent. Once I did connect I was told that they couldn’t do anything since a refund had already been processed which refuted the information I had received earlier.

At this point I am out of options and not sure how to proceed, I need this phone and also need to leave the country. I had options previously that I do not now since they have not been able to deliver on their promised services twice in a row. This is faulty advertising on the part of Best Buy to claim they can deliver these products the same day. This is gross misrepresentation of their services and is not acceptable. Two days in a row they were unable to match their advertised delivery service.

  • Nov 30, 2020

I placed an online order for Watch Dogs: Legion Standard Edition - Xbox One, Xbox Series X on 11/16/2020 (Order #BBY01-806369229792). It was attempted to be delivered by Roadie with a less than a 10 minute notice at 8:52am on 11/17/2020. I was not able to meet the driver to get the package, as there was not enough notice, so the product was returned to the Tacoma Best Buy location by the Roadie driver. I immediately went into that location to speak to a manager to either get the product or start my refund. However, as of today, 12/1/2020, I still do not have my refund and have been told many different lies on what is going on, not just the Tacoma location, but in my many hours of calls in the past 2 weeks to customer service.

This is completely unacceptable and the practice of lying to avoid giving a refund is fraudulent. I am not only requesting a full refund and an extra amount for the ridiculous amount of time I have had to spend on this, but in addition a very detailed explanation of why this occurred and steps that are being taken to prevent this from happening again with other customers. Please respond back to me as soon as possible.

  • Nov 29, 2020

This last Black Friday, I tried to buy a laptop from Best Buy, the computer was $500 off regular price. The first attempt, my payment was declined, contacting the bank I confirmed what may have caused it, so I tried a different payment method... Everything from debit card to PayPal checkout were declined. Even buying a gift card was impossible. Spent over 2 hours trying get a hold of support to solve my issue next day (on queue). However, instead I was met suddenly with an After Hours message.

Nowhere in their website is their a disclaimer about chat office hours. Next day I try contacting support again, but now the price of the item had gone up. I tried asking the deal price be honored and stated my case and how it had been impossible to get ahold of support the previous day. The reply from the rep? They they couldn't honor the price, but they could gladly help me placing the order at full-price, and if till January the price happens to drop, I may get an adjustment (nevermind how regular price may be beyond my budget?). Not only that, but I still get online ads promoting the discounted price (even if the ad is being run by the manufacturer of the laptop itself).

  • Nov 26, 2020

Best Buy advertised a 65" inch Hisense TV for 250.00. This was advertised as a Black Friday sale on their site and national newspapers. The day before Thanksgiving I wanted to check the TV on their website. It said available soon for the TV. So I contacted Best But their representative said it would be available the next day, Black Friday, so I need to check online as son as their black friday sale started. I work Shift work, midnights, so I was able to get on at 5AM to pruchase TV. It still read 250.00 but available soon. I checked every hour on the hour, the message never same.

Finaly at 2 PM I started to contact the company. I was hung up on mu;tiple times. I talked to a Josh P on the online chat. I complained about false advertising and Bait and switch, He stated that all it had to do was be on sale online for sometime Friday and only for a couple minutes and it would not be false, He would not say what time it would be on sale, it was my "job" to check minute by minute. I called company.. Finally after 45 minutes talked to a Arieal in customer service. He gave me same run around. Asked to talked to a supervisor. After another 30 minute hold i talked to a Cheryl, I think. She told me that someday it would be for sale, not neccessarily today, but at sometime. I was very upset with this, she even agreed that this was wrong. I told her to sell me the TV today for advertised pricce or the 70".

She refused. if a car company is not allowed to bait and switch, how can this company do this? This is illegal and unethical! I know many people like myself were tricked by Best BUY. After I hung up I checked the website, Now it state it will be for sale on Friday the 28th. This is wrong, this is not right, Best Buy should be held accountable. I recorded my conversations and also tok pics of the chat with Josh. I work hard for money and Best Buy should honor what they advertised

  • Oct 15, 2020

A fradulent charge was placed on my credit card for a computer part totaling $359.99 on October 12. I called Best Buy within 2 hours after notifiying the cahrge was made and told them it was not my charge. They provided a case number and indicated the legal/fraud department would handle this and get back to me within 24-48 hours.

The item was supposed to ship on 10/14. Called again on Wednesday and nothing was done - said please call back again. Called on Friday - got the run around....on hold for 32 minutes. Could never speak to a supervisor the BB representative said I would not be getting a refund. Ridiculous - they shipped out an item after the charge was fraudulent! They are just interested in taking your money!

  • Oct 4, 2020

Best Buy should close their doors if can’t handle delivery and installation of 4 kitchen appliances. In August we placed our appliance order in a store in MA. From the beginning this order was messed up, first they set up the delivery for the wrong address which we had that corrected even before we left the store. Since everyone knows appliances are all back order, we were set up to receive EVERYTHING on the same day beginning of September. We received emails confirming our appointment for that day, we took the day off to receive and have all appliances installed and old ones hauled away.

The day of the delivery, we only received one item when we were supposed to get all 4. Was on the phone with Best Buy the whole day between the store and regular customer service people. Nothing got resolved, the next 3 days on the phone with Best Buy every day and we only received 2 items but nothing installed. The next week we were promised the installation will happen and the last item would get delivered.

Now we are 4 weeks later and we still have our appliances in boxes without installation and missing a stove. DO NOT PURCHASE anything from Best Buy!!!!!! We will never step foot in a store ever again. We wasted so much time on the phone with them, on one of the days I was on the phone with them for 6 hrs! It’s crazy when you spend over $5000 to have these kind of issues. In the end Best Buy cost us money and time. Do not make the same mistake as us, take your business someplace else.

  • Oct 2, 2020

Purchased a dishwasher on 7/26 with installation and haul away. Delivered on 8/24 but subcontractors unable to install as they did not have the proper installation kit. Rescheduled for 9/14 ( had the dishwasher in my house in a box) to install and haul. No one showed and scheduling said there was no appointment- appointment was made in store at appliance section. Rescheduled again 9/29. Someone showed to haul away but couldn’t as it had not been disconnected and there was apparently no one coming to install.

After hours and hours of phone calls I was promised delivery before 5 on that date. No one came. Rescheduled one more time 10/3 . Again regardless confirmation emails and texts aplenty, no one showed. Best Buy is refusing to provide the services paid for in July. The item was returned on 10/3, as I was told when they didn’t show that I would have to reschedule. It is clear that they are refusing to provide services that were long paid for.

  • Sep 10, 2020

I purchased a new washer and dryer from Best Buy and you would not believe what we went through to get it installed.

