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Xtreme Zuks Offroad Tampa

Country United States
State Florida
City Lutz
Address 2209 Sunset Ln
Phone (813) 610-7706

Xtreme Zuks Offroad Tampa Reviews

  • May 24, 2016

I sold them three suzuki samurais that they wanted for parts still owe me money they were a little rusty with 250.000 300.000 and 410.000 miles i found out they sold them for big money 6000.00 9000.00 and 12000.00 with high miles they have no honesty they dont pay takes or file income tax on there buissness they keep there sales tax they charge dont pay no revenue are not insured they are a big ripoff if you ben riped off if you ben riped off by them let me no please avoid these people i found out the hard way i lost thousands of dollare from them there cheap nock off parts from china dont give them your visa / or mastercard they will over charge you or your paypal account they need to be shut down fast money i care a bout the american people who work hard for a liveing the owners of this scam ripoff companys is richard smith mcclaine and is son cody smitha lot of there photos on there website is fake they wish they could build a suzuki samurai like those pictures they also see over internett and out of ther house very non proffesina people they post good pictures so they can sell there high millage haif restoed trash with high miles they they change the speed odomoter to lower miles or put a lower mile odomoter in them to steal more of your hard earned money to raise the price up thank you

  • May 23, 2016

These scam artist xtreme zuks off road in lutz fl they buy rusted wrecked blow up suzuki samurai for 500 to 600 dollllars most from salvage yards they paint them sand them down and sell there salvage suzukis for 5.000 to 30.000 and rip you off these suzukis sold brand new for 8.000 they list suzuki samurais they say they sold them they never had them for sale they show you a good one and sell you a salvaged one they say the good one is sold but they will fix up the salvage one whitch looks like crap when there done with it if you bought a suzuki samurai from them or sold them one please contact me leave me a message you want to give these clowns your hard earned money go for it all they want is your money when they buysuzuki samurais they want the title open witch is illeagle and they sell with open titles they pay no taxes pockets the money no warrantys they try to get you to give them your samurai for free to little money or they tell you they want it for parts witch is a lie within a moth its at there house with a 12.000 price tag on it total theifes all they want is your money the only thing real about them is they are xtreme ripoffs conartists richard the owner is a fast talker talks over you hes teaching is son the same things he does selling open title cars are illeale not telleing the true miles is illeagle and changeinging vin numbers is illileage hope i can save more people from getting ripeoff thank you

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