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Yummy Hair Extensions, LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 19009 Preston Rd #114
Phone 214-579-9021

Yummy Hair Extensions, LLC Reviews

  • May 18, 2018

I ordered 3 bundles of their "raw” Cambodian wave hair which is suppose to have MINIMAL SHEDDING, and last 2-3 years. Well I have only had my hair for 2 and a half months. I contact YHE the FIRST day I got my order because the hair had a STRONG fragrance to it and when I washed the hair it was running off color similar to when you dye your hair which shocked me because it is said to be raw. It took them 2 whole weeks to get back to me which I had to Harass them on IG just to get that. I explained my concerns and they suggest more and more products to buy saying it needed these things. Hair that cost $550 should not NEED anything within the first few weeks but I purchased it because I had a trip and my birthday coming up. Eventually I realized that this was not normal shedding. It matte up sheds like crazy and is ssssooooo dry. Even with all the product they suggested. I emailed them and called them numerous of times and no response or they lie.

After realizing they where full of s*** and they where giving me the run around I initiated a return and was willing to pay to ship the product back like I spoke with Amanda and shaqula about. But then they start with their new lie saying that all the hair needs to be unused. It blew my mind and made me ssooo upset because I followed their instructions when you believe received faulty hair. I contacted them FIRST day and they did this on purpjudr so that they would not have to honor what they said. I have emails pictures and recorded phone calls. This place is sketchy and horrible. Ripping people off with hundreds of dollars for hair from AliExpress. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I wanted this hair for years since I was in middle school. I finally cave and order from them because my favorite YouTuber used to use them. I’m so beyond hurt by this and feel stupid For even supporting them. They yell their praise but hide the complaints. This is disheartening.

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