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Zych Construction

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Omaha
Phone (402) 894-9334

Zych Construction Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

I also posted this on google reviews. As you wills see in my update I have escalated the warnings and made a blog because the builder responded with lies and inaccurasies to the review. I still have a lot to do as we have so many issues it is going to take a while to compile them all.

Update: Per Brian's reply full of inaccuracies and blatant lies. I will provide further documentation to help future buyers. This is not an advert, this is so I can compile and make public our records to prevent someone from making the same mistake we did. Please visit the truth about zych construcion . com where I will post email records, photos, and videos of our issues.

Let the facts speak for them selves. His number and a false offer to fix is just a show. He also knows my husband is the one with most of correspondences which the latest quick reference was 3/12/2015. Naturally a verbal threat, unless recorded has no evidence.

I was going to do a long drawn out list of all the issues we had with this terrible builder, but ill just get to the point instead. In less than two years more stuff has fallen apart, stopped working, broken or failed in some way than the volume build house we rented while this one was being built. I have had to fix more stuff than in any other 20+ year old home I have lived in.

Short Review:

This builder uses shady and unreliable practices and never admits when he is at fault. Throughout our countless ordeals I always said “the house is framed well and on a good foundation.” Our foundation has been cracking and is now heaving, confirmed by two independent engineers. Though they cannot pinpoint the problem, something is also wrong with the framing.

If it wasn’t for the market opening up we would sell the house at a loss just to get out. But as of now the loss would be too much to do a quick sale. Ill give three quick examples of the safety and ridiculousness we have had to deal with because of this builder.


First evening moving in the hot water heater was not connected to the gas properly, no seal, MUD said it was spewing pure gas and would have exploded or killed us in our sleep. Called Tracy Zych, her first response was to say call the warranty company.

Deck stairs wobbled a good foot as they weren’t reinforced properly. Complained multiple times, was told it was fine until I sent an email with a video asking him to confirm they are safe and nothing else was required. Fixed the next day.


No other word to describe these examples. Crown molding in the bathroom fell off second day in, had to wait for the 3 month walk through to be told they wouldn’t put it up because we did not note it on the pre-closing walk through. Flawless logic.

Master bedroom fan didn’t work for months, had to wait for 3 month walk through to list it. Come to find out the connector was bad when they installed it. The tech said it didn’t even fit and didn’t know how or why anyone would try to install it like that. 400k house and the master fan doesn’t even work.


We went over budget on our granite because there was this really awesome piece we just had to have. They cut it in half, did the poorest seam I have seen in granite and slapped that on our island. Builder said it was fine, we did not. Closed and it took months to get a replacement slab, that I had to fight for directly with the company.

Some of our sliding windows were unusable for almost the entire first year of living in this house. Once they got around to “fixing” them they were left exposed on the inside (no trim) and we had miss matched siding on the outside for almost three months.

There is so much more to be said, like how Tracy tried to threaten/push us into signing the closing papers with price discrepancies. Nothing has been done to rectify any continuing issues. And that our front door has been “fixed” twice but the paint still peels off. Etc, etc, etc, on and on.

Do not use this builder. They are not worth the time, the money and the hassle you will spend after you’ve built. Its not a matter of everything being perfect, it’s a matter of fixing stuff that isn’t right.

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