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Country United States
State Alabama

Yousician Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2022

They set auto renuewal without notice and user cannot be awared of that.

They don't accept the cancel.

They refuse to do refund for unnoticable auto renewal fee.

  • Aug 16, 2019

I was notified mid-July that my trial service had ended to Youcisian and I was being charged the full yearly fee which they collected from my account. I can't afford it being disabled so i cancelled the account. They said they would issue a refund. Nearly a month later, it hasn't come through. Bank double-checked. I contacted Youcisian again. They insist they issued the refund. End of discussion.

  • Jan 3, 2019

Yousician for Teachers this is a huge scam/ripoff, its been about five years since I subscribed to the 30 day trial trying to get my daughter into guitar classes. However, i called and cancelled the subscription and thought it was legitimate cancellation and i was over with this, but the following month i was charged $119 even after i cancelled. I called the bank and reported it as an unauthorized transaction and they gave me a new debit card. Now every year i must go to the bank and get a new card since they keep charging my new cards. I have no idea how they are doing such things but i believe that they steal your credit and debit information. Please DO NOT subscribe to these people you will regret it if you do.The classes are also you are better off going to YouTube trust me.

this is a ripoff *i dont know how they keep on charging the banck account avery year, i called the bank they sent me a new debit card and again a new charged was made to my account

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