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XS Luxury Club

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 844-379-7327

XS Luxury Club Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2018

debit rs 611 every month from my credit card

debit rs 611 every month from my credit card

  • May 16, 2018

Cannot find any email address or transaction details so that I can get in touch with them to request a stop on this recurrent theft of money from my account. I have no email from them telling me of the item I have supposedly ordered. If someone has any information of these people please let me know.

  • Apr 11, 2018

I received a debit Alert of about $10+ from my savings account on 10th April, 2018, Whereas, I didn't order anything. I can't remember if I have purchased anything from this site or not, that makes them to have my credit card details.

  • Mar 22, 2018

I ordered a Pancake Cooker from an advert on facebook, it was advertised as free just pay for postage.

I placed the order and I was charged $8.90 postage!!! Subsequently XSLuxury took the same amount of money a second time without authorisation a few days later. I contacted them about the second deduction and they refunded that one. But kept the original payment.

I cancelled the card, but XSLuxury continues to try to take money from my card, this has happened a further 3 times since, but because the card was cancelled the transaction didn't go through the following 3 times.

I emailed them at least a half a dozen times to find out why they are continuing to try to take money from my card but they do not respond to my emails. I ask them where is my product but they do not respond or send me it.

It has been 11 weeks now and I still haven't received the Pancake Cooker or had my money refunded.

They are fraudsters, and con artists, I am very disappointed with the service.

I am still waiting for my product. Don't reckon I will get it.

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