45 days ago we visited a store in Cary, NC during covid. We were stopped at the front and the lady said she would check us in. The computers were having issues and she kept us there for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to schedule the visit with the appliance department. The line at the store after 5 minutes was out the door since the new policy is to check everyone in unless you are just browsing.

After 20 minutes (almost in tears) the Best Buy woman said go ahead and go to appliances. We did. A very helpful gentleman found us a washer and dryer but when he tried to place the order the computers were down again. We had to leave without a washer and dryer but decided to order at Best Buy online..... AND THAT begins the large mistake of my life with any retailer.

Best Buy Cancellation #1

We ordered a washer and dryer online and the delivery was set for 3 weeks out. The day before the delivery Best Buy called to cancel since they did not have all the parts.

Round 2 -- 45 days after the purchase

Best Buy set two different appointments. A delivery and an install/pickup the old washer and dryer. The first delivery went perfect. All the pieces were delivered on time and the Geek Squad put the washer and dryer in the garage.

The next day was the install / remove the old washer and dryer. We waited for 5 hours which is the window for the delivery.

Call #1 to Dispatcher (1pm):

We are sorry for delay but our computers show the delivery is still being made. I can't track him but he must be on his way.

Call #2 to Dispatcher (3pm):

He should be on his way at any time. Let me check. Oh he finished his deliveries today and skipped your house since we show the items have not arrived yet.

I told the dispatcher that he items were here at the house and after an additional 2 HOURS of waiting on the dispatcher and her manager Jean employee number xxxxxxwe were told they would have to reschedule and it would be another 5 days.

I told them this was the 3rd screw up and the 2nd missed appointment. Why can't they squeeze me in or have the installer come early the next morning or late the next day? Jean employee number xxxxxxbecame rude and said he did not have that power and I could either schedule a pickup of the washer and dryer and wait an additional 5 days for a credit or wait for 5 days for an install. Basically he wasn't willing to do anything other than what was easier for him.

About an hour later a local dispatcher named "Joy" called. I assume local because the number was from North Carolina. She said she heard bout the issue, I assume from the driver?, and she would try to get the install group to do an extra install.

The next morning true to her word they showed up, installed everything... were wonderfully helpful. Joy was a miracle.

The dispatcher help desk that is clearly overseas and where I was transitioned to Jean Employee number xxxxxxwas rude and not helpful at all. In fact the help "CHAT" I used before getting to the dispatcher is pasted below. Both were very rude and the CHAT person was SO incompetent he kept asking for my order number even though I pasted it 3 times and it was at the top of the CHAT help.

BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT ORDER APPLIANCES FROM Best Buy ONLINE. Go to the store. They can help. Best Buy ONLINE is a nightmare and they are not empowered to make any decision or help you in any way.

  • Aug 8, 2020

Big Scam by Best Buy. I’m a loyal business customer who is being charged $3,733.48 and have no product at all. I was in full compliance with the return policy at the time (items unopened, and within 14 day = exception because item was shipped after 23 days to me + the extended quarantine return period.

I have been treated unfairly. On 3/15 I went inside the Best Buy store and ordered, paid for 2 iPhones. This is the day before America's official Covid lockdown and business closures. They said it would take 3 weeks to ship to my business. I called back the next day to cancel. Manager says I have to wait for it to ship, cannot cancel now. When I go to the store to return it, they say to call 888 Best Buy for a UPS label, cannot return in store. Frustrating and deceiving but OK. I call and request a UPS label, then ship it back.

UPS Tracking shows received by BestBuy at their warehouse 4/16. I call customer service to inquire about my refund, they say check back in a week. My English language is not good, so I have my son call every week. Then we open a dispute. We wait and call back every week to check. on 6/16 the Best Buy phone reps say that I'm fraud and that I sent them an empty box. Obviously items were either stolen in transit or at the Best Buy warehouse. I've sent a letter to corporate to see if anyone can help here. I go to the store, they say call. I call, they say go to the store.

Now they have failed to inform me about this and now it's pass the 60 day UPS claim window. I talk to the store manager and the customer support. They have very bad internal communication with their team. I'm treated as a fraud now? This is not good.

Best Buy attempted to ship the package back to my business however it was returned to sender because of the business closure due to quarantine. On the tracking report I was also surprised to see the weight discrepancy on the UPS tracking shows 1.20lbs when I returned to BestBuy.

Note: the weight on tracking showing 1.00lb. - Not good.

How many people interacted with this package before the items were deemed missing? And what is actually missing? Why didn't Best Buy make a claim at UPS in time?

Best Buy is a professional company, they should take care of the customer here.

  • Jul 27, 2020

I purchased a Sony Bravia TV in 2018 brand new. It never worked on the eithernet cable, everything else was fine including the WIFI. I had a 5 year extended warranty with Best Buy Geek Squad when I purchased the TV FOR 1300.00 dollars. After approximately 7 trips to the home from there "Tech" the Geek Squad and replacing the same mother board with the same results 6 to seven tims for a least 2-3 hour visits each time they the GS took what was a workable TV destroyed it to the point it was unwatchable.

I finally after a year had them replace it per there agreement which was a huge struggle since the contract stated after "Two repairs" on the same part under there lemon policy the TV would be replaced.

Well they replaced it just recently however they now inform me that the remaining 3 years of the contract I paid 300 dollars for is now forfitted since they replaced the TV per the warranty agreement.

To me this is unethical upprefessional since they dragged me through the mud to begin with now they say no coverage on the new TV. This to me is a rip off I should be entitled to 3 more years at minimun on the new TV.

  • Jul 27, 2020

I purchased a refrigerator from the Best Buy store on Eager Road in St. Louis, MO on July 23rd. It was an open box item without any marks, dents, or scratches. BestBuy said they would deliver on July 27, and that they would call or text me if there were any changes. I didn't receive a call or text from Best Buy. Come to find out they emailed me to "confirm" delivery of August 3rd. I'm diabetic and a senior citizen, I have to have a refrigerator for my medications. When I called the store, I was first told there weren't any refrigerators of that model within 200 miles of St. Louis. I told the BestBuy rep that I had bought the open box refrigerator that was in the store. Then I was told the refrigerator was on its way to a delivery warehouse "somewhere" and that the BestBuy rep couldn't change the delivery date. Why would that be when I only live 30 minutes away from the store, and who DID change the delivery date? I was then told to call BestBuy customer service, which I did and was given case ID#246074913 and was told my case was being escalated since this is a health issue (I'm diabetic). I called BestBuy customer service this morning to check the status of my case and was told nothing was being done, that BestBuy doesn't do much with case numbers, and that they didn't know where my refrigerator was, but they might be able to look at getting me a different brand at similar quality. If I had wanted a different refrigerator I would have purchased a different refrigerator. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, she was rude and said that there's really nothing to be done about it. When I asked to speak to someone above her, she hung up on me. I called again, and this time was told that I bought a different refrigerator (I have the receipt for the exact refrigerator I bought), and that health issues don't impact their decision to deilver. I've lost food in the process of all this, while BestBuy keeps changing their story. At this point, I don't know that BestBuy will actually deliver on the 3rd or that they will deliver the correct fridge. Unless you can pick up the item right then and there, avoid them like the plague. Their customer service is horrible, they engage in bait and switch tactics, and don't adhere to their Service Level Agreements.

