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YummyHair Extensions, LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Richardson
Address 955 E Campbell Rd #600
Phone 1(855) 99-(98669)

YummyHair Extensions, LLC Reviews

  • May 15, 2017

I purchased my hair from yummyextensions hair extensions in March 2017. I waited patiently for the new line to come out "yummy raw Cambodian wavy elegance ". The day of the launch I purchased 3 bundles and a frontal from the site. They had already told me to expect a delay as it would take a few days from the initial shipping process, in all I believe I waited 2 a week and 3 days to receive the hair. When I got the hair it was pretty nice. I washed as stated in the instructions and I did not dye the hair in any way nor cut any wefts. I had the hair installed on April 15, 2017. Once the hair was in I noticed it was nothing like what was advertised on instagram. It has been a hot frizzy shedding mess. The hair is a lot of work to keep it from being frizzy, tangling, and matting up. I have not been able to properly enjoy this hair as when it is wet it's beautiful but the minute it dries and what little product that is added dries it is just so frizzy and tangled and holds no shine. I've brought beauty supply store hair better then this. I have brought from numerous vendors sassy Mitchell, dare to have hair, and even yummy extensions in the past. I can honestly say I am truly disappointed close to $600 down the drain. Everytime I write something on instagram about the hair it is deleted, ultimately leading to me being blocked. I am writing this review because I know ppl spend money and time for there hair to be done and for the money not to be wasted, which mine was. I purchased from yummy before maybe about 3 years ago with no problems but this new line is terrible and my money wasted.

  • Mar 15, 2017

On 3-14-17 called Yummy hair and was assisted by Amanda. Amanda talked with me in length regarding what type of hair would best suit me consideirng the style I perferred was out of stock for two weeks. I specifally asked Amanda if I could use the first time buyer coupon on the hair she suggested she replied YES. I proceeded to order the hair and of course this was untrue and the system would not accept the coupon code so I called Yummy back and Amanda manager answered the phone which as very distracted and rudely told me she was Amanda supervisor and what I was told was incorrect. The manager didn't offer to provide another code or ensure that I received the 10% off my first order considering her "employee" advised me wrong! Horrible customer service.

  • May 25, 2016

On 4/20/2016, I contacted Yummy Extensions via email. I corresponded with GLEN throughout this entire ordeal. I asked Glen if they carried Yaki Straight hair. Not too silky, it's like Indian Hair. Glen replied back the next day that the YUMMY natural straight texture would be comparable to what I was requesting. I ordered the hair.

The hair arrived on May 20th. It is nothing like what I noted in my email to Glen. I immediately emailed him back to inform him, that the hair texture was all wrong, would not blend with my relaxed hair, and request a refund. He has refused my refund.

The hair is too silky and will NOT blend with my own relaxed hair, I tell him yet again. Still no refund, but he will do an exchange. After some back and forth, he tells me that their "Soft Kink" is more like the Yaki texture I am looking for. Now I realize this company says anything to make a buck. Their soft kink hair is curly and coily and nothing like the straight yaki texture I wanted and further the soft kink hair in no way will EVER BLEND with my own relaxed hair.. AND THEN, upon further inspection of the hair, I notice that at least 2 inches of the hair is only strands/scraggly ends.

I contact Glen and tell him this too. All he says is basically I can get a gift card for an exchange of hair but not my funds back. I could see if they sent the kind of hair I wanted, but it was all Glen's suggestions. Not only is the hair not the texture that I asked for (I even sent him a photo of me wearing the texture of hair I wanted), but the ragged and scragged ends of the hair make it only about 10 inches. I ordered 12/14 inches and it's barely 12 even when you count those scraggly ends.

And by the way, he tells me about some Russian Fed hair that they used to carry that is similar to Yaky! Unbelievable huh? I have this stuff in writing. This is not a joke to me, but apparently or maybe the bait and switch is all to common for them. One look at the girls on the website and the hair extensions are beautiful, full and long.

Today is May 24, we have gone back and forth for 4 days now. I sent the hair back with instructions to either refund my money because the fault lies with them) or at the very least, send hair that is a FULL 12 inches long, not 10 inches full and 2 inches of strands.

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