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Xtreme Car & Truck Accessories

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Bridgeville
Address 150 Millers Run Rd
Phone 412-257-1006

Xtreme Car & Truck Accessories Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2017

I brought my brand new Ford F-250 work truck to Xtreme and had $4,000 in modifications. I had several things done and left a happy customer, intending to bring in the rest of our new trucks to have the work done on all of them. When I took a closer look, I noticed the storage box installed in the bed was sticking. It was almost impossible to open and close it. Not a big deal, and they offered to make it right. The problem started the following day when the entire back window shattered while I was driving. I thought it was weird that this happened less than 24 hours after they did the work, but there's no way to know for sure so I made arrangements to have the window replaced. I had to take the truck back to Xtreme to have the headache rack removed prior to the glass replacement. The person changing the glass pointed out to me damage on the truck that caused the window to shatter. This was being done by a separate company (Three Rivers Auto Glass) in the garage at Xtreme.

When I pointed out the damage to the owner of Xtreme, he said that damage was done today when the headache rack was removed so it couldn't have caused the glass to break. I was not told of this damage until I pointed it out to them. There was a decent size dent and the paint had been touched up. There's no way that paint would have been dried in the 10 minutes they had it removing the headache rack. I'm very upset about being lied to. It's very unprofessional that I wasn't told of the damage at all. I pointed it out to them before they admitted their mistake. I do not recommend trusting Xtreme with any amount of auto work. They simply aren't trust worthy, it's not worth it.

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