  • Jul 15, 2020

Best Buy Best Buy has a Rip Off Policy regarding Ink Cartridges.. If you open it you cannot return it. You cannot figure out it's defective till you open it and try it. Quite the possibility that if they have this Rip Off Policy for one product. They have it for several others. Boycott Best Buy! Sold me defective product and wouldn't stand behind it. Chula Vista, Ca

  • Jun 1, 2020

I ordered a product and when I went to pay online, a pop up appeared stating a $9 dicount off regular price if I accepted a previously opened box. When I received it, their sticker on the box showed it was either a returned order or factory refurbished and it was $30 some odd dollars cheaper than what I paid.

I went online and saw the same product had gone down in price $20 for either an unopened box or opened box. It was a $20 price reduction across both types of order. It makes no sense to deny my price match since the main price went down $20. This is deceitful practice and I will never shop Best Buy again.

  • May 31, 2020

In may 28 2020 I purchased an Open Box in great condition with all part included was sopose to be ready in an hr for curb side pick up 3 day wainting for an email to pick up never received one I show up at best buy and was greeted by rep in the parking lot I aske him that I have not received my order if i could speak with a manager to find out what was going on well he tells me he is the manager so I ask him what was going with my orde he replies, with not even looking , in to my order that it was coming from another state and to waif for corporate to send me an email, which i never got.

an hr after leaving I go into the best buy website it was ready for pick up so I go the following day to go pick up , they have it set up like they are in a high security facility to get your stuff to be meeted by these thugs so i waited they bring the TV out wrapped in bubble I ask him if everything was in there he replied yes so I did not beleive him, so I open it to my surprise just the TV was in ther

no remote or tv stand as it stated in my receipt, so i ask him to please let me have the rest of the tv parts, he replied that he did not know were it was so he called someone to bring a remote but not the stand, he gave me an old remote full paint and not for the tv I told them i wanted to speak to a manager and they refused to let me speak to the manager, he tells me if i want a remote and a tv stand I had to pay aditional money which was sopese to be included he told strait up I am not ginving you anything you neeed to buy it ,he got loud took advantage that i was alone with my grandkids and daughter to bully out of there told he would call the cops I told him I will report this to corporate but ther no one to take your complaint so I am left with no tv stand or remote...

  • May 30, 2020

I purchased an HP computer from Best Buy. The computer had immediate problems. I took this computer to Store #199, Sugar Land and met with the Geek Squad. I was told this was a software issue and it was not covered by any warranty. I asked again and was told specifically by the Geek Squad employee, this was not covered under any warranty. I was told I had to pay $216.49 for a warranty from the Geek Squad to have this repaired.

I called Best Buy Corporate and asked if this computer was covered for this type of an issue. I was told by 2 separate Best Buy employees this was covered under warranty, even by HP. To ensure I was getting a consistent answer, I spoke with Technical Assistance at Best Buy Corporate. The person also assured me this was covered.

I called HP Technical Support to confirm if HP would cover this computer under warranty. He also told me this was definitely covered under the warranty. I also called Custoerm Service at HP and they told Best Buy was incorrect and this was 100% covered by warranty. I researched the specific computer on the internet and it also said this computer had a 1 year warranty.

I was deliberately lied to by a member of the Geek Squad so I would feel compelled to purchase an unnecessary service agreement. Emails to the management at Best Buy in Sugar were ignored leading me to surmise this was condoned by management at this branch.

Be careful of the Geek Squad as they have been unethical and lied to get a sale. I would never recommend this store to anyone.

  • May 27, 2020

We got a Samsung dryer - it was approved by Samsung to be exchanged - we have tried for 3 months to get the exchange done and no one at Best Buy is helpful at all. They are rude or unhelpful. We tried today and were told we needed to call somewhere else and when I asked why I was told, "do you want the number or not". I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again and will do everything I can to stop others from doing so.

  • Apr 23, 2020

Here we go again people! Complaint time! Two weeks ago I ordered online Final Fantasy 7 for my PS4 and so far nothing has shown up. I've checked the status of my order numerous times and it still hasn't shipped. That was two weeks ago! I tried contacting Worst Buy but as usual no response, which is no big suprise from a big box store.

Yes I know things are hectic from this whole Covid 19 but come on! Give me what I paid for! Sorry to sound like a whiny child but I didn't spend my money just to get nothing. I've seen other complaints about Worst Buy and I don't blame these people for being upset. This is how big companies treat consumers. Like garbage.

  • Mar 19, 2020

When I bought battery charger for a Nikon camera they told me I could return it whenever that I had 90 days to return it. My girlfriend broke the camera so I didn't need the battery charger anymore. When I went to return it the cashier wouldn't return it said I only had 15 days to return item.

The item was in good shape, all the parts were there and I had the receipt. I paid 50.00 which is too much for a battery charger for a camera. It wasn't all universal like they said.

  • Dec 30, 2019

I recently bought a washer and dryer from Best Buy-Parma. The horror. The first wash revealed that the hose to from the washer to the stationary tub was not tied down and the whole utility room was soaked. When the second set of installers came out to repair this problem, I told them that the dryer was running very hot.

They made the excuse that was just because it was new-did not even look at it. Next wash-I went outside and felt under the vent-nothing coming out. Got up on a stool and looked behind the dryer and the silver hose coming out of the dryer was about four inches from the silver hose going out the wall. Four installers and none could install either appliance right.

I tried to call to return the junk-not only do they not have their phone # on their receipts, when you do look it up-they don't answer the phone. Must have a LOT to hide. Went down in person to return and was told it was too late-past their time.

I had this JUNK about 10 days-on the receipt it was stated that anything bought between Nov 1 and Dec 31 were good for returns and was told that did not apply to appliances-it was on an appliance receipt-was delivered Dec 2. Then it took about a half hour to get a supervisor to override the return.

