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Country United States
State Pennsylvania

Yumelon Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2020

I would never order anything from these scammers. I purchased an expensive desk chair that looked great. Unfortunately i received a green pillow in the shape of a horseshoe w/black stains all over it. They kept telling me to just another 3-5 before u receive ur chair. Bs!! i complained several times until they answered my email. They’re nothing but fraud liars! don’t believe a word they say & call ur bank immediately w/a complaint. Save all proof from emails, calls, text, the bs crap they send u w/the envelope too. They even had the nerve to tell me they would only give me 30% back plus i had to pay $20 or more for shipping. First i had to send back the product... Yeh right bull crap. Live in learn so everybody make sure u never received any emails from a woman named hillary oneill. She’s nothing but a bs liar.

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