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Zwicker & Associates P.C.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Andover
Address 80 Minuteman Rd
Phone 800-370-2251

Zwicker & Associates P.C. Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2016

This began after my ex husband died , this company took over my Discover card debt. It started off month to month where they would call me and demand iPay my account in full. Although they represent themselves as a law firm they themselves are debt collectors. I was served and ordered to appear in court and I did. The case was continued and the second court date I was in hospital. They were contacted,by me , stating same and I received a failure-to-appear notice. And then it began weekly twice a week with the calls with the messages demanding some type of payment. I offered $25 a month originally and it was refused. So I sent nothing. The calls continued and continued and continued. This firm is rude, calling as early as 7 a.m. seeking money for the debt I know I incurred. I pay them in full through the court in July 2016 and did not receive the $400 discount they promised. Received the letter from the court for permission to pay from the court to zwicker to settle the debt. Today in the middle of October I receive a call that there is still $124 balance on my account. Not a chance I told them well I pay a penny more. I paid what was ordered by the court not a penny more not a penny less. Anyone who is contacted by these vultures have every right to be angry to be insulted but do not deserve some of the language they use in trying to collect a debt. I am totally disgusted by this company the debt I owed was $3,000. God forbid anyone gets tackled by this company and its Representatives

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