They don't answer the phone or wait on you in person. All of this has been a great struggle-I have had multiple strokes-so having to go down in person and climbing up on a stool to check the dryer took a lot out of me and risky. My wish for the new year is that Best Buy goes out of business-it would benefit all.

The public, the deceiptul, lazy and unqualified employees. They are also turning people off the brands they sell which is really harmful. They are the worst of the worst in business. They are absolutely shameful and all should be warned-pass the word..

  • Dec 17, 2019

I would advise people to NOT shop at any Best Buy store. They have no problem taking your money, but if you have a problem, they won't give it back to you!

I am now trying to get over $3000 back from Best Buy, and I can't get anyone to tell me where the Hell my money is! I gave them cash for a bum Apple Computer and when I returned the useless thing, do you think they'd give me my money back? NO!!

It has to go through 'corporate' where they cut a check and NO ONE can tell me where the HELL my money is in this process. They DO NOT care about their customers, so just BEWARE!!

That's a heck of a lot of money they are screwing with....and right now they are screwing me!!!!! I find their 'customer service' not only stinks to High Heaven, it's inexcusable.

  • Dec 5, 2019

Best Buy offers 4 months of Apple Music with purchase of an Apple speaker. What they really mean is one month along with the available to anyone 3 month free Apple Music if you haven't tried it already. I have.

Nowhere do they state this in ad. I had to spend an hour and a half waiting and talking to three different people in India ( my guess from accents ).

  • Dec 2, 2019

On October 22, 2019 I ordered an iPad 6 generation from a marketplace seller by the name of “QUICKPHONE”. The seller shipped the iPad to me and when I opened up the box on October 29, 2019, the iPad had a cracked screen so I contacted the seller.

The seller assured me that the iPad was sent "in perfect condition" but offered a shipping label for a return. In order to save seller shipping costs, considering they would need to replace the screen anyways, I offered to get a quote and take a credit to replace the cracked screen.

The seller offered me $20, so I just sent the item back October 30, 2019. Let me reiterate that I sent the EXACT same iPad back to the seller and that I do and did not own any other iPads and have not in over 7 years other than a mini that I currently have in my possession.

When the seller received the iPad, they immediately contacted the best buy team (not myself) claiming that the iPad I sent back was not the one that they sent me.

I had no idea about this claim until I called best buy to inquire about the refund process as I am in need of an iPad for school and was planning on purchasing another one. At this time they informed me of the claim and since then I have called several times for updates.

I have also messaged the seller and team via the proper channels with nothing but a basic generic response from the team and a lack of the seller taking any responsibility. I have requested the team to contact me and have left my phone number on file and have gotten zero call back.

As per the transcript that I have in my possession, it is noted that the seller has a “proof” that they shipped me the correct iPad but as far as I am concerned, a screen shot of the day they sent the item out is not proof as the seller can scan and document all they want but then physically put the wrong iPad in the box. I do believe that the cracked screen likely happened in transit as the iPad was packaged with little padding and it was a little cold here in Alberta that week.

Now, I never actually confirmed the serial number belonged to an iPad 6 when I opened the box before I returned the iPad but the colour I purchased and the colour of the iPad I received were the same dark grey. However, there are SEVERAL red flags referring to the seller and their false claims and defences.

Firstly, when I opened the box, like I mentioned above, the packing was poor but the box was not damaged. Then when I turned the iPad on, it was not on the welcome set up screen like it should have been if it was reset before shipment.

Secondly, the seller initially stated that I returned a "very old model iPad 2 with a broken screen” when this statement was later proven to be false and could have been correctly stated if the seller checked the serial number before sending that message. I easily did this via a google search the moment the seller sent me the serial number. The seller then stated themselves that "The iPad you sent doesn't say anything if it's iPad 2 or 4 because they both look the same but definitely it's not the iPad 6 I sent you”.

So if this is the case then why would the seller state that they received an ipad 2? And by saying this they admitted that since “they look the same”, that they could have very well accidentally sent me the incorrect iPad since the 6 generations also look the same.

When the market place team asked for “proof”, the seller was able to send them some documents and states they “scan each item” (not sure how you scan an iPad without a factory box) but this team NEVER contacted me for my side of the story. EVER.

The market place team asked the seller if they had any offers for an iPad 4 up on their site. They never did respond to that questions however I have proof that not only did they have a iPad 4 with the EXACT same model number up for sale (serial number DMQK59VPF183 is associated with the Apple order number of MD510LL/A….which is identical to the item associated with your web code of 12602346 that was up for same by the sellers of November 15, 2019).

I also have proof that they had my 6 generation was for sale weeks after (November 6, 2019) I purchased it, as per the web code (serial number GG7X2AHEJF8M order number MR7G2LL/A Best buy web code 12909222). Both of these have been taken down since my message to them commenting on this fact. This again is extremely suspicious and shows very poorly on the sellers behalf.

This seller seems more concerned with their reputation with best buy that resolving conflict with me and the marketplace team seems to not be interested in the latter either. The seller stated they have had "no disputes in hundreds of products that we sold and fulfilled” however their reviews prove otherwise.

One review, made on November 13, 2019 states that they were shipped the wrong item. Another one saying the same on August 30, 2019. If the have a fool proof scanning system then how would this happen? and more than once, and one time being very close in date to my issue.

They also have a negative review for a broken item and also poor packaging. All of these things alone show that the seller is more at fault than myself.

I originally offered to repair the crack, not knowing that the iPad sent to me may or may not have actually been the 6 generation that I ordered. This seems counterproductive if I was planning on returning a completely different iPad for a refund and keeping the 6 generation. I have no reason to pay $410 for an iPad 6 and then send back an iPad 4 with a cracked screen to get a refund.

I am not poor and considering I offered to get the crack fixed for a fraction of the refund for the entire item…this does not make sense for me to go through all of this, which would be highly illegal, including being in contact with police and my CC company, just to get a screen replaced or an iPad. It is also very easy to find out the info on an iPad. It is obvious that there is no way someone would get away with what the seller is claiming.

It is also insulting that the market place team insinuated that I am a unorganized and mindless women by stating "We'd recommend to review your order history with Best Buy or with other stores where you may have purchased the iPad to figure out what company the iPad belongs to”. Again, these people have no made any attempt to contact me for my information or defence.

The market place team also advised the seller to ship the iPad 4 back to me in order to show the CC company that they attempted to return it. The seller stated that I mentioned I was not accepting the iPad back as it is not mine and that by doing so, they lose out of the shipping costs again. This is more poor judgement by this team.

