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Zyflex Supplements

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Zyflex Supplements Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2017

We have Century Link for our ISP and regularly pay their bills online. A Century link notification appeared in my email for a customer survey on the companies performance. I didn't think anything of it and thought I had something to contribute and so took the survey, in addition there would be a "free gift" after it was completed.

At the end of the survey a page pops up offering a selection of 3 products--a face cream with some kind of health benefits, testostorone pills, and the other I don't remember---- I was thinking at the time that I'm really not interested in any of these products but I had been hearing about suppliments dealing with weight training and testosterone boosters were of that sort. So its a "free gift" at this point -- for filling out the survey-- Right!--- after picking the testosterone tab the page turns to a Zyflex suppliments page with scant product information but now they want payment for shipping and handling and they added their Nitric Oxide product to the mix -- I'm thinking ---whatever let me just get through this and onto my normal routine. The deals done and I'm thinking of not using the products right away but after I do a little research first and after I restart working out after I finish moving to another state.

After about 15 to 20 days my wife informs me that the card was just charged $160 for enhancement products! I question what company is it --- what does enhancements mean? She didn't know the company but she had a phone number. In the meantime she had phoned and canceled the account but the $160 (approximately) was non-refundable (naturally). After reviewing their website and other info online I find it is oriented toward sexual performance and not weight training. I am totaly embarrased because I do not have ED and never have -- this is something my wife will hold over my head forever.

Now I'm suspicious and call Century Link about the survey -- and how dare they get me involved with such a shady company--- It was simple----Century Link did not issue the survey! I've been totally phished hook and reel.

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