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Zale Media, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Sacramento
Address 1625 N. Market Blvd., Suite S-202
Phone (800) 952-5210

Zale Media, LLC. Reviews

  • Aug 10, 2022

Sales person sold me a lead gen package promising that money would be refunded if no valid leads came through.

No leads, no refund, total scam.

  • Aug 10, 2022

Zale "guarantees" a real estate closing within 5-months or they will refund the purchase price of their platform ($2,497) plus $1,500 provided you adhere to 14 parameters detailing initial and follow-up client contact, training, ad spend ($1,500 in 6-months), etc. In return, Zales promises pre-qualified leads who are ready to buy or sell their homes.

I signed up with Zale Media on 12/6/21; my ads launched on 1/11/2022. On June 10, 2022, after 5-months and no closing, I requested a refund. Zale conceded that I was engaging appropriately with the leads I received and spent the required amount on FB ads, but I didn't qualify for a refund because 1) I didn't use the Zale dialer for all my calls (however, making all calls within the CRM is not a refund requirement: the refund requirement states, "In the event calls cannot be made in the CRM, you may call using a personal phone but must track all communication in notes of the CRM."

I did document my communication within the CRM, as well as provided 5 months of call logs showing every call with every lead) and 2) I didn't complete the tedious and redundant 30 video lead follow-up training (I completed 15 of 30 modules).

Zale says their marketing Platform "utilizes qualification applications & automations to turn leads into qualified booked appointments with buyers & sellers for system users." Zale did not live up to its obligations to provide "quality" leads and also bears responsibility for this situation. The leads I received via Zale's system were poor quality; the majority of whom couldn't qualify for a home loan. Zale blames the poor leads on Facebook's carousel ads.

According to Stephanie at Zale support: "Back in November [2021], FB met with our marketing manager and told us these carousel ads were amazing. Unfortunately, they did not perform as we had expected." Given I did not meet all 14 guarantee parameters, I requested a refund of 1/2 of the purchase cost of $2,497 (or $1,248.75) in the form of a FB ad spend credit.

I thought this was a fair request given our joint failures. Zale offered a $300 ad spend credit, which I considered unacceptable. I believe Zale oversold and underdelivered on its promise. Zale admits the ads it was providing were poor performing and all I asked for was some remuneration of my personal ad spend in the form of a FB ad credit

Zale's response was essentially, "Not our fault, you didn't meet all the conditions of the guarantee." Learn from my mistake and do not contract with this company.

  • Aug 2, 2022

Zale promises to provide leads for real estate agents. They provide a CRM for $2500 and then promise to manage a "marketing system" which is Facebook ads. Once you pay, you learn that they only run 4 ads that all look the same except for a different tag line. The ads look like a total amateur made them. Facebook recommends against running the same all the time so they aren't even following basic Facebook guidelines. Zale recommends $10/day ad spend.

I immediately started receiving leads but they were mostly immigrants that could barely speak English. Some I couldn't understand at all. First names like Adedamola, Ashimarya, Abishek, Habibullah, etc. Many I couldn't pronounce so it was difficult to call them. I'm in the DFW area so there is no reason that these were the only leads I was receiving.

I emailed Zale and said there must be something wrong. The person that replied said he would look into it. A couple days later he replied saying that he changed the settings and lead quality should improve. It didn't. After a couple more emails he admitted that those were the type of leads that their ads generated and I just needed to work them.

Their CRM is really terrible as well. I use kvcore CRM so I had the leads imported into kvcore. It is a robust CRM for real estate agents. However, because I didn't use their CRM for all correspondence, I wasn't eligible for their so-called refund guarantee.

I didn't try to fight with them as they are very experienced at ripping people off. Their guarantee has so much fine print that they will never have to give a refund.

Please, stay away from this company. They will take your money and not give much in return.

  • Jul 6, 2022

I signed up with Zale Media through a FB ad, because they had a sale going on and a guaranteed offer of my money back if I did not have a closing in six months. I was told by the sales person all I had to do was spend $300 a month minimum on FB ads and that if I did not have a closing in five or six months (I think it was five, but I put the date in my calendar) they would refund the $1600 spent on their system.

I did that, and at first I had a couple of leads and a couple of appointments, but after a while, the leads fell off and I could not convert any of them. I sent an email to them requesting a refund and I was told no. I was told I spent $7 less on ads than I should have, (they were delayed on their end in getting my system up and running) and that I did not enter the information into their database, and I did not do enough follow-up calls with each client. All of these things were not told to me as boxes I had to tick off to get my refund.

1. There was no training. There were a few videos, but if they made this promise they should have had live training saying, "here are the steps you need to take to get a refund."

2. Their support team takes forever to get back to you. I am talking a week or two usually, and I only called in twice.

3. Even getting back to me about the refund, they tool over a month.

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