I have opened up a dispute with my CC company for the charges made on my card but I also use $275 worth of best buy gift cards to purchase the iPad. I have also been in contact with a fraud detective with the local police department. I am giving it a few more days for someone to contact me to resolve this before I go through with the consumer complaint but be aware that this is my next step as I have exhausted all other avenues. I have yet to have a proper resolution as of November 3, 2019 and nobody has contacted me via phone, only email.

I would like to make it clear that I am not accusing the seller of sending me the wrong iPad deliberately but something happened on their end, not mine and this needs to be resolved. This investigation has taken a countless number of hours for me to build my defence.

I have also attempted to make two purchases (I am still in need of an ipad)..since black friday on the website and both purchases were cancelled due to a "security verification issue".

  • Oct 20, 2019

As Best Buy continues its slide into retail demise its revised business model increasingly includes simply not honoring its own return policies whenever they sell store damaged or defective merchandise. I bought a cellphone from them which was delivered to me damaged. I attempted to return the defective merchandise but the return was refused because as the Best Buy manager put it "We don't know who broke it." I would think they don't know but neither do I. The fact is they are selling damaged merchandise from their stores and refusing to honor their comittments, which is reflected in thier very low customer satisfaction rates and rising consumer complaints. Let the buyer beware seems to be Best Buy's new motto.

  • Oct 1, 2019

My husband and I have had our Best Buy card for 10 + years and during that 10 + years they have lowered our credit limit to equal the balance we had on the credit card, which made us maxed out on that card. Our scores took a big hit because of that. They have lowered our limit several times over the years for "lack of use," and have threatened to close the card if we don't use it within a certain amount of time.

They offer no incentives to encourage spending. And right now our limit is so low we couldn't buy half the stuff in there even if we wanted to. They have not lowered our extremely high interest rate (not even by measly1%), even though we have excellent credit and perfect credit history with them. They have not raised our credit limit back up even after we use it on a regular bases.

No promotional offers whatsoever. They only thing that they have offered are 5 dollar off next purchase, because what we have spent on our previous purchase. I know they are not the only store card company that stoop these tactics and it is very sad. The only reason I keep them is, it will hurt our credit if the account closes, because we loose that credit history.

I'm to the point that I just might let them close it so I can be done with them once and for all. Yea, our credit will take a hit, but it won't take long for us to bounce back. They will definitely need us before we need them ever again. In fact, I will never apply for another store card period. They are the worst and they do more harm to your credit than good. I hope this post will help someone make a conscience decision before choosing to apply for a Best Buy store card.

  • Aug 2, 2019

HORRIBLE DEALERSHIP!! Purchased a 2010 Cadillac SRX. Day TWO engine light came on, refused to resolve the issue. Repeatedly returned the vehicle in the same month purchased. Problem not resolved. Durning that first month, the GPS had gotten stuck, Passenger seat stuck, hardware fell off doors, needed new wheel barrens and lift gate inoperable.

Attempted to return for good before 30 days, was told "You signed a contract, you’re stuck” filed small claims lawsuit, WON against them and STILL haven’t received payment! It’s been months! They’ve laughed at my attempt to receive payment. I’ve had to hire a lawyer! You’d think a janky dealership with 5 locations would pay their judgements on time! Do not buy from them or you’ll be in the same predicament!

My advice to past customers, FILE A LAWSUIT IN SMALL CLAIMS OR SUPREME COURT!!! If you stop in the county clerks office you’ll see they have outstanding civil judgements and unpaid tax warrants! In NYS when a judgement debtor has more than 3 outstanding judgements you can re-file for "treble damages”, which means they have to pay THREE TIMES the amount owed.

I am in the process of doing this now. I have also filed a complaint with the DMV to suspend their business license. I refuse to back down! Until I recoup my losses, I will let the world know what they’re doing to their customers! DO NOT give this dealership any business! Shady business! They DO NOT care for their customers and their cars are LEMONS!! Owner’s name is Earl W George! Take note!

  • Jun 3, 2019

This started as an ad on Instagram for BestBuy stating up to $550 credit for phone trade in program, which I took advantage of on 3/19/19 for a total value of $850 (Samsung Note 8 $550, and Samsung S8+ $300). Before signing, I asked the Pick Up attendee (because customer service desk is permanently closed in the Lancaster Pa BestBuy), Could these be used online, combined, which he (Trevor?) answered yes to 3 times.

The entire trade in took over 45 minutes with at least 5 different employees trying to help as no one seemed to know how to complete a trade in. I was not presented with Terms and conditions, just to sign on the credit card machine. When the employee saw the amount of $850, he remarked “Jesus that will almost pay off the whole phone” as I was going home to purchase the phone online since the store did not have the model I wanted in stock, and would not be getting more in for over a week, and they would not hold the devices or order per my request, as well as my online promotions I would not get by buying in store.

After such a long and frustrating process that took entirely too long, from too many employees who obviously had no idea how to do their job, I left frustrated without reviewing my 6 page recite. A few days later on my day off I proceeded to purchase my new phone online with my gift cards and was prompted from the site as not able to complete.

I reviewed my papers to see a note that said “in store use only.” So I went back to the store to talk to the general store manager Eric, who refused to help me after explaining to him how his employees miss informed me and that I needed credit for the phones in the total agreed upon amount of $850, which he laughed at and said NO. But then proceeded to tell me I could used my in store credits to buy the phone in store and they would Issue the 6% difference as store credit for my online shopping rewards program.

An issue came up with the lack of ID to purchase in store and it was closing time, so I left only to come back to the store for a 4th time the next day 3/30/19 the last day the credit was good for, and was presented with an assistant manager saying “he knows you have 2, but you can only use one, and if you return it, you will not get a refund.” I said thats fraud I need to speak with the store manager, which I was made to wait more time for.

Eric came over saying he had done everything he could and theres nothing he can do. I asked for his superior and he said he did not have one. I asked again (as Eric does not own BestBuy) his response was 888-best-buy. Call them I cant help you.

So I left and called them, got transferred 5 times, hung up on once, and was told they could not look into my case but from my explanation, I should be allowed to use everything online, together, for any purchase of my choice and if I was having issues, go see the store manager. I returned to the store, told Eric what phone support said and he made a laughing smug look saying yea sorry I cant help you, you should really call 888-best-buy. I

went home checking my account with BestBuy online, as that is what phone support told me, and it showed a credit of $0.00. BestBuy blatantly took advantage of me as a customer and then completely refused to help in any way, or any form of credit, other then saying “sorry.”

I have tried numerous times contacting BestBuy customer support with no solution. They have already told me if I try to return the device, I will not get a refund.

