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  • Jun 24, 2018

Spokane's dv cult we went walking in the spokane rain today --

-- daughter and i in our boots just down the street near the public school and i remembered how every time i post anything about the real problems we have with the spokane police corruption it is blocked by facebook and craigslist. I have not really tried posting it other places because i gave up but the live video on uncensored spokane inspired me.

My husband and i grew up here in the can. We both worked at the local dq at the same time but we met in school before that. When we had our first child a local cop took my husband right out of the spokane hospital and told me if i let our child see him or even talk to my husband they would take our child and not even give them to our family. They told me my husband was a criminal and it was for our child's own protection but i have known my husband for almost my whole life and he is a wonderful christian man who did not even steal gum from the store when all the other kids were doing it every day.

The court falsely threw him in jail for a while until he could prove he was "competent" to be in society but has never had any problems his whole life. Cps harassed me at my door when i was trying to breast feed our newborn alone while the meth addicts broke into cars outside our apartment that i have reported abandoned for years. Both of us just have just barley graduated school and we only make about $1200 a month together. $400 goes to my car payment because i have bad credit. $600 goes to rent the one room apartment, and the rest is paid in taxes which goes to the cops and others who kept my husband from helping me and our child right after she was born. Because we both are together as a family they will not give us food stamps or other services that the babynabbers with broken cars get for abandoning the child's father. They still give us wic but it is hard to use and does not cover enough food to keep us healthy.

I am so glad i found "uncensored spokane" because i clean houses on the side and some people let me do that in exchange for food like the beef. I work for a day and they give me $150 worth in beef or pork for our family.

Here are some photos of the cars that i have been calling about for years that the police ignore while the cops drive around on their cell phones, almost hit our daughter today, and sit in a parking lot close to homes just in case they get a false domestic violence call from an abusive woman next door and want to remove another father or mother from their child. I called the "crime check" number over 8 times for months and still almost every night we hear someone breaking into the cars next to the school to get something to sell for meth. We can see a giant billboard of sheriff ozzie d. Knezovich paid by our taxes hanging over the streets neglected by our local enforcement that was mentioned in that live video here.



Do the cops even check registration dates on the cars? Idaho, oregon, california plates? No. Too busy harming our families and letting the new tatted up drug dealer boyfriends of the babbynabbers park their out of state or long expired broken down cars in front of our apartment for years. You can see from the photos the tires have been flat for a very very long time. This is all over spokane, not just right next to our schools. This is part of the reason why we have home schooled for years. It is too dangerous with people breaking into cars to sell stuff for hard drugs to even have a child waiting outside for a bus.

How can this ongoing corruption end? Our taxes are used against us to keep our child from having the family support they need.

Our spokane community demands the dv cult is stopped and kids returned!

Is there really a spokane community dv cult?


In many areas all around the us there are small groups of corrupted people who are paid by our public funds and work as a group to extract money from our residents through domestic violence false claims. This spokane dv cult is made up of judges, service workers, enforcement, government funded media sources, government funded mental health facilities, coached scam victims, as well as "non-profit" shelters for women with alienated kids or men who have had their kids stolen. So who are the cult members? Pretty much anyone that is making money by breaking apart spokane community families and making money off it. Fraud judge wa1ker, fraud sheriff 0zzie, lawyers that pretend to help the targeted spouse but only steal their money, even the janitor in the womens shelter that does not allow men or men with their children. Please do report anyone else in this dv cult in public so we can end this problem that is abusing our children and our citizens!

It is a cult because almost everyone here does not want this small group of people to harm our families and abuse our children. Communities with out biological families are in horrible communities all over the world and most people in spokane do not want it to be horrible.

They start by pushing out media to tell your community to cry wolf and call 911 if you hear any communication between males and females. If there are kids around the communication then it is certainly worthy of a cry wolf call.

After you are reported, you are arrested against the rule of law in malice and fleeced for anything you have including your kids to be sold off to foster frauds.

This cult makes millions on each family the break from your spokane community taxes! gates also donates some money to the cult so harmful drugs can be tested on the parents.

In reality this cult harms our community and does not help remove any domestic violence.

Spokane's fraud criminal home wrecker walker is brain washing for your funds!

They have a criminal *gang* of people that bring in the child abductor from out of state.

Gang now includes: judge walker, sergeant ferguson, detective ricketts, attorney lyndon smithson, ywca spokane domestic violence advocates, and a survivor of domestic violence

They even parade around a out of town *female* to push this brain washing on other females all of whom are paid by our taxes!

