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Country United States
State Michigan
City Wyoming
Address 2450 28th Street SW
Phone 1 (616)-532-5152

ZZPerformance Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2021

Purchased a combined total of $15,000~ worth of parts the past couple of years and I can say I've experienced it all (poor service, non-existent warranties, and outward racism) with this company.

1) We caught their employee Alan McClure sending racial undertoned remarks to a customer

Alan was trash talking another customer named Andrew on an invoice sent to another customer. Alan refers to Andrew as "Dindrew" combining the terms "Dindu" a disparaging term aimed at African Americans, and his name. When called out about this overt racism on social media, Zoom Iwuagwu, the CEO of ZZP defended it giving the excuse that it's ok "because im black". Screenshots attached

2) ZZP has a difficult time reading bulleted lists of questions and providing direct answers about their products.

There have been numerous times I've sent easy to read, clear bulleted lists like this report asking for answers about their products before I buy them. If I didn't spend any money with them I could see the lack of interest, but they've overtly just ignored things and have had to ask the same question 2-3 times.

3) Internal communication is also often a nightmare

You'd think after you place an order for a tune for all the thousands of dollars of parts you just ordered, you send the stock tune in, and after Ryan Derrick says he'll forward the stock tune over to Alan McClure, you wouldn't get a rude reply from Alan basically saying "well when you placed the order it says to send us the tune".

4) There seems to be a company culture built around taking orders for parts, shipping them quickly and then offering virtually no warranty support.

For example, during our order, we purchased a big wheel turbo, stage 2 cams, cai, full 3" stainless exhaust with catted downpipe, front mount intercooler, silicone hoses, oil catch can, and an a-pillar gauge pod for an aeroforce gauge.

They packed the gauge pod with other heavy items like the cams, intercooler, etc. Once installed it was warped and there was a design flaw where the center a-pillar clip support interferes with the sunroof drain tube pushing the pod out flexing and distorting it. After pointing this out, they acknowledged it was defective, we had to place an order for a 2nd pod as a deposit, then once they had our money a second time, they refused to provide us with a $10 label.

Once I complained online about it, their Tuner Alan McClure made comments about "why you modding the banks cadillac", called me "trailer trash" and said "$5,000 isnt alot of money" among other rude and ridiculous comments.

Tyler Vogt who has generally been the most level headed out of the bunch was in on it, calling us incompetent's installers and trying to say he refunded us for the label. He refunded us the 2nd pod and 2nd pod shipping but never sent us $$ for returning the original one. Afterall, why should the customer be responsible for the burden of shipping their defective items back without compensation? They said it would fit, and it arrived defective. Although not the fault of ZZP, them not standing behind their product should indicate how they operate.

It's really easy to say you'll help your customers, but the real test is what you actually do when your customers who've spent literally thousands really need your help.

5) One guy spent $500 on a high pressure fuel pump for a LNF in a Cobalt SS, it leaked right upon installation, and ZZP refused to warranty it because it was "installed already".

How do you figure out something is defective unless you install it? Simply insane.

Final Note

I encourage anyone that has had any issue to post it on this website and then visit the facebook group "ZZP Customer Service Fails" to see way more stories and screenshotted emails from company employees disparaging and ridiculing customers even over the most benign issues.

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