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ZTraxx Music Group

Country United States
State Alabama
City Las Vegas
Address 2980 S. Rainbow Blvd.
Phone 310-967-9767

ZTraxx Music Group Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2019

I don't even know where to start, I have watched and watched this disturbed woman dismantle every relationship she has. She has made promises to me and many other people business wise and hangs these carrots over our heads promising everything and she uses you only to set you as much as she can until you realize how crazy she really is.

This woman is not sane, if you ever question her sanity or intentions that is when you get the darkside of Zaina. this is when her true colors come out. for example I just simply recommended one time that she try vocal lessons to help her voice because as honest as i am i told her the truth that she does not really sound good.

Its like in her mind she thinks she is a modern tina turner meets death metal so she can't sing or hold notes but moreso squeels and puts that michael jackson like infliction on her vocals.

friends tell friends the truth, and the truth is you can't sing Zaina. you could if you invested into the craft of singing but you refuse to be wrong about anything.

I am more hurt then angry and I just feel the need to purge here and to fight with facts. she always swears that everyone is against her and i should have known when she would always refer to herself in 3rd person when it came to telling her violin stories about all these people in the past vicitimized her from her horse teeth, to why she had vaginal problems (cysts, vaginal bacteria and how she was molested, all these phantom record deals that she had.)

now she hosts a tv show dressed as a game of thrones reject hosting D list talent and has beens knocking on deaths door. The ONLY reason someone was crazy enough to let her have a show is because she will throw her vagina at anyone who will take it. and old white men like Ron richardson had no problem taking her advances and thus why she even has a show on a local channel in las vegas.

Before Tony Sacca died she was having sex with him when he had someone else he was supposed to be devoted to. Tell the truth shame the devil, arkeni, Zaina has put some much venom out into the world about me, about others i don't even know but definitely empathize with because now that i am looking back on what a fool i was to let Zaina into my BUSINESS and i currently paying for letting her into my BED. Because what she fails to tell her sexual partners is that she is HIV POZ. she gave me HIV.

don't belive me? ask her to present her health records and watch her find every excuse as to why she can't. she will never be held accountable for anything because her family has coddles and enables her. She has gotten around vegas so much and shame on me for not keeping that in mind. she has slept with so many people in hopes to use the one thing she has which is her sexuality to get ahead in show business but she is grasping for straws.

this is why she doesn't drive herself because of her manic episodes behind the wheel. she is a functional bipolar, schitzophrenic. i was shocked when i went to a huge costume shop here in town and half the entertainers in the store knew of arkeni / Zaina and NONE had anything nice to say about her, because she f*cked them over to. she always says people spread lies about her but thou doth protest too much. the one who protests the most is the one causing the most damage. people always playing the VICTIM card like Zaina use that to manipulate people to feeling sorry for them and thus getting what they want out of them.

I really wanted to stay to myself and mind my business but as i sit here infected and hurt that Zaina showed such disregard for my health and my wallet i am just telling it all and letting the chips land where they land. I was celibate in secret for years and I made the mistake of sharing that with Zaina confidence and she slowly began making gestures and advances towards me between meetings to the point i felt a bit preassured it was getting uncomfortable but i went through with having sex with her because she gave me the impression that she could be trusted and she would never do anything to violate that trust.

she made me feel safe as I have been going through a rough time trying to cope with the loss of my mother who died only a year ago so i've stayed to myself all this time and Zaina was the one who was trying to pull me out of my shell to help me , SO I THOUGHT.

the tables quickly turned when i wasn't as cooperative giving her anymore money and i pulled back from her emotionally because things were just moving too fast and she had really high expectactions of us being TOGETHER. Her emotional tirades would make me question how safe i was and its too the point i've had to seek legal counsel as to what to do . I just feel brutally misused and abused.

Vegas has alot of seedy people but one of the most seedy people you will ever encounter is Zaina Juliette who is really Arkeni Turner. She has screwed up her reputation so much this is why she changed her name because of all the stuff online about her. she did her best to have most of it removed but it doesn't take away from the bad karma she has put out there and the numerous people that i have come across in and out of show business who have horror stories about her. She insults everyone behind their back and yet swears she can sing when if you just listen to anyone of her tracks or live performances she clearly sounds strained as if she is choking or having a seizure but labeling that as "singing".

What hurts the most is i really truly believed in Zaina because although her singing is below line as is her talent. She comes across at first glance as genuine, but the further i got down the rabbit hole i am horrified as to how heartless she has been. she is so calm and put together on tv to a point but behind the scenes she is a monster. And those of you reading this who know her or knew her in the past KNOW exactly what i am talking about.

Zaina is famous for being an internet bully and i've just had enough. She shouldn't be rewarded for ripping people off, infecting people with incurable stds, and being cruel hearted. Zaina if you are reading this which i am sure you are because the one you love the most is YOU, and so you google yourself almost daily, know that I do not hate you although i know you hate me. I still love you but i choose to love you from afar.

what i don't have for you anymore is respect because i can always get back the money i lost investing into you and your endevors however what i can't get back is time that you have cost me. what i can't get back is perhaps the life expectancy i had because i let you into my bed and you infected me with this monster that now rides with me daily. you are cruel and heartless and God doesn't like ugly. i will continue to spread the word about you because i just don't want anyone else getting hurt like you have hurt and devasted me. I am still in shock.

When your viewers watch you on TV, at least they will have the option to see the monster that you are. You are not entitled to keep judging people and ruining peoples lives with your constant lies and deceptions. it all comes back to you one way or another. I am truly afraid for when you start reaping everything that you have sewn. You've ruined careers, familes, peoples dreams. and i know you think in your mind that you are the greatest thing that ever was but in reality you are the cruelest thing that ever was.

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