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Yvette Stevens

Country United States
State California
City Victorville
Address 22099 US Hwy 18, #2856
Phone 760-503-5305

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  • Nov 8, 2017

I responded to a Craigslist Ad on a Funding Program by Yvette Stevens. Prior to commtiting to her $500,000 Funding Program, I conducted my own due diligence. I found no issues with Yvette Stevens. But, what gave me comfort was her affiliation with Rainstar Capital Group. That firm had a pristine reputation. The $500,00 Funding Program that Yvette Stevens advertised required 17,500. At the time, I was defrauded $52,500, so I did not have the required money for her Funding Progrom.

So, she told me about another $500,000 Funding Program. However, she asked for $1,500 up front. I was a little skeptical because she originally sent me an invoice, to be paid throuugh PayPal. Then, she told me Paypal had blocked her account becuase she had used it often. Well being skeptical, I called PayPal. They told me there service can be used at many times as the subcriber wanted to.

I paid ONLY because of her relationship to Rainstar Capital Group. At the end of September she told me I was in line to get my $500,000 Funding at the end of October. During the month of October, it semed that her communications was nearly ended. I recieved only 3 emails during the entire month. Therre was nearly zero communications, unless I initiated it!

As the ending of October approached, I sent a TOTAL of 3 Text's and 3 emails asking for an update? She did not respond at all. I then contacted Kurt Nederveld, the CEO of Rainstar Capital Group requesting his assiatance. I told him the story I have written in this report.

As a result of my call to Mr. Nederveld, Yvette Stevens snet me an email threatening a Lawsuit. She also sent me a letter aCease and Desist-Dafamation email. She said in the email that I violated my Agreement with her Company, The Finance Masters LLC. However, the Problem in her threat, is we have NO such signed Agreement. I signed the Agreement, but she never sent me HER signed copy. In fairness, I asked her to send to me. I looked in ALL my inbox emails from her, so perhaps she sent it, via through another email? I ashed twice, but she has failed to provide HER signed copy of our Agreement. So, we have NO binding Agreement. Also, I reserched where her company, The Finance Masters LLC is not Registered in California. Again, out of fairness, I have asked her twice for where her company is registered. NO ANSWERS.

I have akse dMr. Nederveld for his assistance, hoping that we can move forward and put the pieces back together agian. It was NOT my intention to get Yvette Stevens in trouble. But, it did. Raisntar Capital Group/Mr. Nederveld has asked for Yvette Stevens to resign from his company, due to HER Violation of Rainstar Capital Group Guidlines.

I am not sure if Yvette Stevens will file suit, but at the moment she is unhinged. So, she may. I do not know what grounds she thinks she has? We have NO binding Agreement. Her company, Her company, The Finance Masters LLC, is NOT a REAL Company. I am only assumong because my research of the Secretery os States California, did not find her company in their Directory. Alos, I have asked twice where her company is registered, but NO answers. I have asked twice for the Consulting Agreement. No answer. I have aske her to move forward, but she is her bent on pushing forward on a lawsuit. I am clueless on what grounds?

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