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Xtreme Performance Ltd.

Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane Valley
Address 7925 E Alki Ave
Phone (509) 714-0515

Xtreme Performance Ltd. Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2015

Buyer beware! I want to warn others of engines advertised on ebay by James Cecil Roby from Spokane, WA. These engines are advertised as race engines but they are not even close. My experience with this con artist was bad in 2013.

Purchased a 383 stroker motor but when received was not as described. It had several China parts and two different style of heads. When called Roby about the problem and asked for my money back he became angry and said #$%* off.

There are several others who he has also been ripped off. Check complaints filed with the BBB, Washington's Attorney General Office, you tube, and other rip off reports.

He advertises on ebay and askes you to contact him before you put bid in then offers a discount if you buy directely from him because of the fees ebay charges. This is so there is no paper trail, ebay will not help you if not purchased through them, and you cannot leave negative feedback.

He does not accept credit cards, not because of the fees - it so the credit card companies will not come after him if the payment is disputed. He asks you to pay only $500. through paypal to his wife's account, then either wire or send a certified check for the balance.

On his ad he claims the engine is warrantied. When contacted Roby he said a warranty card had to be returned in order for the warranty to be effective, but there was no card.

Parts on the engine were not as advertised. The ad claimed speed pro pistons. The engine did not have speed pro pistons it was all China made parts. The engine also had one straight plug head and the other was an angle plug head.

Roby's ad said the 383 stroker was dyno tested at 510 hp. This engine was not dyno tested because when arrived the balancer, flex plate, water pump, alternator, no plugs in it, and no carbon in cylinder heads. This motor might have 300 hp after serious work.

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