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zZounds Music, LLC.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Oakland
Address 8 Thornton Road,
Phone 1 800-977-7058

zZounds Music, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2021

I purchased a Kemper unit from ZZounds back in August - September and never received the item. After several attempts to find out why I never got the item and it showed delivered to me I stopped paying for the item. Then 7 months later ZZounds obtained my bank info from a previous order( ( according to their accounting department I spoke to) …

I spent a ton of money with them and really only a few issues here and there such as broken in shipping a couple times ) they charged me over 2200.00 without my consent, no legal paperwork for collections or judgement or phone call. I called ZZounds again and they still refuse to give me my paid for item and refuse to work on a solution to remedy the loss. California law is very clear and collections of any kind must be litigated with documentation of debt and in small claims court. I am working with my Attorney and the FTC and my bank on the illegal withdrawal and will update my result of the issue as soon as I get some movement on the end result.

It should be noted that no one can take money from your bank account in collections without a court order and garnishment and your side heard in court. Of course ZZounds is hardly responsive other than "we took your money, your move Pal” The blatant disregard for California collections law is very compelling and if anyone has had a similar situation feel free to contact us thru this thread as according to my legal counsel the fact that they have taken the money from my bank account without consent and placed the accounts in collections internally without Judicial order is a serious matter.

  • Nov 4, 2020

First, I have dealt with on many ocasions. I my opinion they have gone from 5 starts to a 1 one star business now.

I ordered an Orange Amp for a show I had coming up on Saturday. Got approved and a shipping notice.

Today they deliverd a cheap stool! I called them and they apologized said once I have proof I shipped back they would overnight the amp (this part is important), nowing I have a show and need it. They said it will overnight at 11:30 AM That day.

No wories until I tell him I had to go to work will ship the stool back at 3:30. Then I am back on hold, he comes back and says "Oh my supervisor said we don't have this amp. I was of course upset. They charged my card for it. The promised overnight delivery

By the way no supervisor ever got on the phone. It was left that they would put my money back for an item I did not buy because they never had one to sell.

Asked for the supervisors name. The guy on the phone said Dillion (Who I daught very serious was true) Asked for his last name, he said I will transfer you. A guy picks up the phone gives me the same BS. I asked for his name and he tells me Dillon, I asked for his name again he said it was agiant their policy! More BS!!!

After screaming a bit, the supervisor with no name said they would deposit the money back. For an item I did not get.

I received an email they will return the money for the amp I never received only the STOOL is returned in mint condition. The stool was delivered in a brown box because the Stool box was ripped to shreds and crushed inside. They looked it up, said they have no idea why this was sent to me. Again I did nothing wrong except keep trusting them!

So they took my money, did not deliver!!!

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