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Yukon Cardigan

Country United States
State Alabama

Yukon Cardigan Reviews

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  • Dec 5, 2020

Yukon Cardigan is an online only shop with a web address of They frequently advertise on social media platforms.

Their website and advertisements include hundreds of fake reviews, misleading information as to the materials used and country of manufacture. They have existed only since 11/2020 but their site is in a perpetual "Inventory Clearance" or "24 hours only" sale with apparent deep, deep discounts. All of the jackets for sale can be found on many other websites selling cheap Chinese goods.

Their items all ship from China although their website suggests otherwise.

Once I realized that the jackets were shipping from China I asked they cancel my order. They had not yet shipped when I made the request but by the time they responded some days later they stated that the jackets had already shipped, sorry.

The items arrived about a month later. Two jackets of plastic, incredibly cheaply made plastic fleece. The tags on both garments had been cut off. It is not legal to sell items as new that do not have tags indicating their material content and country of manufacture. Nor were the jackets marked anywhere as to their size. They were sizes and sizes too small. They could only have a fit a child.

I again asked that they let me return the items and issue a refund. They refused. They are a scam site selling sweatshop goods that cost pennies to make. What they're doing is illegal and fradulent on many levels.

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