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Youth Renu Skin Cream

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 24567

Youth Renu Skin Cream Reviews

  • Jan 23, 2018

I ask to have a sample sent, and not only did I not recieve the sample, they charged me two more times claiming they are not responsible for the mail, and if I didnt recieve the product, its not there fault! I explained, thats fine, but I NEVER RECIEVED THE PRODUCT! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they hung up on me! So, basically, they have my money, and I have no product!!

  • May 1, 2017

I normally don't order things online like this because I am scared to be scammed just ilke this. Also I think I am rather careful and used to computers and seeking information online.

A couple of weeks ago I felt like spending something on myself (as I rarely do) so I did go ahead and ordered what I thought was a free trial sample of eye cream. I was told that I only paid for shipping. After I was done I realized that I had accidentally clicked to order both eye creem and a skin creme. The pop up screens saying "agree and continue" were adding the skin cream to my order conspicously... ok so that was my fault for not paying attention.

What rubs me the wrong way is that the website layout was like this to fool people. They know we "cant read ever single word on the screen before we "agree to the terms" This alone made me feel taken advantage of.

So I paid shipping for both products (around $15 total).

The trial cremes arrived, and I tried them - and actually liked them. But then came the next surprise.

My account was charged about $85 + $89! And when I call costumer service they said that I had agreed to pay this if I had not cancelled my subscription after 10 days of trying the product. I never agreed to that - I thought.

So, I revisited the "welcome email" - with no mention of dates to pay attention to. I never had received an email with reminder that time was up to decide. And even after revisiting the website I couldn't see where this was mentioned.

The entire build of this sale - was to trick people and let them feel it was their own fault.

Below I have put screnshots of what I saw when ordering.

The first screen tells you about how it works, points to science etc. If you want to now more you have to enter your personal information ( to make these screenshots I put fake info to get in)

(Follow this link if you can't see the screenshot:

- Note pics don't show the same products

Only when you get to the second screen you can read 'teeny tiny" on the bottom the conditions - that you have 10 days before you are going to get charged!. The Layout is determinatedly to lead your eyes to the green "complete checkout" button and skip the small print....and in big green letters - Price - $0.00!!!! and that I only pay for shipping.

I realize this mean I didn't read all of the "fine print' so I should just suck it up!

But I really feel ripped off and taken advantage of. And I feel this company is mean, so I wanted to share if it even can help one person to not fall into the same trap!

I normally don't splurge on myself. I don't go to many/pedy. I don't buy expensive perfume. The skin creme I usually buy is oil of ulay...that is how fancy I get... most of the time

  • Apr 18, 2017

I ordered for free trial one time only and charged shipping for YouthRenuSkin; i kept getting 4 and called to correct and they said already billed me $97.00.

  • Apr 10, 2017

I purchased Youth RENU skin cream on-line for $4.95. I received a text th same day from the company asking me if I wanted to receive the product regularly on auto-pay. I texted back 'no'. Shortly after, I checked my bank statement to find that the company had taken $89 from my account. I contacted my bank to have the charges reversed and had to get a new debit card for fear that the company would continue to take money from my account. This company is run by crooks.

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