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Zurich American Insurance Company

Country United States
State Illinois
City Schaumburg
Address 1400 American Lane Tower 2 Floor 5
Phone 1-800-382-2150

Zurich American Insurance Company Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2016

Purchased a used 2010 ford fusion hybrid.. Vehicle had a bad wheel bearing and hub. Zurich agreed to cover this, however the bad bearing and hub heat caused Cv-joint axle to become seized in the hub and also needed to be replaced. they said the axle was performing as designed and would not cover that portion ($1018.00) now It is as I explained to Zurich my understanding part of the design is to be able to be assembled and dis-assembled (R&R) not to mention the cause for the zeized parts are from the faild parts they are covering.. So they agreed to send out an inspector this took a couple days and an additional weekend in order for the dealer to get a hold of someone to say yes or no on the AXLE, well nope they didnt cover. as for the rental car they only cover 1 day for every 8 hourse of work.. 2.6 hours is what the coverd parts taks to r&r so after a week (7 days) rental I have that plus the burden of paying for the knuckle (cv-joint) and axle even though I purchased a 3 year 36,000 mile power train warranty.. not to mention that just a few days after purchasing the car the brake system failed and they refused to cover that as well.. thankfully the dealer (Niello) covered those cost's.. Now I also have GAP insurance through Zurich so I hoping that nothing happens to may car as after some reaserch on GAP covereage I am certain they will not cover that agreement either.. This company didnt listen to mechanic service adviser explanation or recomendations in regards to cause.. I would like to express to anyone thinking of buying a car if you come across any insurance/warranty etc. with the name Zurich on it.. do not purchase, stay away from this company dont waist the money you will only regret it.

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