I am unsatisfied with their level of customer support. I am unsatisfied with their lack of attempts to correct their mistake, in fact, them blaming me the customer for their mistakes. I asked for the discount of $567, they said no, I asked for a gift card for $576, they said no, I asked for an in store credit for $567, they refused. They refused to help me in anyway. They took advantage of a big box store ploy. Call corporate. Go to the store. Call corporate. Go to the store. There is no option for me other than filing a dispute and calling them out on them not giving me the credits they promised me.

BestBuy refused to issue me a full credit of $850 after taking my devices from me, refusing to give them back, and only giving me $283 and refusing the rest.

  • Apr 25, 2019


Your entire organization is useless. It's amazing the kind of service four thousand dollars will buy these days. If it is true that HQ cannot arrange a visit, then you are the most abominably bad corporation I have ever encountered. Believe me, I'll be writing about it a great deal.

The great Best Buy is, for all intents and purposes, impotent. It is incapable of achieving anything. It does make one wonder how you spend your time over there. Remember "Nobody Beats the Whiz" The Electronics store chain? They were giants in the field. Now they are gone. Such is your future. Starting tomorrow I will begin a yearlong campaign pointing out Best Buys flaws and incompetence.

It will last exactly twelve months. Ask Dell and you'll find I'm true to my word. I estimate they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now we're going to see how much money Best Buy is willing to lose because it's HQ can't arrange a simple visit. I will also be copying your CEO and Chairman of the BOG. I think they have a right to know. Perhaps, since Sharri Ballard left everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Mar 28, 2019

I purchased a laptop with warranty from bestbuy for over $1600. I reported an issue to GeekSquad and they're best course of response is to ship it to the manufacturer which would take 3 days. They further added that my warranty will only cover damage to hardware when I bought it it was end to end. Apparently the warranty criteria changed since I bought it. Store manager (Christian) out of the aformentioned address was rude, unpfrofessional and refused to help.

- why does best sell onsite repair/warranty and you get asked to part with your laptop for days. it completely defeats the purpose of buying an onsite repain service. What does geeksquad do? if they can't even diagnose an issue.

- warranty service should cover damanges making the user experience miserable

- bestbuy excercises bait and switch, when you buy the laptop they make the warranty sound like a saving grace for all issues. When you engage that service then they go through the nuances and in my case rudly.

- what should bestbuy send my laptop to the manufacturer if I bought their warranty. While am still within the year I can do that myself and not have to pay extra for warranty. The bank the money and then they turn to the manufacturer to eat up the cost of repair and or replacement.

- The store manager Christian was rude, unprofessional and loudly did not care about a customer who spent thousands on that location. Shame on you.


  • Mar 22, 2019

Best Buy Sucks! Stacy purchased a ring doorbell pro model. Wanted to wait until the house was painted to install. When we called geek squad to come out and install, they opened the box, looked at our intercom system and said they could not install that model and we needed the battery powered one.

We went to exchange it at the best buy store and was told because it was opened and over 15 days since we purchased it, they could not take it back, even as an exchange. Told us to call corporate. Spent two hours trying to talk to the right person.

Overseas call center kept sending me to the wrong person(s) who continued to tell me I needed to take it back to the store.. Absolute runaround. So i get on their website and click on the customer service link only to get a new window that says the customer service link does not exist, I thought No Sh*t! Neither does their customer service.



  • Jan 4, 2019

We olaced an order for a computer on Dec. 22. They promised delivery on Dec. 26. We sat here all day waiting. It never came. The big shock is calling their support line. It’s a call center in Vietnam or somewhere. They would not promise delivery and they would not cancel the order.

We spent two whole days arguing with them on the phone. Still no co comouter on Jan 3. No promise of any delivery, BUT WE WILL STILL BE CHARGED FOR IT. NO REFUNDS, NO CANCELLATIONS. they are breaking State and Federallaws and they literally don’t care.

Now we will have to file a small claims action to get a judgment against them, and force them to cancel our order and refund our money. And we are not the only persons. They are selling lots of merchandise and not delivering. It’s almost like they’re going out of business.

  • Dec 28, 2018

Sold me a 'mandatory' car insurance that they passed off as valid, but when I went to get my tags renewed, the state said that it isn't a state approved car insurance. So I've paid thousands so far for a fake insurance. When I found out, they gave me a letter that says, "this isn't the same as the insurance you'd buy on the street" but "doesn't" say that it's NOT a valid state required insurance. That's thousands I've paid, for nothing! This is a scam! They made off with thousands, and it doesn't count toward the car or an insurance. This isn't right. This isn't right at all. They did scam me with the car, but I 'took that' one because I signed the contract, (they admitted it), but this...this it too much. Stop scamming people!!!

  • Dec 20, 2018

If your thinking of shopping at a Best Buy, I highly recommend NOT going to the San Bruno California store, and avoid their online store at all cost!!! I left thier store an hour ago. Here is what todays experience was, and why you should avoid the place. I went to buy a windows/android dual boot tablet at this store. Tying to circomvent the store in a whell chair is not easy, but worse is trying to get through these isles while staff is horsing around. I heard the market didnt do so well, so why are employees who are supposed to be helping customers at the busiest time of the season horsing around? It actually was a LOT worse. I actually spoke to 5 different employees. If someone from corporate sees this article, look at your security footage, you will see someone in a wheel chair almsot geting injured by 2 employees, not to mention blown off while customers are looking to buy, and instead talking to one another.

Each employee I went to in the computer section, who was talking to another employee talking family and how they hate working there, I went up to and asked for one of the many dual boot tablets. Each one had an answer from we dont sell tablets (You dont? what are all these brands, including the one your resting against?) To we don't sell HP brand, or try someone from the computer dept, which is the department that these two were gabbing in to begin with. It wasn't just me, they told another customer they didnt have a laptop in stock and were sold out, and I dont even work there and pointed to the large display with 20 units that they were in fact in stock. Normally this type of buying I do during tax refund season, but this year I had the money to get my kids what they asked for, but didnt buy it at Best Buy because not one out of the 5 employees who I talked with could be bothered to help.

The imcompetence didn't end there. I called customer service which is obviously the sterio type foreign country contracted out just to do what? This is what happened with them. 20 minutes, during holdiay isnt too bad, except to be told they were fowarding me to another department that was in charge of the San Bruno store. I would not be suprised if this is the very same dept that trained the staff. Because when I finally spoke to someone, and told them about the dual boot android tablet I was trying to buy at the store, their response was "What is a tablet? Is this a PC or appliance?" I hung up after that. Usually this type of problem happens after you buy from them, not prior.

