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Country United States
State Alabama

XtraderFX Reviews

  • May 6, 2020

They are more than scammers, they are thieves behind the phone waiting to scheme and still your money. They use all the tactics to manipulate and take from you. I have invested 15750 euro and they close my account after I ask for a withdrawal and instead to approve that they credit my account with 10000 euro and blocked me from withdrawal claiming that first I have to pay off my credit. They close my account claiming that will be sell in an auction to recover them money what they give me (the credit).

They are very nice people until when you stop deposit more money. After that they became very rude and angry.

Do you thing this is a genuine company? NO THIS IS A SCAM!!!

DANIEL PRESTON, BENJAMIN CUMMINS( SIMMONS), RYAN VELA, THOMAS HOFFMAN fake names what they use. They can't be found in any Social Media, Google, Facebook or Linkedin .

I feel sorry for those looking for genuine investment opportunities. PLEASE DON'T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE GUYS, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. WATCH OUT!

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE OR A PRIVATE RECOVERY Agents LIKE cybertrack" A forensic and asset recovery company for assistance. i got my money back with their help.

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