They live with a some guy in spokane and this does happen to heteros as well as homos. They make a false claim about the vet/citizen/native/foreign citizen and get a fraud judge like walker to sign a fake warrant arresting them in their own house for no reason because the child abusing female is speaking loudly. Then these corrupted make money off the husband/male/father with bonds, court, lawyers, and fees. They make money off his insurance paid by our taxes when they force him* In some cases her) on drugs at eastern state in medical lake. Then they steal his home, leave him with nothing, and they all did it with the obviously sexist washington state law because they have gotten you to believe that domestic violence only happens to females.

Here is information about their fraud event at a government tax funded facility:

Spokane domestic violence end the silence town hall

The spokane regional domestic violence coalition, ywca spokane, ewu, and the spokane regional health district have partnered together to facilitate a town hall discussion about domestic violence in our community on may 17th, 5-8pm. We hope you, and your friends and your family can join us for this free, public event at ewu’s riverpoint campus.

A panel of representatives at the event will include judge walker, sergeant ferguson, detective ricketts, attorney lyndon smithson, ywca spokane domestic violence advocates, and a survivor of domestic violence. Additional contributors include judge staab and captain brad arleth from the spokane police department.

People needing accommodation should contact deb svoboda at [email protected] or call 509.359.6470 by may 11, 2018. Please direct any other event related questions to 703-8756 or email [email protected] Thank you!

*note the eastern state university email funded by our taxes misused for domestic violence fraud!!! ^^^

Spokane's scam service workers and fraud cops want you divorced!

Like fraud cop t jones who has a wife that divorced him so he is bitter and wants everyone else done the same way.

* except in very extreme conflict-ridden families- and most families do not fit this criterion- children are better off when their parents stay married.

* children are more likely to finish school and avoid problems such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and delinquent behavior. Plus, they are more likely to have good marriages themselves.

* even if a parent is happier as a result of divorce, there is no "trickle down effect." children still struggle emotionally regardless of how the parent feels.

* married men make better fathers. They are more likely to provide guidance, role modeling, and financial support.

* marriage is good for most adults. As compared to single, widowed or divorced people, married people are healthier, have better sex lives, they engage in fewer high-risk activities such as substance abuse, they live longer and they are happier!

* depression is almost three times as prevalent in women who divorce once, and four times as prevalent in women who divorce twice than in women who have never divorced.

* a random sample of over 8,600 adults revealed the percentages of those who felt lonely. The results are as follows. Marital status and % reporting loneliness:

Married- 4.6

Never married- 14.5

Divorced 20.4

Widowed- 20.6

Separated- 29.6 Page and cole)

* those in healthy marriages tend to be better, more productive employees. Married men miss work less often.

* divorce increases the cost of many public health and social service programs. Single-parent households often mean children are raised in poverty or on public aid.

* a single mother's standard of living almost always decreases significantly after divorce.

* as compared to 50% of first marriages that end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce.

To spokane men:

They have been brain washed, trained to be scared of men, manipulated to think they each need beta males to be happy, they are convinced to steal your kids and the spokane tax payer provides an incentive to the parental child abductor to make sure you are kept away.

Maybe it is just a cry wolf false domestic violence claim. You are not violent but as soon as their apartment manager calls spokane crime check because she is trained to yell "i'm scared" and "i want you to leave" the cops will come by the suv load and will arrest you with malice just to make money off the false dv claim.

It might be in a house, apartment, car or even at work but i see this all the time and it is happening right now less than 100 feet away. The woman asked a man over because she wanted to have sex with him but now that he had sex she wants him to leave. He expected to be able to stay the night or maybe they had an agreement to stay for weeks but she does not care. She will cry wolf to the local fraud cops with her property manager or neighbor female to get you out of the place they asked you to be at. The cops will not keep you safe, they may harm you during the false arrest so my suggestion is this to spokane men:

Leave! stop dating easily manipulated brain washed women! most of them are here from out of state anyhow! tell other men about this female on yscam so she can not abuse more men with false promises! do not look back if there are no kids! there are still amazing healthy women near spokane Not many) who will not cry wolf and tell you to leave when they ask you out Or in)

Public paid fraud spokane defenders work against the innocent

There are many accounts of the public defenders in spokane under the tax paid management of inactive dave loebach in the county and kathy knox in the city where the defenders are not working in the best interest or even directly against their client in pre-trial. It is almost like they are working for the da instead of their innocent client. Most of the complaints revolve around the defenders, even after a year or more of "assisting" the inmate on geiger before trial, does not even remember the name of the falsely accused or what the case is about.

