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Country Germany
City M√ľnster
Address Krokusweg 9a, 48165
Phone 49 (0) 251 149 811 80
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  • Jan 10, 2022

I had service with them for just about a year. I paid them every month, this last month the server was going to come up 2 days prior to when I could pay for it.

I opened a ticket with them to see if they would work with me and give me two extra days and even told them they could add it to the invoice. They told me no, so I let the server go. I have $2.90 sitting in my account of my money that they refuse to give back.

I realize its $2.90 but its the principal of the issue, i could be $290 and they would be saying the same thing that no matter what, once you give them money its theirs and you cannot have it back.

I would stay away from them.

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