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Zulily, LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (888) 826-6564

Zulily, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2021

They charged $8.95 shipping no matter how small or large your order. I ordered 5 blouses. 3 of the 5 were either too small or ridiculously large. All the same size. Quality of the blouses is poor. Only store credit for returns and they force you to use their label for $8.95 shipping when personal shipping would be half the cost.

Just really shady from start to finish.

  • Apr 8, 2021

Zulily will tell you your items will be delivered on one day then on that day it will chamge to a week later still i have not received the order and have not been able to contact anyone to get my money back

  • Mar 24, 2020

Bought different items from what they offer, ALL inferior, eg; mug glasses, NOT what I ordered and VERY cheap. Return shipping, no matter what you ordered staryts at $35.++. This is a total ripoff no matter what you order.

They do not have the items in stock and ONLY order them from foreign country after you pay, they pretend that items are quality (a real laugh) when you get CHEAP crap from who knows where. I would NEVER EVER buy from this company/cooperation again, no matter what. Why does the US pretend to protect US customers and then allow this type of ripoff company to exist here?

  • Oct 4, 2018

Ordered a cute blouse and a dress and didn't know the clothes were from China until after I paid. Waited a month for the clothing to come in. When they arrived, the dress was very poorly made and the front was much higher than the back. Even my husband who doesn't notice anything was the one to point it out when I tried it on.

The blouse was thin and had strings hanging. In addition to that, it smelled horribly like chemicals.

I knew I could not keep either piece and immediately reported to Zulily and send the pieces back in the original packing with all original tags. It took a month to hear back and today they gave me a store credit after deducting $9.

I don't want anything else from them and their website clearly states I will get a refund if I paid by Paypal and that is how I paid.

Buyer beware, these people are not trustworthy and the products look cute but really suck.

  • Jul 23, 2018

Website will not even let you look at any items unless you provide an email address which is wrong it violates privacy. Prices appeared to be good but a person doesn't know it's coming from China until they receive the product. Very poor quality products. Company refused to replace as sizes must be for Chinese people not US citizens. Too small. Was size for child in US but order was for US adult. Zulilly refused to provide refund or exchange! Here's what a person has to accept before even BEING ABLE TO VIEW PRODUCTS and MUST provide email to see site. I copied this from Zulilly's site: By signing in, you agree to zulily's Terms & Conditions, Privacy Practices and Our Use of Cookies to customize your experience. DO NOT BUY FROM ZULILLY. THEY ARE HUGE RIP OFF!

  • Nov 29, 2017

I had the unfortunate experience of working with this company. They reached out to me as I was running deals online with Touch of Modern and Zulily. They reached out to me telling me that if I paid $2,900 they would get my product in front of the decision makers and buyers, yet I still have yet to see any of these "buyers” or decision makers they speak of. Essentially, I got a flyer drawn up with bad art for $2,900. I reached out to another company "that apparently worked with them” (which I don’t believe) because after my money was taken I was treated as more of a pest just for asking for progress every few weeks. Stay far away them, use my (and others) unfortunate lesson to your advantage

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