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Country Philippines
City San Jose Del monte, Bulacan
Address B7 L 27 PhD Towerville
Phone 943-844-3531

Zwerl Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2019

I was just a few points away from getting my next raise. All of a sudden they accuse me of activity that is against the platform platform. It is not true and they have been doing this to people in the Philippines for a month and a half now. They put you in something called the Zwerl Queue do you where do you don’t earn any money but have to answer Zwerl expert chat free and hope to get out of queue Zwerl.

Heysphere and sphere Knowledge Limited are also names. Major scam company. You make too much they remove you. I didn’t believe it until I saw it first hand. They need to be removed from the internet. Please look into them. They abuse the Asians and make them work free now doing to Americans. They need to be shut down. They are negative in earnings and found a way out of financial trouble for Zwerl experts scam.

  • Dec 1, 2018

Zwerl is a scam

Zwerl just suspend you for no reason. They are a piece of heartless people. Make you work hard few days before payday they suspend zwerl and admins need to improve on integrity!

  • Apr 22, 2018

I started being an expert last March, worked my way up to be an expert by improving my ratings and for me to bid chat pricing. I got my pay for 89usd so i was happy becuase my purpose is being a single mom with 3 kids is to earn while staying at home...Excited for the following month I diligently answered my clients working hard for their queiries and im running at 300+ usd then suddenly they permanently suspend my account and told me I will not be paid for April.

They suspended me on the 20th if im not mistaken. Imagine the frustration remembering that you spend time effort and facility to accommodate their clients then at the end of the month I get nothing. Ive invested on my electricity as well so what can I pay for my bills regarding this. They have no heart. They told me that the reason for the suspension is getting requests from for chats in the same location.

How will i know they have an option to favorite other experts for future help and concerns, why not they suspended me in the first place for getting same chat requests from clients or experts from another country.

I am very m,much sure of myself and i will not risk my name for my childrens sake. Integrity is what I can boast for myself.

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