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Xtreme Landscapes

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Walton-on-Thames
Address 14 The Furrows
Phone 07798 848378

Xtreme Landscapes Reviews

  • May 26, 2021

Hello Marie,

I am copying my attorney on this email for the record. As per our conversation, you assured me that none of your company’s employees would ever touch my Mediterranean Fan Palm again. You also are aware that this is not the first time that this type of palm was subjected to the butchery of your landscaping crew. This is the replacement palm after your company ruined the initial one that it planted by overpruning it.

Now that your company is no longer Treasure Coast Landscaping and the new company name is Xtreme Landscaping, I want the owners and senior management to understand that if this EVER happens again, I SWEAR TO GOD that my attorney WILL (not might) file a lawsuit against your company on my behalf.

You also gave me your word that you would have a manager come out to my residence by the end of next week (June 4, 2021) and install the “reflectors” that you told me would signal your crew NOT TO TOUCH the palm. So I am holding you to that promise. In addition to the “reflectors”, today I have ordered two signs that I will place in front of and to the side of my Mediterranean Fan Palm, that clearly state “DO NOT TRIM” in both English and Spanish.

I would like you to please forward this email to your superiors in the company and I would like a reply via email from either you or anyone in your company who’s in charge of making major decisions, confirming that my wishes will be honored.

Here are additional before and after pics of my palm, plus a picture of the signs that I have ordered at my own expense. Thanks for your anticipated response and cooperation with regards to this matter.

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