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  • Feb 2, 2017

I am outraged and a little imbarressed that I was preyed upon the way I was. I saw an infomercial and went to a meeting where I was offered a $1997.00 course in real estate where I could bring a partner. I brought my mother to help her to get a business going that she could work in during her retirement and use to support herself. We went to a three day workshop where we were asked to pay 25,000.00 to get hands on information and assistance in jump starting our real estate business. Three weeks later, we were in a three day Boots on the ground workshop which showed us how to go to properties and assess the value of the work that was to be done. Three weeks later we were in Las Vegas, being offered a chance for them to show us how to purchase porperties that they had supposedly bought below market value and were selling to us for below market value. However, after, I purchased the property and looked on, I found out that the properties in that area were going for around $20,000.00 and I was charges 80,000.00 for the property. Then a week later, I was sent a bill for $1705.00 for the taxes for the Summer bill. Howver, I was told, in writing that the taxes were $1800.00 for the year. Two weeks later I received an email requesting $400.00 for the electric that had to be fixed from the box outside. This should have been done as part of the CO for the property prior to the purchase. Two weeks later, I recieved another email that the steps had to be replaced. When I inquired about this, I was told that I had to send the money before the work could be done and that I had a bill in arrears. It was only then that I found out that this property that was to be guarenteed rented for the first 12 months was not being paid by the tenents and the fees were attorney fees to evict. The management company told me it would cost about $5000.00 to evict these people. When I spoke to BUYPD about the rents, they told me that I would have tosign additional documents to get these monies which are owed to me. However, I am not willing to sign these documents that relinquish them from any responsiblies regarding this property. Now they are saying that they sold me the property as is. The management company is awaiting a response. However, I am seeking legal council. They are liars and have cheated me out of alot of money.

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