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Yunes Realty

Country Puerto Rico
City Cabo Rojo
Address Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico,
Phone 7876475264

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  • Oct 14, 2016

Ernest Yunes of Ernesto Yunes Realty is an unscrupulous realtor that will not answer phone calls, send other realtors on his behalf, get prospective buyers to go into contract, pin multiple buyers to a single home or unit then if the transaction is sold to someone else or he no longer likes you or your transaction will stop all communication and keep your deposit. Ernesto said that the contract was good till a certain date. Upon that date he claimed that the unit was sold to someone else and certain documents needed to be sent for the transfer of the deposit back. When those documents were sent then he stated that it needed to have additional items not originally asked for. He also stated that he is no longer the one to speak to and referred us to the building owner whom we have never spoken to nor did they respond to any sort of communication. Eventually Ernesto himself stopped answering phone calls and emails and claimed that if we are to express our concerns on the internet that he would sue. This realtor never ansers his phone, sends other realtors on his behalf and doesnt have a physical address to speak of. He will intiate a contract but will still continue to take offers from others so he has an incentive for you not to close if he has another buyer in the wing with a higher price or better terms for him. Then worst of all he will STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT by only accepting wire transfer or something that cannot be reverted. God forbid you are a purchaser from the states then he knows that he can take your money just based on jurisdiction. I would recommend to ANYONE looking to purchase a home, Condo, or rental to steal clear from this snake.

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