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Yolo County Adult Protective Services

Country United States
State California
City Woodland
Address 25 N Cottonwood St
Phone 888-675-1115

Yolo County Adult Protective Services Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2015

My name is Mary C and my boys were taken under faults pretenses and the lies of Yolo County CPS. I see alot of complaints on here about how they come into our lives and turn our world up side down. How our children suffer the most when taken out of their homes and away from the only mommies and daddies they know.

Well families lets do something about it. I am not talking just in my county or California I am talking about nation wide. Lets remind them of what there jobs are really about. to reconnect families. To help them get back on their feet again. Also to educate the workers a little more. They are not doctors they are not phycologists or the cops most of all they are not god. So why do we allow them to think they are.

I am not saying we dont need Child Protective Services, I am saying instead of going after what could be a case and go after the for sure cases. the little girl who wears the same torn dress to school everyday with the bruses up and down her little body. who say she cant wait to get to school so she can eat finally. Those are the children and families who need the help.

My email is Please if you are ot affraid of standing up to these kidnappers email me your name email address Phone number and a run down of your story and we will go from there. I am sure if we ALL stand together and the right steps we could make a diffrance in this nation not only for our children and families but stop this nightmare from happening to other families.

If you are not comfortable leaving your phone number that is understandible. so here is mine. If I dont answer leave a message. 530-xxx-xxxx

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