With more and more people buying online instead of in the store, you would think Best Buy would want to make some sales and offer services like they used to, to get people not just through their doors, but coming back. Instead, they blew a lot of people off who most likely wont come back either. Most likely will see Best buy on the next years list of retail chains closing its doors.

  • Dec 9, 2018

On 12/6/2018 I was notified by email from my bank that; A $282.67 debit card transaction to BESTBUYCOM 0994 on 12/06/2018 12:18:21 AM EST had been made. I had not made any purchases at any BestBuy store in over 4 years. I called my bank immediately and was told that the charge was an error and that my account had already been credited in the full amount of the purchase. That’s great that BestBuy caught it and dealt with it so quickly, but I want to know exactly who, how, and what was bought, and how they accessed my bank account at all... I then called BestBuy and was told they had no record of any recent purchases, and no record of this purchase and subsequent refund. They also had no idea what had been purchased, or that this problem with online store #0994 was already being reported in their own forums. Get with it BestBuy, this is no way to do business.

  • Nov 14, 2018

I went to Best Buy to purchase a A/V receiver. I had recently purchased a Blu-ray player and applied for their store credit card so as to utilize the 6 month no interest option they offer. Thankfully I’ve had no issue with the Blu-ray player.

I purchased a Sony A/V receiver that I thought I would be happy with (but I have no degree in electronics) but it turned out it wasn’t going to accommodate my requirements. It worked fine until I decided to play a cd and turn the column up about halfway so as to hear the music out on my deck.

This is when I discovered it was completely inadequate for what I needed. At half column for about 20 minutes the unit overheated and burned out the power supply. I called the support number on my bill and they looked up all my info.

I told them what happened and they informed me the power supply had fried. I told them ok I would return it to the store in the morning. This is when they informed me that the unit was beyond the return time limit of 14 days. I couldn’t believe it.

I was extremely mad at this point and told the guy I would take it to the store in the morning and throw it at them. I was quite hot. So I thought about it for a bit and decided on what I would do.

I would take the unit back to the store in the morning along with everything else I owed money for on my Best Buy credit card. I took the unit in the store and explained to them what happened and told them I would like to get a store credit so that I could buy a better unit that would accommodate my needs.

They told me I could not return it because it was beyond the 14 day return period. ( I’d had the unit for 40 days) they told me they could send it in for repair. Well that would have been satisfactory except for the fact that the unit obviously wasn’t going to perform the way I needed it to.

I had purchased an insufficient A/V unit (like I said I have no degree in electronics) I simply wanted to purchase a better one. They refused so I told them if they don’t except it back for return we’re going to have a problem.

They told me a repair is the best they can do. So, I told them I would be right back. I left the unit on the counter, went out to my truck and had my kids help me to bring in all the equipment that I brought with me. Everything I had purchased on the Best Buy credit card that I still owed money on.

I left it on the counter and told them I would not be paying anymore payments on the credit card. I left the store called Best Buy customer service and told them what I just did and not to expect any further payments from me. I also closed my account.

I refuse to do business with a store who won’t stand behind their products any better than that. I could go to Best Buy and purchase a Christmas gift for a family member, take it home and wrap it up, put it under the tree and when Christmas morning comes and they open it up to find it’s broken, I couldn’t even take it back to the store.

I’d be stuck paying for a broken product that I have to send in for repair. I’m sorry but that’s just wrong!! I’ll never spend another dime at Best Buy

  • Oct 29, 2018

Visited Best Buy today (Oct. 30, 2018) at 10:00 am to purchase a LG 70” TV (LG UK6570PUB) which Best Buy had for $1,049. Fry’s Electronics had it advertised in their flier for $1,296 with a “see in cart” price of $799.

I ask the sale associate (Ivan) to match Fry’s price. When the associate looked in their “price comparison” he said: “They are higher than us. Do you still want me to match it?”

I told the associate to place the item into the “cart” and to match that price. Once the associate saw the $799 price, the excuses for not matching the price started.

It must be a misprint. (Told him to look at the flier ad)

Must be some kind of bundle (Bundle would be more not less)

It is “in store pick up only” (It can be purchased online)

Must be a promotional coupon deal (BB associate received the same $799 price)

It is a limited quantity (The limit is one per household not per store)

We do not match Fry’s prices

At this time I told the associate that the purchase meets ALL their requirements for a “price match”.

The associate called the assistant manager (Ryan). Ryan’s response was: “We do not consider Fry’s a competitor thus we do not match their prices”. I reminded Ryan that this was not only an Online retailer but one with a storer presence. Ryan apologized and said: “I can’t do it”. At this time I said: Let me make sure I understand (I turned my cell camera on), you are saying that you will not match a Fry’s Electronics ad? Ryan and Ivan both walked away without saying a word. (why run if what is being said is correct?)

About 2 minutes later Ryan returns with a paper copy of the “Match Guarantee” and underlined the word “local competitors” and said: “Fry’s is not a competitor”. His last words were: “Call Best Buy’s toll free number.

Called the toll free number (conversation recorded) and spoke with Hans. Explained that I wanted a “price match”. Hans’ refusal was based on that Fry’s is considered a “regional retailer”. I never heard or read (on the price match policy) of the term “regional retailer”, so I asked what did it mean. I was told: “there must be a Fry’s store within 25 miles of our store”. I asked: What about being an Online store? His reply was: “Fry’s is a regional retailer and thus we do not match them”.

I have read Best Buy price match guarantee policy. All criteria for a price match was met. Best Buy hides behind some shady wording to refuse a price match.

Best Buy uses the word “local competitors” but nowhere does it specify a distance.

Best Buy uses the term “regional retailer” but there is no definition to this term.

Best Buy uses the word “online” to refer to a handful l of sellers (Amazon, B&H, etc)

  • Oct 4, 2018

This was the first time i placed an order with this company.I ordered some items on 10/3, and the package arrived to day 10/5.I opened the package and two items were missing.I called and was told that no refund or reshipment was made, and that the system wouldn't let them issue anything.I called back and after 1 hour the person i spoke with lied like they were going to issue a refund.I called back the third time and was on hold for 30 minutes because the represenative was "checking my account".I then asked to speak to a manager, and was told that that was the "policy"(that if i was missing items that they can't refund or reship the items).I was then told to go to a feedback link on the website which don't exist.I'm pis*** off.I spent alot of money on some sh** that i didn't receive.I have submitted complaints, and im waiting on them to review it.The next step would be for me to take legal action.I asked for proof that they couldn't process a refund or reshipment, and was told that they couldn't provide proof.I'm out of 129.18, and lack the items that i was suppose to get.I called my lawyer, and he is going through the steps to take action.I will never order from this company every again.They don't give a flying f*** about their customers.