In many cases defenders like jasmine clark and criminal fraud public defender ted jeckering will go directly against physical written evidence, against the better interest of their innocent client, and require competency evaluations on our tax money to make an incentive to be found incompetent so the case is dropped. What they do not tell you is that if you are found incompetent in a competency evaluation in spokane washington you are sent to a criminal inpatient "facility" where you are abused and tortured in many cases for months with out trial. You are forced drugs that may cause many side effects including death and you can be kept there isolated from those that care for you against the rule of law for the rest of your life if one of the fraud doctors believe you are a danger to the public. This happens to people every day for things like sitting down for too long at a bus stop in spokane!

The defenders must be getting some kind of incentive for doing false competency evaluations which end in testing forced psyc drugs on healthy inmates in pre-trial. They are not even guilty but they are given drugs to make them crazy and disabled! this is extreme mental health harassment where the people who are supposed to be helping you like the public defenders are the ones asking the judge for the innocent to be sent there for up to the rest of their life! many have been tortured and isolated in places like eastern state hospital in medical lake, wa for 17 years or longer. Some have died. Many have been harmed for months after they were discharged.

There is and has been great public defenders in spokane who do their best to assist in council but right now these frauds are making six figures on your tax money to send our citizens, vets, native american indians, and even foreign citizens here illegally into unnecessary competency evaluations, even if the clients wishes to plead guilty, so that drugs can be used and tax funded medical "insurance" money can be used against them in an inpatient facility.

How fraud judge patti connolly walker destroys your family in spokane

There will be much more information and videos coming out about the fraud judges in spokane but we have been observing home wrecker patti walker for years now. She seems to take pride in making sure anyone accused by corrupted enforcement of disagreeing with their spouse has their home removed, their kids stolen, and harmful no contact orders issued keeping families from their ability to support each other.

Recently fraud walker was seen doing this to a father that works for the city of spokane! he obviously did nothing wrong but his wife was yelling at him loudly and even though they have their own house and private property until a neighbor called to cry wolf as they have been taught by the local "see something say something" scam to rat on your neighbors destroying our gun rights. He was arrested, had to pay for a private lawyer because he makes to much money to be awarded a defender Who are mostly frauds in spokane regardless), and questioned wrecker walker on how he could have access to his belongings in his only home. She mocked him by saying that he must understand how far two blocks from his home is. Remember, neither him nor his wife requested a no contact order. It was the judge that issued it even though he has committed no crime and has never been to trial. Even if he has been to trial, he should not be forced from his home and family just because his spouse spoke loudly to him. Fraud walker may also order that the kids can not visit with him unless he pays a off duty corrupted cop to watch him and make him feel like an unfit parent while he is with his children.

Wrecker walker does this all day with a smirk on her face and on the face of her recorder. I would not be surprised if she has had extreme problems in her own relationships and has destroyed any romantic partner she is with. Anyone have additional information on this?

Mental health workers scam spokane system to abuse kids

Mental health workers that no one wants to have sex with in the spokane area are using their connections in the government including enforcement and courts to create false claims against loving parents so they can steal kids.

In this case the targeted parent is a loving father. He thought that if he married a woman who made money working for cps and government services, his family would be better off. They make good steady money from our taxes right?

Well, first mom who is paid by our taxes abused his child by hitting the child in the head so hard the child started to bleed. Dad had a sudden reaction to this and hit mom in the head but not nearly as hard and she hit the child. Dad felt sorry for this and took both mom and child to get looked at for medical problems. No charges were filed but a few months later mom divorced dad and moves in various romantic partners to have sex around the kids she alienates from dad.

Even though she has the kids, the new romantic partners around the stolen kids, and a job doing nothing but harm in spokane's fraud mental health system funded by our taxes, it was not good enough for her. She felt she had to harm the child's dad in a new way so she had exactly two of her friends like and say that dad was sending threats with no evidence at all. She used this to send this innocent father to jail in spokane and he still sits there using millions of our dollars so that your obese mental health worker can abuse a child, cry wolf about dad, and continue to reek harm on our entire community.

Your taxes pay fraud mental health workers leading to the rape of our spokane children as well as the ongoing daily abuse or innocent local parents.

• the absence of a biological father increases a daughter’s vulnerability to rape and sexual abuse by 900%. Often these assaults are committed by stepfathers or the boyfriends

Of custodial mothers).

Source: 1988 national health interview survey conducted by the national center for health statistics national center for health statistics Nchs) is part of the centers for disease control and prevention Cdc), which is part of the united states department of health and human services.

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