  • Jun 15, 2018

Best Buy stole me $6000 worth of alarm and security cameras for my house and workshop, they were at my house until midnight and coould not get the first system to even work and didnt attempt the other 2 systems i bought from them, units were taken back with installer and i was suppose to get my money back, now 5 weeks later best buy has not given me my money back, i have been into the store many many times, i have rung the head office and spoke with management and they said they would get it fixed and they never rang back and since then i have left many voice mails and no return calls, i person whom sold me the system no longer works at best buy and he reached out to me and told me that best buy is now not allowed to sell these products as the manufacturer has dropped best buy, i had a perfectly good working alarm system before this installation we just wanted to upgrade and now i am out $6000 and i dont have a alarm to protect my family and my property, best buy should be ashamed of how they treat their customers and are nothing but thiefs and liars

  • May 31, 2018

I bought a 5 panasonic phones. $150. It is gray goods. Gray goods are branded products that are made for the third world. The phone i bought had very old technology. Today almost all phones are duplex. That means both parties can speak at the same time. This phone was non duplex which means yhe phone fails if people talk at the same time. Also the software for the dialer was extremely old. All modern phones when the redial button is hit it flies through the number. This one takes about 30 seconds. When ever I taled to anyone I was constantly asked to repeat myself. I know the connection is good as I uses the same conneation with a different phone. This gray goods phone I would estimate to cost in the third world around $40. Nice profit. A lot too much. Ripp off of best buy!

  • May 25, 2018

I purchased several large appliances from Best Buy in Sanford on 8-1-15. I just started to have issues with the refrigerator manufactured by Frigidaire. I called the manufacturer who gave me the name of the local authorized repair facility. The company came right out to see what the problem was.

Upon opening up the compartment in the rear of the unit which houses the components he asked me who worked on the unit previously. I told him this was the first time I had issues with it. He showed me the welding and components that were replaced by someone other than the manufacturer. I explained I purchased the unit new and never had previous work done to it as I didn't have any prior issues. He told me that the company who sold it to me did not sell me a unit with the original parts in it. He took pictures and showed me exactly what he was talking about.

He stated for some reason there was parts replaced and welding done by someone other than the manufacturer which was easy for him to see as he was working with Frigidaire products for over 20 years. As I would have never known work was done to this refrigerator I feel as if I was sold a refurbished unit as new and was never told. I understand that it has been over 2 years since I have owned the refrigerator but I would swear in court that I never had work done to this. I have now purchased another refrigerator and the delivery company is setting up my new refrigerator and taking this one away on this coming Saturday.

  • May 24, 2018

I purchased a computer from Best Buy in May 2015. I signed up for Geek Squad services and paid an additional $99 to have my data transfered to the new computer.

I got the computer home and found the data had never been transferred.

After calling Best Buy, I was told that the fee, in addition to the yearly service fee was handled by Geek Squad and I could only contact them, Geek Squad.

Geek Squad refused to refund the $99 fee because they insisted the transfer had been done. I had to go back to the store, get the old computer back and buy the equipment to transfer the data myself.

I cancelled the plan in June 2015 because of the terrible service and the computer itself had to be sold for parts a month later as it simply did not work.

On 5/22/18 I discovered my business checking was being billed for Geek Squad technical support services, I went back and saw that they had been billing my account for technical support services all along with the amounts billed varying wildly.

I called Geek Squad and they immediately cancelled the account but would not go back and look at the previous charges and said that the account had never been cancelled previously. I have to assume that it was not cancelled either because they didn't like my attitude or they are just criminals.

I don't know what steps to take next. I have been hung up on five times today and the last time I called, I was told they are having system problems and cannot pull up their own company records. I was also told I could not speak to supervisors because they would not be able to help me.

This sounds like some sort of scam out of Jamaica!

Has anyone else dealt with this and do you know if there is any remedy?

  • May 14, 2018

Our home was burglarized on Thanksgiving eve day. We went to Best Buy to look at home security systems on Black Friday. While looking at their selection we were steered to the Vivint demonstration area and shown the Vivint/Best Buy system. We were told the system would cost $1100 for the equipment and the monitoring would be $19.95 a month, with free install and free financing with a new Best Buy credit card. Also, this was the first sale for the rep at Best Buy/Vivint, she informed us after we were done, and her mentor on the floor claimed he had been up for 24 hrs straight during Black Friday and was fading in and out of the conversations.

A week later the system was installed and the tech went over the system including what would happen if the alarm was tripped and how we would have to give the "passcode" to stop them from sending the police. Tests were done with the monitoring service and all looked great. 2 weeks later the thermostat stopped working. They tried to walk me through the fix but they ended up sending a tech out who was able to fix it. 3 months later we went on a long vacation and the main panel failed and went dark. I called to get service and they refused unless I paid them $199 for the tech visit. I explained the system was almost new and they said that since I didn't have the premium monitoring package that I would have to pay for the service call.

After many phone calls and many different explanations, like "you need to have the $49 a month package for service, you are self monitoring, you really have 120 days for full service so we should send a tech out", they finally agreed to put me on the schedule when I returned from vacation. There was no sense of urgency at all from Vivint, spent 1/2 hr on hold once just waiting for possible times the tech could come out...hung up. All in all about 6 calls to Vivint, with only a take it or leave it attitude.

They spent a week finding out from the salesperson if they had promised monitoring of our home. After the week the salesperson apparently said they didn't promise that. It was clear as day to my wife and I during the sales pitch. In fact the contract says $19.95 per month service, nothing about self monitoring, or monitoring. We didn't even know there were choices. So while we thought Vivint was watching our home, in fact we were watching our own home for $19.95 a month. Who would pay someone so that you could do all the work? Worst part is they never informed us we were the only monitoring service, we truly thought they were handling it.

I called another security company and they could not use the equipment I bought 4 months ago and Vivint refused to take it back. I then called Best Buy customer service and they agreed to take the equipment back. I was sent a UPS notice that a label would be sent, after a week I called again and they issued another one, but no label ever came. I eventually sent it all to Best Buy on my own. I contracted with Xfinity for a security system and monitoring for 2 years based on the fact Best Buy agreed to take the Vivint equipment back. Note: Vivint equipment only works with Vivint service contracts, so without Vivint service these electronics were usless.

Now I get the equipment I was told could be returned, returned to me. No credits, just a note saying they couldn't take it back now. I signed a contract with the understanding I would be reimbursed for this worthless equipment.

Why does Best Buy allow this type of bait and switch to go on under their roof? I simply wanted an alarm for my home and trusted Best Buy to have a good product.


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